The Vain Rose's Garden

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I don’t own the Ah!/Oh! my goddess series. This is not made for profit.




Humming a cheerful tone to herself, Belldandy worked hard in the kitchen to prepare not only a hearty breakfast for Keiichi, along with the rest of the temple’s resident deities, but also the food they needed for today’s event: the Queen of the Campus contest. As part of a major effort to attract new members, the Motor Club in coordination with the Photo Club organized a beauty contest of sorts, which should outdo anything the Four Wheels club had come up so far. And since the Motor Club’s members worked so hard to set up the stage, as well as take care whatever was needed for the event’s trials, Belldandy wanted to help by preparing a lunchbox for each of them. After all, she knew that eating a nice serving of home cooked food was a much greater morale boost than just buying takeout for everyone, no matter how convenient such an option was.


However, despite her upbeat humming, Belldandy also felt somewhat worried about the latest incident that took place just two days ago. Accident or not, Skuld was in an absolutely foul mood for most of the weekend and adamantly refused to hang around with them. Or rather… wished to stay away from the filthy pervert who happily covered her face in his ejaculate. Of course, Belldandy knew that this was a bit of an exaggeration on her sister’s part and much like herself, Skuld simply chose a very bad moment to show up, which… resulted in a scene out a comedy gag. But Skuld was also a proud and temperamental goddess and therefore unwilling to let Keiichi off the hook that easily.


‘I know that she’s going to open up to him, sooner or later. Skuld may be stubborn, but deep down she’s a kindhearted goddess. Once she spends some time here and observe how respectfully Keiichi treats everyone, she’s definitely going to reconsider her views of him.’


Arranging the lunch boxes in a neat stack, Belldandy took a moment to admire her handiwork before she decided to go and wake the others up. Considering that she was a bit of an early bird, it wasn’t unusual for her to be the first to get up, with Keiichi and Peorth taking another hour to do so, all while Urd was by far the last one to leave her bed.


Since this was a traditional Japanese residence and not a huge mansion, there was no space available for three people to share Keiichi’s room. As a result, his two girlfriends actually slept in their rooms, except for the times that they slept with him. Even then, they only did that every other day, since they figured out that taking turns with their boyfriend was much better than going for a daily threesome that would’ve not only deprived him of a chance to have some rest after a long day, but also turn the whole thing into a boring routine. Instead, they preferred to keep such activities for some less predictable occasions to maintain everyone’s interest, and even went as far as to spend a few nights with him without having sex at all. Or at the very least, they didn’t necessarily do that before they went to sleep, but after they woke up.


Which was exactly why Belldandy didn’t just barge into Keiichi’s room, knowing all too well that he and Urd could be in the middle of an intimate moment; as today it was her sister’s turn with him. Instead, she tiptoed towards the room and ever so carefully opened the sliding door just enough to allow her to peek inside, and then paused. As she already suspected, Keiichi and Urd were indeed in the middle of lovemaking, with her sister resting on all four, while Keiichi pounding her relentlessly from behind. In the past, such a sight would’ve caused her run away from the sheer embarrassment, but right now, Belldandy simply stepped back and closed the door to allow the couple some privacy.


As far as she was concerned there was nothing inherently wrong for lovers to engage in such activities, no matter how animalistic they may appear to an onlooker. Belldandy came to accept that the really important part wasn’t what people did with each other, but the feelings they put behind those actions. As along as they loved each other, then having sex was nothing to be ashamed of, although that still didn’t mean that she was going to stick around and peep on them. Doing such a thing without their permission was simply wrong and for the reason, Belldandy moved to close the door. Only to realize that while she was distracted by that sight, someone walked up to her and grabbed her wrist, pinning it firmly in place.


Stifling a cry of surprise, Belldandy peered over her shoulder, only to find her youngest sister taking a peek inside Keiichi’s room with an almost unreadable expression in her face. And for several excruciatingly long seconds, the two sisters remained frozen in place, with the elder simply too scared of the younger sister’s reaction to what was going on inside the room.


“Hm…” Bending over to look lower, Skuld furrowed her brows while Belldandy couldn’t help but wonder just what her little sister was so interested in, although it didn’t take her too long to find out. “I knew it! He’s butt-fucking her.”


SKULD?! Where did you pick such a… such…  language?!” screamed the stunned Belldandy who just refused to believe that her sweet sister was capable of such an… expression. Sure, she may have grown up during the last few decades, but in her eyes, Skuld was still her somewhat innocent sister… given that she was no longer a maiden. Still, that didn’t quite explain the sudden use if such a crass language, although in all honesty, Belldandy hadn’t exactly observed how Skuld behaved when she wasn’t around.


“What? You’re okay with Urd getting it up her ass, and you’ve got a problem with my language?” countered Skuld, without even caring whether their sister and her boyfriend heard them or not. “I mean… come on, Belldandy! There’s something wrong with your priorities, sister!”




“Hey, will you stop making all that noise back there?” asked Urd as she looked over her shoulder, while Keiichi let go of her with a startled yelp and tried to cover himself. “This isn’t a live show, so give us some privacy, will you?”


Sniggering a bit, Skuld stuck her tongue at her eldest sister, and even took a few steps towards her, despite Urd’s and Keiichi’s obvious state of undress. “Why? Don’t tell me that you’re embarrassed. I thought that you enjoyed showing off.”


“I do, but that’s not the same for Keiichi,” said Urd as she stood up and turned around to properly face her sister.


“Yeah, right!... As if I’d buy such a fat lie!” Crossing her arms, Skuld briefly glanced over at the poor mortal who was struggling to find his boxers amidst this whole chaos. “You’re talking about the same pervert who likes hairjobs and from what I just saw… buggery, too. Why would anyone like him feel embarrassed at all? It’s much more likely that he’s wondering how long it’s gonna take to stick it in Belldandy’s ass too!”


Fearing that Urd’’s reply would be a lightning bolt to their sister’s face, Belldandy quickly stepped between her sisters to diffuse a rather dangerous situation. While those two loved to quarrel in a playful manner, this time things were getting pretty serious and quite fast too. “Skuld! Please, don’t say things like that! I know that you’re still upset about that… incident when you arrived, but I reassure you that it was just an accident. Keiichi’s not the kind of person to…”


“To do what? Fuck every goddess that falls for his charm?” spat Skuld as she narrowed her eyes dangerously. “You made a huge fuss about me having sex with a god who had a crush on me for the longest time, and yet… you’re fine with this guy reaming our sister? Seriously?”




“Oh, give us a freaking break!” said Urd as she pushed Belldandy aside and stepped forward to confront her youngest sister. “Just because you’ve never had anal, that doesn’t necessarily turn it into a bad thing! And you know what? The more you say right now, the funnier it’s gonna be when you’ll offer the very same thing to Gullveig! Double standards much?”


Biting her lower lip to stifle a harsh reply, Skuld knew that she was fighting a losing battle here, and the best she could do was to call it quits before she ruined the bond she had with her sisters over a horny mortal. “That’s it! I’m out of here! You keep… getting it up your ass all day long! See if I care!” Turning around, Skuld marched out of the room and headed towards hers, but not before she slammed the door shut behind her, earning a glare from Urd, while Belldandy and Keiichi merely winced from the Norn’s harsh words.


“Just great… That’s what we needed right now…” Rubbing her temples, Urd was in no mood to resume her lovemaking session with Keiichi and merely summoned an outfit over her naked body. “She’s grown up alright, but she’s even worse now than back when she was a kid!”


“I’m sorry, sister. I should’ve noticed her before she…”


“Stop trying to cover for her, Belldandy,” warned Urd as she interrupted her sister. “Unless she learns how to deal with her jealousy and sorts her thoughts out, it’s only going to get worse from this point on.”


Lowering her head slightly, Belldandy found herself in an oddly familiar position, especially after she heard Skuld’s accusation. “I’m not trying to protect her, Urd. It’s just that…when I caught her and Gullveig having sex, my own reaction was almost as bad, and… It feels so hypocritical to blame her for doing the same thing right now. If I had handled things a bit better back then, maybe she would’ve also reacted in a better fashion, too.”


“I doubt it. Skuld’s not you, Belldandy, despite all her past attempts to imitate your mannerisms,” said Urd with a sigh. “She’s a bit more like me, although in all fairness, she’s borrowing elements from both of us and even that’s becoming a thing of the past. As a grown up, Skuld’s gradually stepping out of our shadows and she’s becoming a goddess of her own right. Maybe she’s a bit of a late bloomer, but I still think that it’s not necessarily a bad thing.” Pausing when she noticed that her sister was actually smiling, Urd raised an eyebrow at her. “Did I say something funny?”


“No, it’s just that… despite what she said, you’re still so fond of our little sister that you won’t get mad with her. Most other goddesses would’ve simply slapped her; but not you.” Belldandy’s smile only grew as she watched her sister’s cheeks flare up in a blush from hearing those words, before she eventually had had enough.


Whatever… I’ll be in my room. Just tell me when we have to go to the campus,” said Urd as she turned and made a beeline for her room, causing even Keiichi to chuckle a bit as it was clearly obvious that she didn’t want them to see her blushing like that.


Putting his clothes on, Keiichi was about to go and find Peorth in the room she actually shared with Belldandy. As neither of them owned many possessions that demanded a lot of space, the two goddesses agreed to bunk together, since Skuld and Gullveig’s took the room that Belldandy initially used when she first arrived at the temple. “Um… if it’s okay with you, I’ll go and check if Peorth woke up.”


“Please do so, Keiichi. I believe she was snoozing when I got up, which probably means that she’s still in our room. Also, I’ve got all the lunch boxes ready, so, we can load them onto your bike’s sidecar once you fetch her.”


With a nod Keiichi moved out of the room, leaving Belldandy behind. Yet as soon as she was alone, the brunette let out a heavy sigh, wondering just how she could make Skuld open up to Keiichi.


‘Perhaps… I should talk to her boyfriend. Maybe he could help in this kind of situation, since he’s not associated with Keiichi in any kind of way and it’s more likely she could listen to him. Hm…’




It took the blond god a few minutes to pinpoint his girlfriend across Nekomi, but in the end, Gullveig found Skuld sitting under a bridge where she tried to skip pebbles across the water. Which didn’t quite work, given the sheer force behind her tosses that actually sent them flying all the way to the opposing riverbank where they embedded in the ground, leaving a tiny plume of dirt visible even from across the river. ‘Boy, she’s pissed!


Walking up to the annoyed goddess, Gullveig plopped right next to her and picked up a few pebbles to toss, albeit in a far calmer fashion and actually managed to make a few of them to skip across. Unfortunately for him, Skuld was in no mood to appreciate his feeble attempts to grab her attention and simply, looked away from him.


“Don’t even bother. That won’t work with me.” Pulling her legs closer, Skuld rested her chin against her knees and stared in the distance, trying to ignore the silent god who kept skipping pebbles for a couple of seconds, until her curiosity got the better of her. “Aren’t you gonna say anything?”


“Like what? I didn’t come here to give you a sermon or even try to guilt trip you to go and apologize to anyone. I just heard what happened from Belldandy and I thought you needed some company. That’s all.” Ignoring the urge to look at her, Gullveig simply reached for his earth style jacket -since he and Skuld switched to local attires- and pulled out a candy bar he bought on his way here. “I know that you prefer ice cream, but I didn’t want to use a spell to keep it from melting, so, I got this instead.”


“A candy bar?” asked Skuld mostly to herself as she inspected the surprisingly… mundane offering. “You think that’s enough to make me cheer up or something?”


“No, but I doubt that buying you jewelry or some other kind of expensive gift would’ve made you feel any better. It’s mostly to help you relieve some stress by having something to munch at,” admitted Gullveig, still trying to avoid looking at his girlfriend. Mostly to hide the fear in his eyes. Skuld was a sweet goddess most of the time, yet once she got pissed off, that was a totally different matter altogether.


Despite herself, Skuld unwrapped the candy bar in a rather crude fashion and started munching on it without offering a single comment. And for several minutes, both of them remained quiet, staring at the river while wondering what to do next. Eventually, Skuld decided to give her boyfriend a break, since the guy was actually trying to help, even if he wasn’t terribly effective at it. “I don’t like it.”




“I don’t like where this is going, Gullveig. I know my sisters and even though it’s unlikely they’ll get on each other’s throats… the idea that they’re so smitten by a happy go lucky dude who just fucks around with every pretty goddess he can get his hands on… It really pisses me off,” admitted the Norn as she crushed the now empty wrapping in her hands, after she consumed the last of its contents. “Even Belldandy is fooled by his supposed charm.”


“I may be risking my neck over something that’s not really my business, but as much as I’d love to take your side to play the role of the good boyfriend, I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite. Just a couple of days ago, Belldandy must’ve thought the same thing about me when she caught us having sex. And if I want to be totally honest… I didn’t even convince you, either.”


Furrowing her brows in confusion, Skuld had to admit that she wasn’t expecting that. Even though it was more than obvious that he was going to try and defuse the situation, the fact that he thought that she too was unconvinced of his honesty did take her surprise. “What are you talking about?”


Taking a deep breath, Gullveig already regretted opening his big mouth, but it was far too late to take that back. “Look, I know that I should’ve done a lot more to get your attention, instead of just going for it on the first opportunity I’ve got. You know, take you on a date first or… something. Instead of that, all I did was ask you out, right after I burst a nut in you,” said the blonde god as his cheeks turned beet red.


“Technically speaking, you only said that you liked me. Which… was way better than something along the lines of nice pussy baby,” said Skuld as she made an attempt to imitate her boyfriend’s voice towards the end. “Sure it was corny as Hell, but… it did sound somewhat sweet. You still owe me a date though, mister!”


“Of course!” said Gullveig without any hesitation, but as soon as he noticed her tiny smile, the god made an attempt to wrap an arm around the Norn’s shoulders and pull her closer.


Surprisingly enough, Skuld not only didn’t object but also leaned against him and let out a tired sigh. “Am I really that wrong?”


“No, just a bit jealous, I think,” said Gullveig after a while, before he turned to give the brunette goddess a kiss on her cheek. “I know that you deeply care for your sisters and that’s why you’re worried about Keiichi’s intentions. Now that we’re here though, we can spend some time with him and find out whether he’s a good guy for real or just pretending to be. I mean, he seems pretty friendly, so we won’t have too much trouble to stick around him.”


“Maybe…” Unwilling to admit defeat, Skuld’s lips curled up in a wicked grin when she came up with a plan to get some payback for Gullveig’s choice to side with the ‘enemy’ instead of supporting her. “Although, be careful… At this rate, I might end up falling for his charm too.”




‘Ha, gotcha!’ Grinning widely now that she knew she had him, Skuld simply did her best imitation of Urd as she kept on teasing her poor boyfriend. “Who knows? Maybe he likes manga too! I could ask him later and see if he wants to read some with me,” said Skuld in a low purr, before she went for the killing blow. “Mm… I need to find where I stashed that black thong, just in case…”


EH?!” However before the utterly horrified god could react, the Norn turned and kissed him right on the lips. Which apparently seemed to be more than enough to cause him to pause and return the kiss, albeit in a state of utter confusion.


“You’re an idiot, but at least… you’re my idiot!” laughed Skuld as she got up and dusted herself, before patting the dazed god’s head. “And in case you didn’t realize it already, I was just joking! Now, let’s get out of here and do something productive with our time here!”


“Uh… like what?” asked Gullveig as he finally managed to snap out of it.


“For beginners, you owe me a nice serving of ice cream,” said Skuld as she licked her lips. “And then, we should go and see what the others are up to.”


“Sure thing, Skuld! I’ve already spotted a nice shop on my way here!” Taking her hand, Gullveig lead his girlfriend towards the said shop and despite his best efforts to act cool, he had the biggest grin on his face.




