A New Reality

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Author’s Notes: Well here is chapter 2 and much longer to boot! As I said before beginnings and endings are the hardest things for me to write—no matter the genre or type of writing; so this one was much easier for me to right. The voice is one that just crafted its self for this chapter (hopefully it sticks when I write older Integra).

A/N 2 (Spoiler?): I loathed how Walter turned traitor—seemingly for no reason—in the manga (Maybe The Dawn will explain it better). So Walter will most likely keep his honorable membership in the Hellsing Club.

A/N 3: The last half a page of this chapter is was torture to write down. I hope it doesn’t come across that way though. Please excuse the grammar.



Halo Resolve

Chapter Two


            Early morning, tawny light slipped passed the drawn bay curtains. The occupant, one Integra Hellsing, lay awake for some time. She had been awake long before the maid came in to draw back the curtain and left a cover dish—no doubt of her breakfast favorites—that would remain warm until she woke up. But Integra did not rise to partake of the meager offerings. Since her father died everything she tasted fell and was ground uninterestedly like gravel and rocks in her mouth. No smell aroused any pangs of hunger or wanting from her palette. She ate only to appease Walter. Walter.

            ‘How stupid I was to send him away,’ she though, her mind drifted back to the night after the funeral.


            Integra walked the dark manor halls as she did every night before bed, when she heard voices coming from her father’s office.

            “Walter, this mission is of the utmost importance and must be handled as quickly and quietly as possible!”

            “I understand this, Master Richard, but I don’t believe that this is the appropriate time to be leaving Miss Integra alone, especially at this immediate time. Couldn’t a small squad be assembled to handle this recent outbreak in South America? It is rather minimal.”

            “Alone? She would hardly be alone with a house full of guards and servants. I don’t understand this hesitation. I am assigning you to this mission because I believe you are the most suited to handle this assignment most effectively. You are a solider of Hellsing! When Hellsing gives you an order you are suppose to accept your assignment without question.” Richard banged his closed fist onto the dense mahogany Hellsing desk.

            “With all due respect, Master Richard,” Walter said with a cool, yet respectful tone. “But you are not the leader of Hellsing.”

            Richard’s face was a tomato red amalgamation of rage, indignation and confusion. His mouth opening and closing, only loose syllables of what were meant to be words sputtered limply through the air. Walter remained placid and unmovable as steel, only the subtle movements of his clenched fist showed his true temperament.

            “But I am.”

            Both turned in surprise. So focused on each other, the men were, that they didn’t hear her open the heavy door or the soft steps on the solid marble floor.

            “My Lady…”

            “Walter, you were given a mission. I trust my uncle would not send you about on a wild goose chase.”

            “Of course not, my lady, but—“

            “I do not need to be coddled, Walter. I came to terms with my father’s passing long before he took his last breath. I will be fine. Your orders are to find these targets and silence them. Understood?”

            Shocked awe sprang on both men’s faces by the tone of this girl standing before them, the tone of a harden commander. Only Walter could see the slight haze of pain held behind the guise of ice. ‘So much like her father already.’ In admiration of her front, he decided to honor her wish, though his eyes were alight with an equally sad smile.

            “Of course, Ma’am, as you wish.” He bowed.


            He would leave an hour later.


            Her actions that night were purely instinctual. The audacity of her uncle to presume so much about himself that he could deceive himself enough to think that he could take control of Hellsing even though her father left the headship in her hands. Integra knew even now she was far more capable to head than her uncle, even with age as her disadvantage. His skittering mannerisms and shifty eyes that could not hide the most basic of thoughts and simple calculations would leave him easy prey for those Hellsing hunted.

            With a heavy sigh, Integra pulled herself up from her powder blue comforter and four-poster canopy bed; her feet touching the carpeted floor, her satiny dressing gown stirring around her ankles, mildly distracting. Though she had been awake her limbs were still stiff with the subtle weight of restfulness. Stretching to her full height, she goes about her daily routine of getting ready. Usually, when she wanted to get away from the numerous well-meaning maids and house servants, and her uncle’s not so well-meaning thugs, she would spend hours exploring the mansion extensive air duct system. But despite her current mood the warm pastel vision outside her window seemed to beckon to her.

            The Hellsing estate was large and lush. Passed the brilliant rainbow bouquet of the Hellsing gardens was a sea of freshly cut manicure electric green lawn stretched for yards in front of her leading to the deep greens of watermelon green forest. Integra remembered fondly the days after lesson, she and her father would walk the trails hidden there. They would talk about everything but the Hellsing business, about the day he met her mother for the first time, their courtship, their wedding day and the happiest day of his of his life, the birth of his beloved daughter.

            They also visited a very special place to her father. A little gazebo nuzzled away secretly in a cradle of trees near the center of the forest. It was a place Arthur and his late wife use to visited often to get away for awhile. Even for months after his wife’s death, Arthur would take his wife’s ashes with him to their little hideaway. It seemed as good a place as any to spend for a moment of solace. The rambling of the nearby stream would be companion enough.




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