Change the Course

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Luffy screws his eyes shut against the near agonizing pain that radiates through every cell in his body. He's even certain that his hair hurts. Laid out next to him, and in similar but worse states, are Sabo and Ace. They both give pain-filled groans and he can hear them trying to move. It is to no avail, however, and the rustling stops with slight whimpers from both of them.

"Luffy, I'm gonna kick your ass once I can move again." Ace's voice is hoarse and weak.

"You'd have to catch him first, Ace." Sabo sounds no better either.

They should have listened when he had told them that yelling and screaming are rather pointless when dealing with Garp. "This is only the first day." He reopens his eyes and stares up at the sky, a slight grin on his face. "It'll get easier once we become accustomed to the training."

"Either that or we die in the process," Ace mutters sullenly.

Luffy just grins then shifts slowly to sit up. Every part of him hurts, but he is used to physical pain. It is the pain of the heart that he has trouble with. "Ace-nii-chan and Sabo-nii-chan are super strong!"

"I certainly don't feel super strong, let alone just strong." Sabo attempts to sit up himself but seems to flop back to the ground almost bonelessly. "How are you still moving, Luffy?"

"It's a mystery," Luffy sing-songs, though he knows all too well that it is mostly due to the fact that his older mind can handle the pain. Sabo and Ace also know this, but because Garp is around they have to put on a show for the old man. Speaking of Garp, the Vice Admiral is on his way back into the forest. He'd gone back to Fūsha to check in with Makino once it had been obvious that the boys weren't capable of moving. Luffy flops back down and stays there, his expression mimicking Sabo and Ace's.

"Well now, boys, you've had a nice break. Time for the next phase of your training," Garp booms as he re-enters the clearing he had left the boys in. He stops and frowns when none of the boys move, and eyes them almost suspiciously.

"We can't move," Ace grouches, leaving out the fact that Luffy is able to sit up. Were Garp to know about that there is no doubt in the brunet's mind that the Vice Admiral will assume that all of them can move.

"Oh? Is that so?" There is a terrifying note of certainty in Garp's voice. "And here I was going to reward you, boys, with all the meat you could eat."

Luffy twitches at the mention of his absolute favorite food, the action not going unnoticed by Garp. He lays there for all of three seconds, which gives his grandfather enough time to dart over to where the three of them are laid out. Luffy springs to his feet and runs full steam in the direction his grandfather had come from.

Terrified yelps come from both Ace and Sabo, who are still unable to move, as Garp's fist impacts the ground scant inches from where their heads are. It leaves a miniature crater, which is certainly enough motivation to get them on their feet and running after Luffy.

Garp doesn't move, except to turn and look in their direction with a grin that the boys would have described as evil. "Works every time," the Vice Admiral chuckles to himself and brushes the dirt off of his fist.

Ace skillfully dodges another of Garp's dangerous and painful punches then zips under the man's legs using a weak Soru. They have been at this for weeks, but Garp's training is finally starting to pay off. He is starting to see the Vice Admiral's punches before the man even throws them. He avoids most of them, but Garp always seems to be able to know that and gets in the occasional lucky blow. They don't hurt as much as they first had, which has to mean one of two things. He is getting stronger or Garp is going easier on all of them.

Eying the miniature craters that litter their current training area, Ace decides that it is the former. Going easy is apparently not in Garp's vocabulary, at all. The brunet ducks around a tree, where Sabo has been lying in wait, and signals to the blond. Sabo nods then leaps out of his hiding spot, swinging his pipe from overhead in an attempt to catch Garp unaware.

Being that Garp is proficient in Kenbun-shoku Haki he foresees the attack, only to merely block it. He also reinforces his forearm with Buso-shoku Haki, which causes the pipe to partially wrap around the limb.

Sabo stares at his pipe in open-mouthed horror, while Ace peeks around the tree and covers his own mouth. Somehow Garp still manages to shock and scare them once they've grown accustomed to certain aspects the Vice-Admiral regularly displays.

Luffy, who'd been hiding up in the branches above, takes this as his cue to jump down and perform an attack of his own while everyone else seems to be distracted by the severely damaged pipe. He coats his fists with Buso-shoku Haki and brings them down on the back of Garp's head. The attack only grazes the Vice-Admiral, who shifts forward enough to escape the brunt of Luffy's attempt and leaves him open to receive Garp's right elbow to the face. It is also coated in the same Haki.

Luffy is sent flying and crashes into a tree some ten feet away. The impact leaves a somewhat Luffy-shaped imprint on the tree while the five-year-old gives a groan of pain.

