A Haunting Pokémon Escapade

BY : Haunter_Rayne
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**Author's Notes** Hello again to all of my readers! Yes it's true, I'm finally back with another chapter! Now since this is a story of mine then you'll probably expect that this chapter is full of rape, which it is, but the violence in this chapter is rather mild… or at least compare to the first chapter it's mild. We have a lot of pokephillia in this one, both directly and through passing mention so I hope that you enjoy it. 


A Haunting Pokémon Escapade 

By Haunter Rayne

Chapter 3 - Pleasures and Troubles at Home


“Oww, it hurts…” Kate whispered softly as she lay face down in Rayne's bed. The two teenagers were laying naked together in the dark as night had fallen several hours prior. For her nervousness Kate had requested that Rayne leave his lamp turned off before she had hesitantly placed herself face down with knees spread as wide as they could go. The girl was now reaching back and holding onto her ankles while her boyfriend was leaning over her backside. “O-OW!” She whimpered again but louder and bit into Rayne's pillow. 


The room smelt heavily of sex as the young girl had been enjoying his use of her body with his tongue, fingers, and cock all afternoon and evening. Both teens were sweaty and definitely feeling a bit worn out by this point. But as they had not seen each other for some time they were both eager to spend every second together to its fullest. To that end Kate had suggested doing something rather special for Rayne before they finally ended their sexual encounters for the night. “AH- AAAH!” Kate gave a sudden high pitched scream in pain which made her lose her grip on her ankles as her legs twisted in discomfort. Giving a sigh Rayne very slowly began to pull back but Kate's left hand shot out and grabbed a hold of his wrist. “No, don't pull away! I can do this. Please, I want to do this for you!”  


Rayne leaned down and planted a gentle kiss on the back of her head. “But you always hate this. You've never been able to take it comfortably up the ass before.” 


“I don't hate anal sex!” She whined in mock defense for herself. “It's just really, really, super hard for me to like it. That doesn't mean… AAHHH! OKAY STOP!” She shrieked as Rayne pushed only slightly into her bowels again. Reaching down to hold her bottom, Rayne retracted from the mere three inches that he had gotten within her. Then laying down next to her with his unspent erection between them he wrapped his arms around his girlfriend pulling her into a full body hug. “Hey, shh... it's okay.” 


“No, it's not!” She pouted. Even though she was upset Rayne had a hard time taking her seriously from how cute she unknowingly looked. “What kind of girlfriend can't even let her boyfriend fuck her in the ass?! I don't want to be one of those stuck up bitches who won't do the kinky shit because they are too snobby.” 


Rayne just chuckled and kissed her ear softly. “You let me fist you vaginally when I feel like it. You have never once rejected my request for you to suck on my dick since we started dating. You give me free reign to touch you anywhere I want, both above and under your clothes without asking no matter where we are. You have threesomes with me and my mom. And even though public nudity embarrasses the crap out of you, you've never once actually gotten mad at me for forcing you to strip out in the woods. You've even let me hold you down and watch while you were sexually assaulted by a wild Pokemon once or twice. You are fantastic at giving me the kinky shit! I wouldn't trade you for the world.” He said endearingly and he meant every word of it. 


She just gave a huff as she reached behind herself to tentatively touch her bum which was already feeling sore. “Yeah… but you do like fucking girls in the ass, don't you?” Rayne grimaced and stayed silent because he knew this was basically a trap. “Are you going to tell me that my butthole doesn't feel amazing to press into?” Rayne's cock betrayed him as it jumped with excitement against her back. “See? It seems like your little soldier has an opinion on the matter. You do want my ass. And I want to give it to you. And it's so frustrating that it hurts so freaking bad!” She yelled and then kicked the mattress as an outlet for her anger. 


Quickly Rayne grabbed hold of her face and pulled her into a kiss. At first she just thought it was nice. But once she realized he wasn't letting go she relented and gave herself over to his embrace. Turning to wrap her arms around his neck the two lost each other in their make out session for the next ten minutes. Once they finally parted Rayne brushed her hair back behind her ear with his fingers and asked, “Hey, how about a consolation prize? I know something you'd like.” 


She smirked and gave his shoulder a push. “Uh-uh. Knowing you it's going to be something really naughty and something that you'd want more than I would.” 


