Dangerous Territory

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Chapter 53

Awakened By a Thunderstorm


A storm rolled over Metz. The rain that had started up the previous afternoon gradually increased into a torrent, pattering the windows, wind howling through the streets, and in the distance a low rumble as flashes of light sparkled in the bubbling black clouds, like an army of gods led by Thor himself was preparing to descend on the French countryside.

Suddenly, a great flash filled the room with light, and thunder cracked so loud, both Levi and Eren leaped up, one with a gun out, the other reached under his pillow for a knife. In other rooms, they heard soldiers screaming from phantoms of past battles.

"Ein Gewittersturm," Eren muttered, relaxing out of his fright.

Levi also sank as his muscles loosened, realizing it was merely a thunderstorm. "It's like Nature is trying to give me a heart attack."

They both put away their weapons and fell back onto the pillows. However, with their hearts racing and adrenaline fueling them, neither could really sleep. More lightning flashed, more cracks of thunder pierced through the room, and Eren kept flinching.

He had heard sounds like this, flashes of explosions and shock waves that hit all the way to the core of his bones, but with them came the screams of the dying. He could almost hear them shrieking now, especially as someone down the hall was wailing in old terrors.

Beside him, Levi felt Eren shivering. Worried for him, Levi rolled over and stroked Eren's head to calm him back down.

Another flash burst through the window curtains, and two seconds later a shrill crack of thunder made Eren flinch. He tried to laugh it off.

"I swear, I've never been scared of thunder in my life."

Levi smoothed back his brow. "It's okay."

He looked up in surprise. "You're not going to say it's because I'm a child, or I'm acting like a scared little boy?"

"No," Levi whispered. "Not this time, at least."

Eren blushed and softly confessed, "I've grown a bit used to you saying things like that."

"I'd be a steaming pile of shit if I called you a child after last night."

Eren raised up slightly and leaned over Levi, gazing down at him with his messy black hair splayed across the pillows. "What would you call me now?"

"A pervert," he grumbled.

Eren's hand slid up Levi's chest. "I'm not the one who used my feet."

"You're the one who enjoyed it."

"You're the one who made it enjoyable." He leaned over and gave Levi a kiss. "So what does that make you?"

"It makes me French," he said haughtily. "We make everything enjoyable."

"You're right. Alles an dir ist angenehm, so schön, so magisch und männlich. Alles an dir ist so einfach zu lieben und wenn ich an dich denke, überwältigt es mich."

Levi pouted. "That's not fair. If you're going to say things, say it in a language I know."

"It sounds silly in English."

"Say it anyway."

Eren's hand stroked down Levi's night shirt, feeling his chest under the fabric. "Everything about you is enjoyable, so handsome, so magical and—what is a word for it—manly? Is that a word?" By the shocked eyes and blush on Levi's cheeks, he could tell he guessed right. "Everything about you is so easy to love, and when I think of you, it overwhelms me."

Levi felt a smile struggling to rise on his lips while awkward happiness warmed his cheeks. "Why do you feel like you need to hide saying that from me?"

He shrugged coyly. "Because you look upset when I say things like that."

He reached up and caressed Eren's face. "I'm not upset. I just don't know how to reply. I'm not exactly poetic."

"You don't have to say anything back. Just don't look like you hate hearing it."

"It's not that I hate it." Levi sighed in frustration, trying to come up with a way to explain things. "I worry about you. This is your first time being in love. I fear that if you keep saying these things and you fall too hard in love, then when I leave, you'll be hurt."

"No!" Eren insisted quietly, gazing down hard at Levi. "If I don't say these things, if I never get the chance to tell you, that is what I'll regret the most."

Levi paused, thinking about this confession. He feared expressing his emotions in case they grew too strong, and Eren feared not expressing them because they were already so strong. "My mother once told me, to live a life full of happiness, every choice must have no regrets. If you think you'll regret not telling me these things, then go ahead and do it."

Eren leaned further over Levi, staring down at him as more lightning lit the bedroom. "What if my regret is not about holding back words, but actions?"

Levi felt the weight of Eren's body starting to smother him, heavier breaths moving his chest, and a growing hardness down below where their hips pressed together in a tease. His heart began to race as the incessant rain and rolling thunder made it feel like they were alone in a bubble of their own little universe.

"What sort of actions?" Levi whispered, getting lost in those teal eyes.

Eren's hand slid down Levi's throat and to his chest, coming to where his night shirt buttoned. "Kissing you," he whispered, slipping the first button out and caressing lower. "Touching you," he breathed, his heart racing as he undid two more buttons. "Getting to know every part of your body." He undid the last buttons and slid the shirt open, exposing Levi's chest and torso. "I would regret never getting to do that."

