Lostlorn Chaos

BY : Skyro
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Mew woke to silence, starting to panic before she felt the warmth and presence of Minccino. She calmed down and cuddled into her partner, listening to the sounds that were carried on the air; it was early morning and nothing else was awake. It was peaceful and gave Mew a bit of quiet time to reflect on last night. “I wonder why she was so fierce at the start, just kissing me without warning?” she thought as she pulled Minccino closer to her. “Come to think of it, a lot of my partners have been like that… Celebi, Jurachi… hell, even the shy and reserved Shaymin nearly knocked me out during one of our sessions.” she thought, ignoring the hot feeling that moved through her like a wave. “Maybe she just had a lot of pent up energy and needed to let it out.” she thought, nodding quickly at the idea. More time passed as she continued to think about a random series of non-related memories of her travels.

She had almost drifted off to sleep when the sound of thunder shot through the air. Minccino woke with a soft gasp of surprise. “Wha?” she cried out.

“Just a storm my dear.” Mew said as she pat Minccino’s head with her tail. “Now if you could please stop trying to squeeze the life out of me, I’d be grateful to do more to comfort you.”

Minccino blushed as she loosened her grip, unaware that she had reacted in such at way in her moment of surprise. “Just a storm? Well that’s good.” she said as she crawled towards the tunnel that lead outside. She stopped as she heard the rain come down, her self conscious habits of keeping her coat as clean as possible quickly kicking in. “But what about the daily meeting?” she asked as she looked back at Mew.

“We can go for a day without the meeting. Plus for all we know, they are still making their apologies.” Mew said. “Now… I’d like for you to tell me some things about Rona.”

Minccino gulped nervously, knowing that this topic was going to come up at some point. “Why are they making apologies? Did you pressure them again?” she asked. She never received an answer and after several minutes of twisting around while hoping that Mew would lose interest, she finally sighed and gave up. “Fine… I meet Rona a few days before the group was formed. She was playing in the forest and I couldn’t help but watch her.” she said.

“I see… by the way, yes, I pressured them to come up with good apologies for falsely accusing you.” Mew said. She drifted close to Minccino and kissed her, giving her a gentle hug as thanks before waiting for her to continue.

“Thank you.” Minccino said quietly. “Anyways, she caught me watching but didn’t attack. I’ll never quite understand why I never found it odd that she suddenly started talking to me and after a few moments I just fell into the lull of the nice conversations and started chatting the whole day away.” she said. She stopped as she looked outside again, a mixed look of stress and embarrassment on her face. “She was already named Rona by that point and I found it really strange that she had a name. She didn’t tell me why, but I think she had been captured by a Trainer before.”

Mew nodded as she listened, not touching Minccino so she wouldn’t cause any reaction. The gentle waves of emotions in the air told her clearly of Minccino’s present state and she was glad that her friend hadn’t broken out into tears. “She told me all about it while she was taking me to the cave. I was quite surprised she escaped without any trauma.” she said softly.

Minccino quickly turned around and tackled Mew as she started crying, burying her face into Mew’s chest. “It wasn’t supposed to happen that way!” she cried out between sobs. She continued to cry, glad that they were so far away from everyone else.

Mew listened and stroked Minccino’s back, not saying a word as she waited for her to let it all out. When Minccino finally stopped crying Mew smiled at her. “Nothing ever quite happens right… so what makes you think she was caught by a Trainer?” she asked.

“Her smell.” Minccino said. “It was tainted with something I couldn’t quite place. Plus to find her in the forest, so far away from her normal grounds.” she added. “I introduced her to the group the next day just shortly we all agreed to keep a watch on each other. She was quite grateful for the job as a guardian and I didn’t see anything wrong with it at the time.”

She stopped again as she tried to remember what to say, but as she noticed Mew’s look of curiosity she knew she would have to tell the whole story. “That night Rona thanked me for the honor… only the manner she thanked me in was very surprising to me at the time.” she said. She gulped softly and wondered how badly she was blushing as memories of several months ago played out in her head. “We made out, much like you and I did. Only she was so experienced and by the time we were done I was just a mess. I felt like my entire body was on fire but in a good way.”

Mew suppressed several giggles as she watched Minccino blush, trying to keep her own blush down and thankful for the color of her fur. “Kind of like you felt last night?” she asked.

“No…. I hate to be mean to Rona, but both times with you were so much better than what she could ever muster”. Minccino said. “I want to ask you about that but I’ll finish telling my story first.” She took a few deep breaths and willed her blush away. “Things went well for the next couple of days; Rona did her job as protector and we continued our little sessions every single night. Then she vanished and I had simply assumed that she stopped caring after only being thanked by me. Of course now I know I was completely wrong, but how can we get the others to believe us?” she asked.

“Simple. We don’t tell them.” Mew said. “If it got out that Rona was previously caught and escaped then the others might think she is really up to no good and is trying to get us caught for her Trainer. You might get accused again for protecting her and then for brainwashing me into believing you and her.” she explained. “We have to keep this between ourselves to not only protect her but also protect you. Understand?”

