A Haunting Pokémon Escapade

BY : Haunter_Rayne
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A Haunting Pokémon Escapade!

By Haunter Rayne


**Written by request for my little Syn <3**


(Hello there everyone, welcome to my second story here. I figured I shouldn't build the suspense before I actually write a story featuring Haunter so here is my first but likely not last. This story is going to revolve around a Pokémon trainer who is a serial rapist who uses Pokémon to subdue, rape and then murder his victims. This one is going to be much more graphic both emotionally and physically for the characters involved and will be a grade A++ gore porn story not for the faint of heart. If you just like reading casual Pokémon fanfiction then this is not the story for you. This one gets messy.


This story will change perspectives back and forth. The plot takes place in the Sinnoh Region this time. The focus will be shared back and forth between the killer on his adventures and a local Officer Jenny who is leading the case to hunt the killer down. Tags this time can be a little complicated. Rape gore, mutilation, death, torture, body modification, emotional torment. Also during Jenny's scenes there is some mild fantasy voyeur, her unsated lusts for her neighbor, some naughty kids, and Jenny sharing her lusts with her partner Growlithe. There is also scene which involves knotting and female ejaculation.


Again reviews and encouragement are appreciated to inspire me to keep writing. I know this piece is very twisted, no need to flame me. I'll write a nice sexy fluffy piece after this to balance it out.)


- - -


The steam of a shower filled the small one bedroom apartment. The smells of lavender and scented candles filled the air. A Soothe Bell chimed lightly in the breeze of an open window. Warm relaxing water beamed down from the facet, cascading around firm breasts, well toned abs and trickling along agile legs. However despite the romantic appearance of this apartments theme, the state the woman was in was far from a match. There came no blissful humming as she rinsed the lather from her hair. Her face wore a fretful scowl, reaching with ragged movements for a bar of soap which she ground to her body. With a whimper she scrubbed at herself to remove the cold sweat and dread she felt but as the water ran along her body there was no soap or conditioner that could remove what she was trying to rid herself of. “Why?!” She gasped through angry tears, suddenly gripping to the shower wall as she collapsed in the weight of her disgust. Blue hair fell across her face as the water continued to run over her.


Back in the living room an assortment of objects lay left out in the open. A pair of handcuffs and part of a uniform hung off the end of the couch. A hefty pile of paperwork lay waiting on a corner desk. A poke trainer belt lay removed with a Growlithe eating from a dish in the corner of the room. On the main living room table crime scene photos lay out in the open, display a grisly depiction of violence and mayhem. There were several police reports flipped open highlighting the details. Photographs of bloody mangled victims lay spread out. All of which were young female trainers that were horribly disfigured. Four case files lay open with the police department symbol for the Hoenn Region dated from four weeks ago up to one week ago. These lay up at top of the table while front and center two newer case files from just the last couple days bear the mark of the Sinnoh Region.


Several of the case files had remarks that stood out on them. Words like, “Serial Killer, Rapist, Escalated Predatory Patterns,” were written in bold across several of them. So far the police had no real leads and the evidence was circumstantial at best. “Signs of struggle at all crime scenes… no evidence of how victims were subdued found at crime scenes… possible use of Pokémon during attacks suspected.” There were never any witness reports, only bodies found by passersby out in public long after the culprit had left. There was no reason known why the person responsible changed areas but it was agreed upon by all departments that it was the same culprit responsible and not a copycat. All female victims had been viciously raped before being killed but the information given to the news only explained that the victims were brutally murdered. No further specific details were given due to the extensive damage done to the bodies. So a copycat would not have had all of the evidence. Also the wounds on the Sinnoh victims were identical to the Hoenn victims although much more severe. “The killer seems to have grown much more confident in their abilities and increased the torture of his victims with every kill.” A large note added by the Sinnoh commissioner stood out at the top of the latest file.


Having finished his dinner Growlithe walked over to the belongings giving them a sniff and whined softly seeing the bathroom door still closed and Jenny not having come back out yet. The concerned fire Pokémon noticed a letter on the ground which had fallen from the table when Jenny had rushed away. The letter had upset her greatly though he didn't know what it said. Reaching down. He bit the corner and lifted it back to the table before laying down outside the restroom waiting for her to come back out. Back on the table the letter of condolences sat which had been the final trigger to break through the officer's mental barriers that evening. Seeing photo after photo of young female trainers bodies cold and blue, covered in black blood stains had been horrific but she had prepared for that having known about the reports of the killer for weeks. What she wasn't expecting was the personal loss in the letter handed to her by the commissioner when he told her to open it at home and not there at the station. Jenny had screamed and couldn't believe it, the news making her skin crawl and feel dirty which is why she instantly began shedding her clothes down the hallway and threw her crying form into the shower.


  • Dear Sgt. Jenny

  • We regret to inform you of an incident which happened recently involving a fellow officer and also relative of yours. Last week Officer Jenny of the Lilycove Hoenn police department was doing a normal patrol of the harbor that evening, trying to keep an alert presence since the recent string of attacks to female trainers in the area. It is believed, but details are unclear, that the officer encountered the culprit directly. Despite the officer being a capable credit to the force we regret to inform you that there have been five confirmed attacks by the culprit in the Hoenn Region, this last incident not being revealed to the public to avoid social panic in our department failing to apprehend the culprit.

  • It is with personal consolation that we want you to know your cousin has so far survived the attack. Upon discovery of her body by a fellow officer she was rushed immediately to a nearby hospital where she is being treated and is under guard should the suspect return. It is with a heavy heart that we inform you she will be of no assistance in apprehending the culprit as she has been in a coma which she has not awoken from since the incident. Additionally due to the state if her injuries even if she were to awake she would never again be fit for active duty.

  • Compensations for damages and emotional loss will be provided, details will arrive via mail...


The rest of the letter was crumpled from Jenny's hand and matted with her tears as she read the first two paragraphs again and again before fleeing to her restroom in grief.


~ Elsewhere that night, Sinnoh route 216 ~


Dark boots walked through the snow. A piercing gaze looked around the back end of a high hillside as white powder blanketed the area. “There, we should be well off from any of the paths now. Thank you, I'll take it from here.” Said an older boys voice, sounding serious and steady. A click of a pokeball and a hulking dark figure behind the trainer disappeared with a flash of light. Long brown hair waved off behind him matching the flapping of a trench coat which shielded it's wearer from the elements. He was fully covered to deal with the cold wearing long pants, a heavy shirt, gloves, all in black. His full dark attire did little to camouflage him in the white field but he was far off the road on the north side of the route 216 hill where no one would be likely to be, especially at this time of night.


“Let's see.” He spoke softly to himself as he climbed up the backside of the hill to peer over the roads below. “It's pretty late, not too high of a chance for anyone to be around. No one at all except…” He whispered as his eyes scanned the road until sure enough they fell upon a young trainer walking her way through the snow. “Except for an over eager Ace Trainer who is out much later than she could be. Alright my friend, let's wait for the right moment and then, well you know what to do… Go have some fun.” A shadowy visages materialized over his shoulder, grins matching between the boy and his ghost Pokémon. “Haun, haun, haun!”


