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A/N: Okay, I don’t know why but the strange image of this
would not leave my head… I had to get this out before it drove
me insane. This is an AU fic and the pairing is Alucard/Yumiko
(Yumie). All I’m going to say is what if Anderson was unable to
go to Patrick and Yumiko and Heinkel were sent instead…

Warnings: Non-consensual sex, sword-play, sado-masochism, general

It was a chilly night in the city of Patrick, Ireland. Thick
clouds rolled overhead, leaving the blood red moon partially visible.
The wind howled, a particularly strong gust disturbing the trees,
sending their branches scraping against the blood drenched windows of
a downtown building. The eerie sound of the branches made one of the
two people who stood at the door jump in fright.

Heinkel Wolfe noticed her partner's jumpy mood but did not comment
on it. It wasn't like the jittery thing next to her would be doing
the fighting. Besides, she would be lying if she were to say that she
was not nervous as well. This would be her first time going up
against the undead. Heathens, heretics and people of that nature were
one thing but they were still human... These were vampires and
ghouls. Things that wanted to not only kill her but make a meal of
her flesh and blood. On top of that, there was no way of knowing
whether or not these people were truly heretics in life and deserved
death or devout Catholics.

It's enough to drive a woman mad...

Sweat beaded on her brow and she took a deep breath to calm her
nerves. “All right,” she began, voice steady though
inwardly she was shaking like a leaf, “I’ll look for the
vampire… you pick of the ghouls.”

The young nun next to her nodded.“Y-yes, Heinkel…”

Yumiko Tagaki sighed as she and her companion stood at the
entrance of the building of downtown Patrick, Ireland. Try as she
might, she could not calm the butterflies that fluttered about in her
stomach. The young nun was nervous as ever. This was the first time
she had ever faced off against the undead.

Usually, she and her Austrian friend would take on anti-Christ
heathens and she would be forced to reveal her other self, something
she did not enjoy doing in the least. Now, due to Father Anderson’s
absence the Vatican had to send their second best operatives.

Why did some strange demon have to appear in America while the
Pope was visiting that country? He should be here doing this…
not me…


“Huh!” the young nun snapped to attention at the
command. “Yes, Heinkel?”

The blonde pulled her guns out and turned to Yumiko, her
sunglasses slipped a bit to reveal the cool cerulean gaze .“This
isn't the place for you. Let her out.”

Cringing, Yumiko nodded. This is it. “Right…”
she said as she lifted her hand to remove her glasses, but Heinkel
stopped her by placing an arm on her shoulder. Yumiko opened her
mouth to question her but stopped when she saw the sympathetic look
in her friend's eyes. Was Heinkel about to offer comfort? When did
that ever happen?

Heinkel sighed and gave the brunette's shoulder a gentle
squeeze“Remember, when you come back and see everything that it
vas the only way… Nothing can be done once they’re
ghouls.” the Austrian told her in voice that was surprisingly

Yumiko blinked in surprise but did not comment on her friend's
shift in attitude. She got the feeling that Heinkel was feeling more
nervous about this mission than she was letting on, and maybe a tad
remorseful. Shaking her head, she squared her shoulders and bit her
lip. “Okay…” she said and before she could lose
her nerve she yanked the round spectacles from her face.

Dark brown eyes widened and glazed over momentarily as the gentle
Yumiko was shoved roughly into the back of her mind, leaving room for
something darker to take over.

Heinkel watched as her friend's eyes regained focus as well as a
new manic gleam. A feral smile twisted the girl's thin lips as she
unsheathed her katana with a deadly grace no human should posses.
“All right...” The berserker smirked, her body thrumming
with anticipation for bloodshed. “Let the ghoul harvest

Heinkel loaded the clip into her gun and cracked her neck.
“Remember, Yumie,” the blonde began, now addressing the
girl next to her by her other half's name, “we may run into
Hellsing. This is why we were sent. The Vatican cannot be shone up by
those Protestant fools.”

“I understand, Heinkel…” the now psychotic nun
said as she shifted her katana onto her shoulder. “Let’s
do this… I can hardly wait…”


“Well, that’s over with… but what I don’t
get is why they didn’t die right away… Heinkel obviously
killed the master vampire… What’s the deal?”

