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Chapter Twenty: Discipline Me

After a nerve-wracking meal caught between his owner and the boy who he assumed was a keeper of sorts, Aya was allowed to set down the dishes. He’d managed almost half the broth and slightly more of the juice, listening carefully to Omi’s insistence to take little sips. He appreciated the direct orders the boy gave, but the strange attempts at conversation were confusing.

Still, the keeper was easier than his owner.

What did the man want?

He had promised not to send Aya back, so surely the use would soon become evident.

“Time for bed.”

Omi nodded, scurrying off with the dishes.

*** ** ***

“You’re late,” Crawford stated, pulling his tie loose as he turned to face them.

Schuldig propped himself in the doorway after giving Aya a push in. The redhead stood just inside the room, hands bound behind him, attached to the opposite elbows to keep his arms bent and out of the way; he was naked save the collar around his neck. He stared hard at the floor, hoping to avoid blows so soon. He couldn’t avoid what would happen later, but Crawford wouldn’t do that with Schuldig in the room.

“He’s energetic tonight.”

There was silence, and Aya imagined a look was passing between them.

“Kneel,” Crawford ordered. Aya dropped silently to the floor, feeling the carpet rub at his raw knees. That pain was nothing. With his head tucked under, he could just look back to see Schuldig’s brown shoes. The man was waiting for something, lingering longer than usual.

Maybe they had something to discuss. Maybe Crawford wouldn’t have time for Aya.

“Get out.”

Aya’s meager hopes fell. There was a second of hesitation, maybe another look, then the brown shoes turned and disappeared out the door.


He didn’t know what to make of the single word; was it dismissal or promise?

There wasn’t any time to consider it. Crawford’s belt hit him hard across his bare back, making him clench his teeth over a gasp of pain. The wide leather stung again before he could catch his breath. Twice more it hit him before Crawford spoke.

“Get up. Bend over, here.”

A quick glance up confirmed the direction, and Aya went to the square, black ottoman. It was low, and he had to kneel beside it before shifting his body over the stool, laying his stomach on its flat surface and letting his legs dangle awkwardly, knees almost on the ground.

“Put your ass in the air.”

He complied shifting forward so that his genitals were squished against the top of the ottoman and his butt was presented to Crawford. Now his head was hanging down and the blood began to gather there. His arms stretched awkwardly behind him.

“You looked at me, Ran. I was going to go easy on you, but you’ve ruined it. Too bad.”

The belt fell over his lower back, once, twice, then over his upper thighs. Then, taking a step closer, Crawford paused only a second, but Aya knew it was coming; he clenched his teeth, hard, so he wouldn’t bite his tongue.

The belt landed solidly on his bottom, a sharp stinging bite of leather across the sensitive flesh. There was no time to recuperate as the swings came one after another; Aya didn’t count, focusing only on getting through the bright sting that accompanied each snapping sound.

By the time Crawford stopped, even the air was painful against him and he trembled with pain.

“It’s bright red. Aren’t you ashamed, Ran? Laying there with your red ass up, offering it to me. What would your father say?”

He tried to summon Aya-chan’s face, but then he heard the quick drag of a zipper.

*** ** ***

Yohji shut the door quietly behind them.


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