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Words you may not know

*Daikon – White radish.

”So, is this the silent treatment you’re giving me?” Sano peered over at Saitou who was sitting across from him in the carriage. “I’m hoping you heard what I said back there at the dojo. I didn’t know you were working undercover last night. Shit, I admit it… I lost it when I saw that woman with you.” Sano looked for a reaction from Saitou and found none. “I’m sorry,” he sighed feeling a bit hopeless.

Taking the last drag off his cigarette Saitou chucked what was left of it out the window and exhaled. He barely heard a word from Sano, for his mind was preoccupied with calculating what to do if Aoshi accepted, or turned down the relocation offer he discussed earlier. Saitou was sure Kenshin will be taken into Aoshi’s consideration as a deciding factor. Whatever Aoshi decided to do, Saitou needed to set his strategy and move. The weight of this on Saitou’s mind was allowing little room to consider Sano’s battle with insecurity.

The carriage pulled up to Saitou’s residence gate and let the two silent men off. Saitou released the latch on the gate and walked through leaving Sano to latch up while Saitou checked to see if anyone planted communications in the garden lantern. No messages meant no extra work, and a breather at home for Saitou until Cho showed up.

Sano just stood there near the entry to Saitou’s house. Not knowing what to say he decided to hold his tongue, for fear of saying something that would set Saitou off. The wolf appeared to be in a foul mood, and Sano decided not to push his luck. Actually, Sano was expecting the worst from the ex-Shinsengumi Captain, but if being ignored by Saitou was what Sano must bear, so be it. At least he was with Saitou and was no longer having to suffer separation.

“I will set the ocha on,” Saitou said coldly upon entering the house and left Sano standing at the entrance.

Sano wasn't quite sure what to do from that point.  Maybe I should have stayed back at the dojo and rested my aching hung-over head,  Sano thought. But then again, what rest could he possibly get with his mind on Saitou. At least Sano was near the man he could not bear the thought of losing.

Sano followed the sounds in the kitchen and watched Saitou set the fire in the pit to warm the tea. Sano’s favorite pass time was watching the wolf and imagining the many real life struggles Saitou met during the wolf’s life. It amazed Sano that Saitou was still alive, still in one piece, for the weight of Japan’s struggles had definitely hung on Saitou’s shoulders many times.

Saitou looked over at Sano after setting the tea on the kettle line above the fire and realized he had been neglecting the young man’s feelings for long enough. The thought actually surprised Saitou for noticing that he was becoming more aware of Sano’s needs. Saitou smiled in relief to know that he was not totally cold hearted, and the changes he was experiencing in his life since Sano arrived were good. He sensed Sano’s insecurity and walk toward the discouraged handsome male figure that stood at the entrance to the room.

Saitou warmly smiled and took the last connecting step forward and wrapped his strong arms around Sano’s leaner but powerful frame. He sought to meet those perfect pouting lips and kissed Sano softly before pulling his head down onto his shoulder, instinctively realizing that Sano needed comfort and reassurance. He held him tightly for a long time and felt the tension seep from the young man he held in his arms. After some time Saitou took a step back and away from their embrace.  One hand reached to tip up Sano’s chin until their eyes met. Saitou gently kissed Sano.  He brushed his tongue across the lips and tasted Sano’s familiar flavor run over his sensitive taste buds.

Sano moaned softly as he recognized the saucy savor of his lover. Rich, heavy and very sensual were the wolf’s kisses.  Sano relished Saitou’s show of affection in that manner. He pulled from the kiss longing to look into Saitou’s eyes, to be reassured that he was being accepted and all was forgiven.

Saitou recognized the desire flooding through Sano’s intense eyes, the pupils dilating until only a corona of chromatic colors remained. Pink lips were slightly parted in welcome, glistening from where the tip of Saitou's tongue had caressed the soft surface. As Saitou moved forward, he felt the soft, ragged breaths on his face and heard the low hum of pleasure as he took those lips once more. His hand moved to cup the back of Sano’s head, fingers trailed through the thick long spiked strands on top of his head, before smoothing down the velvet softness of the shorter hair at the base behind his neck. His other hand wrapped around Sano’s firm body, drawing the lean hips forward, crushing their bodies together. Saitou felt the hardened length of Sano’s sex pressing against him—a match to his own aching flesh.  He and he rocked his hips, increasing the pleasurable sensation that was radiating through his body.

