The Vain Rose's Garden

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Disclaimer: I do not own the Ah!/Oh! My goddess series. This is not made for profit.

Before I begin with the chapter, I must point out that although Keiichi’s definitely the primary focus of the story, certain things might be necessary to allow the plot to develop. This includes some of the goddesses having affairs (regardless of how short those may be) of their own before they meet him.


Additionally, the first chapters might bear some similarity or reference to events from the anime and manga, but I’m planning to veer off a bit later on, making this story its own thing instead of just a mere retelling of the canon story with lots of sensual stuff in it. And yes, there’s plot in there too. Trust me on that.


Now, I’d like to thank everyone who decided to follow this story as well as comment on it on all the sites I’m posting it. And I want to further reassure you that I’ve got no intention to simply abandon this without any further notice, even if updates might be somewhat slow. The average chapter here is much longer compared to other stories and as such, they cover 3-4 times the amount of content I would’ve covered with a lot more frequent releases.


An important notice is that Skuld is an adult here, not the young girl she’s in the actual series.


And for the necessary legal disclaimer:


I don’t own the Ah!/Oh! my goddess series. This is only made for fun. I'm not making any profit from this story.




Nearly a month had already passed since the fateful day Peorth descended on Earth to grant Keiichi’s wish and in the process end up in the most bizarre situation she had experienced throughout the centuries of her service as a wish granter.


With the Ultimate Force in place, Peorth had no option but to stay within a certain distance from her client just to avoid the celestial contract enforcement server from reacting to what it would perceive as a possible sign of them being separated. However, although it was fairly simple to do so while Keiichi was hanging around their new home, up in the hillside temple surrounding Nekomi, doing the same while he was at NIT proved to be a lot trickier than she originally thought.


News of Keiichi having a foreign looking beauty as a girlfriend didn’t take long to spread around the campus and soon, Peorth found herself as the center of all attention from the curious students who tried to figure out what was going on here. The otherwise unimpressive and unlucky motorhead was best known as being a member of the now infamous Motor Club, all thanks to the shenanigans of its two directors, Tamiya and Otaki. But unlike those two, Keiichi was apparently the voice of reason and probably the glue that kept the Club together, as well as the main driving force that ensured them several successes in various events.


Despite his reputation as a competent mechanic and team leader, Keiichi’s dating skills became a subject of ridicule when he asked the most popular girl in the campus to go out with him. Unfortunately as he soon realized, a museum was hardly the ideal location for a date, especially for Sayoko Mishima. Aside from being the most popular student, she was also the heiress of the Mishima Group, making her the richest woman in the entire campus. After rejecting Keiichi’s offer right on the spot, rumors about his rather humiliating attempt to date the most sought after student started to spread around the campus and as a result, Keiichi earned the reputation of a loser, at least as far as women were concerned.


So, the sight of this amazingly attractive foreign looking woman following him around resulted in a lot of head scratching as everyone tried to figure out what this beauty wanted from an average looking and positively poor guy. After all, money was the key of success for NIT’s most notorious playboy, Toshiyuki Aoshima, although this explanation didn’t work with Keiichi at all.


Unfortunately for Peorth all this unwanted attention started to become a serious problem after the first couple of days as wannabe suitors tried to ask her out, or at the very least learn what motivated her to stick around Keiichi. And once Sayoko became aware that most of her fanboys started to flock around this mysterious brunette who literally appeared out of nowhere to steal her spotlight, things became much harder for both the rose goddess and her client.


Not only did she try to learn where she came from and why she was hanging around Keiichi, but the rich woman even employed the help of professor Ozawa to investigate her. And with Peorth having to sneak into Keiichi’s classes to avoid the Ultimate Force from triggering if she remained away from him during those lengthy lectures, it was only a matter of time before the professor found out that she wasn’t a student.


Worse, being a first class goddess, Peorth was unable to tell a lie, which meant that she had to use the last resort: enroll in NIT, even by going as far as hacking the student database and then let Keiichi fill in her personal information fields with fake entries, mostly to avoid doing it herself and in the process end up breaking Heaven’s rules.


As a result, Peorth was now officially an engineering student just like Keiichi, and while this proved to be enough to get professor Ozawa off her back, it caused other kinds of side effects. Peorth was now forced to study and even had homework to deal with. Something that proved to be both a blessing and a curse for the goddess. On one hand, it was far less awkward to talk to Keiichi now that they had something in common, but on the other hand, the more intimate aspect of their relationship suffered.


Aside from the fellatio she had offered him during her first day on Earth, Peorth only managed to repeat that performance twice during a whole month. Sure, Keiichi was much less reluctant to let her offer him some oral, although at the same time it was also apparent that he wasn’t all too comfortable either. As a result, Peorth didn’t push him too hard to move their relationship forward and risk alienating him in the process, yet this standstill frustrated her to no end. It was the first time she had to deal with a partner that didn’t seem to be too eager to get into her panties, although Keiichi was far from unhappy to let her caress his private parts. Most likely the young student tried hard to overcome his natural shyness and while Peorth knew that time was her best ally, all this waiting for him to get used to such activities proved to be a source of great frustration.


The goddess of the roses wanted to get laid, and she wanted it badly. So much that a part of her mind started to consider a less exclusive relationship and rely on a few temporary partners to satisfy her more basic needs, even for a single night. Sadly such a promiscuous behavior was unlikely to sit well with Keiichi, ruining any chances she had to become his friend let alone his lover.


As a matter of fact, to further appease her mortal client, Peorth decided to forgo her favorite clothes for a much more earthly attire, consisting of a black sweater with a horizontal cleavage cutout and a pair of red denim pants that hugged her lovely curves perfectly. Simple yet functional, her new clothes allowed Keiichi to be more at ease while around her, with the added bonus that a more conservative look prevented the boy from getting too used of her semi naked body.


Although effective, Peorth’s methods proved to be too slow for her liking, considering that she was clearly inexperienced when it came to shy individuals, as most of her previous clients were the exact opposite of her current one. Then again, she never had to stay with one of them on an almost constant basis and in a scenario like this, a cohabitation purely based on sex didn’t appear as an appealing choice even to her. Such a thing would reduce her to an object of sexual gratification, and for a prideful goddess like her, it was simply unacceptable. She had a lot more to offer than an attractive body and Peorth was determined that any boyfriend of hers would appreciate all of her aspects; not just her physical appearance.


Sadly that decision also left her with a terrible itch that the goddess desperately wanted to get rid of and self pleasure while effective was too easy of a solution for her liking. Still, without putting more pressure on Keiichi, especially during an already busy month for him, Peorth saw no other way out of it and while she was sitting in front of the low table in the living room, the brunette goddess unbuttoned her pants and slipped two elegant fingers inside her panties… only for the doorbell to interrupt her.


‘Good Heavens! Out of all possible times! Argh!...’ Getting up in a hurry, Peorth made sure she was presentable once more and then rushed to the answer door.




The mailman took a step back when he saw the angry grimace on the goddess’ face and held up a small brown package in front of him. “You’ve got a parcel for someone named… Peorth? I assume that would be you, miss?”


“Huh? Yes, that’s me…” answered the goddess in question, her anger now replaced by confusion and even worry. It was highly unlikely that anyone here on Earth would send her anything, since all the bills were on Keiichi’s name. Of course with her ever growing popularity, there was the possibility that she had an admirer who wanted to court her despite the rumors of her already living with a guy, and while it didn’t seem wrong to her, Peorth knew that sometimes those people could get out of hand when rejected.


“Then could you please sign here?”


“Sure…” Taking the little package after signing for it, Peorth watched the mailman go and then closed the door, heading back to the living room.


‘Hm… strange… I can’t find the sender’s address anywhere. Perhaps someone put it in a  mailbox without writing down their personal information? This makes the secret admirer idea more plausible…’


Opening the envelope, Peorth was expecting to find either a box of chocolates or even a jewelry case, given the rectangular shape of its contents. However, what she discovered inside was an old cassette, and more specifically a Betamax that was nearly unheard of these days. It was so ancient that most people would’ve serious problems to view its contents, although not in this case.


Apparently, with Keiichi being an enthusiast for all kinds of retro stuff, he did own a Betamax player that was currently connected to the TV in his room, and that’s where Peorth headed to solve the mystery of this… gift of sorts.


‘Interesting… It’s labeled as Goddesses Gone Wild… Hold on a moment! I recall that title from somewhere…’


Although she didn’t instantly recognize it, that was an old collection of video clips she had participated in back when she still had a second class license, and there was a good reason why she had even forgotten about it too. Back then, there was some concern about demonic videos containing sensual content popping up everywhere in Heavens. Sure, nobody wanted to admit that they possessed smut made by their enemies, but despite the secrecy involved in their distribution, it soon became too difficult to keep everyone from talking about it.


Quite predictably they were immediately banned, but some argued that threats of punishment for such an otherwise harmless thing would only make them become a cult item instead of totally eliminating those videos from the market. The best way according to them was to fight fire with fire and create a proper response. In other words, they wanted to film a series of erotic videos to counter the already popular ones made by demons, but… it was a proposition met with great skepticism at best and downright scorn at worst.


The biggest hurdle however was that few goddesses wanted to record themselves during intimate moments, especially when there was no emotional attachment to such acts. Sure, there were more than enough instances of casual sex happening in Heavens but even then, most deities involved had little desire to share those moments with everyone. Given that they were all immortals, they obviously worried about the prospect of permanently scaring away potential lovers in the future who wouldn’t take their advances seriously and claim that they only cared about the fun.


Only a handful of them dared to show up to the proposed filming location and amongst those few was Peorth herself. Already a goddess with a reputation of being unconventional, she thought that this was the perfect opportunity to contribute to a great cause. In her opinion it was rather shameful that they had to stoop as low as beg the demons to provide them with such forms of entertainment because everyone wanted to maintain a seemingly perfect image for themselves, even if they did such things in their private life. Taking honesty to a whole new level, Peorth wasn’t afraid to let others see what she did behind her bedroom’s locked doors.


Interestingly, amongst the few goddesses who wanted to partake in the filming was Urd, and while Peorth knew about the half goddess, this was the first time she met her in person. And sticking to her ideals, Peorth didn’t try to avoid her like some other goddess who clearly feared the hybrid, although in an afterthought it might’ve also been envy. Urd had a truly stunning body with proportions that made even Peorth jealous, but trying not to succumb to such petty emotions, the rose goddess tried to approach her and in the process realized that she was no less of a goddess than any other. Despite her playful personality and the tendency to lie and occasionally break a rule here and there, Urd was a relatively harmless troublemaker at best, given that she was nowhere as bad as some of the otherwise pure blooded compatriots who committed far worse offenses and yet didn’t gain a reputation like hers.


Apparently the demonic blood in her veins was enough to make certain deities avoid her like the plague and much to Peorth’s disbelief… this proved to be the case when was outright rejected from the whole project. Of course the official explanation given to Urd was that being the daughter of their leader could result in attracting his attention and not in a good way, too. With this project being scorned by a lot of the high ranking members of their society, the last thing they needed was to make Tyr mad at them for taking advantage of his firstborn and worse, if her mother took this as a way of ridiculing her… the prospect of dealing with an angry Hild was too scary even for the bravest god.


It almost sounded legitimate and Urd accepted that without making a big fuss about it. She even joked that the guys there probably didn’t had dicks large enough to satisfy her anyway, although Peorth knew that she was indeed pissed, but wished to avoid turning this into a public spectacle. Even worse, the rose goddess heard rumors that Urd was informed about the decision after they filmed her scene. In other words, the director and his cast of gods had a round with her before coming clean and announce their decision to exclude this footage from the final version of the video.


Urd may had adamantly refused that such a thing took place, but despite her claims, in the following years many of the deities involved in that filming started to disappear under mysterious circumstances and that only meant that whoever was behind that had both the means and the determination to punish them. Something that only Tyr or Hild were capable of pulling successfully, although in this case Peorth’s gut feeling was that the latter was responsible for their disappearance.


Interestingly, one after the other the remaining goddesses soon refused to take part in a second video, with Peorth being the first to resign and the rest of them following suit in a manner of days, canceling the whole project altogether. Thankfully, it appeared that not everyone was willing to happy to treat Urd in such a horrible manner and in the wake of what turned out to be a little scandal, more deities started to ignore her origins and opened up to her.


‘It appears that the best thing that came from that whole fiasco was to expose how easily some deities could turn into hypocritical liars and in many ways… far worse than the worst of the demons. Still… this means that it wasn’t a human who send this, but then again… who even remembered about it?’


Finding no other clues about the sender, Peorth decided to put the cassette into the player and take a look at the video itself for any hints. After all, that was all she could do at the time and with Keiichi in the back working on his bike, it was the best opportunity for her to watch this in his room.




