Assault on Poke-Center 13

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Assault on Poke-Center 13

Viridian City, a small town in the Kanto region known for its breeding of tough Pokemon Trainers. What many don’t know is that the town also holds a secret, that secret being it is a focal point of Team Rocket activity. Its very Pokemon Gym was home base to their operations, with the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni, operating in the guise of Gym Leader. Today, however, isn’t about Giovanni, but rather several of his loyal workers for Team Rocket; four in particular…



And like meteors falling from space, three figures rocketed down towards the ground, only to land in the trees of the Viridian Forest, a development each one of them were thankful of.

Near the top of the tree was the rare & remarkable talking Pokemon, Meowth. “Well, another plan gone right down da drain!”

A few branches below him sat the female member of the team, Jessie. “Quiet, furball! Who knew that twerp’s Pikachu learned Volt Tackle, anyway?”

And several more branches down rested the final member of this Team Rocket squad, James. “At least it’s better than getting electro-shocked…”

Jessie & Meowth agreed on that perspective, but quickly rethought it as all three branches they were on snapped simultaneously…


…sending them plummeting to the ground on their backsides. They were use to such hard landings after being sent into the stratosphere many times from their defeats by Ash Ketchum, but it still wasn’t one that Jessie enjoyed.

“That little twerp is gonna pay for this!” She said, getting up to her knees and rubbing her derriere. “This is the last time he embarrasses us like this! Where are we, anyway?”

James was weary from the tumble as he shook his head clear and pulled out his Team Rocket Pokedex. “It looks like we landed back in Viridian City.”

“Home, Sweet Home!” Meowth declared.

Jessie nodded in agreement. “At least we’re back on our home turf. Come on!”

“Where are we going?” James asked as he reached his feet.

Jessie turned to her two cohorts and smirked. “Why where we always go when we touch down in Viridian…the Rocket Pad.”

It stood out from the average scenery Viridian City had to offer; a three-story tall building in the shape of a black rocket, with a huge capital ‘R’ adorned on the front. The Rocket Pad was a restaurant that not-so-discreetly doubled as a meeting place for all Rocket Grunts and higher-up officers. The Rocket Trio spotted it as soon as they walked into town, and immediately made a beeline for it. As they crossed the street to the restaurant, they noticed an old man appearing to have passed out in the middle of Kanto Route 2.

“Looks like that Old Man’s back out here again.” James noted.

“Yeah, ain’t he the one whinin’ over havin’ some coffee?” Meowth asked.

Jessie scoffed. “Yeah, he calls it coffee now…”

James snickered to himself, laughing at the inside joke Jessie made as the three entered the establishment. Immediately they noticed crowds of Rocket Grunts, wearing the trademark black uniforms with red capital ‘R’s on their chests. It didn’t take long for them to locate an open table, as they sat down and began to game plan their next move.

“Alright, we need to find a new way to trap that twerp and pilfer his Pikachu.” Jessie began.

“Do we really have to?” James debated.

“YES we have to!” She barked. “We’re supposed to grab the most rare & powerful Pokemon!”

“Hey, I got a’ idea…” Meowth interjected. “Why don’t we just bypass da kid and his bratty friends and attack Prof. Oak’s stash of Pokemon?”

James shook his head. “We’ve thought of that, but he keeps a horde of Tauros on guard. Plus that Primeape…”

“Ugh, don’t remind me.” Jessie chimed in. “My hair was a mess for weeks…”

“Well, well, well…if it isn’t our old friends…”

Both Jessie & James instantly recognized the dual voices, and jumping up from their chairs their guesses were correct. It was their most hated rivals on Team Rocket…

“Cassidy!” Jessie growled.

“And Batch.” James huffed.

“Da name’s Butch!” The Turquoise-haired agent barked.

“So, what drags you two into town?” Cassidy asked. “Let me guess, in trouble with the Boss again?”

“Ha!” Jessie scoffed. “I’ll have you know it’s been months since we’ve even talked with the Boss. And what we’re doing here is none of your business!”

“Doesn’t matter anyway.” Cassidy said, disinterested. “We shouldn’t concern ourselves with those at the bottom of the totem pole.”