Sano whimpered out Saitou’s name, and then sipped air between his teeth. Once more he  and called out his name and moaned with desire.

Saitou pressed forward, wanting to possess Sano fully, his tongue slipped inside Sano’s hot mouth, stroked across hard teeth and soft inner cheek before coiling around its mate. Sano met Saitou’s tongue eagerly, gingerly at first, but then forcefully, wanting Saitou to be aware how sorry he was for doubting him. Sano wanted to make it up to Saitou and totally give himself over.

Saitou felt Sano’s cool fingers slip between the folds of his kimono–gently, before burrowing beneath and played across his skin on his back. Sano’s fingers delved further inside and under the tie around his midsection to cup Saitou’s ass-cheeks, drawing him even closer to Sano’s body, grinding their groins together.

Small murmurs of appreciation vibrated through both men. Saitou broke off the kiss so he could nuzzle Sano’s vulnerable throat, teeth nipping at his soft, caramel flesh. Saitou bit down hard, eliciting a groan of pain and pleasure as he rose a welt of possession upon Sano’s neck. Saitou’s hands pushed Sano’s gi jacket from the strong shoulders, letting gravity take it and then his fingers reaches the front of Sano’s gi pants and untied the knot that held it securely at his waist. Saitou felt Sano’s body react when Saitou’s fingertips played over Sano’s strong lower back and now naked buttocks.

They pulled apart abruptly, staring at each other with the heat of passion searing the air between them. Saitou stepped back several paces, wanting to look at Sano in all his naked glory. His eyes trailed down the well-defined chest, pausing for a moment on the hard flesh that rose from a bed of soft, dark curls. Long, lean thighs were corded with muscle and not an ounce of spare flesh covered the lean, well-toned frame. He raised his eyes back to Sano’s face, reveling in the wonder of being able to look upon this beautiful man without censure. The well-shaped lips with their deep cupid's bow were plump and reddened from his kisses, and the possessive mark Saitou placed upon Sano’s throat was an angry red against the caramel flesh. Sano’s high cheekbones are flushed with desire, his eyes glittering; consumed with passion.  He is beautiful, Saitou thought, damn beautiful!

Saitou reached out and touched the warm flesh just below Sano’s right shoulder, only then he  became truly aware that he was the one who placed the deep scar there when they first met. Saitou traced his fingers across the bumpy darkened skin that was a little longer than the width of a sword. It was Saitou’s sword that left its mark.

“Like what you see?” Sano asked as his eyes burned deeply into Saitou’s gold’s.

Saitou nodded and let his eyes show Sano how much he relished and desired him. Quickly, Saitou stripped off the remainder of his own clothing and dropped his kimono over the ground, his fundoshi followed on top of it, and then he drew Sano back into his arms. They kissed, tenderly at first, but slowly built to bruising passion as they licked and sucked upon each other, tasting and possessing equally.

They descend to the floor, still tangled in their kiss and eased themselves to their sides. Saitou, very naturally assumed top position above Sano. Their bodies rippled hard against each other, trapping their sensitive, ready flesh between their close-pressed bodies. Saitou pushed deep into the heat of Sano’s mouth as his lips parted wide. Sano literally drank Saitou in, and sucked the moisture from Saitou’s tongue and lips keeping the task of swallowing from Saitou as the wolf lapped his tongue across Sano’s lips and then drove his tongue still deeper into Sano.

“I’m sorry,” Sano whispered as Saitou ran his tongue down the neck to Sano’s ear. “I’m sorry I fucked things up when I saw you with that woman.”

“Enough said, Sanosuke,” Saitou growled into Sano’s ear and bit down on the lobe as a warning.

“Itai! Itai!” Sano quickly dropped the subject and heeded Saitou’s warning. Besides, it wasn't the grandest time to have discussed such matters. Instead Sano reached down and cupped Saitou’s buttocks in each hand and pulled Saitou closer against him, if that was even possible as close as they already were. “I need you to make me feel that I belong to you, Saitou. I want to be yours, only yours. Make me yours!” Sano almost screamed it out as a blatant urgent request.

