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Big Surprises(Indigo is born) (Matt oneshot) (Deathnote)
I have been living with Mello and Matt for 3 months now. The sex has been great between Matt and I. There is just one problem, Mello. Mello was a jealous person and he seemed to hate me even more. Matt asked me to move in with them, 3 months ago. I was estactic, Mello on the otherhand was extremely peeved at Matt's suggestion. I really wanted to hang out with him now, but Mello was making me do stupid stuff, such as fixing the stupid sink. When I just paid to have it replaced last week.
I also have to cook Mello anything that he wants me to cook. I really hated the fact I was some kind of a third wheel to Matt. Mello also likes to remind me of that. I really wanted nothing more to shoot the bastard in the head. I now have my guns back! Most people would think that it is weird dating more than one guy. When he is dating another dude. That was the most complated thing, before this moment
I glared at the stick, that I held in my hands. It said that I was going to be expecting. Yehaw! I was pregnant right now! I wonder what Matt would do if I told him that I has pregnant?
Mello would probally freak and tell me to get and abortion. I will not give up my child, that was growing inside my stomach.
I hope it was a little girl! I always wanted a little girl to share my memories with. I only had my big brother ,L, to share things with. Believe me, L tried to explain my period to me. That was one of the most akward things that ever happened to me. He made it sound like I was going to be in complete agony for 5 days! He made me so scared shitless, I nearly balwed enough tears to overflood the Nile when there is only 2 feet of water!
I stared at the reflection in the mirror and it stared right back at me. It was still the same me, just pregnant with a child. I would fight to save this child with all my life. All I have to do is tell Matt. Now how hard would that be to tell him?
If I told Mello he would probally freak out and call me a slut or something like that. I had a baby to think about. I really just wanted nothing more than to get this over with. I was just waiting for Matt to get here.
"Hello," Matt greeted.
"Hey," I stated hidding the stick.
"What do you have here?" he asked concerned.
"Nothin-- just a--- pregancy test," I stated.
He looked at me with a startle look on his face. "You're pregnant?" he asked, quietly.
"Yes, I am and I am keeping the baby, no matter what," I stated.
Matt looked up at me and shook his head causing his googles to fall to fall off his face. I looked up into his emerald colored eyes and felt lost.
I wanted nothing more for me and Matt to have a serious chat about our child.
"So are you going to keep it?" he asked.
"Of course, Matt," I stated seriously. "I am keeping the child, I will not give up the child."
"I also will not have an abortion," I stated.
Matt nodded and looked down at his feet. Wonder what he is thinking right now. Probally thinking about how to Mello without him blowing a casket.
My life, went from slightly complacated, to the extreme of complicaton. All I wanted to right now was dig a hole and lie in it.
"So is it mine?" he asked.
"Of course, its yours, I don't sleep around on my boyfriend. Do I look like I have SLUT written all over my forehead?" I asked bluntly.
"No, I just was askin," he said, taking a long drag out of his cancer stick.
I just rolled my eyes at him. "You and your ciggerettes," I stated.
He looked at me then blew smoke in my face. "Hey buddy, that can harm the baby,"
"THE WHAT!" I hear Mello shout.
"The baby, I'm pregnant Mello, with Matt's kid," I calmly explained.
"I can't believe that you got this--slut pregnant!' Mello outbursted.
"Ya, so, that's what sex does," I stated.
That didn't seem help matters at all. Mello just death stared me down and looked at Matt.
"How could you," he said, sounding hurt.
"Things happen," Matt shrugged.
He looked up at Matt and nodded. "Is she keepin' the kid?" he asked.
"Oh, Matt won't take part in raising the child." he stated.
"Why not?" I asked.
He looked at me and flipped me the bird.
"Because, I fucking say so!" he growled.
I looked at him and glared. "Ya, so what does Matt think?"
"I don't want to raise the kid, I'm not ready yet," he stated.
I looked at him, tears started to brim in my eyes. I looked up at him with tear clouded eyes. I wanted nothing more than to run away. Matt didn't want my baby! That meant, that he also didn't want me! I felt like my heart was ripped out and thrown on the ground. Matt and Mello jumped and stomped on my shattered heart. Matt was the love of my life, that love escaped me.
"I am also going to break up with you," he stated.
That broke the straw on the sorrow camel's back. Tears started to rush down my face, in waterfall like motion. I felt like I was shot in the heart by an evil cupid. I seriously wanted to nothing more than crawl up in a ball and die. So much for surprises!!
"Ya, so pack your shit and leave," Mello muttered, with an evil smile.
