Yuujirou's Secrets

BY : KrizzyKitty
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    As Yuujiro sat on the bus, he thought how interesting this holiday had been; first a week with a hot guy; and the first guy he kissed, and he had really liked him. Now he would be dressing up as a girl for the school year at times, though he wondered if he would ever see Ren again. Prior to all of this, he just thought guys could be pretty to look at, then he met Ren, the blonds heart still did funny things when he thought the boy. Yuujiro sighed.
"Your being stupid Yuu-chan," Yuujiro said, to himself. "It was just a fling. He's probably forgotten all about you." The bus stopped and got off, and headed for the train to head home, he wasn't really paying attention and bumped into someone. "Sor-" He started to say then realized he was looking into purple eyes. The blond had some how run into Ren again, and today he was dressed in slightly low riding tight black jeans, a short sleeve button down shirt, a black tie, and he was wearing glasses. 
"Yuuji-kun?" Ren said, the blonds heart stop for a moment.
"Hi," Yuujiro said. 
"What are you doing here?" Ren asked.
"I'm attending Fujimori for high school," Yuujiro said. "They asked me to come in for something. What are you doing here?"
"I live around here," Ren said. 
"Oh," Yuujiro said.
"The uniform looks good on you," Ren said. Yuujiro blushed. "Though I feel like you could make anything look good."
"I'm pretty sure you could make anything look good on you too," Yuujiro said. Ren blushed this time. 
"You must be pretty smart too," Ren said. "To get into an elite school like Fujimori." No one had ever called Yuujiro smart before, well except for his parents. 
"I... Ren..." Yuujiro started, but couldn't take it and suddenly put his arms around Ren and pulled him close. The only reaction from Ren was wide eyes, before the blond kissed him. He wasn't sure how the other would react, within a few seconds he was being kissed back, and almost immediately their tongues were wrestling. When it ended, Yuujiro was a little worried about Ren would react, but the other boy just smiled. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself."
"It's okay, Yuuji-kun," Ren said. "I like kissing you." With that, Yuujiro just kissed him again, and Ren seemed not in hurry to leave. They stood there making out for a few moments. This time when it was done, Ren's glasses were fogged up.
"I'm probably keeping you from something," Yuujiro said, letting him go. Ren started wiping off his glasses.
"No," Ren said. "I was just out picking up my uniforms for High School, and stopped by the book store." He held up two bags.
"Going to one of the local schools?" Yuujiro asked, hoping there was chance they could run into eachother again.
"Yes," Ren said, then proceeded to name the only other elite in the area, but that one was co-ed and had no dorms.
"Ah, maybe we will run eachother more often," Yuujiro said. "I will be living on campus."
"Probably then," Ren said. "The Fujimori dorms is that large four story building over there." He pointed to it, Yuujiro looked over. "The bus I need to take drops off, and picks up from the corner by it."
"Maybe you could show me around," Yuujiro said, Ren smiled at him.
"Sure," Ren said. 
"I'm actually moving into the dorms tomorrow," Yuujiro said. "So I will have some time before school starts."
"Day after tomorrow?" Ren asked. "Give you time to move in and get to know your roomate, if you have one."
"I actually just met him," Yuujiro said. "He complains a lot."
"Maybe he gets better once you get to know him," Ren said. 
"So Saturday?" Yuujiro said. 
"Is 9 am too early?" Ren said.
"No," Yuujiro said.
"You see the convient store on the corner there by your dorms," Ren said, Yuujiro looked and nodded. "Meet me there."
"Okay,"  Yuujiro said, he really didn't want to leave, but he had a train to catch. Then he just kissed Ren again. "I'll see you Satuday."
"Yeah," Ren said.
    Yuujiro went home, told his parents he was moving in early, they seemed a little sad to over it. Then he made sure everything was ready, double checking every thing he had packed, making sure he had all his hair care products. He also went through every outfit he owned, to be prepared for Satuday, he did not want to go through his clothes infront of the whiny ginger. The way Mikoto went on about a mans pride and complaining about dresses, the blond was certain the new roomate would freak over him picking out outfits to wear around another guy.
    The next morning, Yuujiro left early and arrived before Mikoto, so he made sure to take the top bunk, and already had his stuff away and was sitting on it by the time Mikoto sulked his way in. Shockingly, Mikoto said nothing about the top bunk and just put his things away and sat on the bottom bunk. The red head was quiekly grumbling the whole time, so the blond ben over the bed and looked at him.
"Are you always like this?" Yuujiro asked, his blond hair falling around him.
"If you knew this school like I do," Mikoto said. "You would be complaining too."
"What do you mean?" Yuujiro asked. "It's our first year."
"I went to middle school here," Mikoto said. "This place is weird enought, before them forcing dresses on me." Yuujiro raised an eyebrhyow. Mikoto explained about all the crap from middle school, Yuujiro laughed at first, before he realized the red head was not kidding.
"Seriously?" Yuujiro asked. "The school is filled with perverts?"
"It seems like that at times," Mikoto said.
"You are worried it will get worse if you are in a dress?" Yuujiro asked.
"I don't know," Mikoto said. "I also had to give time with my girlfirend."
"Girlfriend?" Yuujiro asked. "You have a gilrfriend?"
"Yes," Mikoto said. 
"How does she feel about you in a dress?" Yuujiro asked.
"I have not told her!" Mikoto said, wide eyes. "I have told no one. How could I? Did you tell your family?"
"No," Yuujiro said, but he doesn't talk to them much. "We should head up for the sewing club to take measurements."
"I don't know why they could not just use our uniform measurements," Mikoto said.
"I guess dresses need different areas measured," Yuujiro said, lifting his head back up. A few moments later he started climbing down the ladder. "Come on Mikoto."
    The two headed out of the princess room, Mikoto grumbled and pouted the whole way. Yuujiro tried to be nice, but the red head made it very hard for him. They met Arisada, who took them to see Natashou and the rest of the sewing club. They were then measured everywhere, wrists, fingers, feet, angkles and calves, the boys were confused by how meticulous it all was. Mikoto and Yuujiro were very surprised the outfits would include different types of shoes and gloves and hats, then they had their hair complared to wig colours to make sure it all worked.
    Yuujiro could not believe everything the red head could complain over, it was like he never shut up at times. They were then shown their special table for meals, and the special bathroom, after lunch the blond decided to explore the school, to avoid all of Mikoto's pouting and complaining. Even with an annoying roomate, Yuujiro still had Saturday to look foward to, and the helped when evern he was around Mikoto.

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