Saitou pulled himself from Sano and sat up between Sano’s legs.  Then he had each Sano legs spread over each of Saitou’s thighs. The amazing body laying before Saitou quickened the desire to take Sano, to possess him. It was a feeling that Saitou was not familiar with, but yet desired. Sano’s question earlier about Saitou allowing Sano to be free to sleep with others besides him echoed in Saitou’s mind. How would he bear anyone else taking Sano in this way? Could he let that happen? Saitou truly wanted Sano to be his, and his alone, but how was such a relationship possible?

Nonetheless, there was Sano, staring up into Saitou’s eyes, begging for Saitou to take possession. Saitou’s erection pulsated at the anticipation of taking Sano for his own. Receiving Sano’s offering was taking on a new meaning. Saitou leaned over and placed his straining member along side Sano’s hardened shaft and then he took both cocks into his hands before him. The sensation of having both, himself and Sano in his hands at the same time, caused Saitou to emit a deep guttural groan as he slid his hands up and down their shafts.

Sano arched his back to make it easier for Saitou’s attempt to work the both of them. The young man felt Saitou’s testicles bear down on his own, while the friction caused the both of them to bubble up a sumptuous amount of love gel between them from the tips of their extensions. Sano reached down as well, and placed his hands over and around Saitou’s hands as Saitou continued to glide them over their mingling members. Now, both Saitou and Sano worked together, feeling, touching, exploring.

“Saitou,” Sano called out to the man above him who was deeply focusing on the sensations that were running through his body like electricity with each stroke. “Tell me please…” Sano bucked against Saitou’s hands. “Tell me that you want only me, I need to hear it… please.”

Sano’s eyes were begging, pleading, pulling Saitou into him as the feelings of intimacy and passion increased. Saitou fell forward on top of Sano, mashing their organs into each other, but Sano’s plea pulled Saitou’s soul right from within.

“Sanosuke, you belong to me only if you wish to be mine.”

“But tell me! Tell me you want me! I have to hear it, Sai…tooou!” Sano pushed up against Saitou and crushed  his swollen flesh against Saitou’s sensitive ripened fruit and firm belly. The friction between the two was almost unbearable for the two men, as beads of sweat trickle off of Saitou’s temples and landed on Sano’s cheek.

Saitou returned the thrust, “Sanosuke, I want you… you are a part of me,” Saitou groaned and then with another thrust Saitou exploded forth hot liquid as well as his confession. “Mine Sanosuke,” Saitou tried to choke out the words between the spasms that coursed through his body with each pulsating gush.

The sensations were beyond words for Sano. How long had he waited to hear the wolf’s confession? The impact pushed Sano to join Saitou’s climax sending pulse after pulse of reassurance through the deepest parts of Sano. “Ahggh,” Sai, sai…” Sano clung onto Saitou unable to finish his sentence, but still so fulfilled hearing Saitou’s words ring out the confirmation he desperately needed to hear.

Saitou grinned as his lips brushed against Sano’s sweat-glistening temple, tasting the saltiness, his nostrils flaring as he inhaled the strong, addictive musk of sex and maleness. Sano shivered in Saitou’s arms as he realized that this time, their lovemaking was different. It was more than a rut-expression, a sexual need, or raw pleasure. This time, it meant something, it meant much more. The two men both felt it and continue to feel it in their after-glow.

“You okay?” Saitou asked out of concern for Sano’s still tender rib.

“I’m more than okay, I’m great!”

“Hmn,” Saitou nodded, looked at Sano, kissed his forehead, and then the corner of Sano’s red swollen lips, “I am glad we had this discussion.”

Sano chuckled, “Is that what we just had? A discussion?”

Saitou grinned, “I think I did more thinking than discussing this time, but I meant what I said.” Seriousness washed the grin from Saitou’s face as he propped himself up on his bent elbow and slid his free hand beneath Sano’s head.

“I want you to understand that a man cannot be bound to another by obligation, but only by one’s willingness to give over one’s heart to the other. Only then, that bind will be secure.” Saitou pressed his lips on Sano’s lips and gently kissed him tenderly. He broke the kiss for a moment and said, “You have my heart Sanosuke, because I’ve chosen to give it to you.” Saitou kissed Sanosuke deeply and seal his words in Sano’s heart.