"Fine, I'll move. I hate you, Matt! I thought that you would be different, yet you are not!! And Mello, you're the damn archfiend behind all of this chaos! I thought that I could come to love you, Matt, I guess that I was wrong!"
"There you go for fuckin' thinkin," Mello stated coldly.
I glared at him my signature glare and he backed away.
"What the fuck is up with the glare, Shadow?" he asked.
"I don't really know what you mean," I stated.
"Pack your shit toots, you're being kicked out," Mello stated.
"Fine, I got my own apartment," I stated. "and no more chocolate cakes."
"Eh, I can just get them at a bakery," he stated.
I glared at him and walked to my room and started packing my stuff. I had most of my stuff packed, when Matt put his hand on my shoulder.
"Sorry Shady," he stated.
I shurgged his hand off of my shoulder. "Ya, me too,"
"I had fun and you were a good lay," he stated.
I glared at him. "I'm not a whore Matt!"
"So, when this blows over, you want to get back together?" he stated.
"No! I will not get back together with the guy that broke my heart!" I shouted at him.
He looked at me shocked. "You always could get rid of the kid and come back to me," he stated.
"Fuck off!" I shouted, slamming my suitcase shut.
"Okay, you don't have to be so vulgar," he stated.
I glared at him. "You don't have to give up on me,"
He looked at me and shook his head. "Bye, Shady," he stated.
"Don't fucking call me that!" I shouted at him
I threw all of my clothes and stuff into my Jeep Wrangler and headed towards home. I would use the spare room for the nursery. I had to tell Jax about this.
3 months into the pregnancy:
"Sorry, you got your heart broken, Shadow," Jax said sincerely.
"Ya me too," I stated
Jax was helping me pick out baby stuff. I was starting to pick out the crib and things like that.
"So what color should I pick?" I asked Jax
"A light blue, it's kinda a neautral color," she stated.
I nodded and picked blue. I was working on getting all of the baby blankets and decorations, when my phone rang.
"Hello?" I asked.
"Hey, Shady," Matt stated.
"I told you, I don't want to anything to do with you," I stated.
"Ya, I know that. So how is my baby doing?" he asked.
"By me, you mean you right?" I asked. "and its my baby," I stated.
"No, Mello and I want custody over her or him," he stated.
"No! I am the mother and I have natually full custody over her or him ," I stated.
"Ya, so, I am comming by later." he stated, hanging up the phone.
I wanted nothing more than to tell him where to shove his game! Damn Matt, I barley got over you and you want back in the baby's life. Here I thought he didn't want anything to deal with the baby's life!
At the Apartment:
I was painting the baby's room when I hear my door slam open.
Great Matt and Mello were here.
"I wonder if the bitch has any chocolate?" Mello's rude voice wondered.
"Ya, in the freezer," Matt answered.
Matt knew my house pretty well.
"Where is the fuck is she?" Mello asked.
"She's probally taking a nap, typical pregnant women stuff." Matt explained.
I sighed and continued to paint all I had left was one single square left to paint.
When I finished painting, I hung up the wall decorations. The theme of the baby's room was sealife. I had painted baby animals on the wall and hung some wall stickers and some little stuff toy decorations.
All I had to do was get the bedding for the crib in the kitchen. I walked out into my kitchen and saw Matt and Mello there.
"What do you want?" I asked sweetly.
"We want you to give us the custody of your child," Mello answered.
"Sorry can't," I stated, grabbing the bag containing the baby's bedding.
"What do you mean you cant?" Mello asked.
"I'm pregnant, duh," I said, pointing to my stomach.
Matt looked down at my flat stomach and nodded. "We want you to give us your kid, after he or she is born,"
"How about--no---infact hell no," I stated carring the stuff to the nursery.
I started to set the crib up and stuff like that.
"So, you're having a boy?" Mello asked, looking at the blue room.
"I don't know, I just chose the theme of the room," I stated, putting the bed in correct order.
"A pregnant woman should not do all this work. It could put strain on the baby," Mello explained.
"I know that, I just was bored and decided to do it, it's not like I'm running a 45 mile marathon," I said sarcastically.
Mello looked at me and glared. "You're a bitch," he stated.
"Ya and you're a drama queen," I responded back.
"Now get the hell out of my apartment!" I shouted.
"No, Matt and I are staying here untill the baby is born," he huffed.
I looked at him and shook my head. "No, I can raise the baby by myself and I thought that Matt didn't want the child," I growled.
"Well, we changed our mind and we are moving in," Matt stated, pointing to two suitcaises.