By the time Skuld and her boyfriend arrived at the campus, where her sisters along with Peorth and their mortal… friend headed to, news of the Motor Club’s latest scheme were spreading like wildfire. Yet for once, everyone was kind of excited, instead of running away from NIT’s most notorious club.


“Excuse me miss, but can you tell me what this fuss is all about?” asked Skuld to one of the nearby female students.


“Huh? Oh, it’s just the Motor Club’s latest scheme. They’re holding some kind of beauty contest. Although knowing them, I guess they’re desperate to get lucky with some chicks!” said the girl with a giggle, before she actually took a better look at Skuld. “Uh… have I seen you around here, before? No, wait… that would be… Peorth. Are you a relative of hers?”


“Huh? No, we’re just friends.” For a moment, Skuld found it really strange that someone thought that she was Peorth’s relative, although she soon realized that any foreign looking brunette with blue markings on her face would’ve appeared rather similar to Peorth’s description from the locals’ point of view. ‘Is she really visiting this place so often that the students already recognize her?’


Giving her a nod, the girl was about to leave when she came to a stop and made an unpleasant expression. Right across the walkway was the most popular female student in the whole campus: Sayoko Mishima. “Ugh… there she comes… the rich bitch herself.”


Following her gaze the two deities immediately noticed that crowd of admirers tailing her, and for a moment they shared a blank look, before Skuld decided to prod the girl for more information. “Um… who is she?”

“Oh sorry, I was mostly talking to myself,” said the girl in an apologetic manner. “That’s the wealthiest woman on the whole campus. And apparently, the most popular too. Now, you’ll have to excuse me, but I’d rather not stick around and watch her fanboys drone about her. My ex-boyfriend should be somewhere among them.”


Watching the girl turn around and walk away, Skuld and Gullveig at Sayoko and her group of fans that tailed her, and soon realized that she was heading in the same direction that they did.


‘Hold on. Is she actually going to take part into that contest, too?’ wondered Skuld, but the more she thought about it, the less she liked that idea. “We need to go and warn the others.”


“Huh? Why, what’s the matter?”


“It’s a contest, Gullveig! Someone as popular as her, will definitely have an advantage over the competition. I’m not going to let some spoiled brat best my sisters!” said Skuld, before she dragged her grinning boyfriend along.


‘It’s so cute when she’s trying to sound all tough, only to hide her softer side.’




Meanwhile, Keiichi along with the rest of the Motor Club’s members were feverishly working to finish the last minute touches to the stage they’ve set up for this event. Although it was a relatively low budget scheme to attract some attention to themselves -and hopefully gain a couple of new members in the process- the sheer number of attending students caught even the most optimistic among them by surprise. Which… also made them realize that they had to ensure that the gathered crowd wouldn’t turn into an angry mob. Something that happened all too frequently whenever Tamiya and Otaki got their hands on the organizing part of an event, and became the main cause for their club’s notorious reputation.


“Seriously? You’ve got a few hot girls on stage and you want them to… repair bikes?” Urd couldn’t help but to shake her head at the sheer absurdity of Tamiya’s and Otaki’s so called plan of a main event.


“Well… our club is about motor vehicles, so… a race that incorporates some repaired bikes would’ve been interesting,” said Keiichi in an attempt to explain the situation to the most vocal of the skeptics amongst them, but to no avail.


Even Peorth and Belldandy weren’t entirely convinced that this was the spectacle the crowd was expecting to see and while the Norn of the present was reluctant to voice her concerns in such a vocal fashion as her sister, the same wasn’t true about Peorth. “I think she’s right, Keiichi. If everyone thinks that this is a beauty contest or some sort of talent show, then you must deliver a show that would meet those expectations. Regardless of your reasoning, any attempts to deviate from that could end up in a disaster, to say the least.”


That actually made Keiichi pause for a moment and try to consider things from the audience’s perspective, and… the future seemed rather bleak for them, especially with so many students attending the event. “Hm… if you put it like that… But what are we supposed to do now? If we take one of the three events out of the contest, then the whole thing will be a huge disappointment.”


“In that case, how about we substitute that race with another event?” suggested Belldandy, only to notice Keiichi’s unhappy frown.


“We already have a bikini contest and a karaoke competition, so… we need something really different. Actually, that’s why we came up with the whole idea for the race, but in the end… I can see why it might not work,” admitted Keiichi with a sigh. “The only problem is that we just don’t have the time to set up anything too elaborate, since we’re about to start in a couple of minutes.”


The three goddesses shared a look as each of them began to consider different alternatives, and although they did have some ideas, the real problem was the almost impossible time restriction they had. And if that wasn’t bad enough, they also had to make sure that it would’ve been somewhat exciting to keep the crowd entertained as well. Which appeared to be quite the tall order, until Peorth came up with a plan. “How about a wet T-shirt contest?”


“Huh?” Most of the male members of the Motor Club simply stared at the rose goddess in wonder, although the same couldn’t be said about the two Norns.


A… what?” asked the stunned Belldandy, who vaguely remembered hearing something about an event like that from Urd. As such, she was acutely aware of what was likely to take place and the idea of exposing her breasts to an audience, even through the wet fabric of a T-shirt was a bit too far for Belldandy to feel comfortable about.


“Oh, come on, Bell! It’s not that big of a deal!” insisted Urd as she pat her sister on her shoulder. “To begin with, it’s not that visible from a great distance, so, it’s unlikely that anyone would get more that a tiny glimpse of anything too… naughty. Besides, if you’re so worried, you can always use your hair to accidentally cover the most important of parts.”


Although far from enthusiastic about the whole idea, Belldandy knew that this was indeed a cheap method to provide a titillating show, that might as well turn an otherwise mediocre contest to a huge success. “Very well…”


Hold on a freaking moment!


The youngest Norn’s unexpected interruption caused the whole group to turn and spot her standing next to the clubhouse, with her worried boyfriend not far from the fuming goddess. Skuld had obviously overheard their plans as she approached them and to say that she was far from pleased would’ve been the understatement of the century. “You want to turn this whole sham of advertising campaign into a strip show?”


“We’re not taking our clothes off, so, it doesn’t count as a strip show, Skuld…” said Urd with a roll of her eyes.


“What kind of a sorry excuse is that?” shot Skuld back at her eldest sister, before she moved to grab Belldandy’s hand. “That’s it! We’re leaving!”


Yet much to her shock, the middle Norn simply refused to budge. “Actually, I’m still participating in the event, Skuld.”


Staring at her sister as if she grew a second head, Skuld tried to pick up her jaw and shut her gaping mouth, before the ended up swallowing any insects. “You’re... what?! Tell me that I’ve just misunderstood something here!”


“Um… no?” said Belldandy with a tiny frown.


However, before the stunned Skuld could recover from the shock, Urd decided to make matters worse, by… being helpful. “Hey, why don’t you take part too? It’s gonna be awesome to have all three of us participate in this event!”


“No way! I’m not going to show my boobs in front of an audience, and that’s final!” shouted Skuld and then marched off, with Gullveig running after her, to make sure that she won’t end up blowing the whole campus sky high.


“Maybe she’s right, girls,” said Keiichi who also started to worry about the whole thing. “It might be a bit too much, and…”


“Nah! Skuld’s just a bit too shy, that’s all!” said Urd dismissively. “That, and she loves to argue with me. Don’t worry too much and let’s get the show on the road!”


“If you say so.” Letting out a sigh, Keiichi was fully aware that this was yet another reason for Skuld to consider him as a bad influence for her sisters.


‘As if she doesn’t already have more than enough things to blame me for. I think that I must do something to try and change her mind. I don’t like to have Skuld and her sisters end up arguing about me. Hm…’




“Thank y'all fur coming to our event!”


Yelling loud enough at the mike to make the audience cringe, Tamiya did his best to start the Queen of the Campus contest in the most spectacular of manners. Even though most of the bystanders had very a different opinion about his performance.


“Aw… come on! Not Tamiya again! Why can’t we have Peorth as the announcer, instead?” came a voice from the crowd, with several students nodding their heads in agreement to what seemed as a sound suggestion.


Whut did youz say, you buzztard?” shouted Tamiya as he shook his hand in the air. “Wanna get ma fist in da face?


“Whoa, gimme that!” said Keiichi, while several amongst the crowd shook their heads. Getting hold of the mike, as Otaki dragged his growling friend -who still made some rather obscene gestures towards a few of his critics- to the backstage. Clearing his throat, Keiichi found himself in the rather uncomfortable position of becoming the announcer, but tried to do his best before the crowd started to throw all sorts of stuff at them. “Please excuse us for the technical difficulties. Now, I’d like to thank everyone for attending the first ever Queen of the Campus contest! But instead of boring you with details, how about you take a good look at the contestants?”


There was a collective cheer from the crowd as one by one, the dozen or so women stepped onto the stage, all clad in swimsuits of their own choice. Since the contest allowed for any ‘serious babe type’ to participate in the contest, regardless of whether they were NIT students or not, no one was surprised to find two outsiders amongst the contestants. However, with  the vast majority of the students being familiar with Peorth and Urd, it was Belldandy who immediately caught everyone’s attention, since they’ve never seen her around the campus before.


Sporting a simple white two piece bikini, the middle Norn stood between her sister who was clad in her favorite golden bikini, and Peorth… who merely wore her regular clothes, sans the belts around her, of course. It was kind of strange for the otherwise reserved brunette to stand in front of a cheering crowd who clearly appreciated her looks more than anything else, but at the same time, it was also exciting to try something new, and as such she did her best to wave back at the crowd.


Amongst the numerous cheering students was one very curious and even dumbfounded Yoshida Eita, who like many others, watched this newcomer with great interest. ‘I can’t see it… Does it mean that… she’s actually a woman? Did I get it wrong?’ After the extremely embarrassing encounter with Belldandy a couple of days ago, Yoshida was quite reluctant to get anywhere near her, or the other two attractive foreigners that lived with Morisato. Speculating that perhaps all of them weren’t exactly… well... women, Yoshida thought that he had discovered the mystery behind Morisato’s sudden popularity: they just hang around him, because they had a secret they didn’t want others to find out.


Yet, Yoshida had no concrete evidence to prove his theory and therefore this whole contest was his golden opportunity to do so. Considering that the contestants had to wear swimsuits in front of everyone, it was more than obvious that if something was off with the trio’s appearance, then Yoshida would know that he was right. However… no matter how hard he stared at each of them, Yoshida couldn’t spot anything out of place. ‘Oh man!… Now I feel so stupid! And I had such a good chance with her too!...’


Meanwhile, the one amongst the contestants who got Keiichi’s attention was none other than the most popular student in NIT. While he could see why someone like Sayoko would like to use any opportunity to reaffirm her monopoly over everyone’s attention, the dark haired student still found it a bit strange that she actually went as far as to participate in such a competition for the sake of making herself even more popular that she already was. ‘Seriously… why does she even bother? Doesn’t she already has a whole army of admirers?’


Clearing his throat, after offering the crowd enough time to enjoy the view they were getting, Keiichi decided that it was about time to move on with the event. “Now, let’s welcome the first contestant! Peorth!”


“Thank you everyone!” With a smile, the rose goddess stepped forward and posed for the adoring crowd, totally unaware that this event had also drawn the attention of Motor Club’s number one enemy.




‘Hm… this is quite interesting…’


Watched the show through his binoculars from a decent distance away, Toshiyuki Aoshima was seriously intrigued by the ability of those troublemakers to attract such a crowd. Although it was hard to exactly count just how many students were attending this event, it appeared that for whatever reason the once unpopular Motor Club had managed to achieve the impossible. They were now competing with his Four Wheels club on almost equal terms, which in reality had nothing to do with those idiots, and a lot more with the exotic looking beauties that surrounded Morisato.


‘First this Peorth shows up out of nowhere and according to rumors begins to live with him, and then Urd shows up. Two women with bodies way better than most models, are… willingly living with a totally boring petrolhead? Why?’ Putting his binoculars down as the latest addition to the group shyly stepped forward, Aoshima couldn’t help but scratch his head in utter confusion. ‘So, the new girl is called Belldandy, and she also happens to be a totally hot babe too. Why am I not surprised?’


Every attempts to gather intel about them turned out to be a wild goose chase, since there was virtually little to no information about any of them. Even looking in Peorth’s registration form at NIT revealed nothing that he could further investigate. Aside from being listed as a transfer student, there was so little written there, that Aoshima couldn’t help but wonder just how she was even accepted here.


Still, his biggest problem was with the fact that he couldn’t explain why a dork to the likes of Morisato attracted the attention of all those women. Even someone as popular and charismatic like Aoshima himself had to bribe women with gifts in order to get into their panties, and though he accepted that as a fact of life, here there was a living example of the exact opposite.


‘There’s no way I’m going to allow him to show off like this. I have to approach one of them and try to find out more about their dealings with Morisato. Mm… and probably try them for myself too. They’re all… quite exquisite.’




Considering that the first round of the competition wasn’t anything far too elaborate, and more of an opportunity for the bikini clad contestants to present themselves to the crowd, it didn’t take too long for the results to be announced.


And while everyone prepared for the next part, one utterly stunned woman stared at the hastily put together chart with the leading girls… and just couldn’t believe what she saw.


‘How… how could this happen? There’s no way… I’m not… on top of list...’


Yet, no matter how many times she checked the chart, the results remained the same. Sayoko Mishima, the most popular student in the campus ranked… fourth. Considering the revealing golden bikini that made Urd’s already enticing proportions even more noticeable, it was no wonder that she won the first place, followed by what appeared to be a close tie between Peorth and Belldandy. For just one point, Peorth managed to get the second position, perhaps due to the fact that she’s already been around the campus for a while, unlike Belldandy who was a newcomer. Although, none of that mattered to Sayoko who realized that despite her own popularity, she ended up one position below a totally unknown woman like Belldandy. All the praises she received, the gifts, the date proposals… all felt so meaningless now.


Her adoring fans proved to be as nothing more than a bunch of traitors who only cared for her money, since there was no other explanation for this travesty. She should’ve been on top of that list, and yet three skanks with bodies better than hers managed to captivate the audience to the point where they bought their votes.


‘Alright… you got my attention. But don’t you think that I’m giving up. The next part is karaoke, and let’s see how well you can sing.’




Go get them, big sister!


The almost contagious enthusiasm of his girlfriend made Gullveig seriously skeptical about her claims that she hated every second of watching this vile contest. As far as he or anyone else could tell, Skuld was actually having a blast and didn’t shy from openly supporting Belldandy whenever she could.


“Hey, what’s so funny?” Noticing her boyfriend’s smile, Skuld went on the defensive when she realized that he caught her red handed.


You, actually. I’m happy that you’re no longer so angry with your sisters.”


“I was never angry with them,” said Skuld as she looked away. “It’s Keiichi and his stupid plan that really pissed me off. And I still don’t like it, by the way! But, as long as it’s about something Belldandy really loves -like singing for example- then I’ve got no problems about it.”


“Now that you mention it... she’s actually quite famous back home. Although this is the first time she’s directly competing with another goddess on stage.” As innocent as Gullveig’s comment was, the blond god came to regret it as soon as he uttered those words. Especially when he saw the initially unreadable expression on Skuld’s face, that… turned into a concerned one. ‘Uh oh… I may have done a goof…’


Indeed, Skuld was seriously worried about the prospect of her sister losing the first position during this phase, only thanks to the audience’s perverted nature. “This is no good! Those freaking pervs will simply vote their favorite based on their looks alone!”


“Hey, that’s not necessarily true! Besides, I think that Belldandy is attractive enough to appease even the average per-”


Grabbing her boyfriend by the front of his T-shirt, Skuld gave him such a withering look that forced him to reconsider his choice words, before he made a bad situation even worse.


