Lostlorn Chaos

BY : Skyro
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As the sun rose over the land of Unova, life began as it had any other day. In Lostlorn forest, the trees shook with activity. Flocks of Pidoves shot into the skies while the forest floor was alive with a variety of bug Pokémon. Then from the near middle of the forest a pink orb shot up into the sky, stopping only when it reached the clouds. The orb faded and revealed a lone female Mew who quickly dropped back down into the forest. She drifted around giving cheerful greetings to any Pokémon she came across and being wary of any humans.

"Morning everyone!" she called out. "What's the news for today?" she asked as she sat down on a tree stump. The group around her consisted of a Snivy, a Leavanny, a Minccino and a few other Pokémon that were either residents of the forest or visitors from nearby locations.

"Morning Mew" Snivy said. "Have you heard the rumors?" he asked. Mew stared at him, quickly shaking her head. "Apparently someone is kidnapping cute females somewhere between here and Chargestone Cave. Human or Pokémon, it doesn't seem to matter."

"How dreadful... any idea if it's a human or not?" Mew asked.

"No one knows. The attacker strikes at night and it seems to be very strong. Reports from survivors are that they suddenly felt someone grab them and then strike them hard enough to knock them out" Minccino said. "Then they wake up back where they were taken or near a Pokémon Center" she added.

"Survivors?" Mew asked.

"There might be some that just don't tell what happened to them but as far as we know everyone has returned, no worse than they started off" Leavanny said softly.

"Scary stuff" the others said.

"No worries everyone. Even if there is some evil force I will keep this forest and its residents safe" Mew said cheerfully.

"What can someone so small do?" someone asked. The entire group focused towards the voice, seeing a Mienshao approaching.

"What brings you here? This isn't your usual resting grounds" Mew asked, her voice slightly defensive.

"So feisty... I bet I could protect this place much better than you can" Mienshao said. "You're so puny, all you could protect is that little stump you're sitting on" she added. Mew didn't do anything, letting her mind go to work before she just lashed out and attacked.

"Not again Mienshao... you always brag that you could protect this forest, but whenever we need you, you're nowhere to be found" Minccino said. "You even gave yourself a nickname trying to prove how dependable you are. But you've been so useless to us, Rona". Rona growled lightly but managed to maintain her composure.

"Well it's not my fault that I get busy sometimes" she said. Mew let out a soft chuckle.

"Now that is such a load of bull. We don't get busy unless we're trying to escape from trainers. Pokémon don't have jobs unless they are working for a trainer or are busy protecting their homes. So your excuse is utter bullshit" she said. Rona growled louder and made a move to charge towards Mew, but she was stopped in a heartbeat when the other Pokémon jumped in front of Mew, providing a living barrier.

"Mew has helped all of us, so you better not lay a finger on her" Leavanny said.

"Yeah. You better get out of here before we make short work of you" Snivy said.

"Some protector. She hides behind all of you and doesn't do anything" Rona said. Then she noticed some kind of hostile energy. Her gaze slowly panned around until she noticed Mew again. The pink cat was pulsing with energy and she had a deadly look in her eyes.

"They are protecting you more than me. Now take their kindness and get out" Mew said. Her tone was cold and as Rona felt it pass through her she shivered sharply. Without a word she ran, vanishing from sight in moments. Mew let a sigh pass her lips as she relaxed, sprawling out on the stump while the others gathered around her. "So... who is going to fill me in on what just happened there?" she asked.

"That Mienshao has come by here a lot. Each time she would always boast about her strength and how she could defeat anything. So after a few visits, we asked if she could help keep the forest safe from any problems that happened" Snivy said.

"But Rona never came through. When a swarm of trainers came through and tried to capture most of the residents of the forest, she wasn't there. She was also not there when a forest fire started. But thankfully that got taken care of by us before it spread" Minccino said.

"With so many failures, we were worried the forest was doomed if Rona was the great protector of it. But then you showed up" Leavanny said. "We haven't seen her since you showed up. It's almost odd that she would just turn up today" she added. There was a sudden hush as everyone started thinking.

"You don't think that she is the kidnapper?" Snivy asked quietly.

