shadow\'s akward moment.

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Shadow's Akward moment.
Disclaimer: I don't own deathnote in any shape or form, that belongs to the creators and the writers. All I own is the plot and the few characters that appear in here, which are my OC... and that's about all. I also don't make any money making these stories.

A/N: this is a reapeat/ remake of my old story "The most akward moment a girl can have. that some how got strangely deleted anyway so here is the story for u to enjoy.

I heard moaning comming from the kitchen at the Wammy Orphanage. Probally was some kids getting giggy with it. I was the type that was curious, I guess you could call me a bit over curious. You know what they say curiousity kiled the cat!
I walked and to the kitchen and saw to guys going at it! To be exact Mello and Matt were having sex in the kitchen! Matt was on top of Mello doing god knows what to him! Both of their eyes were closed and they were moaning and panting like a bunch of boar hogs in heat.
I walked more into the kitchen and trip over a random bottle of Hershey's Syrup.
Wait Mello liked chocolate! Oh My Fucking God they're having kinky sex right now. I fell to the ground and landed on my butt,with a loud Thud!!
My heart started to beat like a drum! Shit Shadow you blew your cover!!
They both were still caught up in the heated moment of passion.
"Thank god!" I Shouted out loud. My hand automatically went to my mouth, bravo Shadow!
The both looked over at me and stopped.
"Looks like we have a fucking spy Matt!" Mello hissed.
"Hm, oh ya," Matt agreed.
I was caught, like a rat in a trap. Oh shit, I heard about Mello's explosive, destructive temper from Near. I knew he was known for pointing a gun at your head in a matter of moments!
I had 2 9mm strapped to my leg, in my custom holster. Both of my guns were red and black. They had "Shadow Revolver" carved into them.
"Oh sorry about that," I apoligized.
I saw Matt's naked body. Man did the gamer have a nice form! What the hell am I Jax, my boss, or somthin'?
"Ya well you're going to fucking pay!" Mello shouted and pointed a gun at my head.
I reach down to my guns, they were gone! Fuck! I forgot that I had them cleaned. And I forgot to pick them up, just my luck!
I fumbled around, for one of my daggers and pointed it at a place where he would miss.
"Shoot, I'll cut your dick off!" I bluffed fear in my voice.
"Holy shit, this bitch is crazy!" Mello shouted.
I felt the contact of a steeltoe of a boot hit my head. I was hit so hard, that I lost conisousness
immediatly. I try to fight the darkness, it consumed me body and soul.
I awoke in a dark room, hog tied to a chair. I try to see what was around me. I was blindfolded with a black cloth. I'm surpised, my mouth was not gaged.
I strained my ears to hear any sign of footsteps comming towards me. I heard the echoing, tap, tap, tap, of boots on the ground. I paniced and started to struggle against the ropes.
"Oh lookie what we have here, Matt," a familar voice stated.
"Ya I guess we do have something here," Matt stated.
"Yes, we do my friend," Mello added.
"Don't you mean lover boy," i suggested.
I felt the cold metal of a gun point to my temple.
"Really scar face isn't this getting old," I yawned.
I heard the click of a trigger and I paniced.
"Go ahead and shoot," I stated.
"The fucking gun isn't loaded!" Mr. mood swings stated.
"Ya, I unloaded your gun, cause I thought she might try something like this," Matt explained.
"Wow, you actually planed ahead," Mello stated in disbelief.
"Oh, don't push your luck, Mello," he stated.
"Great lover's quarlle?" I asked in mocking form.
I felt a blow to the stomach, I crumple over in pain. Ouch and then another one landed its way. I felt a few of my ribs crap. I started to whimper, badly. I looked up at them, still surrounded by darkness.
"Okay, I'm sorry," I gasped out in pain.
"Well good you needed to learn a lesson," some one stated.
"What do you mean by that?" I asked.
"To keep your stupid fucking trap fucking shut!" someone shouted.
By the temper and the swearing I knew that it was Mello.
"Okay, I got your point" I retorted back.
I heard the sound of a Mairo game, of all things in a moment of violence. Good ol' Matt, always the comic relief. I started to laugh.
"What the fuck are you laughin' about slut!" Mello demanded.
"Just you're yelling at me and gamer boy, is playing Mario," I stated.
He probally looked over at Matt and stole his game.
