Will I Bite The Hand?

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Hello again! No! I didn't forget or stop, I got really busy with life stuff. I know your all thinking 'who cares?' Well you should because I need the internet to update, and internets need power, and power costs money. So yeah, gotta work and make money. Right now Chapter 4 here is being Rewritten by Kracken so it'll be more awesome later. I'll post the updated version when it's done. For now, enjoy my awful grammar and many typos! :D Dude chapter 6 has a fucking awesome fight scene! And it's super long! 


.xXx. Will I Bite The Hand .xXx.


.xXx. TUESDAY .xXx.


Tuesday- @Monoral

I can hear this silence crawl around

Hello, you thinkers.

Hello, you fakers.

And I see the summer drown you dry

Hello, you lovers.

Hello, you dreamers!!

When I feeeeeeel so insecure~

I will need you, turn around!

There’s no one left to decide who is right or wrong!

Waiting’s not enough for you!

Wasting what I want the most,

Tuesday’s gone and I’m tasting it over!!

Let me reside with the same old view!

Sharing’s all I need from you!

Taking what I want the most,

Tuesday’s near and I wish that you were here~!!!

I can feel this saaaadness drag you down.

Hello, you talkers.

Hello, you sleepers.

And I see this madness close your eyes.

Hello, you mistreaters.

Hello, you weepers!!

When I feel so insecure

Grace my day!

Please, stay around!

There’s no one left to decide who is right or wrong!

Waiting’s not enough for you!

Wasting what I want the most,

Tuesday’s gone and I’ m tasting it over!

Let me reside with the same old view!!

Sharing’s all I need from you! <3

Taking what I want the most,

Tuesday’s near and I wish that you were here!

If this comfort holds you down,

I would gladly pull you out!

After putting Riot down to sleep I stop to take a look at her, she was still a small runt of the litter. She hadn’t grown an inch since that day but at least she knew I’d be here. I couldn’t help but remember the day I brought her home four years ago.

No one came for her at the hospital and she grew violent with the greedy doctors and cruel nurses. She was alone and afraid. At least she comes home to me, thank god she comes home every night. My little bird was always a free sprite but she cares enough to come back to me.

One day, she’ll give up on finding the family that left her, and start her own. I hope that day is soon though, she can’t keep looking forever.

I brushed aside some of the hair that had fallen in her face and walked away hearing her mutter something about Harlem that made me laugh.

I walked up to the young man of 20 or so who hadn’t left yet, I thought that if I ignore him he’d leave but he seems content sitting there watching me, or is he watching Riot? I stood next to him and asked bluntly

“What you want?”

“What do you have?” came a slightly Spanish accented voice.

He turned to look at me and grimaced at what he saw. I noticed that he didn’t like my sense (or lack) of fashion.

“We got slop. and stew.”

I was laughing my ass off in my head. I watched the boy think for a moment if I was serious about what I said. What a scruffy looking kid, he looks out of place here…


“…what’s the stew?” he said after weighing his choices.

“Yesterdays slop.”

The kid doesn’t seem to like joke and muttered a faint ‘piss off’ as he turned back to his bottle of water and newspaper. I walked by him, bumping him in the head as I went and hopped over the bar to go put out the trash.

As I hauled the bag out the back door I heard sirens wailing off in the distances.

This place used to be quiet, no clubs, drugs or whores standing out on the corners. It’s sad that Riot never saw how nice this place used to be. Then again, maybe it’s for the best…

Walking back in I was about to round the corner when I saw that little piss ant standing over Riot, he was too close for my comfort. As he reached down to her the door opened and some else came in,

“Car, get over here NOW! Father wants us to find that kid you threw the brick at, he got out left his stuff behind.”

Said the new guy, dressed in black. Piss Ant looked over to him and asked quietly,

“Do you have his things with you?”

“Yeah, Booker said to take them with me.”

“Bring them in.”


He turned to his friend at the door and gave him a cold look.

“He’s here, asleep.” He said with anger.

The new kid walked over with a bag and set it on a table. Walking over to the Shark he could see that in fact, Riot was there. Asleep and harmless.

“Father wants to speak to him, says he may have a gift for hunting among other things. ” Says Piss Ant number two.

“A gift? We caught this kid stealing not hunting, he’s a little thief and you know it. ” Says piss ant one.

He seemed to believe what he said, that Riot was a thief.

“I know YOU don’t like him but Booker says there’s a power, he could be another Regenerator, or some other ability. He said his dreams were really weird. And Booker knows weird!”

“Fuck Booker and fuck you Mike. ”

Piss ant one walked to the door and left, but piss ant two stood there dumb founded, hurt by the other ones words.