“Brrr it's cold out here.” Laura shuddered as she trudged along the road. “I wanted to stay out for some extra training, not freeze to death. It's not even snowing but the temperature sure did fall.” She breathed warm air into her mittens to warm her hands. “It's ok, the snow lodge should be right around this hill.” As she walked she had no idea of knowing that she was carefully being watched. As she turned a bend in the snow path she saw the trail down from her side of the hill which lead to her destination. The wind howled through the trees and over the snow giving eerie wails as the lonely girl walked along the path. “Wow, was this road always this creepy at night? Why am I getting the sense of being watched?” The girl suddenly hugged herself, having a shudder which had nothing to do with the cold. “It's like I'm walking through Eterna Forest or something.” Just then something seemed to bump her making the Ace Trainer spin around with an angry glare, holding her bottom as she thought she just felt someone just grope her. “HEY! Oh, there's… nobody there. Get a grip girl, you're not getting felt up by the wind.” She turned to continue down the path but then stopped from a massive shiver running through her. “Hey, did it just get colder? Wait a minute, how did the zipper on my pants come down?!” She shouted embarrassed scrambling to raise it back up with her gloves not helping.


As she fumbled agitatedly being unable to grasp her zipper clasp she suddenly froze in fear as her pants shot down to her ankles. She felt it as they were distinctly pulled down with a sharp tug as opposed to falling from not being fastened. Then terror turned her blood ice as she felt two hands gripping and rubbing at her butt through her panties. She had already been bent down looking at her zipper through her long dark hair. She could see between her legs that there was not another pair of legs from someone standing behind her but she could feel strong hands and a rough grip squeezing her bottom between fingers. It was actually hurting her from how roughly she was being molested and the fingertips felt sharp, scratching her through her panties. The girl was so frightened she could hardly move but eventually turned her neck to look back behind her. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened to scream but she was petrified in fear so nothing came out. She could see her panties and skin moving on its own with fingers exploring her backside but there were no hands, just some invisible force violating her in the empty darkness of this night.


“W-what?” Her meager voice cracked out in squeaks. “Please stop.” She whispered doubtfully at nothing, unsure what to do to save herself from her predicament. Suddenly two bright gleaming eyes appeared out of nowhere floating in the air about half way between her face and her backside where she was still being groped. Her own eyes shot open wide in surprise as she looked at them. All she could do was look and think to herself as she was still too naive and frightened to move. “They aren't human eyes, they are way too big for that. They seem to be glowing blue. They are so bright. The blue… it's so…  bright.” Her eyes fell closed as her thoughts drifted away. The blue shimmer of the floating eyes watched as the girl's body fell limp in the snow, totally unconscious from his Hypnosis attack.


“Haun, haun, ter.” He laughed shortly to himself as his eyes vanished from view once more. Suddenly the girl's body lifted into the air as invisible hands picked her up. Blue light shimmered on her foot tracks and where she fell dispersing the trail back to normal leaving no evidence. There in the dark of night the Ace Trainer floated through the air low to the ground and over the hillside away from the roads. Her pants remained hung around her ankles as her pale blue panties clung to her young exposed hips. Only a bare trail with no one else around was left behind.


“That’a boy.” Said the Haunter’s trainer as he watched the girl fall to the snow from behind the hill. Climbing back down the far side where he started from he returned to the open field and waited until an unconscious girl came floating along behind him and then was toppled to the ground. “Easy there my friend, no sense in damaging her before we've seen how pretty she is to start with.” He called out at the empty space and there before him floated a fully materialized Haunter that grinned excitedly. The ghost Pokémon watched as his trainer, known only to a few as Rayne, reached down and moved the long dark hair away from the girl's face. “Oh yes, she is very pretty. Good work Haunter, she is out like a light.” He trailed his fingers along the soft skin of her thigh and then knelt down kissing the girl's soft lips with his own. “Alright, let's have some fun.”


It was some time before the unfortunately fated trainer woke up to find the unimaginable situation that she was in. She woke with a massive shiver from her head to her toes. “So-so co-l-ld!” She said to herself at barely more than a whisper. She was freezing, her skin almost burned all over. She was groggy and hadn't opened her eyes yet but still she could tell, “Why am I naked? What's happening?” She was so tired, slowed from the cold and felt exhausted as if she had been having nightmares which were ripping the life right out of her, almost killing her. She was sore, her joints hurt and her skin ached but it was so hard to focus on anything specific that she couldn't tell where she hurt or why. It was so hard to open her eyes or move. She just didn't have the energy. But suddenly she felt a movement that drew panic to her heart causing adrenaline to flood her slim little body.


Something shifted between her legs. Terror and panic made her mind race, the recent memories of her attack not having returned to her yet. “Have I been moving this whole time and I am only now feeling it? I'm rocking back and forth and… I'm naked and something is, oh no, something is Touching Me Down THERE and, and it's Aahh it's going INSIDE!” She screamed in her mind. Her eyes flew open which was a mistake, her pupils not yet adjusted which caused a pain that blinded her momentarily while her thoughts continued to race. “Oh no! Why!? NO! NOT THERE! It's alright upside me! WHY!? It huRTS! It hurts so bad! Oh Arceus, it's not just there that hurts. What did they do to my body!? Who is doing this, why are they hurting me?!” Her tear glands began working long before her sight did as she laid there starting to cry.


Eventually she was able to open her eyes and her vision began to focus on a scene far worse than she first realized it was. Above her was another person, a boy with long dark hair, older than her but still in his teens. He wore a heavy shirt and pants all in black with a long weathered trench coat over his back. She knew what was happening already but it shattered her emotionally for her eyes to confirm it. His pants he had unfastened down around his hips and he was thrusting his dick into her pussy so hard he was hitting their hips together making her body shake. He had kept his clothes on to keep him warm while she realized he had stripped her completely bare of all clothes. Her body was pale from the cold and her fingers and toes looked extra pale but not frozen yet. She couldn't move at all. He had his weight leaned forward on his hands which held her down by her elbows. His hips her on hers splaying her legs apart in a helpless position.


“Hey there buddy, I'm pretty sure she's awake so I guess you can stop that now.” He suddenly said. His voice was attractive sounding and looking at his face he was definitely a cute boy. She would have been receptive if someone like him had just walked up and flirted with her. Why was he raping her? Suddenly a sharp jarring pain all around her head made her give a startled shriek. It felt like some great tightness was lifted from her skull and it was excruciating to remove. Once whatever happened had passed the boy leaned back on his legs letting her arms go and gave a chuckle but he was still was buried into her between her legs with his hard erection. Laura weakly lifted one of her hands to her forehead as she felt something running down her face. Feeling something wet she pulled her fingers back and was shocked to see thick droplets of blood on her fingers. Her mouth fell open in disbelief as she raised her hand higher feeling a jagged wound embedded around the crown of her skull with thin rivers of blood spilling out around from it through her hair.


She sat up on her elbows looking around now and then realized a floating figure just beside her face. There was a massive sized Haunter right next to her with a bloody mouth and she recognised strands of her own dark hair stuck in his fangs. It was a shiny Haunter too, mouth filled with blue instead of red. Suddenly her memory returned of being molested on the path and she realized it must have been this trainer's Haunter who attacked her. Now that she was able she looked down at her body with a better vantage point. Her eyes went wide as she looked to her breasts. Her left breast was black, covered in bruises that marred her skin from abuse. Her right breast was bleeding with what looked like teeth marks having cut her nipple and breast skin open. As if that weren't bad enough she then saw why she had so much pain between her legs. Both her pussy and the boys dick was covered in blood. Her virgin mind couldn't understand or process all the carnage she found herself a part of. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!” She screamed out loud finally finding her voice with an urge to save herself. “Why am I bleeding?! Why are you raping me?! What did you DO?!” She shrieked in a shrill voice afraid he had somehow ruined her between her legs, fears of never having kids or just the mystery of the unknown fueling her fears.


