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A/N: Well, it was going to be a one shot until I read it and
thought “Gee, this is long” so I split it into to two
chapters. Now, here comes the smut.

Warnings: violence, non-consensual sex, sado-masochism, stuff with
katanas… tentacles… you get my drift.


“Get away from me!” Yumiko choked out as she struggled
in Alucard’s grip, trying to pry his hands off of her neck.

The vampire’s eyebrow rose in amusement. “Where’s
all that fire from earlier, Sister?” he chuckled and tossed her
onto the floor.

She looked up at him, horror filling her brown eyes and scrambled
backwards to get away from him. Alucard frowned at the girl’s
weakness. Where had the girl from earlier gone? She was far more

“Your weakness is disgusting…” her murmured. He
walked towards her and grabbed her by the front of her dress, yanking
her up. “You chopped off my head…” he said as he
pulled her close to him so their noses nearly touched. “ Don’t
think I won’t make you pay for that.”

Tears filled her eyes and he was unmoved by them. “P-please…
just, let me go…” she whimpered. “It was not me…”

Alucard’s eyes narrowed in annoyance and he gave her a
shake. “Don’t toy with me, little girl!”

“No!” Yumiko yelled. “I didn’t do it! I
didn’t do anything!”

Red eyes slid up and down the young nun’s face, taking in
the terrified expression on her face and her hopelessly weak nature.
Was this really the same spitfire who had chopped off his head and
nearly killed his fledgling?

Is this really her?

Yumiko bit her lip and fought hard to keep the tears from falling.
She had to do something or she was going to die here. Or worse! This
devil would turn her into a midian! No! She could not let that
happen. She one day her position with Iscariot would get her killed
but to become like this thing holding her? No fate could be more

Stilling herself, Yumiko shook her head back and forth as hard as
she could. Alucard looked at her in amusement, not realizing what she
was attempting to do. This was the first time that Yumiko let Yumie
out on her own volition.

With a hard enough shake, the glasses finally fell from her face
and Yumiko was pushed back. Yumie sprang forward and immediately
noticed her position. This filthy demon had his hands on her!

“Vulgar demon!” she screamed quickly brought her knee
up between the vampire’s legs with surprising strength for a

Alucard gasped in surprise and pain and dropped Yumie to the
ground, hunching over in the process. The girl was strong for a
mortal and it had been a while since anyone has done that to him.

Little bitch…

Yumie quickly ran behind him and unsheathed her sword. She raised
it and aimed for Alucard’s neck but the vampire recovered
quickly caught the sword by the blade and hauled it, and it's
wielder, up with one hard yank bringing her eye level with him. Her
chocolate eyes flared with rage and her face was a mask of revolted

Alucard studied the girl, quickly coming to a conclusion. This
girl was weak as Hell when her glasses were on. When the spectacles
came off she could apparently see just fine but she was a lot more
entertaining. She must have what humans called MPD: Multiple
personality disorder and her glasses were the trigger to releasing
her other self. A twisted version of the Jekyll and Hyde story.

“I see…” he said silkily and with his grip
still on the blade he gave it a hard shake, the way a regular person
would shake a spatula to remove an unwanted insect. Unable to keep
her grip, the girl went flying face first into the wall and she
collapsed onto a headless corpse.

Alucard walked over to her, yanking her up partially by the hair
with one hand and snapped the chain of her glasses from her neck.
“These are the key to releasing your fun side,” he said
as he slipped them into his pocket. “We’ll just put these
away for now…” his mouth twisted into a dark parody of a
smile. “Now, let the fun begin…”

Yumie coughed, littering Alucard's white shirt with a small shower
of blood and she eyed him defiantly. Without her sword, Yumie was
nervous but refused to show it. She could fight very well unarmed.
But he was a vampire with the strength of twenty men. Sure, she could
take out twenty men by herself but he wasn’t ordinary. He came
back even after his head had been removed.

“How?!” she yelled. “How can you still be
alive!? I cut off your head!”

Alucard advanced on her, shrugging lightly. “What can I
say?” he smirked. “I’m the latest thing.”

Her top lip curled in disgust. “Damned freak!” she

The vampire shrugged, somehow he made the movement seem elegant.
“I get that a lot,” he said conversationally. “But
then, what does that make you, Sister Hyde?”

“Shut up!” she screamed, wrenching her head to get her
hair loose from his grasp but failed.