Levi shuddered as Eren's lips worked their way down, peppering down his skin. Then Eren suddenly raised up.

"But only if you're okay with it," he added quickly.

Levi took Eren's face in both of his hands and gazed with fiery eyes. "Nothing to make me moan. I'll tell you when it's too much."

Eren nodded. "I promise to stop if you say so, but…" He smirked slyly. "…try to have some restraint."

"I'll kick your arse, takhshet," he teased.

Eren leaned over and gave Levi a sensual kiss before rising up with a glint in his eyes. "That's not what I want you to do to my arse." Then he yanked his shirt over his head, tossed it to the floor, and leaned over to envelop Levi in a conquering kiss.

Levi felt like he was losing control. He was slipping into warmth, trying to claw and hold on to the painful yet familiar coldness of apathy. Eren was a drug that made him feel wonderful; he wanted to lose himself in that healing glow of passion and warmth.

Thunder cracked loudly outside, the wind howled, and the bed creaked along with the sounds of nature. Their kisses grew more frantic, driven wild by the power of the storm. A flash of lightning lit up their flushed faces, only for soft curses to be covered over by the thunder mere seconds later.

Eren's hips began to move in a motion they were getting used to. Under him, he could feel just how aroused Levi was getting. It was such an amazing sensation for him, to feel his lover like that. He craved to feel more. His hips became persistent, grinding into him until Levi let out a hiss.

It was not a moan, so Eren did not stop.

His hand slipped down, cupped around the tenting shaft, and moved carefully, feeling out the contours. Levi opened his mouth in a silent breath of pleasure as heat pooled down below.

"Is this okay?" Eren asked belatedly.

Levi was curious: just how ashamed would Eren look if he scolded him for touching without permission? Just how anguished and humiliated would his face be? A sadistic part of him wanted to see that.

But a more urgent part of him did not want Eren to stop.

His hand went down, slammed on top of Eren's hand, and pressed it in firmer.

"Do I have to teach you how to touch a dick too?" he taunted.

Eren shuddered as Levi guided his hand up and down, forcing him to stroke firmer. He had been worried about touching too much, but now he loved this feeling, knowing Levi wanted him. As Levi's hand stopped guiding, Eren kept stroking at the same speed. Even when Levi made soft curses, they both ignored the limits they had set. Levi did not ask Eren to stop, and Eren did not slow down.

"Levi…" Eren sighed quietly, as if pleasing him was the greatest pleasure for himself.

"Be careful," Levi warned. "If I come in my pants, I'll never forgive you."

"Then pull it out."

Slowly, Levi reached down. His throat tensed as he adjusted his long johns and eased his cock out through the front flap.

"I mean…" Eren gripped the hem of the long underwear and gave a tiny tug. "…take them off. May I?"

Levi hesitated, but he thought about what he said earlier about not going through life with regrets.

He would regret telling Eren no.

He shifted his hips upward while Eren tugged the underwear down his legs. Levi also sat up and slipped the sleeping shirt off of his shoulders, dropping the clothes to the ground. The chill of the stormy night made his naked body shiver until Eren's hand caressed his chest, and he felt how hot those fingers were.

Eren gazed along those firm legs, taut body, and muscular arms. Levi might be small, but that meant his manliness was compacted, distilled into purity. Eren thought Levi was painfully handsome when naked, sculpted like a Roman statue. He was lit only by a street lamp and occasional flickers of lightning. Eren thought about turning on the lights so he could see Levi better, but it was best not to attract attention.

"You're so perfect."

Levi scoffed. "Hardly."

Eren leaned over Levi and gave him a kiss. "Well, I think you are!"

He kissed the side of his neck, down his collar, nibbled down his chest, and purposely slid his body down across that stiff pole below, teasing it. Levi only barely held back a gasp as those lips reached the tip of his cock and gave it a peck.

Eren leaned up, and his eyes burned down at Levi. "May I kiss you here?"

Levi nodded. He wanted more than mere kisses, but he had no idea what was okay for him now, and what actions could trigger another bad memory. Last night had been so amazing, only to end with him pushing himself too far. Still, he wanted to give in just a little bit more.

Eren carefully lifted the cock into his hand and gazed with aching happiness that he could touch this again. He leaned over to kiss it, and his lips worked down the shaft, all the way down to the balls. He gave them two soft kisses. Then his lips softly caught some of the loose skin, giving it a tiny tug.

Suddenly, Levi's hands shot out and pushed Eren away. The move shocked himself just as much as it stunned Eren, and Levi flinched at seeing a pained expression of guilt on Eren's face.