He snickered and put his hands up innocently. “Just hear me out.” She nodded and pulled one of his hands down to rub her breast while she listened. “Do you want to sneak over to my moms room? She's probably with my Scyther right now. We could watch and masturbate together while they fuck.” She looked into his eyes and gave a peculiar stare as if she were considering it. “And when I finish I'll cum on you if you'd like.” 


Now she gave more of a smile and asked, “On my face?” 


“You really love that, don't you?” She nodded happily after he asked her. “Alright, let's go.” Not even bothering with their clothes, the two naked teenagers crept out of Rayne's bedroom to where the master bedroom was located on the other side of the house. After testing the door handle Rayne found that it wasn't even locked and they both peered in as he slid the door slightly ajar. They were immediately gifted with the sight of Mrs Rayne being completely naked. She was currently turned away from the door leaning on her hands and knees with her pussy and asshole pointed right at them. Kate wasted no time in moving one hand down between her legs to start fingering herself at the sight of it. 


Rayne smiled finding this very arousing but then looked on to see what his mother was doing. Sure enough his Scyther was laying on the bed underneath his mother who was nearly straddling the female Pokemon. Mrs Rayne was running her hands up and down Scyther's body while planting kisses all along her torso. Even though Scyther was an insect with no breasts, Mrs Rayne ran her tongue in long slow strokes over where they would be and moaned, completely lost in the heat of the moment. “Soo… beautiful….” She whispered more to herself than to anyone else. “Such a lovely frame… such a thin narrow waist… wide curvy hips. You have such a perfect body.” Rayne listened to his naked mother as she sounded captivated by the figure of his Pokemon. She was so lost in the moment and had no idea that the door was cracked open. 


“Scy...ther…” The powerful Pokemon mumbled, enjoying the touch of the lust crazed woman. 


“Mmm yes and your beautiful voice.” Mrs Rayne added. Then she crawled up Scyther's body and kissed her deep, sliding her tongue forward while her hands slid downward. Rayne watched as his mom fervently began to finger her own slit while using her other hand to push just one finger into a moist opening between Scyther's legs. 


Suddenly Kate gave a whimper which drew Rayne's attention. “Your mom is so into it. She's not just having sex, she's so totally making love to that Pokemon. That makes it really hot.” She shuddered and Rayne looked back to see that Kate was fingering herself even deeper now. Feeling inclined to join in on the action he began softly stroking himself enjoying both the sight of his girlfriend as well as his mother in their own sexual delights. Looking back into the room he saw Scyther now wrap her arms around Mrs Rayne. Using the end nub that held the tip of her left scythe in place, the Pokemon dug it into the woman's exposed asshole and began pulling on her sphincter rhythmically. 


“Uuh, oh yes! Play with my ass! Just like that!” Mrs Rayne cried out and instantly Kate began masturbating much more vigorously but more out of pure jealousy. Rayne watched his mom quickly slide down a bit and remove her hands as she pushed her open crotch downward. Grinding her dripping vagina together against Scyther's, the Pokemon held her for support as the two began scissoring with each other wildly. “Uuh, uuhh, your pussy feels so good!” The older woman shouted and Rayne also heard his companion give several cries of pleasure. 


“Rayne I'm going to cum.” Kate whispered gently. Quickly he stopped stroking himself and reached around his girlfriend from behind. He placed his hand over her mouth very firmly and reached down with his other hand to rub her clit while she fingered herself. Kate writhed in Rayne's grasp while also gasping into his hand which silenced her from making too much noise. Once she had seemed to settle down she looked very tired as if she would fall asleep right in his arms. Rayne just smiled and let her rest while he looked back to his mother because he hadn't been satisfied yet. 


After several minutes of hot, rough, pelvis grinding Scyther suddenly looked like she was shaking from underneath the hot Vixen that was riding her. But suddenly Mrs Rayne looked up a little nervously when Scyther grabbed her around the shoulders and suddenly forced the woman down onto her back. “S-cyther?!” Then the bug Pokemon leaned down between the woman's legs and with no hesitation used her long tongue to spear deeply through the folds of the woman's vaginal canal. “Oh… my… Arceus!” Mrs Rayne screamed as she was penetrated deeply almost like a cock being stuffed into her. Scyther very clearly began tongue fucking Rayne's mom while the woman's knees closed around the Pokemon’s head. “YES! OH! THAT FEELS AMAZING! RIGHT THERE, RIIIGHT THERRRE!” She yelled almost as if she were crying. Quickly Rayne watched his mother devolve into a series of shuddering orgasms before collapsing on the bed once Scyther had finally pulled her dripping tongue away. 


