Assault on Poke-Center 13

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Assault on Poke-Center 13 II


“Alright people, listen up!”

It was nearing midnight as the lights from over a dozen law enforcement vehicles illuminated the night sky, all of them shining on the besieged Pokemon Center. Just outside of the building Officer Jenny gathered her troops around her for a quick address, and an assessment of the situation.

“We’ve got a hostage situation on our hands, so we might be here for a while.” She began. “The culprits are inside the building, holding Nurse Joy and the Pokemon inside hostage. We have confirmed that they’re members of Team Rocket, and identified them as Agents Jessie, James, Cassidy and Barry.”

“THAT’S BUTCH!!!” Shouted a gruff voice from within the Poke-Center.

Jenny continued. “We’ve also discovered that there are 13 rare Pokemon within the compound, which is probably what they’re after. So eyes open on this one…we’re dealing with experts.”

The situation that Jenny surmised wasn’t exactly what was occurring within the Pokemon Center, as two of the experts she described were going at it tooth & nail. Jessie & Cassidy wrestled each other on the floor, rolling around as they each pulled the others’ hair, outfit, and whatever else they could get their claws on.

“This is YOUR fault!” Cassidy exclaimed.

“Don’t blame me, YOU’RE the one responsible!” Jessie shot back.

And as the bout raged on, both James & Butch looked on from the sidelines, with Nurse Joy in between them, tied to a chair. “This is gonna go on the whole night, isn’t it?” James flatly asked.

“Considering they been at it for the last 2 hours, yeah.” Butch answered.

James nodded his head in agree as the two looked on. A moment later, his eyes would widen in dull surprise. “Wow, I didn’t know Jessie knew the Figure-4 Leg Lock…”

The brawl would last several more minutes before the ladies finally relented, remembering a larger problem still loomed outside. “Look…the entire police force…has this place surrounded.” Jessie reminded them, catching her breath. “We need to figure out a plan.”

Cassidy was doing the same. “Fine…I’ll go…stand lookout…on the roof.”

“Oh no!” Jessie said, not agreeing with that idea. “You’ll probably turn us in the first chance you get. I’LL stand watch!”

Cassidy grew annoyed. “What are you talking about!? They have all four of us trapped in here!”

“I still remember that Officer Jenny you bribed to help you with that smuggling operation.” Jessie reminded her.

“Ugh, fine!” Cassidy huffed. “We’ll both go to the roof and keep lookout! You two drag the lovely nurse into the backroom. Keep her out of sight.”

And with that, the two Rocket ladies made their way to the stairs that led to the roof of the Poke-Center, leaving the men downstairs. Once gone, both James & Butch lifted Nurse Joy in her chair and carried her off into the break room. “I didn’t think I’d have to do any heavy lifting on this job.” James complained.

“Quit yer whining!” Butch told him. “And this was OUR job until you two decided to muscle in.”

As they entered the room, they dropped the Pokemon nurse abruptly in the middle of the room, eliciting a slight yelp from her as they moved nose-to-nose with each other. “I’ve just about had it up to here with you!” James told him.

“Oh yeah?” Butch replied. “Well what’re ya gonna do about it?”

“That’s it!”

The two hotheaded gentlemen leapt back, and prepared to do battle right there in the room. “Cloyster, GO!!!”

Butch was the first to draw, tossing his Poke ball out and unleashing his powerful water-type Pokemon. “Cloyster…”

James didn’t hesitate to respond in kind. “Victreebel, GO!!!” And fearlessly he grabbed his Poke ball and tossed it out, releasing his skilled grass-type Pokemon…which promptly latched itself onto his head.


His muffled screams only made Butch shake his head in shame as James stumbled around helplessly. “Seriously, how did you get through Rocket Training?”

Eventually, James was able to remove Victreebel from his head as both called their respective Pokemon back to their balls. It was then that James made a passing glance at Nurse Joy, and noticed her licking her lips and watching intently. “Hey, what’s going on with her?”

Butch noticed her longing stare as well. “What’s your problem?”

“Nothing! Nothing!” She quickly responded. “I...I just...”

She became reserved turning her head away as she closed her knees together tightly, which didn’t go unnoticed. “So whaddya hiding there, girl?”

Believing her to be hiding a key to her freedom, Butch walked over and placed both hands on her knees. Joy tried desperately to keep the close, but he eventually forced her thighs open, revealing only the contents under her pink skirt...which were soaked panties.

“WHAT THE—!” He responded, taken aback. “Oh come on! You mean to tell me you’re getting turned on by this!?”

“I guess I can’t blame her.” James replied, holding his signature rose. “It is hard not to react to such startling beauty. She set her eyes upon perfection, and—!”

“GET YOUR HEAD OUTTA YOUR BUTT, IDIOT!!!” Butch yelled, jarring James back to reality. “This HAS to be some kind of trick so that we loosen her ropes and she can escape! Well nice try lady, but you can just stay there!”