"Sorry. That … was a bit … it felt too good."

The sad guiltiness turned into joy in a flash. "Are you sensitive there?"

"It's my nut sack! Of course they're sensitive," he snapped.

Eren avoided that area for now and moved back up, kissing along the shaft. His hand grasped around and softly squeezed. "But here is okay?"

"Don't ask." Levi slammed his eyes shut to keep himself in the moment. "I'll tell you if I need you to stop. Otherwise…" He left that open for Eren to interpret.

"Then I'll keep going until you tell me no."

Eren let himself indulge, kissing around the tip while his hand stroked up and down the shaft. The thunder and noisily drumming rain covered over his own soft hums and Levi's heavier breathing.

Eren's lips parted, and he slid just the head of Levi's cock into his mouth. Levi jolted away at the feel of wetness, and Eren pulled up in worry.

"Is that okay?"

"I don't know. Yes?"

"Does it feel good?"

He groaned and threw his arm over his face. Like hell would he admit just how good it felt!

Eren leaned over, but he glanced at Levi first before trying it again. He moistened his lips and hoped that listening to Jean's crude bragging while in Paris finally paid off. Then, he wrapped his lips around only the head and slid off, like a lollipop. He did it again, sliding on, then sucking off the top with a pop.

Levi sensed the awkwardness to the movements and glanced down, at first in confusion, then shaking his head. It was obvious Eren had never done something like this before. He reached down and caressed the top of messy brown hair.

"I really wanted to take my time with you."

Eren rose up, his face blanched with shock. Oh no! He had promised to go slower with Levi, and now he was trying this. He sank in disappointment. "Of course. I'm sorry for—"

"But maybe," Levi cut in, "what I'm meant to do is train you." He lifted Eren's head up by the chin. "A lowly lieutenant being trained by a captain. Rather appropriate, yes?"

"Jawohl, mon capitaine."

Levi suddenly laughed. "What the hell? Pick a language."

Eren caressed along Levi's chest. "I think in this case, I am serving both Deutschland…" His gaze locked on those stormy blue eyes. "…and France." He smiled playfully. "Ja?"

Levi smiled back. "Oui."

It was a pact between national groups in the midst of war, even if it was just between the two of them.

Lightning flashed, and the fire in Levi's eyes blazed for a moment. "Do you want to learn how to suck a dick?"

A shiver went through Eren's body. "Show me," he whispered in rapture.

Levi shifted his body up, sitting with his back braced against the headboard. His legs spread on either side of Eren, giving him full access while also caging him in. Then Levi beckoned him to come closer. Eren crawled between the muscular thighs, hesitant now, but Levi motioned him again. Eren thought he would go back to Levi's groin, but Levi tugged him to sit up.

"Open your mouth," Levi whispered, and Eren obeyed. Levi raised two fingers and slid them into Eren's mouth. "Keep a tight seal around. A little suction is nice, but you don't have to suck all the air out. Try it."

Eren tightened his lips and slid along the fingers, sucking soften.

"Very good," Levi praised. "Now, your lips are only part of it. If you really want to be good, use your tongue. Twirl it around, or you can use your tongue to press the dick up against the roof of your mouth. Don't try that with my fingers—I don't want my fingernails to scrape you, but it's something that feels really damn good."

Eren savored twirling his tongue around Levi's fingers, feeling the ridges of his knuckles, and he kept the other trick in the back of his mind.

"Watch out for your teeth," Levi warned. "The last thing you want to do is nick the skin."

Eren pulled his lips around the edges of his teeth.

"Very good. You're a natural cocksucker, aren't you?" he teased, caressing Eren's head in praise. "If you want…" He slid his fingers farther into Eren's mouth, until his throat twitched as he was close to gagging. "Use only your mouth and suck the whole thing. You can even take it down your throat, although that might take some practice so you don't vomit."

Eren closed his eyes and tried it, sliding on Levi's fingers. If this was an advanced maneuver, he wanted to learn it! Determined, he tried to devour all of Levi's fingers, plunging down on them, only to pull back when he almost gagged.

"Don't hurt yourself. It's better to keep sucking and not go deep, than try and have to stop because you're about to puke. Instead, you can use your hand to stroke below and suck on the tip. That's how most people do it, and it feels really good."

Eren reached up, but with just the fingers, there was no room to hold. Instead, he wrapped around Levi's wrist while moving his hand in and out of his mouth.

"Look at you," Levi taunted, smirking as saliva dripped down Eren's chin. "You're drooling everywhere. If you want to do this, you need to be less messy. You know I don't like messes."

Eren pulled back and wiped his lips and chin. "Only one way to practice." He began to slide back down between Levi's thighs, except before he could lean in to the erect treat, a hand grabbed his chin and pulled it back up.