The screen flicked to life with a soft hum as the old school CRT switched on and the slightly grainy image of the cassette appeared on the little monitor.


Goddesses Gone Wild, Director’s cut.


As soon as the title disappeared, a barely illuminated room showed up on the screen, making Peorth squint her eyes to make out the silhouettes moving around in the darkness. A moment later, soft, rhythmic music music started to play and finally a spotlight turned on revealing a little dancing stage in the middle of the room and more importantly, a very familiar bronze skinned goddess.


‘Urd? Is this… that missing recording? Interesting…’


Indeed, it was her fellow administrator, wearing a sleeveless golden minidress that hugged her body like a second skin. Surrounding her were four gods sitting on couches around the stage as they prepared for her performance. Hungry eyes checked the half goddess’ body from her long legs to the stretched fabric of her dress that struggled to contain her impressive bust.


‘Ha!... They sure didn’t mind drooling like that over a half goddess. I guess lust made them forget about their prejudice. Perverts…’


With a smile, Urd began to sway to the rhythm, her hands traveling across her curvaceous body in slow motions to better display what she had to the camera as well as her small but delighted audience. Blowing a kiss to the viewer, Urd reached for the zipper at the front of her minidress and with a fluid motion she opened it all the way to her navel, leaving just enough to keep her clothes from falling down to the stage. At the same time, she quickly used her hands to hide her nipples as it was pretty evident that she wore no bra, and kept dancing, knowing that he movements caused her minidress to slowly move lower.


Soon her attire covered only as much skin as a micro skirt would and at that point she removed her hands from her chest, allowing everyone to see her bare breasts. Seconds later, Urd took her dress off, leaving herself left with only her golden T-back thong that  was so tiny, it hardly covered anything.


As a matter of fact, Urd pulled hard on her panties, making them dig into her lower lips, while she continued to dance, turning around to let the camera capture her pert bottom as she jiggled it.


Meanwhile her attentive audience had taken off most of their clothes too, leaving themselves in their boxers and judging by the looks of it, they were more than pleased with what they saw. So much that two of them had even pulled their hard members out and stroked them slowly as they watched Urd’s dance.


For her part, the half goddess noticed the eager gods and with a grin on her face she edged towards those two. Getting of the stage, Urd danced close to their couch and this time the gods did more than appreciate the show. Reaching forward, they touched her smooth, bronze skin and while she bent over to take hold of their manhoods, the duo moved to take a breast each. Kissing, licking and even playfully biting the dark chocolate nipples, the gods kept urging Urd to stroke them faster while their hands kept exploring her sinful curves. And as the goddess complied, they got even bolder, demanding more access to her body only to find that this was as far as she was willing to go.


Then without warning, one of them claimed her lips, kissing Urd right in the mouth and taking advantage of her surprise he deepened the kiss, all while his friend relieved her of the thong she was wearing. With that obstacle out of the way, the duo prepared to truly enjoy her, only to have her slip right out of their grasp. Although Urd didn’t seem like she was mad, it was evident that she wasn’t ready to go further yet, making a beeline to the other side of the room and towards the other two gods.


Getting the rather obvious hint they tried to avoid pushing too far and leave them with a case of blue balls like she did to the first duo. Allowing her to take the initiative this time, they watched her look between them before she picked one and sat on his lap, starting to dance once more.


But now it was a full contact lap dance, unlike the little strip show she gave them earlier and Urd didn’t shy away from rubbing her lower lips against the god’s hard penis, stroking him in a much more enjoyable way. And while he may have wished for more, the god did little to agitate her, merely stroking her long hair as she danced on his lap, which proved to be the right decision.


Moving lower to stimulate her clit as she rubbed against him, Urd’s movements became faster and more energetic, eliciting a series of low grunts from the god. Throwing her hair back, she too joined in by moaning loudly and after several moments of stimulation, her partner reached his limit. With one last groan he began to orgasm, shooting his seed against his lower abdomen one spurt after the other. As the satisfied Urd inspected her handiwork, she leaned forward to give her partner a kiss and then moved to the god next to him.


Swallowing hard, he watched Urd lick her lips as she positioned herself on top of him but this time, she faced in the other direction. Trapping his hard member against her pert bottom, Urd began to dance again, simulating him too. although in a different fashion than the previous god. Keen to appease her, her current partner tried to massage her breasts ever so tenderly and even reached to rub her clit as she couldn’t do it in this position, an act that earned him a kiss as the goddess craned her head back whispered something to him. Although not loud enough to be heard in the audio track, whatever she told him made the god grin like an idiot and nod vigorously.


Repositioning herself on her partner, Urd trapped his manhood between her thighs and pressed against her now moist entrance before she resumed rubbing him. Soon both of them started to moan as the god clearly enjoyed the additional contact and Urd could feel his tip rub her clit as she moved along his length. However, despite his best efforts, he too found it hard to keep up with the sensual goddess and before long, he also ended up shooting his seed onto the floor.


Finally as she got up from her latest partner, the goddess turned to the camera and smirked as she raised an elegant eyebrow.


“Having fun, Peorth?”






Stumbling back, Peorth ended up falling on her rear as Urd’s face approached the camera and then went through it and the screen itself. “Hi there!”


Blinking at the cheerful and buck naked goddess that poked her head through the TV, Peorth felt rather confused as to what was going on here and just watched her pull the rest of her body through. “What’s the big deal, Urd?”


“Mm… that’s a nice house indeed! I knew that I’ve found the perfect love nest for you and that boy.” Totally ignoring her question, Urd simply strode around as naked as the day she was born, much to Peorth’s annoyance.


Hey! Don’t you just ignore me like that!” snapped the brunette goddess as she readjusted her clothes from her previous… self massage. “Why are you even here? Do you have any idea what kind of trouble you’ll get yourself into if they catch you being absent from work?”


“Calm down girl, I’m not that stupid! I’ve asked for a short leave before coming here, so it’s not like I’ve run away or something!”


Raising an eyebrow, Peorth was rather skeptical about her claims, given her reputation for lying, especially since she was a second class goddess and unlike herself, spreading lies wasn’t considered a punishable crime. “Lord Hoenir gave you permission? That’s… interesting…”


“Yep! Got a signed leave by the boss himself!” said Urd with a wink, summoning the document that was signed by the lord of the administrators and member of Heaven’s Council. In effect, Hoenir was their immediate superior as far as administrators were concerned, with the only higher authority being the Council as a whole and of course Tyr himself, their supreme leader. And considering that Peorth was also an administrator aside from a wish granter, Hoenir was one of her bosses as well, with the other one being Freya the goddess in charge of the Earth Assistance Hotline.


Taking the document from her hands, Peorth scanned it for any obvious signs of forgery which could’ve been a serious crime and found… nothing at all. It was legitimate as far as she could tell and with a frustrated sigh Peorth handed it back to Urd who simply dematerialized it back to wherever she stored her possessions. “Okay, what do you want?”


“Oh, my! That’s a pretty scary face, for someone so concerned about me!” said Urd in mock surprise, taking a step back for an added dramatic effect. “Worried that my great looks will get the boy’s attention away from you?”


“No, I’m worried about the weird potions you’ll use to either help us, or… just help yourself with him,” said Peorth while crossing her arms.


“Hey, my potions aren’t weird and you’ve used similar things in the past, with far worse results from what I recall!”


“Which is exactly why I don’t want your help Urd! Look, I’m really thankful that you found us a place to stay, but things are under control. Keiichi’s just… a bit shy and I’d rather take my time getting there, instead of pushing too hard to get laid with him.”


“If you say so.” Turning around to retrieve her cassette, now that it had done its job, Urd stopped and looked over to her fellow administrator that kept eying her with some skepticism. “By the way… what do you think about this little video I’ve made?”


“That was yours? Not part of that project?” asked the somewhat surprised Peorth, who was almost certain that it was genuine footage from back then.


“Of course it’s mine! I wasn’t stupid enough to let those morons film me before signing a formal contract. I wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t pull anything funny and the director’s attempts to go around the topic made me think that he wasn’t all that sincere, so I quit,” said Urd with a grin as she stashed the cassette in her subspace storage. “Most of what you’ve seen was a fun little project of mine and despite appearances, it was scripted. As a love goddess I wanted to have a bit of a sexy video, although not a hardcore one, just in case my father found out and… I guess you can imagine what would follow.”


“Oh, I do…” Letting out a sigh, Peorth had to admit that despite appearances, Urd was indeed much more shrewd that she let others think. As a matter of fact, the rose goddess herself hadn’t considered the possibility of the filming being a fraud or at the very least, having extra scenes shot just for the personal pleasure of the director and his main cast of gods. However that was already ancient history and real question here was a very different one. “Anyway… you still haven’t told me why you’re here.”


“Well… I must admit that your latest contract kind of caught my attention, so, I wanted to take a better look at that Keiichi boy. Now, I’m not going to try and outright steal him or anything that silly, just see what’s the big deal about him. After all, I doubted that you’d ever agree granting such a wish, given the implications behind it.”


“It’s true that I wondered about that myself,” said Peorth, pausing for a moment as she also had a hard time to explain the situation to the other goddess. “At a first glance, there’s nothing particularly special about Keiichi. He’s just your average college student and a motorbike enthusiast, but if you actually spend time with him, you’ll realize that he has several good qualities. He’s headstrong, hard working, loyal and above all a person you can depend on when things could turn for the worse. That’s what I’ve seen during the last month and honestly? I kind of like a person like that.”


“Hm… in other words he’s a good mate, instead of just a good shag, right?”


“Yes, if you want to put it like that. And while I haven't gone all the way with him yet, he does look promising even as a lover,” admitted Peorth with a tiny blush forming on her cheeks.


Although faint, Urd managed to notice that blush and paused for a moment to consider her options. It was rare to see Peorth act like that, making her think that this might’ve been a bit more serious than the brunette’s typical short term relationships which in most cases were pretty casual too. If that was the case, Urd felt rather hesitant to screw around with the boy and end up ruining her friend’s chances with him. After all, she was a troublemaker, not a cold hearted bitch who stabbed friend behind their back. “Okay, I guess you’re right. Sorry to bother you… I suppose I’ll have to call this off and go back to…”


“Wait!... I didn’t mean that you’re not welcome!” said Peorth, seeing the half goddess start to head back towards the TV she had used to come here in the first place. “After all, you’re the one who got us this house and it’s just rude to kick you out like that. Besides, Keiichi knows that a friend of mine did this for us and it would be nice to introduce you to him. I’m not worried about you two having sex, as long as no potions are involved and he’s cool with the idea.”


Oh?” Turning around to face her, Urd had to admit that she was taken back by the rather explicit offer to share the boy. “Are proposing what I think you are?”


“Pff! Don’t act as if this is the first time you heard this from me, Urd. I’m not against a polygamous relationship, as long as certain rules apply. Nothing too unreasonable of course, just being honest about it and avoid doing things behind each other’s back. Under those circumstances… yes, I’d like to give Keiichi the option of having more lovers or even the occasional partner for the night, providing that he doesn’t forget about me. I may be willing to go pretty far in terms of leniency, but not to the point of ruining whatever relationship we might develop.”


There was a short pause as Urd considered the wish granter’s words and while she did want to try her chances with the boy, it sounded too good to be true. Peorth was a really prideful and to offer her potential boyfriend so easily that was a bit of an overkill even for a polygamous goddess like her. “Honestly… I’m less surprised and more suspicious. I just came here and you’re far too happy to make me bed  this guy, which probably means… that you can’t do it on your own. Am I right?”


“Err…” Cursing her inability to lie, Peorth knew that the bronze skinned goddess had her in a corner. She had hoped that amorous troublemaker would’ve jumped at the opportunity and avoid having to offer any further explanations, but given that she had no other choice, Peorth decided to swallow up her pride and just tell Urd about her plan. “Okay… you’re right. Progress is too slow and I worry that the longer I wait, the more used to the status quo we might become. Yet, I’m reluctant to push Keiichi too hard and scare him in the process.”


“Hm… and that’s where I come in,” mused Urd, rubbing her chin in thought. “Since I’m not the one who made that contract with him, I can… entice him without making you seem too eager to have sex.”


“Yes, that’s the basic idea anyway. Of course he’s not just going to jump at the opportunity to sleep with you and treating Keiichi like a pervert is only going to insult him. Instead I was hoping you’d try your typical attempts to help him get closer to me and in the process… well… just act they way you always do,” said Peorth, worrying that she probably picked the worst way of explaining her thoughts and in the process pisses the half goddess, although much to her relief there was no immediate negative reaction to her words.


