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Disclaimer: I get no money from writing these fics, nor I don't own Weiss. In fact, I'm not even allowed to touch the pretty least not in any of their special places...

Disclaimer: I do not own the Weiss boys…and this fic is why.

Excessive Notes from the Miko: Well, the Evil Hentai Slug brought me a collar, then he brought be a naked Aya . . . This is my first full-fledged AU fic in years (thought it’s based very heavily on WK’s plot and fits in that world with minor adjustments), so please bear with me as I get situated, expect multiple revisions, and feel free to offer criticism! All characters can be assumed to look like they do in the original series unless stated otherwise. Also, a note on the process, I’m jumping right in and producing chapters without obsessing over wording (well, too much) or on ultimate goals as far as story; this means shorter, less intricately phrased, plot-driven chapters which are posted at a much greater frequency than my normal pace.

Warnings for overall fic (subject to change, especially addition): yaoi (detailed descriptions of male/male sexual acts), language, angst, AU, fetish, BDSM, non-con, violence, drugs, minor/ shouta (sort of), OOC, and the occasional bout of romance.

I’ll try to give specific warnings where they are necessary, but please read with full knowledge, caution, and an open mind. It sounds worse than it is, I assure you, though I hope to live up to my warnings!

Pairings (subject to change or addition): Yohji/Aya(Ran), Schuldig/Aya(Ran), Crawford/Aya(Ran)

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Title: Our Chains

Chapter One: Bind Me

“I know you were raised, shall we say, above this sort of thing, Ran, but it’s really your only choice.” The man turned his back on the large picture windows, and the sunset burned bright orange behind him as he stared at the boy. He really was a pretty thing, made too thin by recent events, but beautiful nonetheless. Crawford made a quick motion with his hand, and Schuldig stepped forward.

The boy, silent and stoic in his disgrace, continued to stare ahead. His clothes were tattered and dirty, unchanged since the accident, and dried blood proved an unappealing accent crusted across his white t-shirt though the bandages wound around his head seemed to have finally staunched the fresh flow. Even in this state, he looked like some kind of fallen seraphim or perhaps a demon on furlough from hell, awash in the orange light which set his red hair ablaze and made his eyes bright in their exquisite sadness.

Crawford almost resented the satisfied turn of Schuldig’s mouth, knowing he was savoring that grief firsthand.

“Give it to him,” Crawford ordered.

The leather ring swung several times around Schuldig’s finger before he held it out in front of Ran, just a few inches out of reach, forcing him to step forward if he wanted to take it. The boy didn’t move.

“Don’t you want your pretty gift?” Schuldig asked, shaking it like a toy before a puppy, or a kitten. Crawford resisted the urge to roll his eyes when he hit upon the German’s intent. Normally Schuldig’s trivial antics didn’t faze him, but it seemed almost unfair to torment this one. “Com’mon, a pretty collar for a pretty kätzchen.”

Angry amethyst eyes flicked to the collar, then back to Crawford.

“Take it, Ran.”

He took one stiff step forward, reached out a hand, and took the collar between his fingers, obviously expecting Schuldig to pull it away the entire time. The man just smiled.

“Put it on,” Crawford continued his patient directions.

Ran spent a moment staring at the heavy leather thing, with its large buckle in the back and suggestive silver ring in the front. Crawford thought he would object, maybe fling it across the room in a fit of passion; perhaps he would cry. But he didn’t, and Crawford was impressed by cool manner with which he buckled the collar around his pale neck.


“No.” His voice was calm, but his shoulders shook with anger.

“Ran, please remember this is for your own good. We must place you somewhere you will be safe. And you can hardly expect us to completely cover the medical bills, let alone the debts, that you have and will accrue. We have done quite a lot for you already. Kneel.”

The boy got slowly to his knees on the plush carpet. He looked small, legs tucked neatly beneath him there on the floor, and out of place in the spacious office as he waited for fate to be leveled at him. Approaching, Crawford observed him intently; the eyes were still full of defiance, and it wouldn’t do.

Reaching down, he grabbed Ran’s chin hard enough to bruise, tipping his head painfully backwards.

“Listen well, Ran. You will do as I say, and you will follow each and every rule I lay out for you. When you are bought, you will be meek and you will be submissive. You will fetch your owner the morning paper and sit patiently by his feet. In fact, you will be the ideal slave. Because, should you fail, I will not hesitate to kill her. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” it was a harsh whisper as he struggled for air against the unnatural tip his head was forced into.

Crawford let him go with a shove, “That hardly sounds convincing. Schuldig, take him.”

He turned away but still heard the German’s glee, “Come on, kätzchen, we’re gonna trim your claws.”


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