"Ask me for permission first," Levi ordered.

"Oh, right." It was best to learn to ask first, no matter what. "May I?"

"May you what?"

"May I … how do you say it?"

"Say, 'May I suck your dick?'"

Eren gulped hard and whispered, "May I suck your dick?"

"You have to say please," he goaded.

Eren laughed. He was going to play it that way, huh? Fine! Eren leaned down and nuzzled the erection, giving it a wet kiss with a tiny lick. Then he looked up into Levi's face and whispered sensually, "May I please suck your dick?"

Levi's throat choked up. Shit, he was too sexy! He wanted to see even more! "Beg."

"Please," he mewled, scratching at Levi's chest while his lips played around the cock with kisses and needy licks. "Please let me suck it. I want it. Bitte. Please."

"Putain," Levi hissed. Seriously, Eren really did something to him! "Fine. You may."

Eren chuckled at getting his way so easily. He raised back up to the tip. It was flushed almost to purple now with the teasing.

His lips parted and slid just the head of Levi's cock. It felt dry, so he licked around, then slid further and further until his throat flinched. That was far enough for his first time. He used his hand to hold the rest and began to stroke it while his mouth sucked on the top half.

Levi hissed, "Putain, c'est bon."

Eren pulled back and whispered, "Is that good or bad?"

"Good," Levi breathed out heavily. "Damn good!"

The moist sounds of Eren's mouth returned with provocative hums of delight. Eren tried to go just a little deeper, but he felt the back of his throat spasm again. Maybe Levi was right and it was something he had to practice.

All the more reason to do this more often!

Levi gazed down at Eren as he lay between his legs, his mouth sliding up and down his cock. Levi trembled deep inside, and he felt a painful throbbing growing down below. He knew, if Eren kept this up, they would have a mess on their hands in no time at all. Just as he was about to suggest they stop, Eren pulled away and wiped his chin. He had a sly smile as he sat up and leaned in closer to Levi's nude body.

"Are there any other tricks you can teach me?"

Oh boy, were there! However, Levi was pretty sure if they tried, he would not last long enough for Eren to get any meaningful practice. "One day, I'll teach you how to suck a dick while on your knees."

"Jean said that's how the street whores do it in Paris. Is that what you're used to?" He smirked naughtily and teased, "Or maybe you did that in the past?"

With blinding speed, Levi grabbed Eren, rolled them both over, and pinned Eren's wrists down tightly. Rage flared in his eyes, his lips curled back in disgust, and he barely kept his voice down as he snarled, "I have never prostituted my body! Don't you ever suggest something like that again to anyone."

Eren flinched at the painful grip on his wrists. "My apologies. I went too far."

Levi saw the pain in Eren's face and realized how hard he was gripping. Immediately, he loosened his finger. "Sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."

Eren rubbed out his wrists and muttered, "I'm not hurt." That was a lie. He would probably have bruises later, but he did not want to worry Levi.

"It's just … When I was eleven, my uncle Kenny brought a man to our home and said I was old enough to start earning my keep. I didn't even know what was going on until the old man dropped his trousers and tried to force me to open my mouth." His brow tensed at the vile childhood memory. "I just about killed him. Then I ran away. It was the first time I met up with Hange. That crazy scientist took me in, gave my uncle an earful, but hearing that he only did it because he was desperate for rent money, Hange gave us both jobs. My uncle was asked to deal with some police who were snooping around the lab, while I was hired to steal chemicals. It was dangerous, but it beat sucking off old men. I knew other boys who were not so lucky. It was easy money on the street. They often told me I should stop mugging tourists and start sucking businessmen." His lips curled again. "I would never put a man's dick in my mouth."

Eren bit his lip and, being extremely cautious, asked in a whisper, "Not even mine?"

Levi looked stunned for a few seconds, then hesitant. His face drew up in a moment of revulsion, then he glanced back into those teal eyes, and the sneer turned into a hesitant pout. "I would have to think about it."

Eren smiled in acceptance. At least it wasn't a no. "Just so you know, no one has ever used their mouth on me. You'd be my first."

Somehow, that made it slightly more tempting, but Levi was still not ready for that. "No promises, and don't ask me to. That's a really bad memory for me. If I ever feel like it—and that's a very big if—I'll let you know. Otherwise…"

"I won't bring it up again," Eren promised.

Levi nodded, pushing that childhood memory away. His hand rubbed slow circles around Eren's chest. "I can use other things for now," he offered.

"Like what?"

His hand slipped down to Eren's trousers and palmed him. "Using my hand, properly this time."