She looked around seeing nobody else and recognized nothing around her. She had no idea where she was. She only knew that she was naked in the snow with ice burns on her back, she was being raped, had been bludgeoned badly, and had probably been disfigured on her head from a Haunter chewing her while using Dream Eater. The only real thing she could see around her was this boy on top of her. “Rrraaahhhhh!” She screamed swinging wide at him for attacking her.


The boy had already been leaning back so with her slow movements he was easily able to move out of the way in time. Just as her hand reached where she would have hit him a purple claw appeared out of nowhere catching her by the wrist and holding it tight. “Whoa there. None of that now. Well, I do suppose I had that coming hehe.” The boy laughed at her meager resistance. He grabbed her arms and held her down once again. “Now speaking of which…” He said with a grin. Laura screamed as her attacker started thrusting his hips again. Now fully awake and alert of her senses she could feel everything. His dick was pushing the inside of her pussy apart with every stroke. It felt sticky and pulled at her skin from dried blood and unwilling juices. She could feel his tip hitting something that made her stomach wretch when it was touched. She assumed he was bottoming out in her pussy and hitting her cervix. Having been a virgin until this encounter the young trainer had no fantasies of having a big dick to stretch her out like this.


“Please stop!” She begged with defeat heavy in her voice as she was overtaken by a sense of misery. “I don't want this! Please stop! Take it out, you're hurting me! Please!” She cried as she lay face up on the ice cold ground being raped beyond her senses. Laura didn't know how long this went on for. Time seemed meaningless because the thrusting into her keep going on and on. The sky was black which gave no sense of time and she was completely alone in this frozen over hell she had woken up to. Her body throbbed with bruises and abuse and her skin burned from freezing in the late night air. Laura just allowed her voice to cry out into the night as she was forced to suffer.


However from Rayne’s point of view it couldn't have lasted long enough even though he took his time and savoured having sex with this girl. He had pounded her as hard as he could without going too fast. While her breasts were covered in solid black bruises and cuts from his teeth her hips he noticed were covered in faint brown bruises from his own hipbones impacting her. He grunted away with his breath making little puffs in the cold air as he stabbed the innocent girl in her tender passage as viciously as he could, loving the sound of her cries as he hurt her. Feeling particularly devious this time he leant down whispering to her in the most affectionate voice he could, “You are so beautiful.” Toying with her mentally before extending his tongue and licking one of the lines of her tears from her cheek up to her eye. She couldn't believe this and when into a fit struggling with new tears as she felt violated in a whole new degree. But as much as Rayne enjoyed this it couldn't last forever.


Suddenly Laura realized that the boy on top of her had finally stopped thrusting. “Ngh h-uh, what?” She mumbled incoherently having gone numb whether due to the cold or the pain. She looked up at him almost feeling dizzy at this point wondering why he stopped. Then she noticed she had sort of a warm feeling between her legs and in her stomach. It actually felt nice for a moment against the cold of her body until higher reasoning of her mind set in. “Did, you just cum inside me?” She asked with an influx of panic as she realized the warm feeling was coming from up inside her pussy. Her eyes opened wide and her face contorted to a look of horror far worse than when she even realized she was being raped. This ordeal had been bad enough but him ejaculating inside of her she hadn't even considered as a possibility assuming he'd squirt it into the snow or force her to drink it or something. “Did you just, No! Did you just cum INSIDE OF ME?!” NOOOO STOP! TAKE IT OUT, PLEASE!” She shrieked and kicked her legs and pulled at her arms that he still held down. “NOOO PLEASE DON'T INSIDE! THAT'S WORSE THAN WHAT YOU'RE DOING TO ME! DONT CUM INSIDE PPPLLLEEEEAAASSEE!!!” She howled in agony trying to twist her hips, feeling it preferable to tear herself in half than have him finish inside her. Her chest was now rising and falling in the cold air as she thrashed about angrily.


Rayne chuckles to himself a bit. “Damn this looks hot, shit I already came but I'm going to stay hard if she keeps this up.” He thought to himself. Looking down into her eyes he gave a half apologetic stare even though he wasn't really sorry and said, “It's too late. I've already finished unloading inside you. And I haven't cum in several days so I'm pretty sure I came a lot and right against your cervix too. You look older than you must be because your pussy isn't very deep. Your hole was so small and tight and I couldn't help but sink all the way through you.”


He was so nonchalant about it which pissed her off even more. “You bastard!” She screamed, cursing out loud for the first time in her life but this felt appropriate to be so angry. “W-why? Why would you do this to me? I mean rape is horrible but I understand, I shouldn't have been alone this late at night. But why did you HAVE TO CUM INSIDE OF ME?!” She shrieked again in a high pitched whine of misery. Rayne leaned back, pulling out his dick and actually got off of the girl standing up. Instantly Laura pulled herself into a ball hugging herself and trying to cover her pussy and her belly as her tears began to fall from her face like a faucet running. She reached between her legs and felt her pussy lips. They were so puffy and swollen and they burned a bit. Also she could feel the boy's wet cum spilling out onto her fingers from inside her.


“You know, you don't have to have my cum inside of you.” He said as teeth shown from a matching grin between Rayne and his Haunter who had been watching excitedly. Laura had to ask him to repeat himself because she didn't hear him the first time through the sound of her own crying. She looked up at him confused as he said, “If it means that much to you then my Haunter can take my cum back out of you so you don't have to worry about it.” Her eyes went wide and she threw herself to him almost falling in his lap. Rayne was confused this time because he didn't know if she was attacking him or going to suddenly suck his still hard dick for some reason. But she just looked up into his eyes and said, “Yes please! I'll do anything! I'll even forgive you for raping me. Everything you've done will heal eventually. Just please make it so I won't have a baby from this and let me go free! I promise!” She pleaded.


“Arceus.” Rayne swore while looking at her face. She was giving such a stern look. He could tell she was serious, she really wanted to not get pregnant that badly. Grinning now he had no problem with proceeding. “Alright, if that's what you want. But you should know there was only one way my semen got into you and there's only one way to get it out.” He said with an evil smirk that again his Pokémon mirrored perfectly as he licked his purple fingers sinisterly.


“I don't care!” She belted out immediately. She even went as far as to scramble back onto her butt sitting with her legs out in front of her. She spread her thighs as wide as they would go and even reached in from under each knee and grabbed herself by each side pussy lips pulling them apart until her slit stood open with a gaped little hole. “Go ahead, I don't care. Whatever you have to do. Just get it out of me before it's too late.” She whimpered shivering. She wanted this to be over. She wanted to be somewhere warm and safe. She wanted to be in the pokelodge, wearing clothes, in front of a fire with friendly people around. She still didn't know how far off the path she was or where her clothes were but she'd happily run naked through the snow if it meant getting away from this sicko once he was done with her.


“Well alright my friend. I guess it's your turn with her then.” The unidentified boy said to the Haunter as if she were just a piece of meat. He laughed viciously as he floated in between her legs. She flinched in fear seeing him approach her exposed private regions even though she was the one holding herself open to the fiend now looking her over. “Don't struggle or try to kick my Pokémon. You might make him push my sperm deeper up inside of you instead of pulling it out of you.” He said, toying once again with her emotions. She whimpered and looked around, holding her muscles tight to make sure Haunter had access to her. Suddenly though she screamed and recoiled as Haunter licked her pussy with a firm explorative lick. She didn't care for that at all and began struggling as Haunter tried sticking his acidic tongue up her hole molesting her further until he had to grab her by her knees to try to pry her legs back open. “Hey!” Rayne snapped at her aggressively, startling her to look up at him. “Stop it!! What do you think you're doing?”