Person! I wanted to say person!


“Smart move.” Letting Gullveig go, Skuld took a moment to regain her composure and watched her sister wave at the cheering crowd after she finished with her song. “Hm… perhaps you’re right. Let’s see what happens.”




Luckily for everyone involved, the second round’s results met the youngest Norn’s expectations, and more specifically, it was Belldandy who won the first place, with Peorth and Urd taking the second and third place respectively.


Yet for Sayoko Mishima, what started like a bad dream had now evolved into a nightmare. Once again she was fourth, and at this point, it was pretty obvious that her chances to make a comeback were slim to none. There was simply no way to recover from this, and the worst part was that there was one remaining round before this stupid contest was over. Of course, she could call it quits and leave at any given point, yet she knew that her reputation would’ve ruined if she did that. It was already bad enough that she found herself in this predicament, and the last thing she needed was to ‘ragequit’ in front of everyone. Unfortunately for her, she had also missed to read the full description of what the event was all about.


What did you just say? Wet T-shirt contest?


“It’s a joke, alright,” muttered Skuld under her breath, as she watched the unfolding drama from a safe distance while Keiichi struggled to explain the situation to the enraged brunette.


“B-But… we did mention it in the short briefing we gave you and the rest of the girls!” In his defense, Keiichi wasn’t entirely sure about this to begin with, so, he couldn’t exactly blame Sayoko for overreacting about it.


“Oh, really? I do remember something about a T-shirt contest, but no one said that we were going pour water on ourselves in front of an audience!” Standing right in front of Keiichi, the furious Sayoko poked his chest with a finger before she decided to use the big guns to resolve this matter. “You know, I should report this contest to the faculty and see what they’re going to say  about it; and your club, while we’re at it.”


“Hey, hold on a second here!” Getting between Sayoko and Keiichi, Urd decided to stop this woman before she actually did any serious damage to her boyfriend’s club. “You’re expecting me to buy this pathetic excuse? It’s so obvious that you're only complaining because you’re such a sore loser, and want to stir up a drama to cancel the whole thing! Now grow up and accept that you’ve lost, or beat it; bitch!”


It took her a moment for to register the word used to describe her, as Sayoko was clearly unaccustomed to receive anything aside from praise. “Wait! What did you just call me?!”


“A bitch,” repeated Urd adding more emphasis to the word, and grinned when she felt her opponent’s ire. “Which is exactly what you are from what I’ve heard. A snobbish, rich bitch.”


“You’re one to speak, you shameless harlot! Or do you think that I haven’t noticed your oh so transparent interest in Morisato?” laughed Sayoko, much to Urd’s confusion. “Right in front of his girlfriend, who’s supposed to be your friend, from I’ve heard. What do you have to say about that? You slut!


“As slutty as my sister may be, she never stole anyone’s boyfriend. Or enjoys the attention she gets from everyone else’s ex boyfriends as they shower her with gifts and flowers. That, in my eyes makes her a much better woman, at least compared to an attention whore like you.” Almost shocking everyone when she spoke, Skuld’s vehement glare caused the rich woman to stop dead in her tracks when it became apparent that verbal abuse wasn’t the only thing this brunette was capable of. Unlike Urd who had a much more relaxed stance, Skuld looked like she was about to punch her in the face, should Sayoko keep up with her insults; and the latter had no intention to get into a brawl, especially over a stupid contest.


“That’s it! I’m done with you! All of you!” shouted the furious Sayoko, thinking that it was about time to leave. Not only this contest turned out to be a major disaster for her, but at no point in her life she was insulted in such a fashion. “Have fun acting like a bunch of trashy sluts! This place isn’t meant for ladies, and it was my mistake to consider you as such to begin with!”


While both Skuld and Urd openly glared at the departing woman, the rest of them became increasingly worried about the consequences of this fallout. Especially Peorth who tried to keep her cool and wonder what to do in a situation like this.


“I don’t like this. If she goes and tells the faculty about our plans for the contest’s third round… we might as well disband the Motor Club by ourselves and spare them the trouble,” said the rose goddess as she gave Keiichi a stern look. “We really need a backup plan.”


“Yeah… but isn’t it too late now? Even if we save ourselves from her, the crowd…” Eying towards the vast number of eagerly awaiting students, Keiichi could already feel it. The angry mob was about to be unleashed upon them. “We’re doomed!”


“Not necessarily,” said Belldandy, causing everyone to turn to her. “I think that despite the rest of Miss Mishima’s misconceptions, she was actually correct about one thing. We only advertised the last round of this event as a T-shirt competition. There’s no explicit mention of water anywhere, so… why not going for a different thing? No one’s going to realize the difference!”


“But, Bell… What is a T-shirt contest? I mean… what are we supposed to do?” asked Urd as she was utterly clueless as to how this was going to put them out of their predicament.


“Oh, that’s really simple! Each of us will print a design on their T-shirt with that machine the Photo Club has, and then let the audience decide who’s got the best design of them all!”


Despite her beaming smile, Belldandy’s idea found the others a bit unconvinced, but at the same time, they knew that going with the original plan could get them into serious trouble. So, one by one they decided that this was the most prudent way to solve this matter with the minimal amount of risk involved.


“Alright, I suppose I’ll have to tell everyone that there’s a longer intermission and see if I can convince the Photo Club to help us with this,” said Keiichi with a sigh, and then walked back to the stage to make the announcement.


Meanwhile, Skuld was delighted by this change of plans as it meant that her big sister wasn’t going to bare her breasts in front of an audience. And as far as Skuld was concerned, everything was right in the world. Until… she felt a hand on her shoulder and turned around, to find Urd standing next to her. “Huh? What’s wrong now?”


“Nothing, I… I wanted to say thanks.”


“What for?” asked the baffled Skuld as she raised an eyebrow at her sister. “Your idea didn’t work after all…”


“Who cares about that! No, I meant back when that rich bitch said all that stuff, you stood up for me,” said Urd in a softer tone than her typical one. “I thought that you were angry with me.”


“I was and probably still am, but… who cares? No matter how much we argue, at the end of the day we’re sisters and even if we slap each other silly, that fact remains. So, I did what you would’ve done in my place if someone just started to call me names,” said Skuld as she relaxed a bit and returned her sister’s smile with one of her own. Before she stopped and frowned. “Actually... I take that back. You would’ve done way worse if you were in my position.”


Offering her sister a small hug, Urd was pleased to find that Skuld returned the gesture, before she let her go and headed towards the direction Keiichi want. “Alright, I think it’s about time I go and see what we can use for the next and final round of this contest.”


“Heh… try not to lose too badly to Bell this time,” teased Skuld as she watched her eldest sister stick her tongue at her and then walk away.


“Oh, I’ve got an ace up my sleeve this time!”




“Alright, everyone! Sorry for the long delay, but we were experiencing some technical difficulties. However, thanks to the Photo Club, we’re back with the last part of our contest!”


Keiichi’s announcement was more than enough to grab the audience’s attention, and while a few of them had already left, the majority of the students remained. Apparently, some were still interested to find who the winner was going to be, while others were intrigued by the rumors of Sayoko’s sudden departure and whatever drama took place that lead to it. Of course, there were a few who couldn’t help but notice that there was something strange going on here, as the whole idea of comparing T-shirt… designs wasn’t as exciting as the other contests.


However, with no obviously negative reaction, Keiichi and the rest of the Motor Club members could breathe out a collective sigh of relief. By the looks of it, everything was under control and while the show was definitely not going to be nearly as exciting as Peorth and Urd had originally envisioned, the prospect of facing an angry mob


“Now, without further delays, let’s start with the first contestant! The lovely Peorth and her floral pattern T-shirt!”






Soft moans echoed across the sizable and lavishly decorated office of the demonic CEO as the giant flatscreen TV mounted on the wall opposite of the building’s glass facade displayed a live feed of what was taking place in the mortal realm, along with flashbacks of the most exciting part of the contest, when the goddesses were still clad in their revealing bikinis.


Sitting on the comfortable leather couch in front of her TV, Hild was genuinely enjoying the show that unfolded before her eyes, although for the demon next to her, the only thing he truly register were the ministrations of his leader’s skilled hand as it caressed his throbbing phallus.


When Vornir was summoned to his boss’ office, a tight knot formed on his stomach, as he dreaded the moment of what he thought as his downfall. Not only his poorly planned scheme to mess around with Hild’s long term lover failed miserably, but in the end, he may have inadvertently helped Tyr’s marriage. Which… of course was far from from his originally intended purpose. Worse, even Vornir himself had no idea what the aforementioned purpose really was, since in all seriousness it was more or less a spontaneous reaction to Hild’s dismissal of his attempt to gain her favor. So, when she specifically called him to come to her office, Vornir was more or less expecting a demotion.


Much to his confusion, Hild merely asked him to watch some beauty contest of sorts, and while he realized that it mostly had to do with the fact that her daughter was participating, Vornir still had no idea why his presence was even necessary. But the most suspicious things of all was her openly flirty attitude towards him that totally caught Vornir off guard, since she always preferred to keep a distance from him as well as some of her other ‘acquaintances’ outside of her bedchambers.


Instead, Hild almost sat right next to him, or even… against him and openly encouraged physical contact that quickly escalated from fleeting touches to full blown caressing. And once she had his full attention both figuratively and physically speaking, Hild went for the kill, which in this case was a masterfully executed handjob that threatened to overwhelm Vornir’s senses. He was desperate to caress her long thighs or even cup those full breasts that were barely contained by her trademark skintight regal dress, however, without the explicit permission of his lady, any attempts to have his way with her would’ve been utterly foolish if not downright suicidal. And considering that recent fiasco with the photos he sent to Tyr, the demon had no desire to push his luck any further, leaving him no other option but to endure Hild’s ministrations.


“So… which one do you think is going to win this little contest?” Breaking the silence, Hild purred in her subordinate’s ear, although it actually took him to actually process what she said, given that her hand kept stroking his throbbing member.


Despite being a simple question, Vornir knew that the answer was anything but that. Picking Urd sounded like the obvious choice, but after seeing her in such a revealing bikini, Hild could take it as a sign that he lusted for her daughter. Still… not picking her was equally insulting, as it was an admission that one of the two other goddesses was better than Urd. So, in the end the demon tried to come up with the best way to get himself out of this pinch the best way he could. “Um… I must admit that I wasn’t paying too much attention to the previous parts of the event, my lady. Not with your captivating presence so close to me.”


“My, what a nice compliment!” said Hild with a seemingly sweet expression that lasted for about a second or two, before she stared at her subordinate with a much more sarcastic one. “Or… is that what you expected me to say? Seriously, that’s worse than admitting that you’d like a piece of my daughter’s ass, Vornir. For a demon of your position and status… you’re definitely not making me proud right now.”


“In my defense, it’s highly unlikely that anyone would prefer watching a show over… being this close you you, my lady,” said Vornir between soft moans, as he felt her fingers around him tighten a bit.


“That’s not what I meant and neither it is what you’re thinking right now,” said Hild in a voice hardly louder than a whisper as she leaned closer to his ear. “Why lie to me when I already know that you desire me? A demon of your status should display a bit more… assertiveness, don’t you think? I’ve been stroking you for a while, and yet you haven’t laid a finger on me. One might think that given my willingness to please, I’d also wish to receive pleasure, as well. Or… am I assuming too much from you?”


Her words were steeped with sarcasm and even then, she sounded so desirable that Vornir struggled to contain himself from doing exactly what she hinted and start touching her. Still, he hadn’t completely forgotten about his own blunder with those photos and that made him wonder if the whole thing was merely a setup to get him in a worse predicament than he already was. “No, I must admit that your assumptions about my desires are absolutely correct. Yet, I cannot help but wonder why you’re doing this instead of… well…”


“Punish you for that foolish scheme?” finished Hild for her subordinate as she stopped and took her hand off of his manhood and watched him with an amused expression that reminded the demon of a predator who played with her food. “Yes, I could definitely do that, but then again, it’s somewhat counterproductive to punish those who show a certain level of initiative. Especially those whose primary motivation is their desire make me theirs. Not that I’ll ever belong to anyone, but knowing it makes me feel really hot.”


Vornir swallowed hard as he breathlessly watched Hild run her tongue suggestively along the very fingers she used to stroke his throbbing member mere moments ago. And while he knew that this was a bit too good to be true, the demon just couldn’t resist the silver haired beauty’s allure anymore. Reaching towards her with a slightly shaking hand, Vornir cupped one of her full breasts and gave it a nice squeeze, savoring the rich feeling of her soft yet firm bosom. “I’ll be more than happy to take whatever you’re offering, rather than wish for everything and simply end up empty handed.”


“Mm…, I like that,” said Hild with a soft moan, although it was hard for her subordinate to figure out whether she referred to himself or merely his ministrations. The one thing that was fairly safe to assume though, was that he had somehow managed to avoid what should’ve been certain punishment. Or so she wished to let him think as she allowed her overjoyed subordinate to enjoy the moment, until she decided that it was about time to tell him why he was actually summoned. “Say… wouldn’t it nice if you got to do that a lot more… often?”


“O-Of course!” came the almost shocked reply, even though Vornir started to suspect that something was probably up already.


“Then how about a little challenge?” said Hild with a low purr, while tugging the sides of her favorite dress enough to expose her breasts for her subordinate to fondle. “I’m considering the option of having an official spouse, at least as far as everyone here in Hell is concerned. So, I’ve compiled a list of all the demons and demonesses I favor and deem worthy of such an honor, and I must admit that your little scheme earned you the first place in that list.”


“Really? I-I’d love to, lady Hild!” said the utterly stunned Vornir, as he could hardly believe his ears. It was definitely no secret that the leader of Hell occasionally slept with some of her subordinates, or even the rare mortal, but… at no point of time did she ever consider the possibility of marrying one of them. The only man she truly wished to marry was the very same she had to officially dump in order to avoid the public outcry of becoming the wife of their enemy’s leader. Although no one was against the idea of allowing Hild to influence Tyr’s decisions behind the scenes, the opposite was also a possibility, and something that few demons were comfortable with. Namely, the ones who wished to find an excuse to take Hild’s position.


However, no matter how ambitious he was, Vornir never thought that he was powerful or influential enough to even consider himself as one to succeed her as the CEO of Hell. Instead, he was more than happy to play the role of the loyal subject, at least as long as Hild returned the favor and rewarded him for his dedication and hard work. And there was simply no better reward than becoming her official spouse, even if if turned out to be a mere technicality. Of course, love had nothing to do with his true motivations and although it was undeniable that he clearly captivated by Hild’s sex appeal, Vornir was far from bothered by the idea of sharing her with as many partners as she wished. The truly important part was to gain an edge over them, and the biggest benefit of being her husband was the potential of having children with her, which would significantly boost his social status to nearly match that of the CEO’s deputy; Hagall.


Watching the almost silly grin on her subordinate’s face, Hild was more than pleased to know that he had totally fallen for what should’ve been an obvious trap, yet he was far too distracted by his silly fantasies to even notice it. And with a grin of her own -albeit a far more malicious one- Hild got up from the sofa, and properly covered her breasts, much to Vornir’s confusion and disappointment. “In that case, I’ve got the best opportunity for you to prove yourself. My daughter is involved with a mortal who already has a contract with a different goddess. A pretty profitable one, mind tell you. What I want you to do is get rid of that pesky contract and if possible prove that the happy go lucky boy that’s screwing Urd is nothing more than a con man. If you succeed, your reward will be most generous.”