Eren let out an airy moan as his eyes fluttered down. His hips made a lunge into Levi's touch.

Levi gazed down at Eren, amused by the faces. "Do you like that?"

Eren rapidly nodded.

Levi stroked slowly up and down, feeling warm from the act of pleasuring him. He glanced at the pole tenting the nightclothes.

Was he just small, or were Germans this big?

He wanted to see more!

He tugged on Eren's pants and slid them down. Eagerly, Eren shimmied them off. They were both naked, in bed, with rain pummeling outside and their bodies being lit by flashes of heavenly fire.

Levi glanced down. He might have served in the army, but he had never actually looked at other men when they were naked, neither in showers nor changing uniforms.

Damn, he was a big boy!

However, he noticed something very different between them.

"So, this is foreskin," Levi mumbled. He rubbed his thumb around the skin, testing it out. "We're taught it's dirty."

Eren gulped as he shivered. "You have to clean it, but it's no more difficult than cleaning one's arse."

He hummed, fascinated, curious, and with those feelings all the uncertainty melted. He lightly wrapped two fingers around in a circle to stroke the loose skin up and slide it back down, amused by this difference. He wondered if it made sex better.

Eren mewled at the gentle, inquisitive touches. "It's … um … very sensitive."

"What is?"

"Vorhaut. Um, what did you just call it? Foreskin."

"Is that so?" Levi leaned over and gave Eren a kiss. "That's good to know."

He wrapped his fingers firmly around Eren's cock, finally touching it fully, and gave a thrust down, feeling the tension in that thick erection.

Eren suddenly cried out, moaning something erotic in German. He grabbed the back of Levi's head and yanked him down for a deeper kiss as his whole body shivered. Levi was touching him! Eren loved to spoil Levi, but he loved when Levi took control.

Levi had thought that doing this would be no different than stroking his own cock, but no. Not even close. Eren's girth was almost intimidating, and his length … well, he had nothing to be ashamed about, that was for sure! It felt so vastly different from his own that he had a moment of uncertainty.

He was stroking a man! Some of those street rats he grew up with did that as well, wanking off men for money.

This was different, though. He just had to look at Eren's flushed face, and his heart surged with warmth.

Eren cursed again in pleasure and grabbed desperately onto Levi. He wanted more! He wanted his hand to speed up. He wanted his body to smother him into the pillows. He barely knew what he was even thinking, he just wanted more. However, he was afraid to ask. What if it was something Levi was not comfortable doing? What if he forced him? He loved that Levi was touching him, and his hands clutched at him, shivering with pleasure.

After a few minutes, Levi stopped touching him and rolled off, resting on his side. Eren glanced over in curiosity and worry.

"Are you okay?" he asked, wondering if this was too much already.

Levi had a playful glint in his eyes. "I thought I'd take a break."

"Oh. We … We can stop."

"No. You can keep going. Go ahead." A smirk curled on the corner of his lips. "Keep touching."

"Touching … m-me or you?" he asked in a sensual, soft breath.

Levi snorted a quiet laugh. He looked so intimidated! Good! "Whatever you feel like. Be inventive."

"What does that mean?"

"Take what you've learned so far, make a battle plan," he whispered, "and then show me your attack, Lieutenant."

Eren bit his lip, feeling a leap in his chest—and elsewhere—at the offer. Eren gently pushed Levi onto his back and crawled on top. Slowly, he kissed down Levi's body. He kept glancing up, seeing if this was okay, and saw an encouraging smile. Levi wanted to let Eren indulge as much as he wanted. After all, how many more chances like this would they get?

Eren got to the cock again, glanced up once more to be sure this was okay, and then slid it into his mouth. This time, he used his tongue to press the cock up to the roof of his mouth like Levi had suggested. Levi cursed softly as his cock rubbed against the ribbing of Eren's palate. His hand grabbed the back of Eren's head and slammed him down harder. When Eren yanked up coughing and gagging, Levi stiffened.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry."

Rather than being upset, Eren's eyes looked predatory. He snarled as he pounced back down, hungrily giving full sucks, plunging onto Levi again and again.

"Fuck!" Levi hissed, only barely keeping his voice down. Eren was relentless, his mouth hot, and he felt saliva dripping down his shaft. "You're already being messy again."

Eren pulled up, mouth glistening with saliva, and wiped his drenched lips. "Sorry, mon capitaine. I will be more careful." He went back down, slower, giving full, long sucks.

"Putain c'est bon!" Fuck, that's good! His fingers gripped into Eren's hair, petting him as he slid up and down. Levi's thighs tensed at the building pleasure. He tried to hold out, but he finally said, "Wait, stop. Too much!"

