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Pairing: Mello/Fem!Matt

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Language, mentions of violence and sexual situations.

Authors Note: After having languished in editing hell for the better part of the last year I finally gave up. Forgive the utter uselessness of this chapter, but as you will see later it was quite needed.

The Devils Brew


He had frisked her as soon as the door shut behind them. His hands lingering over her breasts a little longer than was necessary before they moved on. Once satisfied that she was only carrying the one pistol that she had already surrendered, a subcompact Glock 26 he noticed, he motioned for her to sit.

Although the furnishings were sparse they were nicer, cleaner then her own. She immediately took notice of the lack of cracks and peeling faded wallpaper. The couch was worn, but in better condition then her own ratty one back the hellhole of her own place that she had rescued from the trash.

He slipped out his jacket, tossing in over the back of a chair as he entered what she assumed was the kitchen, returning a minute later with two glasses and a bottle of whiskey in hand.

"Getting me drunk in hopes of getting lucky there old buddy?"She quirked a brow at him as she accepted the glass and waited for him to pour her drink. She watched the amber liquid as it sloshed around filling her cup.

"I thought I had told you to keep fucking quiet." He poured himself a generous amount then sat opposite her on the coffee table, the bottle set at his feet. "Besides, from what I understand it takes a hell of a lot less than cheap alcohol for you to spread those thighs." Quite the slut there, I bet Wammy's must be so proud of its esteemed alumni."

"Oh yes, one a freak who has to be reminded to change his underwear, another who hangs out in strip clubs, with cheap Mafia whores throwing themselves upon him. Asshole,"She paused to take a sip " You have little room to talk. Besides, how the hell would you even know anything about...?"

He had allowed her to speak, but the stern look he flashed her told her that it was time to remain silent.

"I have my ways Mattie." His expression became unreadable as he paused to take a drink. "Now, I did not bring you here to play catch up, nor are you here for a quick fuck." His gaze fell to her breast, a smirk forming as he continued. "Although that does sound appealing."

Her cheeks colored and she averted eyes, arms crossing over her chest as she became uncomfortable under his stare. Silently she cursed herself for thinking that things would be the same, that he would still be the same. That they would just fall into the same routine.

"Why were you following me Mattie?" His question was met with silence. "Ever the smartass I see." Making a dramatic show with hands he leaned back. "You may speak now."

"Assassination. A covert military organization known as Umbrella contracted me to find and eliminate you as a threat."

His reaction was swift and violent. One second he was sitting the next he was atop her, pushing her back against the couch, gun drawn and pressed under her chin.

"Joke. It was a joke." She squeaked. For the first time, real fear seized her. The weight of his body, the painful pressing of his knees upon her abdomen pinning her as the he pressed the gun harder against the flesh. Her eyes met his and for a brief moment the realization that he could and would pull the trigger made her nearly piss her pants.

The Mello before her had changed. Gone was the carefree teen she had known. The one who's eyes had lit up with uncontainable mischievousness at the mere thought of prank. Here before her was a young man crafted by a world and life saturated in violence. A world where human life held very little value, and there was little doubt in her mind that he had taken human life before.

"Fuck..fuck..oh shit Mello. It was a joke. I swear...Resident Evil reference..I swear." Her words were stuttered, panic causing her stomach to flip. Would he...Her thoughts were interrupted as he shifted, the gun withdrawn and placed on the floor. He remained atop her, bringing her hands above her head, pinning them against the arm of the couch with one hand, his thumb painfully digging into her wrist.

"Now truthfully, why the hell have you been stalking me?"

"Stalking is not..ow" His thumb pressed harder. "Okay. Okay. I was looking for you because I wanted to see if I could help you."

"Help me? Just how did you think you could help me Mattie, not like I need that pussy of yours to fuck our way onto the Mafia." His other hand trailed down her side, coming to rest on her hip. He chuckled as she began to struggle, fear reflecting back in her gaze.

"Suck a dick Mello." She was shocked when his grip loosened and he leaned down.

"Slut, you'll be the one with a mouthful of cock if you don't watch it."

Her heart raced, his closeness and barely concealed threat giving rise to conflicting feelings within her. Desire, only an inch more to close the distance and again she she would feel and taste those sinful lips. Fear, was he really capable of hurting her? Of forcing himself on her and passing her to others to use.

He pulled back, quickly getting off her and walking towards the kitchen area, snarling as he spoke. "I think stronger drinks are in order, then we can talk."

She sat up, her first instinct being to make a run for the door was quickly put out of her mind as he returned. After handing her a glass of what she guessed to be Everclear, if her sense of smell and her memory of a prior misadventure with said alcoholic beverage was correct, he sat back down.

Watching her stare at the clear liquid he smiled devilishly "Well, drink up Mattie. Are you still a light weight?"

"Everclear?" She asked, sloshing the liquid around in the glass.

"Yeah, 190 proof."

She tilted the glass to her lips, cringing as a smell which was somewhere between rubbing alcohol and nail polish assaulted her senses. Closing her eyes she took a swig, coughing as it burned a path down her throat.

"That a girl." He leaned back, looking like the cat that got the cream as she took another swig at his wordless urging.

Later, she would not remember her slurred curses as the glass shattered on the floor, nor the arms that held her up, lips close to her ear whispering as she slipped into unconsciousness.

Authors note # 2: For those who are unaware, Everclear is a neutral grain spirit that comes in both 151 proof (75.5 percent alcohol)as well as 190 proof ( 95 percent alcohol). Yeah, its the devils brew!

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