“Yeah.” Butch agreed, as he withdrew an orange tulip from his jacket. “Besides, don’t you two have an appointment ta be whooped by a Pikachu?”

Both Butch & Cassidy chuckled at the joke, but James was not at all pleased. “What is that you’re holding!?”

Butch was taken aback by the question. “What are you talking about?”

“You’re holding a flower, you’re stealing my gimmick!” James accused Butch. “I’ve been carrying a single rose with me since I joined Team Rocket!”

“Just shows you have no originality!” Jessie added, backing her teammate up.

“Wha…you’re crazy!”

Cassidy then stepped in to put a stop to the accusations. “Enough! We don’t have time for this, especially with our big heist tonight!”

Jessie, James & Meowth were all put off by that announcement. “Huh, what big heist?”

“It doesn’t concern you.” Cassidy told them. “We’re just gonna ‘help out’ the Poke-Center here with its overcrowding problem.”

“Da joint’s got 13 rare Pokemon, just ripe for the stealing.” Butch added.

“And Team Rocket can never have too many rare Pokemon.” Cassidy finished as she & her partner turned for the door. “See ya later, losers…”

Jessie growled loudly in disapproval. “We’re not the losers, you are! And that outfit makes you look fat!”

“Plus you don’t know how to choose good flowers, Hutch!” James said, backing her up.

“It’s Butch, not Hutch!” Butch yelled back as Cassidy pulled him out the front door of the restaurant.

“OOOOH, that Cassidy!” Jessie fumed as she slammed her fists on the table. “Who does that stuck-up, snotty little bitch think she is!? We can plan a much better heist tonight if we wanted to and—that’s it!”

“What’s it, Jessie?” James asked.

“We’ll beat them to the heist!” Jessie explained. “Tonight, we’ll be at that Pokemon Center and steal every valuable pokeball we can carry before they even get there!”

“Hey, yeah!” Meowth agreed. “With dose many Pokemon we won’t even need ta bother with da twerp!”

James was also on board with the idea. “We could have the most powerful Pokemon in our arsenal, and make Team Rocket unstoppable!”

“Then we’re all agreed.” Jessie said, putting her hand out. Meowth & James followed suit, joining hands with her. “Tonight, we rob the Poke-Center of every valuable Pokemon they got!”

The sun descended over the horizon of the Viridian Forest, and the sky was tinted a dark violet. Nightfall was setting in, and the Viridian City Pokemon Center had just finished with its last patient. As the young trainer exited out, Nurse Joy closed and locked the glass doors behind him. She then went to make her last rounds through the Center with Chansey, unknowingly being watched by a pair of eyes from afar.

The Viridian Inn was perfectly located across the street from the Center, giving Meowth an unobstructed view of the happenings inside as he gazed on through his binoculars. “OK, looks like da joint’s closin’!”

He turned to Jessie & James, who until that moment sat patiently waiting on James’ bed. “Perfect! We need to get ready!” Jessie said as she jumped to her feet.

Grabbing her outfit out of a nearby black duffle bag, she rushed into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. What she failed to notice though was that the door didn’t shut completely, and the crack in the doorway revealed her reflection in the bathroom mirror…a full-length bathroom mirror. James failed to spot it at first also, as he was just happy to have his bed to himself, lounging back and kicking his feet out. But as he let his eyes wander a bit, the sight of Jessie undressing became very clear.

“Alright, we all know the plan, right?” Jessie asked as she took off her top, revealing a black lace bra.

“Uh-huh…” James responded mindlessly.

“Yeah, we got it!” Meowth added, still on lookout.

James continued to watch intently as Jessie shed her skirt, revealing a black thong underneath. “We might encounter some resistance in there, especially if we run into Cassidy and Butch. So be prepared for action, just in case…”

She paused to think over her words for a moment, and decided to heed her own advice…by going commando. Her thong was removed first, as James was treated to the reflection of Jessie’s bush unabated. James’ smile was ear-to-ear as he saw that the hair down there matched her fiery mane up top. She then removed her bra, setting her massive melons loose as they bounced free of their containment. He was mesmerized as they swayed with her movement, to the point where her words didn’t even register anymore. He began to imagine the things he would do to her in that very bathroom, the touch of her body, the positions they could try, all the while not noticing Jessie had almost fully redressed in her black uniform.

