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Authors note: The second part of Jingi! (Please read jingi before Kyodai ai as you may need the background to understand this story) ALL CHARACTORS! ALL POV'S!

Synopsis: Yuki and Shuichi are back together and after all the suffering and hardships they have been through their relationship is better than ever, however, when information about the truth behind NG productions is leaked to the press they are besieged by the press! Tohma tries to keep the family together even as his kingdom slips through his grasping fingers, meanwhile, tragedy strikes the Seguchi family...


Kyōdai ai (Brotherhood)

Chapter one: Ryū no ha (Dragons teeth)

"Ok! Brilliant! Well done, all of you."

Ryuichi sighed and stepped down from the podium, the photo shoot had been long and he was hungry. Tohma stepped up beside him and touched him on the shoulder. "See me in my office in an hour...and get some food." He muttered in Ryuichi's ear, the singer smiled and nodded before walking back to the green room to change. When he got there Noriko was busy stripping already, their dressing room was privet as always and no one was allowed entry unless they had permission. Ryuichi hummed quietly to himself while he pulled off his shirt and dropped it unceremoniously on the floor, he looked up to see Noriko stood in nothing but her bra and panties. On her back, spread across her skin, were a beautifully crafted set of flowers, each one a colourful master piece. "What have I told you about throwing your clothes everywhere, Ryu-chan?" She muttered sternly as she picked up his crumpled shirt from the floor.

"Ah, Noriko, I'm sorry!" Ryuichi replied sulkily as he took the shirt from her. "I'll straighten it out..." He shook it and laid it aside neatly. "Better?"

"Much." Noriko laughed and ruffled Ryuichi's hair. "You know, its nice to have you back...for a while I thought that you'd..." She stopped and shook her head. "It doesn't matter."

"I'm glad too. Tohma's being so nice to me now! Ryuichi is happy."

K sat before Shuichi, he crossed his legs and glared at the petulant singer. "You will do it."

"No." Shuichi said and folded his arms across his chest and turned his head away. "I refuse."

"This is an important job, if you care about Bad Luck you'll have to do it!" K snapped.

"No! For the last time, I'm going to eat dinner with Yuki! It's important!"

"Yuki will understand, just phone him when you get to the studio...Shuichi, you need to start taking this seriously or..." he broke off when the door to the meeting room opened. Sakano stood there, his glasses flashing in the sunlight that streamed through the window.

"Shacho is looking for you." He said to K.

"Alright...Shuichi, we'll finish this later." K stood and waved his gun threateningly at the Singer who huffed angrily. K followed Sakano out the door and up to the executive floor. When the doors to the lift opened he heard a ruckus, he stepped into the corridor to find Ryuichi throwing what appeared to be a tantrum.

"No!" Ryuichi shouted loudly, office workers paused to stare at the brunet singer in shock as he stamped his foot on the plush carpet. Tohma stood before him looking bored and fed up.

"Ryuichi, please, just listen! I'm not asking you to do anything unreasonable...I'm asking you to talk to the press..."

"I hate them!" Ryuichi pouted and folded his arms over his chest. "They'll be mean to me and I don't like it! Why can't you do it? You do it all the time!"

"Ryuichi, I'm very busy at the moment and I have an appointment in Kyoto...one that I cannot ignore! Please, just take my place for now! I'll never make you do it again!"

"But I don't wanna!" The singer threw himself on the floor and sat there staring at his legs. "Don't wanna talk to no press..."

Tohma sighed and looked up as K walked towards him. "K, please try and talk some sense into him! He's driving me mad!"

K looked down at Ryuichi who was sulking silently, his bunny sitting on his head and looking forlorn. "Ryuichi...what have I told you about ignoring your duties as a star?"

Ryuichi looked away with a frown. "But if I do it...Tohma'll go away and leave me again..."

Tohma crouched before his friend and took his hands in his own. "I'll only be gone for a while, a few days at the most...please, Ryuichi, I'm asking as a friend."