“But, you can trust me!” Joy argued. “I won’t fact, I really wanna stay. Two strong young men like you, I...I just hope you two won’t be too rough with me.”

Now both men were taken aback. “...too rough with you?”


The dead of night was starting to set in as the cool air whipped passed Jessie’s hair, but did little to move it. The two Rocket agents stood vigilant on the roof, overlooking Law Enforcement down on ground-level which kept them trapped within the Poke-Center. This was not how either Jessie or Cassidy planned to spend their night, and neither felt like holding their disdain for each other in.

“This is all your fault!” Cassidy snapped.

“ME!? YOU’RE the one who ruined our plan!” Jessie barked back.

“OUR plan!” Cassidy corrected her, referring to her & Butch. “YOU’RE the one who barged in and ruined everything!”

“YOU’RE A DISGRACE TO TEAM ROCKET!!!” They both yelled at the top of their lungs, before silence once again reigned, the cold air whipping around them.

A weary sigh from Jessie broke through the silence, as she turned back to her rival. “Look, arguing about this isn’t gonna get us anywhere. We’re trapped by the Girl Scout and her little band down there, so we’re just going to have to work together to get out of this.”

“You’re right…” Cassidy agreed, though she was reluctant to do so. However, it did spur her to an idea. “The Pokemon! The rare types downstairs, we can use them!”

Jessie nodded in agreement. “Of course! They have to be extremely powerful. Just one could be enough to help us make our escape. Let’s go!”

Immediately the two rushed down the flights of stairs to the ground level, where they heard grunts coming from their fellow Rocket teammates. “It’s the boys; it sounds like they’re in trouble.”

“Do you think the cops got in?” Cassidy asked as the two rushed over to the office and burst through the door.

“I don’t know but they—WAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

As the two barged into the room, they expected to see both James & Butch enthralled in an epic struggle with Viridian Law Enforcement. What they got instead was the two enthralled within Nurse Joy. With her stocking-covered legs hanging in the air, she moaned wildly as James plowed her moist snatch, all the while lying on top of Butch, who ravaged her ass happily. The Nurse Joy sandwich was a sight that dropped both Jessie & Cassidy’s jaws. But they collected themselves enough to ask one pressing question.


Their yells were enough to send everyone crashing to the floor. “Uh, well, you see…” James couldn’t think of anything to say in his defense. And, in a panic, resorted to blaming Butch. “You said you locked the door!"

“YOU were supposed to lock the door!” Butch barked back.

Before the argument could continue though, the Rocket ladies took action…by promptly tossing both of them out of the room on their backsides. “YOU can take on lookout duties, perverts!” Cassidy demanded.

“And try not to fuck anything while you’re up there!” Jessie added, before slamming the door shut. “Can you believe those two? Having sex with the hostage!?”

“Tell me about it.” Cassidy replied. “It was probably James’ fault. The stupid pretty-boy never could keep it in his pants!”

“Oh No!” Jessie said, defending her partner. “If anything, Batch probably forced himself onto her!”

“It’s Butch, not Batch!” Cassidy’s partner screamed from the other side of the door.

The two Rocket vixens ignored that comment can continued to argue over who was to blame, all the while not noticing that their captive was slowly slinking towards the door for her escape. That is, until her movement was spotted out of the corner of Cassidy’s eye.

She moved quickly, almost becoming a blur as she kicked her foot against the door, preventing the good nurse’s escape. “And where do you think you’re going?”

“You…you can’t keep me here!” Joy defiantly argued. “I-I’m not some slave of yours...unless you want me to be!”

“Uh, we weren’t keeping you as a slave.” Jessie clarified.

“And you’ll leave when WE say you leave!” Cassidy added.

“I don’t believe you!” Joy debated. “I know what all of you scoundrels want. You come in her saying you’ll steal Pokemon, but then you force yourselves on me. You make me use my tongue to pleasure you over and over, and then you nearly strip me bare as you ravage my body endlessly. I just can’t take the waiting…get it over with!” 

Jessie was in disbelief over the woman’s wild ramblings. “OK, seriously, what’s wrong with you? No one has even mentioned what you’re—WAAAAAAAAGHH!!!!”

Shock ran rampant through the red-head’s body as her words were drowned in the moment of disbelief. Though Joy’s words had no effect on Jessie, they seemingly had gotten through to Cassidy, who had already drew down her pink ‘Team Rocket’ panties to her ankles, and stepped one foot out of them.

Jessie was practically appalled. “What are you doing, Cassidy!?!?” 

“Hey, if we have to be locked inside of this place, I at least want to have fun.” Cassidy replied. “Besides, she knows she wants it.” Exclaiming her opinion, she lifted her leg and placed the back of her knee on the ‘helpless’ nurse’s shoulder. “Don’t you, Nurse Joy?”