Growling, she aimed her fist for his jaw, striking him and
instantly regretting it. It was like hitting a brick wall! But that
wouldn’t mean that she’d give up. Hand going to the
silver rosary at her neck, she shoved the holy cross into his face.
Alucard let out a feral hiss and released her hair. Taking advantage,
she darted to her feet She aimed a series of punches and kicks at
him, which he easily blocked before he grew tired of the little game
and easily wrenched her arm behind her back, snapping her wrist in
the process.

The nun screamed in pain and fought to get free but it only proved
useless. Alucard grinned and slammed her, face first, into the wall
and pressed his body against her back, then slithered down so his
crotch was level with her ass.

“Your berserker nature prompts a stirring in my loins…”
he whispered in her ear as he pressed his hips into her firm backside
to allow her to feel the evidence.

Brown eyes widened in horror as she struggled even more against
him in an attempt to get free. “Bastard! Monster! Let me go!”

A dark chuckle rumbled from the vampire’s chest. “Keep
struggling, little nun,” his tongue slid over the shell of her
ear. “It’s actually rather stimulating…”

“Disgusting beast!” she screamed. “Get the fuck
off of me!”

“Oh, I will get off…”

With that, Alucard turned Yumie around so she faced him and
pressed his lips to hers in a harsh, dominating kiss. Yumie squealed
in disgust against his mouth and tried to pull her face away from him
but he held her roughly by the chin. His tongue plunged inside and
she tried not to choke as the tip of the long muscle roughly moved
against her tonsils. She thought to bite his tongue, but decided
against it. None of his vulgar blood would enter her veins. She
tried to kick him but he trapped both of her legs firmly between his.
She was helpless against the onslaught of his mouth.

My first kiss… and it’s by this disgusting

Alucard pulled his mouth away from her and trailed his long tongue
down her cheek, stopping to lap some of her blood that oozed from her
mouth. It had been a while since he had pure virgin blood so he
savored the taste as he moved to her throat, stopping at her pulse

Yumie froze in fear. Was he going to bite her? She’d bite
off her own tongue and drown in her own blood before she’d
allow that to happen.

The vampire could practically taste her fear. It was so
intoxicating. He scraped his fangs over her neck and the smell of her
fear assaulted his nose as well as the faint scent of her arousal. He
grinned. So, she was enjoying this? Excellent.

Yumie's eyes widened in acute self revulsion. This Hell spawn
actually gave her pleasure!

“Oh, God!” she cried. “Forgive me Father, for I
have sinned…”

“He can’t help you now,” Alucard whispered
against her neck before pulling away. “Control art system
restriction system… Level three, level two, level one,

Yumie watched in fascinated horror as Alucard’s body began
to shift and change. His clothing melted away into a black leather
bondage suit and dark wings made of pure shadow emerged from his
back. Her hands trembling, Yumie clutched at the rosary beads around
her neck and began to pray silently for God to help her. Her prayer
was stopped by her own shock when the webbed points of his shadow
wings shifted into multiple hands.

Fanged grin bore at her, Alucard’s shadow hands roamed all
over her body, sliding through her clothes. The young girl cried out
in shock and pleasure as his real hand slid down her body and between
her legs, rubbing her clit through her dress.

One cold, wispy shadow hand slid up her dress to caress a bare
thigh while another phased through her robes and bra, sliding over
her breast, actually pinching the nipple and it hardened from the
chill as well as arousal. Yumie's eyes rolled to the back of her head
when the vampire pulled her dress out of the way and slid one gloved
finger into her underwear, slipping past her folds to rub firmly at
her clit. Another moan almost escaped her but clamped her lips shut.
She would not show any signs of pleasure if she could help it.

Alucard leaned in close and she shivered as his frigid tongue
traced her ear. “Stop the act, girl. You're loving this and you
know it.”

The girl squeezed her eyes shut. “No!”

He chuckled cruelly. “Now, I thought it was a sin to lie,
Sister.” He pressed her clit harder and she jerked against him.
“You say you don't like it yet you arch into my touch like a
wanton whore. Your body weeps for me, soaking my glove... Your
arousal grows. I can smell it, Sister Hyde. I can practically taste

The young nun's cheeks flamed in
humiliation at his words as well as arousal but she somehow managed
to give him a glare that would've shriveled a lesser man to dust.
Alucard just grinned at her.