“…and once we have Nurse Joy locked up in the back, we loot the Pokemon!” Jessie finished. “So we’re all on board, right James? James!? JAMES!?!?”


The sound of his name being yelled rocked him from his daydream, and caused him to fall out of bed, startling Meowth. “What’s wrong with ya, sleepin’ on the job!?”

“Huh, no! No!” James replied. “I was just…I mean…” He turned towards the bathroom expected one last glance at his nude partner, but found her standing in the doorway, fully-clothed. “I mean…we’re wearing the black uniforms.”

“Of course! Didn’t you hear me?” Jessie responded. “We don’t want to draw attention to ourselves! Just in & out with the Pokemon! Besides, we are A Rank. Now get changed!”

“You have a point.” James agreed as he pulled his uniform from the duffle bag and retreated into the bathroom.

Jessie, meanwhile, took her turn plopping down on James’ bed to relax a moment, when she noticed that he had made the mistake she had unknowingly made earlier, leaving the door open to show his reflection. “Uh James, you might wanna—!”

“I know, I know, hurry up.” James interrupted as he dropped trousers. “Look, this mission will be a success! You should stop getting so worked up about Cassidy, you know. It’s not like she’s better than you.”

At that moment it was the complete opposite, as Jessie found herself getting worked up over the reflection of James’ Team Rocket boxers, and the bulge that hides beneath it. Off went his shirt next, as she bore witness to the ripped chest and six-pack he sported. James was no Adonis, but his body could be considered in top physical condition.


“That’s exactly what I mean, Jessie.” James explained as his boxers hit the floor. “We’re called TEAM Rocket. You don’t have to show up Cassidy every time you see her. You need to do what’s best for the team!”

And not one word that James uttered ever came across Jessie’s ears. All that she focused on was the man-meat that dangled between her partner’s legs. Her mouth trembled at the very sight of it, and goose bumps ran up & down her body. Biting her lower lip, she let her hand slip down her body, between her thighs and under her skirt. She ran the tip of her two fingers against her pussy lips, becoming so lost in the moment she hadn’t noticed James had finished dressing.

“…and we should work together on this one. So what do you say, Jessie? Jessie!? HELLOOOOOOOOO!?”


It was now Jessie’s turn to be startled as she stumbled and fell out of bed, which annoyed Meowth as he turned from his watch. “What’s da matter wit you two? Can’t ya jus’ lie in a bed without gettin’ injured?”

Jessie was quick to get back up to her feet, though. “I’m fine! Nothing wrong!” She blurted out. “Let’s…just get to our mission! The sooner we nab those Pokemon, the sooner we’ll be living the easy life!”

James & Meowth obediently followed as Jessie led the way out of their room. In the back of her mind she still had thoughts of James in the buff, as he still had of her. But the two were able to suppress them enough to focus on the heist. The sky was the darkest blue of hue as the three left the Inn and traversed across the street. They slinked around the side of the Poke-Center, making sure they weren’t spotted by any wondering eyes. Once the coast was clear, they used a set of nearby crates to climb up to a row of windows, where they could observe Nurse Joy & Chansey in the back area.

“Everyone ready?” Jessie asked, to which James & Meowth nodded. “Then it’s time for our grand entrance…”

Meanwhile, Nurse Joy had just finished marking off the check-in sheet for all Pokemon. “Well, that looks like the last of them, Chansey.”

“Chansey!” The pokemon excitedly replied.

Nurse Joy nodded. “I’m glad, too. I think we should call it—!”


A sudden cloud of smoke filled the room, scaring both of the Poke-Center attendants. “Chansey, what’s going on?”



Suddenly, a spotlight appeared below the window, showing the silhouettes of Jessie & James, the latter holding his rose.

“To protect the world from Devastation!”

“To unite all people within our nation!”

“To denounce the evils of truth & love!”

“To extend our reach to the stars above!”

The two took a step forward, showing their faces.



They then struck a dynamic pose, to add dramatic effect.

“Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!”

“Surrender now, or prepare to fight!”

And right on cue, the third member of the squad flipped in, landing between them.

“Meowth, that’s right!”


Unfortunately the ending didn’t go as planned, with Jessie’s Wobuffett making a surprise appearance. Still, it was enough to warrant fear from Nurse Joy. “Team Rocket, oh no…”

“I think you know what we want, missy.” Jessie began. “So hand over your rarest Pokemon and things won’t have to get rough.”

“But…the only Pokemon we have here are—!”


The sound of shattering glass drowned out the end of Nurse Joy’s statement, and only alluded to more trouble arriving.



“Dammit!” Jessie exclaimed. “Not now…”

Sure enough, from high above the room two figures dropped down, landing on the other side of Nurse Joy.

“To infect the world with devastation…”

“To blight all people in every nation…

“To denounce the Goodness of truth and love…”

“To extend our Wrath to the stars above…”


“And Butch, of course!”

The other Rocket Agents stepped forward, finished their entrance.

“We’re Team Rocket, circling the Earth all day & night…”

“Surrender to us now, or you’ll surely lose the fight!”

The two finished with a back-to-back pose similar to what Jessie & James have done in the past. Butch even adds a sly smirk while holding his tulip from earlier, a move that enrages James to no end.

“He just did it again!” James accused. “You can’t even come up with your own, you have to copy me!”

“No one said you had a patent on carrying a flower!” Butch barked back.

“What are you two losers doing here anyway!?” Cassidy demanded. “This is OUR heist!”

“First come, first serve.” Jessie shot back coyly. “Don’t worry, I heard the Pewter City Poke-Center has some nice DIRTY Pokemon that you would love, Cassidy.”

“Listen up, you clueless bimbo! You—!”

“Who are you calling bimbo, you pig-tailed tramp!”

“You’re just jealous that you don’t have your own unique entrance look, Bill!”

“Da name is Butch! Weren’t you listening to our introduction!?”

As the argument between the 5 Rocket Agents grew more heated by the second, Nurse Joy took this moment to slowly back up to her desk, where there was a hidden button under the panel that would trigger a silent alarm, signaling the police. Closer and closer she shuffled, until she felt the button on her fingertips, and pressed it.


Unfortunately, it was at that moment that Joy found that it was the complete opposite. “Chansey, I thought you said the silent alarm was installed!”

“Chansey?” She responded with a shrug. Those would be her last words though, as Chansey abruptly disappeared, into a Poke Ball held by Butch.

“That’s enough outta you!” He said.

“Well, this ain’t good!” Meowth surmised. “She just tripped the alarm!”

“How long do you think we have before the police get here?” James asked.

Suddenly, the sound of loud sirens filled the room and red & blue flashing lights shun in from outside as dozens of officers arrived. “Not that long…” Jessie answered.

Outside of the Poke-Center, a perimeter was already being set up to ensure there was no escape. The stand-off was being headed by the Chief of the Viridian City Police, Officer Jenny. “What’s the situation here?”

“A silent alarm just went off in the Poke-Center.” One officer informs her. “It looks like a robbery attempt.”

“From the looks of whose inside, we think Team Rocket’s involved.” Another officer adds.

“Perfect.” She lamented as she took a pair of binoculars to peer inside. “Looks like you’re right officer…and I think I know which agents they are.” She the grabbed a megaphone sitting on the hood of a nearby squad car to address them.

“Attention: This is the Viridian City Police! We know you are in there and we know you work for Team Rocket. Come out now with your hands up!”

Meanwhile, inside the Poke-Center, Meowth grew tired of the stand-off. “I’ll handle dis!” Storming towards the front door, he put his paws up, ready to battle. “Take your best shot! I’ll take on any Pokemon you can throw—GAHHH!!!”

Unfortunately it wasn’t a Pokemon that was thrown at and struck Meowth in the head, but a specialized Poke Ball. One that, when it landed, opened up and trapped Meowth inside, effectively taking him out of the heist. There were looks of shock all around, especially on the faces of Jessie & James; and the latter summed up the situation quite briefly.

“I think this is gonna be a long night, Jessie…”

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