The two teens watched Mrs Rayne's heavy breasts rising and falling as Scyther leaned down planting a kiss on her lips gently. Then the bug Pokemon slowly climbed off the bed and tapped the pokeball that rested on the nightstand. With a flash of red light she disappeared into her pokeball leaving Mrs Rayne now laying alone and naked in her room. 


Grinning while having a naughty thought, Kate reached out and gently tapped her boyfriend's rock hard dick. “Hey, I know you haven't cum yet. Want to go fuck her while I sit here and watch?” 


Rayne gave a smirk as he had a different idea come to him. “Wait here, I'll be right back.” And with that he snuck back to his room. Kate was left kneeling naked on the floor watching him return but now with another pokeball in hand. 


Kate's eyes went wide as she looked from the naked woman asleep on the bed to the pokeball once more. “Wait, that's not… Rayne, she told me but I thought that had been a joke. You're not really going to-” 


She suddenly went silent and her eyes grew wide as a large figure appeared completely blocking out the view from the doorway. “Maybe you don't want to watch this-” Rayne began but she absentmindedly slapped him and then pulled the bedroom door open wider. There in the cramped space stood a battle hardened dragon Pokemon towering six feet tall over the bed with the unaware woman below of only 5’ 8. The massive bulk of the dragon with it's well sculpted body definitely made the size variance look more extreme. Kate gasped with both hands over her mouth as she saw the hardening phallus hanging down from the dragon's pelvis. “Do you like the look of it?” Rayne asked as Kate's eyes looked like they wouldn't blink if she wanted them to. 


“It's terrifying. I've never seen your Garchomp before.” She whispered. Rayne was actually getting more turned on watching Kate's reaction to his Pokemon with knowing what he intended to happen. “I heard that you cracked a gym leader's Graveler in half with that Pokemon. Is it true?” She asked and in her eyes Rayne could see her watching with fascination as Garchomp got harder and harder looking at the middle aged woman laying naked beneath him.


“It's true. It wasn't on purpose, but it happened.” He said as he watched her almost looking almost petrified of the dragon before them. Rayne reached between Kate's legs wanting to tease her but was shocked to find that her pussy was far wetter than he had expected her to be. Her slit was soaking itself but Rayne couldn't tell if it was out of desire or fear. “You know… if you want… I could pull my Garchomp back.” With a struggle Kate managed to pull her eyes off of the growing dragon cock and look to her boyfriend confused. “If you think you'd like that, we could go back to my room and I could let Garchomp fuck you instead of my mom.” He asked, trying to test the waters to understand what was going through Kate's mind. 


Clearly he had chosen the wrong path as his young girlfriend shut her legs looking horrified. “Mew, no! Absolutely not! Look at that thing! I don't want that inside me!” Her voice had trembled sounding completely terrified by the thought. 


Quickly Rayne rubbed her leg expressing that was fine and that he wouldn't make that happen if she didn't want it. But very quickly she looked back into the room as she saw her boyfriend's Pokemon reaching down toward the unexpecting woman. “Is he going to hurt her?” She asked, marveling at the weapon hanging down near Mrs Rayne's face.” 


“Oh yeah, haha.” Rayne chuckled but then Kate shook her head. 


“No, I mean is he going to ‘hurt’ her?” She asked more seriously this time. 


Now Rayne paused before calmly saying, “I don't know. He hasn't so far. This would be only the third time I've let this happen. But he definitely could at any moment if he got too rough with her.” Kate watched in hypnotised fascination as the dragon used its claw to grip around the base of the woman's head while attempting to penetrate its phallus into her mouth. 