“When I… get free, I’m going to…”
each pause in her sentence was punctuated with a small squeak.

“Sure you will.” Alucard chuckled. He then recalled
his shadows and grabbed her by the robes, tossing her across the

Yumie cried out when her head struck the hardwood floor. She
looked up and barely had time to scream when Alucard was on top of
her in a heartbeat. His gloved hand grabbed her by the hair and he
kissed her, long and hard. Yumie struggled against him but all it did
was turn him on even more. He finally pulled away from her and smiled
a feral grin at her before releasing his shadows again. He used them
to bind her wrists above her head.

“Don’t even pretend like you won’t enjoy this,

And with that he slid down her body, his hands pulling off her
dress in the process. He ripped off her bra and traced his tongue
over her nipple, smirking when he heard her gasp and felt her
involuntarily arch into him. He moved further down, stopping when he
reached her ruffled underwear.

“Your choice in underwear is hideous.” He told her
before ripping them away from her.

“No!” she screamed, kicking at him but he held her
legs down with ease. “Leave me alone! Get away from me!!”

Alucard paid no heed to her cries and quickly delved his icy
tongue between her legs, licking at her clit before sliding inside of
her. Yumie moaned and writhed in pleasure as well as revulsion. She
was praying now, but her words were slightly incoherent due to the
moans and gasps that escaped her mouth.

Grabbing her thighs, Alucard hooked her legs over his shoulder to
gain better access. A groan escaped him at the taste of her as well
as the feel of her scalding walls clamping his cold tongue. He hadn’t
had this much fun in ages and it had been so long since he debauched
a nun, and this one was extremely entertaining. He slid his tongue
further into her hot cavern until he couldn’t go any further.
His tongue wasn’t long enough to break her hymen, but he
wouldn’t have done that anyway. He wanted to take her the old
fashioned way.

Yumie's fingers clenched and her toes curled in her boots. That
sinful tongue of his did a spiral inside of her and she bit her lip.
This was so wrong! She should not be enjoying this! One of those
shadow hands appeared again and toyed with her clit while he rocked
his neck back and forth, fucking her with his tongue. A tickling ache
coiled itself tighter and tighter in her crotch and just when she
thought she could take no more, he gave a particularly hard tongue
thrust and with a loud cry she came hard against his mouth.


“How did it go?”

Leaning back against his seat in the private jet, cell phone
pressed to his ear, Paladin Alexander Anderson was now returning back
to Vatican City, his job in America finished. He was now delivering
his report to Section XIII leader Enirco Maxwell .

“The demon’s dead, sent back to Hell” Anderson
replied. “His holiness is safe.” The blonde Scotsman
paused a bit. “Have Sister Wolfe and Sister Tagaki returned?”

At Maxwell's sigh, Anderson felt a twinge of nervousness grow in
his stomach. “No, they haven’t… and I’m
getting worried. You should go to Patrick and make sure they’re
all right. I’m sure they handled the vampire efficiently but
they may have encountered Hellsing… Nosferatu Alucard.”

Green eyes widened and he set his jaw. “I’ll be on my
way. If that devil hurt either one of them, he will die a true death
slowly and painfully…”

“See to it, Anderson.” Enrico said in a low voice and
hung up the phone.

Anderson closed his cell phone and stood. “Pilot! We'll be
dropping down in Patrick, Ireland.”


Back in the Eternal City, Enrico Maxwell set at his desk and toyed
with the end of his long white braid nervously. Not that he would
ever admit it, but he cared for both Heinkel and Yumiko on some
level. They were both raised with him in the orphanage after all.

Gripping the rosary at his neck, the priest bowed his head.
“Gracious Father, I ask you to please look after the both of


Removing his tongue and sliding up her body, Alucard smirked at
the young girl underneath him. Her cheeks were flushed and her
breathing was hard. He could hear her heart jack-hammering inside of
her ribcage. He slid his hand through her disheveled hair and turned
her head so she could look him in the eye.

“Now, it’s my turn, Sister Hyde…”

Yumie’s afterglow was thoroughly ruined by that statement as
fear filled her. “No! Just let me go!” She screamed.
“You’ve tainted me enough!”

“No, I haven’t…” he grinned as he made
his own clothing disappear.