"Great, I feel like I'm livin' with the God Father," I joked sarcastically.
"Enough with the Maffia puns," Mello stated, glaring at me with those creepy blue eyes of his.
"Eh, I call them when they happened," I stated, shrugging.
"You're weird," Matt stated.
"Look at you, roadkill vest boy," I stated.
Matt glared at me. "You've turn into a real wise crack you know that right," he stated.
I just shrugged. "Eh, I'm thinking about being a stand up comedian," I stated.
"So where will you be sleeping?" I asked.
"With you," Matt stated.
"How about no," I stated.
"Why not? You use to like sleeping with me," he explained.
"Ya, that was 3 months ago, before you dumped me," I retorted, sending him a glare.
"Ya, I was stupid and I--"
"Matt, don't apologize to the whore," Mello stated.
I glared at him and stormed off. Who gave him the fucking nerve to treat me like that? It's not like I'm a common whore! I don't sleep with guys unless, I feel something for them. I wanted nothing than to throw them out. I had to think about my baby, he or she needed a father. I looked at my stomach and right back at Matt.
"Fine, you can stay," I stated.
"Both of you," I added.
I really didn't want Mello to stay with me, yet I had to have him stay. I just wanted nothing more than to live happily ever with Matt. Yet, this was reality not some child's fairytale. I just wanted nothing more than to hurl a shoe at his head.
"Make me something to eat," Mello comanded.
"How about make it yourself," I growled, storming off and slamming my bedroom door.
3 hours later:
I hear a knock on the door. "Go away," I muttered.
"No, not untill you let me in," Matt said, stubbornly.
I heard my door open. "Sorry, about Mello, Shady," Matt apologized.
I looked at him and nodded. "S'okay," I stated.
Matt got on my bed and pulled me into a snuggle and I fell asleep on his shoulder. It felt good to be held again, I could smell Matt's unquie scent; Axe and strangely ciggerette smoke. The scent was strangly addicting and I craved the certain flavor. I just layed there, sound asleep in his arms. I was rudly awoken by Mello hovering over me.
The over killing smell of chocolate over whelmed my stomach. I ran out of my bed and into the ajacent bathroom and threw up. I started to upchuck my strawberry yogaurt and rice cereal. I felt like I was shot in the stomach.
"Look's like she's sick at the sight of you, literally!"Matt joked.
"Oh, shut the fuck up, Matt!" Mello shouted.
"Mello, Matt, please don't argue, I'm not in the mood," I complained.
Matt looked at the door and looked back at Mello. "Mello, let her puke in piece,"
"Okay, I'll leave her alone," Mello stated, stretching and laying on my queen size bed.
I flushed the toliet and walked outside of my bathroom. I just stared at Mello and Matt and shook my head.
"I can't believe I'm stuck with you two," I stated, laying down next to Matt.
"My Matt, back off bitch!" Mello shouted, hugging Matt.
"Are you sure you're a dude," I stated.
Mello looked at me and glared. "You're a bitch!"
I glared at Mello and flipped him the bird.
"Come here and do it," he stated, jesturing to his crotch.
"No thank you, I have better things to do," I stated.
"You enjoyed it that one time," he pointed out.
"It was a bet," I stated.
He looked up a, me and glared. "You're slut,"
"Eh, no Mello that's you," I stated.
Mello glared at me and shoved me over to the corner of my bed. I just stared at the ceiling and closed my eyes. I awoke with Mello's hand snaking around my waist, to grope Matt.
"Meh, I'm not in the mood, Mello." Matt whined, rolling over.
I was sandwiched between Matt and Mello, I was stuck between over 200 pounds of dude. I rolled over and stuck my head into Mello's shoulder, thinking that it was Matt. Mello groped my butt, causing me to jump. "Hey! that's my ass!" I shouted.
Mello opened his eyes and looked at me. "Ya, so what about it?"
"What do you mean, 'ya so what about it'?" I asked.
"Matt's right, you do have a nice ass," he stated.
I widen my dark eyes and looked up at him. "What do you mean by that?" I asked, confusion written all over my pale face.
"I want your body," he stated, hoving over me.
"Uh, how about no!" I shouted, pratically jumping out of the bed.
"Why not!" he shouted.
"Because, You're not my type!" I shouted, standing up. "I'm going to go sleep on the couch,"
He looked up at me and shook his head. "Sorry, babe, you have to peform for me," he stated.
"I will not peform like a common street whore!" I shouted.
"Ya, well you are to me," he stated.
