The Vain Rose's Garden

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Disclaimer: I do not own the Ah!/Oh! My goddess series. This is not made for profit.

A few words about this story.


This is an Ah!/Oh! My Goddess story based on the anime and manga series, although it’s an alternative universe where Keiichi received a wish from Peorth, instead of Belldandy. Most importantly, however, this is meant for adults and includes some explicit sexual themes and content that’s not meant for minors. If you’re not legally an adult, please stop reading this now.


That being said, the whole premise is to create a more sensual version of AMG, without the various cliched plots usually found in numerous hentai doujinshi where Keiichi is typically replaced by random strangers who get lucky with the goddesses.


Instead, this will be a harem story where Keiichi’s going to have a chance to get close to the main goddesses and have a fair chance to date and even sleep with them. As a result, some changes will be necessary and while I don’t want to break the characters’ personality, it’s obvious that due to the nature of this story, it won’t be as innocent and pure as the canon series itself.


An important notice is that Skuld will be an adult here, not the young girl she’s in the actual series.


And for the necessary legal disclaimer:


I don’t own the Ah!/Oh! my goddess series. This is only made for fun. I'm not making any profit from this story.




‘This sucks! Why do I have to stay here and be their answering machine?’


Tossing an empty package of pocky to the garbage bin, Morisato Keiichi was rather frustrated with his sempai who decided to leave him behind while they went out for some drinks on this fine, Saturday night. Since they waited for an important call, they’ve figured that someone had to stay behind to get the message, and that turned out to be him.


‘Everyone is having fun and I’m sitting here without anything to do. And that pocky sure wasn’t enough to make me fill my empty stomach. I’m starving…’


Given that he couldn’t go out to grab some food, Keiichi’s only option was to order some takeout and without any further delays, he picked up the phone and tried to recall the number of one of the local ramen shops. Dialing the number, the college student waited to hear the gruff voice of the shop owner he was so familiar with, yet what he actually heard was something totally unexpected that made him stare at his receiver.


“Hello there, dear! You’ve reached the Earth Assistance Hotline! I’ll be right over to take care of you in person!”


‘Huh? Did I accidentally called a sex hotline?’ Placing the receiver back on the phone, Keiichi shook his head and tried to recall the number of the ramen shop, when a mysterious light caught his attention.


Turning to his old flip phone he had left on the low table, it was clearly evident that the camera was giving away a glow that was gradually becoming more intense and worrying that it was about to short out and perhaps burst into flames, he took several steps away from it. After all, he was no stranger to the stories about cell phone batteries spontaneously igniting, although, cameras that suddenly started to glow was something he had never heard of.


What took place moments later was far beyond even his wildest imagination, as a figure began to emerge from the beam of light; a very feminine and half naked figure.


W-W-What’s going on?!


Backing off even further until he was up against the wall, Keiichi’s eyes went wide from the initial surprise and even fear of having to experience such an abnormal phenomenon. Women didn’t appear out of thin air, or beams of light and no matter how much he wished to explain this, it was a very hard thing to do. Especially as the woman floated down to the floor, another sign that something very bizarre was going on here.


“Greetings, Mister Morisato! I’m goddess first class, second category, unlimited, Peorth! I’ve come here to grant you one wish, since Heavens have deemed you worthy of such a great honor!”


Keiichi could only stare at the newcomer as if she was some kind of an alien, despite the fact that she was speaking fluent Japanese. Dressed in what seemed to be a two piece, black bikini with a cleavage cutout and a gravity defying belt harness, this so called goddess was unlike any woman he had even seen. Furthermore, she appeared to be a foreigner and her three diamond shaped, blue markings on her face, gave her a rather exotic appearance that was further enhanced by her unique hair style; cut short with the exception of a single waist long ponytail.


“Mister Morisato?”


Looking at him with a smile, Peorth took a few steps forward, yet she did pause to inspect her surroundings. The tiny dorm room was packed with all sorts of old stuff that most would’ve simply thrown away a long time ago, although, it was far from assorted garbage. Everything was well cared for and beaming with happiness, a clear sign that the boy did his best to keep them maintained and respected them, instead of just casting them aside for a newer and more shiny replacements.


Meanwhile, Keiichi was busy studying the goddess who stood in the middle of the room and wondered if this was just a ploy from his sempai; a trick made with special effects that some magicians use to entertain their audience. Furthermore, her getup made him rather suspicious as he doubted that an actual goddess would roam around in what seemed to be her lingerie, leaving only one true possibility. ‘Did they hire me a stripper to cheer me up? I mean, I sure had to stay in during a perfect Saturday night and my bike broke down yesterday, so… Hey, maybe that’s it!’


Feeling a bit better as he believed that he had figured things out, Keiichi made an effort to regain his composure. “Um, hello there... Miss Peorth. I’m sorry for the trouble of having to come here to...”


“Not at all!” said the goddess, interrupting him before he got too far with his apology. “It’s my duty as a wish granter to come here and make your dreams come true!”


“Really? I know that my sempai may had paid you to make me happy but…”


“I’m afraid that’s not correct, Mister Morisato! I’m here to grant you a single wish and that has nothing to do with your dormmates at all. However, I must warn you that all wishes are final and there’s no way to change your mind later. So, please treat this with the proper seriousness or you might end up regretting your decision later.”


Scratching his head, Keiichi was uncertain as to what to make of this. He wasn’t sure whether she was actually serious or simply trying harder to keep the facade as part of a silly attempt to make him believe that this was for real. “And.. what kind of stuff can I wish for?”


“Oh! That’s something really simple! Money, fame, women, you can ask any of that and it can become yours in a blink of an eye. Still, I must warn you that I’m not going to grant malicious wishes that will cause chaos, death and destruction, as well as jokes,” explained Peorth for the college student as she reached for her top’s cleavage cutout and produced a card for him. “Also, I’m terribly sorry, but, I’ve almost forgot about it. Please have my business card, Mister Morisato.”


“You can call me Keiichi, actually. I don’t like how formal Mr. Morisato sounds,” said Keiichi, taking a look at the little card. Decorated with rose patterns, the pink card had the goddess’ photo as well as her name and license information she had previously told him about.


“That’s perfectly agreeable, Keiichi. So, what do you wish for, more than anything else?”


“Um… that’s a really hard question, actually… I mean there are so many things to consider and…”


“I understand perfectly, Keiichi. Don’t worry, I can wait for you to think about it,” said Peorth in an effort to reassure him. It was a typical reaction from all her clients actually, as most of them were pretty overwhelmed once they had to choose something to wish for.


Typically, most went for money or fame as it was the easiest way to realize the rest of their dreams in the long run, especially these days. There were a few who were content with their lives and instead opted for a more personal wish, one that typically involved a date and ended with an intercourse. Such wishes weren’t what Heavens normally wanted to grant, but were tolerated as part of a romantic type of request; one of Peorth’s specialties. Of course, she wasn’t totally indiscriminate and more than often she turned down customers who were far too pushy or those who treated her like a common slut. Actually, those who were respectful and didn’t immediately ask for sex would sometimes receive that as a bonus, regardless of their actual wish.


As Keiichi sat in front of the low table, thinking about his wish, Peorth used the free time to take a closer look to his belongings and learn more about the young man. She had actually read his profile before coming here, yet a second opinion from the items that spent entire years with him was crucial, before she offered him some of those bonuses. And the positive aura coming from all of them, along with the happy memories where the boy treated them well, was more than enough to make the brunette goddess smile.


Keiichi on the other hand, couldn’t help but wonder if he should take her for real or not. She sounded sincere, but his mind still struggled to accept that she was a supernatural being, let alone that he was selected to have almost anything he wanted. “Is there a time limit?”


“Not really, although, I’d prefer you don’t take too much time to make up your mind.”


“Heh… I can’t blame you…”


Raising an eyebrow, Peorth was kind of surprised to hear this from the otherwise gentle boy, and as such, she wanted to find out why that was the case. “And why’s that, Keiichi?”


“Well, I mean… an attractive girl like you must’ve better things to do instead of hanging around a boring guy like me,” said Keiichi, letting out a sigh.


“Hm… I don’t quite understand why you consider yourself as boring,” said the perplexed goddess. “Would you care to elaborate?”


‘Is she just trying to make me feel better? There’s no way she’s telling the truth…’ Standing up, the college student moved closer to the goddess and pointed at himself. “As you can clearly see, I’m kind of short, with thick eyebrows and a pretty forgettable face.”


“I think you’re a bit too hard with yourself, Keiichi. Yes, I’ve met more handsome men, but you’ll be surprised how crude and vulgar some of them were. One particularly nasty client pretty much asked me to get on my knees and suck him, and he was so sure I would do it that he even unzipped and pulled his manhood out of his pants,” said Peorth, wrinkling her nose in disgust. “He was tall, muscular and pretty big too; if you know what I mean… Still, he never got what he wanted, because I don’t like guys with such an attitude. Period!”


Taking a few steps back, Keiichi raised his arms in front of him with a worried expression. “I-I’m not like that!”


“I know, and that’s my point actually. I don’t judge people just by their appearance, but their character and their mannerisms too. I’d rather socialize with a kind and respectful person, instead of a narcissist who thinks that I’m such a simpleminded goddess that I’d just accept them because they look good! Besides, I kind of find you to be a rather cute boy, and certainly not an ugly one. So, stop being so hard on yourself.”


Feeling that she was actually honest with him, Keiichi couldn’t help but smile a bit as he finally found a woman who didn’t just dismiss him as a boring shorty. It was just a small praise, but for him it meant way more than it would’ve for someone else, given how most women ignored him or even laughed whenever he asked them out. Sure, trying that to NIT’s most popular student was arguably a stupid idea, as Sayoko was way out of his league, still, that whole incident sure didn’t help him feel any better with himself. “I really wish…”


“Yes? What is it that you want?” asked Peorth, feeling that he was about to express his innermost feelings.


“I want a goddess like you stay with me forever!”


There was a long pause, as neither of them said anything for several seconds, until Keiichi started to laugh nervously; as he thought that he just said something really stupid. “S-Sorry, that was a really lame thing to say… I’ve meant that I’d like to have others who better understood my… Huh? What’s going on?!”


While he was trying to provide an explanation to his somewhat outrageous wish, Peorth’s forehead emblem began to shine and before long she gazed skywards as a beam of light shot up to the heavens above, leaving a hole through the ceiling and all the way to the roof.


Whoa! What did just happen?!


As a second beam descended back to the goddess, she turned to the stunned Keiichi and with an uncertain smile, she tried to explain something that she also found it very hard to believe. “Your wish had been accepted by the System.”


“My wish?... Wait! You… you don’t mean…”


“That’s right, I’ll have to remain here with you.” In all her experience as a wish granter, Peorth had never encountered a case where such a ludicrous thing was ever accepted by the System. It was her mistake of submitting it so thoughtlessly, feeling that the boy was about to say what he really wanted, but then again, it was so unexpected that she was caught off guard. “Actually, can I make a call?”


“Sure, be my guest…”


Dialing a pretty long number, Peorth was rather nervous. After all, she was pretty much exiled on the mortal realm for quite a while and it wasn’t even possible to blame the boy either. It was her mistake that she submitted his wish without analysing it first and that was totally unprofessional of her.


“Yes, it’s me… Can I speak to the Daitenkaicho? It’s a pretty important matter! Than you!”


As Keiichi heard her try to explain her situation to her boss, he could feel a pang of guilt for asking such an unreasonable wish, and even worried that he had caused some big problem. Worse, he didn’t knew what she really thought about the concept of staying here, now that he was starting to realize that she was indeed a goddess. After all, that beam wasn’t an illusion or a mere trick, since it more or less blasted a hole through the ceiling.


“Wait, it’s registered?! I… Yes, I understand…”


Letting a sigh as she placed the receiver down, Peorth turned around to look at the worried Keiichi and offered him a shrug. “I guess your wish is actually valid after all.”




“Yes, I’ve just confirmed that it’s been officially signed and registered, so, I’ll be staying here.”


“But… this dorm is for guys only! I can’t have you live with me! If the others find out, then they’ll kick me from here! And I’ve got no other place I can really go to!”


“That’s not acceptable. As part of our… well… contract, I’m required to remain around you for a reasonable amount of time. I cannot just leave under any circumstances or the Ultimate Force will act.”


“The Ultimate… what?”


“It’s a program within the Yggdrasil computer system that makes sure all contracts are being granted. If I were to leave, then your wish will become invalidated, so, it’s most likely going to take corrective action.”


“Why do I have the feeling that I won’t like it?”


“That’s because you won’t. Trust me on this, Keiichi; the more you’ll resist, the worse it’s going to become for you…”


“Still, my sempai will never agree for a girl to live here! And I don’t think we can explain what really happened, either.”


“That much I do know, actually. Let me make another call and see if I can…” started the goddess, before the door slammed open all of a sudden.


“Yo, Morisato! We’re back!” said Otaki, as Tamiya also entered the room and nearly bumped onto his friend who had frozen in place.


