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Chapter 3: Ryū no o (Dragons tail)

Shuichi stood on the balcony he sighed heavily. "So, what do you reckon they're doing?" He asked.

Hiro moved to stand behind him, his hands in the pockets of his jeans as he looked up at the sky. "Dunno...The guy who did it must have some guts. Imagine taking out the Oyabun's wife just like that, seems like it's either someone completely insane or someone who's got a lot of weight behind him..."

"Could be both?" Shuichi replied. He sighed again. "Yuki's not himself, he's restless..."

"Course he is, Shuichi." Hiro leaned forward on the balcony railings and lit a cigarette. "Seguchi's basically got him under house arrest at the moment, I mean, even you have to have a body guard everywhere you go. He's also stationed men up in Kyoto to guard Yuki-san's old man and Tatsuha-kun."

Shuichi sent his friend a very suspicious look. "How the hell do you know all that?" He asked slowly.

Hiro smiled. "I have my sources."

"I don't like it." Shuichi said suddenly, he folded his arms across his chest and eyed his best friend. "Lately I've hardly seen you. You're never home and you have a gun in your sock draw."

Hiro stared at Shuichi in surprise. "Huh? How'd you find that?"

"Come on, your sock draw Hiro...I'm not quite as stupid as I like to make out." He smiled mischievously. "Come on, tell me what's been up with you, you have a girlfriend?"

Hiro stared at his friend wandering if he really was that dumb or if he was joking. Finally he sighed. "It was Sakuma-san's idea at first." He began slowly, taking a slow drag on his cigarette. "He convinced Tohma to let me come save you when the Chinese got hold of you, remember?" Shuichi nodded. "Then I helped Yuki-san and Sakuma-san find you when you were kidnapped by that American guy...after that and the time we rescued you again...Apparently K-san told Seguchi about my shooting skills..."

Slowly it dawned on Shuichi what Hiro was trying to tell him. His eyes went wide. "Y-You...Hiro...you..."

Hiro smiled. "Well, it makes it easier. I can help protect you properly now...well, soon anyway. You see, I haven't exchanged Sakazuki...what's wrong?" Shuichi looked horrified.

"Why?" he asked softly. "Why would you endanger yourself like that?" He said suddenly. "Don't go any further, there's no need! Just...just stay with me!" Shuichi sounded desperate. He couldn't stand the thought of losing Hiro. "Please, Hiro..." Shuichi stared into Hiro's eyes and the guitarist smiled.

"You know, it's funny really, but I had never even considered anything like this until I saw you with that scar...then I realised that I needed to get stronger, mentally and physically...I need to protect you Shuichi. And as long as you're involved with Yuki-san you'll get into all sorts of trouble, especially now Seguchi Mika-san is dead." He lifted his hand and ran a finger down the place where Shuichi's scar used to be. "You need to be protected..."

"I don't! Hiro...I really don't! Please...I can...mmmm!" Shuichi's eyes went wide as Hiro's mouth closed over his own. He could taste cigarettes on his tongue. He lifted his hands to Hiro's shoulders and pushed him away suddenly. "Hiro!" he muttered. "What was that?"

Hiro smiled. "Sorry...don't know what came over me. You just look so cute when you worry about me!" He laughed and Shuichi shook his head.

Ryuichi stood at Tohma's side, the wind blew his hair around his face as he watched Tohma pay his respects to the grave. Tohma was knelt before the marker, his hands pressed together and his eyes closed. Finally he stood and Ryuichi followed him back to the car, Sakano waited for them and opened the door of the car. Tohma climbed in first followed by Ryuichi who took the opportunity to search the area, he had the distinct feeling they were being watched. He frowned until Sakano tapped him on the shoulder. "Sakuma-san?"

"Keep your gun ready." Ryuichi muttered as he climbed into the car. "And don't aim to kill..."

"Yes, sir." Sakano bowed before closing the door and entering the driver's side.

Tohma folded his arms across his chest and frowned into space. "What did you notice?" he asked suddenly.

