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L sat in his room, trying to focus on the book he was reading, and failing miserably. His mind kept going back to that kiss. He kept remembering how it felt to have Light’s lips pressed against his once more. He kept remembering . . . so many things. Things he would rather forget. Things he had to forget. Frustrated, L sighed and threw his book at the door and took some small satisfaction from the loud thunk thunk it made when it hit the floor. The door opened not two seconds after.

“I’ve brought you tea.”

He silently accepted the hot, sugary drink from his sister.

“Thank you.”

She said nothing. She merely sat next to him on his bed, sharing a moment of companionable silence with him. L wondered when she would bring up the subject of Light.

“You didn’t go to your classes today, Ryuzaki.”

“I did not.”

“Why is that?”

“We both know I don’t really need to go everyday.”

“Two weeks. You haven’t gone for two weeks.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Why are you avoiding him? Is it only because he kissed you?”

“I shouldn’t have told you,” he said.

“You should see him. He looks awful, like he hasn’t been eating or sleeping. I think he really does love you.”

“No, he doesn’t. He doesn’t love anyone.”

She slid gracefully from the bed, retrieving the now empty cup from her brother’s hand.

“Mother says to come out of hiding long enough to eat with the rest of your family. Father wants to speak to you about your schooling. You know how important our education is to him.”

L nodded. Their father was always insecure about his own intellect and nothing made him more proud than having not one, but two, children in a prestigious university.

“And, Ryuzaki?”


“Maybe you should ask yourself if you’re angry with him because you didn’t want him to kiss you, or if you’re angry because you did.” She placed a small kiss on his forehead. “I think you want him, and that scares you.”

He watched her leave the room and a ratty old shoe joined the book on the floor. The thunk was less satisfying.

He really hated when she hit the nail on the head. He knew he’d liked the kiss and it had scared the hell out of him. It wasn’t fear of the unknown that bothered him. It was the known that was the problem.

He knew he liked, no loved, kissing and being kissed by Light. He knew he still cared about Light. That was what worried him the most. He could still love the man that had killed him, and that hurt more than his heart attack.

L really hated what he was about to do. It felt like losing. Losing what, he wasn’t sure, but it still felt as though he was losing something.

He had spoken with his father about his poor attendance. It felt strange to be accountable to a man whom he’d had little respect for in his previous life, but he felt he somehow owed it to his new father. It was an odd relationship they had, but it worked. It was nice to have had a chance to grow to adulthood with parents this time around, though he often wondered if Wammy had been granted another chance at life as well, and if so, where he was.

Now, L was aimlessly roaming the streets, hands in pockets, lollipop firmly in cheek. He’d developed the habit over the years when he’d needed time to himself and his family wasn’t suspicious when he’d left the house after dinner. The sky was beginning to cloud over and it looked and felt like rain. He had decided the best way to rid himself of his problem was to confront it directly. The thought of showing up at his destination soaking wet was not appealing to him, and he reluctantly picked up his pace.

His footsteps brought him to a fairly large apartment building. It wasn’t anything spectacular or fancy. Certainly not the type of building he’d imagined Light would live in. L was aware that their financial situations were quite reversed in this lifetime. That didn’t sit well with L. Why was it that Kira, of all people, got to grow and live in the lap of luxury? Finances were the only thing that kept L still home with his family and he yearned to have a space of his own. Just one more reason not to like this guy, he thought to himself.

He looked up and saw the soft glow of lights coming from a window. Light and four other people sitting around a table, books spread helter skelter. L watched as a young woman appeared to ask a question and Light leaned over to explain a point. L felt his eyes narrow and a stab of jealousy, unbidden and unwanted, ran through him. He shook his head roughly, as though he were trying to exorcize the emotion from his body. A clap of thunder echoed in the air and he jumped slightly. Rain began to cascade from the heavens. Of course, he thought, just what I needed. It’s always good to show up, unannounced, looking like a drowned rat.


The soft knock on the door made everyone look up.

“Are you expecting someone, Light?”

Light shook his head. “No. Did any of you invite someone else to study this evening?”

The group of classmates collectively shook their heads.

“Even if we had,” said the young woman next to him. “I’m sure they wouldn’t have waited until this hour to show up. It’s quite rude to do so.” She rose from her chair. “I’ll get it for you.”

Before Light could protest, she had left the room and he listened to the door open, followed by her soft greeting. His ears perked up when he heard the voice reply.

“I’m here to see Light.”

“Study group’s over!” he said to the table of people. “Out, out now.” He rushed from the room to find Ryuzaki dripping wet and being handed a towel by the, in his opinion, overly helpful girl.

“Thank you, miss,” Ryuzaki said placing the towel over his head. To Light’s irritation, the pale man did nothing to actually dry himself. He watched as water continued to fall from the body to the floor. That’s going to warp my hardwood floor, Light thought.

The study group shuffled slowly past, each exclaiming in annoyance at the storm outside. Some even attempted eye contact with Light, to try and finagle a way out of leaving, but to no avail. Anyone could see Light’s attention was firmly focused on the drenched stranger. As the last person left and the door closed, L finally turned to look at Light.