“Whut’s wrong? Why did you stop like dat?” However, all that Otaki needed to do was to point at Peorth and Tamiya’s jaw nearly fell on the floor. “MO-RI-SA-TO!...”


“N-No wait! I can explain!...” tried the unfortunate student but to no avail.


“You dirty puppy! We left you on your own for a few hours and you got a babe here?”


“Yeah! Dat’s against da rulez! And yo know what happens to dose who break dem!”


“No! Wait! Let me explain at least!”


It was far too late, though. The two huge guys, along with the rest of the dorm residents grabbed Keiichi and carried him to the exit, while a curious Peorth followed after them. Leaving the boy in front of the door, they quickly gathered most of the stuff that he would need for the night and tossed him the keys of his bike.


“Hey, we’ve fixed your bike as a thank you for staying behind today, so once you find a new place, give us a call to bring the rest of your stuff,” said Otaki, giving him a thumbs up.


‘Thanks for nothing…’ Getting up from the pavement, Keiichi put his shoes and jacket on, and then turned to the goddess who watched the entire scene in silence. “Sorry for that, Peorth… I guess we need to find a place to spend the night.”


“There’s no need to apologize, Keiichi. If nothing else, it’s my fault you’ve gotten thrown out of your dorm. Still, can we spend the night in a hotel and look for a new place to live tomorrow?”


“Actually, I’d love to, but… “ Getting his wallet out of his jacket and opening it in front of her, Keiichi let her take look at its contents, or the lack of. “As you can see… I’m kind of broke.”


“That’s a problem alright.” Frowning, Peorth was fully aware that in the mortal realm, money was a pretty important commodity. “I wish I could do something, but… conjuring money is out of question.”


“Wait… you can do it?”


“Yes, but only if I’m given special permission; which I currently don’t have. It’s against our rules to break your laws without any reason. And I don’t want to sound rude, but… this doesn’t seem important enough for me to justify that measure.”


“It’s alright, Peorth… I understand. The last thing we need is get ourselves in even deeper trouble…” Lowering his head, Keiichi noticed the goddess’ outfit and began to worry. Even if she didn’t seem to mind the cold, it was unacceptable to wear something like that in public and should anyone report them to the police, they could arrest her for indecent exposure. “Uh… I’m sorry to say it, but… we also need some clothes for you.”


“Oh, that’s something I can handle on my own actually. Just watch me!”


Raising her arms in the same fashion as making a pose for a photo-shoot, Peorth’s attire began to glow and in an instance it burst into tiny particles that rearranged into a different shape. A moment later, she was wearing a very different set of clothes, much to Keiichi’s amazement as well as relief since those were considerably more conventional compared to her previous ones.


The goddess was dressed in a black sweater with a cleavage cutout similar to the one from her previous top and a pair of tight, red pants with rose decorations along their sides. And while their design was fancier compared to what the majority of the local women wore, it was more than enough to allow her to blend into the crowd.


“Well? What do you think, Keiichi?”


“Oh, wow! How did you do that?”


“Magic. Well, the actual explanation has to do with matter manipulation on a molecular level, but… let’s not worry about the complicated stuff for now. Instead, we need to focus on finding a place to stay.”


“Alright, although I’ve got no idea where to start. After all, it’s already nighttime and none of the real estate businesses should be open this late. Worse, I don’t have the money for us to stay in a hotel, so…”


Letting a sigh, the student’s shoulders slumped as he began to fully realize the gravity of the situation. He was fairly sure that if he explained things to Tamiya and Otaki tomorrow, they might let him get back to the dorm; however it was doubtful to allow Peorth stay with him and given the whole thing about that Ultimate Force, Keiichi didn’t want to know what was going to happen if they got separated.


“I suppose it’s only natural. You weren’t prepared for such a crisis and it’s unfair to simply watch you struggle without lifting a finger to help. Can you give me your phone for a moment?”


“Huh? Sure thing, Peorth.”


Taking the old cellphone, the goddess dialed another long number and waited for several seconds for whoever she was calling to answer.


“Come on… don’t tell me she’s watching TV during work… Oh! Hi Urd!... Yes… I’m granting a wish… Oh, you’ve already heard about it?... Stop laughing, it’s not funny!... Yes, I know it sounds like a joke, but that’s not the problem here!... Look, I need a favor. Can you find a place for us to stay?... Uh huh… I got it! Thanks and… stop laughing, I said!


“A friend?” asked the student as he retrieved the phone and got onto the bike, with Peorth taking a seat on the sidecar that was attached to his BMW.


“Yes, although a difficult one to deal with. I swear... that goddess is having too much fun sometimes! But that’s not the important part. I’ve found the perfect place for us to stay.”


“Really? Then let’s go and check it out!”


Starting the engine and driving away from the dorm, Keiichi failed to notice his sempai looking at him from the building’s entrance.


“He left like a true man!”


“Yeah! With a girl on his bike and all!”


“And what a girl!”


“Uh huh! Dat Morisato is a true man!”


Offering the departing boy a salute, the two directors of NIT’s Motor Club got back inside, trying to hide their manly tears of pride; and perhaps a bit of envy too.


“You know what dat meanz, right?”


“Yeah! We’ll celebrate!”


“Dat’s right! Karaoke time!”




This is the place?”


Staring around him, Keiichi could hardly hide his disappointment as the temple they’ve arrived at was in a pretty rough shape. Located on the mountainside that framed the Nekomi city from the northwest, this old temple along with the house next to it had clearly seen better days.


“Yes, I believe so. At least this is the only temple in this area, so, I doubt that we’ve gotten in the wrong place.”


Surveying her surroundings, Peorth was far less concerned that her mortal client who seemed like a child that just learned that there is no Santa. Sure, both structures were in a bad shape with holes everywhere since they were constructed out of rice paper, given that they were traditional Japanese buildings. Even the wood appeared to be rotting in places and the perimeter wall had patches of plaster fallen in numerous spots. Overall, it was a pitiful sight and she didn’t blame Keiichi for feeling this disappointed.


“But… we can’t stay here! The whole place is ready to collapse! And even if it doesn’t the roof’s going to leak like crazy! Look at all those holes! I mean, we can stay for the night, but…”


“You may have already forgotten that I happen to be a first class goddess,” said Peorth, with a proud smile on her face. “Not to brag or anything, but, I can fix this place in no time!”




“Of course! First class goddesses aren’t allowed to tell lies, after all. All you need to do is step back and let my magic do all the work. This place will be as good as new in just a few seconds!”


Nodding, Keiichi had to admit that he had his doubts, but decided not to argue and wait to see what was going to happen. However, despite that he was expecting for something out of this world to take place, when a pair of white, spectral wings appeared from the goddess’ back, Keiichi couldn’t help but take a few steps back in shock. Even more, those wings were attached to a blonde woman who also emerged from Peorth’s back, wrapped in thorny vines as the only means of clothing.


“W-What’s g-going on?!”


“Oh, I’m terribly sorry, Keiichi. I’ve forgot to warn you that I was planning to summon my angel. Her name is Gorgeous Rose and she’s part of myself, so, don’t worry about anything. She poses no threat to you,” said Peorth, while her angel smiled at the shaken mortal who carefully tried to approach her.


“P-Pleased to meet you, Gorgeous Rose,” said Keiichi, but much to his disappointment, the winged entity offered no reply.


Sensing what the problem really was, Peorth decided to explain a tiny, yet extremely important detail about her partner. “Actually, angels cannot speak in the same manner than you do, Keiichi. While she can talk, her voice cannot be normally heard by humans. Still, she said that she’s really happy to meet you.”


“Oh, that’s fine. I guess I have many things to learn about you,” admitted Keiichi, as he glanced at Gorgeous Rose and couldn’t help but blush at how revealing her ‘clothes’ actually were. While Peorth was pretty much wearing only her undies, the blonde angel was having just a few coils of vines around her to cover herself. So, despite the ethereal glow around her body that gave her a pure and innocent appearance, Keiichi had to admit that once his initial shock was gone, he felt his pants getting rather tight as the stimulation he was getting was too hard to ignore anymore.


Peorth however, was either ignorant of his reaction, or simply chose not to make a big deal about it and instead, she focused on her current task at hand. Raising her arms before her, she began to sing and right away, her angel joined in and supported her mistress in her effort to restore the temple grounds. Indeed, as promised, everything around them started to shift and change, almost as if time itself was flowing backwards and before Keiichi’s very eyes, the whole area was almost unrecognizable.


“Wow! Everything is… I mean…”


Giggling a bit, Peorth was pleased to see the student’s astonished look as he inspected his surroundings in utter amazement. “As you can see, fixing this place is just a trivial thing for a goddess like me.”


“No kidding! It looks totally different than before!” said Keiichi, as he rushed to check the interior of the house next to the main temple. “It’s good on the inside too!”


“Of course it is, Keiichi. You don’t think that I would’ve left it like that, do you?” said Peorth, following him inside the house. “What do you think? It’s a nice place to stay, right? And the best part is that we don’t have to pay a rent either.”


“Hm… that could really save me a lot of money, actually. We may be much further away from NIT and the rest of the city, but even then, It’s going to cost less than renting a place as big as this.”


“This is big?” asked Peorth as she looked around. “I mean, it’s not tiny, but…”


“Unless you’ve got a lot of cash, it is. For a college student like myself who’s living on an allowance, renting a place big enough for both of us to stay in, would’ve been all but impossible. Even with a part time job, it was going to be really tough…”


“Well, I suppose you’re right about that. There are four rooms here, plus the living room, the kitchen and the bath,” said Peorth, as she and Keiichi explored the house. “We can definitely live comfortably in here and have a lot of space to spare. So, why don’t you take a bath and relax a bit. Everything’s going to be alright and tomorrow you can tell your dorm mates to bring your stuff here. In the meantime, I’ll cook something for dinner!”


“Actually, that sounds like a plan, Peorth. I really need a hot bath after everything that happened,” said Keiichi with a big smile. “I can’t deny that the idea that I had to find a place all of sudden really stressed me out. But thankfully, I can relax now!”


‘Oh, you’re going to relax dear Keiichi. That much, I promise.’ As Peorth watched the dark haired student walk towards the bath, her smile turned to a grin, while her angel leaned closer to her mistress as if she wanted to tell her something.


‘I’ve noticed it too, Gorgeous Rose. He may act as if nothing is wrong, but the aura that surrounds him tells a totally different story. Our shy boy seems to be dealing with a lot of pent up desires and the mere sight of our bodies woke up his instincts. Mm… I think it may be early, but… I cannot leave him suffer like that.’




‘Ahh… nothing beats a nice scrub after a long day!’


Sitting on a stool, Keiichi washed himself thoroughly before he got inside the tub, as it was accustomed in Japan. All in all, things could’ve been way worse, and yet he somehow managed to pull though. Of course, it was all thanks to Peorth and her friend who found this place for him to stay and not only it was totally free, but the traditional bath it came with was way better than the one they had in the dorm.


Sure, he had gone through one surprise after the other during the last hour or so, but in the end, everything turned out for the better. The only thing was that he had no idea what to do with his wish and the prospect of living together with a woman, let alone one that was a goddess, too.


‘Boy… talk about an awkward situation. I never dated a girl before and I suddenly have to live together with Peorth. I had too much in my mind today, but from tomorrow… I have no idea what to do while she’s around. And… let’s not think about her clothes too.’


Keiichi was indeed far too rattled with everything that took place since the goddess’ appearance to think about it, but as he started to calm down a bit, it was inevitable for the young man to notice just how revealing her attire was. Even more, his body was now responding to the stimuli and much to his embarrassment, Keiichi had a rather stubborn erection that showed no signs of leaving him alone anytime soon.


Normally, he would find something else to keep his mind busy, but with most of his possessions still at the dorm, Keiichi found himself with nothing to act as a distraction. The next and probably the most obvious way to deal with his current predicament was to take the matter in his own hands in the most literal fashion, yet, the idea of doing this while a goddess was around made him way too nervous.


Getting caught while masturbating by one of his former dormmates would’ve definitely resulted in a lot of teasing, but… Keiichi had no wish to find out what would happen if a goddess caught him doing that. While Peorth was apparently not a prude, based on her outfit and general attitude, it was apparent from the short conversations he had with her that she didn’t appreciate perverts and there was no way to tell whether self pleasure counted as a perversion in her eyes or not.


‘Still… I can’t just walk around like this. She’s bound to notice my erection at some point and I doubt that the sight of her revealing clothes will help me calm down. No… I better deal with it now, while she’s busy cooking and I have some time to myself. After all… it’s not totally my fault! She’s the one who walks around half naked and…’


Closing his eyes, Keiichi recalled the outfit Peorth wore when she appeared and while he wasn’t exactly ogling her, it was impossible to miss the way those hips of hers swayed as she walked, or how tight her panties were, hugging her perfect flesh like a second skin. Finally, as the mortal felt his member twitch, his fingers wrapped around it and with a blush on his face, Keiichi began to stroke himself.


Despite the warm sensation of sheer pleasure, he did feel a pant of guilt, knowing that in his mind he was using Peorth as an aid to release his pent up desires, and yet his hand moved even faster. Soon, his breathing became much more audible and he was so absorbed in his actions that he almost missed the moment that the door flung open.


