The Strongest of Bonds

BY : Demonized
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He is always so strong in front of them. An unyielding force of nature that stops at nothing to ensure the safety of his Nakama. He stops at nothing to ensure that all of their dreams and promises come true. They stop at nothing so even he can achieve his.

Their beloved captain isn't happy though. An intuitive part in each of them knows that he is miserable, even with the bright smiles he gives. The smiles are empty, much like the void look he gains in his eyes when he thinks that nobody is looking at him.

They come together for his sake. It is their turn to be the defiantly strong ones in his stead. For ten years they had watched as he silently suffers. For ten years he was broken and shattered. It is time that they fix him.

"Are you sure that it exists, Robin?" Nami asks quietly as she goes over her map of Laugh Tale one last time. They had been researching this, all eight of them, for the past nine years. Their beloved archaeologist had been the one to unearth tidbits of a legendary chamber on Laugh Tale, one that was said to grant a singular wish or so the myth went.

"I am certain it exists, Nami." Robin gives the navigator a tired smile and lays out the journal she has kept on this chamber. She had been up all of the past night, amending all of her notes and making sure that they are one hundred percent accurate. The delightful chef of their ship had even kept her company, much to a swarthy swordsman's complaints, and kept her focused with generous helpings of snacks and beverages that helped boost energy levels. Zoro had ended up dragging a half-conscious Sanji back to their bunk after she alerted him of the Chef's own exhaustion.

"Go rest up while I set the course." Nami scoops up her map and Robin's journal so she can study them both. She gets up from the table as Robin leaves and goes in search of Franky and Usopp. Once she relays their new heading to the shipwright and sniper she approaches to the Sunny's figurehead. Luffy is there, as expected, with his captain's jacket draped over his shoulders. "Luffy."

His body tenses slightly at the sound of her voice and there is a slight hesitation before he turns to smile at her. It tears at her heart every time she sees that smile, the cheerful and vibrant life gone from it. "Ah, Nami. Where are we going?"

Luffy's perceptiveness startles her and she blinks at her captain before she gives him a small smile. Nami isn't sure about what she can tell her simple-minded captain dealing with Robin's discovery on Laugh Tale. There are times when it seems that Luffy is smarter than he lets on, and they all see it but never press the issue. She says nothing on it now and instead sits down beside her captain. "We're going back to Laugh Tale. Robin found something about a secret treasure." That is the best she can currently tell him, though it is only a half-truth.

"Treasure?" Luffy gives her a glance filled with suspicion since he knows Nami had scoured every inch of Laugh Tale and counted every single Beli on the island. For her to miss a treasure is essentially a crime.

Nami seems to realize this as soon as she says it and laughs nervously. "It's very well hidden, Luffy, in a mystery room," she explains quickly and even throws in that it is in a mystery room. She knows how her captain works, too well, and he often calls things a mystery even when it is fully explained to him.

His suspicious look vanishes and understanding seems to dawn on his face. "A mystery treasure in a mystery room?" Luffy is getting excited, which is a good thing in her book. Hopefully, Robin's find will pan out, because she can't stand seeing her captain so void of life.

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