Her tone maintained some of her typical playfulness, yet for Vornir it was painfully obvious that his boss was absolutely serious this time. Rushing to make himself presentable once more, the demon did his best to ignore his blue balls for the sake of… losing them, should he missed the implied order to get moving, and merely offered Hild a deep bow. “Understood, my lady. I’ll go ahead and get rid of the boy in the fastest and most efficient way possible.”


Turning to face her subordinate, Hild’s gaze were so terrifying that made it hard even for someone familiar with her to resist the urge to shiver. “Let me reiterate. You’re to prove that my girl’s boyfriend is a con man and nothing beyond that. If you hurt him in any shape or form, then losing this challenge will be the least of your concerns. Oh, and you’re not the only one in the list, dear Vornir. So, keep in mind that I although I gave you a head start… I do eventually expect results”


“B-But!... my lady?!” protested the demon as his little daydreams of glory and personal gain began to turn into what appeared to be a nightmare. “That pretty much restricts my options quite significantly!”


“What else did you expect? That I’d offer my hand in marriage to a lowly moron who only uses brute force to resolve everything? Me? The CEO of Hell herself?” The sarcasm in the demoness’ voice was so thick that it was impossible her otherwise horrified servant to cringe as he reached a terrible conclusion. That this was more or less his punishment for his earlier transgression. And by the looks of it, Hild wasn’t going to do him any favors and let him off the hook all that easily either. “That’s right, Vornir. If you want a chance to become my husband, you need to be way smarter and far more capable at handling difficult situations than anyone else in this realm. Otherwise, why should I even bother look for a partner to begin with? I have no time for an idiot who’s more likely a liability than an asset to me. And if you dare to ignore my warning, there won’t be any second chances this time; only the shame of becoming everyone’s joke. Am I perfectly clear?”


He knew that he was more or less screwed, but in the end all he could do was offer a nod and wish for the best. “Y-Yes, lady Hild.” Still, a tiny part of his mind wanted to find a way to not only get out of this pinch, but also reap the promised reward. This was once in a lifetime opportunity, even for an immortal, and Vornir was already considering his options as soon as he left Hild’s office.


Wiping her hand clean with a wet tissue, Hild looked towards a corner of her office, and without even uttering a word, a mini version of Hagall poked her head out of the drawer she’s been hiding into during the entire exchange. “Well… as you probably heard, your concerns were largely unfounded. He pretty much fell for it.”


Regaining her original size, Hagall approached her boss, yet her expression was still troubled despite Hild’s previous claims. “I’m still rather unconvinced, my lady. I find this to be too much a gamble for what little benefits it’s going to offer us. If an opportunistic demon like Vornir becomes your spouse, I fear that the PR damage he’s going to cause both inside and outside of our realm will put us in a very difficult position.”


“You’re quite correct in your assumptions, although I’m not foolish enough to take such a huge risk. There’s so much one can leave to chance and I’m a bit more cautious than most give me credit for,” said Hild as she tossed the tissue to her garbage bin and smiled at her curious deputy. “Let me put it this way… I’m not obligated to do anything if he breaks the rules of my challenge. And if we know something about Vornir’s modus operandi, that’s that he never does any of the hard work by himself. He always puts others to do his dirty job, but in this case, I’ve explicitly mentioned that I want him to prove his worth to me. Therefore, assigning someone else to what should’ve been his task, is what I’d call a deal breaker.”


“Oh! That’s… quite devious my lady!” said Hagall with a grin, yet there was some hesitation in her voice. “However, what’s going to happen if he tries to handle this personally?”


“Nothing at all,” said Hild with a snort. “You need to remember that a demon like Vornir will never manage to prove that Keiichi’s a con man. Not just because he’s not resourceful enough, but also due to the simple fact that my aspiring son in law isn’t anything like that to begin with. The main point though is that we need a scapegoat to blame for his… inevitable failure at ruining Peorth’s contract, and Vornir fits the bill perfectly.”


“That’s quite nice, my lady. Although pardon me the skepticism, but is that… Keiichi character really worthy of such trust? I’ve checked his file and he’s nothing all that special,” said Hagall with a casual shrug.


“Appearances can be deceiving, my young apprentice,” said Hild as she licked her lips. “He’s definitely worthy of my…. attention.” Shaking her head before her baffled assistant started to ask too many questions, Hild decided to change the subject. “Now enough of that. I’ve got a job for you, Hagall and this will need you to take a little trip.”


That caught the blonde demoness’ attention, and inevitably curiosity got the better of her. “Oh? What is it my lady?”


“Actually… it’s a surprise.”






“Thank you! Thank you very much!”


Waving at the cheering crowd, the winner of the first Queen of the Campus was overjoyed by what appeared to be a miraculous result, especially as the last and decisive round worked to her favor. Belldandy’s choice of a T-shirt design may had been the silliest of them all, but the simplistic chibi cat she had apparently won the hearts of the crowd.


Sure, Peorth’s rose inspired pattern was lovely and enough to secure her the second position on this round, but it wasn’t special enough to win the first place. And for that matter, neither was Urd’s, who simply tried to cheat, but failed to impress anyone, earning herself the third place. “You know, Urd... that was kind of cheap. I mean… come on! Printing a photo of your boobs onto the T-shirt?”


“Hey, I thought it was a neat idea!” muttered the bronze skinned goddess as she folded her arms. “But in the end, we were both beaten by Belldandy’s… pussy.”


Blinking hard for a moment, Peorth eventually started laughing, with Urd joining in as they tried not to take the whole contest far too seriously. After all, the whole point was for the Motor Club to gain some good publicity and by the looks of it, they probably accomplished  that goal. Even if in reality it was a very close call.


“You know, Peorth… I don’t think that rich bitch is going to back off now,” said Urd as she regained her composure.


“I’m afraid you’re right.” Peorth’s eyes narrowed as she recalled Sayoko’s attempt to ‘expose them’ by bringing one of the university's processors on site to take a look at what she claimed as a blatant display of exhibitionism. Only to see Belldandy’s surprisingly cute and innocent choice of a decoration for her T-shirt. “As if that whole argument wasn’t already bad enough, Sayoko also made a fool of herself in front of one of the professors. That’s not something she’s going to forgive so easily.”


Nodding once, Urd made a mental note to keep an eye out for Sayoko in the near future. But the time being, she had something very different to discuss with her. “Say, Peorth? I was wondering… Should we offer Bell a fitting prize for her victory?”


“Uh… I don’t know. Perhaps we should buy something for her on the way home,” said the rose goddess as she scratched her chin, only to notice her fellow administrator shake her head.


“Actually… I’ve got something very different in mind.”


Just the Norn’s tone was more than enough to grab Peorth’s attention and as a result, her curiosity got the better of her. “Alright, what do you have in mind?”






For the second time within the last couple of days, Lind found herself tailing after a high ranking demoness. And even though this wasn’t the same one who caused that embarrassing incident back in that hot spring, Lind was adamant to not lower her guard down again. Keeping a certain distance from her blonde guest was the best recommended course of action, although… the demoness had other ideas.


“Are there any good bars in this place? I cannot help but wish to have a drink after that meeting,” said Hagall, as she looked over her shoulder at her skeptical escort.


“There are a few I could recommend, but the main question is why?” Keeping her voice low and level, Lind tried to hide her suspicion from becoming far too evident. “I’m under the impression that with the meeting officially over, you no longer have to stay here.”


“You’re quite correct, actually,” said Hagall, while deliberately slowing down enough for Lind to catch up to her. “However, I came to realize that during most of my visits here, I rarely do anything other than attend those business meetings. I do have a 48 hour permission to stay in Heavens, and for once I’m interested in using it to its fullest. I know that you’re not a tour guide, but-”


‘But you ask anyway,’ thought Lind with a slight shake of her head. Yet acting in a cold and hostile manner towards someone who actually tried to be polite towards her fitting for a goddess, even if she was a battle hardened Valkyrie. “There are a few bars worth mentioning, but I’m afraid that you’re quite correct about one thing. I’m not a tour guide, so, you’re probably asking the wrong goddess.”


“No, that’s quite alright. As long as it’s not a… respectable establishment, I don’t mind trying something less fancy,” reassured the blonde demoness.


“In that case, there’s a bar not too far from here. It’s not the most exquisite place in Heavens, but the booze they serve is quite good.” Pointing in the direction of the said establishment, Lind watched the demoness consider her suggestion before bobbing her head in agreement.


“I like the sound of that, actually.”


“Very well. Follow me, then.”




‘Ugh… my head is killing me…’


Struggling to open her eyes, Hagall had to admit that perhaps agreeing to take part in Hild’s little scheme, may had been a terrible mistake after all. When the demon CEO asked her to find a way to approach one of the most dangerous goddesses of her generation, Hagall had to admit that it was an unreasonably dangerous proposition. However, given that she was kind of involved with Belldandy and the latter apparently harbored feelings for the deceptively popular college student she was now living with, Hild knew that this would inevitably become an issue.


Goddesses weren’t above petty feelings like jealousy, and with one as potentially violent as Lind, she wanted to take no risks. As such, it was Hagall’s job to approach the Valkyrie and gather some intel about her personal affairs, and more specifically her stance towards Belldandy’s infatuation with Keiichi. Sure, it was probably a bit early for Lind to take any kind of action against the aforementioned mortal, but with a Valkyrie, it wouldn’t take long for her to sort the situation out in the most efficient and probably brutal fashion. And given that humans weren’t all that resilient to begin with, some extra precaution was needed.


Unfortunately, another fact about the members of the Fighting Wings was that they were all too familiar with demonic trickery and finding a way to get those much needed answers from her was going to be a major undertaking. Hagall however hoped that she could probably use a very casual and relaxed approach to the whole subject and if she gave Lind the impression that she was friendly enough, the Valkyrie might spill the beans after a few rounds of drinks.


Which was exactly what turned out to be the biggest flaw of her plan, since Hagall hadn’t taken her own alcoholic tolerance into account and ended up drinking enough booze to kill a mortal on the spot. Thankfully for her, one of the various perks of immortality was that she was almost impervious to alcohol poisoning, yet at the same time, she did end up getting herself drunk and by looks of it… naked too.


‘Wait… where am I? How did I even on this bed and… who took my clothes off?’


Even getting up was a tall order, so the best she could do was look around her surroundings, and right away it became apparent that she wasn’t the only one who slept on that bed. There were clear signs that someone had been resting next to her, and based on the residual heat that was still present, it wasn’t long ago either. Looking away from the bed, Hagall inspected the rest of the room she was in, and for the most part, it was spartan. There was a single nightstand next to the bed, which seemed to be an indication that despite its double size, this wasn’t a couple’s bedroom. An assumption that was further backed by the relatively small wardrobe and the single drawer on the opposite end of the room, with the final piece of furniture being a wooden desk.


The biggest confirmation however, came when the door opened to reveal the very goddess she spent most of the previous day with, and by the looks of it, the night too. “Oh, there you are, Lind. I was wondering where I’ve managed to end up after… our little drinking contest.”


Wearing nothing aside from a pair of white shorts and a matching crop top, Lind walked towards her unexpected guest, carrying a tray with what appeared to be her attempt at making breakfast. “My apologies, but… I’m not accustomed at cooking.” Placing the tray on the blonde’s lap, Lind did her best to look away from Hagall’s breasts as they became exposed when the covers slid off of her skin as she got herself in a seated position.


“Don’t be so hard on yourself. This actually looks rather appetizing,” said Hagall as she found no… charcoal on the bacon and eggs that the goddess had prepared for her. “Besides, I wasn’t exactly expecting breakfast from you, so this is more than a nice surprise.”


“Not really… it’s more of my poor attempt at an apology. I’m terribly sorry about… everything,” said Lind as her cheeks began to flare up in a noticeable blush. “I should’ve stopped while I still had sufficient control of myself and yet… I carried on until I was completely drunk.”


“Hm…” Taking a bite from her food, Hagall was relieved that it was actually quite edible, even though far from what her personal chef prepared for her on a daily basis, back in Hell. “That explains a few things, but, I still can’t remember anything that took place after a certain point. So… would you mind filling in the gaps for me?”


“Depends. How far back do you remember?” said Lind as she immediately started to tense up.


“To the point where still on round… six or was it… eight? Something like that.”


Despite  herself, Lind couldn’t help but take a sharp breath when she realized that the demoness was referring back to their drinking contest. ‘Good Heavens! She’s got no idea…’ Shaking her head slightly, the panicking Valkyrie may also had difficulty to recall every detail of what took place, but at the very least, she had a good idea of what happened. “We ended up getting drunk and given that I was in a slightly better condition, I decided to take you here… I mean, in my house and…”


“We had sex,” said Hagall between bites, although without the accusatory tone Lind would’ve expected of her.


“Yes, I’m afraid that’s the case.” Swallowing hard, Lind momentarily averted her gaze, given how embarrassing the whole situation was for her. At no point in her life she had actually gotten drunk, let alone while she was still technically speaking on duty, and with an important member of the demonic society under her care. ‘Let’s not even mention what I… we… did to each other yesterday.’


Putting her fork and knife down on her plate, Hagall gave Lind a long stare, which inevitably made her turn and see why the demoness was so quiet. “Do I disgust you?”


That wasn’t the angry response the Valkyrie was expecting from her, and for a few moments, all Lind could do was stare her back in shock. “Excuse me?”


“Don’t try to hide it, goddess. I’m well aware that you’re a Valkyrie and perhaps the idea of having sex with a member of my kind, appears… nauseating to you.”


“No! I…” Lind stopped in mid sentence and found herself in a very strange situation. On one hand, the demoness’ words were indeed true, as the warrior had little love for the enemies. Yet, she wasn’t exactly nauseated by the idea of having sex with Hagall. “I’m… really disappointed by my lack of proper etiquette and the fact that I should’ve never accepted to drink while I was still on duty. That, and…” Taking another pause, Lind lowered her head in shame as she addressed the worst part of it all. “When I woke up, I was still wearing a strap on, meaning that I must’ve used that on you, at some point during the previous night.”


‘That doesn’t sound nearly as bad as I’ve expected, actually.’ Resting her head on her hand as she thought about her options from this point on, Hagall knew that she could just tell her to forget about everything. Of course, she could also use this to her own advantage and request information in exchange for a pardon, but in the end, that sounded way too petty for a demoness of her rank. Besides, the whole idea behind her visit was to ensure that the Valkyrie wasn’t going to wreck that mortal’s life by fighting over Belldandy with him. A fight that he had absolutely no chance of winning, should it become a literal case of one. ‘Hold on, I think I’ve got a nice idea and I’m going to enjoy this too!’ Offering the nervous goddess a grin, Hagall leaned closer to her. “The Vice President of demonkind isn’t just someone you can so casually have sex with, you know. You need to take responsibility for your actions, miss Valkyrie.”


Responsibility?” Lind’s eyes grew twice in size as her voice almost cracked as she hit a much higher octave than she thought possible for her.


“Oh, yes! At the very least, I’m expecting a romantic dinner, and in a nice restaurant, too. You know, the ones where formal wear is mandatory, and we can dance in a slow tune,” said Hagall with a smile, before going on with her list of requirements. “Sightseeing could be good, but keep in mind that while wearing formal attire, you need to pick our destinations accordingly. And perhaps a movie would be a great idea too. Just no action flick, thank you very much. Do that and you might spend the night in a hotel with me.”


At this point, Lind was almost desperate to hear the ‘ha, I’m just kidding’ line; but it never came. “You’re serious.” Her voice was barely above a whisper as the Valkyrie was still uncertain how to get herself out of this ridiculous situation.


“Indeed I am. I don’t care what you think about demons in general, but I want the date you own me, or I’m going to get pretty unpleasant,” warned Hagall, before she got up from the bed and stretched. “Now, I’ll go take a shower, and in the meanwhile, I want you to carefully consider my offer.”