Ryuichi looked up at him, tears in the corners of his eyes. "B-But..."

"Oh for crying out loud!" Noriko's voice came from down the hall, she sounded furious.

Ryuichi flinched and tried to stand but he was too late, Noriko grabbed him by the hair and dragged him back. "Owy! Ow! Ow! Noriko!" he whined as he tried to peel her off of him. "It hurts!"

"You're shirking your duties again? You lazy bum! If you don't go then I'll beat you to a bloody pulp with my synth again! Understand?"

"Uwaaaah! Noriko's a sadist! Toooooohhhhmaaa!" Ryuichi struggled and finally Noriko released him so he fell into Tohma's arms and began crying.

"So, you'll do it?" Tohma asked, his eyes pleading.

Ryuichi finally caved. He sighed and hung his head. "Alright, I'll do it for you..." He mumbled as he buried his face into Tohma's clothes and took a deep breath. He smiled and looked up at the blond. "But only if you..." he leaned up so his face was millimetres away from Tohma's. "...Kiss me..."

Tohma smiled and pressed his lips to Ryuichi's. At the same moment everyone averted their eyes. Sakano cleared his throat awkwardly while staff hurried past with their heads down, Noriko tutted loudly and folded her arms across her chest. "I'll bring you back a present." Tohma murmured after he broke the kiss. He released Ryuichi and the singer smirked, it was a dark expression that was aimed at Tohma, he quickly covered it again and followed Tohma through the door of his office when Sakano opened it.

Ryuichi stood before the man's door. He grinned to himself as he lifted his hand and knocked a few times. When it opened he found himself staring at a man in his fifties, he had a white streak in his hair and his eyes were narrow. When he saw Ryuichi standing there he smiled, the smile was full of hunger and his eyes glittered with desire. Ryuichi leaned against the door frame and smiled his sexiest smile. "Hi, my names Hayashi Sora..." He said in a low and seductive voice.

The man at the door smiled and stood aside. "Welcome, Hayashi-kun..."

Ryuichi stepped in through the door feeling the man's eyes devouring him, he smiled a smile that would scare the dead before rearranging his features into something sexier. He stood by a mirror as he removed his shoes and stared at his reflection, even he was surprised, as always, at how good his makeup was...he didn't even recognise himself. The bleach in his hair had turned it a dark blond and the contacts in his eyes had turned them brown. He grinned at himself before turning around and facing the man. "By the way, you can call me Sora..." He said with the most innocent smile he could muster, he chuckled as the man's eyes slid over his body. He had been told to wear something a high school student would wear and he had decided on a large baggy t-shirt with a pair of low hanging jeans.

"Well then Sora...please come this way." He led Ryuichi through his house, missing the sudden very adult look that crossed his face as he began noting every single possible exit and entry point within the house. They walked down a hall way and into a massive living room, a huge window looked out across the city, Ryuichi was astounded by the view and he skipped over to it happily, pressing his hands against the glass and looking out over Tokyo Bay.

"Amazing! You can see everything! Wow, mister, you've got a nice place here!" Ryuichi said, he was watching the man in the glass as he moved close, his hands found Ryuichi's hips and slid under his baggy shirt. "Un...S-sir...?" Ryuichi whispered, making sure to keep his voice as innocent as possible.

"But of course, the agency sent you here...would you like the money now or later?"

"L-Later...but...I don't even know your name..." He whispered as those cold hands began exploring his body, his fingers pinching Ryuichi's nipples and making him flinch slightly.

"Isayama...Isayama Daichi..." The man muttered as he ran his tongue over Ryuichi's neck. The singer leaned back into him and moaned loudly. "Hmm...you're so sensitive...are you sure you're a virgin?"

Ryuichi nodded, panting heavily as Isayama's hands slid down his body and into his jeans. "Yeah..." He sighed. Then, abruptly he grabbed Isayama's hands and pulled away shyly. "I uh...I'm nervous...sorry...I've never done this before."