I glared and flipped him the bird and stormed into the living room and layed on the couch. God men and their sexual urges! I was into Matt, not Mello! I sighed and snuggled into the red leather of my couch.
I dreamed of a little girl with her father's eyes and hair and her name was Indigo. I awoke and stared at the ceiling. I guess that the dream decided what I would name my daughter.
4 month of pregnancy
I have been living with Matt and Mello for 1 month now. Some how Matt and I still got along, infact we had sex behing Mello's back. Matt was helping me pick out the baby's stuff. I finally found out that she was a girl. I was extremely excited that I was having a little girl. Indigo was going to be her name. I told Matt what I was going to name our daughter, he looked at me like I was nuts.
"Indigo? That's a strange name, for a kid," he stated.
"Look at your name, Mail," I mocked.
"Ya, what about it. Shiska." he stated.
"Eh, so what we're both weird," I stated.
"Ya, well lets get this changing table assembled," he stated, picking up a screw driver. Of all things, who ever thought that Matt would pick up a screw driver? He was kinda lazy when it came to fixing stuff.
5th Month of pregnancy:
I have been living with Matt and Mello for 2 months now. I can actually put up with Mello now. He and I actually got along now. We both nag Matt about smoking around me. That really pisses him off and he goes outside and smokes his cancer stick.
Mello is pretty nice, once you get past all the bad boy stuff.
"You and Matt can hook back up," he stated.
I dropped my ramen coated chop stix half-way to my mouth. "Do what?" I asked, feeling like I just won a hundred-million dollar lottery.
"Really?" I asked.
"Yep, Matt told me about your new activities," he stated.
"Sorry, I know you would hate that," I stated.
"I know how you feel," he stated.
"You do?"
"Yes, I do Shadow, I know what it's like to love someone and have another person push you aside," He stated.
"Okay," I stated, hugging him.
He looked shocked and hugged me back.
"Do you want my famous 4 layer double fudge cake?" I asked.
"You bet you cute ass, I do!" he stated.
I nodded and Mello and I started to work on the cake.
6th month into the pregnancy:
Matt and Mello have been living with me for 3 months now and things were going great. Mello and Matt were treating me nicely. Matt is still addicted to video games and ciggerettes. Mello was still eating chocolate as if it was going out of styled. I was eating the hell out of yoguart. I knew that I was low in Calcium and Vitamins so I started to eat.
"So what's with the yoguart craze?" Matt asked.
"I am not getting enough Calcium, so I crave yoguart," I responded back, eating another yoguart container.
"Eat enough, you can be as spokesperson for Yoplay," Matt joked.
I giggled and went back to eating my Yogaurt. Mello was reading one of my baby books.
"Matt, did you know that baby's already have finger nails at 3 months," Mello said, amazed.
"Big whipooe doo," he stated.
"Ya and I'm carrying that 'big whoope doo,'" I stated, glaring at Matt.
Mello laughed at this little event infront of him, causing Matt and I to laugh also.
7th month of pregnancy:
I have been living with Mello and Matt for 4 months now. I was now becoming use to it. I was starting to get the concept of the whole thing, between Matt, Mell and I. Mello was actually being quite nice to me. I actually wanted nothing more than to have it stay like this forever.
I was reading a copy of, Jane Austin's, Pride and Predjustice. I was at the part when Darcy was giving Elizabeth the letter confessing his love. Wish Matt could do that! The gamer would probally send me an IM or text message! Matt was so nonorginal! What happened to all the good romantic jestures? I guess it's only in novels, that women write. The most romatic thing Matt ever did for me was, let me beat him at Mario Smash Brothers! Ya and that was because he felt like. He is such a hopeless romantic! Ha!
The baby kicked, causing me to jump. It was the first time that Indigo had kicked.
"Matt!" I shouted, excited.
"What?" he asked, never taking his eyes off the screen.
"The baby moved!" I shouted placing his hand on my stomach.
The baby kicked, causing Matt to smile. Mario was forgotten, for the meantime anyway.
8 month of Pregnancy:
I was starting to get a pretty good size bump. Indigo was kicking alot now and was kinda starting to take up kick boxing my tummy. Matt and Mello thought it was kinda funny to see it. You could actually see the baby's feet move in my stomach, she sure moved around alot.
"Looks like she's trying to kick her way out," Mello stated.
Matt looked up from his video game. "Yep,"
I could hear the sound of Mario theme music and Indigo stopped kicking so much.
"Matt! She's your kid!" I shouted.
I made the gamer jump and look at me. "What do you mean by that?" he asked.
