A New Reality

BY : Hemamal
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I don't own Hellsing and I make no money from it (that's Kouta Hirano) but I do own the plot and OCs.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Hellsing or the Hellsing cast (Kouta Hirano does, lucky bastard!!) but I do own the plot and OCs. I make no money from this!!

Hey Guys and Gals!!! Sorry about having no new chapter for a few months. I was, and am, a bit stuck on where this story is going (well not lost but a bit unaware of the events that’ll lead up to it). But check my tumblr on Mondays for my weekly journals (http://hemamal.tumblr.com/tagged/Journal) or DeviantArt (now Hemamal, yay  ^o^) account for updates.

Author’s Notes: This chapter is going to be shorter than I originally wanted due to pacing/event issues. Suggestions are welcome. I also noticed that FF doesn’t add all the space I add to break up the different scenes, so it reads a lot faster than it’s supposed to. -_- So, I’m adding mini borders.

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A New Reality

Chapter Five

“I can’t believe they are coming today! Today of all days. It’s Saturday for heaven sakes.” Richard whined.

            “Our enemies have no respect for weekends, sir, neither does the Round Table Conference. They merely want an update on the progress we’ve made thus far on the recent vampire outbreaks.” Walter stated as calmingly as he could manage.

            “Yes, yes.” Richard sighed, leaning back in his chair.  “But couldn’t we have done this over the phone? It’s an awful bother.”

            “I will be handling everything. Just make sure to at least look over this file to familiarize yourself with the investigation thus far, sir.” Walter said handing the rather light file to the man in front of him. Hopefully, he would actually read it this time. Walter did not want a repeat of the fiasco last time.

            “Right.” Richard said took the file and opening it as he slumped back into his chair.

At least he made the effort to open it this time…’ Walter sighed as he closed the door behind him. He was beginning to feel far older than his age.





A steady wrap of feet meeting cold concrete reverberated off the high arched walls. Despite the high lemon light of the noonday sun outside, the hallway was still a murky white umber. The white beams of light intermitted from random bay windows. Specs of dust waltzed to a lulling melody of silence.

The shadowed doors were rather heavy but gave way with minimal effort. Its opening granted access to sepia rows of ancient sawn leather and pulp smeared with printed liquid slag. Row after row littered with its own dulling rainbow. Following some unknown edict, or instinct, the strawberry blonde pixie of a young woman drifted through the depths of the darkening rows. The dark engulfing her. As she went further into the darkness her eyes adjusted, searching for a light she knew she would find there.


“Seras, “a voice spoke from behind her, making her jump. “We’re in a library. Have some tact.”

“Christ, you scared me!”

“You should always be aware of your surroundings. Besides, you walked right past me a few rows back.”

“Oh…” Seras said with a nervous chuckle. In the dark, her friend was even more imposing than she was in the light. Her long almost platinum blonde hair showed a ghastly white in the limited light. Her rounded glasses reflected almost completely overcame her eyes. The white sundress could certainly pass for something from another century. Making Seras’s own plain white t-shirt and blue jeans seem even more pedestrian. The tall shadowed rows of books were the only thing that could dwarf her impressive height. Cassandra could easily pass for a ghost if some unknowing person came upon her unaware. Or some type of princess.

It was hard for most people to believe they were even friends. But they were and had been since they were in there early teens. Seras, the bubbly, flighty one that could, somehow, manage to con the focused, almost reclusive, Cassandra into having fun; and Cassandra, the calm, controlled one who would keep the overly naïve, innocent Seras tethered to reality. They were a rather odd pair. But they seemed a pretty snug fit to any who were around long enough.

“Have you ever thought about thought about cutting your hair?” Seras asked, gaining a perplexed, almost smile from Cassandra. Seras could be so scattered sometimes.

“What is it you want, Seras?” Cassandra asked as he placed her arm full of books on the table, moving around to return to her vacant seat.

“Just wanted to see what you were up to. It’s a beautiful day out. But of course you would have yourself locked up in this musty old library. So whatcha working on?” She asked a bit peeved. “You’re always in here!”

“And you never are.” She said with a friendly smirk.  “I’m working on my research paper and presentation.”

“Presentation?” Seras’s face scrunched a bit thinking. “…for history?!” That isn’t due for two more months! You’re working on it now?” She asked flabbergasted.

“Yes. Unlike ‘some’ people, I’m not a fan of a last minute all-nighters.” Cassandra smirked again.

