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Shit, I imagined the place was closer than this! Sano thought as he finally approached the secluded home of Kenshin’s master.  I hope Yahiko is there. I would hate to have to make this trip again.

It had taken Sano half the day to find Hiko’s place.  He was never one to follow directions correctly and seem to decide on taking the wrong roads and make the wrong decisions. That day, Sano stopped twice to satisfy his hunger, and held on to his poor sense of direction reputation, he also managed to get lost.

Hiko’s home was well secluded.  Hidden in the midst of huge pine trees and thick brush, it was almost impossible to see if one weren’t looking for it specifically.  The landscape surrounding the little cottage on the hill was breath taking.  The backdrop of the mountains, the nearby waterfall, and the clearing before the little cottage caused Sano to experience a sudden flood of peace and wellbeing.

Sano hesitated for just a bit before knocking at the door.  He listened carefully, but failed to hear any indication of life within.  He lightly tapped on the door, and then waited.  Nothing.  Another round of taps, a little harder this time, just to make sure.

Yes, there was life past the cottage door.  He was hoping it would be Yahiko.  Sano had imagined the surprised look on Yahiko’s face when Yahiko realized that Sano was in Kyoto.  There was no time to warn Yahiko of his arrival to Kyoto.  Everything happened just too quickly.

The door rattled as the lock was being undone, and then finally, it slid open.  There, in front of Sano, stood one heck of a big, brawny, unimaginably handsome man.  Sano was at loss for words as he gazed at the bulk of muscles so perfectly put together and set so majestically on any one human being.

“Hmmm, are you going to just stand there admiring me, or have you some reason why you are at my door?” Hiko asked gruffly.

“Uh, oh, sorry.” Sano apologized for acting like a complete ditz.   “I’m Yahiko’s friend.”  Sano paused, still in awe over the sight of the master.  “Kenshin Himura sent me to check up on the guy, and he also wanted me to give you this.” Sano handed Hiko a sack, which the large good-looking man accepted with no question.

“Oh I see—how is my stupid apprentice doing anyway?” Hiko asked as he turned from the door and gestured Sano to follow him into the cottage.

“He’s doing as well as to be expected, I guess.”

“He still with that woman?”

“Oh, you mean the missy… Kaoru.  Yeah, uh… He’s staying at the dojo her father left behind when he passed on.  You know, Kenshin helps her out.  They’re getting the place fixed up, so when Yahiko returns, the dojo will be in shape to take on new students.”

Hiko poured sake for the both of them and handed Sano a cup of it and nodded.  “Here, this will take the travel out from your legs.  Enjoy… This is very good sake.”

Sano tilted the cup up to his lips, and the sake was gone in one quick gulp.  “Hey, you’re right.  I don’t think I ever had sake this smooth before, and if I did, I don’t remember, if you know what I mean,” Sano laughed.

“There’s plenty more where that came from.  I make sure I stock up on the best Kyoto has to offer, so drink up.”

“I take it that Yahiko isn’t here, huh?” Sano asked.

Hiko turned and gave his total attention to Kenshin’s messenger.  The handsome man eyed Sano up and down objectively, at first, and then soon realized that Sano was rather enjoyable to look at.  There was something in Sano’s eyes that appeared to cause the almond-shaped orbs to gleam.  It proved rather alluring to Hiko, who didn’t try to hide the fact that he had found the young man appealing.

“Unfortunately, you missed Yahiko,” Hiko said and then kept right on studying Sano with a raised brow. “I sent the boy out on an errand earlier, otherwise we’d have no food to eat.”  The master grinned and poured more sake for the both of them. “What might be the name given to such a fine looking man.”  Hiko didn’t try to hide the fact that he was feasting on Sano’s appearance.  Hiko kept right on enveloping the sight of Sano as they talked.

“Oh, sorry about that.  The name’s, Sagara… Sanosuke Sagara.”

Hiko raised an eyebrow and smirked. “Now I remember.  You were one of the men who assisted my stupid apprentice in overcoming the bad guy who wanted to take over Japan.  You can’t be the one that died trying.”