Walking inside with a grin on her face, Peorth was already aware of what was going on, since she could feel Keiichi’s aura from across the whole building, but acted as if there was nothing wrong at all.


“Hi there! I came to scrub your back!”


Keiichi’s eyes opened wide in sheer shock, as he hadn’t heard anything, and much to his utter horror, Peorth stood right by the bath’s entrance, wearing nothing at all while staring at his penis, and more specifically… what he was currently doing with it.


Ahh!... I… This isn’t… I’m…


Laughing a bit at the student’s panicked reaction, Peorth decided to step in and reassure him that it was fine, before he passed out from the embarrassment. “Oh, it’s perfectly fine, Keiichi. I’ve actually sensed what you were doing while I was in the corridor, so, there’s no need to feel bad about it.”




“Shh!... don’t apologize,” said Peorth as she approached the mortified boy, making no attempts to hide her body from view. “Instead, tell me… Do you like what you see?”


Keiichi had to admit that was finding it hard to believe that instead of slapping him or calling him a pervert, the goddess was posing for him in all her naked glory. While he was undressing her in his mind, nothing had prepared him for experiencing the same thing with his own eyes. From the pert breasts to the cleanly shaved pube, Peorth’s body was the very image of sensuality, and the way she displayed it with her hands hovering above her most sensitive spots made Keiichi struggle to come up with an eligible response. “You… look stunning…”


“See? That’s much better! I really appreciate an honest opinion and to tell you the truth, you’re actually a nice surprise too,” said Peorth as she approached him even more, before she took a seat at the edge of the wooden tub, right next to Keiichi. “I wasn’t expecting you to be this large, actually. I know that it’s bad to make assumptions like that, but, for once I’m happy to be wrong.”


“I… I’m not… too plain and… averege?”


“If you mean about your size, then no, not at all. Sure, I’ve seen bigger ones, however, in such cases it’s a matter of quality over quantity. There are guys that may be huge, yet they’re nowhere as hard as you seem to be. And stop trying to hide it from me, I’ve seen it already and I approve,” said Peorth, offering the nervous mortal a wink, as she spread her legs, just enough for him to see her own lady parts. “I know that it might be too strange for you, but for me, honesty is far more important that silly preconceptions about morality. I don’t view carnal pleasures as something inherently wrong and evil, although, I do have my reservations when it comes to the exact circumstances and the people involved in such acts.”


“That’s not what I was expecting to be honest with you,” said Keiichi, as he finally moved his hands away from his still hard member and tried to calm down a bit, despite how surreal this conversation was to him. “In all honesty, I thought you were going to slap me.”


“Let me ask you one thing… If you walked in while I was pleasuring myself, would you slap me?”




“What? You don’t think that goddesses resort to such methods of finding release, or do you think that I’m simply sleeping around on a constant basis?” said Peorth, before she paused to let him think about it. “I’ll be the first to admit that I’m nowhere as reserved as most other goddesses and yes… I had numerous partners in the past. Some were lovers, some were mere friends and others were actually mortals whose wishes I’ve granted.”


“I see… Then I’m one of those mortals, too?” asked Keiichi with a small frown, as he couldn’t hide his disappointment at the thought that he was nothing too special for the brunette goddess.


“That remains to be seen, Keiichi. I cannot predetermine anything and as such, I want to give you a fair chance to prove yourself to me. But at the same time, I wish to be perfectly honest with you, too. I hate hypocrites and acting like the innocent girlfriend who makes a big deal about this, while I also have the same needs and urges makes me sick. I may be a goddess, but I too require some release from time to time and like I said, I’m not sleeping around and as such, I too pleasure myself with or without the use of various sexual paraphernalia. So, I ask you again… after hearing this, would you act like that if I was in your place?”


“No… of course not! Sure, I’d be really shocked and wouldn’t know how to act, but I’d never insulted you or anyone else for that matter,” said Keiichi with a frown. “Still… it’s really embarrassing to get caught like that.”


“Well, I’ll have to agree to that, actually. It’s not something that you’re supposed to do in front of others, especially those you just met. Additionally, I must also admit that I did enter the bath while knowing that I was interrupting a personal moment and I have to reassure you that my intent wasn’t to make fun of you,” said Peorth in an effort to make Keiichi feel a bit better. “Instead, I wanted to offer some assistance and in a way take responsibility for my own actions.”


“Huh? What do you mean by that? I cannot see what you’ve done wrong.”


“You’re so kind, but I cannot deny that my outfit can be the culprit for your current frustrations. It’s only natural for a healthy man like yourself to respond to the sight of my body and the last thing I want is to act like a shameless tease. That’s not only unfair, but, it’s downright cruel to make you get this excited and then act as if nothing is wrong and you’re simply a pervert.”


“Well… I must admit that you’re rather blunt about it, but… you’re far from wrong,” said Keiichi with some hesitation, pausing to make sure that the goddess hadn’t gotten angry by his words. “I honestly found it hard to ignore your clothes and how much skin I could see. So, I hoped to deal with my arousal before you got to see my… body’s reaction and call me a pervert. Then you walked in and… you know the rest.”


“Exactly! And now that you’re aware of my views, I hope you’ll consider my offer, too. Like I said, this is also my responsibility and besides, I owe you an apology for barging in like that.”


“O-Okay… I can understand that, but… I what kind of assistance are you talking about?” asked Keiichi with his blush returning on his face. It was fairly obvious what the goddess was hinting at, but he didn’t want to jump into hasty conclusions and make a big mistake. So far, Peorth acted in a vastly different way than any other woman he knew, yet she did imply that there were certain lines she wouldn’t cross and Keiichi wished to avoid insulting her, even by accident.


“To begin with, I think it’s unfair that I got to witness you pleasure yourself like that. So, to make up for that, it’s better to let you see me do the same,” said Peorth, as she spread her legs slowly for Keiichi to get even better view of her vagina than he previously could.


“Uh.. f-for real?”


“Yes, it’s a matter of fairness, after all.” Reaching down, Peorth started to rub her shaven pube and then worked her way even lower, teasing her folds before the very eyes of the astonished mortal who couldn’t help but gawk at her. Little by little, her motions began to fan her libido and while she was already turned on by the boy’s own arousal, there was still a quite a ways to go until she was truly ready.


Keiichi on the other hand could hardly believe what he was actually witnessing. Although he had seen those kind of acts in adult videos before, this was definitely the first time it was happening before his own eyes and by a woman who explicitly did it for his enjoyment. That, coupled by the fact that she was a goddess too, made it much better in Keiichi’s mind and no matter how embarrassing it was for him to admit it, the sight of Peorth’s fingers as they rubbed her clitoris made him fully hard once again.


The goddess continued her ministrations for several more seconds, carefully watching the mortal’s reactions and adjusted her performance accordingly, as it was critical to provide him with a show that was sensual and engaging for him, yet not too lewd to allow his shyness to take over and inevitably make him rush out of the bath. As such, Peorth had to maintain a delicate balance in order to keep Keiichi entertained, but at the same time, avoid any over reactions that could alienate him, ruining all her chances to get closer to him.


After all, she was supposed to stay here for a long time and so far, the goddess really liked what she saw and not just literally. Unlike most of her previous lovers who wanted a more physical type of relationship, Keiichi seemed to be the type of person who could wish for something more than just that and while it was far too early to be certain, Peorth felt intrigued. As a matter of fact, he could become her first mortal lover, since she never spent enough time on Earth to form any actual relationships and even more, the first time she was going to attempt that with a shy individual. Most of her previous partners would’ve jumped at the opportunity to have sex with her already and in a way, she worried that this was already too much for Keiichi to handle.


Actually her concerns weren’t totally unfounded, as the dark haired student struggled to decide what to do about this highly unusual situation he had gotten himself into. On one hand, it was the wildest experience he ever had in his lifetime, yet on the other hand, he felt so embarrassed that he was about to faint from the overstimulation. Still, Keiichi somehow managed to remain conscious and tried to enjoy the show as he had to make a good impression on her and passing out like that would’ve certainly made him look like a joke in Peorth’s eyes.


Sure, he had never expected for things to progress that fast and get to the point where he and the goddess would do such things, although he had to admit that after he realized the full implications of his wish, Keiichi wondered if he and the brunette would ever get this close. Peorth’s views were totally different from his own, old fashioned ones and that did cause a few problems as it was hard for him to skip several steps that most people considered as necessary in a relationship.


‘What am I supposed to do? I just met her an hour or two ago and we’re already staring at each other’s naked bodies. She definitely doesn’t mind doing things like that and from what she said, sex isn’t that much of a big deal for her, either. I could definitely get lucky with her if I wanted, but… is this what I really wish? Although for all I know and given my rotten luck with girls, this could be my one and only chance to get rid off my virginity…’


Sensing his inner conflict, Peorth decided to intervene before his reservations got hold of him and ruined the moment. “There’s something troubling you, Keiichi?”


“Y-Yes, although… can I be really honest with you?”


“Of course! I said that I appreciate honesty, so speak up your mind and don’t worry about anything at all!”


“Alright…” said Keiichi, taking a deep breath. “I’m aware that we just met and had no chance to even get to know each other better, let alone date and… you know… do things that typically lead to... this. Of course I don’t blame you for my wish, since I was the one who came up with such an outrageous thing to ask for, but… is this out of convenience or even… obligation? I don’t want you to feel that you have to make me happy, just because I’m your client or anything.”


“Hm… I can understand why you’d think that. However, you’re rather incorrect in your assumptions, Keiichi. I have no obligation to sleep with you as part of your wish; just to stay with you here on the mortal realm. Of course, that could bring up the whole convenience topic, as it would be hard for me to deny that at some point of time I may wish to have a date or two and as long as I’m living with you, it’s going to be awkward for me to spend a night on a love hotel with them, or worse… invite them here. I may have different views from yours, but I still have enough common sense to know that such actions would inevitably displease you.”


“Which is why I worry that picking me as a partner is… well… convenient,” said Keiichi with a frown. “I may not be the hottest guy around and definitely not the richest, but since I’ll be living with you, I guess it’s going to be easy to rely on me to satisfy your needs.”


“That works in both ways, Keiichi. Now, take no offense, but most other goddesses would’ve found your wish to be rather… inappropriate to be frank. Wishing for someone you just met to stay with you forever could be taken as an attempt to get a girlfriend without bothering to ask her opinion about the whole situation.”


“I… I know and I’m really sorry about that, Peorth. I wasn’t trying to…”


“There’s no need to apologize, Keiichi. I’m not accusing you of anything, but I think it’s obvious that if we want to live together, honesty is very important. As you already found out, we can easily doubt each other’s motives and the longer we stay together, the worse it’s going to become. At one point, I can guarantee that the only reason of our cohabitation will be the wish and more specifically, the Ultimate Force trying to enforce it,” explained Peorth before she stopped rubbing herself and leaned closer to Keiichi. “Right now, I’ve felt your body’s cry for some release and I decided to offer you my assistance. Not out of obligation or convenience, but because I think you’re a good person and one I’m interested to get to know better. And honesty is the best way to achieve that, as it allows each of us to really know what’s going on inside the other’s head instead of playing the guessing game. So, I’ll ask you one thing, and I want you to give me a clear answer, even if it embarrasses you: Were you fantasizing about me, a few minutes ago?”


“Y-Yes… I was thinking about your clothes and how much I could see,” admitted Keiichi with a fierce blush, as he was clearly uncomfortable to talk about it, yet the goddess’ words had convinced him to try and be honest with her.


“And?... What else were you thinking about me?” whispered Peorth as she moved closer to him, making the college student swallow hard as she rested her hands on his calves.


“Um… you were… undressing…”


“Mm… and then?” Moving her hands upwards, the goddess slowly approached his erect manhood, and glanced over to make sure that her actions weren’t causing some adverse reactions from the obviously embarrassed boy. Happy to see that he made no attempts to flee, she moved closer and brushed her fingertips against his manhood, eliciting a soft gasp from him.


“A-Actually… I haven’t gotten that far,” said Keiichi as his eyes remained glued to her hands that caressed his twitching member before she wrapped her fingers around it. It was somewhat similar to what he was doing a few moments ago, but in this case, it was Peorth who was actually stroking him.


“Then how about we leave the world of fantasies and return back to reality?” asked the goddess as she leaned in and gave Keiichi’s tip a soft kiss, sending shivers down his spine. More kisses soon followed, while she kept stroking him slowly with one hand while the other grasped his right hand and placed it on her left breast in an effort to force him into action. And much to her pleasure, the boy didn't shy away this time, but instead, he gave her a soft squeeze before his other hand found its way to her right breast on its own.


Feeling bolder, Keiichi raveled at the soft, yet firm sensation of the goddess’ impeccable breasts, as well as the hard nipples that brushed against his palms. However most of all, Peorth’s kisses elicited a much stronger reaction as she too became more certain that he enjoyed her actions and before he even knew what happened those soft lips parted allowing his tip to enter her mouth.