"We're being followed." Ryuichi replied as Sakano started the engine. "About three people at a time...they change every four hours or so...like a rota. It looks like they're inexperienced because they're too obvious, either that or it's a trap. Lull us into a false sense of security and take us out while we're complacent."

"Hmm..." Tohma tipped his head back against the back seat and looked up at the ceiling. "It could be either, we don't want to underestimate our enemies. Did you get any faces?"

"They were well disguised, not flashy...they looked like normal Salary men, but I didn't notice any particular distinctive badge or anything to indicate what group they're from. I noticed them because their sunglasses were too expensive. They made that mistake." Ryuichi chuckled. "Fools."

"Ryuichi, careful with that attitude...as soon as we underestimate them we're dead."

"Yes sir." Ryuichi replied, still smirking slightly.

"Remember, Sato Eito was trained by the same man as you. You are an equal match, he could kill you just as easily as you could kill him."

"I know, but isn't that what makes it fun?" Ryuichi's smile widened. "Where's the challenge in killing an amateur...it'd be like murdering a puppy. No, this is going to be fun. When I get hold of him..." Ryuichi's eyes darkened until they were almost black, Sakano glanced at him in the rear view mirror and suddenly had to look away. "I'm going make sure his screams are heard in Hell, just so that Hanako can know I've avenged her..."

Tohma put his hand on Ryuichi's arm. "Calm down." He muttered. "Don't get reckless, please Ryuichi...I can't lose you to this monster."

Ryuichi sighed. "I know...And I have no intention of dying until you do...I just...I can't stand the thought of him walking around free and enjoying life...not when he...he killed her like that. And not when he hurt you so badly."

"We'll get revenge, don't worry about that." Tohma smiled. "I promise."

Ryuichi returned the smile and wrapped his arms around Tohma's neck, he leaned up and kissed him gently on the lips. "I know."

Shuichi finished the song and stepped out of the booth. He saw Fujisaki leaning over the control panel with a frown of concentration on his face as he adjusted things, pressing buttons and moving dials. Hiro sat in the corner strumming the strings of his guitar slowly, his long hair was tied back from his face and he yawned. K was sitting in a chair speaking quietly on the phone in English, he was talking too quickly for Shuichi to understand what he was saying. Finally he hung up and turned around. "I have to go." He muttered as he rubbed his eyes. "You guys finish up and get home quickly, Shuichi, a car will be by to take you back to Yuki's...whatever you do, do not leave the house and don't let Yuki leave either."

"What happened?" Fujisaki turned around, he looked worried.

"Nothing to worry yourself over." K replied with a weak smile. "Just get home safe." With that K left the shocked band and made his way up to the top floors. When he reached Tohma's office he knocked on the door, Sakano opened it and he stepped inside. Everyone was sat around, Ryuichi sitting on Tohma's desk with his hair tied back and a serious look on his face, Noriko sat on the sofa looking worried, Tohma himself was sitting behind his desk with his chin cupped in his hand. "Boss?"

"We've been investigated." Tohma said slowly.

"What do you...?"

"That bastard Kimura Arata from the Organised Crime unit..." Ryuichi answered in a hissing whisper. Noriko shifted uneasily.

"The police?" K's voice was high with shock. "How the hell did he do that? I thought you had the cops in your pocket?"

"I did." Tohma replied slowly. "Until Chief Yoshida retired. His replacement was nearly impossible to bribe, he's completely clean...couldn't find a thing on him. And he's not swayed by money."

"We can't hide forever...it was inevitable really." Noriko said with a small sigh. "Once they dig deeper they'll find all the dirt."

"Shit!" K swore in English and sat down heavily beside Noriko who offered him a cigarette. He took one with a nod of thanks and lit it, slowly blowing the smoke out. "So, what's the plan boss?"

"Our informant said that the police are being controlled by an exterior force." Tohma slid a photograph across his desk and K leaned forward to look at it. The man was old, with a streak of white in his hair. "His name is Isayama Daichi, he's the head of the National Public Safety Commission and we have certain destructive material that could end his career...however, he isn't being very cooperative as he insists that we're lying...so, I intend to prove we're not. I will expose him."