‘What offer? That’s a demand!’ thought the horrified goddess, but chose not to make a comment that would make matters worse. “Very well, I’ll… see what I can do.”


“Excellent!” said Hagall with a smile, before heading towards the bath. “I’ll send you a message with more details as soon as I check my schedule back home. In the meanwhile, let’s put this behind us and relax for the rest of day.”


Offering her a nod, Lind’s expression changed for the first time, just as the demoness walked out of the room. Worry was now pretty evident on her face, given that the Valkyrie had little to no dating experience. Although she and Belldandy were fairly close, they weren’t exactly a couple, either. Meaning that they never really went on a date; at least not in the fashion Hagall had previously described.


‘This is bad… I don’t want her to end up making a big deal about this, so, I have to pull through with the date. Perhaps… I should ask Belldandy for some advice. Yes, that’s probably a good idea.’






While the Queen of the Campus contest turned out to be a wild success, Keiichi couldn’t help but notice that its intended goal was never realized. Even with such a large number of attendants, not a single soul joined the Motor Club. Which in all honesty… didn’t quite shock him, since the contest itself had nothing to do with the Club’s activities and interests. Worse, they may have simply pissed one of the most influential students in the whole campus for absolutely no reason, and while everyone else didn’t seem terribly worried, Keiichi knew that Sayoko wouldn’t let this slip so easily. However, right now, NIT’s spoiled princess was the least of his concerns, as he had to deal with yet another and far more determined opponent.


After his admittedly terrible introduction to the youngest of the Norns, Keiichi could almost feel the angry glare whenever he walked by Skuld, and today’s blowout was probably a strong indication that she was at her breaking point. Unfortunately for him, this time there were no easy solutions, and trying to ignore the problem would only make it harder in the long run. Skuld considered him as a womanizing lowlife who charmed his way into Urd’s panties, and according to her, he was on his way to add another goddess to his so called harem: Belldandy.


Because of that, as soon as he and the rest of the temple’s residents returned from the campus, Keiichi tried to come up with the best excuse to start up a conversation with Skuld. He already knew from what her sisters had told him that she wasn’t a bad person, so the only thing he needed was an opportunity to talk to her and hopefully convince Skuld that he wasn’t the pervert she made him appear to be.


Taking a look out of his room, to make sure that the field was clear, Keiichi tiptoed across the hallway until he was standing right outside Skuld’s room, and then knocked the door.


“Come in! It’s not like there’s a look on these doors, anyway!”


Sliding the door open, Keiichi found Skuld assembling some sort of roundish, palm sized device and although he had no idea what it was meant for, Keiichi had more important things to do than satisfy his curiosity. “Excuse me, am I interrupting you?”


Skuld froze and blinked hard when she realized just who decided to show up, and a quick glance in his direction verified that she wasn’t imagining things. “Oh, it’s… you. What do you want?”


‘So blunt.’ As much as he wanted to try and act cool and collected, Keiichi knew that he wasn’t that good of an actor and chose not to even bother with that. “I wanted to apologize to you. Not just about what happened in the morning, but… pretty much about everything. I know that we met under the worst circumstances possible, but-”


“You’ve got that right, buster!” snapped Skuld at him. “First thing I experience on my vacations is… having your jizz all over my face!”


“I didn’t do that on purpose! Besides you and Gullveig just dropped on top me and Peorth without any warning!” Letting out a sigh, Keiichi scratched the back of his head nervously. “Look, I really want to make up for that, but I honestly have no idea how.”


“Then stop messing around with my sisters,” said Skuld as she narrowed her eyes at him. “Urd has already a fair share of shitty relationships with all kinds of perverts who got what they wanted, and then just bailed out. Sometimes using the most ridiculous excuses imaginable, and Urd simply allowed it to happen. And so far, I cannot say that you’ve convinced me that you're any better than the rest of her boyfriends. You see… I know that Urd is far from a prude, and that she had more than enough casual sex encounters, so, I’m not really worried that you guys are doing naughty things.”


“But… if that’s the case, then why did you get all that upset earlier?” asked Keiichi, who just couldn’t figure her out.


“Because I get that bad vibe from you, mister! That’s why!” snapped Skuld, while poking Keiichi’s chest with a finger. “If you were just a sexfriend then I wouldn’t mind it, but with her acting as if she actually cares for you, I’m definitely not happy watching you try whatever new and exciting thing you came up with and then… probably move on with the next goddess on the list.”


“Whoa! Hold on a second! I’m not just screwing around with Urd!”


“So far, the only thing I’ve seen you guys do together as a couple… is… hardcore sex. No dates, no sweet talk, no… nothing!” Crossing her arms, Skuld almost dared Keiichi to find a way to explain himself. But all the student could do was stare her in shock for so long that Skuld started to feel rather guilty for going this hard on him. “I’m not just trying to be a bitch, Keiichi. I honestly don’t hate you, but this whole situation vividly reminds me the rest of Urd’s pointless relationships. Only this time she might even drag Belldandy along with her.”


“You know… I never thought how selfish I was, actually,” admitted Keiichi, much to his shame. “All this time we’ve only cared about my daily life and my club activities over at NIT. I rarely tried to act like a proper boyfriend, and while sex isn’t the only thing I want from them, it easily became a distraction. You’re right, I’m a pretty lousy boyfriend as it is. Although… why do you insist that Belldandy wants me?”


“Excuse me? Haven’t you noticed the way she looks at you?” asked the incredulous Skuld, as wondered whether he was for real, or just feigned ignorance to avoid her wrath. “It’s so darn obvious that she wants you! And that’s extremely rare for her, since I’ve never seen Belldandy show this much interest for anyone.”


“Huh… Now that you mention it...”


‘How did such a clueless guy end up up dating both Peorth and Urd?’ wondered Skuld, while watching Keiichi’s thoughtful expression.


“Um… Skuld? What am I supposed to do?”


“You’re asking me?” At this point, Skuld was at a loss of words. It should’ve been obvious what her answer was going to be, and yet Keiichi apparently failed to realize that at the time being, he wasn’t exactly her favorite mortal.


“You know her way better than me, and I doubt that, Urd will offer a perfectly objective opinion.”


Images of him taking Urd from behind filled her mind and for a moment, her imagination placed Belldandy in that position. Yet as much as she wished to say no, Skuld’s opinion of Keiichi did slightly change over the last couple of minutes, since he actually displayed some concern for the other goddesses. A complete pervert would’ve never done the same, and while that didn’t exonerate him in her eyes, it was at the very least some progress. “To begin with… this is something you should be discussing with Peorth and Urd, before you even talk to Belldandy and see whether she wants that or not.”


“Actually, I’ve been told how… open relationships work,” said Keiichi with some hesitation when he reached that unfamiliar term. “What I wanted to know is your opinion on the subject. You’re right about me being selfish and I’ve got no intention to make such an important decision on my own.”


Skuld nervously bit her lower lip, wondering what to say, but in the end she never really got a chance to do so.


“Keiichi! Where are you? The water is ready for your bath!” Belldandy’s voice could be heard across the hallway, causing both the mortal in question as well as Skuld to turn towards its source, before exchanging a look.


“Don’t just stand here, staring at me. Go to her, you dummy.” was all Skuld managed to say, knowing all too well the implications behind that decision. “Just… don’t make her sad. You hear me?”


“Yes! I got it!” said Keiichi, offering her a nod on top of that and then headed out of of the room.


‘Great… now I really need a hard drink. Although… I think it’s better if I go and find where’s Gullveig at. Something tells me that I need to have someone stop me from blowing this place up, and real soon too...’




“You didn’t have to do that today, too, Belldandy. You just won a competition, so why not enjoy the rest day without bothering about housework?” said Keiichi as he out his washing supplies into a small wooden bucket. “Although, do you have idea which one is joining me today?” Watching Belldandy pick a rose scented shampoo and then hand it to him, Keiichi immediately realized what that meant. “So, it’s Peorth.”


“Yes, she said it would be better if she taught me how to give a body massage, instead of my sister,” said Belldandy with a blush, that actually made Keiichi pause and do a double take. “Something about… Urd possibly getting too distracted by her pleasure to provide any useful lessons.”


“Um… does that have anything to do with that… love goddess license certification?” asked the curious mortal, almost missing the muffled protest that came from the ceiling.


“Not really. I’m an expert in many methods of healing a person’s body, but there are indeed times where their soul needs something a bit different than a spell to feel better. And with all this stress you’re experiencing as of late, I’d like to give you a hand with that,” admitted Belldandy with a tiny smile as she took a bucket to place her own washing supplies, leaving Keiichi wonder how to respond to such a statement.


“Well… if you… wish… I suppose we could give it a try.”




“Ow… you didn’t have to bite me…”


“Serves you right…” Glaring at her boyfriend who was tending to his bitten hand, Skuld gazed back to the action below them. After she discovered the conveniently spacious attic, and how loose some of the ceiling tiles were, Skuld decided to use that to her advantage and spy on her sister’s interactions with Keiichi; and so far… she was at a loss of words. Instead of the boy trying to seduce her sister, it was Belldandy who wanted to get all touchy feely with him, and in Skuld’s mind there was only one possible outcome. Especially if the one who was supposed to help Belldandy with this…brilliant idea, was Peorth. “Besides, where have you been?”


“I just went to get you some ice cream,” said Gullveig as he fanned his throbbing hand. “And if I haven’t tried to cover your mouth, you would’ve exposed us.”


“Okay, I’m sorry. I guess I got a bit too… annoyed and you ended up paying for it,” admitted Skuld with a sigh.


“Then why don’t we leave them alone? I doubt that you’re going to enjoy the… um… show,” said Gullveig, giving his girlfriend a tentative look, as he worried that she might snap at any moment and blow the whole place sky high.


“I know… but I must take a better look at how their interactions prior to… sex. Because for a moment, that guy almost convinced me that he’s not a pervert,” said the Norn as she nervously bit her lower lip. “So, there has to be some other explanation for what’s going on here.”


“Maybe… they just like each other?” suggested Gullveig, although in a less argumentative way, just to avoid annoying his girlfriend any more than she currently was. “Just because things happened a lot faster than anticipated, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, Skuld.”


“We’ll see about that.”




For the first time after several days, Keiichi felt self conscious about being naked around women; or at least the goddesses that lived with him. Sitting on a stool, the dark haired student appeared to enjoy the gentle back rub Peorth gave him, while Belldandy observed the rose goddess’ actions from right next to her. However, he couldn’t help but remember Skuld’s accusations of not being a proper boyfriend, and as much as he wanted to disagree with her, Keiichi still had little evidence to prove that this wasn’t the case.


‘She’s right… I need to step up my game and try to do more than just satisfy their sexual urges. I mean… it’s not like we’re not spending time together, but during those moments, we look like friends and not lovers. So… it’s almost as if I’ve got two friends with benefits, rather than two girlfriends. And speaking of that…’ Looking over his shoulder, Keiichi saw Belldandy’s attentive look, as Peorth explained all the spots she should pay attention to and how to rub different parts of his body. Considering how forward Peorth and Urd had been with him, Keiichi totally failed to consider that there was more to Belldandy’s friendly attitude that met the eye. Or perhaps it was the fact that with two girlfriends, he found it too hard to believe that yet another goddess would be interested in guy like him.


Whatever the case was, Peorth didn’t seem terribly worried about Belldandy’s closeness to him, and as far as he could tell, the same was true about Urd, too. Still, the idea of having a third girlfriend all while he did such a terrible job with the first two goddesses, made Keiichi feel even more pressure on his shoulders; although not in a literal sense, since Peorth’s massage actually felt quite good.


“Can I give it a try, now?”


Belldandy’s innocent voice, made Keiichi tense up a bit, as this was the first time she would get to directly touch his naked body. Even if it was just his back, the Norn’s gentleness poured into her actions and although she managed to make most of his body relax, the same couldn’t be said about a certain part that became quite excited. ‘Oh no! She’s gonna notice!’


“Is something wrong, Keiichi?” asked Belldandy, when she noticed that the man tried to hide his crotch from view.  “I’m not using too much force, right?”


“No, I’m perfectly fine!” protested the embarrassed mortal, while Peorth couldn’t help but giggle at the sight of her squirming boyfriend.


“He’s more than fine, Belldandy! It’s just that your massage, made him hard,” said Peorth in a low and suggestive voice, causing the Norn to blink.


“Really? I thought that with you and sister, it would’ve taken a lot more to get him up,” said Belldandy with such an innocent voice that made both Keiichi, and the spying Skuld, to simply stare her in utter disbelief.


“That’s definitely true! Yet Keiichi somehow manages to deliver,” said Peorth as she walked around her boyfriend, allowing him to see that she was totally naked too. “I’ve never seen a mortal has so much stamina and sex drive before…”


“Why am I not surprised?…” muttered Skuld from above, although not loudly enough for the trio to notice her.


Especially Belldandy who moved closer to take a look at what Peorth was pointing and as a result her naked breasts pressed against Keiichi’s back, causing his erection to become even more pronounced while the man let out a soft gasp. “Oh, my! You’re definitely right, Peorth! Hello there, Mr. Elephant!”


“Elephant?” asked Gullveig in a whisper, to what Skuld replied by muttering the word ‘penis’ into his ear. “Oh!”


B-Belldandy? What’s gotten into you?” asked Keiichi as he could hardly believe how the otherwise reserved goddess acted at the moment.


“Nothing at all, I’m simply trying to let you relax. Just like I’ve told you before, you’ve been through a lot of stress as of late, and even back during that visit to the ocean, me and Urd had a discussion,” said Belldandy with a blush as she wrapped her arms around Keiichi from behind. “And now that my little sister arrived, I’m afraid that she misunderstood a few things and she’s merely making matters worse for you.”


“No, I think she’s got a point there…” said Keiichi with a sigh. “I’m too willy nilly around you and… I’m not exactly the boyfriend type. You know… taking you on dates and-”


“Pray tell me how you can do that here on the mortal realm?” asked Peorth, making both Keiichi and Skuld blink. “Have you forgotten that it’s extremely unusual in this place to have an open relationship? Most other students think that we’re a couple, so if you start taking Urd out on dates too, then someone’s bound to notice. And… if you only take me out for dates, then all sense of fairness in our relationship will be gone.”


There was a moment when both Keiichi and Skuld stared at the rose goddess with a stunned expression on their faces. Which was particularly embarrassing for the latter, since she went so hard on Keiichi without considering this not so tiny detail.


“But! Then how can I-”


“Don’t worry, Keiichi,” said Peorth as she tried to reassure her boyfriend. “We’ll figure out a method of dating that could minimize the involved risk of exposing the nature of our relationship to the rest of your friends, as well as everyone else who knows you.”


“In the meantime, I’d wish to show my little sister that she’s a bit unfair towards you,” said Belldandy with a small frown. “I mean… it’s not exactly unlike her to be somewhat jealous whenever anyone threatened to monopolize my attention. After all, this isn’t exactly my first time, but none of my past interactions with Lind lead to a situation where I only had eyes for her and ignored the others around me; Skuld included. So, I suppose I can understand why she’s worried that I might end up doing the whole honey and darling routine, almost as if no one else matters in my life. Which isn’t true, but then again, fears aren’t always justified or driven by rational thought.”


“But… I thought that she didn’t like me because I’m… well… active with Peorth and Urd,” said Keiichi with a blush, as he tried to come up with a more tactful way of describing the copious amounts of sex in his relationship with the two administrators.


“Actually, when I first saw her do the same thing with her boyfriend, my reaction was very similar. I immediately freaked out about the fact that she and Gullveig had sex so early on in their relationship,” confessed Belldandy, letting out a sigh. “However, after I calmed down, I realized that the root of the problem wasn’t what she did with him, but my fear that she was leaving me. My little sister was now a grown goddess and no longer needed me to care for her, so, I cannot really blame her for overreacting about your presence in mine and Urd’s life.”


