My Hero Academia Short Stories

BY : thatguywiththeface
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Deku was nervous. His girlfriend, Ochako, had somehow talked him into a threesome with their friend, Tsuyu. He had never been nude with another girl besides Ochako, or even seen another girl naked before.

He sat and the bed, his stomach in knots. The door opened. “Wait, what’s going on?”

Ochako and Tsuyu stood in the doorway, both wearing their old school uniforms from U.A.

“We decided we felt a little nostalgic. So we put on these old things,” Tsuyu explained.

“Do they look good Deku?” Ochako asked.

In a nervous squeak Deku answered, “Um, yeah.”

The two girls approached him on the bed. Deku kissed Ochako. His hands went down her back. When he reached her behind, Deku realized that she wasn’t wearing panties.

“Um, feeling a little left out here Izuku.” Tsuyu took him and planted a kiss on him. It was the first time Deku kissed another girl besides Ochako. It was nice but strange. Her frog tongue certainly didn’t help. The tongue pushed itself into his mouth. He touched her thigh and traveled up. As he suspected, she too wore no panties.

He placed one finger into her pussy. He used his other hand to slid another into Ochako’s. Ochako’s moans filled the room along with the sounds of Deku and Tsuyu making out. Tsuyu than broke the kiss. “Hey Ochako, help me out with Izuku’s clothes.” Deku found himself pushed onto his back. Ochako removed his shirt while Tsuyu removed his pants. The two girls than switched places. Ochako took Deku’s erection into her mouth. Tsuyu hopped onto Deku’s face. He licked her folds. Tsuyu then sent her long tongue out and it went to Ochako’s own sex.

Ochako moaned around’s Deku’s dick and the tongue thrusted into her. It knew exactly were to poke and rub. She found herself climaxing. Ochako let go of the dick and undid her tie, than unbutton the shirt letting her rather large breasts free.Tsuyu did the same. Ochako greedily took a nipple into her mouth.

Deku stopped licking. “Um, guys? What about meeeh!” Tsuyu’s tongue wrapped around Deku’s cock and began stroking him. She continued grinding on his face.

“Guys, I’m cunning.” The frog came. Deku, the last hold over let himself go as well, launching his seed on to his own stomach.

Tsuyu spoke first. “That was fun.”

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