“That would be Saitou Hajime.  And no, Saitou didn’t end up biting the dust.  It turned out that he was still on government assignment having to take care of other business in Kyoto.  We were the ones who assumed he was dead.  It would take more than what happened with Shishio to kill a man like Saitou!”

“Hmmm, I recall a Captain of the Shinsengumi by that name here in Kyoto.  If one were to view the senseless battles that were going on at the time objectively, the Shinsengumi were definitely one hell of a troop!  Kenshin certainly thought so, even though he chose to fight on the opposing side.”  You seem to think highly of the man, Hajime.” Hiko chuckled and then eyed Sano again.  “You must be Hajime’s stupid apprentice.”

Sano’s frown was apparent.  “You know, for an old man, you sure come off conceited.”

Hiko was surprised to hear such bold words from the cocky young man.  “I’ve earned the right to wear conceit, I can’t help it if people adore me and women fall all over me,” Hiko laughed at his own statement.

Sano had to admit that Kenshin’s master had a god-like appearance.  Prominent in stature, handsomely attractive, and it was obvious he was very self-assured—boastful, in fact.   Despite Hiko’s age, it was obvious that the master was diligent, if not devoted to practice and fitness. There was life in Hiko’s eyes that burned vigor, and a tone to his voice of absolute strength.  No doubt, Sano was impressed to make his acquaintance and he couldn’t help, but gawk at the man.

Of course, Hiko being used to people’s reaction to his appearance, gave little notice to Sano’s conspicuous stare.  Unlike his small-framed apprentice, Kenshin, Sano was huskily built, yet lean in stature.  His caramel skin tightly wrapped the firm muscles beneath, and his face appeared to be boyish, yet beautifully masculine.  Hiko didn’t try to conceal his obvious attraction to Sano; in fact he made sure that Sano noticed him taking an interest.

“Kenshin told me that you’ve chosen a life of solitude.  My question is, if you’re so admired by women, why the hell do you lock yourself away up in the mountains like some sort of hermit?”  It was apparent that Sano was terribly curious to find out what the master was hiding, if anything.  “Yeah, it just seems odd for a man like you to be hidden away like this, instead of shining out in the forefront, for all to see.”

“The answer to that, my friend, is simple.” The master took a big gulp of sake and smiled heartedly.  “I have no want for anything outside of my current surrounding.  I am not at war with anyone, and am at total peace within myself.  What more could I have want for?”

Sano smirked… “A woman would be nice!”

Hiko broke out in a hearty laugh. “A woman, you say?”  The master shook his head disapprovingly and said, “I have no need for bothersome creatures.  You start with one woman, then it becomes women, they’re all the same to me. They are too numerous for myself.  Everywhere I go, I’m shadowed by all shapes and sizes, different temperaments and beauty, with designs on just one thing.”

“Yeah? Don’t tell me… They are all after your ass, right?”

“You got it, smart boy.  They’re all after a piece of me, although, I don’t blame them.  If I were a female, I would probably be after a piece of me as well."

“So?” Sano shrugged.  “What the hells wrong with that?  I know a couple of dozen guys who would give their left nut to be as popular with the ladies as your are.”

Hiko laughed at the small-minded young man.  “The world is much bigger than you’d imagine it to be.  For one thing, there are more to human sexuality than a person’s gender.  Grant it, if I were to find women as interesting as I do men, I would probably be settled down right now with a special someone, and a few dozen kids to carry on my name.”

“What th’uh…” Sano’s jaw dropped just about clear down to his chest.  “Are you saying that you…”

Hiko nodded.  “Hmn, I’m saying that I prefer men.  Besides, when women come flocking at me the way they do, there is no challenge to that!  I’m a swordsman, for Buddha sake!  I enjoy a challenge.  I have never met a woman who I could define as a challenge.  But then, I could name a dozen men who I had known in the past who made relationships very challenging.”

Sano was dumbfounded.  Surely he was hearing things that weren’t really being said as he listened to Hiko.  He couldn’t believe what he’d just heard—but it was from the master, himself!

“Why are you standing there with your mouth agape?  Surely you can’t be as closed minded about the facts of life as some of the people from the previous generations.”