“If that’s the case, shouldn’t you tell her that, instead of being here with me?” asked Keiichi in all honesty. “I kind of understand what you’re saying, but, as long as you don’t talk to her, nothing will change.”


“We may be sisters, but both Urd and Skuld are rather obstinate when it comes to certain matters. She won’t just take my word for granted if she thinks that I’m making a mistake, and besides, I don’t wish to treat her like a child and pull her aside for a talk. She’s an adult now and we should discuss such matters as equals, instead of having me give her a sermon of what she’s supposed to think in a situation like this. But before I do that, I need to prove my point with actions, rather than words.”


Offering her a slow nod, Keiichi had to admit that while Belldandy had a point, the implications behind her words left him with little doubt as what those actions would involve. “Is it wise, though? Things are already complicated enough, as it is…”


“Don’t worry, Keiichi. There’s no need to feel the pressure of having to act as everyone’s boyfriend. You’re only one person after all, and besides, do you remember what I said about open relationships being about fairness?” said Peorth as she motioned for Belldandy to approach her. “If it’s alright with you, Keiichi I’d like to make love with Belldandy today.”


“Eh?!” Keiichi could hardly believe his ears, and the same was true for Skuld and Gullveig who shared a shocked look. “You mean… right now?


“Yes, I think it would be a good chance for both of you to experience something new. After all, this is the first time Belldandy is performing such an intimate act in the presence of an audience, even if it’s just you, Keiichi,” said Peorth as Belldandy stepped next to her, with a blush clearly visible on her face. “And you’re going to witness two goddesses making love to each other, so, I hope you’ll enjoy the show.”


Unsure what to say in an unlikely situation, all that Keiichi did was to offer them a slow nod, as he stared at the nude goddesses before him. Which was also the moment when he realized that he had never seen Belldandy in all her naked glory and while he tried not to stare too much, Keiichi’s eyes wandered across the Norn’s sensual form. Although her figure was very close to Peorth’s, the innocence reflected in her blue eyes and the way she nervously bit her lower lip as the rose goddess’ hands reached to touch her, made Belldandy almost irresistible. Especially as she turned to face him, and Keiichi got a clear glimpse of her nicely trimmed patch of pubic hair that accented her tightly closed rose petals below. ‘She’s absolutely gorgeous…’




Watching from above, Skuld and Gullveig could hardly believe the show they were receiving, especially given that the goddess who was now cuddling Peorth was Belldandy. The two brunettes gently touched each other, becoming progressively bolder and soon, the pair started to kiss.


“Wow… that’s so sexy…” said the stunned god, unaware of the glare his girlfriend was giving him.


“Hey, that’s my sister you’re talking about!” said Skuld as she reached to pull his ear. “So, watch your mouth, mister!”


“But, I didn’t say anything bad about her! After all, she is sexy, and besides, Peorth is doing a lot more than expressing her opinion!” protested the blonde god, only to make matters worse for himself.


“True, but that doesn’t mean you have to point it out! And Peorth doesn’t count either, since she’s not my date; you are!” said Skuld, before she glanced down for a moment. Just long enough to catch a glimpse of the two other goddesses passionate kiss… and Keiichi’s stunned, yet excited reaction to the show he was getting. However as soon as she turned back to Gullveig, Skuld couldn’t help but notice the small grin on his face. “Hey, what’s so funny?”


Instead of an answer, Gullveig pushed Skuld onto her back and straddled her; much to her surprise. “I’m dating you, aright. But it looks like you’re not convinced of my dedication, so… I think you need some proof that you’re the one I want.” Trying to hide his nervousness, given that a wrong move could put him in a very bad situation, Gullveig began to unbutton Skuld’s denim shorts.


Letting a soft gasp, the youngest Norn raised her hips to let her boyfriend to remove the shorts, while she reached to unzip his pants. ‘I never thought I would end up doing it in the attic, of all places… But, this is kind of exciting, too.’ Freeing Gullveig’s already hard member from his boxers, Skuld looked up to the god’s eyes and grinned a bit when she found him staring at her choice of underwear. “What’s wrong? Are they too sexy for you to handle?”


While her panties covered a lot more skin at a first glance, they did sport a feature that even her most daring thongs lacked: an opening that left her crotch completely exposed. “They’re definitely… interesting…” said the blonde god as he pushed a finger through the slit and right into Skuld’s nether lips. “Although what’s even more interesting is that you’ve gotten wet from watching your sister making out with Peorth.”


“What can I say? Maybe Keiichi’s not the only pervert here…” said Skuld with a light giggle as she suggestively spread her legs a bit, and then lifted her top up, just enough to reveal her red, open tip bra. Sporting a tear shaped cutout on both cups, it left her nipples and areolas totally exposed, all while it supported her breasts and presented them in the most enticing way.


“You’re not a pervert, Skuld. Just a… pleasant surprise.” said Gullveig with a smile as he reached to cup her breasts with both hands and then leaned down to kiss her nipples.


Mm!... That’s a nice way to put it in!” said Skuld with a soft moan, which became much louder when the god took her words far too literally and penetrated her moist vagina. Earning a very pleased moan from the Norn as she wrapped her legs around his torso. “Oh! You cheeky bastard!


“What can I say? This place must be full of perverts.”




‘What was that sound?’


Looking up for the briefest of moments, Keiichi would’ve sworn that he heard a noise coming from the ceiling, but eventually shrug it off as nothing more than a figment of his imagination. So, instead of worrying over nothing, he turned back to the two goddesses who were now touching each other in a very intimate fashion. It may had taken a few minutes for Belldandy to relax enough and forget that Keiichi was looking at her, but in the end, the Norn proved to be no less eager than Peorth when it came to lovemaking. Kissing each other passionately, the two brunettes rubbed their breasts together, stimulating their erect nipples, but after a while, they’ve reached the limit of how far they could go like that.


Glancing over to her wide eyed boyfriend, Peorth felt satisfied that her idea was indeed working, and decided to go to the second phase. “Gorgeous Rose, come out!” A pair of spectral wings burst out of the rose goddess’ back, as the angel emerged from her hostess’ body and gave Keiichi a warm smile.


Although he had seen her on a couple of occasions, the dark haired student never got to touch her, and almost as if reading his thought, the angel floated towards him. “Oh, hello there, Gorgeous Rose,” said Keiichi as he felt the angel wrap her arms around him and lean closer for a kiss. ‘Her lips are so soft…’


“She says that she’s happy to see you again,” offered Peorth, since mortals couldn’t hear an angel’s voice.


“I’m happy to meet her too. Although… I’m kind of curious as to why she’s not around anymore,” said Keiichi and immediately noticed the concern in both goddesses’ eyes. ‘Did I say something wrong?’


“Well… It’s a bit complicated,” said Peorth, although Belldandy decided to offer more information. “It has to do with Urd’s reluctance to use her angel. I’m not entirely sure what happened when she first got hers, but it appears that she… lost her ability to summon her.”


“Is it really that bad?”


“Yes, Keiichi,” said Peorth with a nod. “I even had no idea that she had an angel, until I’ve asked Belldandy. Which was why I stopped summoning Gorgeous Rose in her presence, just to avoid… well… boasting or something. While I don’t mind showing off a bit, I prefer when it’s on equal terms; otherwise it’s not fair, let alone fun.”


“I see…” Looking at Gorgeous Rose that was still attached to him, Keiichi made a mental note to find out more about Urd’s angel later. However, as his curiosity was piqued, Keiichi turned over to Belldandy. “If Urd is a special case, then does it mean that you also have an angel that you’re not summoning?”


“Actually, that’s true. Although I’m not specifically avoiding to summon her. I just never got the opportunity to do so in your presence,” said Belldandy with a smile, and then looked over her shoulder. “Come out, Holy Bell.”


As the angel from Belldandy’s back, it immediately became obvious to Keiichi that despite the similarities between her and Gorgeous Rose, there were some easily noticeable differences, too. Especially when it came to her ‘clothes’ as Holy Bell had some kind of gravity defying fabric that wrapped around her chest, forming a bra, as well as another that spiraled around her lower body to hide her privates. And although they provided some extra coverage than Gorgeous Rose’s vines, the ribbons around Holy Bell were really thin, allowing the contour of her breasts to be perfectly visible through them. Which made her blush a bit, as her nipples were very noticeable, given how aroused she currently was.


“Nice to meet you, Holy Bell,” said Keiichi, causing the angel to hide behind her mistress. Which made him realize that perhaps greeting her without hiding his erect phallus wasn’t the best of ideas. “Uh.. sorry about the- OH!” Gasping when he felt the warm sensation around his penis, Keiichi looked down and found Gorgeous Rose’s mouth around his stiff member. It appeared that while he was busy staring at the other angel, she decided to grab his attention in the most effective manner she could. “Peorth? Is this… alright?


Giggling as she watched him squirm, Peorth remained silent for a few moments, while her angel kept bobbing her head over his lap. “It’s fine, Keiichi. There’s nothing to worry about getting physical with my angel. Or… any angel here.


As if on cue, Belldandy shared a glance with Holy Bell, and spent the next few moments conversing through the telepathic link they shared. Given the unexpected turn of events, the duo was slightly concerned about what Peorth was hinting at, since it was one step too far for them. The original idea was to carefully entice Keiichi with the show and eventually invite him to join in for a threesome, but Peorth’s decision to summon her angel changed things in a dramatic way. Which basically meant that they now had to improvise; and improvise they did.


Stepping out from behind the Norn, Holy Bell stretched her wings in a more confident fashion, reflecting her determination to represent her mistress in the best way she could. Still, a mere glance at Gorgeous Rose made her realize just how ill prepared she was for such a task. She was a total beginner, since at no point did she join her mistress’ lovemaking sessions with Lind, and even worse, Belldandy had no experience with men that she could use for advice. All while the vine wrapped angel performed the most graceful fellatio that, Holy Bell had ever seen; including her mistress’ classes for the love goddess license.


Gorgeous Rose used her right hand to gently stroke the lower half of the mortal’s manhood, while she took the other half into her mouth and skillfully stimulated him with her tongue. Even more, she used her left hand to cup Keiichi’s family jewels and carefully massaged them, applying just the right amount of force to make him shiver and moan from the sheer pleasure he was receiving.


Everything about this felt intimidating to the shy angel, yet Holy Bell managed to muster the courage to get on Keiichi’s other side, and as she slowly sank on her knees, she did the most unthinkable of acts. Reaching up to her ribbon bra, Holy Bell tugged the velvet like fabric down, presenting her bare breasts to a man for the first time in her life.


‘She looks just like Belldandy, but… that glow around her… is mesmerizing.’ Keiichi’s eyes met Holy Bell’s, and noticing the angel’s anxiety, the student tenderly cupped her blushing cheeks and rubbed them in a soothing manner. ‘This glow is actually making her blush so adorable!’ However the moment was interrupted when a sharp thorn poked his leg, causing Keiichi to jump a bit and realize that, Gorgeous Rose wanted his attention too. “Okay, okay… I’ve got it!” Taking one hand off of Holy Bell, Keiichi stroked the rose angel’s curly locks, earning what he thought to be a happy sigh. ‘Wait… did I actually hear that? Or was it just my imagination?’


Even though Keiichi’s attention was diverted to the angel of the roses, Holy Bell could still feel the soothing effect of the mortal’s touch against her skin. He was warm and inviting, radiating a calm aura that sharply contrasted his current state of arousal, that actually made Holy Bell want to trust him. ‘Oh mistress!... Please forgive me for being such a bad angel… I only met him for a few minutes and I… I want him, mistress.’


‘It’s alright, Holy Bell. Your thoughts are mine, and your needs reflect what I so desperately try to keep a secret. I no longer wish to stay back and watch the others make love to him. I too… want to unite with him and experience the same ecstasy that overwhelms even our sister when she becomes one with him.’


Feeling encouraged by her goddess, Holy Bell leaned in towards Keiichi's face, and as he turned instinctively when she got in his peripheral vision, the angel brought their lips together in a kiss. One that was followed by another, as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pressed her upper body against him, kissing him without any of the previous hesitation she displayed around the man, when she and her goddess came to secretly love over the last couple of days. Back then of course, they repressed their feelings for Urd’s sake, but now that she offered them the option of joining in, as uncharacteristic of them as it was, they welcomed it.


The assault on Keiichi’s senses was far too much for the poor mortal to handle, as he wasn’t mentally prepared for this development. As a matter of fact, had it not been for his past experiences with Peorth and Urd, Keiichi would’ve fainted on the spot; probably after a premature and anticlimactic orgasm. Instead of that, Keiichi caressed Holy Bell’s wings as he returned her embrace, feeling the soft feathers for a few seconds and then moved towards what he really wanted to touch from the moment he set his eyes on them. Cupping the angel’s firm yet soft breasts, Keiichi was now convinced that he did hear a moan. Even if it coincided with Belldandy’s own cry of pleasure thanks to the feedback she was receiving from her angel, it was almost certain that Keiichi heard another voice that didn’t belong to the Norn.


Exchanging a look with her goddess, Gorgeous Rose stopped stimulating Keiichi’s manhood and moved aside to allow him better access to Holy Bell. And as the mortal pulled the angel into a tight embrace, Gorgeous Rose floated towards her mistress who hugged Belldandy from behind and gently massaged her breasts. Stopping in front of them, Gorgeous Rose smiled at the Norn and leaned forward to kiss her erect nipples, earning a soft gasp from the goddess, as the angel’s tongue ran against them. Switching between breasts a couple of times, Gorgeous Rose pulled back and allowed Peorth to move in and cup them from behind, trapping the Norn’s nipples between her fingers and then applied enough force to make Belldandy arch her back from the sheer pleasure she was receiving.


In her mind, the goddess of the present had expected this experience to be very similar to the ones she had with Lind, yet Peorth’s lovemaking skills caught Belldandy off guard. Every little touch, every kiss, they were all carefully planned to stimulate as many of her erogenous zones, but without going too far. The rose goddess would tease one area and then move to another, with small pauses in between, just to make her wish for more. And with Gorgeous Rose joining in, it was almost impossible for Belldandy to hold back anymore; especially as she watched the angel sink to her knees and then lean to kiss her sensitive clit. ‘Oh goodness! Please do it!’


Almost as if she read her mind, Gorgeous Rose started to lick the goddess’ labia, causing her whole body to shudder, and Holy Bell to flap her wings so hard that she nearly took off; with Keiichi still clinging on her. Encouraged by Belldandy’s reaction, Gorgeous Rose slipped her tongue into the goddess’ sopping honeypot, while her hands reached around to fondle Belldandy’s firm rear.


Watching her fellow wish granter moan as Gorgeous Rose reached as deep as she could, Peorth was enjoying this way more than she had initially expected. But she knew that in order to accomplish her original goal, she had to show some restraint. “Belldandy… I believe it’s time we show Keiichi why you’re really here, don’t you think?”


“Yes…” It was a struggle for her to remain focused while the angel’s tongue was reaching deep into her most intimate of areas and stimulated her in a way she had never experienced before. Even more, the fact that she was sharing her own angel’s pleasure and vice versa, made this whole experience far more enjoyable, to the point where forming even the simplest of thoughts was a major undertaking. ‘How can sister and Peorth do this and remain in control of themselves? It’s… too much… And to think that I want to get a love goddess’ license. I’m so ill prepared for that.’ As she found out, there was a huge difference between theory and empirical knowledge, since none of her classes for the love goddess license prepared her for the sensory overload she was experiencing right now.