“What is he doing?!” She whined. “I thought you were helping me? Why is he licking my-” Laura was suddenly cut off as the boy stepped up and smacked her hard, so hard her head snapped sideways. He body went as still as a statue for a moment before losing control and falling limply to the snow. “Oowwwww!” She whined like a crying child and looked up at him from her sideways position. Even Rayne could see the stars in her eyes from how dizzy she was from that slap and he got right in her face threateningly making her tremble with fear.


“Do I look like I am here to help you, you stupid bitch? We are raping you! Do you understand that!?” He yelled at her face. He grabbed her by her hair and she was crying and blubbering, his new attitude shattering her mental defenses with fear. “Do you hear me bitch? We will kill you!” She gave a soundless scream of ‘nooo!’ through her tears but nothing came out but more blubbering. “Oh yes. You think we’ve hurt you now?! We will mutilate you and KILL YOU!” She gave a long scream of terror but said nothing. “Now do you understand that we are raping you?!” She nodded frantically. “Do you understand that if we want, I can have my Haunter use Psychic and shove all my cum and your whore juices that liked me raping you straight up your cunt?!” She howled in resistance but after a tug on her hair she nodded that she understood. “Do you want that?!” She shook her head. “Do you want us to help you to take it all out?” She nodded. “Then are you going to be good and let us rape you until we're done with you and then maybe if you were good enough we'll take the cum out?” Laura looked up at him from the ground. She had never been so afraid in all her life and Rayne loved the look he saw in her eyes. “Say it. Say that you want Haunter and I to rape you.” The girl just stared at him trembling in disbelief. Rayne watched the understanding process in her eyes of what he was making her do to remove the cum from her and wasn't surprised when the snow between her legs started turning yellow from her absolute fear of him. “SAY IT!” He screamed.


She jumped when he shouted. Everything made her jump now. She was like a skittish little rabbit. “I… wan-want you to… ra-pe me-e.” She whimpered.


“Just me?” Rayne asked. she looked down between her legs and around all three of them. He helped to drag her away from her mess to a clean patch of snow as she looked at him.


Laying down on her back and spreading her legs again holding her pussy lips apart she said louder, “I want you… to have your Haunter… rape me. Please.” She squeaked out.


“I don't believe you.” He said blankly before opening his pants again and pulling out his dick. Laura looked at it. It was half hard and still had dried blood and white streaks from her own cum on it. She was so humiliated as leaned to sit up on her butt again with her legs open.


“Please rape me.” She said again a little more assertively this time but still through tears of abject humiliation. She reached out and softly held the base of his dick and retched in disgust and shame. “Please!” She softly begged now. “I want to be raped by you. I want you to have your Haunter molest me anywhere it wants to. Please lick my pussy Haunter, whatever the two of you want.” She had even produced a fake smile by the time she spoke to the ghost Pokémon. Still holding her pussy open with her right hand she held Rayne cock steady in her left hand and almost looked confident and excited in her ability to do what she had to do to get herself through this. However once she put Rayne’s bloody dick in her mouth she froze and broken down heavily into massive sobs as she rolled her tongue over the loss of her own virginity. She did proceed to suck and bob her head as she gave what was actually a rather talented blow job but she did so the whole while through more tears and agony. He willing facade had been fragile at best and it was not something she was capable of maintaining while willfully giving head to her own rapist. When Haunter grabbed her hips though and started raping her vagina, pushing into it with his tongue, she didn't flinch or pulled away this time. She was now sufficiently broken enough and allowed it to happen, sucking Rayne’s dick harder from the pain of Haunter’s tongue burning her pussy slightly.


To Laura’s surprise Haunter didn't violate her with his tongue for very long. It was painful and uncomfortable but it seemed he had just wanted to have done it and then he was satisfied. “Dammit Laura!” She thought silently to herself. “That was it? It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't made things worse for myself. I wouldn't have to be sucking this boys dick! Just let them have their fun and then get out of here! Hmm, I better do a good job, it might make it easier for them to let me go.” She swirled her tongue along the dick in her mouth trying to please him and took a breath taking more into her mouth to deepthroat him. She was proud of herself as she heard him moan and take hold of the back of her skull as he fucked into her mouth. But then she felt horribly ashamed because she shouldn't be feeling proud or happy about this.


Haunter then lowered one of his hands to her pussy and she felt one of fingers slip right into her as she still held her opening stretched apart for him. She gave a whine and looked a little pained as she looked up to Rayne and said, “Oww what is he made of? His hands burn inside too.” But it was more of a statement to vent than a question because after asking she went right back to sucking his dick and did not look back up at him for an answer to her question. The boy just nodded to his Pokémon and Haunter grinned pushing his finger deeper into the girl as he started to press a second digit into her.


Rayne looked down at Laura face. She had her eyes closed tight now and was huffing a bit at the feeling of being stretched. He knew when Haunter paused and she flinched at the same time that his claw tips had reached her cervix. Wanting to distract her from her obvious pain as Haunter tried squeezing his thumb inside Rayne looked down to the girl. “Hey.” He said and she looked up at him from trying to take him as deeply into her mouth as she could. “Who wants this?” She looked at him and sighed, then made a choking mumble of affirmation. Laura reached out and grabbed Haunter’s spare hand that was just floating there and brought it to the inside of her knee. Haunter laughed and grabbed her leg, pushing it backwards until it looked like her pelvic joint were going to pop out and also watched as this clearly spread her hip bones apart. She pressed forward with her pussy into the hand that was penetrating her. But Rayne wasn't quite done with her. “Hey there, up here.” He said with a smirk and right as her eyes met his he gave a moan and flooded her mouth with his cum. Having just had sex with her he only unleashed about two or three ropes cum from his shaft but the first shot right down her throat while the rest filled her small mouth and cheeks.


Several things happened to the poor girl all at once. She threw herself off his dick 8n disgust while holding her throat with both hands, choking on the first volley that shot into her mouth. Sperm sputtered from her lips as she she heaved for air but only ended up sucking a mouthful of cum back into herself. At that same moment, Haunter had given a forceful thrust and crammed his whole thumb into the girl's slit until his entire hand slid up inside her with only the back of his severed wrist sticking out. Laura shut her legs tight and then reopened then again in pain just as fast. It was a dual torture for her because as she gagged for air through her cum filled mouth she writhed on the ground in pain, twisting in kicking in agony as Haunter’s entire clawed hand was stretching her apart. All of this only took a couple of seconds but it was quite a show for Rayne to watch as the last of his cum dripped to the ground. Eventually her harrowed little voice cleaned her mouth of Rayne sticky seed and she screamed at the top of her lungs as she twisted on the ground holding her pussy with both hands. “OOWWW!! IT HURTS! OOWWWW STOP IT PLEASE!”


“Stop? But it's time for us to help you.” Rayne said mockingly with a grin.


She looked up at him from the ground stifling a sob. “Well then do it already!”


“Alright then Haunter, you heard the girl. Do it already hehe. Take it out.” He said smirking.

Laura saw the look on his face and hesitated nervously. “W-ait, why are you -?” And then she felt a sudden movement from Haunter’s hand inside her pussy. Suddenly everything was numb for a moment. “Have I just gone into shock?” She thought to herself. “Ugh, so much adrenaline, why?” She wondered dizzily as she again felt something very wet and warm from inside her vagina. Looking at herself she realized that she wasn't peeing herself again but she was now steadily trickling blood out from around the end of Haunter’s hand inside her. “Wha?” She gasped. Then there was a second harsh movement and she then could tell she had an immense pain but not quite from her vagina. It hurt deeper inside than that. Quickly pain brought her hands up to her lower abdomen just belly her belly button. “Ow.” She meekly whimpered out. “OW!” She then called much louder.