Eren pulled his head up. He crawled on top again, straddled Levi, and conquered his mouth. Levi flinched at first—Those lips were on my dick!—but gradually he gave in.

Between kisses, Eren asked, "Can I touch without my hands?"

Levi bit Eren's lower lip as punishment for speaking in the middle of kissing. "What do you mean?"

"My body. Is it okay if my body touches there?"

"Sure," Levi said, not really understanding his intentions, but certainly not against experimenting.

Eren's hips lowered until their cocks pressed together. He began to rock his body, slow thrusts with quiet, airy grunts. On instinct, Levi grabbed Eren's hips and pulled him in closer. Logic and reason went right out of his brain. His mouth opened, wanting desperately to moan as Eren pressed against him, their cocks sliding side by side.

Their bodies undulated together, while their tongues played and their hands explored, craving any new territory they could find. A heady moan from Eren was luckily drowned out by another flash of lightning and sharp crack of thunder.

"Levi…" Eren whispered, as if pleasing him was the greatest pleasure for himself. "Das fühlt sich gut an." That feels so good.

Yet after a while, Levi recognized a change. Eren's hips moved harder, sharper. The rhythm was getting faster. Eren's breaths began to get raspier, edging toward desperation, panting in time to his body's movements. Levi's teeth gritted as he felt pressure building in his groin.

It felt so good. So fucking good!

Eren gasped, "Oh Gott!"

Just then, Levi felt a wet drip slide down from Eren's cock and moisten his. He suddenly shoved on Eren's chest. "No! We need to stop now."

"What? Levi!" he cried out in desperation.

"No. I can't. I can't, I'm sorry!" He was right on the edge of something dark, and he did not want to plunge into that nightmare again.

Eren rolled off, panting hard, aching … oh-so-much! He had to respect Levi's wishes, but he was so built up, it did not just throb through his crotch; it burned.

"Verdammt!" he cursed. Eren yanked the blankets over him and reached down. He was so close, he had to finish off.

Levi felt the rhythmic jolts beside him. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Don't worry about it."

Levi yanked on the sheets. "Not like that, idiot! You'll get it all over the blankets."

Eren paused, but his whole body ached with need. "Wait here!"

He bolted to the bathroom, found the condom Jean had given him days ago, and ripped open the package. He took a moment to figure out how to get it on, rolling it wrong at first, but then got it. He ran back to Levi and hid under the blankets.

"What the hell?"

"Es ist ein Kondom."

"A condom?" Levi cried out softly.

"Ja. Now nothing will get on the blankets. I will deal with it, you don't have to do anything, but please … please kiss me. Touch me. Please!"

Levi felt Eren's hand stroking down below, and his huge teal eyes were pleading. This was not a playful begging; this was serious beseeching.

He raised up, leaned over Eren, and gave him a deep, penetrating kiss. Eren moaned right into his mouth. Down below, his wrist was jerking hard. He wanted to feel that release with Levi right up close to his body, not merely a foot stretching down to him.

Levi suddenly yanked up and threw off the blankets, making them flutter to the floor. Eren cried out in surprise, but then he saw Levi perched onto his knees and glaring down at him.

"I want to watch."

Eren's mouth dropped as a shiver went through him. Watch? This?

A tiny smile tweaked the corner of Levi's mouth. "Go on."

Shamed and unsure now, Eren continued, stroking slowly, worried and humiliated, knowing Levi was watching him as he pleasured himself. He was not hidden under blankets. Instead, his cock was on full display, sheathed in latex.

Eren closed his eyes because every time he looked, Levi's gaze was sharply on him. If he held that gaze, he would surely come undone in seconds.

"Are you a coward now?" Levi challenged. He rubbed his hands slowly up Eren's bare thighs, making him quiver. Eren began to stroke a little more firmly. "Better. Show me, Eren," he whispered.

His voice definitely triggered something. Eren's whole face drew up like he was in pain. Levi's hand kept caressing up Eren's thighs but skirted around the action going on in the middle. Instead, he touched along the sharp hip bones, up his toned stomach, and to his chest. As he watched Eren giving himself pleasure, he traced around the nipples. That got a tight-lipped moan as Eren tried to hold back a cry.

"I never imagined a man would react to being touched here," he whispered. "Women like it, of course, but it's fascinating how sensitive you are."

Eren's eyes opened up, begging in the darkness. "Please … kiss me … I can't … please!"

Levi leaned over and kissed him firmly, licking around Eren's mouth and thrusting his tongue in.

Eren's hand started to jerk erratically. He could no longer hold back moans as the tension reached a climax. Then suddenly, Levi crawled on top of Eren.

"Levi?" Eren asked in mild panic.