Yet Belldandy wasn’t the only one overwhelmed by what was happening. Holy Bell also found it hard to refrain herself from going too far with Keiichi, and to a degree, she no longer wished to hold back. Wrapping her wings around Keiichi to give them some limited privacy, or at least let her feel a bit more at ease since she was in the presence of Peorth and her angel, Holy Bell pulled away from the dazed mortal after the deep kiss they shared and then raised herself just above his erect manhood. Since she couldn’t ask him directly, the angel stared right in his eyes, searching for any signs of acceptance. Which she eventually found, when Keiichi’s hands got hold of her hips and lowered her on his lap, becoming the first man to penetrate her otherwise untouched womanhood.






The telepathic scream from below brought Skuld and Gullveig out of their own little fantasy, since the amorous couple was already on their second round, and this time they were both totally naked; with their clothes haphazardly scattered around them.


“Was that, Holy Bell?” wondered Skuld out loud, earning an uncertain nod from her boyfriend.


“I… think so. Although I’m not too familiar with your sister’s angel,” said Gullveig, while becoming self conscious of the position they’ve ended up for the first time since they’ve started this. Somehow, during the last couple of minutes they went from the tame missionary position to… something that was often described as a piledriver. Or at least a variation of it, since the god could support himself in mid air, without having to put so much strain on his partner, as well as making this position a lot easier for both of them.


“Just what are they doing down there?” asked the nervous Skuld, now that she started to regain her composure, after several minutes of passionate lovemaking that made her totally oblivious to both her surroundings, as well as the very reason she was up here to begin with. “I need to take a look, so… can you get off of me?”


“Hm… how about… no,” said Gullveig, as he remained firmly in place, despite the pointed look he got from the Norn below him. “Considering what we’re doing right now, it’s kind of pointless to worry about whether your sister is being naughty or not. For Heaven’s sake, Skuld, she’s old enough to have a relationship.”


Well said, boy! I would’ve kissed you for that, but I guess that might cause her to blow up the whole house,” came a voice from above them, causing the couple to look up and find a small version of Urd sitting on one of the horizontal support beams that held the roof up.


Urd! What do you think you’re doing?” asked the shocked Skuld when she realized that her eldest sister had probably witnessed the whole thing, from very beginning to… her idea of spicing things up with some more… acrobatic positions.


“Watching my little sister make me proud!” said Urd with a grin as she floated down from the wooden beam and then resumed her original size. “I never thought I’d say this, but you’ve impressed me, Skuld!”


“Hey, don’t come closer you pervert!” cried the furiously blushing Norn of the future, now that she had Urd standing next to her and Gullveig, who remained frozen in place when he noticed the look he was receiving from the half goddess.


He had already found himself in this situation once, when he and Skuld were caught by Belldandy, but this time things were… different. Unlike her sister, the eldest of the Norns stared at Gullveig in a somewhat suggestive manner and even licked her lips, making the blonde god increasingly nervous. “Uh… can I help you?”


“My, my… Don’t be so cold with your future sister in law,” said Urd in a low purr, edging closer to Gullveig. “I just wanted to thank you for trying to keep this girl busy while Belldandy enjoys her first time with Keiichi.”


“Oh, um… thank you, I guess.” Trying to ignore just how close the bronze skinned goddess was to him, or the fact that she was wearing a dark purple, form fitting micro dress. Actually it was so tight that it allowed him to make out all the fine details of her body, even though he couldn’t see them directly. ‘This is so bad! I can totally see the shape of her nipples, and… the rest of her breasts are so… shapely and… No! Bad thoughts!’ The panicking god had no desire to find out what Skuld would do if she caught him staring at Urd’s breasts, although considering the position he was currently in, it didn’t take long for a certain part of his anatomy to utterly betray him.


‘He’s getting harder! Don’t tell me… Oh, you’ve done it now!’ Surprising both Gullveig and even Urd, Skuld used all her might to push against her boyfriend, causing him to fall flat on his back, with the goddess ending up on top of him. However, before she dealt with him, Skuld turned to her sister and openly glared at her. “Don’t even think of it, Urd! I’m not sharing Gullveig with you!”


“Who said that, you silly?” Laughed Urd and pat her sister on the shoulder. “Calm your tits down, girl… I only wanted to help you, not seduce your squeeze.” Extending her hand, Urd placed her palm in front of her sister and summoned a small tube made of clear plastic with some kind kind of gel inside of it.


“Uh… Urd…. what’s that?” asked Skuld as her eyes began to widen in fear. And when her sister turned the tube around to let her take a better look at its label, she visibly paled. “Wait? Lube?! Oh, no no… no!


“Oh, yes! After saying all those things earlier in the morning, I want you to give it a try at least once, and then come up with an opinion of your own. Of course if it becomes too uncomfortable for you even with the lube, we’ll immediately stop. This is a lesson, not a punishment, Skuld, and I want you to know that I’m not trying to get you back for anything,” said Urd and then unscrewed the cup to pour some of the gel on her hand. “Now, what do you say, Skuld? Yes or no?”


Looking between her sister and Gullveig, who seemed as uncertain as she was, the youngest of the Norns toyed with the idea for a few seconds and then offered Urd a slight nod. “Okay… but if it’s… bad, we stop.”


“That’s fair enough,” said Urd with a smile, setting the tube beside her and then lifted the back of her dress, revealing her cream white lace panties to the baffled couple. “I’m not messing around with you, so stop staring at me like that. I’ll show you how to properly apply this, and then you can try that on your own.”


Content that she got another nod from them, Urd lowered her panties with one hand and then proceeded with her impromptu lesson.




He had no idea how is was possible, but Keiichi was almost convinced that the melodic voice he could head in his mind was Holy Bell’s. The angel’s moans sounded almost like the most beautiful song to him, even though he had no idea what she was saying. Still it was more than enough to motivate him go harder on her, lifting the surprisingly lightweight angel higher and then bring her down with even more force than before. And with Gorgeous Rose licking Belldandy’s dripping womanhood, it didn’t take long for the two of them to reach an ear shattering climax, causing Keiichi to follow suit with an orgasm of his own.


The Norn’s ecstatic cry literally shook the walls from its sheer intensity, as the climaxing goddess lost control of herself. Actually, it was only thanks to Peorth holding her that the goddess didn’t end up on the floor, as her wobbly feet could barely support her weight anymore. “Thank you… Peorth…” managed Belldandy with some effort, as she was still struggling to calm herself down and regain control of her body. However, when she craned her neck to look at the rose goddess, Belldandy found Peorth staring straight down. ‘What is she looking-... Oh my!’ Her eyes went wide in shock, the moment she followed Peorth’s gaze and got a glimpse of Gorgeous Rose who, for the lack of a better explanation… was no longer wrapped in vines, but in a thick rose bush. Sure, it was true that Peorth’s angel occasionally had roses sprout along the length her vines, yet the sheer number of them right now was overwhelming even for someone like Gorgeous Rose.


“My goodness! She looks like an overgrown bouquet!” said the still shocked Peorth, as she found it hard to understand just why her angel turned like that all of a sudden. Until… she reminded herself of their activities and began to suspect that Belldandy may had something to do with this transformation. “Belldandy, did you just happen to have an energy leak?”


“I… Maybe?... Although, I don’t understand why…” Blinking hard, the Norn of the present tried to recall all the previous orgasms she had and at no point did she lose control of her powers. Which seems to be the most sensible explanation as what took place here, and given the fact that Gorgeous Rose was so close to her at the moment she unleashed all that energy, the angel ended up absorbing it and converted that into something far less dangerous. “I never had such a reaction during orgasms before.”


“Hm… perhaps having both you and Holy Bell stimulated at the same time could’ve triggered this,” mushed Peorth as she walked around Belldandy and inspected her angel, who had gotten up from the floor and stared at herself. “In that case, I think we were lucky that Gorgeous Rose absorbed the energy for you, or the leak could’ve most likely caused an explosion-”


Wait! Did you say an explosion?!” asked the alarmed Keiichi, who despite not being a coward, had no desire to die a happy man, either. Eying at the content Holy Bell that was still resting on his lap, in her post orgasmic bliss, the poor mortal had no idea what to do in a situation like this, since he worried that asking her to move would’ve been extremely rude, yet he now felt that his life might be in serious danger. At least, until Peorth decided to intervene and calm him down.


“It’s not like that at all, Keiichi. Our powers are attuned to our emotions, so it’s highly unlikely that she could’ve harmed you, given the context. If either of us didn’t like you, or even what we were doing with you, then… yes, having sex with us could’ve been quite hazardous. However, as we both like you a great deal, and we’d never willingly harm you,” said Peorth, giving Belldandy a brief look.


Offering a nod, Belldandy realized that the other goddess wanted her to carry on, and so she did. “Peorth’s right, Keiichi. It’s not that easy for us to completely lose control of our powers, at least not to the point that we might end up unwillingly harming someone in the process.”


“I see…” said Keiichi as he nervously scratched the back of his head. “I’m sorry for overreacting a bit, I guess-”


“No, it’s perfectly fine to worry about your well being, Keiichi,” said Peorth, before she pointed at her angel. “Besides, this is most likely the result of us pushing Belldandy further than she was mentally prepared for. Although at the same time, it’s not something she cannot get used to. Which means…” With a smile, Peorth brought her hands in front of her and casting a brief spell, she caused an air bed to materialize on the floor. “I’d like you to offer her that much needed experience, Keiichi.”


“Wait… me?” asked the stunned mortal. Even though he had pretty much realized that the whole thing was a setup from the very beginning, Keiichi thought that this was as far as they were willing to go; apparently, he was wrong.


“Who else?” said Peorth as she placed her hands on her hips and raised an eyebrow at him. “Considering that you’ve accepted Holy Bell, it’s rude to turn your back to her mistress. And not to mention that she really wants you to-”


Please don’t say it!” cried the embarrassed Norn, interrupting the rose goddess before she could say any more.


“What’s your problem?” asked Peorth with a shrug. “Holy Bell already had sex with him, so… why are you still going around the subject?”


“I… I…” Belldandy nervously bit her lower lip and glanced over at Keiichi, who was equally apprehensive, but eventually smiled back at her. “Is that alright with you?”


“Honestly? If Peorth and Urd are fine with this, then I suppose it won’t kill me. Although… your little sister is a totally different matter altogether,” said Keiichi, with a chuckle.


“Don’t worry too much about Skuld, Keiichi. I’ll talk to her later just to make sure she understands that everything is alright,” said Belldandy as she approached the mortal, feeling somewhat nervous about what they were going to do. At least as long as Peorth was involved, Belldandy could simply play along, but now, the Norn had to take a much more active role in this. ‘What am I supposed to do first? Kiss him… or… should I try to get him fully hard again with a blowjob? Actually, I’ve never done that before! What if… I start gagging or even accidentally bite him?’


As the Norn’s worry became evident in her face, Keiichi stepped closer to her and much like he did with her angel, he pulled Belldandy into an embrace and gave her a kiss that progressively became more intense. Feeling her slowly relax as the initial nervousness gave way to pleasure, Keiichi’s hands moved lower, brushing against her back until they’ve reached her firm bottom and gave her a squeeze. And as the goddess’ lips parted in a soft moan, their kiss evolved into an open mouth one, all while their hands explored each other’s body.


For a moment, all that mattered for the Norn was the man she was embracing, as her mind pushed everything aside, including Peorth who was watching them with great interest or even the angels who used this opportunity to sit back and enjoy the show. She even failed to notice when her hand reached down to get hold of Keiichi’s manhood and began to slowly stroke him, or even when her angel wanting to better experience this, withdrew back into her mistress’ body. This time, his soft moans were caused by her, instead of Peorth or Urd, and she wished to give him the same -if not greater- pleasure that the others were capable of offering. ‘I may not have the experience, but I want to do this for you.’ Pulling away from him, Belldandy smiled as she saw how breathless Keiichi was after their long kiss, and before he had a chance to fully recover, the Norn gracefully sank down to her knees. Looking up to the stunned mortal, she tenderly clasped his manhood with both hands and after giving his throbbing member a loving kiss, Belldandy wrapped her lips around its head, which earned a loud moan from the overwhelmed mortal.


B-Belldandy!... That’s!...




“Hey, what’s going on down there, Urd?” asked Skuld with some effort, as she had already regretted her decision to go with this idea of Urd’s, but was too proud to back off now.


“Something good,” was the half goddess’ simple reply, while stroking her sister’s hair. The Norn of the past was lying on her side and opposite of Skuld, who was also in a similar position, with Gullveig right behind her. “Now, stop worrying about them and tell me how you’re feeling. Is it too much?”


“I’ll manage.” Skuld could feel her boyfriend’s member piston into her bottom, as he spooned her, with Urd overseeing this whole session and occasionally guide his member back, whenever he would pull too far out.


“Then try to relax a bit, and forget what else is going around you,” said Urd as she leaned towards her sister and pressed their foreheads together in a soothing fashion. “You’re too tense, Skuld.”


“Easy for you to say that…” groaned the brunette as she took a deep breath. “This isn’t your first time having anal.”


“No, from what I remember… my first time doing this was in a threesome with two gods,” said Urd with a giggle. “And I had them both at the same time, hence why I ended up with one back there.”


“Wait… for real?” asked Skuld, while giving her sister a dubious look.


“Yep! Belldandy even had to go and buy me a soothing balm, because I couldn’t sit after that session! ” said Urd with a toothy grin, that made her sister laugh; even though Skuld immediately came to regret it.


“Ha ha- Ow! Please tell me you’re not trying to make me laugh on purpose!” growled Skuld, but as soon as she felt Gullveig slow down, she peeked over her shoulder and gave him a warning look. “Just keep going, I’m not giving up this easily!”


“If you say so, Skuld.” Letting out a sigh, the blonde god did his best to continue, but this was proving to be way more challenging than he had initially anticipated. As per Urd’s instructions, Gullveig had to use no more than a third of his length, as well as maintain a comfortable enough pace to let Skuld adjust to this new experience; which sounded way easier in theory than it was in practice. His body ached for more, yet his mind knew that he had to show restraint for Skuld’s sake, making this so called lesson the most pleasurable form of torture that he ever experienced.


Of course, Urd knew all too well the effect of those restrictions she imposed to the now frustrated god, and while she took Skuld’s comfort as her top priority, the bronze skinned goddess didn’t wish to turn this into a huge letdown for Gullveig. Eying at her sister as she started to let out a series of soft moans, Urd was certain that she was doing just fine, so, her next task was to take care of the other participant in this lesson. “I didn’t lie when I said that I’m not going to hit on your boyfriend, but I really need to help him a bit, if we want him to keep going. This is part of the lesson, so, don’t freak out. Alright, Skuld?”


The brunette Norn bit her lip nervously as her eyes darted between her sister and the blonde god behind her, wondering what was the right thing to do. ‘Do I trust her? Absolutely. But… what if Gullveig likes whatever she comes up with? Do I really trust him enough to treat this as nothing more than part of a lesson? And… what about Keiichi? Urd may have an open relationship with him, but I doubt that he’s fully aware of what this really means. If he freaks out and dumps her… she’s going to be so sad. I don’t want to see that.’ There were many questions going on in her mind, yet Skuld knew that this was not the time nor the place to deal with all of them. So, she decided to pick the most problematic of them all. “What about your boyfriend? He may be having his sweet time with all of you, and even enjoyed watching Peorth play with Belldandy, but… you and Gullveig is a very different matter altogether.”


“Yes, I know that. It’s the make or break moment for every open relationship, and we’ve made sure that Keiichi’s fully aware of the downsides of such an arrangement,” said Urd, while reaching the straps of her minidress and slowly pushed them aside. However, she could tell that her sister wasn’t only worried about her relationship with Keiichi, but also her own affair, and even if she didn’t… someone had to. Using a finger, Urd tugged her dress’ neckline low enough to allow Gullveig to see that she was indeed wearing no bra, but just as her areolas came into view, she paused and studied him. “Tell me… do you like what you’re seeing?”