“Hell, no!  I’m far from being…what you’d call, ‘closed-minded’.  That’s not what got me so damn surprised!” Sano exclaimed. “Well, to be honest, whenever your name was mentioned, so was your reputation of being a ‘woman killer’ announced.  So, you can’t blame me for being a little surprised finding out that you, uh… prefer men.”

Sano was beyond surprised, for there was no indication, until then, that Kenshin’s master’s preference steered away from women.  Who would have ever imagined it to turn out like that?  The long walk was worth all the trouble.  Even it he didn’t find Yahiko this time around, it was well worth the hike to find out the juicy tidbit about Hiko.  Sano was formulating questions in his mind that he planned to ask Kenshin when he returned to Tokyo.

Just then the back door rattled and slammed.  It was Yahiko.  A little worn from his travel to Kyoto on his weekly routine shopping errand, he chose to ignore the voices echoing from the front room and assumed it was just another wandering ronin who had stopped by to seek directions.  Yahiko continued with his ritual of stocking the goods in the various storage bins in the back room.

“Well look at what the wind blew in,” Sano mumbled, loud enough for Yahiko to hear, but not quite clear enough for him to tell it was his good friend Sano right away.

Yahiko turned slow and when he brought Sano into view… “Sano! It’s you!”  Without hesitating, he dropped the items he was storing away and ran the several steps across the room to throw his arms around Sano. “Yes! I believe it’s really you!”

“Of course it’s me, you idiot! Does anyone else around here look like Sanosuke Sagara?”  He returned Yahiko’s bear hug.  “Hey, you grew taller!  Shit, what have you been eating?”

“I wasn’t expecting to see you here.  What led you out this way?  Why are you in Kyoto?  Did something happen at the dojo?”

Sano chuckled.  “Hey, don’t get all panicked over nothing.  I’m traveling with Saitou.  He has an assignment in Kyoto.  I decided to tag along as usual.”

Yahiko’s face contorted into shock and confusion.  “What?  You’re talking about Hajime-sama? I thought… I thought…”

“Yeah, we all thought.  But it turned out that we all thought wrong.  The bastard is alive!”

Yahiko’s mind flashed on the occasion when he and Sano went out to the area where Sano witnessed Saitou’s death.  The pain on Sano’s face at the time was always a difficult event to recall for Yahiko.  “I can barely believe Hajime-sama is alive!  But then again, I guess that isn’t surprising considering he is one of the Mibu wolves.”

“Yeah, the Captain does seem indestructible, doesn’t he?”

At that moment, Hiko joined in on the little reunion.  It pleased the master to see his pupil in high spirits, for he knew Yahiko missed Kenshin and his friends in Tokyo.  Seeing the bright smile on Yahiko’s face brought a warm feeling to that little cottage that day and Hiko wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to relish in it.

“Well, who wants sake?” Hiko asked as he held up the big brown bottle.

“I think we all do,” said Yahiko.  “This is the perfect occasion to celebrate!”


“Well, I just don’t understand why Aoshi-sama couldn’t make the trip himself,” Misao complained.  She was beyond disappointed that the man she desired to make a life with decided to send someone in his stead.  Her heart stood still and she practically ignored Saitou’s questions.”

“Look, little weasel-girl, I did not travel all this way to listen to a bunch of complaints about your objections to being stood up by Shinomori.  I am here to gather the information that you were supposed to be responsible for collecting.  Will you report, or not?”

“But it’s not fair!” Misao hollered.  “Why is Aoshi-sama treating me this way?  He told me that he would talk to me about us when he returned.  But that’s the problem!  He never returns!”

Saitou frowned and his patience was growing immensely thin.  “Damn it!  Get a hold of yourself and behave fitting of a shinobi!”

The tiny, but skilled young lady fell silent from Saitou’s verbal blow.  Misao was waiting, counting the days for Aoshi to return.  Little did she know that Aoshi had other plans and other desires in his life besides building a future with Misao.  The young shinobi was trying to overcome the feelings of rejection, but she found it impossible to hold back the tears.  Misao broke down and gave in to the flood of emotions that seemed to press in at her from every dark shadow in the universe.