“You mean to tell me you need all this space just to come home at night and go to sleep?” Cho questioned Mitsu as he looked around a spacious semi-mansion the young lady was considering to buy. “When Horie asked me to take you to look at some property for you to live in, I thought a little two room house on a patch of land to grow some *daikon was what you were aiming on getting. But heck, not a queen’s palace like this!”

It amazed Mitsu at how much she enjoyed spending time with such a humorist person as Cho. He was quick, witty, very charming and even delightfully cute.  Cho brought laughter and playfulness into Mitsu’s life, which she didn't have much of an opportunity to enjoy since she was a child.

“Will Cho-san come and live with us as well?” Mitsu giggled even more. “I do know that Hisomu-san always had his driver close by, so I’m sure he will request you to reside with us as well.”

Cho choked at the very idea of being so close to his heartthrob on a daily basis. He couldn't  imagine himself having to be well mannered around the clock, for he was already struggling with the fact that he had to keep his hands off of the beautiful woman. But living with her? It would demand much more will power to keep his mind on his duty and off of her body.

“I don’t really know about that, I have to confess that this boy, right here, is only human and I’m already having such a difficult time trying to keep faithful to my duties as hired help. I reckon I value my life as well. I don’t think I would have two legs to stand on if Horie caught wind about my feelings for you.”

“Is Cho-san confessing he has fallen for Mitsu-san?” She giggled again.

Cho belches out a great laugh. “I’ve fallen, and where I fell, there ain’t no way to get back up!”

Mitsu stepped up to Cho and placed her body just shy of rubbing up against the tall young man.  She  placed her hand on Cho’s gi lapel and ran her fingertips against the smooth fabric. “What if we were very careful?”

Instant throb against Cho’s fundoshi was a good indication of his excitement. “Hell, this boy’s aching to buck the system here!” Cho exclaimed out of the blue and fought with the temptation to take the woman into his arms and press his body against hers.

“Perhaps with time you will see how much Mitsu likes being with you, Cho-san.”

Cho caught the scent of Mitsu’s expensive imported perfume on the breeze that flowed through the rooms from the outside garden located in the middle of the multi-room complex mini-mansion. The scent wafts passed him and caused Cho to lose his sense of will.  He closed his eyes, and  deeply inhaled the scent into his nostrils. He let out a low sensual moan as he exhaled which Mitsu passed off as a sigh.

“Is Cho-san okay?”

Cho smiled and slowly opened his eyes. “That scent you have on. It makes me want to…” Cho caught himself and snapped out of the intoxication. “Oi! We should be on our way! It must be getting close to noon and we still have a couple more places to look at!”

Mitsu giggled at the silly young man.


Aoshi made his way to the bathhouse for the second time today. The first, he was admired by Sanosuke Sagara while he freshened up before his meeting with Saitou. Aoshi smiled remembering the envious feelings he had when Sano openly admitted to being attracted to Saitou. The freedom Sano exhibited of having a relationship with Saitou prompted Aoshi to take aggressive steps toward seducing Kenshin just a while ago in his room. Now, Aoshi could hardly believe that he was on his way to the bathhouse to meet with Kenshin and bathe with him after a heated episode of hot lovemaking and a nap in Aoshi’s room.

Upon entering the bathing area Aoshi noticed the almost feminine figure of the redheaded relaxing in the steam filled bath bin.

“Aoshi, the water is perfect, please come in,” Kenshin called out an invite as soon as Aoshi entered the bathing area.

"The water looks inviting.” Aoshi slipped his yukata off, stepped next to the huge bath bin and picked up the bamboo bucket. The rinse felt wonderful as the water splashed over his body before he stepped into the hot bath.

“It didn’t take long at all to heat up,” Kenshin replied and slipped his eyes over Aoshi’s form and watched the droplets dribble over the trim body. He admired the tall, sleek and very mysterious aura of Aoshi. Much to be expected for a shinobi, Kenshin thought. Aoshi was different than any ninja Kenshin had ever met in his past.

Aoshi slowly slipped into the steaming water and let out a sigh. “The nap did me some good. I am revived,” he smiled up at Kenshin.

Kenshin nodded, leaned back and looked at the ceiling.

Aoshi leaned in toward Kenshin and took the redhead’s hand in his own, squeezed it slightly and asked, “Will you be okay with this?"

Kenshin held onto Aoshi’s hand and did not relinquish it right away. "Hai, arigatou. What about you?" He gave Aoshi a knowing, searching stare.