"Perv." Ryuichi muttered. "Seriously, that guy was all over me." He said with a small smirk.

K shook his head. "So, once he's out of office who's his replacement?"

"Takahashi Jun...a man who will be hard to persuade." Tohma frowned at his desk. "I have been having no luck digging up any dirt on him. He doesn't seem interested in anything but upholding the law, he's a very honourable man..."

"Stupid." Ryuichi muttered. "No one can be that pure...he has to have a weakness! Everyone does."

"Hm." Tohma agreed. "It's just finding that weakness that's the problem."

"Did you say Takahashi Jun?" The voice at the door made them turn and they saw Hiro standing by the door, Shuichi hovered uncertainly behind him.

"Nakano-san..." Tohma stood and looked the boy up and down for a minute.

"Takahashi-san used to be friends with my old man." Hiro said in response to the odd looks he was getting. "This was before he climbed so high, of course. But when he was younger him and my dad went to school together, I used to call him 'Uncle'."

Tohma smiled. "Excellent. Well done, Nakano-san...you will be very useful. Now, come in and shut the door..." his eyes landed on Shuichi. "And Shindou-san, if you're coming in; come in, don't stand in the hall." Tohma spoke reluctantly and Shuichi slipped into the room behind his friend.

Yuki sat at home, the room was dark and Shuichi was late back. Even though he had phoned to let him know, the author still felt a horrible sense of dread. It had plagued him since Mika's death and he couldn't shake it. His fury at Mika's murderer had turned inward, having no other outlet, he had turned on himself. He kept blaming himself. Over and over he would run through the last conversation he had had with his sister...

"Eiri, please, come home and visit! I have something I want to tell you and I don't want to speak of it over the phone..."

"No! Why the hell would I want to come back? You can tell me now or not at all."


"I said no! Now, if you've got nothing else to say..."

"Has Tohma not said anything?"

"About what?"

"Good, I asked him not to...but again, I would really rather you came to visit, father wants to speak to yo..."

"I'm hanging up!"

The memory made him put his hands over his head as he curled into a small ball. His sisters accusing face swam behind his closed eyes. He couldn't sleep, because when he did he would always hear her in his dreams, accusing him of her murder...he had so much blood staining his hands now that he could no longer see the skin beneath. "Mika..." he choked on his grief and buried his face into his pillow.

"I don't know about any of his weaknesses..." Hiro muttered quietly. "And even if I did...I'm not sure I'd want to tell you them..." he looked apologetic. "He was like a real Uncle..."

"Nakano-san, if you know anything at all that can help us I would be grateful if you could tell us...the situation is desperate. We need all the help we can get."

Hiro wavered, he chewed on his bottom lip, unsure what he should do. "I..."

Ryuichi moved silently to his side and put his hand on his arm, he leaned close with a small smile and whispered in Hiro's ear, so quietly no one heard what he said. "Don't you want to protect Shuichi?" He hissed. His hand ran slowly up the guitarists arm and came to rest in his long hair, his fingers tangling in it gently as his breath caressed Hiro's ear and neck. "You're in love with him aren't you? Wouldn't you sacrifice anything for him? Just tell us what we need to know...and I'll give you everything you need to protect him. I can show you things that not even Yuki would know...I'll show you these secrets if you give us yours...Hiro."

Hiro closed his eyes, Ryuichi was right, he would do anything to protect Shuichi, but he still hesitated. Shuichi watched the exchange with a small frown. "Um...Sakuma-san..." he began slowly. "If he doesn't know anything then isn't it cruel to pressure him?"

Ryuichi's intense gaze moved to the other singer and he smiled. "Shuichi...how very sweet of you." He giggled childishly and released Hiro who let out the breath he was holding. "You still believe that I'm as kind as I pretend to be? Didn't K warn you a long time ago?" He leaned close to Shuichi. "I am cruel, Shu-chan..." He smiled and pressed his finger to Shuichi's forehead. "I'm as cruel as they come, in fact...some would say that I'm a sadist...I'm shocked that you still held on to the naive delusion that I'm a nice guy...although, I am flattered. You're just too cute. If you carry on like this I may just have to tear you away from Yuki's arms..."

