Change the Course

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"We should go to Gray Terminal," Luffy says out of the blue as watches the horizon for Garp's ship. It's almost time for him to return like he had told Shanks, and had Luffy not changed things so drastically for himself, Ace and Sabo then Garp would soon be dragging him up to Dadan's. He still might do it but with all three of them this time.

"The fire at Gray Terminal isn't for a while but then we really don't have anything better to do right now," Sabo comments as he flips through his ever at the ready notebook to check on the timeline.

"We could harass Bluejam and his crew," Ace offers as he lets his right hand erupt into brilliant orange flames. They go out at the cutting look Sabo gives him, whose pupils turn into draconic slits while blue scales sprout around his eyes for just a second, and Ace sighs. "Spoilsport."

"The longer we keep our devil fruit powers under wraps the better," Sabo chastises him and Ace looks from him to Luffy. "Luffy's the exception because his is already known around Fūsha."

"Jii-chan infuses his fists with Haki anyways so it kinda doesn't matter if you're attempting to hide it from him," Luffy pipes up as he turns away from looking at the horizon and takes in the sight of his brothers. "And there'll be a lot of situations where you'll end up using them whether you want to or not, and Ace-nii-san needs to learn how to dodge all attacks aimed at him because the marines might just have kairōseki bullets on them."

"That's… Yeah, that's a good idea," Ace says after a moment, and he looks a bit ill as he remembers Luffy's explanation of kairōseki and how it affects devil fruit users. "We could all benefit from working on dodging."

"Fine," Sabo acquiesces and shuts his notebook. He carefully tucks it into his jacket pocket then turns his attention to Luffy. "Should we let Makino-san know that we'll be gone for a while?"

"We'll tell her we're staying at Dadan's so she doesn't worry," Luffy half-mutters as he looks past them and up towards where Dadan stays on Mount Colubo. "She'll probably tell jii-chan, which is okay, so we'll have to make sure we stay near Dadan's."

"We could make ourselves a treehouse in the same spot as the last time," Sabo suggests after a beat and Luffy considers it. "There won't be anything there for anyone to find, seeing as we moved our treasure elsewhere."

"We'll still have to be careful if we decide to steal from Bluejam and his crew." Ace gets up from where he'd been sitting and starts to stretch. "Even though we can handle them we don't want them searching past where they did the last time."

"Then we leave just a little bit of the treasure we take from them at the treehouse," Luffy decides with a resolute nod. Sabo and Ace look at each other then back to Luffy and they grin.

"I'll go get our things ready," Sabo declares and he gets up from the crate he'd been sitting on.

"I'll go tell Makino-san that we'll be leaving for a while," Ace decides, which leaves Luffy with going up to Dadan's ahead of them.

"I'll see you at Dadan's then." Luffy grins widely then takes off from the dock, leaving them behind to realize their mistake.

"Save us some food, Lu!" Ace shouts as he and Sabo bolt in the direction of Makino's tavern.

"You know he won't," Sabo mutters dryly as Luffy disappears from their sight. Thankfully the tavern is close by. "We should ask Makino-san for some food to take with us."

"I already planned on it, Sabo," Ace responds as they come to a stop in front of the tavern entrance. "See you in a few minutes?"

"Yeah," Sabo agrees and they split up, Ace heading straight to the back of the tavern to go talk to Makino while Sabo darts upstairs to their bedroom. He barely pauses once inside the bedroom to take in the familiar sight of their beds, still shoved together in the center of the room to make one large bed, and goes straight for the pile of clean clothes Makino had left for them on the desk.

Sabo gathers all of them up, not bothering to sort through them, and places them on the corner of the bed. He also grabs their pillows and adds them to the pile of clothes, then carefully wraps the pile up in the top blanket, turning it into a makeshift bag that he wouldn't have been able to carry two years ago. All of their training, especially Garp's, has paid off and the bag feels light enough for him to sling over his shoulder.

"I think this is it," Sabo murmurs to himself and looks around one last time to make sure he didn't miss anything important. He has his notebook and a bottle of ink and a quill in case he needs to add anything to it. He has clothes, pillows, and a blanket. Ace is getting food from Makino. They're pretty much good to go.

Sabo takes another moment to take in the room that they won't see for a while then turns on his heels and makes his way downstairs. "I'm all ready to go," he calls out.

"Oh, I wish Luffy would have stopped by to say goodbye," Makino laments as she places the last of the food for them into a knapsack.

"It's not really goodbye, Makino-san," Ace tries to explain but Makino only tuts at him.

"We'll be coming back," Sabo says then shrinks at the look that Makino gives him. "We'll come and visit as often as we can," he corrects, and Makino finally smiles.

"That's more like it! Now, don't eat all of this at once, and save some for Luffy," Makino says sweetly as she closes up the knapsack.

"Yes, Makino-san," Sabo and Ace say together, and Ace lifts the knapsack off of the bar top like it's nothing. He slings it over his shoulder while Makino beams at them from behind the bar.

"You boys take care of each other, and take care of Luffy," Makino instructs as she helps usher them out of the door. "And don't stay up too late! Make sure you don't miss any meals—wait, what am I saying? Luffy never misses a meal so you'll be fine. Stay out of trouble!"

"We'll be on our best behavior," Sabo lies through his teeth if only to put Makino at ease.

"And we'll take care of Luffy," Ace says with a look to Sabo, and this promise isn't a lie.

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