Even though she was a berserker Yumie was still an innocent
virgin, well, not so innocent anymore and the sight of a naked man on
top of her caused a fierce blush to rise to her cheeks. She turned
her head away from him, but her eyes landed on her katana, which was
only a few inches away from her hands. But, if only they were free…

Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt the tip of his cold
erection pushing against her. Yumie thrashed and bucked against him
but it was pointless. With a feral growl, he plunged into her,
ripping through her hymen.

Yumie screamed in pain while Alucard growled in pleasure. It had
been so long since he took a virgin and she was tighter than he
imagined. He began to thrust into her, spurred on by her delicious
screams. He lost his concentration a bit and his shadows released her

Dead God, it felt like her insides were shredding! A loud sob
escaped her throat but it was cut off when her hands dropped to the
floor. Yumie realized she was partly free and quickly grabbed her
katana and thrust it into his abdomen. Alucard screamed in pain but
Yumie didn’t realize the vampire was a huge masochist.

“That’s it!” he screamed. “Stick it in me
harder!” he grabbed her wrist to hold the sword inside of him
then moved it out only to slam it back into him. “Shove it.
Fuck me with it. Just like... I'm fucking...YOU!” He punctuated
that statement with a hard thrust into her that sent a surprising
jolt of pleasure through her. God, pleasure was even worse than this.

“Father, please… let this be over soon…”
she prayed. “A-“

“Say amen!” Alucard growled in her ear. “Say

“Amen!” Yumie cried out and moaned as he hit her
G-spot over and over.

Using his dark powers, Alucard floated them both to the ceiling,
her back pressed against the cold wood. Yumie gasped at the changed
of momentum and instinctively held onto his shoulders to keep from
slipping thought it was unnecessary since his shadows had formed into
tentacles and were holding her by the waist.

“I believe you’ve had enough fun…”

Yumie looked at the vampire in confusion though her brain was not
functioning on a higher level at the moment. What did he mean? Sure,
her body was betraying her and taking pleasure in this sick act, but
her mind hardly enjoyed it. Realization hit her though when his
gloved hand held her glasses in front of her face.

“NO!” she screamed. “Leave her out of this!
She’s done nothing to you!”

“Like I care.” and with that Alucard slid the glasses
onto her face.

Brown eyes widened in shock and dulled. Yumie was pushed away and
Yumiko was coming forward.

Maniacal red eyes and fanged grin filled her vision the second
Yumiko opened her eyes. She gasped in fright then in shocked pleasure
when Alucard gave a hard thrust into her body.

Wait... No...

A low groan from Alucard then another
thrust of his hips resulted in another pleasantly painful jolt in her

She was plastered to the ceiling,
with Alucard....
raping her!

He tossed his head back and cackled and
it was drowned by her deafening scream.


Blue eyes widened and a blonde head snapped in the direction of
the horrified scream. Heinkel’s face was a mask of terror and
worry. She had been sounds of a struggle and strange cries, but she
figured it was from a battle. What caused Yumie to scream like that?
Either way she had to help her.

Think Heinkel, think.

Pale blue eyes darted from the Hellsing leader to her two guards
and finally the vampire girl. The two morons in the back wouldn’t
be much of a problem, even while wounded. She still had her other gun
beneath her robes. The vampire was too wounded to be good for
anything and as far as Integral went, she didn’t know how
skilled this Protestant whore was but she was certain she could hold
her own in a fight with her.

All right, one, and two three…

Heinkel quickly kicked up her foot, knocking the gun out of
Integral’s hand. She then grabbed her own gun from its’
holster and aimed at one of the Hellsing guards. She fired two shots,
taking both of them out with ease. The vampire girl tried to rush
her, but Heinkel quickly moved out of the way and aimed her gun. She
shot once but she was off target and only hit the vampire’s
shoulder. The girl screamed and fell over in pain. Heinkel was about
to make a break for it when a gloved fist socked her in the face. She
turned and smirked.

“Decided to actually get in the game, Hellsing?”


Gloved hands gripping her hair, hips thrusting furiously into
hers, Alucard ravished Yumiko’s body, getting off even more by
the tears that fell onto his face and the whimpers that rose from her
throat. He cupped her cheek roughly and kissed her again.

Yumiko sobbed into Alucard’s mouth and her hand clenched
around the sword that was still in her bloodied hands. A bit of Yumie
must have leaked into her due to this horrid act because her next
move was hardly something Yumiko would do.