"Ryuichi! Enough!" Tohma snapped.

Ryuichi chuckled and turned to his boss. "Yes, sir. I'm sorry."

Tohma shook his head and returned his attention to Hiroshi. "What have you decided?"

Hiro took a breath. "I don't know if this is true or not but when I was younger I overheard my dad on the phone, he was talking to Uncle Takahashi and he was angry...he was angry because Uncle was in serious debt, he was a gambling addict." Hiro sighed and looked away. "Apparently his family left him because of it, I doubt he's one now but..." he shrugged. "Please, don't hurt him."

"We won't. We need him." Tohma replied. "Thank you for that information, Nakano-san...you may leave. Sakano-san?"

"Yes, Shacho?"

"Please take them back home, make sure they get there in one piece."

As Shuichi turned to leave he felt someone touch him lightly on the shoulder, he turned to find himself staring up at Tohma. Hiro left with Sakano, while Ryuichi stayed behind. "Shindou-san...may I have a brief word?" Tohma asked stiffly. When Shuichi nodded Tohma sighed. "I want to know how Eiri-san is doing?"

Shuichi shook his head and closed his eyes. "I don't know...he doesn't speak to me as much. He just...keeps to himself, like he's locked himself away."

Tohma nodded slowly and rubbed his brow with one hand, he gritted his teeth. "I understand. He was like this when he killed Kitazawa...If I could, I would be with him...but I...I can't. If they see me anywhere near his house they will kill him. I must keep him as far away from me as possible...please, tell him...tell him it's not his fault! Tell him I will avenge his sister's death...tell him I will kill the bastards who dared lay a hand on her and my unborn child!"

Shuichi uttered a small gasp, his hand going to his mouth. "She was..."

"Yes. She was carrying my child." Tohma turned his back abruptly. "Please give him my message, you may go."

Ryuichi guided Shuichi to the door and followed him out. Before the office door had closed completely Shuichi heard a muffled sob from within, Ryuichi sighed heavily before turning to Shuichi. "Stay off of the streets, keep in doors as much as possible and if it can't be avoided then take someone with you. Don't let Yuki do anything stupid...if Yuki dies so does Tohma. Understand?" Shuichi nodded. "Good, and...thank you."

"Oi! Shuichi! You coming?" Hiro called from where he stood outside the lift.

"Yeah, just give me a second." Shuichi called back. He returned his gaze to Ryuichi who was staring at the office door as if lost in thought. "Sakuma-san?"

"Hmm? Yes?"

"Uh...Did...does Yuki know that Mika-san was...?"

"I doubt it. And I don't think it's a good idea to tell him either, if he knows...he'll definitely do something stupid. So, please, keep everything you heard here a secret!"

Shuichi nodded and turned back to Hiro. Ryuichi watched him to the elevator before sighing and returning to his boss, he found Tohma staring out the window and he walked over and put his hand on Tohma's shoulder. After a long silence Tohma spoke. "Are you...happy?" He asked, his fingers entwining with the singers.

"What do you mean?" Ryuichi replied.

"Are you happy that Mika-san is...?" He couldn't say it, even this long after her death.

Ryuichi paused and considered his answer carefully. "I am...sad...that she died..." He said slowly.

"And?" Tohma insisted gently.

Ryuichi sighed. "I cannot deny that I am a little bit, selfishly happy that I can have you to myself...but I would never have wished her dead! I promise you that! I would have protected her with my life, Tohma...because she was a part of you."