“Well… I think that it might work actually.” Choosing to ignore the brunette’s comments for the sake of avoiding an argument that would’ve ruined any chances to meet this mortal boy, Urd got straight to the point, discussing their plan in greater detail. “Still, it’s better if you introduce me to Keiichi before I even try anything and perhaps spend some time with him. If he’s as shy as you say, going straight for the kill will definitely cause him to freak out and run away.”


“That’s absolutely correct. Actually, he’s working on his bike right now, so why don’t we go over there and let you meet him?”


“Sounds like a plan to me. Lead the way, flower girl.”


“Sure thi-... Hey! Don’t call me that!




Wiping his forehead with his sleeve, Keiichi took a break to inspect his handiwork. Maintaining his Beemer was one the things he truly enjoyed doing early in the morning, especially after he started to live here with Peorth. Far away from the busy streets of Nekomi and the concrete jungle surrounding them, the college student felt much more at ease being in this serene and quiet environment which allowed him to enjoy working on his bike a lot  more than he used to. Besides, without his dorm mates butting in to help and the process propose all kinds of crazy tune ups and modifications that Keiichi had to decline, or even a new, zany plan to raise funds for the Motor Club, since most of them were members, he could finally take his time pay attention to every little detail.


‘Mm!... Now the chain’s all cleaned up and there’s no slack anymore.’


Pleased with the result, he was about to continue before the sound of footsteps caught his attention, especially since it appeared to belong to two individuals. While he was accustomed to have Peorth check on him from time to time and on certain occasions she had her angel out to spread her wings, the latter rarely walked and instead, she simply hovered above ground. Thinking that this only meant that they may had a visitor, Keiichi looked up from his bike and simply stared.


Indeed, Peorth was accompanied by another goddess, given the markings on her face, but that was the only similarity between the newcomer and his brunette house mate. The newcomer had the most salacious body he had ever set his eyes upon, even with Peoth taken into account. Caramel bronze skin and silvery white hair gave her an exotic appearance and her body shape with that ample bosom and wide hips made it all but impossible to keep the mortal’s eyes away from her generous… assets.


“Hey, Keiichi!” Setting in, Peorth decided to offer the necessary introductions, as she pointed at her fellow goddess. “This is my friend, Urd. Remember the goddess I called to ask for help when we were looking for a place to stay? Well, that’s her!”


“Oh! Uh, hello there! It’s nice to meet you,” said the embarrassed student, getting up from his sitting position next to the bike to properly greet them. “I’m really thankful you helped us back then, or we would’ve been in real trouble…”


“Nah… it’s not a big deal. And I’m pleased to meet you as well… Keiichi.” Making him feel a shiver as she called his name in such a low voice, almost like a purr, Urd gave the mortal a closer look and so far her initial impressions were… mixed. Sure, he looked as cute as in the photos, however the nervous and obviously shy man was an unlikely candidate to attract Peorth’s attention, or even hers. Not that there was anything wrong with him of course, it was just that he lacked that appeal to immediate attract her. Then again, Urd knew that appearances could be deceiving and before she jumped to a hasty conclusion, she wanted to learn more about the mortal who came up with the craziest wish so far.


If this happened more than a month ago, Keiichi would’ve simply blush like an idiot and then run away from the voluptuous goddess who stood before him. However, after he started living with Peorth, the college student’s confidence was significantly boosted and furthermore, he was nowhere as shy as he used to in the past, making it possible to hold up a conversation with someone like Urd without making a fool of himself and much to his own surprise, Keiichi caught himself mentally undressing the newcomer, at which point he simply shook his head to clear such thoughts. “So, are you going to stay here or is this just a short visit?”


“Well… I’m on a short vacation I’d love to spend some time, but I don't want to impose or anything…”


Taking this as her cue, Peorth decided to join in this conversation and for the sake of finding someone to help her get closer to Keiichi, she had to convince him to take her in. “Personally, I don’t mind having a guest. After all, there are a few extra rooms that we can spare and besides, this was a house we got thanks to her, right Keiichi?”


“Yes, that’s correct. I think it’s only fair to let miss Urd stay here for a while, or… as long as she wants really,” said Keiichi with a big smile that showed no hints of deception. It was just like him to offer his hospitality to anyone who needed it, and for the two goddesses present, it proved to be a very desirable personality trait that this young mortal possessed.


“Excellent! In that case, how about we show her around Nekomi?” asked Peorth with a smile of her own, eying at Urd who offered a nod.


“That’s a great idea, Peorth! Let me collect my tools and wash my hands, and then I can take you both on a tour around the city!”


Unbeknownst to the mortal, the two goddesses shared a knowing glance as he rushed to gather his stuff, knowing that the first stage of their plan was a huge success.




“Okay, fezzup! Where did ya got dat beauty frum?”


“Yeah, dude! First Peorth, now an even hotter lady? What’s going on here?”


Leaning away from his towering senpai, Keiichi had no intention to tell Tamiwa and Otaki about his contract with Peorth, let alone the real nature of the two goddess. And to further complicate matters, telling them an outright lie could get Peorth in a difficult position, if they tried to verify his false claims, since first class deities were prohibited from telling lies. As a result, he had to conceal as much of the truth as possible and just provide them the least amount of information needed to answer their questions. “Look, I don’t really know much about Urd. She just arrived today, and by the looks of it, she happens to be one of Peorth’s friends who came here on vacations, and we’re letting her stay with us.”


“Hm…” Scratching their chins, the two towering blokes shared an empty look before they grabbed the unsuspecting Keiichi in a threeway ‘bro hug’ that the poor student didn’t quite enjoy. “Way to go Keiichi! You’re da man!”


“You made us both proud! What a guy!” added Otaki, all while Keiichi struggled to get out of his current predicament, especially as the two goddesses got to witness it.


“Those are some… colorful friends he’s got,” said Urd with an amused grin, looking over at Peorth who by now was almost used to those guy’s antics.


“If by colorful you mean eccentric, then… yes, I believe you’re correct. At least things are never too dull around here,” said Peorth with a casual shrug, only to be proven absolutely correct a few seconds later, when Hasegawa rushed into the clubroom.


“Senpai! The Four Wheels club is staging a huge event to gather new members!”


Everyone in the room turned to the bespectacled brunette with a variety of expressions on their faces, from sheer surprize to downright disgust.


“Dat Aoshima! He’s uzing his muney to buy members for his club!” roared Tamiya, as Otaki simply nodded.


“I guess, we need to go and check what this is all about…” muttered Keiichi with a tired sigh. After the resident playboy’s failed attempt to get into Peorth’s panties, his wounded ego caused him to seek revenge by targeting her boyfriend, as an attempt to make fun of him by depicting Keiichi as a loser. For that reason, the rich playboy made a club of his own to compete with the notorious Motor Club in hopes of ridiculing them and to an extend, Keiichi himself who was one of its most prominent members.




By the time the Motor Club members along with the two goddesses arrived at the scene, a large group of students had already gathered around the Four Wheels clubhouse where Aoshima’s event was taking place. It was almost unfair, but it quickly became evident that the sports cars the rich playboy had parked outside of his clubhouse and the attractive women he hired, all dressed in Playboy bunny uniforms proved to do the trick. None of the Motor Club members had ever seen such a huge crowd during their recruitment events and it was fairly obvious as to why.


“That damn guy is trying to buy them off…” It was almost atypical for Keiichi to say something like that, yet the frustrated student couldn’t help but clench his teeth at this shameless display of ‘money buys everything’ attitude that Aoshima represented. Even more, it all started due to Peorth’s refusal to become part of his countless conquests, that all ended up in the same way: a one night stand to please the playboy’s most basic needs and boost his already overinflated ego.


“Dat’s right! We must do sumthing to kick his azz!” spat Tamiya, but before Otaki could join in as always, Keiichi decided to stop them before they got any funny ideas.


“No, that’s only going to give him an excuse to make us look bad. We already have a bit of a reputation for stirring up trouble and if we try to sabotage his event, it’s just going to come and bite us instead.” Content that his two senpai apparently got his point, judging by their sullen looks, Keiichi felt that this was one less problem, although the main one was still unresolved. If they just left Aoshima get his way with this, then the Motor Club’s future was bleak as with no new members, it was only a matter of time until it disbanded.


“Then why don’t you organize a similar event to compete with him?”


Everyone turned at Peorth and stared her for a couple of seconds, toying with her idea before they lowered their heads in despair.


“We can’t, because there’s just not enough money for such a thing,” admitted Keiichi with his senpai nodding in agreement. “Even if it’s just a dirty trick to attract attention, our club lacks the funds to hire that many girls for advertisement purposes, meaning that we’ve got no chance to get as much attention. None of our past events gathered even a fraction of the crowd you’re seeing here.”


Glancing over to Urd, the rose goddess had an idea and by the looks of it, the administrator caught on rather quickly and gave her a wink. Confident that this might just work, Peorth cleared her throat, catching their attention. “In that case, what about me and Urd? Not to brag, but we can definitely make some heads turn if you want someone to advertise your club! Just come up with a decent idea for an event and we can help you get more students interested in it.”


“Huh?” Blinking hard, Keiichi stared between Peorth and Urd in wonder, before a smile formed in his face. “Hey, that… might work. Although… what kind of an event can we come up is such short notice?”




Grinning like mad, both Tamiya and Otaki decided to use of of their favorite pastimes to attract the necessary attention and given that they already had everything they needed, it wasn’t going to cost anything either.


“Uh… okay, I think it might just work,” said Keiichi, hoping that those two wouldn’t go overboard with their antics and make a huge scene, but aside from that, this almost sounded like a reasonable plan. “In that case, why don’t we start with the preparations? The sooner we get the show on the road, the better!”




“Please attend NIT’s Motor Club karaoke event!”


Smiling at the rather impressive group of students who came to see if the rumors were true, Peorth handed them the fliers they had hastily printed about tonight’s event. The idea was to allow the word to spread around for a few hours, allowing more students to hear about this, and by the looks of it, the plan appeared to work.


Of course, the fact that both she and Urd were dressed like race queens did wonders too, as the skimpy outfits they were wearing consisting of tight miniskirts and bikini tops proved to be wildly popular among the male population. And while Peorth was far from a shy goddess, she had to admit that the bikini top Urd had picked for herself was a tad… skimpier than necessary. Instead of a relatively normal top like Peorth’s that had the Motor Club’s logo printed on it, Urd had gone for a sling bikini that had a checkerboard pattern on it and while it matched the whole racing theme, it did actually display more skin than even the rose goddess was willing to show in public.


Excusing herself as she ran out of leaflets, Peorth headed back to the clubroom, giving a sideways glance towards the rather impressive group of students around Urd and just hoped that the troublemaker goddess wasn’t going to pull anything funny. After all, her original intention was to help Keiichi and if Urd went overboard and caused a large scene, this could cause a lot more harm, even if she wasn’t an actual member of the Motor Club. And by the looks of it, Keiichi was also aware of the danger, given how he nervously stared at the group of students around Urd.


“Do you think it’s okay to let her go on like this?” asked the worried mortal, causing Peorth to stop and follow his gaze.


“I think… no… I hope so. Urd isn’t a slut or something and it’s therefore unlikely to start flashing them or… worse. Still, there are a few times when she gets too… let’s say enthusiastic and pushes things a bit too far,” admitted Peorth, being unable to lie about her friend’s bad habits.


Unfortunately, as honest as she was, that didn’t help Keiichi feel any better as he wondered just how long would it take for either the daring goddess or one of her audience to start something that would draw a lot of attention, albeit of the negative variety. It was evident that some of the students were trying to hit on the gorgeous looking foreigner, and given that her flirty attitude only encouraged them, Keiichi worried that sooner or later one of them might push his luck too far and start a scene. “That… might become a problem actually. Should we get her out of there, before things escalate beyond our control?”


“Hm… I guess it’s the safest option, although it could prove to be counterproductive and we might end up insulting her. After all, it’s almost as if we admit that we don’t trust her to handle this, although she’s not the only one here that might cause a problem. Those guys are starting to get a bit too friendly,” said Peorth, narrowing her eyes as she noticed some of the students around Urd approach her a bit too much.


Following her gaze, Keiichi was starting to feel that this likely going to end up in a catastrophe, should any of those blokes tried to cop a feel and get themselves zapped. Worse, with so many eye witnesses of such an astonishing feat, it was going to be really hard to go on with their daily lives, should word about the goddesses’ true nature got out. As such, he decided to step in and politely get Urd out of there before it was far too late.


“Hey, Urd! It’s almost lunch time, so, how about you come into the clubroom and eat something with the rest of us?”


Before the bronze skinned goddess even had the chance to offer a reply, a collective groan could be heard from the group of students around her, along with a few but quite impolite comments about Keiichi. It was clear that they didn’t appreciate his attempt to monopolize her interest and ruin their chances to score with the gorgeous babe, and given that there were already enough rumors about him and Peorth, it was very hard for them to hide their jealousy.