“O-Oh!... That’s!...”


The wet sounds caused by Peorth’s bobbing head was the only thing to be heard inside the bath for several long moments as Keiichi didn’t even dare to breathe, staring down at the brunette goddess as she offered him his very first experience at oral sex. Her nimble, experienced tongue assaulted his manhood as she hungrily licked his most sensitive spot while her hand kept stroking the rest of his penis, causing him to shiver and even moan softly by the sheer pleasure he was experiencing.


For Peorth the sound of Keiichi’s approval was more than enough to encourage her to go further and letting go of his hard member, she took him even deeper into her mouth as she continued to pleasure him with much greater fervor. In a totally unexpected turn of events, the sweet scent of his aura threatened to overwhelm the goddess despite all her experience in such activities and as a result, it gradually became much harder to control herself. Since most of the other mortals she had shared her body with were far more accustomed to sex, Keiichi’s innocent nature coupled by the sheer lust he was struggling to contain from the moment she walked into the bath had generated what was most certainly the strongest aura of pleasure she had even experienced from any of her past clients.


‘I never thought that a virgin like him would make me this lightheaded… He’s actually proving to be much better than I would’ve ever expected!’


However, the goddess’ thoughts were interrupted by Keiichi’s sudden grunt that was soon followed by the warm sensation of his thick seed splashing against her tongue. It was actually no real surprise to her that the young man didn’t last as long as some of the others, given that this was experiencing such a sensation for the very first time in his life.


“Ah! I… I’m so sorry, Peorth! I… I couldn’t!...”


“Shh… It’s alright, Keiichi. There’s nothing wrong with giving me the reward for my efforts,” said Peorth , as she pulled away from him and smiled at the nervous boy. “Considering that this was your first time, you did very well actually.”


“Really? But… I didn’t warn you and…”


“Stop worrying about everything and simply enjoy what I’ve offered you. In a situation like this, saying thank you, is more than enough to make me happy. However, I can understand that given the circumstances there’s enough awkwardness in a situation like this, so, I can’t blame you for that. Still… how was your first oral experience?”


“It was… interesting to say the least,” admitted Keiichi with a fierce blush on his cheeks as he struggled to find the correct words to describe how he felt about it. “It felt way better than I’ve ever dreamt of, but at the same time, I’m unsure what to do right now.”


“Normally I’d suggest we carry on and have a proper intercourse, yet I don’t want to push things too far for you right now. I’m aware that we’ve just met and even this was probably a bit of a gamble for me.”


“Gamble? What do you mean by that?”


“Well… Given your somewhat reserved personality, this whole situation could’ve backfired on me if you reacted in a very negative way by running away. Worse, it’s one of those things that can ruin any chances to form a friendship, let alone a bond when you’re shocked by their actions.”


“To be honest with you, I’m still having a hard time accepting all that happened today. I mean, I just learned that goddesses are real and I even ended up living together with one. Not to mention getting a…” said Keiichi, pausing as he averted his eyes in embarrassment.


“A blowjob from one of them? I personally prefer the term fellatio, but that’s also a pretty good way to explain what I did right now. And I’ll have to agree with you, which is why I’m not pushing my luck any further for the time being. My intention was to help you relieve your stress in a way that you’ve never experienced before, not make matters worse by adding more things to worry about in the future. Let’s get to know each other a bit better, and then we can go much further than this, Keiichi.”


Offering her a nod, the dark haired student had to admit that she did have a point and on top of that, he was happy that she considered his feelings, instead of treating him like some lowly mortal; being a goddess and all that. “Then how about we take a bath together? We’ve seen each other’s naked bodies and it can help us relax a bit, too.”


“Eh?!” Peorth had to admit that she was kind of shocked to hear him suggest such a thing on his own, yet the genuine smile on his face reassured her that he was absolutely serious and not trying to act in a way that she might like. “That’s an excellent idea, actually! And we can chat a bit while doing that, too!”


“I’d love that! After all, if we’re going to live together, we might as well learn more about each other! Oh, and I can wash your back, too!”


Smiling, Peorth summoned a sponge for herself, as well as a stool to sit and then placed it of Keiichi’s in order to let him wash her. And as soon as he started to scrub her back, she could feel her own tension disappear, given that everything went even better than she had originally anticipated.


‘That was a really good start, actually. Keiichi didn’t freak out and he seems to be a nice person, so… I might enjoy my stay here. Actually, I’m looking forward to go to the campus with him tomorrow. Things could get really interesting from now on.’






Sitting in the middle of her room, a brunette goddess was studying hard, even though she had just returned from work. Most others in her place would’ve done anything to relax after spending several hours of reviewing customer profiles, yet Belldandy’s dedication to her goals demanded that she had to go through with this before she prepared dinner.


While one of the sweetest goddesses around, Belldandy was surprisingly competitive and loved to obtain all kinds of licenses as well as excelling at anything she did. Some, simply attested that to sheer luck, although few knew that it has hard work which allowed her to achieve such goals.


Having already won the title of the Heaven’s broom race champion seven times in a row, it was more than obvious that she wasn’t one to be taken lightly when she focused on mastering some skill. Even her gentle nature hadn’t prevented her from obtaining a Valkyrie’s license, which meant that she was as skilled as any cadet of the Fighting Wings in the art of war, despite the fact that she was a militant pacifist in her everyday life.


The license she was working to obtain this time however, was proving to be her toughest challenge yet. During the last few weeks she started the preparations to obtain the license of a love goddess and while there were a lot of misconceptions about what those who possessed that title were supposed to do, Belldandy wanted to add that to her portfolio too.


In reality, love goddesses were councilors and matchmakers who helped couples to get together or stay together in case they faced a crisis in their relationship. Obviously, that involved a lot of reading about psychology and counseling, which by themselves were really extensive and demanding subjects. Yet most people only focused on one particular aspect of that role and ignored anything else.


Love goddesses and gods were also advisors in sexual matters, providing information and suggestions to couples who had problems in their bedroom or simply found their intimate moments to be lacking and bland. In those cases, visiting someone with such a license could be proven to be beneficial as they could diagnose the problem and offer their advice. However, the nature of that advice was either on a theoretical level or… something a bit more practical.


There were titillating rumors of certain love goddesses who physically demonstrated certain acts for their clients and even went as far as to join couples in threesomes and perform all kinds of acts imaginable.


It was those rumors that kept Belldandy from trying this any sooner and while she enjoyed the counseling part, the sexual one was giving her a headache. Not only she needed to learn a huge variety of positions, other skills were added as part of a love goddess’ duties. Some of them involved massages, dancing and even physical training to improve her flexibility.


Right now, Belldandy was struggling with the dancing part and more specifically, the exotic variety. While she could technically perform the necessary routines, the goddess couldn’t help but feel that there was something missing from the whole experience. Urd had told her that without expressing her inner sensuality, she had no chance of managing to pull it off.


Just like strip tease that could devolve into mere undressing, all the things that Belldandy was practicing on felt rather dull when she performed them and even if she could barely pass the test’s requirements, it really bothered her. The goddess wanted to be as good as she possibly could and would settle at nothing less than that. A pretty tall task given how nervous she felt whenever the idea of dancing like that in front of others crossed her mind.


There was a huge difference between performing in the privacy of her room and doing the same before an audience no matter how small it was. Only with practice she would overcome that issue, yet that caused problems of its own. More specifically, who she was going to invite to such a performance.


The most likely option was her sisters, but in a manner of speaking neither of them was going to be perfectly objective and not to mention the fact that stripping in front of relatives could be awkward. While the goddess had plenty of friends, in most cases she maintained a certain distance from them and none of them could be considered as intimate enough to be useful in this kind of situation.


Belldandy was a late bloomer when it came to intimacy and despite that most of the goddesses her age had at least dated one or more gods and goddesses, the brunette had virtually no relationships of her own. In a way, that enhanced her image as a pure and totally innocent goddess and as far as most citizens of Heavens were concerned, the very image of perfection.


Still, there was a deep, dark secret she kept from others, even though nobody else considered it to be such a problem anymore these days: Belldandy wasn’t a virgin. Actually, immortals never really had such issues, given their extremely long lifespans and the countless relationships they had over that timeframe. There were no expectations of someone to save their first time for their wedding night and even then, the wedding itself could also include more partners of either sex, concepts totally foreign for most mortals who grew up with a vastly different way of thinking.


However, as the social influence of the human world started to spread in Heavens, some of the younger deities began to share certain views and all of a sudden, having sexual relationships could be seen as a sign of hedonism, even if the people involved didn’t cross certain lines and commit untold acts of promiscuity. As such, examples of goddesses who were perceived as innocent were often over glorified and to a certain degree carried a heavy burden on their shoulders as they received a lot more attention from the general public who was otherwise considerably less pure as their idols.


The biggest problem for her was the very circumstances under which she and her partner had spent a night together and it was the very reason she had to keep quiet about it. During her training to obtain a Valkyrie’s license, the brunette goddess had to temporarily live as if she was a full member of the Fighting Wings, even though a provisional one. Staying in the dorms, going through the daily training routine, eating meals with her fellow battle sisters and even bathing together in the large communal pools were some of the things she had to do for several months until she was considered to be able to match any other cadet in combat.


Of course, the trainees weren’t allowed to wander around on their own and each of them was taken under the watchful eye of a senior Valkyrie who acted as their mentor, despite the fact that some of their training wasn’t individualized and performed in large groups. Those mentors were also part of the committee that would decide whether those goddesses had the necessary level of discipline and dedication to become true Valkyries if they should wish to do so and many actually followed that path after their training came to an end and started the more intense lessons to become actual members of the Fighting Wings.


For Belldandy, that mentor turned out to be one of the most reputed goddess with a feared reputation, the “One Winged Angel,” Lind. The blue haired Valkyrie was a quiet and reserved individual who seemed to be troubled due to an unusual situation with her angel. Unlike all others, hers had only a single wing which earned her that nickname and became the focus of her training for several years.


At first, it was hard for Belldandy to approach the cold warrior who merely kept their interactions on a less personal and more professional level, feeling occasionally frustrated that she had to babysit a wish granter who had no real desire to become an actual Valkyrie, hoping only to gain yet one more license for her resume. To say that she hadn’t made the best first impression on Lind was an understatement, yet, Belldandy’s almost contagious cheerfulness and kindness of heart were too much even for the seasoned warrior to ignore.


Little by little, the ice queen began to thaw and a tiny smile could be seen on the Valkyrie’s face whenever she interacted with her trainee. It didn’t matter what they talked about but the mere fact that they spent time together was enough for Lind to ease off with her daily problems and it wasn’t long before she started to open up to her and discussed some of the topics she rarely shared with those outside of the Fighting Wings and even then, only those she considered as close friends.


The most important one of them was the true nature of her problem. Instead of having an angel with a single wing, she had a pair of twin angels, even if she could only summon one of them. It was what caused her to try harder and harder to obtain more power as a means to get what was necessary to support them both and in the end, Lind was driving herself in a corner, figuratively speaking of course.


Being a compassionate goddess and having an elder sister who had her own angel related problems, Belldandy felt a certain affinity to the Valkyrie and slowly she began to get closer to her by providing counsel and advice that attempted to tackle the problem from multiple angles, hoping to provide some assistance to Lind. And after a few weeks, those two were close enough to consider themselves as real friends and even bathed together without wearing towels to provide them with some modesty. It was actually accustomed for close relatives to bathe naked in the same pool and by doing so, the Valkyries created the sense that they were also a big family.


Of course, unlike actual relatives, there were moments when this closeness could lead into situations where some of them would feel attracted to each other and on certain occasions, Belldandy felt that Lind’s eyes occasionally wandered off from her face and more towards her naked breasts or even lower. She wasn’t the only one to do that though, as the brunette goddess had also caught herself staring at her instructor’s body even if she had never considered such thoughts previously.


As a matter of fact, Belldandy had never thought much about her sexual orientation, but as she sometimes felt attracted by both males and females, she suspected that she might’ve been bisexual, although without any girlfriends or boyfriends, it was merely a theory that remained unproven. Not for too long, though as at some point after a particularly hard day of training with Lind who felt that she came really close to summon both her angels, Belldandy decided to offer the frustrated and crestfallen Valkyrie a hug while they were soaking in the bath.


It was an innocent show of affection and support, yet it became a catalyst of something much more audacious when the gentle goddess’ lips found those of the startled warrior. Neither was planning it, although Belldandy had to admit that she may had considered this idea for a while, even if it simply happened on a whim, which wasn’t how she typically did things. Even then, it was meant as a way to provide her support, not as a display of need and lust and that was evident in the rest of the brunette’s body language.


That was most likely the reason Lind returned the kiss instead of simply pushed her away and remind her of the rules. As her mentor and one of those who would ultimately decide whether she deserved a Valkyrie’s license or not, it was forbidden for them to have any sort of affair. The higher ups feared that some cadets could use such methods to influence their mentor’s judgment and allow some of them to pass while it would’ve been otherwise all but impossible.