Tohma closed his eyes and pressed his head against the glass window. "I remember when I first met her..." he whispered. "The meeting was pre-arranged by Endo-san and I acted like a spoilt brat when I first heard he was going to marry me to a random stranger." He laughed softly and Ryuichi let him speak in silence. "But when I finally met her, she was...beautiful. I may have grown to love her slowly but I...did love her. If not in the same way I love...him."Ryuichi tried not to tense but failed. Tohma turned around and looked at his subordinate. "Are you still jealous?" He asked as he brushed hair from Ryuichi's pretty face, the singer avoided eye contact and said nothing. Tohma chuckled and shoved his fingers into Ryuichi's hair, he leaned down and began kissing Ryuichi's throat. "Just be grateful..." He whispered against the singer's skin, enjoying the way he swallowed and the tension in his body. "Be grateful that you are the only one who I do this with...Eiri may be the most important person in the world to me, but you come a close second." He sighed and felt Ryuichi shudder under his touch, his gentle, feather light kisses made the singer squirm and gasp softly. "I love this submissive side of you..." He said as he pushed Ryuichi against the glass and looked down into those hypnotic eyes. "Sato taught you well...You would die if I asked you to...I wander if he knew that all his training would only benefit me in the future?" Tohma laughed as he left bruises across the brunet's skin. He slid his hand down Ryuichi's back and slid it beneath his jeans, the small noises of pleasure he drew from Ryuichi's lips made him smile. "You like this?" Ryuichi gasped and nodded as Tohma's teeth clamped down on his throat, he groaned loudly and wrapped his arms around Tohma's neck. "Tell me where you want me to touch you..." Ryuichi mumbled incoherently against Tohma's neck making the blond draw away and smile down at him. "I didn't hear you."

"E-Everywhere...!" Ryuichi gasped, he gripped Tohma tightly. "Touch me everywhere...I need you, Tohma..."

Tohma chuckled at the response and pressed his lips to the singers, he slid his tongue into Ryuichi's accepting mouth and felt him shudder. He prolonged the kiss, loving the way Ryuichi's tongue responded to his. When he finally broke away the brunet was panting and his face was flushed as he looked up at Tohma expectantly, his blue eyes glassy and unfocussed. "On your knees." Tohma muttered in his ear, his fingers running gently through Ryuichi's hair. The assassin obeyed immediately and began unbuttoning Tohma's trousers, the belt came undone and was shortly followed by his fly. Ryuichi looked up at Tohma from his knees, his hands resting on the blonde's thighs, his eyes were large but filled with desire. The fingers of one of Tohma's hands slipped into Ryuichi's hair and he smiled. "I think you know what to do by now..." he muttered. The singer smiled before taking Tohma into his mouth, he slid his tongue slowly down his length and heard a satisfying groan from above him. Tohma pressed his other hand against the glass and allowed himself to slip into the pleasure, his mind was wiped blissfully blank as Ryuichi's skilled tongue did its work. Ryuichi's hands slipped upwards, beneath Tohma's un-tucked shirt so he could touch his skin. Heat filled his body until it was almost unbearable and his own erection pressed painfully into his tight jeans, he managed to prevent himself from wiggling to try and relieve the pressure. Tohma's fingers tightened painfully in Ryuichi's hair as he moved his hips, he closed his eyes and tipped his head back. His gasps slowly increasing in volume.

Ryuichi pressed his tongue to the back of Tohma's erection, he felt the man above him shudder and he opened his eyes to look up at him. Tohma looked back and suddenly felt the tell tale tightening, he gasped and gripped Ryuichi tightly, a few hairs parted with the singers scalp making him wince slightly. "Ryuichi..." Tohma muttered as he came. He made sure he watched as Ryuichi swallowed his semen before yanking the singer away from him and straightening, he pulled up his trousers and zipped them up. Ryuichi sat still gasping, his face flushed and a trickle of semen on his lips. He watched Tohma begin putting away the papers on his desk and straightening up. Slowly he turned with a sadistic smile. "Does it hurt?" he asked softly. The singer nodded with a wince as he climbed unsteadily to his feet. Tohma stepped up to him and leaned down, he licked off the mess he'd made before chuckling. "Bare with it...I forbid you to touch yourself. Your hands are for me alone, do you understand?"