“Hey, buzz off Morisato! Why do you have to butt in without being invited?” protested one of the more confident students, who stood the closest to Urd and given his well built frame and apparently attractive looks, the one who expected to have the best chances with her. “You already have a hot girlfriend, or are you trying to make a harem?”


That comment earned some mirthful chuckles from the rest of the students, who openly mocked Keiichi, despite Urd’s frown. Apparently this topic had reached the point where the students no longer bothered to hide their envy, expressing it openly with petty insults.


“If you want to blame someone for getting dumped time after time… just look at the mirror Yoshida. You treat women like a piece of meat, and in the end they repay you in kind. That, or you’re really boring in the shack…” Folding his arms, Keiichi didn’t even bother to hide his grin as all of a sudden the gathered students stared at him in shocked silence. It was almost unheard for Keiichi to insult someone like that, but after being the receiving end of so many jokes about how hopeless he was with women, Keiichi had had enough.


What did you say, you runt?


“The truth… and that’s all I’m going to say.” Turning to Urd who observed the whole exchange with fascination evident on her face, Keiichi nodded towards the direction of the club house. “Let’s go, I’m not in the mood for pointless drama.”


“You said it, Keiichi! See ya, boys!” Offering that last bit in such a sarcastic manner, almost as if she was mocking the stunned students, Urd went after Keiichi, leaving them wonder just what happened here and when did Morisato grow a pair.


However, as envy turned into anger and some of the assorted students clearly wouldn’t mind teaching this impudent dude a lesson, especially Yoshida who felt that he was ridiculed in front of everyone, two huge shadows got in their way.


Tamiya and Otaki stood before the angry mob, their arms crossed and for a moment all thoughts of retribution died as the bulging muscles of the duo intimidated even the bravest among them. Although no words were exchanged between the two groups, it was evident that anyone who wanted to get to Keiichi would have to deal with them first, and soon the crowd simply dispersed. Turning to look over their shoulder, the two directors of the Motor Club exchanged a proud smile and nodded in approval.


“We taught him guud!” said Tamiya with a toothy grin.


“No kidding, dude! Morisato’s starting to show some guts!” laughed Otaki, before an excuse for a celebration was decided on the spot.


“This calls for a party!”




Heavens, Yggdrasil complex


“Hey, did you hear? There’s a rumor that Skuld and Urd were spotted in a bar together with two gods and probably slept with them after they retired for the night.”


“Really? Thanks for the heads up, I’ll keep an eye on my boyfriend while he’s around her. You know… just in case.”


Grinding her teeth, the goddess of the future walked faster to get out of earshot of her co-workers who were gossiping about her, totally unaware that she had heard them. Skuld knew that causing a scene by blowing them up as punishment for the inaccuracies they were spreading wasn’t just going to make matters worse since it could be taken as a sign of guilt, but she was going to face the consequences for violent assault of her fellow goddesses. For now, the only thing she could do was try to ignore them and go to her station as soon as possible before her temper got the better of her.


Kicking the door of her office open, Skuld marched inside despite the startled cry of her blonde co-worker. After decades of hard work as a lowly debugger, the goddess had managed to get a promotion to beta-tester, a rather impressive feat given her otherwise young age and lack of experience. As part of her new responsibilities was to extensively test every aspect of the Yggdrasil system for potential errors and report them to the System Devs in order to make the necessary patches. And to improve their efficiency as well as to combat boredom given the rather monotonous nature of their job, beta-testers were broken down into small groups that allowed them to combine their efforts and also gave them a chance for some social interaction.


In Skuld’s case, the office she was appointed to only had one other beta-tester called Gullveig, although other offices had larger teams that could consist of up to eight or ten gods and goddesses. Given the fact that they were both relatively inexperienced beta-testers, their team was very small one with only the two of them and while it was rather strange to have a god instead of a goddess coworker, at the given time, Gullveig was the best candidate since he had exactly the same experience with her.


“Uh… bad day, Skuld?” asked the blonde, trying to look busy by typing almost gibberish on his terminal, as the brunette plopped on her seat and activated her own workstation.


“Yeah, and it’s still early in the morning!” grumbled Skuld as she entered her password and ran the biometric check to verify her identity. “What’s their problem anyway? Me and Urd had a couple of drinks with two gods and all of a sudden… I’m sleeping around! We haven’t even done anything and after we left the bar, each of us went to their freaking homes! Well, me and Urd live together, but that’s ancient history…”


“Honestly? I think they’re kind of jealous. I mean, you got a promotion much earlier than most others and… well, some didn’t like that.”


“So what? It’s not my fault that they’re not good at their work! My promotion was based on my performance alone and had nothing to do with my father! Now, aside from that, they’re whispering about my alleged promiscuity too!”


Noticing the rather intense stare he was receiving from her, Gullveig mistook it for a sign of accusation and without delay he raised his hands in front of him. “Hey, I haven’t spoken to anyone about the other day!”


“Huh? Oh, sorry, I’m still kind of pissed,” said Skuld, letting out a sigh. “I wasn’t accusing you of anything. I’m the one who opened her stupid mouth and told Urd that I’ve given you a blowjob, although thankfully I haven’t referred you by name. Last thing I want is her and Belldandy try to play the matchmakers over something like that.”


It was true that they were merely friends and not involved in any way, but Skuld’s rather dismissive tone over the possibility of them becoming a couple made Gullveig seem rather disappointed. After all, for a god who was finally old enough to be considered an adult, such a blatant sign of rejection from a goddess was a blow to his masculinity and appeal, even if he hadn’t tried to woo her in the first place.


That being said, the whole incident was a bit of a surreal one for sure, as a seemingly unrelated topic lead their discussion to relationships and more importantly the physical aspect of them. After they both admitted that they pretty much had no experience whatsoever, Skuld joked about offering him a blowjob to see what was so great about it, and Gullveig trying not to sound like a prude accepted, much to the brunette’s embarrassment.


Maybe she was under the assumption that he was too shy to say yes, given that he had no relationships up to that point, or she simply spoke without thinking, but either way Skuld found herself in a pinch as she was rather reluctant to take the offer back and dismiss it as a joke. For several decades the goddess had struggled to make others see her as grownup and now that she finally was physically old enough, Skuld wanted something to validate her claims of maturity. And that something was a sexual experience, the very thing that only adults were allowed to enjoy, at least according to her sisters.


Yet in all irony, her actions that day had repercussions she naively ignored, thinking that her one time deal would’ve been enough to satisfy a young god who spent several hours every day with her, even if it was due to their jobs. Despite his best intentions towards the goddess he wanted to call a friend, Gullveig had to admit that after that day, something changed in the way he saw her. The blonde god started to pay a lot more attention to her attractive features and even stole a few glances when he thought that she wasn’t looking at him, especially as she bend over to retrieve something from one of the lower cabinets in their office and he got a perfect view of her shapely rear that stretched her tight mini skirt.


That was exactly what he was currently staring at, since Skuld went to the small cupboard they had in order to make some tea for herself and due to her annoyance, she dropped the spoon that somehow got under the nearby table.


‘I really shouldn’t be looking at her like that… It’s disrespectful and if she catches me, I’ll be in a world of pain. Not only she’s an expert with explosives, but she even knows some pretty nasty spells too. Although… boy, she’s definitely got a nice back!’


However, despite his assumptions, Skuld wasn’t totally unaware of his apparent interest in her. She had actually seen his reflection on the cupboard’s glass door a few times in the past, but didn’t react in any way that could give away that she had caught him red handed. Throughout her life she had seen the looks other immortals were giving her sisters, Urd especially, and a part of her wished that as an adult she would be as desirable as they were. After all, it would be enough confirmation that she was just like them and no longer the ‘kid’ everyone ignored.


‘Heh… you’re totally staring at my butt! Acting all cool and everything but when it comes to it, you can’t help but check me out. Well… boys will be boys I guess.’


Although nowhere as bad as her eldest sister when it came to teasing others, Skuld had to admit that there was something exciting about this… game of sorts that adults loved to play at times. And despite she had little doubt that her beloved big sister as she called Belldandy would disapprove of such actions, Skuld’s newfound eroticism caused her to give into the less… moral part of her mind that she never knew was there in the first place. According to Urd there were two possible ways to deal with this kind of situation: either follow Belldandy’s example and overwork herself to the point where sex was by far the last of her concerns or follow Urd’s own example and get some from time to time in order to sate her sexual appetite.


Of course, her eldest sister did warn her that going overboard especially so early on was too tempting and before she realize it, Skuld could gain a reputation that she wouldn’t be able to get rid of later, at least not without going into great pains to do so. Sure, a minor thing here and there was fairly normal for all immortals, but on the other hand, losing control of how many partners she had and what she did with them was a very bad way of dealing with her urges.


Furthermore, on top of Urd’s list of desirable features was respect, integrity and above all… trust. To her it didn’t matter how good someone’s performance was in the bed if they’d treat her poorly and she did her best to teach Skuld the same too. Which was exactly why the youngest of the Norns had chosen to tease this particular god, given that he didn’t act like some others would after she offered him that blowjob and take her for granted or worse, tell everyone about it.


“Say… what’s with the long look earlier?” asked Skuld after she got up and crossed the distance between them, carrying a cup of tea for each of them. “You almost appeared as if you were disappointed about something.”


“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“You know… when I said about not wanting my sisters to play the match makers. You had that look on your face and I couldn’t help but notice,” said Skuld with a small grin, knowing that she had him this time.


“W-Well… it’s… not that I’m expecting anything because of that time, but on the other hand, I wish you weren’t that dismissive of me, Skuld,” admitted the blonde god with a small blush trying to look away, before he turned back to her as she offered him a cup of tea.


“Here, it’s better while hot.” Taking a sip from her cup, Skuld sat on his desk and stared at him while drinking her tea for a few moment, waiting him to do the same. “Look, I’m not saying you’re an unworthy god or something along those lines. It’s that… I’m too young to get into a relationship just yet. Even my sisters who are much older than me are still single and I’m in no hurry to get married before either of them does. And don’t you even try reasoning with them when they get their minds set on something. If they get the idea that we’re a cute couple, they’ll do anything to make sure that we’re going to end up like that for real.”


Anything?” asked Gullveig feeling a bit worried, given Urd’s reputation for using all kinds of weird potions on unsuspecting… volunteers, or victims depending on one’s perspective.


“More or less...” said Skuld with a sigh. “Urd likes to think that she’s a love goddess and even makes all those love potions on top of that and Belldandy is trying to get a love goddess’ license too! In all honesty, I don’t want either of them to try and help me get a boyfriend right now. Still, that has nothing to do with you at all.”


“So, you weren’t um… disappointed?” asked the god with a small blush, scratching his head. “You know by my…size?”


“No, I think it was okay, at least as far as I can tell. It’s not like I’m an expert or anything,” said Skuld with a casual shrug. “And that was my first experience at oral, so I had no idea what to expect until I’ve actually gave it a try. Sure… it was kind of weird at first and the taste is something I’m not used to, but… it wasn’t terrible and I don’t think that it would’ve been easier if I did that with someone else.”


“I see… In that case, I’m sorry about that, Skuld. I just couldn’t help but wonder if I wasn’t good and you tried to be polite about it. From what I’ve heard many goddesses actually lie about their partner’s performance just to make them feel better about themselves.”


“I’ve heard that too, at least as far as it doesn’t involve first class goddesses. However… that typically happens with couples and we’re not one, so I had no reason to lie to you,” said Skuld as she finished her tea and set her cup aside. “To be perfectly honest I wouldn’t mind a repeated performance as I still need some practice.”


Really?...” asked Gullveig, nearly choking on his tea. “You would?...”


“Why not? So far you’re an okay god, I mean, I’ve heard of those who like to brag about their… conquests and you’re pushy either, asking for more on your own. Even if you’re definitely interested from what I’ve seen.” Offering him a wink as she playfully pat her bottom, Skuld couldn’t help but smile at the rather fierce blush on the god’s face who knew that was caught on the act.


“You saw? I… I’m so-...”


“If you say sorry, I’m gonna kick your ass mister! You’re the first guy who actually checks me out and I’ve got some pride you know! So far, every time I was around my sisters everyone paid more attention to them, and to have someone stare at me is kind of a refreshing change.” Folding her arms, Skuld let out an annoying huff as she eyed at the blonde suspiciously. “Unless… you’re just looking for an easy goddess…”


“Easy? You?... Are you kidding me?” asked the baffled god, raising an eyebrow at her. “You still have that debugging hammer and don’t seem to mind using it, you’ve got… who knows how much explosives on you, and can freeze even plasma. Well not literally, but… you get my point. I wouldn’t call you easy by any stretch of the word!”