Gripping the handle of the sword, she wrenched it upward as hard
as she could, slicing from his abdomen to his sternum. “DAMNED
BASTARD!” she screamed.

Alucard growled and grunted in pain, but that hardly stopped him.
He was enjoying it even more now that the weak little thing actually
decided to fight back. He decided to reward her for growth. One of
the tentacles that held her waist slithered between their bodies and
massaged her clit.

Yumiko gasped at the jolt of pleasure that ran through her and
shook her head to fight it off. She’d rather feel pain. It was
less humiliating than pleasure. She tried to focus on the pain in her
stomach, the nausea she was feeling but couldn’t. The pleasure
in her kept building and building as Alucard continued massage and
thrust into her. Squeezing her eyes shut and arching her back, Yumiko
cried out as she came hard against him. Gripping her upper arms,
Alucard growled as he came inside of her, emptying himself against
her shuddering walls.

Thoroughly sated, Alucard let them both fall from the ceiling to
the floor, Yumiko landing on the bottom. She cried out when her head
struck the hard floor as well as the pressure of Alucard’s
heavy weight on top of her. The handle of her katana jabbed painfully
into her ribs as he pressed against her, the sword still buried in
him. She lifted her eyes and whimpered at the sight of his maniacal

“I really could go for another round…”

At those words Yumiko shoved hard and somehow managed to scramble
from underneath him. Naked and robbing, she ran as fast as she could.
She was almost to the door...

...then she was struck hard in the small of the back and she fell
face first into soft fabric covering something firm. Weakly, she
lifted her head and cried out at the ashen face of the dead child
ghoul, her sunken eyes staring up at her, a chunk of her skull sliced
cleanly off. No doubt Yumie's doing.

A clanking sound caught her attention and she looked up to see her
katana land few feet away from her. She started to get up but she was
shoved roughly back down by the shoulder and she was forced to
straddle the ghouling. Gloved hands gripped her hips and Alucard
entered her roughly from behind, his cock spearing into her. She
screamed in pain at his violent intrusion and her head dropped onto
the ghoul's chest. The stench of decaying flesh and sex were heavy in
the air.

It assaulted her nostrils and churned her stomach.

He breathed it in and fucked her even harder.

Unlike last time, her body received no pleasure from this at all.
He was horrendously rough and it hurt like Hell, and she was grateful
for that. Pain was far less humiliating. Whimpering, her head
drooped, forehead touching the dead child's head.

She wondered who this little girl was. Probably the child of
someone who worked in this building. Just a poor child enjoying a day
at work with her mother or father... Only to become the mindless
slave of a vampire. She hoped that the vampire who did this to her
was a female, because if it were a male then that would've meant this
child was raped at some point in life... either by human or the
vampire right before he turned her.

At this close angle, Yumiko studied the child. In life she was no
doubt beautiful. Long red hair that still held it's shine though the
rest of her was a mess of fetid decay. At least now, thanks to Yumie,
this girl did not have to suffer anymore.

The scent of her decaying flesh hit Yumiko's nose. Her eyes met
it's hollowed sockets and she closed her own eyes.

How I envy you....

Behind her Alucard slowed down a bit. It was getting harder to
move. Her snatch was bone dry and while the friction was pleasurable
he preferred moisture. His eyes flicked past her head and a cold
smirk graced his face. Removing one hand from her hip, he reached
past her and dipped his fingers into dead girl's split skull, coating
his fingers in blood. Then with the same hand slid two fingers into
her, coating her entrance with it then lubing his cock with the
blood. She gasped in outrage and turned horrified eyes to him. He
just smiled and shoved his bloody cock back into her. Yes, it slid in
much easier now.

“You... You-”

“Quiet!” He slammed her face into the ghoul's flesh.
“Unless you're moaning or screaming, I don't want to hear you.
Your prattling on grows tiresome.” He continued banging away at
her mercilessly.

Yumiko pressed her lips together in an effort to keep quiet, but
when a slimy tentacle began circling her anus she let out a startled
yelp which turned into long, pained groan when it roughly slid into
her. Revolting, wet, sucking sounds filled the air with each slide
and withdraw the tentacle and his cock from both openings of her
body. The two appendages ravaged her in perfect unison, a
synchronized dance of debauchery. A shadow hand slid up her waist and
began to toy with her breasts, pinching her nipples. And when she
thought it could not get any worse, another disgusting tentacle slid
between her legs and slid into her vagina while it was still occupied
by his cock, stretching her impossibly. Yumiko screamed in pain,
tears sliding from her eyes and onto the dead little girl's forehead.
She felt an acute wave of guilt and revulsion.