“Yeah, well…at least it gets done.” Seras said sheepishly. “What are you going to be doing after this?”

“Going to my parents for lunch then home.”

“Well that should like fun… You know ‘most’ people go to college to get ‘away’ from home.” She said a bit peevishly.

“Well, I am not amongst those ranks.”

“Obviously… Well, I’ll see ya later.” Seras said turning around to walk away.

“Wait, what did you have to talk to me about? Why were you looking for me?” Cassandra asked.

“Oh, nothing. I just felt like bothering you, making sure you didn’t join the lieges of the undead.” Seras gushed overly chipper.

“So you just came here to waste my time,” Cassandra stated more than a little peeved.

“Yeah!” Seras stated with impish glee. “All work and no play makes Cassy a very dull girl.”

“Seras…” Cassandra deadpanned.

“Buh-bye now!” Seras said as she scampered away.

Cassandra broke into a slight smile and chuckled as she watched her friend dash away back up the doors. Seras was a handful but she did keep her life from becoming too routine.

With an easy sigh, Cassandra got back to work.




“Sir Richard, what are you planning to do with these recent vampire outbreaks? There has been far too many as of late. There is only so much we can cover up.” Said Sir Castlebury.

“Hellsing has been handling this as best we can. There is only so much we can so at present. Our forces have already been spread frightfully thin.” Richard stated trying to sound as diplomatic as he could, though his slight attitude still managed to peek through.

“Well, it seems your best isn’t quite good enough,” said Sir Islands still seething with anger since the last progress report. Imagine, losing over twenty men in a single ghoul outbreak. Arthur must be rolling in his grave! “Perhaps you should pick better trained men.”

“Or better weaponry. Most of the budget allotted to you to outfit this organization isn’t even going to use for that. In fact, we all really don’t know where it’s going as of late. “Sir Williams stated, all the other knights nodded in agreement.

“I’m doing what I believe is best for ‘my’ organization. I am doing all that I can to ensure the ranks are being refreshed as quickly as I can—“

“—with subpar ruffians with no honor, no notable skills once so ever! Even for freelance or mercenary soldiers, you choose those that are beyond the least to be desired.” Sir Islands fumed.

“I will not sit here and be berated in my own home!” Richard fumed back, literally jumping to his feet.

“Your ‘home?’ Hardly. You dishonor the Hellsing name!” Sir Islands stated with deathly calm, remaining in his seat, his hands plateauing in front of his face. “Arthur would never let Hellsing get in such a state! In fact, his daughter—may God bless her soul, wherever she is—would have more mantle* to run this organization better then you have done this past decade!”

Richard’s eye twitched.

“Sir Islands, “ Walter said placing his hand on Richard’s shoulder to light push him back into his seat, hoping to defuse the situation with his words. “ I am personally seeing to the current replacements. I will be personally seeing to their training and preparedness for the tasks that they will face.”

“See to it that you do. I don’t understand why you weren’t allowed to in the first place.” Sir Islands stated. Walter remained silent.

A bellowing boom rocks the mansion, shaking everyone in their chairs. Walter almost lost his footing causing Richard to fall gracelessly back into his seat.




The door opened, the warmth spilling from within making the slight chill around her more noticeable.

“Hello dear,” said the woman a smile beaming from a face barely touched by middle age.

“Hello Mother.” Cassandra replied giving the woman, Mira, a snug hug, genuinely happy to see her.

“Come on in, your father is already waiting for you.” Mira said moving out of the way to let her in.

The warm was like a kiss on her skin. The air peppered with the scent of cooking meat and baked goods. The spice of cinnamon and sugar melted into her senses.


“Your favorites. You’ve been working so hard in school lately I thought I’d spoil you a bit.” Mira said as she took Cassandra’s jacket and hung it on the coat rack behind the door. “Go ahead upstairs. I’ll bring them up to you.” Cassandra nodded.

“Thank you, Mother. Where’s Jason?”

“Upstairs in his room. I only wish he would study as much as you do.” Mira said a bit miffed but jokingly so.

Cassandra chuckled.

“I think I’ll go say hi.”

“Okay dear, I’ll call you and your father down for dinner later.”

Cassandra nodded her head in agreement, giving her mother a kiss on the cheek before going up the stairs. Walking to the first door on the left, she paused to knock.

“Hello, Jason>”

“Sup, sis,” she heard followed by light steps. The door opened revealing a boy barely in his teens; his hair a little sandier than its original bleachy blond, his skin a dark latte in color.

