Yuujirou's Secrets

BY : KrizzyKitty
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     The day after Yuujiro's middle school graduation, he had found an excuse to leave the house, it did not feel like home to him. It also seemed like his little brother hated him, so he felt it was best to spend as much time away from home before heading off to Fujimori high school. He did not really have any plans, so he just wondered about for a bit, he saw some friends from school. At one point he ran into a girl he had a crush on, but she had said he looked to girly to date, and was worried about being called a lesbian couple. Then he saw one of his upperclassmens, it was a guy, Yuujiro knew he thought he was cute, but nothing more. Yuujiro always knew he bordered on bisexual, he just hadn't found a guy that he wanted to do anything with, other think they were cute.
    Yuujiro rounded the corner, thinking he'd go get a burger, when he bumped into someone, he looked to see a boy his age that he did not know. This boy had black hair and purple eyes, and was about as pretty as he was. This boy was also wearing eye liner, and was dressed in black jeans and black band tee-shirt, there was a guitar strapped to his back. When then boy moved his one hand to push his hair back, the blond noticed his nails were painted black. Yuujiro wondered why he stomach was doing weird things. 
"Sorry," The boy said.
"It's okay," Yuujiro said, he tried to stop himself from staring. If the boy noticed, he said nothing and was looking at a map. "Lost?" For some reason he wanted to talk to this boy. He looked up at Yuujiro, and the blond felt his stomach flip flop when the boy blinked with his long lashes.
"A little," The boy said. 
"Maybe I can help," Yuujiro said. The boy got closer and showed him the map.
"I need to go here," The boy said, pointing to circle on the map. 
"Your trying to find a night club in mid-day?" Yuujiro asked.
"My band is playing their tonight," The boy said. 
"I can take you there," Yuujiro said, honestly he could have just given directions, but he wanted more time. "It's not that far from my old school."
"Oh thanks," The boy said. "I'm Ren. Kurosawa, Ren."
"Yuujiro Shihoudani," Yuujiro said, he started leading him there. "You don't look old enough to go to a night club."
"I'm not," Ren said. "I'm only 15. But they wanted my band there, so they are making an exception."
"Cool," Yuujiro said. "We are the same age."
    They talked on the way there, and Yuujiro was certain the boy was flirting with him, well mostly certain. When he flirted back a little, the boy did not mind, so they flirted the entire way there. Yuujiro was a little sad when they got to the club, and saw a lot of signs for a band called "Crimson Pass". He was also too busy staring at Ren to realize there was some older guys there.
"Leave it to Ren to find a blond to show him around," One guy with pieced eye brow said. Ren was also looking at Yuujiro and didn't turn to look instead just held up his hand and gave the middle finger. "We have practice in 10!" Then a door was heard closing. 
"Thank you for taking me here Yuuji-kun," Ren said. No one had ever called the blond that before. 
"Yeah," Was the only word Yuujiro could find, but it sounded sad.
"Do you live around here?" Ren asked.
"Yes," Yuujiro said.
"The gig lasts a week," Ren said. "Maybe you could show me around some more."
"Yes!" Yuujiro said, surprised at how eager he was. Ren smiled at him.
"Are you free later today Yuuji-kun?" Ren asked. Yuujiro just nodded. "Practice only last two hours, then I have some free time. Meet me back here then."
"Okay," Yuujiro said. 
"See you later Yuuji-kun," Ren said and headed inside for practice.
    Yuujiro stood there for a few moments, surprised by this day, and that boy was hot. He ran home after that, he had to eat before seeing Ren later that day, and it was not going to be a burger. His parents were shocked by his behavior when he came in, he wondered if he should change, but decided not to. Yuujiro did check his hair, he took pride in his hair, then he took off again to meet Ren at the right time, leaving his parents confused. 
    Yuujiro got there a little early and stood around waiting, then the appointed time came, and no one came out, he stayed waiting and wondered if he got punked. Then fifteen minutes later the doors did open and several guys walked out, most of them seemed college age, Ren was among them. Ren smiled when he saw Yuujiro, and went over to him.
"See you later guys," Ren said, waving behind him.
"Don't be late!" One guy called. 
"Yuuji-kun," Ren said, in a flirtatious manner.
    They started walking, there was more flirting, this time much more obvious. It was only 2:20 and Ren had to be back by 6:30, but the hours went by too quickly for Yuujiro. Before the blond knew it, they were back at the club and had to say goodbye, thats Ren suddenly kissed him. It was Yuujiro first kiss with another boy, it was only light short kiss, but he liked it. Then Ren asked if he wanted to have lunch tomorrow, so they made plans to meet outside Ren's hotel the next morning. Once Ren was back in to the club, Yuujiro ran home to jerk off. 
    This is how Yuujiro spent the first week after graduating middle school, every day he met Ren for lunch, he apparently didn't do breakfast with the night club hours. Then Ren would have practice for two hours, before they had the afternoon together. Always with a lot of flirting, and with each day a lot more kissing. Yuujiro knew it was just week long fling for Ren, so Yuujiro decided to just enjoy it. The last day was harder for Yuujiro then he thought it would be, Ren was fun to hang out with, and not just because of all the kissing.
    Two days later, Yuujiro was bored in bedroom, he hadn't left his house since Ren left town. Yuujiro was pretty certain he would never see him again. Then there was knocking on his door.
"Yuu-chan," His mother said. "Fujimori called. They want to know if come in tomorrow to talk about somethings." Yuujiro got up and opened his door. His mother handed him the phone. Some guy named Arisada who was the student body president was calling him personally. Arisada was claiming it was very important he come early, so Yuujiro agreed. 
    Yuujiro got up the next morning took the train, and got to the town by 10:45 am, from here he was suppose to take a bus. He was already in his Fujimori school uniform, he went to the bus stop. It was pretty quiet, then once at school he also met a red head byt he name Mikoto Yutaka, and then they were both asked to be the school's princesses. Mikoto freaked out, and the blond had to sit there for an hour listening to him complain. Yuujiro was fine with it, even before the perks, though the perks were good for him, with a baby brother at home he didn't like being a burden to his parents. Then finally the red head realized he had no choice and they meeting was over, so the blond headed back to the train, so he could tell his parents he was moving in early.

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