Haunter had a super sadistic glare in his eyes. His face was filled with pleasure and he was almost drooling as he took in the sensations his hand could feel. Laura realized what happened just as Haunter spread his two fingers apart from each other that he had shoved the sharp points of straight through her cervix and into her womb. “AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Laura screamed in pain so loudly that it hurt Rayne’s ears and even though they were reasonably far-off from anyone hearing them he suddenly dove to the ground and covered her mouth to silence her because the volume was beyond reasonable. He grinned and laughed as she twisted and thrashed in his grip. This was always his favorite part. Her eyes were bulging from her head as tears rocketed down her face. Haunter’s sharp claws tore her insides apart as now his hand ripped forward up into her uterus leaving only his thumb back in her vagina. At this progressive damage Laura managed to shriek even harder, wailing through her torment loudly even with Rayne’s hand covering her mouth tightly.


The sadistic boy held her tight and again ran his tongue through her tears enjoying every part of this and knowing full well what Haunter was doing. Laura though could hardly notice as all she could feel was her muscles and pelvic tendons ripping apart and the most delicate place in her body being desecrated in an unimaginable manner. Even deeper it felt to her like Haunter’s hand sank into her womanhood but then it stopped and held for a moment. There was a squeeze in her belly that made her retch into Rayne’s hand and everything went white in pain for her as she passed out from trauma in his arms. “Dammit. I was loving those screams.” Rayne said as a horrendous, bloody, ripping sound came from between the girl's naked legs. The boy let her go and made sure he was back to fully dressed as he listed to a snapping, splattering sound from her pussy.


It was only a couple of minutes later before Laura woke back up. She felt sick but more than anything she was terrified to open her eyes. She knew before her senses kicked back in that she had blacked out again from what Rayne was doing to her and she remembered instantly this time how badly Haunter’s hand had been hurting her. She knew she wasn't free yet because she heard Haunter still laughing nearby but she didn't feel his hand inside her anymore. “Maybe it's ok?” She thought desperately to herself. “Maybe they just stopped and all of this is over?” She pleased to fate as she dry heaved having run out of tears for her eyes to cry. And slowly she opened her eyes to look at herself laying back on the ground with Rayne dressed a few feet away and Haunter floating with both arms beside him. “NooOO-AHH-WHA?! NNOOOOOO!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHH ARCEUS WHY?!!!!! NNNNOOOOOOOO PLEASE NOOOO!!” Laura exploded into horrified sobs as she looked at herself. Neither of her legs were moving as she tried to sit up and her entire groin as well as the insides of her thighs were splattered in dark red blood. Her lower abdomen looked sunken in and she could see the outline of hip bones through her skin more than before. “WHY?! What did you DO TO ME?!” She screamed at Rayne angrily. Then she noticed there was a blood trail leading from the carnage between her legs dotting the white snow in a line to where Haunter’s hand floated dripping blood. That is when she realized he was hold something. “What is… OH, MY, AAAHHHHHHH!” Again, her her voice going a bit hoarse now she screamed again now trying to claw her way along the ground from them. “GET AWAY FROM ME!”


Rayne chuckled, proud of their accomplishments. There next to him Haunter held a chunk of bloody tissue in his hand. It was bulbous with tubes which dripped red into the snow below. Laura looked to it knowing exactly what it was as she felt the cold air of the night flowing into her torn apart slit, blood flowing freely now from her swollen pussy lips. Rayne looked down remembering how beautiful it looked, Haunter’s hand squeezing back out of the fainted girls pussy, blood gushing along her thighs as Haunter had his claws sunk into the back wall of her uterus and was pulling until he ripped it from her abdominal muscles and forced her sex organs inside out on themselves. There was so much blood as Rayne watched Laura’s uterus and cervix be ripped out through her vagina. Now they both watched it dangling in the air, impaled on Haunter’s claws. The ghost Pokémon gave another hearty laugh and opened his jaws dropping Laura’s sex organs in through his open mouth to never be seen again. Even though this injury could never be repaired Laura still felt such a sense of loss as she watched it disappear into ghostly void of Haunter’s mouth.


“Because you asked for this.” Rayne said flatly to the girl. When she looked at him unbelievingly he continued, “You said you didn't care. Whatever I had to do.” He saw the frustration building in her eyes and he loved it. “Just as long as long as you didn't have to worry. Well… now you don't. You'll never have to worry about it now. And now, as promised, you're free to go hehehe.”


Rayne noticed she seemed a bit short of breath as she gave a crying response. “I'm going to die because of you!” She whimpered, pushing both hands to her tattered vagina. “I can't stop the bleeding! I didn't want to get pregnant from a rapist but I want to live too!” She whined, red just flowing from her slit as she fumbled to hold it in. The girl looked very pale now, almost as white as the snow. She was beyond shivering and Rayne knew it would take a full hospital surgical team to save her now if they even could.


“Oh you poor girl. I was never going to let you live after this.” Rayne said simply. Laura just looked to the ground giving an ‘Oh' expression. “Don't worry, it isn't entirely your fault. I do this regularly now. You're my 12th victim so far. You're a pretty girl, you were alone, so I chose you. No pun intended hehe. It was just your bad luck and my good luck that I was right about thinking I'd find a little slut trainer overworking herself out here irresponsibly. I just didn't expect to be so right about you being such a naturally slutty girl hehe.”


“What do you have to be so mean?” She asked, still shivering to death in the snow. All her fight was gone now. She could see how much blood she had lost in the snow and figured even if help came it'd be too late to save her anyway. “You rape me, you torture me and now you've killed me.” She said sobbing still but startling to calm a bit. “You don't have to say lies about me too. I'm not a slut. I was a virgin before you ruined me!” Even though she was coming to grips with the end of her mortality she was still pissed at the boy as she screamed at him.


“But you are a slut. You've proven it to me and you did so quite impressively too.” He said with a grin so wide it shined through the dark of the night towards her. Haunter was off to the side ignoring the conversation now, licking the red from his fingers. “Earlier when I had you begging, telling me what I wanted to hear. I dropped my pants and you just took to my cock with your mouth like a good slut as if you couldn't wait to have it back inside you again. You sucked me so passionately I felt you must have missed it when I took it out from raping you hehe.”


“You made me do that!” She shouted out quickly, her bottom lip trembling in horrid embarrassment. She could still taste his sperm in the corners between her teeth and it disgusted her for what she had done with her mouth.


“Did I?” He asked and she just gave him this stare of hatred like she couldn't believe the audacity he had to ask that. “I raped you, I made Haunter rape you, I made you humiliate yourself… But I never made you put me in your mouth.” Her eyes were filled with disbelief but nonetheless they still spread wider as she listened to his words. “Haunter was going to fist you as he did to all my other victims as well. I love that sight. I was going to jack off all over you as I watched him rip your insides out.” Laura’s face contorted in denial at hearing this. “I had no intention of putting myself anywhere near any of my victims teeth. I've never made that mistake before.” Loss and regret filled her eyes and she started to shake her head as he continued. “But you sat up all on your own. You didn't shy away at all when I dropped my pants. You took hold of my cock and sucked it down all by yourself because that is what came to you to do naturally while being naked with a boy. I didn't put the idea in your head which means you are a teenaged girl who already knew all about sucking dick being a thing and you even deepthroated me while playing with your tongue against it. You did that all on your own!” He knew it was cruel to point out and that made him love the power he had over her over more.