Aoshi flushed. "Look, Kenshin, I know I can't… that I shouldn't expect…"

Kenshin interrupted him. "Let's just take this a step at a time, shall we? Let us just let it be; whatever it turns out to be."

Aoshi met Kenshin’s gaze. Challengingly, he asked, "What if I want it to be more Himura-san."

“Oro? Let's just...take it as it comes, shall we?" Kenshin suggested in surprise. The sudden compassion and softness in Aoshi’s blue eyes was a sight that Kenshin was not expecting to see coming from the seasoned ninja.

Aoshi reached out and pulled Kenshin into his arms. "What happened in the dorm're amazing, Kenshin. And not just sexually…I like what I am learning about you ever since I thought there was a chance we could come together.”  Aoshi’s voice lowered as he said,  "I always wondered...what we'd be like together. I always wanted you. Even when I hated you, I wanted you."  Aoshi sighed.  "That made it all that much worse, you know?"

“Hmn, it isn’t surprising to see love and hate so closely knitted. Sano said the very same thing about his feelings for Saitou. He started his road with Saitou in hate, but now, I have never seen any person so dedicated to another, as Sano is to Saitou.”

Aoshi smiled at the way Kenshin’s lips moved as he spoke.  He admired how perfectly Kenshin’s lips formed the words, and usually, with a lot of wisdom. He lifted his wet finger and placed it on Kenshin’s lower lip and then traced the outline of his mouth resting his finger on Kenshin’s top lip.

Kenshin stopped speaking and closed his eyes in wonder. Should he let another passionate moment with Aoshi happen? It would be futile to resist. The taboo was already set in motion—there was no turning back, no escaping what lay ahead. Kenshin took Aoshi’s finger into his mouth and swirled his tongue around the index, tasting Aoshi, as sensual hunger motivated him to do so.

There were too many years in Kenshin’s hitokiri life that he regretted. Many people assassinated by his hands, many lives changed due to the the lives he had taken. He always had to be in control of himself, and always strived to control others. When Kenshin laid down the sword, he wanted it all to stop. He realized  that his desire to love and be loved with passion had stopped as well.

Aoshi replaced his finger with his agile tongue and presses his lips around Kenshin’s parted lips. Kenshin felt Aoshi’s dominance by the way Aoshi was managing and manipulating his tongue forcefully, deliberately. Then it suddenly hit Kenshin, right in the middle of that steamy kiss.

“Oro?” Kenshin pushed Aoshi away and gasped.

“Himura-san, what is it?”

Kenshin looked like he had just woken from a nightmare, flushed and drained. Kenshin just sat there with his mouth gaping.

“I’m okay, Aoshi. A revelation, I just had.”

“What about?”

“My past, my life and my lack of ability to love again.”

Kenshin got up to his feet and left the water bin with Aoshi still sitting in it. He just stood there for a minute, deep in thought as he stared blankly onto the surface of the water. Then in a quiet, almost hypnotic low voice he spoke.

“For so long, this man decided if people lived or died. This man had brutally ripped families and loved ones apart by a single blow and had seen many rivers of blood. Endless. Although that ended for this man, it felt as though my passion to love had also ended with it.”

Kenshin looked at Aoshi who was listening to him with his complete attention, interested in hearing more of the revelation that caused Kenshin to behave in this way.

“Go on Himura-san,” Aoshi encouraged the ex-hitokiri.

Kenshin calmed the beating in his heart, and with a deep sigh he continued. “Miss Kaoru is not aggressive, but rather a passive woman. If any intimacy took place between us, it would happen only because I initiated it. The problem with that is, ever since I put down my sword down, and I vowed never to kill and control again, I had lost the ability to desire passion, as well. Passion escaped me.”

Aoshi saw that Kenshin was beginning to tremble, partially because of standing there, naked in the cool air, but also because Kenshin was becoming aware of what caused the ex-hitokiri to be aloof at Kaoru's advances. Aoshi left the bath bin and retrieved a towel from the shelf, and then placed it around Kenshin’s shoulders.

“Aoshi,” Kenshin’s voice was trembling. “It felt right between us earlier, when you advanced upon this man. For the first time in such a long time, I felt passion again.”