“Hm… I’ll take that as praise, since I’m not in the mood for a fight to be honest. As a matter of fact, I’m definitely looking for something to cheer me up and I think I’ve got the perfect idea,” said Skuld, leaning forward to the blushing god who could hardly believe where this was going.


“You don’t mean… um… a repeated performance?”


“Sure, why not? I said that I want some more experience, didn’t I? However, I’m not going to risk getting caught while we’re in the office. Last thing I need is give those goddesses proof that those rumors about me are true and gain the reputation of the office’s slut. Instead, how about you come to my home after our shift is over? Belldandy likes to come a bit late from work and Urd said that she’s visiting Peorth who’s apparently on Earth due to a wish. That should give us more than enough time to do that without the risk of getting caught on the act.”


“But… what about your parents?” asked Gullveig, worrying that instead of her sisters, the two most highly ranked celestials would be the ones to catch them, with… the predictable results for him.


“They’re far too busy to return early from their offices and given that it’s not a weekend, it’s extremely unlikely to show up before dinner is served. So, stop worrying, everything’s going to be fine! Just give me an hour or so to clean my room up from all the stuff I’m building, okay?”


“Sure, no problem Skuld!”




Hours later, a nearly shaking god was standing before the house of the three Norns and after several attempts to ring the doorbell, Gullveig finally managed to press the button for real. It was the first time he visited a goddess’ house and that naturally caused a rather inexperienced god like him a lot of stress. Without a girlfriend or even any female friends to hang around, this was all new territory to him and the actual reason behind his visit didn’t make things any easier.


“I’m coming!”


Footsteps could be heard from the inside as Skuld rushed to the door and that gave the blonde god a moment to inspect himself, making sure that he didn’t look funny and also check that the freezing spell on the ice cream he bought for Skuld was still active and kept the frozen delicacy in a perfectly serviceable state.


“Hello there! Sorry if I kept you waiting!”


As the door opened, Gullveig was somewhat taken aback by Skuld’s attire that was far more attractive than anything he had seen her wear at work. A pair of tight green hot pants and a matching sleeveless low cut top hugged her body like a second skin, so much as a matter of fact that he could clearly see the outline of her bra.


“H-Hi… uh… this is for you, Skuld.” Offering her the bag with the ice-cream, Gullveig felt a wave of relief as he saw her face lit up, meaning that his idea was a good one. After all, he worried that she might’ve taken it as an attempt to get away with bringing her something this cheap, given that jewelry and other kind of popular gifts cost many times the amount he gave to buy this.


“Yes! Thanks Gullveig, I was running a bit short of the stuff!” grabbing the bag, Skuld motioned for him to enter while she rushed to the kitchen in order to put the ice-cream in the freezer.


Chuckling at Skuld’s childish reaction to her favorite dessert, the god headed inside and looked around the house where the three Norns lived. The whole place was nearly spotlessly clean, something that was most likely thanks to Belldandy, although the other two also left telltale signs of their presence with ornate decorations that were likely added by Urd and the custom made appliances that were definitely Skuld’s doing.


“Okay, the ice-cream’s in the freezer, so…” Taking a deep breath, Skuld stared at the god who simply returned her gaze, both of them unsure how to proceed with this. Even though the two of them knew all too well what they wanted from each other, saying that out loud was another matter altogether. So, in the end Skuld chose a bit more of a gradual way of approaching the subject instead, taking one step at a time. “Want to see my room? It’s more of a workshop in all honesty, but… I think it’s better if we do everything there, instead of here.”


“Sure thing, Skuld.”


“Well, follow me then.”




“Wow… all those are projects?”


Looking around in awe, the blonde god could hardly believe how much stuff Skuld had managed to fit into such a confined space. All sorts of contraptions at different stages of development laid there amongst the tools and raw materials the goddess of the future used, resulting in a scene of organized chaos.


“Most of them, yes. Some are simply failures I’m trying to repurpose or at the very least, recycle into another project, which saves me a lot of resources. Other than that… well, that’s pretty much all there is to my room. I guess the only normal thing in here is my manga collection, but even that cannot give this a more… girly look, I guess. Not that boys don’t collect manga, although the themes involved in them are kind of different, right?” Giving Gullveig a wink, Skuld tugged her top while leaning slightly forward to give him a good view of her cleavage and a bit of her black cotton bra that also became visible.


“Uh… I don’t really have any manga…” said Gullveig, blushing at the sight of her perky breasts and her deceptively plain bra that pushed them in an even more enticing shape.


“Really? Then how about I let you borrow some of mine? I’ve got a few old series I can part for a while and besides, it’s a great opportunity for me to look for something new in the meantime.” Her face almost light up and before he even had a chance to argue about it, Skuld was already picking various volumes from her collection, much to the god’s confusion.


“Um… Skuld? What do we need all that manga for?”


“To read them of course!” This simple yet brutally honest reply was a metaphorical kick in the god’s nuts, given that the initial purpose of his visit was more or less thrown out of the window. In an instant, this turned from what was originally intended as a private setting for having oral sex, to a mere reading session for… manga.


Nooo! Why? I was this close!’ It took all of Gullveig’s willpower to hold back the tears of utter frustration as he came this close to get a repeated performance of that incident, only to have her change her mind at the last and possibly worst moment. He had no problem to spend time with her and especially on something he knew that she enjoyed, but at the same time, he really doubted that after reading them, there would be enough time left before Belldandy arrived. Which of course meant that… he was going to return home with a pretty bad case of blue balls. Sill, as every other god in his place, Gullveig merely lowered his head and accepted his cruel fate hoping that she would be happy enough to consider offering him another opportunity in the future. “Yes, Skuld…”


“Alrighty then! Let’s get on the bed, since it’s the best place to read the manga. My desk is full of tools and blueprints and… it’s going to take a while to push everything aside, without the risk of breaking something.” Placing the manga next to her pillow, Skuld climbed on the bed and lay on her stomach, patting the spot next to her for the god to join her. “It’s going to be a bit cramped but there’s enough space for both of us.”


Nodding, Gullveig joined her on the bed, but definitely not in the manner he would’ve hoped for. Instead, he spend the next half hour or so reading illustrated books together with Skuld who had apparently all but forgotten what they had planned for his visit and proceeded to talk to him about her favorite stores’ plot and characters and… basically do anything other than suck him off. Which included a story of high schoolers falling in love, exchanging love letters, dating and all the rest of the stereotypically cute yet cliched themes typically used in those manga. And while he had to admit that he did find them entertaining enough and perhaps being this close to Skuld was a decent bonus, Gullveig couldn’t help but feel his disappointment put a real damper on something that he would’ve truly consider an enjoyable experience.


However, that changed as she moved on to a different series and this time, it was meant for a much older audience, considering that it depicted grownups on some really adult situations. And while he initially dismissed it as an isolated scene from a story, he soon realized that the whole manga was full of them and then it hit him: he was reading smut with a goddess.


The whole experience was surreal, given that in most cases immortals preferred to read such stories on their own, and certainly not in the presence of members of the opposite sex. Naturally that made him feel rather uncomfortable at first, worrying that any comment would be taken as proof of him being a pervert, but much to his surprise… Skuld had no such reservations, often making small comments about the sexual acts depicted or how hot certain positions were.


“Do you think that those stories are plausible, though? I know that they’re meant for entertainment and everything, but I somehow I doubt that touching a woman’s ass without asking her is a great idea.”


“Normally I’d agree, but there are situations where a girl wouldn’t mind it, as long as she hints that it’s okay. There are more ways to send a message across than words. Like body language, for example, as well as reading the overall atmosphere in a situation and act accordingly.”


‘Easy for you to say. If I try something and you don’t like it, then I’m the one who’s going to be blown to bits...’ Looking over his shoulder, the god glanced at Skuld’s hindquarters that were perfectly displayed by the tight fabric of her hot pants, sparking a mental struggle within his mind as he debated whether or not he should go for it. Seconds turned into minutes as he sat there looking from Skuld’s bottom to her face and even the manga pages whose explicit material was making matters far more difficult for him to reach a rational decision. And with his arousal slowly but steadily influencing his better judgment, the god carefully placed his hand on the Norn’s well sculptured rear and then braced himself from the potentially outraged reaction.


Yet several seconds later and with his hand still caressing her rump, Skuld’s only reaction was an enigmatic glance she gave the blonde god and then turn her attention back to the manga. Although not an explicit display of approval, Gullveig knew that with a goddess like Skuld, there was absolutely no way she would tolerate this if she didn’t like it and armed with that knowledge he carried on with his ministrations. Offering her bottom a gentle squeeze, Gullveig couldn’t help but grin like an idiot from experiencing what was previously unknown territory for him, and by the looks of it he wasn’t the only one who was enjoying it.


A faint yet noticeable blush appeared on Skuld’s face as the god became bolder and rubbed her harder and harder until a soft moan escaped her lips, much to her embarrassment. Taking that as further evidence that he was on the right path, and wisely avoiding any tacky comments that would only make her reluctant to let him go on, Gullveig slowly moved his hand towards a much more sensitive area of her body to maximize the pleasure she was receiving. Pushing his fingers into the triangular space formed between her rump and her thighs Gullveig managed to directly rub her crotch, eliciting a much more profound response from the already aroused goddess.


“Ahh!... Yes… right there!...” Biting her lower lip to prevent any louder exclamation of pleasure, Skuld’s entire body shook from the experience of having her labia stimulated by someone other than herself. Not being a prude, the goddess of the future was no stranger to the act of self pleasuring, which she used as a means of stress relief once in a long while. Still, that was something she did in the privacy of her room and certainly not in the presence of anyone else, especially her eldest sister who wouldn’t let her live it down. “Okay, you can stop now, that’s enough!”


Pulling his hand as if it was on fire, Gullveig knew that this was most likely how far he was going to get with her, and wished to avoid angering her despite his obvious disappointment. However, before he got the chance to say anything the god noticed that Skuld started to fiddle with her short’s zipper, and before his astonished eyes she tugged them lower in a hurry, revealing her black T-back thong that was so tiny it barely covered anything at all. “Wha-...”


“Don’t sound that surprised. I stopped you because I wanted to get my shorts out of the way, not because I didn’t like it,” said Skuld with a fierce blush as she licked her green shorts away, leaving her with only her tiny thong from the waist down. “Now.. keep going…”


“O-Okay, Skuld… If you say so, then...” Swallowing hard, Gullveig started to rub her crotch again, although this time, even he was blushing by how little amount of skin her underwear covered and more importantly, by how close to her nether lips he got. As a matter of fact, only a thin layer of fabric prevented his fingers from slipping into her moist sheath and after a short while of rubbing, he found his way to her love button.


Letting a loud and positively immodest moan, Skuld’s hands cupped her breasts in an effort to maximize the pleasure she was receiving by the god’s ministrations. Feeling her hard nipples over her clothes, the Norn of the future tugged and pinched them carefully, causing her voice to raise even more but at this point, she no longer cared whether her partner was going to hear her or not. “Take my thong off.”


Taken aback by the sudden request, Gullveig gave Skuld a rather cautious look before he began to tug her thong lower, and in the process get a clear view of her vulva. “Pretty…”


“Don’t say stupid things and take your clothes off!” snapped Skuld with a blush as she started to take her blouse off, followed by her black bra that ended in the same pile along with the rest of her now discarded clothes. “It’s not fair if I’m the only one who’s naked here!”


“Eh?” Noticing the look he was receiving from her, Gullveig quickly complied and undressed in what must’ve been his personal record, although in hindsight he could’ve just dismissed them with magic if he wanted. Still, it allowed Skuld more time to get a better look of him, given that it was the first time they were seeing each others’ naked bodies and while not extremely muscular, the young god definitely had an athletic build that appeared enticing enough to the brunette goddess.


“Much… better.” Smiling as she checked him out, Skuld had to admit that although her original intention was for something far less tame, a part of her mind simply wished to go all the way. That’s what Urd have done after all, and for the youngest of the three sisters who spent decades being the kid, it was her golden opportunity to turn an adult in every aspect of the word; both physically and mentally. “And I see that you approve too.”


“Well, what can I say? You’re pretty impressive, Skuld.” Scratching his head with a fierce blush on his face, Gullveig struggled not to hide his erect member from her and instead he focused on what to do next. While it was fairly obvious what his unexpected partner wanted from him, the blond god wished to proceed with caution, should the goddess change her mind and he ended up getting into more trouble that he was ready to deal with. As such, he carefully positioned himself behind Skuld and straddled her thighs, moving up towards her moist entrance and paused just as his tip was about to come into contact with her pink petals. “Is it okay?...”