Needless to say that it didn't take much prodding for the early middle aged woman to wake back up. “Whmft?! NO-MMMMM!!!” She screamed, instantly recognizing the silhouette of Garchomp in the dark and understanding immediately what was about to happen. She pushed with arms trying to dislodge the swollen rod from her mouth but it was too late as two hundred pounds of pressure pushed the dragon dick into her throat. Not wanting to risk having her teeth knocked out, Mrs Rayne quickly opened her mouth as wide as possible. The draconic rod lurched into her throat causing her to choke so hard that her ass rose up from off the bed in response. Kate's eyes almost bulged out as she heard Mrs Rayne make a sound like nothing she had ever heard before. The woman screamed and gurgled in fright as Garchomp's rod skewered down her gullet until it stretched the outside of her neck out almost as far as her collar bone. 


Then while holding her skull like a handlebar Garchomp gave a thrust into Mrs Rayne's mouth like it was a pussy. Kate literally jumped in fright from the way that the woman's neck was forced unnaturally back into the mattress. Rayne stared at Kate with desire, seeing a few drops on the hardwood floor as she had just unknowingly peed herself a little from what she was watching happen. “He's going to break her neck!” She whispered while watching the scene before her. Mrs Rayne was clawing at her throat as it was being pulled apart from the inside by Garchomps cock. She could feel it sinking back and forth from the base of her jaw almost down into her chest. Her feet kicked at the mattress wildly from the distress she was enduring while the dragon just pumped away enjoying the skull fucking he was giving her. 


Rayne licked his lips as he realized that Kate had started shaking. He loved his girlfriend but at that moment he looked at her tender swollen pussy lips and had never wanted to rape a girl in his life as bad as he wanted Kate right then. But it distracted him to hear the loud pained gasping that came from his mother when Garchomp ripped his cock out of her mouth. “GIIIUUUAAAHHHHH!!” Instantly the woman whired herself back and forth on the bed, beating upon her chest trying to get oxygen back into her suffocated lungs. As soon as her gasping lips were able to breathe again she rolled onto her hands and knees while a line of bile fell straight from her stomach and right out of her stretched open throat. “RAYNE!!!” She screamed blindly with her hair having fallen into her face. She quickly felt Garchomp grab hold of her hips, clearly taking advantage of the bent over position she regretted now putting herself in. “RAYNE! BABY PLEASE!!!” She shrieked as she clawed at the bedsheets trying to fight as Garchomp effortlessly pulled her hips to where his cock was waiting. 


Feeling the tip of the dragon's dick touch her thigh sent an increased jolt of panic through her. Quickly she reached to the night table trying to grab hold of Scyther's pokeball or even her own poke belt which lay behind it. But she only managed to bump the table before Garchomp placed a foot up on the mattress blocking her path. “Noooo! Don't do this to me! Rayne, stop him pleaAAASE!!!” She cried out as she felt her legs being pulled apart. But it was just then that she was able to clear her hair from her face and look around for her son. Mrs Rayne's face fell saddened as she saw not just her son but also saw Kate sitting naked outside her bedroom door looking at her. “Not in front of Kate! Please, do-NO! NOOO!” She yelled feeling Garchomp pressing right against her pussy lips. 


Wanting to make sure Kate was not horrified by the situation Rayne turned to his girlfriend with concern saying, “Are you o-” 


“Shhh!” She quickly interrupted him, taking in every sight and sound of how Mrs Rayne quivered before her. And from her vantage point, she could see everything.


The pale light in the room shined down on the woman's face. Her scrunched up mouth and sobbing lips were swollen and puffy from having endured the face fucking she'd been given. Kate didn't even think Mrs Rayne was aware of the thick line of spit that was swinging back and forth from her lips as she struggled against the desires of the dragon behind her.


“It hurts! Stop! STOP!” The woman cried as Garchomp began pressing his tip in between her vaginal lips. Kate watched as her beautiful middle aged thighs kicked and thrashed against Garchomp's hold and how that made the smooth curvature of her ass dance in front of the dragon's lap. Garchomp however just remained rock steady with the woman's futile efforts only making him seem that much more powerful. 


Mrs. Rayne screamed as he suddenly continued to push in. Kate watched as the woman's thick labia bulged outward, clearly straining to withstand the pressure of the dragon's cock. His bright red phallus was so long and thick it showed no signs of giving against her tightness as if Rayne's Pokemon were secretly part steel type somehow.