Feeling that Belldandy was merely wanting to console her as well as coupled by her own frustrations from all the failures she had faced over the years, Lind finally wanted to open herself up for once and expose her inner self to someone other than her angels. As crude at it might’ve sounded to her at the time, returning the kiss and even pressing her body against Belldandy’s seemed to do miracles for her, unlike the hours long training that only exhausted her to the point of simply collapsing by the end of the day after hours of extremely intense combat routines.


Even though fighting was something that brought joy to every Valkyrie, for Lind it also was a way to become stronger and something that tied to her issue. As such, she couldn’t truly escape from her problem that often suffocated her, and with no other ways to relieve herself of the emotional pain, it all bottled up inside of her.


However, the kiss as innocent as it was brought a level of satisfaction that she had never experienced before, which only prompted her to seek more. Like a thirsty traveller who just reached an oasis in the middle of a scorching desert, Lind ravelled at the feeling of Belldandy’s soft lips, or the pert breasts with the lovely pink areolas brushing against hers. This was immediately enhanced by the sheer sensation of their arousal as both goddesses began to experience the natural reaction of their bodies, pushing them even harder to seek release.


Almost clumsily, hands danced across their partner’s body exploring their erogenous zones with some hesitation, yet it was more than enough for both to realize that what they truly wanted at the moment was to go all the way. Nothing less would actually satisfy them and while it was true that such a thing was against the rules given their current roles, denying themselves that joy would only leave them with an empty feeling. As a result, Lind took the brunette back to the room they shared to avoid getting caught by an unsuspecting Valkyrie, yet she was suddenly rather hesitant on how to make the first step.


Even though she was equally lost herself, Belldandy made an effort to resume their activities and squeezing the Valkyrie’s hand, she took her to her bed, where they both had to undress once more and before long, taste each other’s tongue as the kisses became more passionate. The brunette founded it rather amusing that during that time, Lind, the most powerful and feared war goddess appeared to be even more embarrassed than herself, with their makeout session taking much longer than normal until she was comfortable enough to become bolder in her ministrations.


So, minutes after they’ve started, Belldandy suddenly felt her partner leave the bed and momentarily she became worried that this may had been too much for the reserved warrior to handle. Then much to her surprise, she saw Lind stand before one of her drawers and begin to put a harness on like a pair of panties and while not particularly experienced with sex toys, she immediately realized what that was meant for. And once the blue haired goddess turned around to face her, the strap on she was wearing made Belldandy slightly nervous as she knew that this was going to be her first time.


Sensing her hesitation, Lind did pause and ask for permission and once the brunette reassured that she couldn’t had a better partner, the Valkyrie went on and with a faint smile on her face she began to push the toy inside of her untouched vagina.  


With a loud gasp, Belldandy’s back arched as she felt the long and bumpy toy reach deep into her, and with a small amount of force, break through her barrier. The stinging feeling of having it dematerialize was immediately replaced with a type of pleasure she had never experienced and after a few testing thrusts, Lind had found a rhythm that worked the best for her partner.


Belldandy didn’t ask where the quiet goddess had learned to move her body with such skill as might’ve been too indiscreet of her, yet she ravelled at the sensation of having sex for the first time. Proven to be as competent  in the bedroom as in the battlefield, despite her initial reluctance, Lind made sure that her trainee wasn’t going to come to regret this and continued for several minutes, listening to the brunette’s soft moans that intensified by the second. Moments later, Belldandy’s back arched once more and as her hands firmly cupped Lind’s breasts, the brunette was experiencing her first orgasm.


At the aftermath of the whole incident, both of them agreed that while fulfilling, this could lead to serious problems if others became aware of it. No matter what, some facts remained the same and Belldandy was still under Lind’s tutelage and any sort of relationship between them could be taken in the wrong way, as a method of bribery. For that reason, the inevitable conclusion was to avoid any repetition during the entire training program and while they kept talking to each other in regards to private matters, no such incident was repeated.


Unfortunately, after she acquired the license, Belldandy and Lind went back to their regular schedules and considering how busy they were, the short affair didn’t evolve into a more permanent relationship. Still, they did keep in contact and occasionally sent messages to each other which made the wish granter one of Lind’s few close friends. It may not sounded much, but for Belldandy that was a really important thing that she took great pride of. Even if Lind hadn’t found a way to summon both her angels yet, the thought that she could provide her some peace of mind as she heard news from her was comforting.


Perhaps one of the primary reasons she wished to be a love goddess was to find something to replace the sense of loneliness after experiencing this closeness to another and then realized how much she missed it in her daily life. Finding other partners was possible and in many ways, much easier than anything else. Still, part of her didn’t simply want to date another god or even goddess, just because of sheer convenience, even if there was no lack of willing candidates.


‘Maybe I should talk to her again and see how she’s handling herself. Actually, meeting her would be even better, although I don’t want to cause any inconvenience to her. But for now… I need to practice this dance routine. And probably, I should find Urd and ask her to help me once again. After all, she knows a lot more than me as far as such topics are concerned.’




Hell, Nidhogg’s main complex


Towering above the capital city of the demons was a skyscraper that dwarfed anything else with its tremendous size. Housing Nidhogg, the demons’ own System which rivalled Heaven’s Yggdrasil, the complex was actually far larger than one would’ve originally thought. The computer itself was mostly underground in a safe location with the skyscraper above being the office space for most of the necessary personnel, as well as the residence for some of the highest ranking demons.


Considering that importance of the System, it was considered as a better option to have them as close as possible to their workplace, as a means of saving time and also, tightening up the security as fewer individuals would get inside the most sensitive areas of the building. Amongst those was the very leader of demonkind, who had the top three floors or the building reserved just for herself, even if she only occupied one of them. The rest were merely meant as a buffer that was full of guards and other defensive measures and were located above and below her floor to protect their leader from any intruders. Even then, the outermost rooms of her apartment worked as a defense perimeter with only the central part actually being the Daimakaicho’s living quarters.


In such a secure and restricted area, a single demon walked along the lavish ebony hallway with the red carpet and the gilded ceiling and the intricate patterns along the walls. Vases and all kinds of expensive artwork decorated the hall, yet she was not here to admire her boss’ artistic taste. Instead, she wasted no time walking faster towards the master bedroom, her high heels resounding in the corridor as she approached her destination.


Pausing in front of the double doors made out of dark wood, Hagall, the demons’ second in command took a breath and mentally prepared herself and checked her clothes. Dressed in an elegant dark green and black sleeveless and frilly dress, she was one of the more attractive demons of Hell and highly desirable for not only her looks, but her position as well.


Only after she was certain that everything was in place did she reach for the shiny, gold plated brass door handles and with an unlocking spell she was taught by her boss herself, she managed to open the heavy doors and take a step inside the moderately sized room. Lavishly decorated like the rest of the apartment, it had almost everything any female demon would even want, including a queen sized, four poster bed with a canopy.


That’s where the leader of demons actually was and for a moment, Hagall paused as she heard the melodic voice of her boss’ moans. Closing the door behind her, the blonde approached the bed where, Hild was currently entertaining her guest who was most certainly enjoying the attention the bronze skinned beauty was giving him. Straddling him and with her hands behind her head, posing like an exotic dancer, Hild gyrated her hips in a slow and sensual manner all while she also moved up and down. Her partner also moaning softly at her ministrations while exploring her curvaceous body, from the wide hips to the heavy breasts with the chocolate colored areolas.


Leaning forward with a smile to let him massage her more easily as well as softly pinch her erect nipples, Hild’s moans only intensified, her lust now clearly evident. Grinning, her partner took a hand off her chest, reaching back with an almost unheard familiarity and before Hagall’s wide eyes he gave the proudest of demons a firm slap on her buttocks.


“Oh, yes! I loved that, Tyr! More! I want more!”


Obliging, the god and leader of Heavens gave his lover a series of increasingly stronger hits on her bottom, altering between the cheeks, which urged her to move faster and harder.


“You were always the one who enjoyed such kinky stuff, Hild…”


“Look who’s talking! You’re far too happy to oblige to my requests whenever you get a chance to spank me!” Riding him harder and harder to the point where her heavy breasts were actually bouncing freely, Hild made no effort to hide her excitement as she finally got a chance to meet her not so secret lover for a night of passion.


“Guilty as charged… I cannot believe how easily you can convince me to do what you want, Hild. But… shouldn’t we pause for a moment? We’ve got company.”


“I know.” Turning to look over shoulder, Hild found her stunned subordinate and protegee who was reluctant to get closer and smiled at her. “Don’t just stand there, Hagall! You may approach us!”


Nodding silently, the blonde demon walked towards the couple who didn’t even slow down and once she was fairly close, Hagall could see everything. In her eyes, the demon who took her in and raised her as part of a group of specialists under her direct command was the person who deserved the highest of respects. Yet right now she was entertaining a god of all beings and furthermore, from that angle Hagall could verify that her teacher wasn’t sheathing her lover in the way she had initially expected.


Instead, it quickly became evident that her idol and secret crush was getting herself sodomized on this god’s manhood, without caring as to who got to witness it. Shaking her head as she realized that they were expecting her to announce the reason of her interruption, Hagall cleared her throat and took a moment to collect her thoughts. “My lady, I’ve got important news.”


“Very well, one moment please. It’s hard to crane my head to look at you.” Pivoting herself around without getting off the god, Hild turned all the way around to face her subordinate while she still rode her lover. Worse, not only she didn’t stop but she also leaned back and rested her arms on the dark purple covers of her bed, while spreading her legs apart for extra support. And as Tyr reached to grab her waist, he started to thrust upwards and deep into Hild’s rosebud. “That’s better! Now, I’m listening.”


It took Hagall a few moments to recover from the sight of her boss being taken in such a fashion, especially now that the god beneath her was a lot more active, his hips thrusting faster and faster until the whole bed shook and the rhythmic sound of his balls colliding against the demon’s nether lips resonated in the room.


“I… Well… We’ve just learned that a pretty unusual wish was granted to a mortal by a goddess.”


“And what was that wish?”


“He wanted her to stay with him forever.”


“Hm… strange…” Looking over her shoulder to her lover who kept going as if nothing was wrong, Hild raised an eyebrow at him. “Care to explain what’s going on? I never thought that you’d approve of such a wish…”


Letting out a sigh, Tyr was afraid that she was going to learn sooner or later about it and the timing of his visit was simply unfortunate. He had been trying to make the necessary arrangements for this day for the last few weeks and as such, he had no desire to let this ruin everything. “I really wish to leave work related topics out of this meeting, Hild. We’re just end up arguing about it and I’d rather deal with that, tomorrow.”


“Normally I’d agree with you, but, I don’t like the sound of it and this means that I might have to go check it out. Or… you can tell me about it while we’re both enjoying each other’s bodies. It’s your decision, love.”


“You always drive a hard bargain, Hild…” Grunting as he felt her move against his thrusts to intensify the pleasure, Tyr had no desire to ruin everything for some information that she could acquire on her own anyway. “Fine, I’ll explain, but can it wait for a moment? I’m very close…”


“Oh! Of course, dear! I’m not so cruel as to deny you what you’ve been waiting for,” said Hild with a lustful moan. Slamming her bottom against his hips even harder, the platinum haired demon brought him closer to his orgasm and within seconds the god’s body went rigid.


With a loud groan, Tyr’s eyes slammed shut as his hips thrust once more upwards and then remained there for a while as his manhood shot one spurt of warm seed after the other. It lasted for mere seconds but the post orgasmic bliss made the god relax considerably after the final bit of his semen was inside Hild’s ass. “Thank you Hild… I really needed that…”


“I can’t say I did you a favor, love. I also enjoyed it as well.” Collapsing on his chest, Hild also took a moment to regain her composure after experiencing her lover’s climax, although she now craved for an orgams of her own. Of course, Hild wasn’t one to beg for it and as she felt Tyr’s hands reach and clasp her breasts, the Daimakaicho was happy that he was far from done. After all, this was a highly anticipated event and ending it after a single anal creampie was simply out of question. “How about you tell me about that wish while we recover?”


“I will, but only if you promise that there’s going to be more.” Teasing her still erect nipples with his thumbs, Tyr couldn’t help but kiss his lover’s neck as his penis slid off of her, letting the other demon present to get a view of his manhood as well as the trickle of white seed that leaked from her boss’ tight bottom, despite of having anal just moments ago.


“There’s no need to worry about that, Tyr. I’m not such a petty and cruel demon to tempt you with myself. We’re going to have a lot more… but!... There’s a chance for you to gain something extra! Interested?”


“I might, although… I’ll have to ask what it is? I’m hoping it’s not a practical joke,” said Tyr with a slight frown, fearing his lover’s temperamental and mischievous nature.


“It… no, she’s… certainly not a joke at all,” said Hild with a wink before she pointedly glanced over at the silent blonde whose eyebrows shot up in shock.


Eh?! M-Me?!” Hagall could hardly believe what her boss and mentor was suggesting to a god of all things and without even asking her opinion from beforehand. It was no secret that she was trying her best to please her leader, but to go as far as to offer herself to someone just like that was a step that, Hagall wasn’t mentally prepared for.