Aoshi pulled Kenshin into his arms and took a fistful of hair to pull his head back. Kenshin's neck bowed backward and revealed his vulnerable neck to Aoshi.

Kenshin instantly melted into Aoshi's forceful manipulating hands. He gasped deeply and sighed out loud when Aoshi placed the full surface of his tongue against Kenshin’s jugular and trailed it eagerly up the side of Kenshin’s neck.

“Is this what you need Himura-san?” Aoshi abruptly yanked Kenshin by the waist to hold the man closer against the warmth of his own passion. “Is it passion you want to feel again?” Aoshi pulled Kenshin’s head toward his own and splashed his lips onto Kenshin’s by inserting his tongue between the man’s parted yearning mouth first, and then met he Kenshin's lips with his own to seal their bond.

Kenshin felt Aoshi’s tongue slide past his teeth and tuck itself beneath Kenshin’s tongue.  Kenshin salivated even more which was apparent from the shimmering bead at the corner of his mouth that made its way down the side of his chin. Aoshi broke the kiss to look demandingly into Kenshin’s eyes.

"Tell me that you want me,"  Aoshi ordered Kenshin.

“Oro?” Kenshin realized that Aoshi had changed somehow, the look in Aoshi’s eyes seem distant and drawn into himself.

“Say it.”

Kenshin felt Aoshi's grip through his hair tighten, so he responded... “I want you.” The three words slipped slowly past Kenshin’s lips, more as a moan, than an actual statement.

Clamping his mouth over Kenshin’s, Aoshi took possession hungrily, and his tongue like a weapon with penetrating strokes. Kenshin melted against him, merging chest-to-chest, hip-to-hip, and gave as good as he was receiving. Aoshi carried on relentlessly until the need for air could no longer be avoided. Breathless, unfocussed, Kenshin was lost.

Aoshi turned Kenshin around and ran his hands along Kenshin’s thighs, drawing him in so that their bodies are pressing together, Aoshi’s erection throbbing purposefully against Kenshin’s pert butt. Taking his time, Aoshi explored the body he hadn’t been able to touch before, squeezing hard nipples, running fingernails across skin, making a deliciously sensual meal out of the nape of Kenshin’s neck at the same time teasing the smaller man by brushing across his grown erection making Kenshin want to be held there.

“Aoshi…” Kenshin moaned, laying his head back on Aoshi’s shoulder in a gesture of surrender, grinding his hips so to massage Aoshi’s sleek, tensed poll against his curved perky bottom.

Aoshi bit Kenshin’s earlobe and forces his tongue inside, then whispers, “Over the water chest.”

“Oro?” Kenshin questioned breathlessly.

“You heard what I said. Lie over the water bin, I want your ass.”

Kenshin gave Aoshi an appraising glare. “You seem to be in want of control.”

Aoshi chuckled, “Control, you say? From the very beginning, if you recall, I desired to lift myself above you, the infamous battousai. I was driven to be the best, and I strove to be even better than the best by defeating you! But ever since that day, when you shared your wisdom with me in Kyoto, all I could think of since then was having possession of you for myself. If you view that as wanting, or needing control, Kenshin-san, so be it.”

Aoshi was being truthful with Kenshin. He hadn’t needed control over Misao, or any other lover. Not like this. Lust was burning him up, like a virulent disease. He pushed Kenshin over the water bin and held him against the cool wooden surface. “I think you’re enjoying this as much as I am.” Aoshi forced his rock hard member against Kenshin’s buttocks. “Prove me wrong. If I’m doing something you don’t want, just stop me and claim your dominance back. If you don’t want me to control you, then stop me.”

“It would not prove anything to fight about it now, Aoshi.”

“It would be worth trying, wouldn’t it? If you really didn’t want this.” Aoshi watched Kenshin carefully. The fact that they want each other was painfully obvious, but a little show of dominance was needed to satisfy Aoshi’s lustful appetite to control Kenshin. “I couldn’t win the battle with you using the sword, but will you try to dominate me here as well? Or…” Aoshi pushed against Kenshin wedging his throbbing self between Kenshin’s buttocks. “Or will you let me have my way with you now, so that I may have MY victory?”