Rayne looked on seeing how his mother spasmed in defeat. Her body twisted and crumpled into all manner of positions as she screamed with every inch that was forced inside of her. Deeper the dragon pushed himself as his mother curled her toes and squinted her eyes. But as alluring as he found that to be it was nothing compared to when Garchomp suddenly pulled his cock back and swiftly thrust into her again.


Her body stiffened with an elastic snap as her eyes spread wide and her mouth fell open. Then when Garchomp thrusted a second time her face went red looking almost like her head were about to pop clean off like the cap on a soda bottle that had too much pressure building up inside. Mrs. Rayne squeezed onto the bed sheets tightly as Garchomp took a firm hold of her hips and then started rhythmically thrusting back and forth against her backside.


"Aah-AHH-AHHH-AAAHHHHHH!" She screamed in pain as her knees scrunched up below her hips. As she was fucked, one hand shot down to her lower stomach as if struggling to prevent Garchomp from destroying something deep inside. "Ahhhhh! It's st-stab-bing mee-ee!" She whimpered with tears streaming down her cheeks. "It's too... big! It's stretching me... open! It hurts!!!" But that was when a frightened look of defeat washed over her face when Garchomp's claw suddenly wrapped around her head. Only one eye stared out now from behind how the dragon took hold of her skull and pulled her backwards towards him. Mrs. Rayne hung in his grasp like a deer in headlights or a helpless Buneary in the jaws of a Mightyena, recognizing it's defeat. Then with powerful force it rammed it's cock in through her tortured opening leaving her arms and legs and breasts to jostle around like some rag doll.


"Uuh-AHHuugghh!" Came a sudden shout from beside Rayne which almost caused him to jump. Looking next to him was Kate holding herself down on all fours and bent forward while furiously pounding her own hole with her fingers. Her hips shuddered until her ass cheeks rippled while she noisily stuck herself with three fingers as deeply as she could get them to go. The teen girl looked hypnotized while watching the older woman's breasts swinging about while her lower belly stretched from Garchomp's cock sinking so deep that it pushed out from behind her stomach. 


This was too much for Rayne to process as he had never seen anything so sexy as the double show before. He half wished he could run and grab a camera to immortalize this moment but events were proceeding so fast that he didn't want to miss anything. 


After a moment of intense skewering, Garchomp eventually grabbed ahold of one of the woman's arms and pulled it behind her back. Then he pushed the woman's face and breasts down into the bed while securing her in that position with one foot over her back. His other claw kept her hind end up into the air. The woman's mouth fell open when Garchomp squeezed his dick back down inside, crushing all the air straight out of her lungs. 


Rayne was surprised as he'd never seen his Pokemon fuck his mother in such a brutal position before. He actually began to worry if maybe Garchomp really would end up seriously hurting her this time but he was suddenly distracted by a sweaty hand reaching out and pulling his attention back to his side. 


"Rayne! Fuck me! I need you… I need you to fuck me in the ass!" Kate suddenly demanded. Rayne was in shock because she had already tried for that just earlier this night but he had no time to argue when she suddenly scuttled around to present her backside before his dick. "Don't argue with me! I know what I said earlier! I just need you to do it now and do it hard!" She yelled while quickly looking back at her boyfriend's mother being rampaged. 


Mrs. Rayne was being crushed in such a way that it looked as if any moment her spine was going to snap in half. But Kate couldn't focus on that as all of a sudden her boyfriend's cock shoved her asshole apart all the way down to her colon in one glorious stroke. "Uuuhhhhh!" She grunted, dropping her head as her mind reeled at the sensation. Then as Rayne pulled his cock back and she felt the dragging sensation pulling at her insides she squealed in a high pitched scream while bringing one hand up to her mouth in disbelief. This sensation had made her vagina feel like it was on fire.


At first Rayne paused for a moment wanting to take stock of how she was handling it. But no sooner had he paused then when she turned around looking red faced and yelled at him not to stop. That was all the coaxing he needed as she smiled like a lust drunk slut when he grabbed ahold of her hair. Violently shoving her face down against the ground in the same position that his mother was in Rayne reminded himself that Kate was his and decided that he was going to rape her for all she was worth. 


Kate's asscheeks clapped wildly as Rayne began pounding his cock through her asshole. Meanwhile his mother grunted in defeat, having the oxygen being pushed and pulled from her body like an accordion as Garchomp fucked her. Both girls screamed as their knuckles went white and their toes curled in pain but their eyes still rolled back as juices ran steadily from their own orgasms. Rayne railed Kate's asshole as hard as he could, loving the feeling of how tight her little shitter was and how wet it was making her pussy as he slammed into her over and over again. 