“Who wouldn’t? After all, you’re by far the sexiest goddess I’ve ever met,” came the god’s reply after some moments of hesitation. “I know that this probably wasn’t what you wanted to hear, but I don’t want to come up with a cliched line just to impress you. It’s pointless to lie that I don’t find other goddesses physically attractive, yet… I’m not after your sister just because she’s got a nice figure. So no matter how hot you are, there’s still one problem as far as I can tell; you’re not Skuld.”


Noticing her sister avert her gaze to hide her blush, Urd was content that she probably got an answer for her own concerns. “Actually, that was the type of response I wanted to hear, Gullveig. I’m tired sick of pretentious words without any meaning behind them. So, here’s a bit of reward for your honesty. It’s alright to touch if you want.” Pulling harder on her dress, Urd exposed her breasts in all their naked glory and then waited for Gullveig to take a good look before she edged closer. Bending slightly down, to make her breasts even more prominent than they were before, Urd run her fingers across the god’s family jewels and then began to caress them.


Gasping as he felt her touch, Gullveig did his best not to lose control of his thrusts, but the sound of Skuld’s moans made things more difficult. By the sound of it, his girlfriend began to enjoy this new experience and as soon as Urd saw that, she used her free hand to stroke the base of Gullveig’s manhood. Almost instinctively, Gullveig reached to grab one of her heavy breasts and enjoyed the tenderness of her flesh that sharply contrasted the hard nipple that became his next target.


The Norn of the past let out an uncharacteristic moan as the god tweaked her nipple, which only prompted her to push things to the next level. Watching her sister unconsciously buck her hips as the initial discomfort turned into pleasure, Urd urged Gullveig to pick up the pace, and in the process, earn some happy moans from Skuld. ‘That’s it! You’re doing so good; both of you.’


However, aside from the brunette Norn, Urd started to moan too, as the Gullveig switched between her breasts, caressing her nipples, and causing her to wish for some release too.


No! Stay focused! You’re only doing this as a lesson! Don’t get too… caught into this!




Stroking Belldandy’s hair with his fingers, Keiichi did his best to hold back an orgasm he knew was coming. Despite being Belldandy’s first ever fallatio, the goddess had done a fantastic job at handling this new experience, and while she couldn’t match his two girlfriends in terms of skill, just the fact that she tried so hard to please him was more than enough in his books.


There was an innocent tenderness in the way her tongue darted across his member and the blush on her cheeks as she performed this audacious act made her almost irresistible. Sure, she did a few mistakes now and then, by accidentally applying too much pressure at times, or drag her teeth against his sensitive skin, but for the most part Keiichi was pleasantly surprised by her. However, knowing that finishing into her mouth could be far from a pleasant surprise for a complete beginner like Belldandy, the dark haired mortal tried to come up with excuse to interrupt her before he could no longer hold back. “Um... Belldandy? Can I return the favor, now?”


“Mmph?” was the confused goddess’ reply, as the others present also turned to stare at the nervous student.


“I mean… what Gorgeous Rose did for you,” elaborated Keiichi, even though he knew that she probably got what he wanted to say.


Tilting her head slightly, Belldandy thought about it for a moment and then she reluctantly lied on the air bed Peorth had summoned. She was slightly concerned that her performance was so bad that it became uncomfortable for him, but then tried to reason that he merely wanted their first time to be less one sided. Spreading her legs, the blushing goddess watched Keiichi position between them and massage her inner thighs in slow, and then move lower, reaching for her soaking womanhood.


He had no idea what he was doing, but Keiichi wanted to give this a try, and moved a bit back as he bent down to trail a series of kisses along Belldandy’s thighs. Approaching his target with every kiss, the mortal proceeded to rub her nether lips, eliciting a gasp from the Norn, especially when his fingers brushed against her sensitive knob and gave it a gentle flick. Which… earned him an almost immediate response, when the goddess’ back arched and she involuntarily raised her hips, bringing her labia within inches from Keiichi’s mouth. And knowing that it was now or never, the mortal took a deep breath and then closed the distance, giving her lower lips a kiss.


Oh, Keiichi!’ The goddess of the present let out an excited moan as she felt the student’s tongue dart across her labia. And despite his uncertainty, Keiichi’s gentle lapping at her pink petals made her shiver in eager anticipation of what she so much desired and yet dared not ask. Thankfully for her though, it didn’t take long before she felt her lips part as Keiichi’s tongue enter her and no matter how hard she tried, her voice came out louder than ever.




By now it became hard for Urd to define the difference between a lesson and a threesome. As a matter of fact, if her sister wasn’t involved, she would’ve pounced either of the other two participants. But she somehow endured and more importantly, so did Gullveig, despite her attempts to see how far she could tempt him before he gave in and took her, too.


Having taken her minidress off, the salacious goddess of the past stood next to her sister’s boyfriend and hugged him tightly while he took Skuld from behind. Trapping his right arm between her breasts, Urd enjoyed the sensation of his flexing muscles as he held her sister’s hips and moved her back and forth against his thrusts. Which both made her happy to know that even after all her teasing he still favored her sister -as he should be- and… pretty furious  that he wouldn’t give her some form of release. ‘Damn you~! Just cum already and let me finish this frigging lesson! I… can’t stand this anymore!


Looking over at her struggling sister, Skuld couldn’t help but grin at how she ended up in a situation where she was essentially teased by someone else for a change. “Something’s wrong, Urd?”


“No,” growled the half goddess, looking away from Skuld, only to make matters worse for her.


“Come on! Aren’t you happy that you’ve done such a great job teaching me how to have anal?” asked Skuld, ramming her rear end against her boyfriend’s hips, just to make her even more aware of her own arousal. “Look at how much progress I’ve already made!”


“Uh… Skuld… I think that’s enough,” said Gullveig, as the pressure around his arm became almost unbearable even for a god to handle. “She’s trying to help us after all, so, don’t tease her.”


“Fine, fine… I’ll just-” started Skuld, but came to a stop when a scream from below caught her attention. “Just what are they doing down there?”




Belldandy’s voice hit a rich crescendo as Keiichi’s tongue explored her most intimate of areas. She tried to hold back, of course, yet it proved to be an almost impossible task. Her body was reacting in ways she had never experienced before, and only when Peorth grabbed her legs and forced them apart, did she realize that she nearly crushed the poor mortal’s head. “Oh, no! Are you alright, Keiichi?”


“I’m fine,” said the slightly overwhelmed student, as he had never expected such a strong reaction from Belldandy. ‘Actually now that I think of it, with Holy Bell, I did hear her voice. So, how much more intense can it be with Belldandy herself?’ Wiping the Norn’s love juices off his chin, he nodded to Peorth who returned back to pruning the excess roses off her angel’s vines and then glanced over at the worried Belldandy. “I’m really fine! So, don’t look at me like that. More importantly, how was it for you? I’ve really enjoyed it, even though I had no idea what to expect.”


“I… I’ve enjoyed it, too,” managed the blushing goddess, who was unaccustomed to discuss her experiences with others. However, when Keiichi lied next to her and patted his lap, Belldandy froze on the spot. ‘He wants me to ride him!’ Seconds felt like ages and eventually, Belldandy shifted on the bed. Straddling the mortal, the Norn lied on top of him and felt his arms wrap around him, before his lips claimed hers in a deep kiss.


Making her relax once more, Keiichi moved to explore Belldandy’s body, rubbing her sides with his hands, before he reached her pert bottom and gave her a firm squeeze. ‘It’s official. I’m the luckiest man alive.’ Using his grip on her backside to move her pelvis against him, Keiichi felt his penis slowly recover and harden once more as it rubbed against her labia, and the sensation of her soft breasts against his chest was a sweet bonus too. However, as his tip brushed her entrance, Keiichi took a moment to search her eyes for any sign of doubt.


Offering him a smile, Belldandy’s blue eyes met his and reaching back, she guided his manhood into her channel, letting out a soft gasp as his head went past her lips. Soon, his hands pushed her pelvis down on him and even rose his hips for better results, sending shivers down Belldandy’s spine as she felt his member slide into her.


Letting her adjust for a moment, Keiichi kissed her instead and as the walls of her womanhood tightened around him, the mortal began to move. Much to his relief, it immediately became evident that he wasn’t the only one enjoying this moment, since he could soon feel her hips rock on their own.


Belldandy’s back arched as the fire between her legs turned into an inferno, making her aware of her own lust that demanded more; far more. Getting up on a seated position above his hips, the Norn used her legs to propel her upwards, making the air bed squeak with every bounce, and yet she didn’t stop. She wasn’t going to shy away from taking a more active role in their lovemaking out of fear that her actions could be seen as a sign of promiscuity, especially not while the other goddesses were capable at more impressive displays. So, for the first time of her life, Belldandy let her hair down -figuratively speaking- and proceeded to make love to the one she came to like during her short stay in the mortal realm.


Her graceful motions became progressively more intense, especially as Keiichi’s hands found their way to her hips and helped her move on top of him, all while he thrust his hips up to maximize their pleasure. And while she wasn’t going to openly admit it, Belldandy absolutely loved every moment of it.






Skuld’s orgasm came as a great relief not only to her climaxing boyfriend, but also to the utterly frustrated Urd, who swore not to give them such a hands-on lesson ever again. With her arms still wrapped around the god, she could feels his abs contract as he repeatedly slammed against her sister’s backside, releasing one spurt after the other. Of course, despite her own frustration, this whole lesson turned out to be a very productive one. Aside from teaching her sister something new, Urd also made sure to check Gullveig’s strength of will, and aside from touching her breasts, the god did nothing more with her.


‘Most others would’ve jumped at the opportunity for a threesome, and I did push him far enough. Well… I guess that should suffice.’ Giving them a chance to recover from their almost simultaneous orgasm, Urd looked around for her minidress, but soon felt a pat on her shoulder. Turning over, the half goddess was kind of surprised to see her sister smile at her. “So, I’ll take that as a sing that you liked it?”


“You know… as much as I hated the idea at first, I did kind of enjoyed it,” said Skuld, before her smile diminished a bit. “Although, I do want to say that I’m really sorry about all that stuff I’ve told you in the morning.”


“Nah… I’m good and the fact that you humored my idea was more than enough,” said Urd dismissively. “Now, have you seen my-”


“Not so fast, Urd. I know that you’ve pretty horny thanks to this lesson, so… I think that we should offer you some reward too,” said Skuld, causing both Gullveig and Urd to frown at her.


“Skuld… I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but even if Urd agrees, I’m not trusting myself enough to risk screwing everything up if I find that I prefer doing with her,” admitted the blonde god, much to the Norns’ surprise. “I love you for who you are, Skuld, but at the same time… this is all new to me and I cannot be absolutely certain that there won’t be any unwanted side effects in the long run.”


“He’s right, you know. As much as I appreciate the gesture, I’m not totally convinced that either of you is fully prepared to take such a step, and rushing things could ruin your relationship,” added Urd, before she turned to Gullveig and ruffled his golden locks. “You did pretty well, kid. I like it when a guy knows their limitations, and doesn’t think with his dick. Keep it up and you might get your threesome at a later point, when both you and Skuld will be ready. But for now… let’s clean up, get dressed, and then leave before the others find out that you peeped on them. Class dismissed!”


Exchanging a glance Skuld and her boyfriend nodded to each other, and then started to gather their scattered clothes. However, as soon as they got themselves busy, Urd rushed to take a peek at what was going on underneath them, and the half goddess had to admit that she was quite impressed.


‘Wow! I never knew she had it in her! Way to go Bell!’




When the Norn took Keiichi’s hands off of her behind, the mortal became worried that he went too far for Belldandy’s comfort. Yet, once she placed them on her breasts and squeezed them against her sensitive nipples, Keiichi’s breath was caught in his throat. The most reserved goddess he knew not only wanted him to touch her like that, but she even guided his fingers to pinch her nipples and give them a few tugs. And every time he did, Belldandy’s moans increased in volume, reflecting her already elevated arousal, that threatened to push her over the edge.


However as he awaited her fast approaching climax with eager anticipation, Keiichi noticed something that… initially seemed impossible. At some point, the scenery around him changed, and he was no longer inside his bath, but some… lightly forested area. Stranger yet was while he was still naked, there was no sign of Belldandy anywhere, or Peorth for that matter. He was alone in a totally unfamiliar territory and without any rational explanation as to how he even got here to begin with.


Looking around for any hints as to what was going on here, Keiichi was at a loss when he found absolutely nothing. Until he heard a soft voice being carried by the wind, and without anything better to do, the mortal followed it to its source. Going deeper into the forest, Keiichi struggled a bit to traverse the progressively thicker vegetation, using the voice as his only means of navigation. And the closer he got, the more familiar that voice became, to the point where he could almost who it belonged to.


‘Holy Bell? That’s her… singing?’


Reaching a clearing in the woods, Keiichi found the source of the singing, and at the same time verified that his hunch was right. Holy Bell was floating in the middle of what appeared to be a swarm of fireflies of every color in the rainbow; creating a light show unlike anything he had seen before. “Beautiful…”


Coming to an abrupt stop, the startled angel turned around and spotting her unexpected visitor. One that shouldn’t actually be here under any circumstances, and yet he was standing right there, with an almost awestruck look on his face. Floating towards him, the curious Holy Bell stopped within arm’s reach from her mortal lover and poked him, as if she was trying to dispel the apparition; only to find out that he was as real as he could be.


‘I don’t get it… Where am I, and why is Holy Bell here? Is this some sort of a dream? Did I pass out while making love to Belldandy and I’m having this strange dream? Although… her touch felt so real.’


But, Keiichi had no chance to find out more about his rather bizarre experience, as the sound of Belldandy’s ecstatic scream reverberated in his head and all of a sudden everything went dark around him.






It took him a few moments for the vertigo to subside as he was once more back to where he should’ve been, but thankfully for him, Keiichi was already lying on his back. Still, his mind was struggling to make sense of what was going on around him, especially as his body was going through a powerful orgasm, with his hips almost moving on their own while he deposited his seed deep into Belldandy’s womb, who was in the middle of her climax too. And a pretty intense as well, since her vaginal walls closed around him like a vice, all while her back arched so much that she almost toppled over.


Instinctively, Keiichi reached to catch her, but in his dazed state the mortal pulled her too hard and caused her to end up lying on top of him instead. Seconds passed in silence, as neither of them, nor Peorth for that matter, made any comments or attempted to move. However when Keiichi turned to take a better look at Belldandy’s face, it immediately became apparent that she was staring him back in confusion.


“Keiichi? Did you?... Did you see my angel’s mindscape?” asked Belldandy in a low tone, just above a whisper, but it wasn’t just to avoid being overheard by Peorth. The Norn herself could barely believe what she just said, especially given how impossible such a feat should've been for a mortal.


Keiichi however had no idea how to answer that question, and asked one of his own. “Uh… Belldandy... What’s a mindscape?”


The goddess’ lips moved as she worked up an answer, but before she could offer her explanation, the phone rang, drawing everyone’s attention. And while Peorth rushed to pick it up, Belldandy slowly rose from Keiichi and tried to regain her composure. “I’ll explain later, since I don’t think we’ve got the time right now. Although… I do have one thing I want to say before I forget it,” said Belldandy as her expression softened and her lips curled up in a smile. “Thank you very much for this wonderful moment, Keiichi.”


“The pleasure is all mine, Bell.” Getting in a seated position, Keiichi leaned closer to the goddess and gave her a kiss. “Now, should we go and see what this is all about?”






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