The Strongest of Bonds

BY : Demonized
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He runs headlong into the seemingly unending darkness, chasing after a grinning figure in the distance. Brook has only ever gotten glimpses of this person, their features somehow familiar though he will swear to having never met the person before. He is a teenager, probably seventeen, maybe seventeen and a half, with short and wild black hair and a small scar under his left eye. The most memorable thing about him isn't the red vest and blue shorts he wears, but the old straw hat on his head.

As soon as he catches up to the boy and reaches out to touch him he is startled by a very disturbing change. Instead of flesh, his hand is nothing but bone. Brook wakes up with a frightened gasp and tumbles out of his bed. He checks his hands several times, and even pinches himself to make sure that he is awake. It had been quite a scare to see his own limb suddenly turn into just bones.

After he is assured that he won't be turning into a skeleton, even in part, Brook gets up and tries to remember the dream before his fright. He had been running and there had been someone... As he tries to picture the person the details of the dream fade, leaving him scowling. It is best that he doesn't dwell on it, and so he dresses for the day and leaves his cabin.

Yorki is leaning against the railing on the upper deck, watching the fickle weather of the Grand Line when he comes out. His captain is smiling and humming their favorite song, Bink's Sake, to himself. With a grin of his own, Brook pulls out his violin and starts to play the more upbeat version they are used to singing.

"Yo ho ho ho, yo ho ho ho..." Yorki grins and sings along as he turns to watch Brook play. Little Laboon, the island whale that had followed them into the Grand Line, had loved this song and would always chirp and dance in the water when it was played. Though they had been saddened to leave Laboon behind with Crocus, they are firm in their belief that they will one day see him again.

"Yo ho ho ho, yo ho ho ho..."

Weeks have passed since Brook had had that strange dream he can no longer remember. Captain Yorki and a few other crew members had contracted a disease that had been deemed incurable, and so they had left to contain it. Now he is the Captain of the Rumbar Pirates, though he had never wanted to obtain Captaincy in such a way, and they are pushing on to keep their promise to reunite with Laboon.

Brook stares at his wanted poster, a thin smile on his face as he folds the paper up. The thick fog of the Florian Triangle makes things difficult to see, but he is quite sure the crew will want to celebrate him gaining a bounty. It is dangerous here, more so than usual, as the fog hid many things. Even if all of them should die, he will at least be able to carry on to one day keep their promise with Laboon. He has eaten the Yomi Yomi no Mi, after all.

He is startled out of his thoughts when a cannon, one that is not their own, goes off. The ball hits the water off of their port side stern, and every available hand is quick in getting to their stations. Brook lets go of his wanted poster and grabs his shikomizue, the hidden sword leaning up against the wall of his cabin by the doorway.

The battle had been long and bloody, but they have won, and only barely. The attacking pirates had poisoned their weapons, and so they only have a short while left to live, as their only doctor had died in the battle. Despite this, they are all happy. Brook will eventually revive and can make his way back to Laboon for them. It is decided that they will go out with a fantastic bang, playing Bink's Sake and recording it for Laboon to hear on a Tone Dial.

Brook sits at the piano and plays as, one by one, his comrades die. He continues to play until all that is left is him and the song comes to an end. The poison takes his body then, and he is enveloped in darkness.

When he comes back to consciousness he is floating, not like a bird but the sensation is as close to flying as he can imagine. He is aware that he has to get back to his body, wherever it has gone off to, and so he starts to search for it.

Brook isn't aware of the passage of time but by the time he does find his body he is horrified to see that it is nothing but bones and clothes. The only good thing is that his afro remains, and he silently cracks a joke about having very deep roots in his mind. He assumes control over his skeletal body, and gingerly picks up the Tone Dial that still sits upon the piano. The revived pirate presses play and a familiar melody slowly begins.

"Yo ho ho ho, yo ho ho ho..." He wants to cry, but as he is lacking in tear ducts he settles for sadly humming along to the song recorded in the Dial. Laboon is, no doubt, still waiting for him, and he will have to wait even longer still. Brook is incapable of handling a ship so large by himself, and he has to gather the remains of his crew.

One day he will be able to keep the promise the Rumbar Pirates had made with Laboon. Until then he will wait, for what he doesn't know. He has a sense that his life will be boring for a long time, but someone will come and shake things up for him. Someone young, and full of life. He doesn't know how he knows it—it is just a feeling after all—but it will be well worth the wait.

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