"Looks like we'll have to add Haki to our training," Garp announces with a glint in his eyes, his gaze first lingering on Ace's hiding spot before it shifts over to Luffy. "That means I can finally stop holding back." He finally glances at Sabo, whose eyes go wide and a new level of terror appears in his expression.

Months pass, each new day more brutal than the next, and it is finally time for Garp to go back. He has put them through everything imaginable, from weighing them down and tying steaks to them so he can throw them into a ravine of ravenous wolves, to making them fight the monstrous creatures in the forest with even more weights. They even had to survive against him hunting them down at all hours.

They survived, just barely, but the training (torture) the Vice-Admiral imparted has paid off. They have a good understanding of Haki in all its forms, and yes that includes Hao-shoku Haki, as well as having mastered the Rokushiki techniques in the time spent with Luffy's insane grandfather.

"Now boys," Garp begins as he stands at the foot of the gangway to his ship. Some of his crew members are discreetly watching as they busy themselves with various tasks, whether completed or not, by the port railing. Garp ignores this, of course, as he fixes his heavily bandaged grandson and adopted grandsons with a fierce stare. "When you grow up you're going to-"

"Be pirates," Luffy deadpans as he interrupts Garp. He returns Garp's stare with a flat expression, adding a touch of Hao-Shoku Haki behind his statement.

Garp is able to withstand Luffy's Haki, but only because it is just a slight pressure instead of the full brunt of his will. He frowns as he looks over his grandson, realizing that the boy is serious despite his injured state. "Luffy…" The Haki presence from his grandson targeting him increases until it takes everything he has to just stand there. Where did Luffy learn such control? He had only taught them the basics of Kenbun-shoku and Buso-shoku Haki because Hao-shoku can't be taught, only explained. What Luffy is doing goes beyond any of the training he'd given them.

"We will be pirates," Luffy repeats in a low tone. He stares at Garp for a moment longer then releases his Haki and turns to hobble away. Ace and Sabo quickly follow after him after shooting some rather odd glances in Garp's direction.

They don't wait to see if Garp leaves with the Marines under his command. Ace grabs Luffy by his unbandaged arm and bodily drags him to Makino's. Sabo throws away the crutches they have been using as a façade in front of Garp then follows after his brothers.

"Did Garp-san leave?" Makino questions as she comes over to help them out of the bandages. She had helped them throughout their training with Garp by wrapping up fake injuries so that they could have some time to actually rest. Sure, she felt bad for fibbing to Garp, but the boys are her priority.

"Hai," Luffy answers, a frown on his face. He says nothing more and patiently waits for Makino to finish removing his bandages while Sabo and Ace help each other out.

"Is everything okay, Luffy?" Makino finds herself frowning because she is used to Luffy being bright and cheerful.

"We're okay, Makino-san. We're just a little tired." It is Sabo who speaks up, his tone soft.

"Oh, okay." She gives them a worried smile nonetheless and pats Luffy on the shoulder once she is done. "Go and rest for a bit. I'll have lunch ready for you when you all wake back up."

Ace and Sabo add their bandages to the pile Makino has made so that they can all get washed, then take Luffy between them and walk him back to their bedroom. Once they are inside Ace leads Luffy over to the bed while Sabo closes the door and locks it.

"C'mon, Luffy. What's bothering you?" Apart from having to use Hao-shoku on Garp, they can't think of anything wrong.

"We almost got found out by jii-chan." Luffy's expression is dark now, his hands curling into fists. "I shouldn't have used Haki on him like that, but I didn't want to hear him lecture us on joining the Marines."

Understanding dawns on the two older children and they sit on either side of Luffy to hug him. Having it get out that he is from the future won't bode well for them, and because they also know… Well, it is their secret to protect too.

"We didn't get found out." Sabo musses Luffy's hair with an affectionate rub then gives a faint smile.

"And no lecture on joining the Marines." Ace shifts to let Luffy lean against him and hugs him a little tighter. "We're gonna be pirates, and you, little brother, will be Pirate King."

Luffy's expression melts into one of uncertainty and he looks from Sabo to Ace, having to crane his neck to look at the latter. "ASL Pirates?"

"ASL Pirates," Ace and Sabo chime together, the both of them smiling.

"But we have to recruit Zoro, Usopp, San-" Luffy starts to list off all of his Nakama, only for both Ace and Sabo to cover his mouth.

"We'll recruit your Nakama, Luffy, and they can be our Nakama too." Ace pulls his hand back, Sabo doing the same, while a brilliant smile forms on Luffy's face.

"But we have a lot to do before then." Sabo slips off of the bed and goes to his desk, pulling out a tiny journal from the underside. This journal contains all of what Luffy remembers to happen in the time he had come from, meticulously recorded by the blond. "First we have to meet Shanks."

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