I'm so sorry this is happening to you... I'm glad you're not
hear to witness this... and I envy you as well...

Closing her eyes, Yumiko began
to pray again.

Alucard had come to the conclusion that this girl was very hard
headed because he could hear her. He told her to shut up and she was
still talking. Oh, no, she was praying again. Praying for her soul,
the soul of the child he was fucking her on top of, to let it be over

The prayers aroused him even more and he picked up his speed. He
was so close...

“... in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy
Spirit... a...”

Another hard thrust and he gripped her hair, yanking her head up
roughly, jerking it back at a painful angle. She gave a small shriek
as he hissed in her ear. “Say it. Say 'amen'!”

Tears rolled down her flushed cheeks. “Amen!”

He gripped her hips harder, thrusting into her with maddening
speed. “Unngghh-AAHHHHHHHHH! The Lord hast come!” He
stopped moving as he said that blasphemy and rammed into her hard, as
if he could rip through her to achieve his orgasm. Chill moistness
filled her and he pulled out so fast that it hurt her inside and he
knees fell from under her, no longer able to hold her up and she
collapsed fully on the dead child.


Heinkel and Integral went back and forth at each other. While
Heinkel was a good fighter she was still injured and not as
coordinated as usual. The Hellsing leader was really getting the best
of the cross-dressing nun until Heinkel pulled out her gun and fired
at Integral, throwing her off guard.

Getting her bearings back, Integral unsheathed her saber and swung
at Heinkel, cutting the girl’s cheek. While she was off guard,
Integral kicked the gun out of her hand and pressed the saber to her
neck but was surprised to feel cold steel on the back of her own neck
as well as menacing Scottish accent.

“Back off now, Whore of Babylon.”


A gasp escaped Yumiko when Alucard's cold chest pressed against
her warm, sweaty back and now she was sandwiched between two corpses.
His tongue traveled along her neck and his teeth nipped her ear. Not
drawing blood. “I could actually go for round three....”

Yumiko stilled underneath him and swallowed the lump of fear that
rose in her throat. Alucard was silent to torture her for a little
while until he finally spoke. “But, my master needs me.”

Alucard removed himself from on top of her and stood. She slowly
rolled off of the dead girl and reached for her sword. She could not
help glancing at him again. His body was covered in her sweat and
blood, one area in particular. Yumiko turned her head, not wanting to
see that sight. There was a strange swirl and when Yumiko looked
again, he was standing there, fully dressed and tidy as if he hadn’t
just raped her a few minutes ago. Her hand clenched around her katana
at the thought.

“Till next time, Sister Jekyll.” He said, now that she
was gentler self and he disappeared in a cloud of bats, just as a
katana struck the wall right where his face was before he


“What will you do now, Hellsing?”

Integral glared at the smug girl in front of her. She was about to
remove the sword from her throat but a strong hand gripped her
shoulder and threw her into a wall. She cried out when her back
struck the concrete. She looked up and glared at the tall blond
priest who was grinning at her with a maniacal grin that rivaled her

“Who are you?”

He did not answer but rose one of his bayonets, ready to sever her
head when a shot rang through the air and then another.

Anderson screamed and grunted in pain and held onto his bleeding
shoulder with on hand and hunched over to put pressure onto his
injured side. He glanced to his left to see the blonde vampire girl
on her feet with her huge gun in hand.

“Back off of Sir Integral, you damned freak!” she

He glanced to his other side and smirked at the sight of the tall
vampire clad in red and black. “Nosferatu Alucard…”

“So, you must be Father Anderson… I’ve heard of
you”* Alucard replied, gun in hand.

“Monster!” Heinkel screamed. “Where’s
Yumiko?! What have you done to her?!”

The grin slipped off of Anderson’s face and was replaced by
cold glare that promised nothing but pain. “Where is Yumiko?”
he asked in a dangerously low voice.