"Hey I was on the last level!" Matt whined.
Men and their guns and video games. I smelt chocolate, it made my stomach rumble. No wonder why Mello was bitchy, he was on his man period. ( a joke between me and my cousin) I guess chocolate helps solve all of woman-man's temper problems. My stomach started to growl, I was hungry, tired, in pain and thirsty.
"Wow, looks like you're hungry," Mello stated, taking another bite of his chocolate.
"Ya so," I responded back.
I glared at him and sighed. "Please unblind fold me," I stated.
"Fine," he stated, removing my blindfold.
I squinted, getting use to the light. I looked up at my captives, typical poses. Mello was wearing a leather and eating chocolate. Matt was playing a video game, smoking, wearing a red and white stripped shirt, jeans, and his road kill vest.
I was wearing a simple tank and pair of jeans and converse. I looked over at them and shook my head.
"What the fuck is your problem!" Mello shouted at me.
"Nothing, just scoping out the enviroment," I stated.
"What are you checking out?" he asked.
"Trying to find a way out?" Matt asked.
"Nope," I stated.
I struggled against the ropes, trying to get out. No such luck, they were tied extremly tight. I struggled even more, the ropes started to cut into my wrist.
"Ouch," I whined.
"Well don't struggle, your dumbass," Mello growled.
"Then untie me, smartass," I bit back.
"No, not unless you say please." Matt stated.
"Matt, don't let the little slut go," Mello stated.
"Please, let me go," I stated.
Matt nodded and untied me. I felt the circulation go back to my wrist. I started to rub my wrist to get the feeling back.
"Ouch did you have to tie the ropes so tight?" I asked.
"Ya, so you couldn't escape," Mello simply explained.
"Oh," I stated.
"Ya and L said that you were smart!" he complained.
"Hey, I'm just as smart as L, I just have my blond moments!" I deffended.
My phone went off.
'Losen up my buttons babe,
Uh huh, but you keep frontin' me
Say what you gonna do to me'
"I will not loosen up your buttons, you slut!" he stated.
"No, hold on it's L," I stated.
They looked at me weird.
"I thought L was your brother, unless you're into those type of things," Matt stated shrugging.
"Eh, gross. He got drunk one day and started singing a bunch of Pussy Cat Dollz and Lady Gaga songs."I stated.
They looked at me weird and started laughing.
"Hello, L," I answered.
"Hey, Shadow, whatcha up to?" he asked.
"Nothing much," I stated.
"OK just calling to see if you are okay," he stated.
"Okay, bye," I stated hanging up.
How in the hell did I ever get stuck with L as a brother? I guess just I got lucky sometimes to get a sugar addicted brother! Hey if I ever need to find something, he can find it with his huge IQ. I swear he sometimes even made Einstien look like a moron! The only thing that annoys me about my brother, is the fact that he always talks in montone and percentages! He should have been a person who researches percentages!
I have the habbit of listening to music and sovleing my problems. It always works when I am working on a hard case. I am also a weapon specialist! I mostly specialize in hand guns. I also am skilled in computer tech. I am the person who always ends up fixing the computer. I remember one time I walked in her office and she was getting ready to a chain saw the thing in half. I luckily stepped in time. The computer lives another day!
"What the hell are you thinking about!" Mello snapped, waking me up out of my day dream.
I looked up at him. "Sorry, just spacing off is all," I explained.
Mello looked at me and shook his head.
"Ya, know you kinda look like Misa, Misa," I stated.
"I do not, you stupid bitch!" he shouted.
Matt and I both started to bust up laughing. Classic look alike tranny moment denyal.
I looked at Matt and wink, he blushed.
Was he bi, I wonder?
Mello glared at me. "My Matt," he stated hugging him.
"Yeesh, Mello jealous alert." I stated.
"Why the hell did you kidnap me in the first place for?" I asked.
"Cause, I thought that you were a spy," he stated.
I looked a him like he was weird.
"I'm not exactly James Bond here!" I shouted at him.
He looked at me and shook his head. "You are one weird chick," he stated.
"So are you," I stated, causing him to glare.
"I'm a guy! Wanna see?" he asked me.
I shrugged and sat on the floor.
"You pervert!" Mello shouted at me.
"Nah, I'm not really a pervert," I explained.
Mello looked at me then he glared at me.
"So do you have the balls to prove it. Theorlogical speaking here," I joked.