And that was how things went on. Everyone listened to the sounds that everyone else was making as they fucked or were fucked. The bedframe was creaking and sounding like it was getting ready to snap as the middle aged woman was sure that she was being torn apart. Meanwhile the teen girl knew that she was in intense physical pain but she just couldn't worry about that right now in light of the pleasure she was receiving from having her boyfriend pound her so vigorously while watching and listening to the most erotic display she had ever witnessed. However despite how turned on Kate thought she was at the moment, her mind nearly broke at what she saw happen next.


Eventually Garchomp grew tired of having to hold the woman still as he pleasured himself with her. He dropped her arm and his grip on her hips and with one swing of his claw Mrs Rayne's body rolled on it's back. Garchomp huffed for a moment to catch his breath. But then slowly and weakly Mrs Rayne's legs rose up. She wrapped her thighs around the dragon's hips and willingly reached up for him. Kate didn't know if she had secretly wanted this all along or if the woman had just lost her mind and was now suffering from some sort of stockholm-syndrome. But seeing her offer herself up to Garchomp's lust pushed her over the edge of the hardest orgasm Kate had ever had. 


Rayne groaned in pleasure feeling his balls get drenched as his girlfriend screamed and kicked in climax. He held her tight and kept fucking her through it. But soon her hand came slapping against his leg as if pleading for him to stop. He paused just long enough to hear her whimper out, "Ra-ne… please… ra-...pe me…!" She sobbed while intoxicated with lust. With a smirk the boy yanked his cock free from her asshole and threw his girlfriend down onto her back. She hadn't even caught her senses yet from being turned over by the time she stiffened up at feeling her boyfriend's hands wrapping around her neck. 


Rayne bit his lip at hearing the sounds of Kate choking and hacking as he strangled her. And then as he pushed his dick inside her smooth velvety pussy it had never felt so warm as it did right then. For her part her knees bent and kicked from her inability to breathe but her hands shot up to make Rayne choke her harder as she was wanting this. Rayne felt her swallow his cock up and down with her pussy as she furiously bucked her hips up to meet him. Then Rayne gave in, tightening his grip to choke the life out of her as he raped his girlfriend on the floor right in front of his mother. 


The ending didn't last much longer for either pairing as the males threw their heads back getting ready to stuff their respective partners with their seed. Mrs. Rayne however had known what she was in for from the moment she had seen that her son was home. She watched from the bed while Garchomp jostled her back and forth as Kate's eyes were bulging while she twisted in her boyfriend's grasp. She wasn't worried when she saw the younger girl's arms drop to her sides and her body fall lifeless as her son continued to fuck her, for she could tell the girl had only fainted and not yet actually suffocated. True to what she expected, the sight of his girlfriend laying there unconscious pushed Rayne over the edge and he released her throat to mangle her tits with his hands as he came inside her. 


It took a moment but sure enough the lips of the unconscious girl sputtered with breath as the boy used her body to rung out the last few drops of sperm that he still had to give. This made Rayne's mother smile to see that the girl would be okay. But immediately after her own vision disappeared as her eyes shut tight feeling the wave of magma that overflowed within her own vagina. With a roar that shook the house and would undoubtedly frighten several of the neighbors, Garchomp released buckets and buckets of sticky oozing dragon cum inside of the woman until it all sloshed out with a mighty flood from between her legs. She whimpered feeling the dragon finally exit her and was unable to see herself for how her battered stretched open hole remained gaped apart even after his cock was freed from her reddened bruised vagina. 


Once it was finally over she had just enough energy to see that Rayne was picking Kate up like a babe and carrying her unconscious body back to his bedroom. "Haunter…" Mrs. Rayne whispered out. "Don't you toy with me, I know you're there somewhere… you're an even bigger voyeur than my son is." She struggled with all her might to say through her bruised throat and tender lips. But she smiled when something invisible brushed the hair away from her sweaty face. "The front door… the neighbors… I need… I need to answer the door. Please… help m-" But with that she lost consciousness as well, not even stirring as the mighty dragon shook the entire bed just by stepping off of it. 