Saitou took a deep breath and exhaled.  The last thing, the very last thing he wanted was to deal with a weepy, out of control woman.  “I take it I’ll have to get my information from elsewhere,” Saitou said unsympathetically. He turned to leave from where he had entered the room earlier.

“No wait,” Misao shouted, still trying to gain control.  “I’ll tell you what it is you need to know.  Just give me a minute.”  She dried her tears with the back of her hands and looked up at Saitou.  “First tell me where Aoshi-sama is staying in Tokyo.”

“Hasn’t he made that clear to you?” Saitou asked, a little surprised that Aoshi was deliberately keeping Misao in the dark about his whereabouts. “If he hasn’t notified you, I very well cannot do so.”

“Aoshi-sama never shared such information with me.  I thought things had changed and I had hoped…” Misao cleared her throat as it tightened around her words in an emotional spasm. “  She pulled a few sheets of paper from her kimono and handed it to Saitou.  “Here, this is all the information Aoshi asked me to gather before he left for Tokyo.  I’ve been adding to the list daily, until about a week ago.”

“Hmn,” Saitou nodded and received the information.  “What caused you to cease the log?”

“All of Horie’s men left Kyoto.  There was no one left to track.  Their headquarters in the mountain had been barren for quite sometime now.  Even the other shinobi who was tracking them for other reasons have stopped talking about them.”

“I see,” said Saitou.  “I appreciate your assistance.  Although I do make it a point not to involve myself in the personal affairs of my staff, I will, just this one time, deliver a personal message to Shinomori if you wish.”

Misao lowered her head and sighed.  “No, I’ll not give him the satisfaction.”

“Hmn,” Saitou nodded and smirked, admiring her spirit.


“Mitsu-san, are you sure you didn’t mistake what he said?”  Chou asked again trying to absorb its meaning.

“Hai Cho-san,” Mitsu said.  "I am absolutely sure Hisomu-san suggested that I visit my family one day. But only if I am obedient to him now.”

Cho sighed, not wanting to rip the hope from Mitsu, but he thought it wise for her to hold onto reality, as well.  “Purty lady, you know better than I do that Horie ain’t about to let you wander far from his clutches.  I don’t want you to keep wishin’ on thangs that may not pan through."

“But Cho-san…” Mitsu pouted her lower lip, which certainly reminded Cho there was a little girl in Mitsu.  All the more reason Cho was finding the woman most adorable, and next to impossible to resist falling in love with.  “I would like to believe that I will someday see my family again.  I cannot imagine not doing so, just once more before…”

“I’m thanking my lucky stars that Horie assigned me to be your bodyguard.  I can live with this, but I can’t help myself from thinkin’ that I’ll someday run off with you.  Hell, that is just wishful thinkin’ on my part.  I can’t let myself dwell on thoughts like that for too long, otherwise I’d be tempted to steal you away from him.”

Mitsu smiled sweetly, sashayed over to Cho’s side and placed her head against his arm. “Did you mean that, Cho-san?”  She looked up at the southern man and she tried to contain her emotions.  “Cho, I think Mitsu would leave with you if you were to request it of me.”

Cho bit his bottom lip to keep himself from taking hold of the woman and relinquishing all restraints he had placed upon himself that was necessary to keep in Horie’s good graces.  He was well aware that all it would take is one slip on his part and the two of them would be in serious trouble.  Even if he should escape the horrors of Horie, there would still be Saitou’s wrath to face for blowing the mission.

“Lovely lady,” Cho said.  He set his hands on either side of her arms.  “You are the sweetest thang that has ever happened to me since I can remember, but I’m going to have to learn to be content with just being by your side like this. That is, until the situation changes.”

“Will that ever be?”

“Believe in it, Mitsu-san.  All you have to do is believe it with the little heart you have inside of your purty little body, and as soon as there is an opening, I’ll take you away from all of this.”

Mitsu adored what Cho was saying to her, for seldom had she ever heard Horie speak such words.  “But this is not fair for Cho-san!”  Mitsu declared sternly as she grasped both of Cho’s lapels in her tiny hands.  “You are a man… a man with needs, like any other man.  I cannot let you go without, while I am restricted from you as I am.”