Laura looked like she was about to literally shatter both physically and mentally. “N-no! I didn't, that's not, no! It's not true!” She said sobbing through more dry heaves of utter shame realizing he was right. “Y-you’re evil… You're EVIL!” She wailed to him. “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Please… are you just going to watch me bleed out or are you going to finish me off?”


With a sigh Rayne looked her in the eyes as he spoke softly. “No, no. I'm going to finish you off.”


Laura just nodded, accepting the futility of her resistance. “You're going to hurt me more, not because you have to but because you want to, before you end it. Aren't you?”


This time Rayne nodded having no reason to lie to her at this point. “Yes, yes I am.”


Laura took in a deep heavy breath and spread her legs showing the him the gore he did to her. “Then can you please get on with it? I think I'd like to die now, sooner rather than later if that's possible. Even if I could be saved I don't think I want to live through this experience anymore.” She said flatly. Rayne mentally gave her credit for how mature she was being about this. “Do I need to do anything?”


“No.” Rayne said as he started walking closer to her. Even with having offered herself, the sight of her torturer coming back closer still made her heart race again in panic for self preservation. “Haunter, time to wrap up. Come finish your dinner.”


“Haun, haunt, HAUN!” The ghost Pokémon laughed, switching from a disinterested pose to lunging straight for her. He moved so quickly and Laura could only watch as the purple demon made his way to her, grabbed her by one of ankles and pulled her to him through the bloody snow by her foot. It was all so fast to Laura with Haunter clearly knowing just what he wanted and her panicked eyes didn't miss a thing. The ghost’s purple fangs came down right behind her cold little toes followed by a literal bone crunching set of cracks that snapped out loudly in everyone's ears. In a single bite the end of her foot with her pale little toes was reduced to a smoothed off end spouting blood until Haunter quickly took a second bite, shattering everything below the ankle to gore that quickly disappeared into the endless void of his mouth. Laura just turned away. It had hurt but the cold and blood loss combined had deadened her nerves below the waist making it more just horrible to look at. Seeing her precious body being reduced to food for a Haunter was like some childhood monster living under the bed to eat her come true.


“Come on now, don't turn away. Let's have a reaction.” Called Rayne’s voice which was startlingly close to her. Opening her eyes she was surprised to see the boy kneeling right next to her head looking down at her. She had only partially heard what he said and just as she was about ask him to repeat himself Rayne ended up getting just what he wanted thanks to Haunter. A purple clawed hand materialized in the air right above her left breast and then sank into the top of it with a vicious slash. Then in almost the same motion it cut down the body of the girl splitting her underdeveloped breast in two and filleting her open like a fish all the way down through her bellybutton to her public mound.


“GIIIAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” Laura shrieked out in pain through the night. While her limbs were almost dead to her mind from being frozen in the cold, her torso was still very much aware of the pain and she had felt every inch of be body being ripped apart.


“Mmm that's better, what a lovely sound.” Rayne cooed but scooted a bit closer to her head. “Careful my friend. You must be fiesty tonight, you're being so messy with this one. Don't hit my coat alright?” He lightly reprimanded his spectral partner who just laughed guiltily. “Now, as for you.” Rayne said down to Laura. Her darting eyes now trained on his face as her screams were cut off from him placing both his hands tightly around her neck. She choked on the sudden lack of air and felt him squeeze tighter. Her windpipe felt like it was instantly bruising from the force in which it was pinched shut. Her arteries started to burn from pressure and loss of blood to her head. Even her vertebrae in the back of her neck felt the pressure as Rayne choked her as tightly as he could. He wasn't even paying attention to Haunter’s carnage behind him anymore because he loved this part. Her body was so weak and had limited mobility in her limbs. But her body still tried to flail and defend itself from suffocating making her jerk and spasm in movements which Rayne found so incredibly sexy.


“This is it.” Laura thought to herself. “This is how I die.” She was in so much pain. She couldn't tell what the Haunter was doing to her but it felt terrible. She hurt all over making it impossible to concentrate. Her mind was in a state of flight and panicked from being strangled. Laura hopped around like a Magikarp out of water while having her last thoughts. “Almost time now… Any minute and I will be no more. No more pain, no more rape. I'll be able to rest... Finally.” Then a muffled noise came from the boy's lips. He had said something but from the pressure of being strangled had her ears sounding like she was underwater now. Even her vision was starting to fade but she could still see clearly enough for now. She got the sense that Haunter had stopped ripping through her like a wood chipper for a moment and she looked down trying to find out why, wanting to know what last horror she'd endure.


Then she realized the boy's pants were glowing. Haunter must have used Psychic to pull Rayne’s pants down again so he didn't have to stop strangling her with his hands. Also even after having already came three times he was fully hard again. “But, I'm about to die!?” Laura thought to herself. “Why would…. Oh no please!!! Not that too.” The last of her tears finally managed to fall from her eyes across her now purple darkened face. “He's going to rape me again, AFTER he kills me! No please I don't want that! Let me rest pleeeeeasssse!” Her mind cried out knowing she would be desecrated more after she was gone. “I guess that resting in peace won't be an option for me after all.” She thought to herself, that being the last thought she ever had before her mind shut down and her eyes began to fade. Rayne watched as the attention from her eyes left her, not knowing but correct in his assumption of her spirit leaving her in as much distress as her body was left at his hands.


~ Back in Jennys Apartment ~


Hours passed while Jenny lay naked and crumpled on shower floor. The temperature of her water had long since expired but she remained lying there attempting to process the information, feeling numb to the cold of the water as well as all not paying much attention to her other senses. Eventually a recurring sound which seemed so distant to her at first, finally broke through into her attention. Blinking and looking around she suddenly realized that she was freezing. Then the sound rang out again and she realized it wasn't distant at all. It was a deafening roar as Growlithe howled through the restroom door with neighbors yelling for her canine to shut itself up so late at night. “Ok!” Jenny weakly called out. “Growlithe, enough, I'm ok!” She called louder now. Her Pokémon ceased it's howling with a concerned whine, pawing again and again at the door. She turned off the shower and stepped out shivering, grabbing a towel to wrap her hair with and stepping out naked, being completely comfortable at home with her furry partner.


“Easy boy.” She called, pushing Growlithe down as he hopped and licked at her in concern. “Oww, I said down Growlithe.  You're scratching me with your claws. Go wait by the couch for me to sit down.” She said in an authoritative tone but she wasn't actually upset with him. Instantly he bounded off back to the living room with a happy bark. Jenny came stepping down the hallway and walked up to the thermostat on her wall. “Damn, I thought say said they were going to fix this today. I'm freezing from that shower.” She said to no one in particular.  But from behind her she heard an excited yip from Growlithe. Jenny turned and gave him a disapproving stare before sitting naked at her desk.


She picked up the letter addressed to her and instantly started to feel her swell of emotions again but then quickly folded it up and inserted it into a drawer. “Ok, no more time for that right now. I've got to focus.” She said with a huff, managing to composer herself. She looked through the case files again. “Why? Why would you jump all the way to the Sinnoh Region from Hoenn?” She asked, trying to find some connection she was missing between the evidence of the victims. Leaning over her desk looking from report to report she suddenly recoiled and her chest pushed into the edge of her desk. “Dammit, my nipples still hard. Oooh they're so cold.” She whimpered rubbing her breasts feeling uncomfortable like this. Again she heard an excited yip from her partner. “You're being a bad boy and you know it Growlithe.” She said as he just gave a resistant growl.