“Well… I’ve noticed the desire in your eyes dear Hagall, so… I thought you were interested,” said Hild, worrying that she may had misunderstood something here and asked too much from her favorite subordinate. “Look, this isn’t an order or even an expectation. If you don’t like the idea then feel free to say so.”


“No, I’m perfectly fine,” lied the demon with a smile to avoid her deceit from being noticed. In reality she was lusting for Hild and not her companion who wasn’t unattractive, but totally irrelevant to her. It was a fact that she wished to keep a secret though, in fear that her boss would simply turn her down and worse, distance herself from the blonde, since she already was pretty much in love with this god and even his wife who was a long time friend of hers. However, as she remembered about the latter, a light bulb went off inside her mind. “It’s just that there’s going to be a serious issue with his wife, who’s only aware of your relationship with him.”


“She’s right, Hild! Ansuz isn’t going to like me sleeping with other demons during my visits. If nothing, I’d hate to make matters even worse and end up seeing you less frequently as a result…”


“You’re both worrying over nothing! I never said that she’s going to join in our relationship and become your lover, too, Tyr. All I wanted was a threesome that would help us have more fun and even get a bit closer. After all, as they say here… the deeper you go, the better you get to know each other.”


“Even then, it doesn’t change things, Hild. Ansuz knew that we were in love and had to ‘separate’ or we would’ve subjected to a test that was going to be too hard for us to pass. Our jobs makes everything too complicated and once we’ve decided to go for the alternative, it’s not just you and me who decides such matters.”


“Like I said, you worry too much! Besides, I’ve asked her in the past and she said that thressomes were fine, as long as you wouldn’t end up with another lover. That’s not what I’m proposing here, to be honest. Besides… I wouldn’t like it either. I simply trust that, Hagall won’t try to date you behind my back. However, a casual shag is permittable as long as I know about it.”


Her last sentence made both of them wince a bit, a clear sign that she wasn’t one to be defied. Still, Hagall was somewhat pleased to know that her boss thought highly enough of her to offer the chance to share her partner, as trust was one of the most precious commodity in the Netherworld. Giving Tyr a look, the blonde decided that he wasn’t an unacceptable partner for the night, especially as he was Hild’s precious lover and one she would’ve never offered to anyone just like that.


“In that case, as long as there are no misunderstandings as to my intentions, I’m willing to participate in your activities. If that’s acceptable by both of you, of course!”


Offering them a respectful bow, Hagall made sure that the god got a nice view of her ample chest that was only outclassed by Hild herself. It was one of the lessons she had received from her mentor who taught her all she knew about the fine art of seduction, even if both of them rarely had to rely on that. The moment she did decide to take the offer, though, it became evident that her mentor wasn’t going to be enough to convince the leader of the gods and for Hagall there was a bit of a personal reward at stakes. In a threesome, it was far from unusual for girls to interact with each other and all things considered, the best opportunity to have a few moments with her idol.


Staring between his lover and her subordinate, Tyr swallowed hard as he never expected to get himself in that kind of situation during this visit. Part of him was against the very idea, as he wasn’t here just to have sex with the attractive Daimakaicho. It was his feeling for her that motivated the god and the primary reason why he even had a child with her and wished to make her his wife. And while the outcome was a bit different than he had originally intended, fooling around with every attractive demon was clearly out of question. Sadly another part of him had other ideas and it took no time for the two ladies to notice and grin.


“Mm… I think someone's happy…” Purring while brushing her nether lips against his now hardening manhood, Hild was grinning like a cat who knew that her prey had nowhere to run to. “With how you gods like to talk about honesty, why don’t you admit it?”


“Admit what, Hild?”


“Don’t play coy with me… I know that you fancy her and besides, it’s been far too long since we had a threesome!”


“That’s because it’s hard for both me and Ansuz to drop by for a visit. And…”


“And it always attracts a lot of attention whenever I drop by. I know that already, Tyr… Stupid gods! Um, no offense, love.”


“None taken.”


“Still, why not her? It’s going to be just like the old times with Ansuz, right?”


“That’s not the same! Look, I…”


Letting a frustrated grunt, Hild rolled on the side and off of him, ending up on his left where she rested on her elbow while staring at her lover behind narrowed eyes. Instead of arguing even further and end up in ruining the mood for everyone involved, she turned to her subordinate. “Hagall dearie? Would you be so kind to give this stubborn god an idea of what he’s missing?”


“By all means, my lady!”


Taking slow, sensual steps towards them, Hagall circled the bed in a clockwise manner, much like a hungry predator eying her prey. Once close, she began to remove her gloves and letting them fall on the floor, she climbed on the bed and crawled the short distance to the god’s lap and stopped right above his twitching member as it reacted to the proximity of this sexy demon and much to his surprise, she reached and grabbed his manhood.




“Nice, isn’t it?” Interrupting him before he had the chance to argue, Hagall began to stroke him in slow and deliberate moves, staring at him in the eyes to judge his reactions.


Not trusting himself to give an answer, the lord of the gods swallowed hard as he watched Hild’s subordinate touch him in ways that few women had the chance to do and as he feared the rational part of his mind that objected this proposition was losing the mental tug of war.


Meanwhile, Hild was actually enjoying the show from the sidelines and even rubbed her crotch with a hand, while the other offered her support as she was lying on the side. Two fingers teased her nether lips while the middle one was delving into the depths of her moist vagina, making the demon moan with delight, especially as she noticed the others look at her. With a smile forming on her face, the platinum haired beauty edged closer to her lover until her body was resting right next to his.


Mirroring her smile, Tyr wrapped an arm around her shoulders and made her lean closer into an open mouth kiss, their tongues dancing around each other as his hand now slipped around the shoulder and cupped one of her breasts from behind. Giving it a firm squeeze that earned another moan, he proceeded to kiss her even more hungrily than before with a possessiveness that her subordinate hadn’t expected from one of the gods.


‘Perhaps she rubbed on him a bit? He sure seems to… Huh?’ Looking at the god’s other hand as it reached to stroke her cheek gently, Hagall watched it push one of her long bangs out of the way and then gently cupped the back of her head. It was a clear sign of what he intended of her to do and without even urging her, the blonde took a breath and opened her mouth leaning lower and before long, a good portion of his manhood was now inside her mouth. This was far from the first time she was performing fellatio on someone, yet she had never tried that with a god before, resulting in mixed feelings. On one side, she could compare the taste to that of the men, Hagall had pleasured in the past, but on the other, there was a distinctive difference even if it was hard to explain. ‘This is the taste of a god? It’s strange, although... not unpleasant. I don’t think it’s harder to get used to than a demon or even a mortal.’


“I see that you finally decided to take my offer. Good for you, Tyr! We’re going to have so much fun!”


“Like I said before… I cannot believe how easily you can convince me to do what you want, Hild.” Between soft gasps, Tyr tried to say more, but was forced to wait until he was accustomed to Hagall’s ministrations. Unlike Hild’s more aggressive oral technique, her blonde subordinate was focusing more on the way her tongue worked around his penis, than taking it deep and fast. Actually from another’s perspective, Hagall simply wrapped her lips around him and was hardly moving her head at all. Yet Tyr knew that this was far from true, as her tongue twirled around his twitching member, lapping at the sensitive underside with a level of skill he wasn’t expecting from someone who wasn’t totally into it a moment ago. ‘I’m not even an acquaintance and she’s treating me better than a lover. I guess it’s true that demons are better when sexual subjects are involved.’


“You sound so casual about it, yet I bet that it must feel really good, doesn’t it, love?” purred Hild, trailing a few kisses across his chest.


“I… won’t… disagree with you on that. She’s skilled, that much I’ll have to admit.”


Pausing in her activities, Hagall offered him a smile and leaned back for a moment, making Tyr a bit worried thinking that he may have said something that inadvertently insulted her. Instead, the blonde demon reached for her frilly top and lowered it enough to expose her ample breasts. “Why thank you! I’m glad you approve of my skills. So… as a reward you may touch me as much as you want!”


Looking between the surprisingly eager blonde and the grinning Hild, Tyr decided to go for it and with one hand, he reached to cup Hagall’s left breast, trailing a circle around her pink areolas. While not exactly as impressive as Hild’s, it would’ve been a lie to say that they were anything less than enticing and the demon’s eventual willingness to participate made things a lot easier for him. Assuming that it wasn’t as hard for her to accept him as a casual partner, given her current mannerisms, Tyr was less reserved to do the same. And considering that he hadn’t strayed far from his two lovers, there was a sense of excitement as he touched what was unknown territory for him. Furthermore, a tiny part of his mind, buried in a dark part of his psyche was even anticipating the moment he would deposit his seed deep into her. “I’d like that, but first… undress.”


“Oh! Now we’re talking about! I knew you’d like to try her, Tyr!”


“Well, it’s not going to be comfortable for her to do this with her dress on and… it’s going to end up getting stained.”


“As if we can’t clean it, or even reform it. At any rate, I won’t argue that seeing her naked is part of the whole experience.”


Smiling, the blonde demon began to tug her dress down and with slow movements she slipped out of it, leaving herself with her white boots and the green pair of panties with a frilly decoration on the top part of the hem. “Sorry for wearing something this plain, I wasn’t expecting to partake in this.”


“No worries, dearie! Now, why don’t you go back at what you’ve been doing? He’s clearly anticipating this and even… I want to give it a go next!”


“Of course, my lady!” Leaning down, Hagall resumed her fellatio, earning an even better response from the god, as he explored her body with less reservations and even gave one of her breasts a nice squeeze. Working harder to please him, Hagall took more of his hard member in her mouth and sensing him shift under her, she briefly looked up at Tyr who was clearly reaching his limit.


“Can I?...” started the leader of the gods, before Hild interrupted him by whispering in his ear.


“Go for it, love. It’s not like she can’t handle finishing this properly. Don’t worry, just do it in her mouth… she wants it...”


Letting a loud groan as he failed to say anything at the moment, Tyr’s manhood released its seed once again and this time right into Hagall’s mouth, who was slightly surprised by the sheer force behind his orgasm. Gritting his teeth, the leader of the gods took a few moments until the last spurt of semen was safely deposited into the blonde’s mouth and then he tried to relax as he watched the demon lean back and swallow his load in a single gulp.


‘Not bad for someone who just had anal with lady Hild a few minutes ago… Not bad at all… I might get to really enjoy this, actually!’ Licking her lips as she offered him a sultry look, Hagall crawled closer getting on his right side, right opposite of her boss and smiled when the latter got out of his one arm hug and moved to the same position she was before. “I trust you approve of my performance.”


“Yes, it was most... enjoyable. I really liked that thing you did with your tongue.”


“Why, thank you! Although, I must admit that it was all due to lady Hild’s lessons that taught me the basics! Without them, I would’ve never reached such level of skill!”


“Really? That’s great to know that she’s been so supportive mentor and…” While Tyr smiled back at the clearly excited demon, as she remembered the time Hild had spent with her in the past, a particular thought entered his mind and a frown formed on his face. Turning down to Hild who had just wrapped her lips around his sensitive balls to help him recover with some extra stimulation, he tried to resolve this before anything else. “Hild? Um… can I ask something? It’s kind of important.”


“Mmph? Whutf?”


“Don’t speak with your mouth full! It’s rude!”


“Well, excuse my poor manners while licking your nuts! Pray tell me what’s the proper protocol for that in Heavens?” asked Hild with a somewhat sarcastic, yet amused grin. “We demons just go for it when we have a sausage this size to gobble and get the creamy sauce out!”


“Hild! This is no joke!”


“Aright… what is it?”


“Um… Well, since you’ve taught her about… well… sex…”


“Yes? What of it?”


“I was wondering if you did the same for… Urd? I mean, she did start to pay some visits to you ever since she got older and I never asked...”


“If she tried some of the local sausages?”



“Hey, we’ve got some nice ones, too! Our spicy ones are well known for…”


“I don’t care! I just want to know if… well…”


“Sucks a few while here?” said Hild with a wink. “Maybe she does or maybe not… who am I to say?”


“Come on! I just want an answer! At… at this rate, I might go flaccid from worry!”


“Fine!... Are you sure you want to know?”


“I have to!”


“Alright! You’ve asked for it, though!” said Hild with a sigh. “Let’s just say that our daughter won the Miss Glory contest last year.”


“Uh… miss what? I’ve never heard of it...”


“It’s a glorywhole competition where one has to take twenty demons through an opening in a thin wall and score the most points. Our daughter won the Double Ended category, with an excellent performance on both ends! Isn’t it great, my love? Uh… Tyr? Hello?”


“He’s unconscious, my lady…”


“Great… Some people have no sense of humor… Seriously! Go get some smelling salts, Hagall. We’re not done yet!”


“Yes, my lady!”






In a less busy corner of the celestial city, a small bar was hidden in a seemingly dark alley of the otherwise spectacular capital of the gods. It was a place where all deities despite rank could just forget about their daily troubles and relax for a while.


One such goddess was quietly enjoying her glass, while thinking about Peorth’s newest client. Urd had spent some time spying on her fellow administrator and she had to admit that she was a bit envious of her.