“Sup?” Cassandra asked her face in stoic query.

“Fine, hello beloved sister<’ he piped in false gallantry. Cassandra’s face cracked into a smile. Jason grinned, pleased with his small victory.

“Come here you little knucklehead!”

Jason threw himself into his sister’s arms as she hugged him back, placing a little kiss on his head.

“Hey, sis?” Jason asked as he peeked up at his sister.


“Can you stop doing so well? You’re really making it hard for me back here.” Jason said with angst.

“No can do, buddy. You just have to try a little harder.”

Jason released a grunty sigh.

“You can do it.”

“Yeah, but I don’t wanna…” Jason whined.

“Tough cookies,” Cassandra gushed, giving Jason a nuggie for good measure.

“Alright, get back to work. I’m going to go see Dad.”

“Okay,” Jason moaned/ Cassandra chuckled.

As Jason shut his door quietly, Cassandra made her way further down the hallway, bypassing the door to her old room and the hall bathroom to her Father’s study. She never knew why but she always got a weird feeling of de’ja vu when she made her way to her Father’s study. No matter how many times she did it.

The heavy door swung open revealing the room full of books, a few pictures of family and friends on the shelves, medals on the walls. It was because of this room that she loved the library so much. The age leather was welcoming reminding her of home.

“You are late, Cassandra,” said the man behind the dark mahogany desk with forest green felt. The man’s blonde hair trying to lie relaxed to his head but some still managed to break free into spikes atop his head. His blue eyes never dulled but still a darker shade than her own. He sat in a comfortable sweater and khaki pants.

“Sorry, Father, I had to do the rounds you know.”

“True. Jason can be quite the whiner sometimes. Don’t know where he got that from.” Eric said with a sigh and chuckle, Cassandra joining in.

“Well, come sit.” Eric said pulling the chess board from the bottom draw of his desk.




The hallways were dark. The men stood in the only lighted crossroads guns at the ready, sights trained for unseen targets. The groaning moan of undead enemies could be heard but their sounds reverberated, leaving the small group only room to guess which of the three directions they were coming from, as they guarded the fourth, the way up to the third floor where the council sat.

The five were unprepared, shaking, trying to portray a sense of calm readiness. If only Walter had had more time with them. ‘We’re not ready to die, not yet!’ All of the men, unknowingly, thinking the same things.

They could hear the scuffling, slunk of fabric on carpet movement and grunting growls.

Some of them must have turned.

The sounds were getting closer, in-time steps adding to the barrage of sound. None entered the halo of the overhead lights yet. Still not giving any of the five any visual.

The five waited, preparing. ‘They were not paid enough for this shit.’ Some wondered if it would just be best to run or to just open fire. But Walter told them that that would just be a waste of bullets. Just easier prey. ‘If only they had more time…’

Movement. Guns locked to the left.

To the right…




Screams could be heard beneath them. Fear marred many a face of the seated party. Sir Islands not one of them. His attention solely on the monocled man blasting orders into the phone, formation and strategy from what he could hear from the heated whispers.

Richard looked green. His fear apparent. The others whispered with nervousness amongst themselves.

Sir Islands was about to say something. It had been ten minutes since the explosion and Richard had done nothing but cower, letting Walter do all the commanding.

A Hellsing..?I think not.’ Sir Islands thought.

Sir Islands opened his mouth to speak. A visible shiver ran up the walls. The ochre light dimmed, a red fog forming. The shadows in the room stretched, elongating like fingers on hands. The air grew dense.

Everything stopped, looking up towards the ceiling or floor above.

“I’m going out,” Walter, the first to snap back to the present, exclaimed dropping the phone on the hook. He made his way to the door.

“Wal-Walter, you can’t just leave me here.” Richard sputtered, peering like a child over his armrest.

“Don’t worry, sit, I can handle this.” Walter said as he made his way out the door.



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*Cassandra= Shining upon Men, also a ‘Prophetess’ of doom from Greek myth (She rebuffed Apollo’s advances, he cursed her to see the future but no one would believe her.) Remember this J

*mantle~ I didn’t want a knight to use profanity and bollocks is just too gimmicky British for me as an American. I know some British people use it but a lot of people use it to make their character more British. Plus, it’s a sucker punch, mantle=status, ability, a rightly earned title or station or placement (at least how I use it) and you know Islands means it as ‘balls.”

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