"Ah, not to worry...let me get you something to ease your nerves..." The man stepped away and moved into the kitchen, Ryuichi watched him go, his eyes narrowing and that sly smile creeping across his lips. Once the man was out of sight he turned and pulled something small from his pocket, quickly he climbed a bookcase and set up the tiny camera so that it showed the large sofa and most of the living room. Once done he looked into it and gave the thumbs up before leaping lightly back to the hard wood floors and sitting down on the sofa, he chuckled to himself quietly and waited for the man to return.

Tohma watched the video in silence. The small room was filled with the sounds of Ryuichi's moans, he couldn't take his eyes off of the singer as he sat on top of the old Politician. A smirk crossed the president's face as Ryuichi's eyes looked directly at the camera, the tiniest smile of his own on his face as he moved his hips and rode the man beneath him. "Ryuichi...you bastard." Tohma muttered to himself.

"Oh...Isayama-saaan...so good..." Ryuichi flung his head back and moaned loudly, the old man began kissing his neck and chest leaving a trail of marks across Ryuichi's skin. "N-No...stop making m-marks..." Ryuichi gasped, he grabbed the man's face and kissed him hard, Tohma narrowed his eyes slightly and when Ryuichi pulled away he was smiling again. He had positioned the camera for maximum effect, Tohma could see everything. He also managed to manoeuvre the old man who was fucking him into positions that were very provocative and always revealed too much of Ryuichi's body, Tohma felt the small flush on his cheeks as Ryuichi opened his legs and wrapped one arm around the Politicians head. He sat with his back against Isayama's chest. "M-More...need more..." Ryuichi gasped, his eyes never left the camera, and Tohma almost forgot that he was watching Ryuichi fuck someone else. The singer licked his lips seductively as Isayama began moving faster, Ryuichi's face flushed pink and a glazed look came into his eyes. "Ah...Nnn...G-Gunna..."

Tohma swallowed the lump that had developed in his throat and realised it was as dry as a bone. He could see Ryuichi tensing, his body slicked with sweat as he continued to move his hips, his hand slid down to his erection and he began moving his hand slowly up and down it. "Nnng...Ah...f-fuck...so good...Ah...Ah..." Tohma watched Ryuichi lips form his name as he suddenly went ridged. Semen splattered his fingers and chest as he arched his back and threw his head into the old man's shoulder. Slowly, after a few minutes for Ryuichi to recover he looked back at the camera, he was panting heavily as he lifted his wet fingers to his mouth and licked them clean. Tohma almost groaned at the gesture, his hands clenched into fists on the desk.

"You absolute bastard, Ryuichi..." Tohma muttered and watched the singer wink before returning to his client.

The door opened and Tohma turned to see Mika enter, he quickly shut his laptop on the dodgy image and smiled. He stood and moved towards her, her hair was damp and she was wrapped in a robe. He moved close and lifted her hair to his lips with a soft sigh. "You're using the shampoo I got you?" He whispered, his fingers combing through her thick hair.

"Yes, it smells so good..." She replied and moved away from him, she sat down in the seat he had just vacated and he knelt before her. "So, what were you doing?"

"Hm?" Tohma muttered as he ran fingers gently up her thigh and followed it with his lips. She laughed quietly.

"On your laptop, what were you doing?"

"Oh...not much...just work." He replied between kisses. "Mika-san..." He sighed as he parted the robe, his hands moving steadily upwards. His eyes met hers and they smiled at each other before he leaned up and captured her lips in a deep kiss. "I love you." He whispered against her forehead, his hand tangled in her damp hair. "Let's get an early night..."

"Sounds like a good idea..." She replied and wrapped her arms around her husband.

Ryuichi yawned and rubbed the back of his head so his newly dyed hair stuck up at random angles, he had returned it to its natural brown after returning home. He lounged on his sofa and spoke softly into his phone. "Yeah, he didn't suspect a thing." He smiled and lay back to stare up at his living room ceiling.