"Nnn..." Ryuichi groaned heavily as Tohma's fingers massaged the bulge in his jeans.

"I said: do you understand?"

"Y-Yes...T-Tohma..." He finally gasped and he winced as Tohma tightened his grip as he leaned in and whispered.

"You belong to me, Ryuichi, if I see you being too intimate with someone else when I didn't order it so, I will punish you. Understand?" Again he squeezed Ryuichi's erection making him gasp and nearly fall to his knees.

"Ah...T-Tohma...Please..." He begged desperately. "Please...N-Need to..."

"Do you want to cum?" Tohma hissed, his free hand going to Ryuichi's hair and pulling it roughly, Ryuichi yelped slightly before nodding.

"Let me...let me cum...please...I'm begging you..."

"That face...keep making that face. You drive me mad." He suddenly slammed Ryuichi into his desk and kissed him, his hands yanking the singers head back as he pressed his body into him. "Ryuichi..." He whispered. "You're...so beautiful. I can't help myself."

Ryuichi smiled weakly and closed his eyes. "Tohma...fuck me! H-Hurry..."

"Shuichi..." Yuki's voice brushed the singer's ear softly and slowly his eyes opened, he blinked a few times and yawned before rolling onto his back and finding himself staring up into gold. He smiled slowly. "Yuki?" he muttered in a sleep fogged voice.

The author ran fingers through Shuichi's soft hair before leaning down and kissed him gently on the lips. He knew Shuichi was still half asleep so he took advantage of it, he pressed his forehead against his lovers and closed his eyes. Shuichi's own eyes half closed as he almost fell back to sleep again. "Remember this, Shuichi, whatever happens...whatever I may do, or say...I will always love you. I promise you, I'll come back to you...No matter what...but, for now...Farewell." His voice dropped so the farewell was barely heard, the singer smiled sluggishly and chuckled.

"Silly, Yuki..." he muttered as his eyes dropped and he fell back into a deep sleep.

The author stood, he was fully dressed and his hand covered the pocket of his light weight jacket. "I'm sorry, Shuichi..." He muttered before turning and leaving the dark bedroom and his sleeping lover.

Slowly Shuichi's eyes opened and the smile slipped from his face. "Yuki..." he muttered into the darkness.

As Yuki stepped out of his house he looked back over his shoulder one last time before walking into the street. As he passed a dark alley he heard sudden movement and spun around, his hand gripping his gun. There was soft laughter from the darkness but he was unable to pinpoint where it was coming from. "And where do you think you're going, Yuki-san?"

"Che, Sakuma..." Yuki hissed and shoved his gun back into his pocket. The assassin stepped from the shadows with a smile, he was dressed in his usual black gear but he pulled down his face mask to reveal his smile.

"Now, that's not a very nice greeting..." He pouted. "Tohma told me to keep an eye on you, Yuki-san. If you have any intention of hunting the guy who killed Mika-san down then I'm afraid I'll have to knock you out and force you back to your house." The singer leaned against the wall, cars flashed past highlighting his face and hair. His eyes glittered through strands of dark hair, they seemed to suck in all the light around them as he stared casually at his nails. "Tohma would die if you got killed, its my duty to protect you as I would him. Now be a good boy and get back to your house..." He slowly raised his eyes when he saw Yuki pointing his gun directly between his eyes. "My, my...what an angry response, Yuki-kun." He said with a soft smile, he raised his hand and shoved the gun away. "You have neither the skill nor the guts to fire."

"Do you really want to test me?" Yuki hissed through his teeth.

"Your sister wouldn't want this." Ryuichi replied in that same calm, cold tone. Yuki winced.

"What the fuck would you know? You hated her because she got a part of Seguchi you'd never have!"

"Hate is a strong word, Sensei." Ryuichi stepped forward. "I have always known that Tohma would never love me, and I have come to accept my fate. I respected Ane-san, even liked her...you will never understand me or my feelings, do not even try. I have been through more in my life than you ever have, your nightmares cannot compare to the grief and loss I have suffered...Yuki...you are under my protection, please be more compliant and return to Shuichi, if he knows you're missing he will follow and I won't let you endanger him again!"