They both stared at each other for a moment each trying to hold strong. But eventually Jenny shivered from her toes to her head still wrapped up in a towel. “Ok fine! I'm frozen to the bone from having stayed in that shower. I'm going to complain again tomorrow about the thermostat.” She said defeatedly. “Come here boy, come warm me up.” She said as she started gathering files back into their appropriate folders to put her case work away. “There will be time enough to deal with that in the morning. I'm off duty.” She said before turning to the happy panting face now standing beside her leg. “Well,” She remarked, cocking an eyebrow, “you're definitely excited this evening. Did you miss me while I was just in the shower?” Again, he gave a happy bark before climbing up onto the seat beside her. “Thank you Growlithe. Now don't bite.” She said, leaning back into the support of the chair.


She watched as the fire Pokémon stepped forward onto her toned abs just above her belly button with a careful paw and then leaned forward onto her giving her right nipple a lick. She shuddered, her swollen pink bud was rock hard pointing out from her well developed chest and was extremely sensitive. “Go on boy, they're so cold. Please help me with them.” It didn't take much more encouragement from his trainer before he licked her breast a few more times and then succeeded in latching his maw around her nipple like a newborn pup suckling his mother. Instantly the excited pooch elicited a strong reaction from his trainer as he sucked and nibbled trying not to bite to hard. “Ah, ah, AH, Growlithe oooh. They're so sensitive. Aahh your mouth is so warm.” She moaned continually, getting instantly excited herself as if she felt electricity shocking from her nipple to her pussy. “Oh Growlithe, that feels so good.” She grinned biting her bottom lip and breathing hard.


“Growlithe do the other one, please.” She begged in a soft whisper now feeling the difference in temperature in the sides of her chest. As soon as he switched to suckling Jennys other nipple she gasped immediately. “AH Growlithe!” She ran her fingers through his fur behind his head and held him. “Not so hard boy, don't bite so hard.” Now she was the one who was panting in heat as Growlithe growled playing with his favorite chew toys. “Ooh boy you feel so be good.” She moaned softly, instinctively spreading her legs in sheer pleasure of having her nipples sucked so roughly. She could feel Growlithe’s warm fur coating her naked body like a blanket. It enticed her even more as her mature slit moistened from pleasure under her neatly trimmed patch of blue pussy hair. However the officer was pulled from her blissful delight as she felt the squatting dog thrusting his hips and rubbing an erection against her bare skin very close to her lubricated opening.


“Oh, mmm you need to stop Growlithe. UUHH so good- wait, Hey! I SAID down boy!” She said commanding him down once she felt his tip touch her right on the clit. “What is with you tonight boy?” She say reached down and petting him affectionately.”You must be stressed out by everything that's been going on too, huh boy? I bet you really need a good release which is why you're so excited isn't it?” She asked him as he started licking her face. “But you know you can't do what you just tried to.” She said holding his face and looking into his eyes. “A proper lady does not have sex out in her living room… she goes to her bedroom for that.” She said with a smile, leaning forward and kissing Growlithe full on the mouth. She parted her open lips letting his tongue push into her mouth as she made out with Growlithe for a short moment, licking back along his sharp teeth.


“Okay, come on boy. Let's go have fun!” She said standing. First she went around making sure her door and windows were shut and locked. Then she pulled the towel free from her head letting her glistening blue hair dangle still damp from her shower. Throwing the towel down the hallway to the bathroom floor she made her way to her bedroom with a happy canine following at her heels with a massive erection hanging under his tail. Pulling back her bedsheets she smiled seeing her Pokémon hop up onto the bed. Jenny giggled excitedly, feeling very horny now herself. “Come here boy. I've got a treat for you.” She said, kneeling down on the floor beside the bed and reached around under his tail as she began pumping his length with her bare hand. “Oh wow, and I thought your mouth was warm. This is a fire stick.” She grinned jacking Growlithe off as he panted with a happy goofy face.


“Alright, go ahead and lay down boy. That's it, now let me show you what a good bow you've been.” She said before leaning over the side of the bed, placing her face right in Growlithes lap and taking the full length of his doggy dick into her wet sucking mouth. There the proud officer Jenny knelt on her knees with herself on the floor while her beast lay in the bed being pleasured by her skilful mouth. It was a mild power play that Jenny didn't make too big a deal about but did enjoy a little bit after a long day of cracking down on crime and commanding citizens. It felt good to let go and serve to release herself from the pressure of command. “Mmmmmm you liking that boy?” She asked while sucking his cock and then swallowing it right back down her gullet. Growlithe moaned a bit in satisfaction and the validation helped Jenny enjoy this submissive side to herself seeking approval for her efforts.


Even though his dick was a nice size it still wasn't quite as thick as a full grown man's. It was however still plenty long enough to tickle Jenny's gag reflex if he started thrusting forward down her throat while she was sucking on it. Jenny just took a breath and held her face as firmly to Growlithes belly as she could. She allowed her throat to spasm as she choked and gagged with his tip hitting into the back wall of her throat. As much as Jenny did not enjoy the strangling feeling, not being into that sort of thing, she also knew that the convulsions of her throat would feel wonderful on his dick if she let herself choke on it for awhile. It was all just part of giving good head in her opinion and her fiery little partner was worth an inflamed throat and a little bile on her lips.


“Gahhhh, aahh hauh, mmmm sorry I can't take anymore Growlithe hehe. You're wearing my throat out boy. Did you enjoy that?” She giggled again as his tail wagged and he just laid there with a raging hard on. Now Jenny gave him a playful grin as she climbed onto the bed. “You want me boy?” She asked in a sultry voice feeling very turned on from sucking his dick and needing to feel something up inside her. Her Pokémon growled in eager lust as he stood up to make room for her on the small bed. “Mmm I can't wait. But uh, just one second boy.” She said before scooting up closer to the wall. This time she spoke a little louder than necessary and said, “I just sure do hope that we are alone right now!” She mildly shouted, trying to sound aloof in her voice but the sarcasm still could be heard. “It is a crime punishable by real jail time to peep on what somebody else is doing privately in their bedroom. Even if… you are doing it… with your EARS!” She suddenly yelled at the wall. She heard a crash and a tumble from the other side followed by young voices giggling and scampering away. “Good night kids!” Jenny called. She heard a pair of juvenile voices give a muffled friendly response back through her wall.


“I swear Growlithe, I have no problem living next door to that hot single dad over there but why couldn't it have been his bedroom next to mine? This is just embarrassing sometimes.” She sighed, knowing she was the masturbatory fantasy of the kids of the guy she had a crush on. Not on purpose of course but there wasn't anything she could do about it. She knew they could hear her whenever she had sex with Growlithe and she surely wasn't about to give that up. “Silly kids. I can't be mad at them, they're just teenagers. They can't help their hormones.” She said, stroking Growlithes ear. “I just rather it was my neighbor who had the hots for me.” Growlithe just whined at her. “I know I should just go up and talk to him. But it's too awkward. What am I going to say? ‘Hey, I'd like to invite you over like a floozy, oh and by the way your kids want to fool around with me more than I do you?’” She dropped her head in her hands, the embarrassment almost enough to kill her.