“Awww, don’t you go on worrying about ole Cho here, I’ve been without for so long, it ain’t much for me to wait a little longer for the woman I’ve fallen for.”

“Why must you wait?”  Mitsu quickly let her hand fall onto the front of Cho’s bottom gi.  Mitsu softly said,  “Cho-san is so hard.”

Cho sipped a lot of wind between his teeth, and moaned quietly under the beautiful woman’s touch.  For Cho, he was in ninth heaven, flying with all the heavenly beings as Mitsu’s tiny fingers slid atop the bottom of his penis that was pinned securely beneath his gi.  It took all the strength within him to keep from taking a hold of her hand, push it against his screaming organ and pump against her tiny fingers.  His testicles hurt with pressure, his heart pounded against the breastplate that incased it.

“Oh little woman!  My Buddha yes, damn yes!” Cho’s head fell back against his shoulders as he absorbed the lady’s touch.  “Yes—but no!”  Cho stepped back.  “We can’t risk this!  Mitsu-san, this is too dangerous! Please!”  Almost pleadingly, Cho looked into Mitsu’s eyes and couldn’t think of nothing else but life being so cruel to him at that moment.  “I want you so badly, but this can’t happen!  Excuse me little lady, but I need to leave you for a little bit here and regain my strength.”

“But… Cho-san…” Before Mitsu could say more, Cho left the room.

Cho was hurting.  He wasn’t hurting from just the lack of intimacy, but this whole thing with Mitsu had him so frustrated.  There was a part of Cho that knew all the suffering would be over one day.  Horie would get what he deserved for destroying so many lives and there may be a break in it for Mitsu.  Although Mitsu was not completely innocent, her freedom would be based on what the government decided to do about Mitsu because of her involvement with the syndicate.  Based on Cho’s past record and the fact that the government arranged his freedom from imprisonment because of his assisting Saitou to bring down Shishio, he was confident that the government would be lenient in dealing with Mitsu as well.

There were so many details to think through.  Cho had to decide on a few things before he could move in any direction.  First of all, he had to admit to himself that Saitou was right all along in advising Cho not to have gotten himself involved with Horie’s woman.  His refusal to heed the warnings had brought Cho nothing but confusion and agony.

“Hell, I don’t think I could spend another evening alone with my hand.” Cho mumbled below his breath as he walked off Horie’s compound to put distance between he and the temptation that was making it impossible for Cho to remain sane.  “Maybe if I can get this damn physical need out of the way, I’ll be stronger to stand up for the purty woman.”  Cho was determined to at least try and headed to the only place he could think of. The furoya.


Hiko enjoyed Sano’s company, for the young man was proving to be very entertaining to the handsome recluse. Yahiko was beyond himself to see Sano again after having so much time pass between them.  The group stopped counting the sake servings after they finished the third bottle.  Different stories were exchanged and Sano savored getting to know the master Kenshin spoke so often about with the highest regards.

“It’s the door", Yahiko said.

Sano looked up from his cup remembering that Saitou promised earlier that he’d hire a carriage to fetch Sano there after the investigation was dealt with.  “Oh yeah, that must be Saitou to pick me up.”

Yahiko frowned, “It’s too soon!  You can’t be leaving just yet, Sano.  We just got started!”

“Maybe we can convince Saitou to have a few rounds of sake.  Hell, it’s hard to pass up something this good,” Sano suggested the plan.

Hiko lifted his drink and nodded, “I wouldn’t mind tossing back a few, and spend some time with the legendary Shinsengumi Captain.  They already made a mark during our time.  I’m certain that mark is indelible and etched in time for years to come.  It would be interesting to get to know him.”

“I’ll go and hit him up with the suggestion.  Shit, it seems like I just got here.”  Sano stood from his seat and started toward the front of the cottage.

Hiko chuckled at the way Sano tripped over his own foot.  “It’s been a few hours since you’ve arrived, Sanosuke.  Not to mention several drinks of sake too!”

Sano swayed and laughed.  “And freaking great sake, I might add!”

Saitou stood there while Sano greeted him with the classic ear-to-ear smile.  The wolf knew right off that Sano had been drinking, for the young man’s drooping eyelids and bedroom expression were always apparent when Sano had a few too many.  Saitou braced himself, for he knew that in that condition, Sano was looser in expressing his affections for Saitou.