Yumie frowned in confusion as she stared at the body of the last
ghoul she had sliced open. Something was off. Ghouls were made from
non-virgins bitten by vampires, only virgins bitten by a vampire of
the same sex could be turned into a ghoul. Not only did the ghouls
not die when she heard Heinkel’s gun fire from the distance,
but this ghoul couldn’t have been no older than ten years old!
Now, unless this child was totally ungodly or violated at a young
age, it was impossible for this young girl to become a ghoul.

“Heinkel!” Yumie called over her walkie-talkie.
“Something totally weird is going on here. Shouldn’t only
the adult males and some of the women be ghouls instead everyone?
Unless this was a brothel or something, only a few people should have
become vampires.”

“Ja, this is strange. I’ll bring it to Father
Maxwell’s attention,” Heinkel said over the radio. “I’m
going to check around upstairs… for some reason the ghouls
didn’t die when I killed the vampire. Ghouls always die when
their master has been killed. Also, I get the feeling that he’s
not the only undead here if you get my meaning”

Yumie’s brows rose. “You think the Hellsing’s
Nosferatu are here as well? I should check around as well. Over and

Sword clenched in her hand, Yumie crept down the halls of the
building, careful not to step on the remnants of the ghouls. Not that
she was worried about disrespecting their bodies; she just didn’t
want to make any squishy sounds that would alert other things to her

I’m just glad Father Anderson gave me a couple of his
bayonets and protection barriers for this mission…

A loud explosion, like cannon fire startled the girl out of her
thoughts and she pressed herself against the wall, katana clenched
against her chest. Taking a cleansing breath to get herself together
she stealthily made her way down the hall, her grip on her katana
strong. When finally reached the corner she peeked around, sharp
brown eyes narrowing at the sight of two figures standing over
various mangled ghouls. One was a young blonde girl in a yellow
uniform that was so skimpy it was better suited for a whore and
holding a cannon that was taller than she was. The other was a tall
man clad in so much red that he could have passed for Satan himself.

A spark of recognition ignited in her eyes as she looked him over,
the red coat and hat, those yellow lenses and that huge gun that no
human could operate because the recoil alone would shatter the bones
and the pointed fangs poking from his smirking lips.

Hellsing… Nosferatu Alucard… I get face off
against him?

An eager smile crossed her thin lips.

Fun, fun, fun...


“All right, police girl. That seems to be the last of them.”
Alucard said as Seras kept her back to him.

The two of them were sent here by his Master, Integral Hellsing to
take care of a vampire problem. He had picked off most of the ghouls
but that had grown tiresome so he left the rest of the light work for
his new childe, who performed quite well to say the least. Watching
those baby blue eyes of hers morph to vibrant red as the bloodlust
took her was exciting to say the least. The timid girl was finally
learning what it meant to be a true midian.

“Now, we have to find the master vampire and take care of
him-” He stopped when he heard the heavy breathing coming from
his childe.

His crimson eyes widened at the sight of her,

Could it be? Finally…

Seras had barely heard a word her Master said, all of her
attention focused on her hand, on the blood that littered her white
glove. The smell was so intoxicating, her nostrils flared to take in
more of the scent, fangs elongated, aching in anticipation and her
tongue slid over her lips... then slipped out of her mouth...

Alucard’s eyes widened in anticipation from behind his
lenses as he watched the police girl. Finally she was going to drink
blood. The girl clung foolishly to her humanity but now she was going
to accept what she was. He kept himself silent so he would not break
the spell though his mind was hardly quiet.

Yes, police girl! Do it… Do it… DO IT!

Her tongue snaked out and she leaned her head further down. It so
close she could almost taste it now even though she had yet to lap
the blood from glove.

“Damned undead garbage!”

The spell was broken and Alucard and Seras snapped to attention at
the enraged cry but it was too late. When Seras looked up all she saw
was a blade coming straight toward her and then a blinding pain in
her throat and stomach. She shrieked in pain and fell to the ground,
crying in agony.

Alucard hissed in rage and whirled around towards the direction
the blades had come. The clack and taps of small footsteps sounded
throughout the hall and out of the shadows emerged a young nun.
Alucard narrowed his gaze as he studied her. The girl was Asian,
small, smaller than the police girl. Her hair black hair hung from
the confines of her headdress. In her hand she held a bloodied
katana. Her brown eyes met his and her pretty face contorted in

"Damned vampire..." Yumie muttered in disgust before
turning to Alucard, quickly ducking to dodge the bullet that was
fired at her. "And you're next, Alucard!"