“Of course it is! Why else you think I’m waiting here like this?” Raising her hips a bit to allow easier access to her vulva, Skuld grabbed one of the spare pillows she had on her bed and placed it underneath her pelvis for support. Looking over her shoulder she gave the god a nod to indicate that he was ready, although she did offer him a stern warning too. “Go on, but if you try putting it in the other hole by accident, I’m going to blast you sky high.”


“Hey, I’m not that stupid!” Getting hold of her hips, Gullveig pushed forward, making sure that he was properly aiming at her vagina and in a single motion he entered her, eliciting a loud moan from the goddess. ‘Great Heavens! This is… fantastic!...’


Skuld arched her back as all of her body’s muscles tensed up the moment she felt the hard member penetrate her most private of parts, reaching nearly all the way to her cervix. Far deeper than any of the toys she had gone before when she tried using some erotic paraphernalia to find out what sex must’ve felt like. Still, those experiences paled in comparison to the real deal as none of the plastic dildos and vibrators she fabricated herself were nearly as good as what was currently stretching the inner walls of her sheath. ‘Oh my goodness!... That’s… big!...’


Pulling back until he was nearly halfway out of her, Gullveig then thrust inside of her once more trying to find a comfortable pace for both of them as he repeated this over and over again, coating his throbbing member with her juices that acted as natural lubricant. That, coupled by Skuld slowly getting used to the sensation allowing her inner muscles to relax a bit, allowed Gullveig to move faster and reach deeper into her with each thrust. Soon, the unmistakeable sound of his hips colliding with her pert bottom filled the room along with their moans of sheer pleasure as the two immortals experienced the euphoric feeling of their first intercourse.


Skuld in particular was by far the loudest of them, as her melodic voice that used to accompany her sister’s famous songs was now singing an aria of lust and need. A most physical and downright animalistic need to find release that urged her partner to go harder, picking up the slow pace to a faster one, hitting her bottom with enough force to make it jiggle and even shake the rest of her body. And finding the friction between her naked breasts and the bedsheets as too much for her sensitive nipples especially given how hard they were right now, the goddess crawled on all four, allowing her to move back and forth against her partner’s thrusts and even amplify their effect.


Actually, the whole bed ended up shaking from the vigorous and rather harsh movements of the two immortals as their bodies collided against each other, until Gullveig could take it no more. With a loud groan, his muscles tensed up as he experienced what was the most powerful orgasm of his life up to that point, shooting spurt after spurt of warm seed into the goddess’ womb that eagerly accepted the generous offering. Giving one last thrust, Gullveig drove his penis all the way inside and remained almost frozen on the spot, panting heavily as one final spurt escaped his tip and stop straight against the walls of his partner’s womb.


Their tired limbs soon gave away, with Gullveig falling back to the bed and using his arms to steady himself while Skuld laid on her stomach, both of them panting heavily after what was likely the most intense sexual activity they had experienced so far.


“Are you okay, Skuld?” asked the blonde god between pants, as he stared at the brunette’s nether lips and the thick seed that started to slowly trickle out of her pulsating entrance.


“Yeah… for someone who’s been fucked silly a moment ago,” said Skuld with a chuckle as she too tried to recover from that experience. “Boy… were you saving up or something? You flooded me...”


“Sort of… I mean, it’s not like I’m… masturbating on a daily basis and you know all too well that I’m not dating anyone. So, yeah…” said Gullveig with a shrug, before his mind started to work properly once again and realized something. “Hey… did you cum as well?”


“No… I was close but…” Biting her lower lip, Skuld rolled on her back and met the god’s gaze while slowly spreading her legs in a rather suggestive manner. Blushing at her own display of wanton lust that defied everything she had learnt from her middle sister, Skuld’s mind was far too preoccupied finding some release and knew that the god whose intense gaze promised what her body so desperately thirst for. “I want more… if you can do it.”


Instead of giving her an answer, the god pinned her down against the mattress as he climbed on top of her and unlike their previous position, this one allowed for a lot more interaction between them. Grabbing her breasts with a lot more force he originally planned for, Gullveig watched Skuld’s mouth open as a moan escaped her lips and without hesitation he pulled her in a deep kiss. Acting out of instinct their tongues danced against each other while the god’s hands massaged her breasts, trapping their sensitive nipples between his fingers while Skuld wrapped her arms and legs around him, pulling him even closer and holding him until her needs were satisfied.


Not that he had any desire to let go of her either, pushing his now hard member into her awaiting entrance with a wet sound and then began to take her once again. But unlike before, both of them were a lot more comfortable with the idea of having sex together, to the point where the level of intimacy behind their acts was comparable to a couple making love, rather than two friends having a casual intercourse.


“You’re quite good for a beginner,” said Skuld after a long kiss that left her gasping for air. “It’s actually hard to believe that this is the first time you’re doing this.”


“I was going to say the exact same thing, actually,” breathed Gullveig as he vigorously kept thrusting into her, eliciting more moans from the excited goddess. “I thought that it was going to be a lot less… good that this.”


“Heh… I won’t complain about that,” said Skuld as a lips curved into a wicked grin. “You know… I could definitely introduce you to my eldest sister, given how she’s still single and the dudes she’s generally trying to date leave her mostly unsatisfied. I bet you’re going to enjoy doing this with Urd, right?”


There was a short pause as Gullveig’s thrusts became much slower and worry became evident in his eyes, along with… something else. “Uh… to be honest with you, I’d rather not.”


“Hey! Don’t tell me you’ve got a problem with her being a half goddess, because if that’s the case you’d better pull out mister!” said Skuld with an angry scowl as she wasn’t willing to have anything to do with those who looked down at Urd for her origins.


No! I just… prefer doing this with you, Skuld,” admitted the god with a fierce blush, averting his gaze. “I… I like you.”


“I knew it…” Smiling, Skuld was pleased that her little scheme to make him confess by offering Urd as an option worked better than she had hoped for. She had the feeling that Gullveig had a crush on her way before she made that joke that led to that blowjob, and in all honesty she didn’t quite object to the idea. Compared to Urd’s last serious attempt at a relationship with that moron of a musician, this god was a far better boyfriend for Skuld, even if she wasn’t entirely sure if she was ready for anything serious at this point. Yet, saying no would most definitely put him off and ruin any further chances with him if she decided to go for it. “That’s quite a way to confess, you know… Balls deep into the goddess you like.”


“Guilty as charged,” admitted Gullveig as he steeled himself for her answer. “So?...”


“I… Oh! Give me a moment…. I’m!...” arching her back as her body tensed up, Skuld let out a crescendo of ecstatic moans until she finally reached her climax that shook her to the very core of her being.


For the next few moments, Skuld made a desperate attempt to recover and gain control of her body that still experienced the aftershock of her climax all while Gullveig kept pounding her hard, mesmerized by her post orgasmic moans. And with a loud grunt of his own, the god followed suit with a climax of his own, depositing his seed into her womb for the second time today.


Panting, both immortals stared at each other as they gasped for air after their lovemaking session reached a conclusion. Still, the biggest question left was Skuld’s answer to her partner’s unexpected confession, and given how preoccupied their minds were both from this and what they were doing before, they failed to realize that they were no longer alone in the house.


Opening the door to her younger sister’s room, a concerned Belldandy who happened to return earlier today wanted to find out what those noises were and in the process witnessed a spectacle that she wasn’t mentally prepared to handle.


“Skuld, is everything alright? I’ve heard that scream and I worried that…”


There was a long pause as the petrified couple and far more shocked Norn of the present stared at each other, none of them capable of uttering a single word given how awkward the whole situation was.


As a matter of fact, there was no need either, as Belldandy promptly lost her consciousness after the shock proved to be too much for her mind to cope with the realization that she just witnessed her younger sister having sex.


Belldandy! Get a hold of yourself!






Sitting quietly in a corner of his living room, Keiichi couldn’t help but feel responsible for driving away a great deal of students, given that the number of attendants was much lower than initially expected. And with the two goddesses holding back to avoid another incident, the crowd was indeed smaller compared to what Aoshima had managed to attract and worse, they had only gained two new members while that sleazy playboy had gotten more than a dozen. It was the Motor Club’s big chance to get some real exposure and he ruined everything by opening his big mouth, almost gloating about his sudden success with women.


Such a behavior was so out of character for him that Keiichi worried about the repercussions of living with a goddess like Peorth, and Urd’s visit apparently made matters worse. Not that he blamed them for anything, as this was clearly his fault and nobody else’s. Just a  month after Peorth granted his wish, he started acting like those blokes who bragged about their popularity, the same kind of jerks that Keiichi used to despise for their conceited attitude.


So, when the members of the Motor Club decided to throw a party after the main event was over and Peorth offered them to host it at their temple house, Keiichi simply tried to avoid everyone. He was angry with himself and even worried that Peorth must be really disappointed with his actions, possibly thinking to just go back to Heavens and leave such a pig headed guy behind.


“Hey there, Keiichi!” said the aforementioned goddess as she approached him with a beer can at hand. It was far from the red wine she typically preferred, but given their low budget, it proved to be more than enough to keep everyone cheerful as they had yet another karaoke session, albeit a private one this time. “Why don’t you join the others, too? Since you no longer have to sing in front of an audience of strangers, it should be much easier for you, right? Just give it a try.”


“It’s not that, Peorth… I… I ruined the whole event by causing that scene,” said Keiichi, lowering his head in shame as he admitted his guilt. “I'm not even sure that I deserve to attend this party, either.”


“Okay, that’s enough mister!” Plopping next to the dejected student, Peorth offered him her beer, noticing that his can was empty and paused for a moment, looking at the center of the room where Otaki was singing while wearing his favorite piece of armor, cosplaying as a knight. “Do you even know why we’re partying?”


“Uh… for the event’s… success?” guessed Keiichi, eying the two new members who were getting to know the rest of them and cheered up during Otaki’s performance.


“That’s part of it, but not the whole point. You see… your senpai were really impressed by your gutsy display that they wanted to throw a party for you. So, give it a rest, will you?” Watching the young mortal blink in both confusion and surprise. Peorth went on after she gave him a couple of seconds to absorb all that. “You did nothing wrong, Keiichi. It’s not your fault that those dudes decided to start making fun of you, especially after they failed to get the hint and piss off. Urd told me that she gave them no reason to think that they’d get some from her, and she was actually close to offer them a far worse response than yours. Besides… the new guys are interested in your club’s activities, unlike those blokes who just wanted a quickie from me and Urd. Is that the kind of members you’re looking for your club?”


“N-No…” said the shocked student after a few attempts to come up with a response.


“And don’t even get me started with Aoshima’s so called club and his huge success. Even he’s not going to pay for pretty girls to be around at all times and sooner or later, most of his new members will simply quit in a couple of days. After all, women here need money to walk around half naked, unlike me who do it for free!” said Peorth with a wink, and before long, the troubled mortal began to laugh.


“That’s… kind of true!” said Keiichi, finally relaxing and trying to forget about his worries, realizing that the goddess was right and he was simply overreacting.


Content that she had managed to cheer him up, Peorth found it hard to stop now, unaware that they had another goddess listening to their conversation. “Of course it’s true! After all, I’m too sexy to keep my perfect form away from view! Ah… sometimes it’s so hard to be the prettiest woman around.”


“Oh ho! That’s a pretty big claim, flower girl!”


Almost jumping in surprise as the bronze skinned goddess stepped closer and gave her a haughty look, Peorth really regretted not paying attention at her surroundings while saying such things. Especially when that particular goddess was involved. “Wait Urd, don’t do anything rash!... I was just…”


But it was already too late to stop the Norn of the past from proving her point in the most crude manner she could come up with. Putting the bottle of sake down, she headed towards the karaoke machine, since Otaki had already finished his song and before Tamiya got another round at the Club’s anthem, Urd took the microphone. “Attention everyone! It’s my turn now and just for today, I’ll offer an additional bonus! A striptease for your own viewing enjoyment!”


There was a long pause as the Motor Club members, plus Peorth did a double take and some even gave their beer cans a cautious look, worrying that either they drank too much or there was something funny added in there. Then a loud roar erupted from all the club members, save for Hasegawa and Keiichi, with the former complaining about big breasted women and the latter… too stunned to say anything. Even Peorth watched with wide eyes as Urd’s body began to sway at the song’s rhythm and given that she was still wearing that revealing outfit from before, it took her no time to captivate her audience.


Their eyes were glued to her sinful curves as she continued to dance while singing at the same time and almost teasingly she tugged her sling bikini, flashing them one of her nipples for the briefest of moments. That convinced everyone that this was happening for real, as even the most enthusiastic among them expected this to be a prank, but with the first sign of real exposure, the crowd became livid. Wolf whistles, followed by a loud round of applause encouraged the goddess to go on and with a subtle move, Urd untied the knot holding the upper part of her bikini, exposing her breasts to the ecstatic audience.