"Now now... you are all putting too much thought into this. The natural grounds of a Mienshao are not between here and Chargestone. The path is completely inconsistent" Minccino said. Everyone but Mew turned their attention to her, wondering why she of all of them would defend Rona.

"Why are you defending Rona?" Snivy asked.

"I'm not!" Minccino shouted. She appeared to be stunned that they would think such things of her. "You guys have known me for years. I would never cover for someone so vile. I don't even like how she looks" she said.

"No one said anything about how a Mienshao looks... what aren't you telling us Minccino?" Leavanny asked. Minccino fell silent, unable to believe that her friends would think such awful things.

"Come on everyone. Minccino has nothing to do with this" Mew said.

"But..." Snivy began to say.

"Do you not trust my judgment?" Mew asked. "I can read your hearts and hers if need be... but I do not wish to intrude on such private places" she said. Everyone felt bad as Mew's words got through to them. But even though Mew had calmed things down, Minccino still took off running, crying loudly. "Now look what you've all done" Mew said harshly. "All of you stay here. I'll go looking for her. You all better work on a nice apology for when she returns" she said as she got up. The others didn't say anything, feeling dreadful. Mew took it as a sign that they understood and flew off.

She started calling out, both with her voice and psychic messages. Even though there were hundreds if not thousands of Minccino in the area the one that Mew knew, as well as the rest of her friends, all had unique traits to them that she had memorized. She searched the forest, the nearby route and even Nimbasa city. As she looked through the city she noticed a familiar face. "Rona!" she cried out as she flew over to the mysterious Mienshao.

"Oh, you... Mew, right?" she said. "What, did you forget to scold me on standing right?" she asked, the sarcasm obvious in her voice.

"I'm sorry about earlier, but you were being a nuisance. I over reacted" Mew said. She watched Rona think and hoped that she would accept her apology. "I need your help. Minccino has vanished. She ran off earlier after she defended you from false accusations" she said.

"Oh. I know exactly where she is. She told me all about it" Rona said. "I guess for now I will accept that you are being honest. Follow me and I'll lead you to her" she said. Mew followed quickly, glad that Rona didn't try to fight with her. But the location that Rona lead her to was a bit perplexing.

"Chargestone cave? You live here?" Mew asked.

Rona nodded. "I escaped here after some stupid trainer mishandled me" she explained.

"I see. So that is where you were during those times you said you'd protect the forest" Mew said. Rona groaned but nodded, remembering that Minccino had been babbling on about that.

"That's right... I suppose I should be grateful to you for taking over my job while I was gone" she said.

"It's been more of a relaxing vacation to be perfectly honest" Mew said happily. Rona gave her a glance but said nothing, leading the way deeper and deeper into the cave.

"You appear so young... I've also never seen your kind around here before" Rona said.

"Oh that is all just an illusion. I'm well over a thousand years old, if not older. I've been around since Arceus" Mew said. "Plus you've never seen my kind here because I'm the only one, from a region far away from here" she added.

"Sounds like a tall tale" Rona said, a joking tone to her voice.

"I'll tell you the whole story some day, willing that you can stay awake for the whole thing" Mew said. She stopped as she saw Minccino, quickly rushing past Rona and over to Minccino's side. "I hope they've prepared their apologies" she muttered.

"What are you talking about?" Rona asked as she stopped next to Mew.

"I told everyone in the group to prepare apologies for upsetting Minccino. I simply will not tolerate fighting between friends, unless they run it past me first" Mew said as she gently stroked Minccino's head. "So she's resting, huh?" she asked.

"I used Rest on her. She couldn't stop crying and she couldn't tell me what was wrong" Rona said.

"I suppose it hurt her quite a bit, the idea that her friends thought she was a liar and covering up for a kidnapper" Mew said sadly.

"Kidnapper? All of you thought I was a kidnapper?" Rona asked in a cross tone.

"I don't. Hopefully the others will come to their senses" Mew said as she sat down.

"Not going to wake her up?" Rona asked.