‘That boy seemed like a good one to me. She did her best to make him go for it and have sex with her, yet he did seem to care about respecting her instead of exploiting his opportunity. After all, how many humans got a first class goddess just for themselves?’


“Something’s in your mind Urd?” asked the bartender as he turned to the goddess with a smile.


“Oh, no worries, I’ve been a good girl this time, I promise,” said Urd with a wink. She had been one of the regular customers of this bar and as a result she often discussed some of her work related problems with the bartender, instead of bothering her sisters with them.


“Well, that’s a nice thing to hear. Although, you do seem troubled, if I have to say so myself.”


“Not troubled, just… jealous I think. A goddess I know found a really nice and cute guy to live with and… well…”


“Yes, I’m aware of it and I still find it hard that you’re still single to be honest with you.” It wasn’t unheard of her to sometimes discuss about a possibly annoying date that went wrong with the bartender. After all, a lot of those attempts started from an encounter at the bar and it was obvious that he had seen her and the potential boyfriend as they talked about themselves over a nice glass of booze. However, before he could offer a reply, he noticed a goddess enter the bar and raising an eyebrow, he turned back to Urd. “Well, well... take a look who’s here.”


“Hm?” Glancing towards the approaching brunette, she was fairly surprised to see her youngest sister in a nice, tight outfit that accented her lovely curves. Skuld had grown into a fairly attractive goddess over the last couple of years, yet she did act a bit like her younger self from time to time, depending on her mood. It was kind of ironic that while one of her biggest wish back in the day was to be treated like a grownup, now that she had finally become an adult, she still acted a bit immaturely, despite her intelligence and competence as a key member of Yggdrasil's tech support team. “Hi there, hot cheeks!”


“Hey! What was that for, Urd?” Narrowing her eyes at her grinning sister, Skuld took a seat next to her and tried to act as if she was a regular customer. Truth to be told, she preferred places where she could enjoy some ice cream instead of alcohol, but on this occasion she wanted to try something new.  “Uh… I’ll have… What she’s drinking!’


“Right away, young lady,” said the bartender as he went and started to prepare the same cocktail Urd had ordered.


“So, what’s up, kiddo? Anything interesting lately?”


“First, I’m not a kiddo…” said Skuld, pointing at her bust that was already a bit larger than their middle sister’s. “And second… what kind of exciting stuff do you expect to happen in my department? We do a lot of maintenance and debugging, but… well, that’s about it really.”


“Oh? Is that so?” asked Urd with a wink, while the bartender offered Skuld her drink and then moved a bit further away to give them some privacy. “I’ve got the impression that sometimes boredom... can lead to interesting stuff happening.”


“Well, I can’t say you’re totally wrong, but it’s not the whole truth either.” Wincing a bit as she wasn’t fully accustomed to booze, Skuld took a few more sips and watched the wolfish grin on her sister’s face. “Okay, what’s going on? You certainly have something in mind, so, out with it!”


“Actually, it’s about a certain… rumor I’ve heard as of late. I’m not planning anything.”


“About what?”


“One particular goddess from your department offering a coworker a blowjob during a break.”


Nearly choking on her drink, Skuld’s face became totally white and tried to hide her nervousness; no matter how futile it seemed. Out of all other goddesses, Urd was the most familiar with her and as a result keeping secrets from her eldest sibling was next to impossible. “I… I just wanted to… try it… Others often talk about such stuff and… I got curious.”


“And? How was it?”


“Wait! Aren’t you going to get mad or something?” asked the shocked goddess, staring her sister with wide eyes.


Chuckling, Urd shook her head and took a sip from her glass before she pat Skuld’s head,  much to the latter’s annoyance. “No need for something that would’ve happened sooner or later, anyway. However, I do want to make sure that it’s a nice experience for you and even help you find better partners to teach you the basics. So, I’ll ask again, how did it go?”


“It was… nice in a way, although, I found it to be pretty strange at first,” said Skuld after some long moments as she hesitated to talk about it. “Especially the taste…”


“Don’t worry too much about it, everyone is having some issues at first, but practice makes you better. Which… is the same as with anything else you might try in your life, Skuld. Remember that you’re not doing this to prove anything, so, try to make sure that you’re having fun and not just the guy who’s enjoying your mouth.”


“I know that! Besides, it’s not like I’ll start sucking all of my coworkers to learn how to do it! I’m not that competitive! At least, not on anything that doesn’t involve machines.”


“Good to hear that, little sis,” said Urd with a proud smile, knowing that Skuld’s mind wasn’t overwhelmed by lust and she was perfectly capable of making rational decisions instead of going through a phase that some goddesses went through when they first became sexually active. “Now, did you go much further than that?”


“Uh… if by that you mean having sex, then no. It’s not like I had the time for that and besides, I hardly think that doing something like that behind a server rack is hardly the place I want to have my first experience.”


“Actually, that makes perfect sense to me, and I’m glad you’re taking one step at a time, Skuld. Don’t rush things and only do it with people who treat you respect. Anyone who’s way too eager to enjoy themselves and doesn’t care about your pleasure should be left with a case of blue balls. However, you haven’t told me the most important thing yet. Did your partner like it?”


“Well, he did say that I’ve done a great job, but… he’s pretty inexperienced too. I think this was his first time he had someone perform oral on him, actually. So, I’m not sure what to make out of it.”


“At any rate, the important thing is that you did get to do something new and as such… let’s drink to that!”


“You just want an excuse to have a party, don’t you?” asked Skuld, knowing that her fun loving sibling was probably making too much of a big deal out of this.


“Nope. I’m just glad that you’re not giving me the same trouble Belldandy does with her reluctance to anything related to sex! So, let’s celebrate!” said Urd, before, much to Skuld’s horror decided to turn to the other customers. “Hey, everyone! My little sister gave her first blowjob, so… it’s a free round of drinks!”


Urd!” shouted the embarrassed brunette, as she got a loud round of applause from the rest of the patrons, along with a few whistles that made her cheeks turn scarlet.


“Aw, don’t be such a prude, little sis! It’s a nice thing to celebrate with others!” said Urd, before she looked around and found two gods that caught her eye. “Also, I think we could have something special too!”


“You didn’t have to say it like that! And what do you mean by special? Hey, come back here! Where are you going? Urd!”






“That really wasn’t funny…”


Crossing his arms, Tyr was far from amused by his lover’s attempt at a joke that made him lose consciousness, even for a short period of time. Truth to be told, he was aware that his eldest daughter was far from innocent and she had a number of previous love affairs, although she wasn’t completely promiscuous.


“Aw… come on! It was funny! You’re just upset because you fell for it!”


Pausing between licks, Hild took a few seconds to study Tyr’s expression before she went back to her current task of getting him ready for action once again. Bobbing her head energetically, the demon’s experienced tongue worked furiously around his hardening member until it was back to its full length, eliciting a few soft moans from the otherwise brooding god. “Are you going to stay like that for the whole night?”


“No… I’m just not too pleased.”


“Still, happy enough to fondle my assistant,” said Hild, watching her lover kiss Hagall on the lips while she hugged her closer to him. It was most likely a way to get some revenge by making her feel jealous, although, Hild had to admit that it was far from an effective method. Actually, she found it cute, as Hagall’s initial reluctance was replaced with sheer enthusiasm.


Indeed, the blonde was more than happy to monopolize the god’s attention as his hands explored her body while she sat next to him. The taste of his tongue as they kissed, the sensation of the fingers that pinched her nipples or the sound of his soft groans as her mentor was performing fellatio on him was intoxicating. It didn’t matter to her whether he was just a guest or a lover anymore, as her mind was overwhelmed with the desire of mating with him.


However, she wasn’t the only one who was looking forward to this. Tyr was actually excited at this opportunity to experience a new partner. He did love his wife dearly and the same could be said about Hild, yet a less rational part of his mind craved for the younger demon that was eager to share her body with him. Immortal or not, the basic, almost animalistic impulse of spreading his legacy to as many partners as possible was present as part of his and everyone else’s instincts, even if this session was all about pleasure and not reproduction. And this desire was further amplified by Hild’s ministrations as the leader of Hell was enthusiastically deepthroating him at this point, driving him closer to another strong orgasm.


With a loud groan, his body tensed, making Hagall pause to look down at her mentor’s face while she hungrily swallowed his seed, one squirt at a time. Before long, the god was panting for air after his body was slowly recovering from his orgasm, while Hild got up from between his legs and smiled at him.


“I was going to ask if you enjoyed it, but, I think that we all know the answer to that. Instead, how about a more meaningful question? Do you want to try dear Hagall before you take me again?”


“Yes, I’d love that,” said Tyr without any hesitation, looking over to the blonde demon next to him. “If, that’s okay with you, of course. I’m not expecting anything just because we’ve gotten this far.”


Several minutes earlier, that comment would’ve resulted in a slap right across the god’s face, yet right now, all Hagall did was to get up from the bed and slowly tug her green panties down. Swaying her hips sensually, she revealed her tiny patch of short pubic hair to the god who was more than pleased with the view he was getting. Finally, as she stepped out of her panties and tossed them over her shoulder, Hagall offered him a smile before she climbed back on the bed. “I think it’s more than obvious that I’ve got no problems with it, especially after I got lady Hild’s permission.”


“Excellent, then come here,” said Tyr, patting the spot next to him which was more than enough for the demon to get the hint. Watching her lie on her back, the god ran his hands across her thighs before spreading her legs apart. Reaching down, his fingers rubbed the now slightly parted nether lips, along with her hardening clitoris and the cute fluff of blonde hair above it. Feeling bolder, he slipped a finger inside of her vagina, enjoying the tightening yet moist walls that attempted to grip him, and before long, another one joined the first.


“Mhmm!...” Taking a sharp breath, Hagall ravelled at the feeling of being probed as the two digits moved rhythmically inside of her, while his thumb rubbed her clitoris in circular motions. It was a rather pleasant surprise that her new partner had proven to be a considerate one and actually bothered to make sure that she was fully prepared for what was to come next, instead of simply sticking it inside without any care in the world.


The blond demon’s soft moans only urged Tyr to continue with his ministrations, given that it was a clear sign of approval and without much hesitation he picked up the pace, moving the fingers inside of her faster. The wet sounds mixed with her excited cries of joy, made it way too hard for him to resist the urge to get straight to the point. Taking his fingers out of her, Tyr soon replaced them with his hard member, getting a much louder moan from her.


Smiling at them, Hild licked her lips as she once again enjoyed the show she was getting, her fingers pumping inside her own vagina at the same time her lover was thrusting hard into her blonde assistant. Actually, she had to admit that she was rather impressed by how smooth things had gotten so far, especially as those two weren’t excited about the whole idea at first. While not exactly a proponent of the whole ‘sharing is caring’ concept, Hild was certain that without spicing things up a bit, boredom could eventually settle in. And that could prove to be problematic in the long run as her lover was not just married to a goddess who was another viable option for him to turn to, but also all the rest of the goddesses who surrounded him. Sure, it wasn’t all about sex, however there were times where small things like that could lead into big problems later on. As a result, having Hagall join them was a calculated risk, but also a necessary one. Given how much he seemed to enjoy his new partner for the night, Hild was certain that she may had done the right thing and found a way to make their lovemaking as exciting as it was when they first started to date each other.


Driving harder and harder into her, Tyr was enjoying the loud moans he was getting from Hagall while her entire body shook from his violent thrusts. Even her ample breasts were swaying back and forth while she arched her back, pressing herself harder against him. She had forgotten when was the last time she had this much fun, since a lot of her previous partners were mostly after her social status and a favor or two, but in the end they proved to be rather boring in the shack. This one was different though, especially when his nature as a god was taken into account and in her mind, Hagall sure wouldn’t say no to a repeated performance in the future. Of course, she did make a mental note to avoid crossing any lines that could earn her mentor’s ire, since Hild was only interested to have her as an additional partner for her lover, not a new girlfriend.


Loud wails of pleasure resonated in the room, as the god’s tempo reached a point where the whole bed was shaking, and soon his own low groans were added in the mix. It was far too hard to properly control his reactions at this point and regardless of the fact that Hild was right next to them, Tyr’s senses were solely focused on the blonde that was shaking from pleasure underneath him. Struggling to postpone his orgasm, the god tried to buy more time for Hagall to get closer to hers, and after several seconds he finally felt her clench hard around his manhood, signaling her own climax. Without any more delays, Tyr nearly collapsed on her, thrusting slowly as he deposited his warm seed deep into her womb.


Kissing the god passionately as he rested right on top of her, Hagall felt absolutely ecstatic as he kept to slowly move inside of her. As a matter of fact it was only then when she realized that she had wrapped her legs around him at some point during their intercourse and the same could be said about her arms that held him tightly against her.


“I trust that you both had quite some fun, right?”


“Yes… that was most enjoyable,” said Tyr, as he slowly recovered from his orgasm, pulling away of the blonde and pausing for a moment to watch the trail of his seed as it slowly leaked out of her nether lips.