What is she doing?!” Unlike the rest of the club members, Hasegawa aside who simply drowned her sorrows at watching those massive breasts jiggle around, Keiichi was utterly horrified by the display, while Peorth could only palm herself. Things had gotten real for sure, and he could already see tomorrow’s headlines: Temple converted into a strip club by inebriated students.


“She’s having too much fun, and probably forgot what her initial goal was,” grumbled Peorth, watching her fellow goddess drop her mini skirt, leaving herself with only the lower part of her sling bikini to provide her some decency.


Which proved to be completely ineffective when she twirled around and revealed that it was a T-back, effectively allowing everyone to see her pert bottom. Even Keiichi was finding it hard to ignore Urd’s sex appeal and worse, his pants felt so tight that it was almost uncomfortable. After all, It was one thing to watch Peorth walk around in her typical bikini and a totally different matter to witness this sensual performance with his very own eyes. And while part of his mind screamed for her to stop, another wished for her to finally take her bikini off and let him see what everyone else so desperately wanted.


“Alright everyone! This is the big moment you’ve all waited for! Give me a loud cheer!” Shaking her backside to the already overstimulated students who could hardly keep their hands from their crotches, Urd was finally ready and with an agonizingly slow motion, she tugged her bikini lower.




Letting her bikini fall on the tatami floor, Urd immediately covered her lady parts with one hand while using the other to hold the microphone and twirled around for the final part of her song, as everyone struggled to get a glimpse of her labia.


Then with a wink, the half goddess finished her song and took her hand out of the way, smirking as silence filled the room. It was so hard to resist laughing right now, but Urd had somehow managed to keep a straight face as everyone stared her with such stupefied expressions that it made her sides hurt. Some were even close to tears at the sight of the painfully obtrusive sticker she had across her privates, concealing everything that the men present wished to see.


Bwa ha ha! She trolled you so bad!” laughed Peorth as she nearly fell on her back, before Hasegawa joined her.


“Just… just… the look on your faces!” said the petite girl, while the rest of the Motor Club members shed tears of despair now that Urd stepped aside, a clear sign that the show was over.


“Wait! Whut about yur?… You know…” tried Tamiya, afraid to actually utter the word everyone had in their minds, just in case she got mad.


“My what?” asked Urd, tilting her head in a cute and absolutely out of place given her current attire, or rather lack of.


Turning to Otaki for support, Tamiya found that his best friend was unwilling to risk life and limb to ask Urd to remove that pesky sticker out of there. Without a second thought both men grabbed the unsuspecting Keiichi and leaned closer to him.


“We’re countinn on you!”


“Come on, Kei pal! Be a bro and help us here…”


Paling considerably as he stared between his devastated senpai and the grinning goddess who proudly stood before them, Keiichi hesitated to come up with any sort of response. On one hand, he too felt that Urd was a bit unfair with her teasing and considering how far she went, that extra step of letting them see everything wasn’t due to shyness. She was clearly confident enough to display her naked body in a situation like this, and the only reason she hadn’t already done that was to play mind games with the poor members of the Motor Club. Still, Keiichi had to remind himself that his actions wouldn’t go unnoticed by Peorth and as such he glanced towards her, hoping to get some kind of hint as to what he was supposed to do.


Feeling that it was Keiichi’s way to say that this was her decision, Peorth smiled at the fact that her mortal client cared enough to remember her instead of focusing solely on Urd’s mostly naked body. And considering that this party had gone far enough to stop there, the rose goddess offered Keiichi a nod which caused a lot of enthusiastic smiles across the room. After all it wasn’t her place to ruin the party, and while she didn’t want to make everyone think that this was something they could expect from now on, that was a topic for a later discussion with Urd.


Taking a deep breath, Keiichi turned back to the smiling half goddess who was clearly interested to see his reaction and not wanting to keep her waiting, the dark haired student got straight to the point. “Um… could you please… remove that sticker?”


“Nope, not doing it! However, if you’re willing to do this for me, I won’t stop you! So… what are you going to do now, Keiichi?”


Feeling his cheeks burn from his more than obvious blush, the nervous student took a step closer to the waiting goddess and leaned down to get hold of the infamous sticker before giving it a forceful tug… only to find out that it wouldn’t budge. Thinking that he was too hesitant to pull hard, he repeated his action again and again, applying an increasing amount of force and yet the result was pretty much the same. The darn sticker just wouldn’t budge from the goddess’ privates, making not only Keiichi but even Urd worry, as what started like a game took a rather unexpected turn and now seemed more like an epic fail.


“Uh… it’s stuck. And I mean… really stuck!”


“Lemme try that!” said Urd, giving it a harsh yank with similar results to Keiichi’s efforts; which didn’t really mean much at all. “Uh… we may have a problem here…”


“Just what did you use to stick it there in the first place?” asked Peorth, trying her best to keep herself from laughing at the Norn’s expense and piss her off in the process. “An adhesive tape shouldn’t stick that hard.”


Scratching her head, Urd recalled what she did nearly an hour ago when they first returned to the temple residence, before the party started in earnest. “Well… there was this tiny tube with glue on Keiichi’s table and I thought it could do the trick and keep in place during a dance routine, so…”


“Hold on a second, Urd! That was a super glue!” said Keiichi with a wince that caused similar reactions from all across the room as the rest of his friends had their fair share of mishaps with that nasty substance, although nowhere as bad as Urd’s blunder.


“Something tells me that I’m not going to like this…” muttered the half goddess, staring down at her crotch, while Keiichi could only nod in reply.


“I’m not going to lie to you… It’s going to suck alright,” said Keiichi with a sigh, before he motioned her to follow him. “In most cases you can remove it with acetone, so, let’s give it a try shall we?”


“Fine, fine… let’s get this over with…”




A couple of hours later, Tamiya and Otaki decided to call it a night and along with them the rest of the Motor Club members headed back to their homes, leaving the two goddesses and Keiichi to tidy up the living room before they hit the sack. That gave the latter enough time to reflect upon today’s events and compare how exciting this seemed to be, in stark contrast to his typical routine. And it all honesty, Keiichi certainly didn’t mind the change, although he certainly wished for Urd to be a bit more… tame, as rumors about her wild behavior could definitely attract a lot of unwanted attention. The last thing they needed were crowds of horny students gather around the temple in hopes of getting some from the bronze skinned goddess, only to get pissed when she rejected them.


As wild as she appeared to be, Urd was a lot more interested in teasing others and then leave them like that, instead of going for it and have spontaneous sex left and right, or at least that’s what he could tell by observing her behavior so far. It was still too early to come up with definitive conclusions, although he did know that he had no intention to try and help Urd remove any stickers attached to her person any time soon. Despite his best efforts to do it as painlessly as possible, the moment that stupid thing came off, it became clear that the goddess’ well trimmed pubic hair remained attached to its adhesive surface, giving Urd a rather… unwanted waxing. It wasn’t his fault of course, but even goddesses found it easier to blame others for their own blunders and the dirty looks she gave him, made Keiichi wish to keep his distance from her for now.


Yet despite the circumstances, the close up view of Urd’s nether regions did little to help Keiichi calm down after her earlier strip dance. The spicy womanly scent that appeared to be enhanced by her own arousal moistening her vagina, assaulted his senses in a way that he had never experienced before. Although he had seen Peorth from this close up, the fact that they normally did that while bathing together, possibly meant that her rose scented shampoo prevented him from noticing that, or… it was something that had to do with Urd which caused such a reaction. Keiichi heard about pheromones before, but he never thought that they could be this powerful, causing an erection that just refused to go away and even some… interesting thoughts that he struggled to keep in check before they consumed him.


Thoughts like spending the night having hot sex with her until her womb was filled to the brim with his seed, but for Keiichi that was simply unacceptable. He just met her and besides, as her host it would’ve been extremely impolite to just barge into her room and propose her for a one night stand. Furthermore, that would certainly jeopardize his chances with Peorth, since going after her friend before he even had a chance to sleep with her was something only a douchebag would do. At least that’s how he saw it, even taking into account her claims that she wasn’t against open relationships.


However, despite Keiichi’s best efforts to keep his libido at bay, both goddesses had taken notice by now and for Peorth the explanation was fairly obvious. “Urd? Can we have a few words? Privately?


“Uh, sure thing…” Reluctantly, as the half goddess didn’t quite like her friend’s tone, she headed towards the brunette’s room and closed the door behind them, giving Peorth a curious look. “So, what’s this all about?”


“That should be my line, actually. I think I was clear when I said no potions, but… for some reason, Keiichi’s apparently under the influence of an aphrodisiac,” said Peorth, giving her fellow administrator a pointed look. “While not extremely potent, it’s more than enough to be noticeable. I don’t want him to ask me for sex due to some drug, Urd! That’s… simply not how I want our first time to be.”


“Hey, hold on a second! I didn’t gave him anything! I think that this might be due to my… pheromones...” objected Urd, raising her hands before her. Normally, immortals attracted their potential mates through their auras, aside from physical appeal and even their body language, but when they had to deal with mortals who lacked the ability to sense their magical auras, they often relied to a much more physical method that was kind of similar to what mortal species used as well: pheromones. Unfortunately, part of their magic was embedded in those molecules, significantly amplifying the effect. Worse, the more aroused they happened to be, the more energy they pumped into those pheromones causing results comparable to those of actual aphrodisiacs.


“Oh… sorry about that, then. I may have jumped to an early conclusion” said Peorth, feeling a bit guilty for accusing her friend like that, although the Norn’s reputation of testing potions on everyone she could get her hands on certainly helped. “Actually, I never thought that you were… frustrated as well.”


Groaning, Urd rolled her eyes, causing Peorth to back off a bit. “Please don’t start with those rumors again! Despite all those claims, I’m not sleeping with Hoenir. I tried to on a couple of occasions, but all my attempts ended up in failure. He’s just too afraid of a scandal, given that he’s technically my direct superior and yet, his boss’ daughter too.”


“Yes… something like that could be seen as a way for him to use his position to get even more influence in the Council by potentially becoming lord Tyr’s son in law. It’s kind of a pity though, as he seems to like you a lot,” said Peorth with some hesitation, knowing that the half goddess didn’t like talking about her personal life with anyone aside from her sisters.


“Well… unless either of us decides to transfer to another department and wait for a considerable amount of time to let everyone else forget about those rumors, nothing will really change. And between you and me, I’m not going to be the one to give up my current job,” admitted Urd, much to Peorth’s surprise. It was unexpected for the otherwise proud goddess to talk about her love life so openly, but unbeknownst to the brunette, Urd really avoided to bring such subjects in front of her sisters. She knew that they’d end up worrying about her and besides, it was her job to look after them, not the other way around. “I’ve been burnt a couple of times before and I’m not as enthusiastic to repeat the same mistakes if I can avoid it.”


“Tell me about it… It’s not like I had a terribly better luck either. I hate to say it like this, but we’re the type of goddesses everyone in Heavens wants to fuck, yet nobody wishes to date. Still, I never thought you’d be more frustrated than me, given that I’m currently living with someone, and yet we haven’t gone all the way.”


“I guess it’s worse for me due to other… reasons. That, and the little show I put up earlier made me rather horny too.” Although she avoided to offer a more detailed explanation, it was fairly obvious for anyone who knew her that it was a reference to her rather unique nature as a half goddess. Demonesses had a far more powerful sexual drive and as a result, Urd’s desires caused her pheromones to be considerably more effective compared to those of a pure blooded goddess.


“In that case, given that everyone here needs some release, then how about you join us in the bath later?” suggested Peorth with a wink, earning a grin from the half goddess. “We’re already washing together, so it’s a perfect opportunity to ask Keiichi to try something new, and you can take part too.”


“Mm… that sounds really enticing to be honest with you,” said Urd, trying not to lick her lips in front of her fellow goddess. She was already interested to see what Keiichi had to offer, knowing that he kept Peorth around him for a whole month already, and this was her golden opportunity.


“Excellent! Then let’s do this!”




For once, Keiichi was really looking forward to bathe together with Peorth. Although he had done that before on several occasions and enjoyed the goddess’ gentle touch, today he was the one who wanted to caress her flawless skin and even kiss those soft lips of hers.


Ironically enough, given how unconventional their relationship was, Keiichi still felt a bit apprehensive to kiss her, even though they had gone much further than most couples. Sure, they haven’t gone all the way, but still, oral sex was certainly a far more intimate act than kissing and they’ve already done that a couple of times. Slowly but surely, Keiichi’s reservations and shyness started to give way to a newfound confidence as he gained more experience in an activity that he previously only saw in his dirty magazines. Of course, those were now long gone, as the college student had no need for them, given how much better the real thing was compared to the mere photos, although he had still to discover about the rest of the acts depicted in them.