Minccino listened to everything and for a few moments looked like she was going to object, but as the details finally filtered through her brain she realized exactly what Mew was trying to do. “Oh Mew…” she said with a gentle happy sigh.

The two stayed inside the den for the entire storm, sharing stories with each other and taking care of each others fur. “No wonder you’re so experienced!” Minccino said loudly. “Celebi, Jurachi and Shaymin? But why only girls?” she asked.

“Because my dear… most men are repulsive pigs when it comes to sex and only other women could know just the right places to touch.” Mew said. “Plus I just happen to like girls a lot more than I like boys.”

Minccino giggled as she listened, faint traces of her blush shining through her fur. “I guess I should be glad that you never went for any men.” she said. “Though maybe if you’re lucky, one day you’ll find a man for you.”

“Never”. Mew said stubbornly. “I’ve seen everyone. All six hundred plus Pokémon and not a single one of them held any sort of charm. Not even Mewtwo could please me.”

They continued talking for a few moments longer when Minccino noticed the storm starting to lighten up. “Thank goodness… I’ve been waiting to go outside and get some food.” she said as she started to crawl towards the tunnel.

“Well if you wanted some food then you should have said so.” Mew said as she waved her tail. In the center of the room a large basket of berries appeared. She handed a few to Minccino before grabbing a few for herself, saying a soft prayer before she dug it.

It had never dawned upon Minccino to ask Mew and now as she slowly ate her late breakfast she felt a little foolish for not doing so in the first place. As she finished her berries and grabbed some more she started to wonder about Mews power. “Are the rumors true?” she asked as she set down a few berries in front of her.

Mew looked up from her meal and wondered what Minccino meant. Quickly reading her friends mind she found the answer and quickly finished what she was chewing. “Yes they are. I can turn into any Pokémon. Why would you ask such a funny thing?” she asked.

“I was just curious… maybe you could help Rona by getting revenge on her Trainer.” Minccino said.

“Are you crazy? Attacking a Trainer could cause major trouble. Any Pokémon big enough to cause damage would be recognized, if not by the Trainer if they survive then by any Pokémon in the area.” Mew said.

Minccino fell silent as she realized that Mew was right. “Plus I don’t know what her Trainer looked like, so it would be a fruitless pursuit” she said. “But, why would you say if the Trainer survives? I never said anything about doing them physical harm.” she asked. She watched Mew gulp nervously and wondered what her friend was hiding.

“Well… I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I have no love loss for humans.” Mew said “While there are some good ones, and okay ones with some flaws, those two groups are far and few between. I found it rare that Pokémon were treated nicely by their Trainers and so, I’ve grown to dislike all humans.”

Minccino wasn’t surprised with what Mew told her, but there was something that continued to bother her. “Have you harmed Trainers and non-Trainers before?” she asked. She hoped it wasn’t true, that Mew had only gotten furious with the treatment of fellow Pokémon but had never done anything violent.

“A few times.” Mew said quietly. “Only because they were beating up Pokémon.” she added. As she glanced to Minccino she frowned, the expression on her friends face saying it all. “Please don’t look at me like that. I cannot help myself when I see others being harmed by humans. I have so much power and it would be a waste to just let it all go to waste.”

“What did you do to them?” Minccino asked, her voice a near whisper.

“I did to them what they were doing to the Pokémon… beat them, or in some more horrible cases, taught them a lesson that they would never forget.” Mew said. “I can’t let Pokémon suffer. You must understand Minccino.”

“Then you can’t be the kidnapper.” Minccino said. She ignored the surprised look that Mew gave her and continued. “Because Pokémon as well as Trainers have been kidnapped.”

Mew giggled nervously. “Hey, that’s right!” she said, her voice a little loud. “Sorry but you completely stunned me. You suspected for a moment that I was the kidnapper. What a riot.”

The two became silent as they finished their food. The slight accusation of possibly being the kidnapper had stunned Mew and Minccino just wasn’t sure what to think. As the unease grew Minccino finally broke the silence with a soft cough.

“I’d like to go back into the forest now.” Minccino said quietly,

Mew nodded as she picked up Minccino, carrying her out through the tunnel and back into the forest. “Here you go.” she said as she set Minccino down.

Minccino gave Mew a small smile as she was set down, trying to find something to say. “You wouldn’t harm other Pokémon, would you?” she asked.

“No, never.” Mew said. “At least not unless they are just as guilty as their Trainer.” she thought.

“Alright… see you tomorrow then.” Minccino said as she started to walk away. When she looked back she didn’t see Mew, a frown dropping onto her face as she resumed returning to her nest, her mind racing with thoughts that Mew might really be the kidnapper.

Mew didn’t say anything as Minccino walked away, diving back into her den before Minccino could look at her again. She hurt, her chest lightly throbbing with pain as every dull heartbeat seemed to remind her of being accused. She needed to get to the end of this kidnapping case before suspicions grew. “At night… between here and Chargestone.” she said to herself. It would only be a few hours until night fall.

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