Alucard snarled at the girl. With such skill she was obviously a
member of the Vatican's Section XIII.

"A Vatican XIII member..." he murmured and the girl

“Mm-hmm, that’s right. We are the earthly agents of
divine punishment! And you’re the Hellsing trash man/lap dog,

Alucard’s fist clenched around his gun at the lap dog
comment. This little girl would pay dearly for that. “And the
vampire that was here?” he asked.

The girl gave a lazy half shrug. “My partner took care of
that demon a while ago. She’s around here somewhere… not
that you’ll get a chance to meet her,” a cruel smirk
graced Yumie’s mouth.

“Is that right?” Alucard asked, smirk mirroring the

Yumie dipped low, hand going into her robes and coming back out
with one of those deadly bayonets. She swung it at Alucard who easily
dodged it and he retaliated by firing his Casull at her. The young
nun was surprisingly fast. She ducked the bullet and balanced herself
on her left hand, sliding around on her feet and kicking Alucard in
the gut. She then sprang into the air and kicked him in the throat.
Alucard caught her foot and slung her into a wall with a sickening

“Not bad, little girl…” he smirked as he made
his way toward her.

Yumiko shook it off and sprang to her feet. “I’m not
done, freak!” She yelled as she pulled out another bayonet from
the folds of her dress and hurled it at him, striking him right in
the chest. A strangled noise escaped Alucard’s throat and she
smirked. “And now for the finish…”

The young nun pulled out her katana and her smirked lifted into a
feral grin. She swung her sword quick and hard and severed Alucard’s
head in one clean stroke. It fell to the floor at her feet and she
cackled in morbid glee. She could hardly believe it! She actually
took out the legendary Alucard without even breaking a sweat.

“Unbelievable… he must’ve not been the big deal
everyone made him out to be…” she clicked her tongue and
shook her head. “Well, now that the main course is taken care
of, time to finish off the scraps…” she turned around
and blinked. “Hey! Where’d that bitch go?”

The blonde vampire girl that she'd lacerated was nowhere in sight.

Yumie glared and stamped her foot angrily. “Damn it! She got
away!” she quickly pulled out her walkie-talkie. “Heinkel.
This is Yumie. I found the Hellsing vampires. Alucard is dead but the
girl is on the move, she’s heading towards the building’s
entrance from what I can tell.”

“Roger that, over and- Wait! You killed Alucard! Tell me
about it when this is over. Over and out.”


Seras ran blindly as she pulled the bayonet from her stomach. She
had already removed the one from her neck and was now stumbling down
the long corridor to God knew where. What was she going to do? Master
was gone and that psycho nun would surely catch up with her soon.
Either her or the nun’s partner. She did say that she was with
someone else.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Seras stopped and her eyes widened in fear as she stared up at the
figure in front of her. At first she thought it were a priest but
realized she was wrong. It was woman dressed as a priest and with a
gun pointed at her head.

“You’re Master is gone and you’re next, girlie…”
the woman smirked.

Seras squinted her eyes shut as the Austrian woman cocked her gun.
She was too weak to defend herself.

Heinkel’s lips pulled up in a smirk as her finger started to
pull the trigger.

“Khleb za khleb, krov za krov” the nun smiled. “Go
und rot in Hell with you’re-“

A white hot pain shot through her arm and she fell to the ground.
“Ah! Damn it!” She hissed and clutched her wounded arm.
“What in the name of God?”

“Sister Heinkel Wolfe I presume?”

Heinkel gasped in pain and looked up from her arm to see the
smoking barrel of the gun that had wounded her. Her eyes moved
further up to stare into a pair of ice blue eyes, narrowed behind
round glasses. The cross-dressing nun looked at the newcomer in

“Integral Hellsing… Protestant whore…”
she growled. “What are you doing here?”

Unscathed by the insult, Integral just regarded the woman coolly,
“This girl is one of ours, Sister. Now, you would do well to
get on that radio of yours with your good hand and call your partner,
then leave at once. You are in treaty violation.”