“I’ve missed you,” was the first thing Sano said when he saw Saitou standing there.

Although irritated at Sano’s indiscretion, Saitou was still glad to see his playful mate’s desire for him.  If there weren’t anyone else around, Saitou wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of the young man’s intoxicated state.  In fact, the wolf quite enjoyed Sano when he drank.

“Lower your voice, Ahou,” Saitou said.  It was as much outward showing of his fondness for the young man that he cared to exhibit in public.  “Are you ready to conclude your visit with Yahiko and return to town with me, or should I call on you tomorrow?”

Hiko’s voice rang out behind Sano as the large, brawny man approached the door.  “I was hoping you would stay awhile, Hajime, Saitou…” Hiko said as he studied the wolf with much interest.  Finding Saitou rather attractive, Hiko became anxious to convince the wolf to spend at least a little time in conversation with him.  “Come, at least humor this old recluse in having a couple rounds of Kyoto’s finest sake.”

Saitou agreed, pretty much impressed with Kenshin’s master’s appearance.  Indeed, he was everything people said he was.  Muscular, tall, suave and very appealing, even to Saitou who didn’t usually practice taking pleasure in looking at men with that sort of interest in mind.

While Hiko poured another round for everyone, Saitou greeted Yahiko.  “You’ve filled out some, haven’t you,” Saitou said to the strapping young man.  “I do remember you seemed to be more like a kid just a short time ago.  This mountain air and Master Hiko’s discipline must be doing you some good.”

Yahiko agreed excitedly.  It was an obvious indication the boy was enjoying his schooling under the great master.  “Yes! Speaking of which, I wanted to show Sano what I’ve learned so far.”

“Knowing you, I bet you mastered a whole bunch of new moves from Master Hiko, haven’t you?”  Sano asked and then he glanced over at Saitou.  He immediately noticed the wolf’s gaze upon the handsome master.  It made him feel a bit uneasy, as he’d recognized that very same look in the wolf’s eyes when Saitou looked at him in the garden the first time they were together.

“Hey, Saitou, how about coming outside with Yahiko and I to check out his moves?” Sano asked, hoping that he could get Saitou’s attention from Hiko.

“Hmmm?” Saitou looked at Sano realizing that his stare on Hiko must have been obvious to the young man.  “No, you go ahead, I’ll sit with the master and enjoy this fine sake of his.”

“But… Sai…”

Saitou turned sharply and glared at Sano, which immediately stopped Sano from pursuing to change the wolf’s mind.

Without another word, Sano and Yahiko walked through the back door that led outside.

“The young man seems rather attached to you.  He reminds me of my stupid apprentice, Kenshin, for that matter,” Hiko said as he tossed down another drink and poured more for the both of them.  He looked past his sake cup and made his stare deliberate, right into the wolf’s golden eyes.

Saitou smirked… “I sense a rather hungry man I’m seated with.”

“Your senses are quite keen,” Hiko responded as a comeback to Saitou’s comment.  "I am sensing that your appetites are not much different from my own, am I correct?”

“It all depends on what is on the menu.”

Hiko immediately realized his own arousal.  It’s been awhile since someone actually appealed to Hiko’s more sensual senses, and he quickly realized how attracted he was to Saitou.  It wasn’t often he’d run across great men that was worth a head turn.  The wolf definitely was worth Hiko’s second look, along with a lustful stare.

Hiko’s gawking didn’t go unnoticed by the wolf.  He rather enjoyed the attention, especially knowing that the person doing the gawking was none other than Kenshin Himura’s master.  Saitou found it rather amusing to be placed in such a position.  He often wondered if there was more, than just mentoring, that went on between Kenshin and his well-known master, or did the discipline sessions run deeper than swordsmen’s tactics.

“If you care to find out, I would have no problem preparing something that will not disappoint you,” Hiko baited a little more blatantly.

Saitou smirked, stood from his seat and walked over to the window to take in the view of Sano and Yahiko who were close to the wooded edge.  “Out of the question, for my apprentice is not only my initiate.”