"Haun, haunt, haun!" Came an otherworldly laugh as not a moment later there was a knock on the door. Soon after Mrs. Rayne's hair moved again as a purple clawed hand took hold over the back of her skull.


- -


"Oh, Mrs. Rayne! I'm so relieved to see you're alright! What happened?!" Asked a middle-aged man with his wife holding his arm beside him. The two were standing on the front porch to Rayne's house. Behind them the lights were on in several of the homes nearby and other neighbors looked on from their own front doors with concern.


The door to Rayne's home was only slightly ajar as his mother's body stood behind it. And even though she was not completely revealed, the married couple blushed as it was openly apparent that the woman inside was in no state of dress. "Please forgive me for the noise that you heard. I assure you that everything is alright." Mrs Rayne said in a dull tone that the couple just took for her being tired. What they could not see was the ghostly hand holding the back of her skull to both possess her as well as to hold her upright.


"But… there was such a loud roar. There are no Pokemon in this region that could make such a noise. And the sound came from inside your house." The worried wife asked while clinging to her husband. 


Mrs. Rayne's body gave an involuntary moan as rivers of dragon cum were trailed all across the floor and were still leaking out down her legs. "Oh, yes. That. The noise you heard did come from inside this house." Her monotone voice said while her unfocused eyes stared at nothing in particular. "You see, I have a lover over tonight. An old friend from Jubilee City who is waiting for me back in my bedroom. But I was not expecting my son to suddenly return home from his adventures and catch us making love. My boy has a Garchomp, a dragon Pokemon, that he caught. The dragon mistook my lover for an intruder who was hurting me and he charged… but everything is okay now and nobody was harmed."


"Oh, I see." The husband replied, both him and his wife taken back by the brazzen response. "Well as long as nobody was hurt. Please um, please try to keep the noise down. Your neighbors are trying to sleep." He added, not really knowing what else to say. 


Mrs. Rayne simply closed the door without answering further and slowly stepped back to bed while still under her ghostly trance. As soon as Haunter released her, her body collapsed into a crumpled mess on the mattress. Not a muscle moved except for the slight flutter of her lips as she breathed. "Haun… haunt, haun, haun!" The Pokemon laughed before disappearing from view again. 


Meanwhile back in his trainer's bedroom both teens had fallen into a deep sleep as Rayne lay with Kate pulled tightly in his arms. The girl was out cold but still had the wherewithal to cuddle closer to her boyfriend as they slept. As that slight movement adjusted her hips she felt her boyfriend's cum seep out of her a little and down her leg. In a half mumbling and groggy voice she whispered to him, "You forgot… to cum on my face…"


Rayne just shifted slightly and chuckled before squeezing her tighter. "Tomorrow… in the morning I'll…" But she had already fallen back asleep, as did he before he could even finish his sentence.



**Author's Ending Note** 

Alright! Well, I have to say that I am rather proud of finally finishing this chapter. It's been what, two years? I know I said this story might not get a lot of attention from me compared to my other stories but it still makes me feel good to have made some progress. And what a chapter it was.


So we have plenty of new info to help build the relationship between our protagonist and his girlfriend Kate. But boy is his mother kinky. She's totally infatuated with her son's Scyther, idolizing the Pokemon's sleet hourglass frame as her ideal standard of beauty. I think this scene between them turned out great. But of course that wasn't the highlight of the chapter. That big event was Garchomp completely wrecking Mrs Rayne's throat and vagina. 


Also, we got to see that Kate has a hidden kink streak almost as big as Mrs Rayne's because she couldn't stop playing with herself and getting herself off to witnessing Garchomp's power. Now some of you might have imagined that Haunter was going to get some play in here with either Kate or Rayne's mom, and yeah I thought about writing that in. But then I decided that would never happen. Sure, Rayne is a serial killer rapist monster. But he still loves his mom and his girlfriend. He knows his Haunter is a poison type so any woman that he plays with could get very sick or get an infection if fingered or licked by him. Therefore I would think Rayne strictly forbids Haunter from touching either of the two of them.


But let me know what you think of the chapter. I do read my comments and I love receiving feedback on my work. And I do know what I would write if I end up working on another chapter to this story… but we'll just have to see how long it takes me this time to get around to it.

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