He kissed Eren into silence, and his hands found sensitive spots all across Eren's chest, scratching below his collarbone and circling his nipples. The jerking hand kept hitting his torso, yet Levi refused to move. He nibbled down Eren's neck, and suddenly he sucked hard on the side while pinching his nipples tightly.

That was too much for Eren! A shocked cry punctuated the air, then another, then a low and sensual moan, followed by an erotic sigh as Eren's mouth hung open in surrender.

Levi watched in wonder. In that glorious moment, he knew why the French called it "la petite mort," the little death. It looked like such a beautiful surrender to the inevitable, a sinful taste of heaven.

Down below, with his cock up against Eren's, he felt spasms. He could feel the gush happening just under the thin condom, pressed so close to him like this. Levi did not even want to blink, lest he miss a single second of this breathtaking man's expressions.

Yet mere seconds were as long as that euphoria lasted before Eren slumped, thoroughly defeated. Levi stroked through the soft brown hair and felt the beads of sweat along his brow.

He never thought he would like to see another man in such a vulnerable moment, yet with Eren, knowing he was the one made him like this…

"C'était parfait." That was perfect.

Eren's eyes opened, so hazy, so filled with love. "Was that too much?"

"Definitely," Levi said, yet he endearingly stroked Eren's head.

"Are you okay?" he asked, worried that Levi could suffer flashbacks again.

Levi realized, whereas last night had him almost vomiting with memories of horror, somehow, this time he had not thought about that even once. He leaned over and gave Eren a kiss. "I'm fine. I love to watch you like that. Your face," he sighed, caressing Eren's cheek, "est magnifique."

Eren laughed bashfully as those words filled him with nervous butterflies. "I wish I could … to you…"

"Chut," he whispered, and he gave Eren a kiss on the brow. "Another time."

Eren's eyes lit up. "Really?"

"Don't make me regret saying that, takhshet."

Eren bit back any more words.

"For now," Levi whispered, "it's enough for me to see you like this, all worn out, your cheeks like apples…" He pulled up and looked down to Eren's crotch. "…your dick like spilled milk."

Eren turned his face away with a pout of humiliation.

Levi rolled to the side and gazed at the flopped penis with the latex filled with whiteness. "Get more of those things."

Eren looked confused. "Do you mean Kondome?"

"Yes, more condoms. I don't like messes. I think that was my problem last night. I could feel your semen, and that was when I had my issue. This time was better."

"Then … Then do you want more of this?" he asked with wary hope.

"I guess," he said, his voice faltering slightly, raising the pitch into a hesitant question. He caressed Eren's sweaty brow as he tried to sort things out in his head. "I like seeing you like this. I like to know, I'm the one who can pleasure you."

"Do you like when I touch you?" Eren asked eagerly.

Levi hesitated on answering. He found it endearing that Eren wanted to pleasure someone like him, and he liked to watch Eren lost in euphoria; however, as the hormones cooled down, he was left with doubts.

"If we do this again," Levi muttered, "keep me in the moment."

Eren hummed curiously. "What do you mean?"

He caressed along Eren's chest. "It needs to be my call, not yours."

"Of course!"

"Once I'm in the moment, once I … I want it … make sure you keep me in the moment to the end, or I'm going to seriously doubt that I want it."

"What do you want?" he asked, perturbed by the thought of Levi forcing himself into something he disliked.

"I don't know," Levi admitted, cringing at this weak ambivalence. "When I'm in the moment, I want so much."

"But after the moment is over, then you don't?"

"No. Then I get nightmares and … je suis un lâche. I'm a coward."

"You're not." He pulled on Levi, brought him up beside him, and hoisted his head up onto his chest so he could be the one to pet him now. "I'm so sorry that you still get nightmares of Grützmacher."

"I never want to hear you mention that man again! May his name be forgotten!" Levi's spike of rage calmed down with the feel of Eren's hand in his hair. He sank onto Eren's chest. "I wish I could forget it all, but there are moments when the smallest thing makes me remember. A touch, a word, a smell. Like last night, feeling … s-semen… Suddenly, I was back in that dungeon and…" His throat clenched off. No! He did not want to remember it again!

Eren felt Levi's body stiffening, and he squeezed him tighter. He whispered soothingly, "Shhh, schon gut, du bist in Sicherheit. You're safe here."

Eren comforted Levi, but now he felt guilty. After all, he was purely enjoying all of this, but for Levi, it was a battle against the horrors of the past.

"How do I keep you in the moment?"

Levi leaned up off Eren's chest and put their noses together. "I just have to look into your eyes. I know it's you, and I know you would never hurt me like that."