“Your lover?” Hiko grunted a sarcastic chuckle.  “The young man is clearly under developed.  Definitely, he is no way capable of performing the way you deserve to be accommodated.”

Hiko rose from his seat and stepped behind Saitou who was sipping his sake while pretending to be occupied with peering out at Yahiko’s involvement in demonstrating his new swordsman skills to Sano.

Saitou felt the heat of Hiko’s massive, muscular bulk press firmly against his backside.  The contact sent a rush of sexual announcement throughout Saitou’s vitals, instantly awakened his primal desires, and triggered the wolf to respond in acceptance.  Saitou leaned back, and allowed the erotic exchange.

“I am assuming this is your way to imply that you would be a better candidate to accommodate me sexually.”

“I am sure of it,” Hiko said, as he slid his strong hands over Saitou’s hips and pressed his bulged crotch against the wolf’s buttocks.  “I would do you thoroughly—completely.”

Saito wasn’t resisting, not in the least.  Instead, he downed the sake that was left in his cup, and then placed the container on the windowsill.  “I am sure you would not leave me in want,” The wolf said as he leaned slightly forward, placed his hands against the window frame and pushed up against Hiko.

There wasn’t much more to say at that point between the two. Their desire for sexual play was evident and that was exactly how they handled the situation.

Hiko held Saitou firmly at the hips and began to rub his erection, teasingly, against the wolf’s backside.  It was obvious that Hiko was enjoying the immense pleasure the friction against the wolf’s firm ass was causing him to experience.  “To begin with, I would like to have you just the way you are now,” Hiko groaned.  “Hmmm, yes, I would love to have the Shinsengumi Captain skewered at the end of my sword!”

Saitou stood straight and faced the master swordsman.  Yes, he saw that Hiko was strikingly handsome and most powerful in physic. He thought of how delicious it would be to share a night with the man, unrestrained, and gamed for anything.  It would be purely physical and totally sexual.  Nothing more.  Saitou dropped his hand and placed it atop Hiko’s thick muscle that was straining against the tight gi the master was wearing.

“Not until I have myself a piece of this,” Saitou said as he squeezed Hiko’s thick shaft through the master’s trousers.

Hiko closed his eyes and exhaled.  He enjoyed Saitou’s hold on his cock at the face of his gi.  He opened his eyes sleepily and was about to push his mouth against the wolf’s anticipating parted lips, but he straightened his stance instead as he caught notice of the reunited friends on their way back to the cottage.

Saitou read Hiko’s body language straight off, so he didn’t bother to turn to view the returning young men.  He simply adjusted his stimulated flesh under his garment, picked up his sake cup and walked over to the bottle for a refill.

Sano and Yahiko were laughing over a joke when they entered the cottage.

“I’m amazed at what Yahiko learned so far,” Sano announced, very proud of his friend’s accomplishments.

“He is a good, well-balanced pupil,” Hiko said, but then added, “unlike the rebellious Kenshin.”

“Hmn,” Saitou nodded, “It makes mentoring easier when the pupil is submissive.”  Saitou glanced at Sano with desire for Sano to finish what Hiko started.

Sano realized Saitou’s comment as an underlying sexual message and looked at the wolf for verification.  Yes, Sano could plainly see the fire in the wolf’s eyes, which definitely meant a hot night ahead of him.  Sano smiled at Saitou with one of his heartwarming, boyish, ear-to-ear grins.

“It is best we, Sanosuke and I, make our way back to the city,” Saitou said.  He glanced over at Hiko and nodded.

Hiko smiled and swiped his lips with his tongue. “Hopefully you will stop by before leaving Kyoto?”

“We shall see,” Saitou replied with a bow to gesture his gratitude.  He turned and looked at Sano and Yahiko, bowed once more and exited the cottage.

Sano thanked Hiko for the sake and hospitality.

“Perhaps we will see you again before you leave Kyoto,” Hiko said.

Sano nodded.  He wasn’t so sure he if he wanted Saitou to meet up with Hiko again, but he definitely wanted to spend more time with Yahiko.

“Come on,” Yahiko said, “I’ll see you to the carriage.”

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