"No... hopefully she's having a good happy dream that will take away all her stress and pain from being mistrusted" Mew said, her voice very soft. Rona didn't say anything, simply taking a seat next to Mew and watching over her guests. As they waited Mew also fell asleep, the dull echoing of water droplets striking stone soothing her into a light rest. Rona continued to watch over her guests but her focus soon drifted to Mew.

"Certainly doesn't look like you're as old as you say," she whispered as she lay her hands over Mew. The excess fur draped around Mew like a blanket and Rona could feel the warmth that Mew was giving off. The time passed by as Mew and Minccino slept and when they awoke Rona was gone. The two shared a look of disappointment but decided not to think much of it. The way out of the caves was a long path but very simple.

"Your friend is quite interesting Minccino" Mew said as she looked around.

"Yes she is. I met her by accident one day. We got talking about our fur and then it just kinda spread from there" Minccino said as she also looked around. Once they were out Mew used a Teleport and brought them both to the meeting place in the forest

"Seems like everyone has gone to bed... guess it is just us" Mew said quietly as she looked around. She looked back to Minccino and smiled, her mind thinking of awful things.

"Just us? I suppose you want to have a little fun then" Minccino asked. She smiled as Mew nodded, opening her arms as Mew scooped her up.

"Let us retire to my little den" Mew said happily. She flew off, keeping a careful speed so she wouldn't shake Minccino. Near one of the larger trees in the forest there was a little hole, large enough for both of them to wiggle through, while small enough to keep out any unwanted watchers. The hole led to a den, pink orbs lighting up the area as Mew flew in. The den was tastefully decorated with a few small psychically drawn pictures hanging on the dirt walls and a large slightly used carpet covering the floor. "It's tiny but its home" Mew said as she set Minccino down. "So are you-"she began to say, quickly cut off as Minccino silenced her with a kiss.

The kiss was delicate but powerful and as she continued to kiss Mew, Minccino rubbed her body against Mew, causing the latter to shiver and moan as the fur tickled and the warmth soothed and excited her. With a soft thud they collapsed together onto the carpet and broke apart, both of them panting faintly.

Mew laid flat on her back, legs spread as she watched Minccino, sensing her desires and willing to not take the lead. Minccino climbed on top of Mew, kissing her quickly before moving on. Mew let out soft moans as Minccino laid a short trail of soft kisses down to Mew's pussy. Minccino alternated between soft kisses and licks, her efforts bringing louder moans out of Mew. Then Minccino stopped as memories of a similar time came to her mind.

Mew had been with them for a few months and Minccino had started to notice that every time she looked at Mew, she felt her heart speed up, and other parts of her become hot. A few days later, she spoke to Mew and received a surprise as Mew told her she knew exactly what was happening. Mew offered to teach her, and that night Minccino found herself in one of the best moments of her life.

Before she could remember the rest of that night, she heard Mew speaking to her and felt Mew's tail brushing along her back and ass. She didn't have time to look up as Mew's tail slid down further and pressed against her pussy, the bulbous tip slowly sliding in. Minccino froze for a moment, and then screamed out as Mew's tail entered her, her entire body shaking as the pleasure pulsed through her body.

Without a word, she went back to work, excitedly eating out Mew's pussy while Mew thrust her tail in and out of Minccino at a slow and almost teasing pace. Minccino stopped again but quickly continued, turning her focus to Mew's clit. The words that Mew told her that incredible night echoed through her mind and she did her best to follow them as she licked, kissed and suckled on Mew's clit. The effect was immediate as Mew began to moan out Minccino's name and squirm, her tail picking up the pace as her body was assaulted with pleasure.

Minccino couldn't help but moan but she never stopped assaulting Mew's clit with her mouth, suckling and licking harder, wrapping her tongue around the sensitive nub to increase the pleasure. It was too much for Mew as she thrashed around for a moment, thrusting her tail in deep. Minccino let out a cry of pleasure at the same time, the two crying out each others names as their orgasms hit them.

After a few minutes of enjoying the waves of pleasure coursing through their bodies the two drifted off to sleep, each holding the other close as they drifted into good dreams and a peaceful rest.


A/N: Big thanks to Petofsuccubus, Coelacanth and RogueMudBlood for helping me make this fic look good. Hope everyone enjoys it.

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