Eren's lips quivered sadly, but Levi gave him a kiss to show that it was okay.

"I want to prove to myself that the past is gone, and those nightmares are nothing but bullshit. To do that, I need to face them … with you," Levi whispered, "and I need you to keep me in the moment until I … well, you know."

"Bis du kommst." Until you come. Eren gave Levi another firm, determined kiss, and declared, "Ich akzeptiere die Mission."

"You accept the mission?" Levi had to laugh at that. Said like a brave soldier! "I expect perfection, Lieutenant."

"Jawohl, mon capitaine."

Levi chuckled softly. Seriously, this brat!

Eren looked down at his crotch. "I should clean up."

He stood and, awkwardly holding the condom on, waddled to the bathroom. Levi shook his head. How many times had he needed to do a walk like that, hoping not to spill the mess inside the condom?

It was weird to see that in another man.

It was weirder to realize he was the one who made Eren come.

He felt an odd mix of instinctive revulsion and tingling delight. While in the moment, he just wanted to watch Eren and those delicious faces he made, but after that moment was over, the fact that this was a man still pestered him. Less so than before, but still a lingering awkwardness.

Had he always been interested in men? Was it only Eren? Why was he so different?

Levi realized he was also acting so much differently in this relationship than he had when married. He never would have dared ask Petra to beg or humiliate her. With Eren, he loved the idea of giving orders, because it was so different from being brutally forced. He liked to humiliate him, because he knew Eren reacted so well with those blushing cheeks, and because he was tough enough to put up with it. He made Eren beg to do more, because that put the power of allowing the action to happen fully on himself, which was important to him, especially after he had begged that man to stop.

The power helped him to realize he was in control of this. He could think back over the moment and know without a doubt, he had wanted it. Eren had needed to beg him.

Still, he felt a little bad that, when it came down to finishing, he still froze up. Those nightmares were still there. The fear never fully faded away.

He glared down at his limp cock. "Pourquoi tu ne m'obéis pas?" Why won't you obey me?

* * *

In the bathroom, Eren was in heaven. He could not believe he and Levi just had such an intimate moment. It was dreamy! His lips wanted to remember the feel of Levi's cock. He only wished he had thought about using his hand to stroke both him and Levi together. Next time, for sure!

Ah, next time! And many times! He wanted to indulge in this new euphoria again and again!

First, condoms. He could get them for free through the army, but only so many. He could always just buy some.

Oh … wasn't that being too optimistic? Surely, Levi would not want to do this every day.

But wouldn't it be amazing if he did want that! Every night, coming back to the hotel, kisses and touching and exploring the vast realm of pleasure!

He was floating on happiness, but he knew he needed to clean up the mess. He threw away the condom and wiped the mess up, trying extra hard to be clean, since Levi was picky about that. He ended up washing his entire crotch.

What if Levi decided to try sucking him? He should really be clean for that.

No, don't get hopes up too much. That was something Levi looked revolted by. Which was such a shame, but he had to respect that limit. And who knows … maybe one day … he hadn't outright said no, after all.

Now he was thinking about it and getting hard again. Calm down. Get cleaned up first.

At last, the wild thoughts calmed and he finished. He stepped back out into the dark main room and saw Levi on the bed with the blankets all in order again, neat as if newly made. He had also folded up the discarded clothes. Eren glanced at the tidy pile, but decided to be a little naughty.

He slid into the bed naked. When his hand reached out, he found Levi without a shirt. His hand drifted down Levi's body, to his waist, his hips, around to his buttocks, and to his surprise, he realized Levi was fully nude as well.

Levi muttered, "It's a hassle to get dressed, and I want fresh underwear now. I didn't feel like getting up to fetch them."

Didn't feel like getting up, yet he made the bed and folded the clothes? What a lame excuse! It almost made Eren laugh.

Eren curled around him, wanting to fully take advantage of this moment: nude Levi in his bed! He kissed the side of his cheek and whispered, "Thank you."

"For what?"

"All of it. For touching me. For letting me taste you. I liked that."

Levi was glad it was dark, because the heat was creeping up to his ear tips. "You still have a lot to learn."

Eren smirked. "I look forward to you training me, mon capitaine."

Levi shook his head. Seriously, this brat! "We should get a little more sleep before morning."

Levi rolled over, and Eren spooned into him, snuggling in close and kissing the back of his neck. With the storm tapping at their window and rumbles of thunder outside, they drifted back off to sleep.

# # #

# #


I bet you thought something awful was going to happen.

This chapter doesn't have many historical facts to cover, just sexiness overload. I do want to point out that this storm is historically accurate. In fact, it played a big role in the start of the Battle of Metz. What that role was will be seen later.

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