Alucard shrugged. “The little Japanese girl? She’s
alive.” He said and then smirked. “No, I didn’t
bite her if that’s what you’re wondering…”
he decided he’d let them see what he did to the girl

Anderson glanced at Heinkel. “Go find her. Go, now!”

Heinkel was about to go look for Yumiko and Anderson prepared to
charge Alucard when a small voice sounded out.

“It’s… pointless…”

All heads turned to see the small girl coming from a corridor,
limping towards them. Her robes hung in tatters on her body and she
clutched them with one hand to keep herself covered up. Blood ran
down her face as well as down her legs and her hair was a mess. Her
eyes fell on Alucard and in their brown depths there was nothing but
fear and hatred.

Integral and Seras’ eyes both widened at the sight of the
girl. At first it simply appeared as anyone would after a tumble with
Alucard. But Seras’ nose could pick up the scent of her master
all over the girl. Her eyes widened and she turned to Alucard with a
look of shocked disbelief on her face. He narrowed his eyes at his
fledgling and spoke with his mind.

Not a word…


Heinkel ran towards the battered nun and held her up. She removed
her coat and slid it around the girl’s shoulders. “Yumiko,
what did he do to you?”

Yumiko said nothing but burst into tears and sobbed into her
friend’s chest. Heinkel paled when she realized what had
happened. Yumie had been through many beatings and when she changed
back into Yumiko she never reacted like this. Blue eyes flashed with
fire and she turned to Alucard.

“You bastard!” she screamed.

Anderson’s teeth clenched and he pulled out his bayonets,
his wounds long since regenerating. “Dirty demon!” he
growled, about to rush the vampire until Yumiko stopped him.

“It’s pointless…” she said. “Yumie
cut off his head and he still came back… You can’t kill

Anderson stopped and put away his bayonets. “Don’t
think ye’ll hear the end of this…” he said as he
moved to Heinkel and Yumiko. He grabbed them both and disappeared
with his holy sheaves of paper, but not before Yumiko’s eyes
met Alucard’s in pure fury.

When they were gone, Integral turned to Alucard in full wrath.
“Tell me you didn’t!” she yelled. When he did not
reply she growled. “You are to be confined to the dungeons
until I think of a more fitting punishment for you!”


Three weeks later, London England; the Hellsing Manor.

Just when I think she cannot get any crueler, she surprises me

Alucard coughed as the foul smell of garlic filled his senses.
Integral had forced him to transform into a solitary bat and then
shoved him into a Tupperware filled with garlic powder. He sighed in
disgust. The next time he saw that nun, he would kill her. For now,
he would have to wait until his Master’s anger reached its end.


Lying on her bed, Yumiko stared up at her ceiling, tears silently
spilling from her eyes. She had prayed hard for forgiveness and
confessed her sins to Father Anderson who repeatedly reassured that
it was not her fault. He told her that demons could easily bring
about feelings of pleasure, even in the unwilling. Sure, she knew
that with her mind but did not feel it with her heart.

She had also found out the name of the little girl whose body
Alucard had desecrated. Moira O' Reily was her name. She was ten
years old and an excellent student. Though her family was Protestant
Yumiko attended the girl's funeral regardless. It was the least she
could do after what was done to her.


Lifting her head, Yumiko sighed when she saw Father Maxwell at her
door. “Come in, Father.”

Yumiko had been so certain that she would be kicked out now that
her body was tainted but that was surprisingly not the case. Father
Maxwell had been surprisingly understanding and gentle with her
during her ordeal .

Enrico came into the room and sat down in the chair near her bed.
“Yumiko, I assure you that this will not go unpunished. We will
find a way to kill the demon and he will pay for what he’s done
to you.”

Its’ said that through an extreme situation, a person with
more than one personality will experience a merger of sorts. One
personality that is completely different from the main self will
slowly fuse together. It must have been the case for Tagaki Yumiko,
because she would have never said anything like what she said now.

“When you do… show me the corpse.”


Okay! That’s over and done with. That was the weirdest,
darkest fic I’ve ever written… I’m pleased with
the outcome. Thanks again for Ciadra Rios for the beta. Love ya much!

*Okay. Integral asked who Anderson was because this is an AU. In
the regular version she knew of Anderson because Walter looked him
up. But, since Heinkel and Yumiko were dispatched, she only knew of

*Also, in Manga 1, it seemed like Alucard knew of Anderson before
anyone even mentioned him to him. That’s all I need to get

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