“To what do I owe this unexpected visit, Ryuzaki?”

Drip, drip.

Nothing, not even a blink. Did L think he could just come over and interrupt his schedule and then do and say nothing?

Drip, drip.

It would seem he did think that.

Drip, drip.

Light knew this staring contest could go on forever. Light also knew that L would eventually win it. He always won and the sound of water droplets hitting his floor was driving him to distraction. He couldn’t help himself.

“For god’s sake, L,” Light said, reaching up and moving the towel across L’s face and hair. “When someone hands you a towel you should use it. It has a function.”

L still said nothing, but Light swore he saw a slight smirk cross his lips. Light sighed softly and continued drying the other’s hair. What was L doing here? Why was he letting Light touch him? Was it a trick? Was L going to suddenly punch him in the gut? Light decided he wasn’t going to worry about it and just enjoy the proximity of the former detective.

After a few minutes of silence, Light decided L’s hair was as dry as it was going to get. He left the towel draped across L’s head and said, “I’ll get you something to wear and I’ll dry your clothes for you.”

He moved to leave when L grasped his wrist, holding it gently and bringing it to his cheek. L’s face was warm from being rubbed by the towel, a sharp contrast to the wintery feel of his hand. L still said nothing. The only sound in the room was the sound of their breathing. Light felt his heartbeat racing. He had no idea what L was doing, what he was trying to prove.


L took a slow breath. “I should like to stay here.”

Light couldn’t believe what he was hearing. L wanted to stay? Stay here? With him?

“Are you sure?”

“No, Light. I am not sure. Not about anything. Not where you are concerned.” L tightened his grip on Light’s wrist slightly. “However, I do know what I want.”

Light felt himself being pushed backward. His knees connected to the couch and he tumbled onto a cushion. L stood above him, his hand still clasping Light’s wrist.

“And what do you want?” Light asked breathlessly.

L gave a disappointed sigh, released Light from his grasp, a crouched sulkily onto the couch.

“What?” Light asked with a frown.

“Are you absolutely positive you haven’t any intellectual deficiency this time around?”

“What? Of course I don’t! And way to kill the mood, L!” Light threw a pillow at the other’s face before angrily crossing his arms.

“I killed the mood? Are you serious?” L threw the pillow back at the frustrated man. “When someone says they know what they want, in that particular tone, to someone else, of course it means they want the individual they happen to be talking to at the moment. You don’t ask a stupid question like “What do you want?”.

“I was trying to be sexy!”

“Well, you failed miserably!”

A few minutes passed in uncomfortable silence. L stared at the wall, while Light occasionally snuck sideways glances at L. Finally, Light had enough. He knew L could play the “ignore Light until he cracks” game in perpetuity. He also knew L always won that game, so he simply turned to L and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Can’t we just pretend that didn’t happen?”

“I don’t know. I’m really starting to rethink things. You’re not as held together as I remember.”

Light smiled slightly. “That’s because I’m really not. We’re both a bit different now.”

“I most certainly am not.”

“Yes, you are. You’re way more emotional.”

“I am not emotional. And I’m going home. This was a mistake.”

L rose from the couch and made his way to his ratty shoes.

“What? No!” Light followed him as swiftly as was humanly possible. In doing so, he managed to trip over his own feet, (and L’s shoes), causing him to fall into L. L stumbled backwards, determined to remain fully upright, and failing miserably. It didn’t really hurt when his back connected to the door. He didn’t really mind the feel of Light pressed against him. He did mind the doorknob jabbing him in his kidney. That’s going to leave a bruise, he thought.

Light looked up and into L’s eyes. It truly seemed like it had been forever since he’d been this close.

“Stay. I want you to stay.”

“Why Light? Why should I?”

“Because,” he whispered. “Because, I know what I want too.”

The corners of L’s lips quirked up into a small smirk.

“And what do you want?”

Light raised a brow. “I thought you said that was a stupid thing to ask.”

“Only when you say it.” L raised Light’s chin slightly and brought their lips together. He felt Light hesitate slightly and L almost smiled. He knew Light most likely thought another bite was in his future. Reluctantly, L broke the kiss.

“Before this progresses any further, you need to know exactly where I stand in this matter.”

“Is it going to progress further?” Light asked, a hopeful look in his eyes.

“Perhaps. You may change your mind.”

“I won’t.”

“I don’t love you. I’m not going to love you.” Liar, Liar, pants on fire, L thought.

Light closed his eyes for a moment before looking once more at L.

“That’s okay. I’ll take whatever I can get of you, no matter how little.”

A/N: I'm soooo sorry about the delay in this update. I moved all the way across the country (again) and it's taken awhile to get back in the swing of things. I suck . I also suck because this update just doesn't have as much humor to it. Next time, there will be more silly, I hope. I suck even more because, once again, I've completely punked out on lemon writing. There was supposed to be so much hot sexyness after that, but words have failed me. So, just imagine massive amounts of crazy sex occuring all over that apartment after that little interlude. I'm sorry I suck XD.

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