“Hey kid. Ignore him. I messed with him earlier and made him mad so don’t let it bug you alright?” I said aloud as I came out from the backroom.

“Oh, um hello sir. I’m Michello. But you can call me Mike. You don’t mind if I wait here do you?” He came off as a very polite young man, timid but nice. Mike nervously brushed his coat and held out his hand to shake mine.

“Hi Mike, I’m Volt Kruger, owner of this little dump. Go ahead and take a seat. Want something to eat?” I slapped his hand with a lazy high-five and walked over to the bag and picked it up, it was a heavy sucker.

“What’s in here Mike?” I shook it and it rang with the sound of metal.

“Oh it belongs to him, the guy sleeping in the car there.” Mike pointed to the only car in the room.

I looked back at the bag and proceeded to open it spilling everything out onto the table with a clattering mess of clangs and bangs.

Two guns, pistol and shot, couple of ammo clips and four boxes of shotgun shells, six smoke bombs, Tear gas, Drop tacks, a big ass paint/Mace bomb, some throwing knives, some odd bayonet...

I’m wishing now I didn’t teach her how to dismantle small explosives…



I yelled enraged, I heard her yelp as she shot up and looked over at me with wide eyes.


I pointed to the mini stockpile on the table,, my hands shaking in rage. Even Mike was shocked and awed at it. ‘Damn kids’ making paint bombs and has a shotgun and this pile of shit. What sort of trouble is she in now? Damnit!’

“eh hehehehehe, till I’m dead huh?” She laughed nervously and looked away from the stuff. She was sacred to death of me now…

I looked back and picked up the modified pistol with the blade and examined it with a feeling of pride about just what she was capable of. “What’s the range on this long barrel?”

“It’s more for indoor use, it has a silencer built in, but if I had to guess, it’s about 2500 yards with the wind in favor. ” She said proudly, leaving me to guess that she made it herself. I guess she dose have too much free time at the Shop if she’s making guns. 'Thatta’ girl! Wait no. Bad. Making weapons and stealing stuff is bad. She's in trouble, don't get soft now.' 

“Huh. And the shotgun?” I looked at it to see it was cut short. 'Another law busted...'

“It’s a standard. I just use straights instead of rounds. ” Riot had walked over and begun to pick up her things, checking them and putting the safety on the firearms. Her head was held low and she avoided looking at me.

“Why don’t you tell me what you need these for?”

She stood still and panicked a little, she didn’t want to tell me but she also didn’t want to lie to me.

“So, Mike, is it true you and your friend came upon my brat stealing? What was it? Money, gold? ”

I stared hard at the poor boy who didn’t take his chance to leave sooner.

“uhhhh, no?”

“Now, that’s not what your friend said. ”

“uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm ” Now he was just staling.

I sighed in defeat and looked back at Riot.

“You know, Straights are as bad as cop killers. They also get you jail time. Get rid of them, before someone gets ya!”

“Okay dad. ”

Riot lowered her head in shame and began to pick the stuff up. Now I finely know how she got the money to help me keep this place. Hehehe, I wonder if she got the money from the mafia. Paying the mafia their own money.

Nice move kid.

“Well Mike, who’s this father and what dose he want with my trouble-making kid?”

My eyes never left Riot’s back as she walked to the upstairs apartment to hide her things and sulk. Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on her… maybe I should put her on bar duty for the next few months to keep her busy.

“H-he’s the new parish for the church on Lancaster sir. He’s the one who found Riot. Say’s he needs the lords help or he’ll keep running further into the dark. ” Mike’s voice was a bit weak, he stood up and looked me in the eyes with full honesty.

“I’m sorry sir for causing trouble, I didn’t know what was in the bag as it is not in me to snoop. And I’m sorry to have gotten Riot in trouble with you. I can tell he’s really smart and talented, he just needs to find a better use of his skills. ” and with that Mike gave a short bow of his head and walked to the door.

“Hey, kid. ”

Mike looked back at me with his hand on the door,

“Riot’s could use a friend like you. But watch it, the kid bites. ”

I held up one of my arms to show him the marks. Mike smiled and nodded his head.

‘Need to get rid of that stuff, and the stuff to make more of that stuff… urrrg it’s to late to do anything now.’

I walked to the front door and locked it up for the… day I guess, and turned off the lights.

Smart… that boy had no idea how sharp Birdie is.

Kid could lie, cheat and weasel herself millions if she wanted.

But Riot was more for action then words.

And Action gets more done faster some days.


…Tuesday’s gone and I’m starting it over.


@ I Love the French Band, Monoral! This is one of their hits, Tuesday. Source- http://www.lyricstime.com/monoral-tuesday-lyrics.html

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