My Hero Academia Short Stories

BY : thatguywiththeface
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Disclaimer: My Hero Academia is owned by Bones and Shonen Jump. I do not own it nor do I earn any money from this

The former classmates were a buzz. In the apartments they all shared, the gang had gathered in front of Midoriya’s room. He and Uraraka were having sex.

Mina was the most excited. “Do you think they're doing it?”

Kaminari turned toward her. “Of course they're doing it.”

Iida scolded his group of friends. “It’s none of our business. We should leave Midorya and Uraha alone.”

“Of course you’d say that,” Tsuyu said, rolling her eyes.

“So, how are we gonna check them out?” said Mina.

“I got an idea.” Lifting her shirt, Momo pulled out a drill out of her stomach. She quickly drilled a whole in the wall.

Iida was having none of this. “What are you doing. Cease this perversation at once!”

Kirishima agreed, “Yeah, peeping is really unmanly.”

But besides Ida and Kirishima, every former of class 1A, fought over the hole.

“Move aside, I can’t see!”

“Make another hole!”

“And get caught!”

“I think I see something…”

“Izuku’s on top, that’s disappointing.”

“All I see is his ass. Damn, Midoriya stop hogging Uraraka’s boobs for yourself.”

“It’s a good ass though.”

“His balls are nice too.”

No one noticed Bakugo behind them. “HEY PERVERTS! LEAVE THEM ALONE!” Everyone ran away. He banged on the door. Hey Deku, everyone’s gone now. You two can fuck in peace.”

Meanwhile, Deku turned to his girlfriend. “I wish our friends minded their own business.”

Toru spoke up from the corner. “Yeah! They were ruining the show.”

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