Heinkel grunted and pulled herself to her feet. Just who the Hell
did this bitch think she was? She glared at Integral and her eyes
shifted to the armed guards at the other woman's side. Damn. If she
was not wounded she could take all of them out in no time. But there
was no way that she could pick up her gun and kill them all before
that Protestant heifer shot her again.

Damn it! Where is Yumie!

“What do you think you can do, Hellsing?” Heinkel
grunted. “The lone vamp you have here is hardly a problem…
Und your precious Alucard ist gone. My partner killed him. Knowing
her, his head ist somewhere rolling across the floor.”

Integral’s eyes widened for a moment and then a smirked
graced her face. “Really? Is that all she did?”

Heinkel’s eyes widened to their full limit. “What!?”
Integral had to be bluffing!

Integral arched one elegant brow and inclined her head mockingly.
“If that’s all your friend did then you two had better
head off to Rome now… before he comes back to get his

The Austrian nun shook her head in disbelief, still gripping her
bleeding arm. “No way, there ist no way!”

Chuckling and shaking her head, Integral gave Heinkel a sigh.
“Cutting off his head and staking his heart won’t work
with him as it would those other vampires. The Hellsing family has
spent a century building him into the ultimate undead. So, unless
your friend has a bag of miracles…” she trailed off and
gestured grimly with her hand.

Unable to speak, Heinkel just stared at the Hellsing leader in
mute shock. What kind of freakish sorcery had these damned
Protestants been doing over the last century?


Yumie heard the sound of the gun and smiled. “Heinkel
must’ve finished off the vampire girl…” she
sighed. “This is over and done with. Now, I can go to sleep…”

Yumie lifted the round spectacles from her neck and placed them
over her eyes. The berserker was forced to the back of the mind and
her gentler self sprang forward.

Yumiko gave a gasp as she was shot back into the waking world. “It
must be over…” she said as she looked around at the
blood and gore around her. Her stomach churned at the sight as well
as the knowledge that she caused all of this.

It was euthanasia. It was the only thing for them after what
that vampire did to them.

The thought made sense to her mind, but
not her heart.

Heaving a sigh, she closed her eyes, clasping her hands together.
“May God have mercy on your souls, amen” she whispered as
she moved forward. She stopped and gasped when she saw the
decapitated body of Alucard. His chest pierced with one of the
bayonets Anderson had given to her and his head a few feet away from
her, red eyes staring lifelessly at her.

“Oh my… Nosferatu Alucard… I actually…”

She shook her head. No, Yumie did this. Not her. Either way she
had to get Heinkel and ask exactly what happened so she could grasp
all of this.

As she headed down the corridor, trying hard to ignore the blood
and innards all around her, she was not aware that Alucard’s
body was now melting away into blood and rapidly moving in front of

A lone bat flew in front of her face, startling her to a halt. The
little creature's red eyes gleamed at her maniacally. Fear crept its
way down her spine like icy fingers. Was there another vampire here?!

A great gust of wind whipped around her and she screamed as
thousands more bats came rushing at her, their little claws and teeth
scratching and ripping at her clothes and hair. She shrieked and
tried to shield her face when the bats suddenly stopped their attack.
Cautiously lifting her head, she gasped as the bats fluttered in
front of her, then began to swirl. Then even more horrible, they
began to mold together, growing larger, shifting into an eerily
familiar humanoid shape.

Fuzzy wings melded and shifted to pale white skin soon to be
covered by black and red clothing. His arms rose into the air as the
bats grew less in number and he became more solid, more complete. His
hair was longer than it had been before and his hat was missing. When
the final bat had melded itself to him his head lifted and his feral
ruby eyes glinted in manic delight.

He took one graceful step forward and his voice broke from him
like a distant all of a tornado siren foretelling a dreadful twister
though his voice had nothing in common with a siren except for the
baleful knot it twisted in her belly.

“Leaving so soon, little one? That won’t do…”

Alucard's reappearance struck her like a physical blow. She
staggered backwards and hit the wall. Her legs lost all strength and
she collapsed to her knees. “But… but I…”

The vampire grinned down at her, fangs glinting int the moonlight.
“Don’t think I’ll let you get away so easily…”
he smirked as he reached for her, gripping her throat, lifting her up
by it. “The night is so young and the fun is just beginning…”


Khleb za khleb, krov za krov- Heinkel says this in Crossfire #1.
It is a Russian proverb. “Bread for bread, blood for blood”

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