"She calmed down when she heard Mario music," I stated.
Matt looked at me and then my stomach and shook his head.
"Yep, she's my kid," he stated.
Last month of Pregnancy:
I can't wait to get the baby out of me! She was kicking way too much! I had only 3 days left! She was going to be born into a world where she was loved. She was already turning into a big daddy's girl and she wasn't out of my stomach yet!
I felt a sudden pressure on my stomach and a sudden cramp. I went to the bathroom and I felt something gush from down below! My water had broken and I was kinda gushing blood.
"Uh, Matt," I stated.
"Ya?" he stated, turning back to his video game.
"Um, my water broke," I stated.
"Oh," was all he stated.
"I'm having the baby," I stated
he went back to his video game, which really pissed me off. I grabbed his video game and crushed it.
"Hey! That was my video game!" he shouted.
"Ya, so I'm having the fucking baby! If you don't take me to my hospital I will fucking shoot you!" I shouted, as a wave of pain came through me.
"Okay, I'll take you to the hospital, and you owe me a new video game," he stated.
"Ya, ya, I'll buy you a new game system, now take me to the damn hospital!" I shouted, that would make Mello happy.
"Okay, let's go," Matt stated, grabbing the keys to my Jeep Wrangler.
"Thank you," I stated.
Matt started to drive to the hospital and he parked in the emergency section.
He picked me up and ran with me to the front desk.
"How may I help?" droned the desk person.
"She's in labor," he stated.
"How old is she?" the lady asked, rudely.
"Sixteen, what difference does it make?" asked Matt.
"A whole lot of difference," the lady argued back
Another painful cramp surge its way through my body. The pressure started to increase.
"Ouch!" I whimpered, in sheer pain.
"She's been in labor for the last 36 minutes," Matt explained.
The lady nodded. "I'll call the labor department," she stated.
Matt nodded. "Okay, and hurry," he stated.
The lady lead us to a wheelchair and Matt set me down in it. Then a nurse came up, her name was Betty.
"Hello, I'm your nurse," she stated.
I nodded. "Okay, can you get this baby out of me,"
"Yes we can,"
"Are you the father, sir," she asked Matt.
He nodded and looked at me. If it would have been Mello, he would have held the hospital at gunpoint untill I had a doctor and drugs. Luckily, Matt didn't call him. The plan was to call him after I have the baby.
"Okay how many centimeters are you dilated?" she asked me.
"Do I look like a doctor?" I asked.
She shook her head and laughed. "Don't worry, I've heard worse comments."
"Um, okay," Matt said, weirded out.
The lady took me to the devilery room, where I was to give birth.
When I arrived the doctor checked my vitals and used a sonagram.
"Looks like the baby is postioned right," he stated.
I nodded and looked at Matt.
"Can I have the drugs?" I asked.
"Are you alergic to anything?" he asked.
"Nope, just give me the damn drugs before I go nuts," I growled in sheer pain.
"Yeesh, she's a grump isn't she," the doctor stated.
Matt nodded and went back to staring at the ceiling. "Ya, I've dealed with worse," he stated, refuring to Mello.
The doctor called for the Epudural and I was now fine. The doctor checked to see how far I was dialated.
"Looks like you're 10 cm. dialated, time to push," he stated.
I nodded and started to push.
45 minutes later:
I gave a great push and then heard a cry.
"It's a girl," the doctor cried.
Matt smiled and looked at me.
"What's going to be her name?" asked the doctor.
"Indigo," I stated.
"Eh, I've hear worse, it's better than Apple," he stated.
I nodded the doctor left me and Matt alone with her. Mello finally arrived.
"So why didn't you call me!" he shouted at Matt.
"Cause, I forgot," Matt lied.
He looked at Matt and believed him.
"So did she have her," Mello stated.
Matt nodded and picked up Indigo. He handed him over to Mello.
"She's so cute," Mello cooed.
Matt nodded. "She had my eyes," he stated.
Mello smiled. "Let's let her keep the baby,"
"Ya, we should," Matt agreed.
I was listening to them talk and I smiled.
"I love you, Shadow," Matt whispered.
"Love you also," Mello whispered.
"Love you 3," I stated, causing them to jump.
"You're up? Mello asked.
Yep, I stated.
Were sorry we were so mean to you, Matt stated.
I nodded. I forgive you too, I stated.
They smiled and both kissed me ont the forehead. I smiled and laughed the baby farted causing all of us to laugh.
I guess that surpises really do happen. Having Indigo really did help with this delimna! I was now happy that
The End:

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