"That video...it was...very explicit." Tohma said quietly from the other end.

"Did you like it?" Ryuichi purred in a sexy voice. "He seemed to love it...said he'd hire me again. I guess pretending to be a young whore was a good idea...you know he gave me loads of money for it. Maybe I should take it up as a profession..."

"No!" Tohma sounded scandalised.

"Why? Would you get jealous?" Ryuichi chuckled as he imagined Tohma's blush. "Tohma, when will you be back?"

"Soon, I'll be here for a few days longer, wait for me."

"I always do." Ryuichi sighed, he smiled and closed his eyes. "You know, I was thinking of you when he was touching me..."

"Stop it, Ryuichi!" Tohma hissed. "I have to go..."

"Wait! Did you get everything on that video?"

"Yes, he won't be able to refuse us now we have this to bribe him with...well done Ryuichi."

"Good, I'll see you in a few days then..."

"Ah...See you." Tohma hung up and smiled down at the phone for a moment before pocketing it and turning to his wife.

The days passed. Shuichi sat on the sofa curled up at Yuki's side and half asleep, he was smiling slightly as the television played a drama they had been watching. Suddenly the phone rang and Yuki sighed irritably, he shoved Shuichi off of his lap gently and stood before walking over to the phone and answering it...

Tohma had just returned from his trip to Kyoto, he was smiling happily to himself while Sakano began giving him an update on the week's events. But the president wasn't listening, he had one hand in his hair and was humming softly to himself.


"Ah, yes, so sorry...Sakano-san, you were saying?" Tohma said as he was wrenched from a rather pleasant day dream.

"You're not acting yourself, sir...uh...may I be so bold as to ask what you're so happy about?"

Tohma's smile widened and his eyes shone. "Ah, now that would be telling, Sakano-san...but, maybe..." he paused and shook his head with a small chuckle. "I guess I can't keep it to myself forever! Sakano-san, Mika-san gave me some rather good news when I visited her...She told me she's..." the phone rang and he turned to it. "Do excuse me..." He muttered and picked it up. "Hello? This is Seguchi speaking..."

Sakano had no idea what was being said on the other end but he felt his heart stop in his chest as he watched the presidents face. His smile slipped and he went as white as a sheet, his eyes stared into the distance as if he was seeing something terrifying. "Sh-Shacho...?" Sakano muttered as he took a careful step forward, he stopped.

Suddenly Tohma took a breath. "Y-yes...I-I understand...t-Thank you...and I...And..." his voice fell away and he dropped the phone, it hit the desk and he stood and swayed slightly. His hand covered his mouth as if he was about to be sick and he stumbled past Sakano who made to go after him but Tohma shoved him away.

"Hello? Hello? Seguchi-san? Hello?"

The odd buzzing voice was coming from the other end of the line, Sakano picked the phone up. "I'm so terribly sorry but Seguchi-shacho isn't feeling all that well, may I take a message?"

"Ah, so sorry...no, we've finished all we had to say. Please, give the president our condolences."

Shuichi stretched and yawned, he turned to see his boyfriend sat on the floor. His eyes widened and he stood up quickly, the blanket falling from his shoulders. "Yuki?" he muttered and knelt at his side. "Yuki, what's wrong?"

Yuki suddenly grabbed the shocked and confused singer and dragged him into a tight embrace. He was shaking violently as he hid his face in Shuichi's pink hair. He took a shuddery breath and Shuichi heard the tell tale hitch that indicated that he was crying. He moved so he could envelope the author in his arms and rested his head on Yuki's. "It's alright..." he whispered as he stroked his soft yellow hair. "When you're ready to tell me what happened, I'll be here to listen."

"Shuichi..." Yuki choked and gripped him harder. His voice was muffled by Shuichi's neck but the singer still felt hot tears sting his flesh.

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