This time Growlithe gave a little bark and sneezed at her. “What?” She said looking at him blankly. “Oh right, I'm sorry.” She said reaching out stroking his still hardened member. “Alright, enough about them. Let's you and I get back to what we were doing hehe.” She said, flipping over onto her stomach on the bed as Growlithe stuck his snout right down between her legs. “Mmm yeah, good boy.” She moaned feeling his wet tongue probing both the folds of her pussy and her ass. “I think I'm ready to go boy. I'm pretty wet down there already. I really need this.” She said lifting her bottom up into the air. Growlithe hopped around the bed happily and then wasted no time in climbing over Jenny's backside. Jenny, being no amature at this, knew how to tease her partner a bit by letting him over her back and then crawling away a bit. Then she would let him up again and crawl forward a bit more until he was over her and had a good grip of his forelegs wrapped around her hips.


She teased him, as she stayed in a submissive mountable position. “Who's your bitch Growlithe? Who is your horny doggie bitch?” The usually so proud officer asked, now only proud to demean herself for the enjoyment of her partner and the release of her control. “Oh Growlithe, you have your doggie bitch in heat! I want you to fuck me so bad! Yes, right there! Just pu-SH INTO ME OH SHIT!” Jenny screamed feeling Growlithes rod enter her but fill her out all the way to the back of her vagina in one startling stroke. The fire Pokémon’s erection felt so hot at first, burning it's way into her melting vagina and shoving her sex muscles open all at once. Jennys blue hair flipped about as she quickly thrust her face down into the pillow to silence a loud scream as she felt the relentless doggie pounding began. Being a canine, the humps from Growlithe were of a much faster pace than most any human could do and being a police dog he was in excellent shape to fuck Jenny extremely hard until she sounded like a splattering mess between their legs.


However she was no chump in bed herself, being a full grown woman and very experienced with having sex with Growlithe and men when she wanted to. It only took her a minute to get over the initial overload of sensation to regain her composure. She eagerly picked her head up and groaned out in delight. “Ohhhh Growlithe! Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, oh, oh, oh, oh, that's it boy!” She shuddered almost vibrating from the quick thrusts sinking in and out of her sex muscles. She tightened her groin around her Pokémon’s cock and rocked her hips in time with his thrusts giving Growlithe a howl of delight. “Oooh hey shhhhh-hh-hh ooh quiet boy. N-no too loud, uh,uh,uh oooh yesss.” She hissed, tightening her hands in the sheets until her knuckles went white. “Growlithe I'm going to cum already!” She panted until her hips started shaking and she had to forcibly crawl out from under her furry lover until his still thrusting dick slipped out of her.


“Oh boy, good boy Growlithe hehe.” She moaned, her mind floating in a cloud of bliss. He looked to her and growled softly. “Oh don't worry boy, I just needed to catch my breath for a minute. Oh I know! Want to try the thing?” She asked him, raising an eyebrow adventurously. He suddenly perked right up and hopped around the bed excitedly. “Haha ok, ok. Move over.” She said before crawling around the bed as submissively as she could. “You want it boy? You want to do it to me?” She almost purred out before lying down flat on her back. “Come on boy, let's see if we can get it again this time.” She said beckoning. Growlithe stopped and looked her over for a moment. Even from Pokémon to human he found her beautiful. She had a small patch of trimmed blue hair above her pussy which was thick with her juices that had dripped from her doggystyle orgasm.


“Growlithe!” She said bashfully. “Stop staring at me like that. You're embarrassing me.” She chided him playfully but he knew she enjoyed it. With a happy yip he bent down and began licking her swollen, puffy pussy. “Oh no Growlithe, leave it wet. It'll make it easier. Come on, hurry boy. Do it while I'm still ready.” She urged. Growlithe nodded and scooted in between her open legs as she lay on her back spreading her thighs. Jenny reached down between her legs guiding him back into her dripping pussy and then began stroking the base of his shaft with her hand as she felt his little hips begin pounding her once more. “Mmm that's a boy, let's have it. Mmmm here it comes.” She cooed, loving the feeling of being fucked as she stroked Growlithe’s balls.


This passion went on between them for awhile. Jenny was left sweating profusely and she was feeling sore from so many repeated strikes to her genitals. But the more she got pounded the more she felt a hard swelling in Growlithes groin. “This is it Growlithe, I'm ready for it. Go ahead.” She beckoned and Growlithe howled feeling his knot swelling and now banging against her entry way. “Oh Growlithe! I can feel it! it's so big! It's so big! It's going INSIDE!” She stammered before biting her bottom lip and closing her eyes tightly. She felt her vulva being pulled spread and then walls being stretched to their limit with a sudden popping feeling. And just like that Officer Jenny was knotted in her pussy by her own Growlithe.


She thrusted her hips back with what little energy she had left. “Growlithe, it's stuck on my g-spot! You need to move it, I can't take it!” She cried out, now being overly loud herself. Growlithe was far too happy to obey and started fucking his knot back and forth tightly through her pussy. Jenny screamed as it felt for her like a spark plug had just bit her in the pussy and she quickly covered her mouth with her hands embarrassed by her lack of self control. She was having his knot pounding her special spot deep inside and it was making Jenny's eyes swim. “Fuck it! I don't care! Growlithe I'm cumming! Growlithe please! I can't take! St-ah! St-ah! -OP! AAHHHHH!” Just then Jenny let loose and threw her head back. Her felt her vaginal muscles contracting from such fierce stimulation to her gspot and her mouth spread open wide as she had a squirting orgasm from her pussy spraying all around Growlithes dick.


The sudden rush of wetness, warmth and tightness was finally enough to push Growlithe over the edge. Jenny gasped and her hands rushed to her stomach as Growlithe flooded her pussy with his cum. She thrashed and kicked a bit from both the effects of climax and because the fire Pokémon’s sperm actually burned a little bit inside leaving her panting and sweating even harder. The only the thing that the both of them could do was collapse when their mutual orgasms finally ceased. Jenny and Growlithe both huffed open mouthed for air. “Growlithe… please get off me… you're too… warm.” She said tilting her head back and breathing harshly. Growlithe moaned a bit lifting himself to his feet. “Oh thank - Oh! Growlithe! Wait! Don't move! AAHHHHH!” Jenny cried in panic as Growlithe took a few steps back. As he did his knot inside her caught in her pussy pulling Jenny by her vagina across the bed and she had to grab the railing of her bed to stop him from yanking her to the floor. “Growlithe wait, please. Just, give it a minute please.” She whimpered, being dragged around like that almost making her squirt a second time.


It took about twelve minutes before his knot to finally shrunk down enough to slip out of her with a wet plop. Jenny gasped, feeling a rush of fluid spill out her run smearing down her thighs. She was too tired and too sexually satisfied to do anything about it tonight though as she crawled back into a proper position on the bed. Growlithe returned to her room a few minutes after, mouth dripping from his water bowl as he climbed back onto the bed with her. “Come here my big handsome boy.” She said before kissing Growlithe passionately again, tongues in each others mouths until they laid down together in her sheets. “Thank you for that Growlithe. I needed this relaxation.” She said to him sweetly but there was a dark tone mixed with her voice. “We are going to have a tough day tomorrow. I've worked a murder case before but nothing like this. Those case files are disgusting.” Growlithe gave a soft whine and licked her face. She smiled and cuddled with him. “You're right. We have several hours left until morning when we have to deal with that. Until then, the only thing we have to do is stay right here warm and comfortable together. Good night Growlithe.” He gave a another soft bark and then nuzzled into her to go to sleep and that is how they stayed through the night, safe and unaware of the horrors lurking elsewhere in the night.


End of Chapter 1.

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