The water bin was at near perfect height for what Aoshi had in mind. Aoshi reached over and took the bamboo bucket of water and scooped the hot water out from the bath bin then splashes it across Kenshin’s hunched over stance. Kenshin gasped in the change in temperature as the steaming water made contact with his cool skin. Aoshi gained much pleasure staring at Kenshin’s wet body against the rough wooden container, steam lifting off Kenshin's backside from the hot water running down his buttocks and between his legs. The sight alone was almost enough to bring Aoshi to orgasm.

Aoshi held the bucket of steaming water just above Kenshin’s valley between his buttocks and let the water trickle between the cheeks and drip to the floor from Kenshin’s tight sacks. Aoshi took advantage of the water as a lubricant to slowly insert his finger into Kenshin, then two as the warm water eases any discomfort Kenshin might have felt otherwise.

“Oh yes!” Kenshin said almost gurgling with pleasure, his body arched up in delight.

“You like that?”

“Do it some more, please… Aoshi, yes… more.”

Aoshi drove deeper and harder, excited by the novelty of being encouraged. He couldn’t remember the last time Misao had done so, wondering whether she ever had.

“Ah, Aoshi, this is so right. So good.” Kenshin was clinging onto the water bin, gasping, knuckles white. He was being joyously responsive. Aoshi felt his erection curve and buck against himself with anticipation. Impossible to wait any longer, he arranged himself at Kenshin’s muscled entrance and pushed gingerly.

Kenshin took Aoshi by surprise and lifted his body to meet Aoshi halfway, impaling himself greedily with a loud groan of hunger. Lost in a heaven of heat and tightness, Aoshi plunged into Kenshin blindly. With punishing thrusts, grunting in pleasure, he drove into Kenshin over and over again until they are slick with one another’s sweat. The water bin creaked and complained under their combined weight.

It was a full-scale rut, no finesse, and no romance. Just a grinding, sweating match of passionate need and desire. It was like the wildest kind of battle imaginable between two men with fleshly swords.

It was more than Kenshin could endure. The feeling of being over powered and allowing it to happen by his own will, surrendering to Aoshi. It was all so overwhelming, Kenshin shuddered and grasped his screaming erection as Aoshi pounded into him from behind.

This is what Kenshin needed, someone to meet him thrust for thrust, someone who could take as hard as he can give. Someone who would respond as happily to bites and bruises as he would kisses. But Kaoru, who only wanted romance and sweetness, how could he have shocked her with demands such as these? He could not. There could never be passion in that for Kenshin, for Aoshi, for men who visited at death’s door and survived.

It was Kenshin who burst forth first, his body suddenly spectacularly rigid, stifling screams into the towel that Aoshi hung around his neck.

Aoshi followed, “Aaagh!” As Kenshin’s muscles clamp down on Aoshi, orgasm hit him harder than he’d ever experienced before, more intense than in his craziest fantasies. He spasm abundantly, groaning with the bliss of uninhibited vocals of ecstasy. He was only vaguely aware that Kenshin was sobbing out something, too lost in the intensity of his own experience. Finally, Aoshi noticed that the body under him was trembling furiously.

“Itai, this water bin!” Kenshin moaned.

Aoshi stood erect on legs that tremble as well, but he managed to help Kenshin stand straight also. The two men both leaned against the water bin to steady themselves and wait to catch their breath. Kenshin picked up the bamboo bucket and staggered to the bath bin, scooped the steaming hot water and poured it over himself.

“Did I hurt you?” Aoshi asked with concern.


“You don’t like the controlling behavior I displayed?”

Kenshin sniffs and shook the water from his hair. “The control you exhibited was fine.”

“What then?”

“I am not sure how this is going to work between you and I. How can we continue to be so intimate with each other without disrupting everyone else who are depending on us?” Kenshin shared his thought with Aoshi as he scooped more water in the bucket and passed it to the tall lean man.

Aoshi took the bucket by its handle and threw it off to the side and grasped Kenshin’s wrist instead. He pulled Kenshin against his naked flesh and held him tightly. The conversation, it seemed, was over. The little that could be settled between them was settled, and the silence they shared was not without comfort.

Kenshin dropped his head on Aoshi’s chest in an attitude of trust and intimacy. If Kenshin quieted down the urging of his conscience, he would admit to a feeling of happiness and contentment. He closed his eyes and listened to Aoshi’s heartbeat and the water dripping to the floor from his drenched body.

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