Yuki was silent for a minute, he watched the singer as another car crawled past them. Its headlights illuminated the scene and the car came to a stop, the author's eyes moved to the car, he saw that it was a huge foreign one with blacked out windows. Instinct told him to back away, he did so slowly, his fingers tightening on his gun. Ryuichi moved with silent, cat like grace as the shadows consumed him until he was little more than a shadow himself. The sound of an electric window filled the silent street, as the window was lowered Yuki saw a face covered by dark sunglasses. The man was suited, his dark hair slicked back from his forehead and a long thin scar crossing his cheek. A short, sharp hiss came from where Ryuichi had disappeared. "Hello." The man in the car said, his voice was smooth and his smile revealed perfect teeth. "I assume you are the famous author, Yuki Eiri-san?"

Yuki opened his mouth to reply angrily but a hand grabbed him and yanked him roughly backwards. Ryuichi stood before him, his fingers gripping several glittering knives. "Sato!" He hissed dangerously.

The man lowered his glasses and he looked at the singer, his smile widened. "Well, well, it seems I have caught two of my prey in one net. It's been a long time Sakuma Ryuichi." He laughed as several knives flew at him, Yuki didn't see him move but before he knew it the man had caught all of them. He tutted in a disproving tone. "Now now, Sakuma-san...that was just plain rude of you. Be a nice boy and get in the car or I'll kill that boy you're protecting!"

Ryuichi glanced back at Yuki before returning his gaze to the man in the car. "If I do, will you leave everyone alone? Will you swear not to lay a hand on Tohma and Yuki?" He said calmly.

"Hmm...that depends on how well you play with me, Sakuma." He replied with a chuckle. The door opened and Ryuichi shoved Yuki back into the wall, standing in front of him and acting like a shield. In his hand was a knife and he lifted it as the man drew nearer. "Intending to fight me?" he asked as he raised a hand, Ryuichi flinched backwards slightly and raised his dagger ready to attack if he went for the author. Yuki stood behind Ryuichi feeling confused, he had no idea who this man was but he knew he must be dangerous from the way Sakuma was reacting. "So, will you fight and risk injuring Yuki-san or will come with me, quietly and without fuss...?" he held his hand out and smirked. "The choice is yours."

Ryuichi hesitated remembering Tohma's insistence that he should be careful in case he was captured, he but he had also ordered him to protect Yuki with his life...Finally he came to a decision and lowered his knife. "I'll come with you." He muttered, his head low as he frowned down at the pavement.

"Excellent!" The man reached over and grabbed Ryuichi's mask, he tore it from him revealing his face. "Ah, that beautiful face...those wonderful eyes...yes, you are definitely Sakuma Ryuichi..." He slid his fingers down Ryuichi face and gently forced him to lift his head. "Now, you will belong to me. I will make sure I get revenge for my father, I will ruin you!" He laughed and pushed the singer into the car roughly. He turned to the shocked author. "Tell Seguchi that I have his precious toy, if he wants him back he must come for him within a week, if this doesn't happen I'll take away another person he loves...and each week that passes yet another will die until he has nothing left!" He smiled as Yuki's expression changed rapidly.

"You!" He gasped and lifted his gun. "You...you killed her! You sick son of a bitch!" He screamed and pulled the trigger on his gun, the explosion echoed off of the buildings on either side of them.

"Careful!" The man said with a laugh. He held the gun in his hand, Yuki lay crumpled by the wall, blood slowly seeping into his shirt as he glared furiously up at the man. "We wouldn't to shoot our messenger now, just make sure you take it to him and let him know that he'll find us at the Kogane no yume...he'll know where I mean." He smiled and stepped into the car.

Yuki watched as the car drove away, he gritted his teeth and drew his fingers away from the wound in his side. It was little more than a graze and would heal with problems. Suddenly he felt fury rise up within him and he let out a scream of frustration, his fist slamming into the concrete as he knelt in the dark.

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