The pink-haired medic was startled over the sight of one of her captor’s vulva just inches from her face. Jessie shared those sentiments, as she couldn’t believe her rival would result to such measures. And she became downright stupefied as she witnessed their hostage willingly feast on Cassidy’s snatch. Her tongue was skilled, as it probed through the pig-tailed Rocket Agent’s moist lips. There was no sign of resistance from her; it was almost if she wanted it to happen, that she wanted to taste it as she happily provided oral pleasure that was enough to make Cassidy’s knees weak.

“OHH! She is so good!” She declared. 

Joy only answered with a satisfied moan as her mouth kept up the good work. And all the while Jessie was thrown into the unexpected role of voyeur. She watched closely as Joy nearly buried her head between Cassidy’s legs, her head buoying as she lapped around every inch of her wet pussy. Her rival continued to moan in delight as she began to feel up her own breasts, caught in the moment of passion.

And the fiery-haired Rocket Grunt couldn’t take her eyes away. Perhaps it reminded her of when she experimented while at the Rocket Academy, but Jessie found her gaze locked onto the scene. Her mind even began to imagine that it was Joy’s tongue inside of her, instead of her blonde rival; and Cassidy’s mocking only made her long for it more. 

“OH Jessie, you don’t know what you’re missing. You’re—!”

“About to find out!” 

Before Cassidy could respond, she felt Jessie’s hands latch onto her shoulder and pull her away, sending her stumbling to the floor on her rear. Joy was just as shocked, but was given no time to catch her breath as Jessie nudged her onto her back with her foot, and moving aside the cloth of her panties before straddling the good nurse’s face.

“She’s had her turn! Now you can use that tongue to take my temperature…” 

Nurse Joy wasn’t given a choice, or say, in the matter as her face almost disappeared between Jessie’s thighs, and her tongue went to work yet again.

“Oh god, she is good with her tongue!” Jessie declared, reveling in the sensation of being eaten out. It had been years since her first time, but with Joy’s tongue she felt even better; so good that she began to rock her hips back & forth, riding the medic’s face as she ran her gloved fingers through Joy’s pink hair. Her tongue reached deep inside of Jessie’s snatch, flailing around frantically, sending goosebumps throughout the Rocket Agent’s entire body as she rode her. 

“Oh my…you ARE talented with that thing!” Jessie moaned. She would not experience her talent any further however, as Cassidy’s arm wrapped around her neck, and yanked her back on her feet.

“You got some nerve taking my slave!” Cassidy growled. 

“YOUR slave!?” Jessie repeated in shock, as she broke free of Cassidy’s grasp. “So now YOU’RE the boss around here!?”

“SOMEBODY needs to get us out of the situation YOU caused.” 

You could almost see the electricity between the two femme fatales as the squared off, ready to rip each other’s head off. What resulted next was a lesson in brutality and roughhousing as they both began pulling each other’s hair again, while also biting any & every body part they could get their hands on. The reignited battle raged anew, as the two femme fatales were oblivious to all around them, which included James & Butch reentering the room.

“You two are fighting again?” Butch asked, unsurprised. 

“You know we really should find a better…OOOOAAAAOOOHHH!!!”

James startled scream came from laying his eyes on the wrestling women down on the floor, and noticing that both of their skirts were hiked up, Cassidy’s panties on the floor, and their breasts were exposed. A moment later, Butch noticed the same thing. “What the…WHAT THE HELL’S GOING ON!?” 

“She started it!” The two declared as they both separated and rose to their feet. 

“Oh, I get it!” Butch surmised. “We’re perverts for having some fun with the Nurse, but it’s perfectly OK for you two!” 

“Awfully hypocritical if you ask me.” James agreed, folding his arms and shaking his head.

“You see what you’ve gotten us into!?” Cassidy barked at her rival. “You can’t do anything right! If you had just let me have my time with Joy—!” 

“Oh please!” Jessie interrupted. “As if you could do anything with her. Hell, you probably can’t do anything with your own partner!”

“And like you’re just a dynamo for James, right!?” 

They were in each other’s face, their noses just an inch away from each other. The air of competition was palpable between the two, and as they slowly turned their heads to face their respective teammates, both James & Butch experienced a feeling of excitement & dread.

“This is about to get a whole lot weirder, isn’t it?” James asked. 

“Oh yeah.” Butch answered.

“I propose a deal to put an end to all of this!” Cassidy declared. “You and James vs. me and Butch. I make him come first, you two surrender yourselves as a distraction while we escape!”

“And vice versa!”  Jessie added. “Now, let’s get started...” 

And as the two ladies turned to their respective partners, James cautiously backed away. “Butch! If you got a plan to snap these two out of it, NOW’S A GOOD TIME FOR IT!!!”

“Honestly, I’m just surprised Cassidy and you got my name right.” He deadpanned.

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