“I’m glad to hear that…” purred Hild as she moved in, not a second after Tyr stood aside and much to both his and even Hagall’s surprise, she leaned down to inspect her lover’s handiwork. “Mm… so much! I know that you can’t lie, but I think that you may have enjoyed it a bit more than you let on. Don’t worry, I won’t get too jealous about this… providing that you’ll satisfy me, too.”


“That’s something I can definitely do, Hild,” said Tyr as he ran his hands across his lover’s bronze skin, feeling her every curve from her ample chest to her shapely bottom. “Actually, I think it would be interesting if I start right now.”


“Oh! You want me like this, you naughty god?” asked Hild with a grin, looking over her shoulder for a moment as she stood in all four right in front of Hagall who watched everything while recovering from her own orgasm. “Hm… I wonder what my poor assistant would think if you took me from behind… Or even spank me while doing it…”


“In that case… let’s find out, shall we?” Giving the voluptuous demon a playful pat on her backside, Tyr moved behind her and massaged her cheeks while he enjoyed the view he was getting from that angle.


Even Hagall had to admit that this was quite interesting to watch, albeit somewhat strange for the otherwise dominant leader of the demonkind to accept such a treatment, let alone incite it. Then again, it was also true that this happened to be a special thing for Hild and as a result, she probably wanted to try things with him that she’d never allow anyone else to experience with her.


Hild was a loyal lover and one who refused to give up on the man she really wanted, but at the same time, sex had always been part of demonic politics. It was a way to consolidate alliances, provide rewards for certain tasks of great importance and even as a gift between friends. And while it was something far more casual compared to how their counterparts approached the whole subject, there were certain expectations and traditions that demanded some restraint. The higher one was in demonic society, the more difficult it should be for those beneath them to access their bedchambers and as a direct result, there was nothing more exclusive than having sex with the Daimakaicho herself. Demons of both sexes dreamt of having a chance to prove their worth and attract her attention, even if it was for just a night.


Obviously, the requirements for such a thing to happen were quite difficult to fulfil and only the most accomplished demons got the privilege of being invited to spend a night with their leader. Aside from those individuals who were in a manner of speaking rewarded for some kind of accomplishment of theirs, Hild also greeted important members of her society in her apartment and in certain cases, she even allowed them to pleasure her in various ways. Hagall had once seen her boss retire for the night after a party she organized with no less than three demons, all members of her administration and easy on the eyes, too.


Still, in all those cases, hierarchy had to be maintained and while it was true that Hild had sex with several partners, it was done in a manner that made it absolutely clear that those said partners were there to pleasure their leader, not the other way around. As such, it was almost taboo for the mighty Daimakaicho to act in any way that could be taken as a submissive display while she participated in such acts. For instance, offering oral to either male or female demons was only reserved for those she really liked, while anal was absolutely forbidden, since none of her subordinates was privileged enough to sodomize the mighty leader of demonkind. Even more, on certain occasions, Hild would require her male partners to wear a condom, despite the fact that such simplistic methods of contraception were unnecessary for a demon.


The only real exceptions of that rule were her meetings with Tyr who was a true lover and not just a casual partner for the night. That obviously removed a lot of those restrictions as Hagall discovered when she first saw them having anal and right now, the sight of Tyr spanking her leader’s bottom while she stood on all four in front of him was a rather outrageous act of submission. Yet there was no doubt that the platinum haired demoness wanted this and her soft moans only verified that assumption, making the god go harder on her with each smack making her pert bottom jiggle from the sheer force.


It was such an erotic display that Tyr found it hard to resist for much longer and without hesitation, he sheathed himself inside her moist vagina and proceeded to take her in a somewhat rougher manner. The spanks were now replaced by the smacking sound of the god’s hips colliding against her bottom, as Tyr held his lover’s waist tightly.


With each passing second, the force behind his movements intensified and soon enough, Hild was swaying back and forth, until her mouth came into contact with Hagall’s nether lips as the latter watched in amazement. Her leader was right between her legs and kissed her in a way she had never done before and right after she had sex, too.


Letting a loud gasp of sheer pleasure and even surprise, Hagall felt Hild’s tongue reach inside the folds and lap at the seed her lover had deposited into her moments earlier. The mere thought of her mentor performing cunnilingus on her was exciting enough, but with everything else that was going on, Hagall struggled hard to refrain from climaxing too early. “Lady Hild!... I…”


“You like that, don’t you? Come on, it’s okay to admit it, I’ll even work harder if you do,” purred Hild as she teased her assistant’s clit with her tongue. “Actually, if you’re a good girl and join us again, I’ll do even more things for you! I might even let you take me with a strap on!”


Yes! I’ll definitely join you again!” said the excited demon, even though she regretted sounding that eager. Still, it was no secret that Hagall saw her leader as not only a mentor and a role model, but someone she found irresistible and even attempted to impress her enough in hopes of getting some sexual rewards. Actually, she had already slept with her a few times in the past, but this was the first time where the roles were reversed and it was Hagall the one who received oral from her and not the other way around.


“Did you hear that, love? You’re going to have her again,” said Hild with a wink as she briefly glanced at the god behind her. “Isn’t that great?”


“What can I say? You’re quite the seductress.” Smiling, Tyr kept thrusting hard into his lover, sheathing his entire length with every single collision that made her ample breasts to sway back and forth in a most erotic display. “It’s true that nobody who even touched you even managed to resist your charms, let alone refuse you for very long.”


“Thank you, but for your information, I’m not resorting to such methods unless it’s absolutely necessary,” said Hild with a low moan, feeling her lover’s hands travel upwards until he grasped her chest,  for extra leverage giving her a firm squeeze.


“Oh? Then play tell me why that video you sent me the other day was necessary,” said Tyr with a raised eyebrow. “I must admit that the first part with you dancing in a replica of my office was really hot, but I failed to understand why I’d find the next bit as interesting.”


“Hm… You mean the part where the actor who was dressed like you took me on the desk?”


“While I do appreciate the thought behind it, the whole thing was absolutely unnecessary. And not to mention that there four demons dressed like me!” said Tyr with a grunt as he used his grip on her chest for extra leverage. “Besides… who sents a porno video as a present?”


“The more, the merrier? And the director suggested that the extra participants would make the overall scene better,” said Hild addressing the first of his concerns. “As for the whole present thingie… Well… every time I sent you a normal one, all I ever got back was a thank you card. This time however, I’ve got you pounding my pussy with a vengeance! It looks like unless I prod you a bit, you’re far too busy to make room from me in your schedule!”


“Alright… I got your point, so give it a rest, will you? There’s no need to resort to such methods to get my attention,” said Tyr, as he suppressed a loud grunt. He hated to admit it, but in a way, his lover was absolutely right. While he knew that she had other partners from time to time, the whole video did rattle him enough to struggle and make the arrangements for this visit. “I promise I’ll do everything I can to visit you more often, so, there’s no need to do that again.”


“Mm… that pleases me to hear, love. And I’ve found us a partner to have some threesomes, too!” said Hild as kissed Hagall’s clit, eliciting a moan from her.


“Then I guess that everything’s fine. Although… I’m not trying to control who you’re allowed to sleep with, just that there’s no need to send me a video about it.”


“No worries, Tyr. I’m not that evil to torment you in such a cruel fashion. All I ever wanted was to give me some extra attention, since you were far too busy as of late.”


“Duly noted. Actually, I think you may be right about one thing… You did make me want you even more,” said Tyr as he let go of her breasts and reached to grab her wrists, causing her back to arch as the god supported her while his thrusts became far more intense. The gentle rhythm of their previous acts was now replaced by a much faster one, while the reservation that both lovers had demonstrated was replaced by moans of sheer ecstasy. Nether tried to hide the pleasure they received from such a physical act, putting their roles and the expectations associated with them aside for a moment in order to fully enjoy themselves. And while it was harder to notice in Hild’s case, it was rather obvious for her celestial lover who forgot his calmer and more controlled mannerisms and went all out, ramming his lover from behind until she was screaming from lust.


Even Hagall who wasn’t too happy that she no longer received her boss’ attention couldn’t help but feel the arousal that emanated from the bronze skinned demon as she edged closer to her orgasm. From her privileged position, the blonde kept watching at the rather impressive show she was getting and had to admit that while she had occasionally witnessed some of Hild’s other encounters, none of them came remotely close to the sheer intensity of this type of lovemaking.


With her back arching even more, Hild finally let one final moan, as her body went over the edge and the inner muscles of her vagina contracted hard around her lover’s member as he also reached his limit and began to unleash a torrent of hot semen into her womb, although most of it ended up staining her bed sheets as the demon’s climax was followed by a powerful squirt.


For several seconds, both lovers remained in position as their bodies were slowly recovering from the ecstasy of their lovemaking, and even then, they were kind of reluctant to let go of each other.


“Oh… that was… a really good one, Tyr!”


“Yes… It’s been ages since we had so much fun to be honest with you.”


Panting, they shared a kiss and eventually lowered themselves down on the bed, with Tyr being framed by the two demons who immediately snuggled against him.


“That’s quite true! I kind of miss those days, but as you can see… trying something new could make things a bit better,” said Hild, glancing over at Hagall for a moment.


“I’ll have to agree with you on that,” said Tyr with a nod, as he also turned to the blonde and much to the latter’s surprise, he gave her a kiss.


Glancing over at Hild for a second, Hagall waited for her boss’ nod of approval before she opened her rosy lips to invite the god’s tongue into her mouth. It felt strange to end up in a situation like this all of a sudden, but then again, the idea of participating in anything that her idol did exhilarated her, and besides, this god wasn’t half bad either. At least, the whole setup was far more satisfying than some of her previous experiences and that was more than enough to motivate her to try and do her best to satisfy both her current partners.


“Hm… I see that you two are getting along nicely,” purred Hild, as she got up from the bed, attracting the others’ attention. “In that case, let me fetch us some nice wine to refresh ourselves while we take a much needed break.”


“A break? You mean… there’s more?” asked Tyr, voicing the same question that the blonde demon next to him had.


“Oh, you bet there is!” said Hild with a wink as she walked towards the door, swaying her hips seductively. “I hope you’re both prepared to stay up a bit late. After all… the night is still young.”


Glancing at each other, they knew all too well that trying to dissuade Hild was all but impossible once she made her mind about something. Instead, both the god and his unexpected second partner for the night took the opportunity to relax a bit, taking a breath from their previous activities and once the platinum haired demon was out of the room, her assistant decided to clear up something with him.


“Actually… there’s a pretty important detail about that video that, lady Hild hadn’t mentioned.”


“Really? Normally I’d ask what it’s all about, but… Do I want to know?”


“I think you do. You see, that wasn’t actually lady Hild at all,” said Hagall with grin. “We simply used someone else to film that scene in the office, although the one dancing at the first part was indeed lady Hild.”


“Funny that she failed to mention it before.”


“I think she wanted to make her point across and ensure that you’d think twice before you ignore her needs again. i bet she’s going to tell you about it once you start visiting her more often, but… in case she forgets about it, I thought it was necessary to clear this up. While it’s true that she’s not as innocent as she acts at times, lady Hild would’ve never filmed herself and send a copy of that to you. She did mention that such a thing would’ve been distasteful and as a result we had to use a substitute. Just don’t say that you’ve heard that from me.”


“Very well. After all, I wouldn’t want to cause problems by disclosing that information,” said Tyr with a sigh of relief. “Still… whoever acted her part did a pretty good job. I would’ve sworn that she was Hild herself based on how similar she looked like.”


“Of course! We wouldn’t just pick any random demon and try to make her look like lady Hild, even with the most sophisticated disguise spells,” said Hagall with a proud smile. “The substitute’s cunning resemblance was based on something that only mother nature could provide and the acting was also based on the substitute's intimate knowledge of lady Hild’s personality.”


The god’s relief was short lived though, as the blonde’s words made him start to wonder who that person would be and the more he thought about it, the less he liked what instantly popped in his mind. ‘Wait a moment!... I… I don’t like where this is heading! There’s only one person who resembles Hild nearly that much and even acts like her… D-Don’t tell me… that it was… Urd?!


Unaware of the ambiguity of her comments or even the mortified look on Tyr’s face, as she was currently resting on his chest, Hagall went on. “I must admit that this was the most bizarre thing I’ve ever done, but my experience of being next to lady Hild for so long paid off in the end. Not to mention my natural ability to create illusions that’s so powerful that even worked on the video camera we were using, that allowed me to look exactly like my lady. Most normal spells would’ve been effective only to those who observed that scene with their own eyes, while my ability worked just as good regardless. That’s why… Uh… is everything alright?”


However by the time she noticed that something was amiss, the god was already unconscious once again and to make matters worse, that was exactly the moment Hild returned with a bottle of her finest wine and paused as she saw her panicking assistant who was reaching to grab the smelling salts she had left on the nightstand.


“Alright… what did you do now?”


“Uh… I… well…It’s a funny story…”


“Then let’s hear it. After all, we’ve got all night and based on what you did, I might decide what your punishment will be.”


“Well… you see, my lady… I…”



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