Mello started taking all of his clothes off and now was standing naked as the day he was born. I check, yep most deffently not a girl. I let my eyes trace acrossed his almost flawless body. I felt like I wanted to jump him right now!
What the Hell?! Are my hormones on overdrive or what today?! I think that I have been hanging around Jax and Butterfly to much!
"I'm hungry," I stated randomly.
"Mello, get the girl some food," Matt stated looking up from his game.
"Also put some damn clothes on, unless u want me to jump you," he stated.
Mello turned several shades of deep red. I started to laugh at the blushing blond male.
"Shut the fuck up, before I load a cap into your ass!" he shouted.
"Oh, please, I'm not afraid to die." I stated calling his bluff.
Matt looked at me and shook his head. "Women," he muttered.
Was he talking about Mello or me? I glared at him with my black colored eyes.
"You're mean," I whined, so bad that it would have made Misa cringe.
Matt shivered.
"How about a bet," I stated.
"What kinda bet?" he asked.
(this is how Indigo was made) (another story, won't publish that one untill I get a message back) (And please don't ignore my stories, like you always do.) ( hey there is worse stories than this on quizilla!)
"If I can turn Mello on, you sleep with me," I stated.
"Heh, you want me?" he asked.
"Like a horney school girl in a room of hot hung sailors," I stated.
He looked at me like I was weird and crazy.
"Um okay!" he stated, turning red.
"What's in it for me?" he asked.
"I'll buy you six new games that you want and a year sypply of cirggerettes. If you win," I stated.
"Deal," he stated and we shook on it.
Looks like Matt's body would be mine and Mello's ofcourse.
I followed the hall untill I reached Mello's room. The whole room was done all in black decore, yeesh gothic much buddy! And I thought that I was kinda bad. Atleast I wear some color!
I see Mello only in his boxers.
I barged in. "Hey big boy," I stated sudectively.
I shivered, I sounded like a cheap whore. This was going to be harder than I thought that it would be. Looks like Matt may be winning the bet! I still will not give up hope! Man was I fucking stubborner than the worst mule.
"What the fuck do you want?!" Mello demanded.
"You," I said sexually.
"YOU WHAT!" he shouted, his eyes getting as big as a dinner plate. Man was this boy daft. For someone being so smart, he was a moron when it came to sex. Well, in the womanly aspects anyway!
"I want to have sex with you, Mello." I explained.
"I get that, but why?" he asked.
"Cause, I want you," I purred.
He looked at me like I was nuts.
"Come on blondie are you---"
I was cut off by Mello slamming me against the wall and crushing his lips against mine.
His hand swam its way up my shirt and started massaging a breast. I moaned into the kiss. Mello started to shove his tounge in my mouth, causing me to gag.
"Mello don't try to choke me, this isn't CPR!" I mummered.
He looked at me and french kissed me again, I snuck my tounge into his mouth exploring every crevice of his mouth. Mello let out a groan and started to kiss me back the same way. I wrapped my legs around his waist surrounding him.
"So, let's go to bed," I stated.
I was alseep on Mello's bed. Matt peaked in, and shook his head.
"You're next buddy," I stated.
"What do you mean?" he asked with fake confusion.
"You know what I mean, gamer boy," I purred.
"Ya so you want sex now?" he asked.
"Yep, I want you naked on the bed," I stated.
Matt walked over to Mello's bed and got on top of me. He started kissing me sweetly. It was not like Mello, who was in a rush to get the duty done. Matt's kisses were sweet and warm. I felt a sudden warmth wrap around my fridgid heart. (My name is Shadow because, I can even glare a group of shadows down.) I guess I had to take control in this coupling.
Mello opened his eyes. "Keep it down you two," he stated.
"Okay!" I stated.
Mello glared and rolled over to get some sleep.
Matt and I were very quiet when we made love. I thought it would be a quick fuck, I did not expect for the gamer to win my heart.
Great, I was in love with Smokey The Bear! I looked over at Matt and Mello, they were cuddling each other.
I guess I was in love with both of the dorks. Is it possible to love 2 people, at the same time? I pondered this while I fell asleep.
I awoke to find Mello and Matt getting it on. This was the most akward moment a girl can have.

I got to keep Matt and I also got Mello!

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