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Rating: Mature

Warnings: Brief mentions of sexual situations

This is a gender-swap fiction, which for those who may lack the intellect to comprehend- that means that Matt is a female for this story and there may be scenes of her engaged in heterosexual relations with Mello . Don't like the idea, the simple solution is do not read any further.

That said, this story obviously contains some sexual situations of the heterosexual kind.

Authors Note: I originally began writing this with the intention of it being a part of the series, "Flesh Is The Law" I was perhaps about four paragraphs in when I realized that the length and direction that it was taking would actually have made it difficult to have it as a part. I was about to throw the unfinished draft into my scraps folder when I was hit with a few thoughts. The first being, lately it seems as if my writing has actually been lacking in any substantial plot. Secondly this would be a great back story to Flesh is the Law, a prequel of sorts that would explore the tentative beginnings of complex relationship of domination and submission. (And another great way to write more pron)


Before The Law                                                                           

Virgin she was not. Having grown up in a mixed gender environment had seen to that. The institutional closets, secluded sheds and dark bedrooms after bed check offering plenty of opportunity and privacy for the fumbling orphan teenagers, who in spite of being certified geniuses were still driven by hormones. Lustful experiments with a hint of danger, there was always the possibility of staff of another Wammy child interrupting. Mattie herself could still recall a few of these hasty retreats or a palm silencing her cries of pleasure and steps echoed through the hall just outside the closed door.

She was fifeteen her first time. It had been just a few months after Mello had stormed off into that chilly and rainy fall night. She had wished that the fates had been kinder to her, given them more time or perhaps at the very least a hint of his impending departure. She could then have allowed more than heated kisses and bold hands and fingers. It could have been he, her blond devil who had breached her innocence.

Instead she had talked another boy, D, into doing it. A bottom feeder, lowest scores, a Wammy failure about to be tossed out and farmed out to another institution. His awe having the third runner up give him attention and the simple fact that he allowed his hard on to to decide, he did not question or object when he was led into the legendary blond hellion's now vacant room. He did not voice any concerns when Mattie pulled him atop the bed, that female gamer geek swore had the lingering scent of expensive imported chocolate and that unique scent that was Mello.

It hadn't been that unpleasurable. Of course she had imagined it was Mello's fingers that undid the clasp of her bra. It was not D's hand that had laid palm flat against her stomach before slipping just under the edge of loose jeans then dipping further to slip under her panties. Nintendo ones, a gift from Mello if she recalled.

Of course the sex had been awkward, over as quickly as it had begun. Not that she had really minded. She was dressed and out the door before he had even removed the condom. He was shipped out a few days later, but then she had moved on bedding another of the willing and horny Wammy boys. If Roger or any of the other staff members had ever known, she could not say. Hindsight although told her it was likely, given that by her sixteenth birthday she had quite the reputation. A quick and easy fuck and just as eager to use her mouth as her hand to bring a boy off. No strings.

She was gone by age seventeen. Unlike her former friend there was no drama. A packed bag with a

few of her belongings and she slipped out in the middle of the night. No money, no one to rely on, but not without purpose. She had to find him.

By eighteen she had secured herself a single bedroom apartment in a run down building in LosAngeles. Her rent paid by skimming various bank accounts she had hacked. She had found him a few weeks prior. He had slipped up and still went by the name they had given him. She chewed her lower lip as she red over the information she had compiled in the last few days. The thought that perhaps it hadn't been a slip up on his part. Was it possible he had left a trail to lead anyone. More specifically, her to him?

It was also quite possible that in her longing to be with him, her pursuit of the "one that got away" that she had become delusional, seeing things in events that in reality were not there. Sighing, she stubbed out her cigarette in the cracked ashtray. Stretching out the kinks in her muscles that had formed from sitting in front of her laptop she stood then snatching up her lighter and pack of reds she strode out the apartment and into uncertainty.

In another part of the city a leather clad blond strode from an apartment building, stuffing a handgun in the inside pocket of his leather jacket.

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