‘I wonder… is it too soon to ask Peorth for more? I mean, she’s the one who normally proposes to play with each other, so it should mean that she’s okay, but… sex? She may had done that with other clients, yet… did she like them?’


Even though he remembered that conversation they had when she first came to grant him his wish, Keiichi’s mind still doubted that an average college student like him was interesting enough to make a gorgeous goddess to fall for him. Worse, Keiichi worried that even if she liked him, he could still fail to meet her expectations and in the end prove to be her most boring partner so far.


‘We do get along pretty nicely, so I doubt that she dislikes me, unless she’s the most convincing actress I’ve ever seen. Still, if we do it and she’s left unsatisfied… then what? Living with her for who knows how long under these circumstances is going to suck; big time. Sure, she could always have a one night stand here and there, but… that’s far worse. Even if she’s okay with open relationships and all that, I’d rather not have it happen because I cannot keep up with her.’


Sure, Keiichi knew that despite his attempt to rationalize the situation, part of his objection had more to do with jealousy than a sense of insecurity. Even if he was fully aware that Peorth was several times his age and likely had dozens of lovers throughout the eons, as long as they were together, he just couldn’t help but feel a bit possessive around her. That was simply the way his brain was hardwired and although he certainly didn’t consider her as some piece of property, it was something almost instinctive that was very hard to ignore.


‘Come to think of it… If she’s really interested to those open relationships, what am I supposed to say? Including another woman sure sounds hot, but… what if she wants to have a relationship with another man? If I only accept the former, then I’m going to sound like some hypocrite. Or am I just overthinking about this?’


Shaking his head, as he realized that was starting to sound utterly ridiculous, Keiichi decided to make his best and try to relax. It was likely that his fatigue combined with his pent up desires began to play strange games with his mind. However, as soon as the bath’s door opened, Keiichi’s worries disappeared and a smile formed on his face.


“Hey Peorth, want me to help you scrub your back as we always…”


Stopping in mid sentence, the mortal’s eyes widened when he saw that it wasn’t just Peorth who entered the bath, but Urd came along with her. Both goddesses were smiling as they confidently strode towards his direction with only a towel to provide them some modesty.


“Oh, I hope you don’t mind, Keiichi! Urd wanted to join us for a nice soak and I thought it was going to be nice to have some company.”


“S-Sure thing… Peorth…” Boy he sounded like an idiot as he nearly drooled at the sight of the two goddesses remove their towels as they reached for a stool to sit on so that they could scrub themselves, but Keiichi’s mind was barely able to function right now.


“Don’t mind me Keiichi, you can come out of the tub and help Peorth,” said Urd with a playful wink, as she noticed the student’s reluctance to move. And although he did offer a slow nod, his unfocused eyes and lack of any other reaction made her think that his brain hasn’t still processed all that information. “Hey, are you listening or what?”


“Yes, yes, I heard you.” Shaking his head, Keiichi reminded himself that this wasn’t too much different from his past experiences with Peorth, not to mention that he had already seen most of Urd anyway. Stepping out of the tub, he tried his best to act as normal as possible, despite his rather obvious hard on. If nothing else it wasn’t his fault that a certain someone decided to throw a strip dance while singing only to end with a big tease as she kept the most important part from view.


Collecting the bathing supplies the rose goddess loved to use, Keiichi stole a few glances in Urd’s direction wondering if she was checking on him or not, and sure enough her purple eyes were exploring every detail of his naked body until they met his. It was that same teasing glance she was giving the Motor Club members while taking her clothes off, and although she did nothing overtly provocative, her body language spoke a totally different story. Subtle things like the way she moved her sponge across her breasts or how her legs parted slightly when she caught him staring in her direction.


“Keiichi! Don’t rub my hair with body lotion!” Peorth had to admit that it was kind of amusing to see her otherwise shy client to hold his ground against Urd, as she was perfectly aware of what was going on behind her back. Still, she had to sound as annoyed as she could, to avoid making him suspect that there was something going on here, or at the very least it wasn’t something spontaneous.


“Oops, sorry about that, Peorth!” Rinsing her hair off, Keiichi stole another glance in Urd’s direction and given that it was fairly obvious by now that he was deliberately looking at her, the bronze skinned goddess grew bolder.


Biting on her lower lip, Urd stared back at the mortal with need evident in her eyes, before two elegant fingers reached down and spread her womanly folds, revealing the pink inner walls of her vagina.


‘She’s teasing me… again… Are all goddesses so forward with people they just met? And here I thought Peorth was a bit wild, although she’s not acting like that in front of just everyone. Maybe Urd’s the same, too?’ Swallowing hard, Keiichi’s averted his gaze before he got too far with his own fantasies that were becoming particularly hard to suppress today. After all, the idea of having two goddesses trying to get his attention, instead of just any other random guy around them was too flattering and even intoxicating for a young man like Keiichi. Some people might call it going from zero to hero, but for the dark haired student himself it was even more, since years of being the laughing stock of his colleagues were about to change in such a short amount of time.


“Keiichi? Are you listening?” asked Peorth, who was really happy by the result of their effort, given the enormous pink aura coming from behind her. Although she knew that involving Urd to any sort of plan was a rather dangerous prospect, given her tendency to go overboard and in this case scare Keiichi, sometimes it was better to use this type of blunt force instead of spending who knows how long to get any kind of result.


“Uh… yes, sorry about that. I seems that I’m a bit all over the place, today,” apologized Keiichi with a nervous laugh, trying his best to keep his voice as level as possible, even though he started to doubt that he was all that successful. Worse, it was becoming evident that the lack of reaction from either goddess was a sign that they were purposely ignoring or even encouraging him to take part in this game they were apparently playing.


“No worries, Keiichi. I was wondering if you wanted some… release. After all it’s been a long day, and you probably need it in order to unwind.” The brunette could already imagine his shocked expression as she uttered those words, but in the end it was now or never. Going on like this would definitely add to his frustrations and besides, the effect of Urd’s pheromones wasn’t going to last for too much longer. After that, his body could relax a bit too much, and getting him in any kind of mood for sex would’ve been all but impossible.


Here?... Now?...” Keiichi looked between the two goddesses in both shock as he wondered if he may have heard wrong or simply misunderstood something. But given their haughty looks he got from them, it soon became clear that he heard her right; Peorth really asked him if he wanted a blowjob while Urd was present and apparently, neither of them had a problem with it.


“Are you getting shy on us all of a sudden, Keiichi? Come on, I know that you’re doing that with her and she’s okay with me watching you,” laughed Urd, giving him a wink, yet not without adding a little bit more, just in case he still needed more prodding. “Don’t be a wuss and show us what you’ve got, boy!”


“Uh… Urd, I think that’s more than enough…”


I’ll do it!


The sudden determination in his voice made both goddesses to blink and turn to the young mortal who made his best attempt to appear as confident as he could. It was hard to overcome years of shyness, but he wasn’t going to run away; not after saying that. Besides, Urd’s outgoing and playful attitude made it easier to do things like that in her presence, especially as she had no qualms to mercilessly tease him. ‘Ha! You never thought I’d say yes, did you? Well… who’s a wuss now?’


“So, should I suck you first, being the guest and all that, or you want Peorth to take your first load? Either way works for me.” Urd thoroughly enjoyed the stunned expression on Keiichi’s face, despite the glare she received from Peorth who worried that she pushed him too hard.


Wait! You too?


“Hey, what’s up with that kind of look, mister? You should be begging me to do it, instead of making it sound as if it’s some kind of chore,” said Urd, standing up from her stool and approaching the shocked mortal until she was right in front of him. “You may not know about this, but I happen to have the best reputation at sucking in all of Heavens!”


“Not by that definition of the word, though…” muttered Peorth, feeling that her colleague’s claims were putting her reputation as the goddess with the best service in question. “More like… the epic fail variety.”


“If you want to talk about epic fails, then please tell me how the Hell you still haven’t bedded this poor boy.”


“Oh, give me a break! It’s not like I gave him the blue balls, Urd! I’ve made sure that he got enough blowjobs to found some relief! So there!” Getting up from her stool, the rose goddess walked up to Urd engaging her in a staring match that started to make Keiichi worry.


This situation was clearly getting out of hand, and at this rate a catfight was imminent and given that they were both goddesses with powers beyond anyone’s imagination, Keiichi had no desire to let them keep going like that. “P-Please don’t fight! It’s unsightly for friends to get into arguments like this! Actually, cooperation is always better than aggressive competition between teammates!”


Two pair of eyebrows went up as it was the goddesses’ turn to get a bit of a surprise, as they took his words a bit too literally and out of the racing context he had gone for. Instead, they looked down at his hard member and then at each other for a few seconds before they both smiled.


“My… that’s quite a nice idea, Keiichi! Kinky too!” said Peorth, with Urd following suit right away.


“The more the merrier as they say! I hope you’re ready, big boy!”


It was quite evident to him that they had gotten it all wrong, but as he watched them get on their knees before him, Keiichi decided against correcting them. It was a truly arousing sight to see two gorgeous goddesses on either side of his penis and soon, the feeling of their lips making contact with his shaft was unreal. Peorth may had blown him a few times, but this was a totally different experience and more like something out of his wildest fantasies. Or anybody else’s for that matter, as both were skilled and perfectly willing to push him to his limits.


After trailing a series of kisses along his throbbing penis, the goddess duo moved to using their tongues to lick either side of him, traveling from his very tip, all the way to his balls. Slowly and methodically at first but with ever increasing fervor as they carried on, the goddesses didn’t shy from licking each other’s tongues when they came too close and towards his tip, that brief contact evolved into passionate tongue kisses.


Feeling his arousal flare, the mortal reached down and stroked their hair, but kept going lower until he got hold of their breasts. Similar yet so different, he enjoyed the Peorth’s softness and Urd’s firmness, despite her increased volume. Drunk in the sensation of this scandalous act, Keiichi felt that he needed more and letting go of them, he turned slightly to the bronze skinned goddess who immediately knew what he wanted from her.


Parting her lips, she took his member into her mouth and began to bob her head with no hesitation, going from its very tip all the way to its base, effectively deepthroating him. Her elegant fingers soon cupped his balls and massaged them, eliciting a series of soft moans from Keiichi, who privately compared her performance to Peorth’s. She was definitely more forceful than her brunette friend, although the latter compensated by better use of her tongue at this phase. Still, saying that either of them was bad would’ve been a huge lie, proven by Keiichi’s hips as they started to moved on their own, increasing the pleasure for both of them.


At that point it was far too much for the already aroused mortal to hold back any more and with a loud grunt, spurts of hot semen were shot straight down Urd’s throat. Yet despite that, the goddess didn’t even flinch as she took all he had to offer her without a slightest hint of a gag, milking every drop of his precious seed while massaging his tip with her swallowing motions. Finally, after a few seconds she pulled back and released his penis, looking up to him with a proud look on her face while licking her lips for added effect. “Alright, I take it back… You’re far from a wuss, Keiichi. That wasn’t the biggest I’ve ever had, but… it’s in my top ten list of the tastiest cocks for sure. Good going!”


“Thanks… I guess…” He was still out of breath while he recovered from his orgasm, when he noticed that his penis hasn’t gone flaccid at all. As a matter of fact, it was almost as hard as when they started and while he found it a bit strange, with Peorth waiting for her turn he wasn’t going to complain. “So… you’re still in the mood, right… Peorth?”


“More than you’d think Keiichi!” Smiling at him while patting the inflatable mat she had summoned just for this occasion, Peorth urged him to approach her. “How about you lie here and let me take care of the rest?”


Nodding, the dark haired student did as being told, especially given his lack of experience. The last thing he needed was to ruin their first time by making a blunder and in the process make a fool of himself in front of Urd too. Lying on the inflated bed, Keiichi watched Peorth rub massage oil on her front and soon realized that this was nearly something out of one of those adult videos his fellow students talked about.


Indeed, as soon as the brunette goddess was ready, she straddled his hips and then lowered herself on top of him. After a long kiss, she slowly started to rock back and forth, rubbing their torsos together while watching his every reaction to her sensual massage. “Well? What do you think of my service, Keiichi?”


Gasping softly as her breasts rubbed against his chest, Keiichi did his best to regain his composure for long enough to offer a reply. “You’re spoiling me more than it’s advisable, Peorth.”


“Maybe. At least you can’t say that I’m not trying hard enough,” purred the goddess in his ear as she grind her labia against his hard member. “Are you ready?”


“No, but… I’m not sure I even know what to expect,” admitted the young mortal with a fierce blush, as his hands found their way to her hips and from there to her pert bottom, giving her a firm squeeze. “I’d say we go for it, Peorth.”


Offering him a tiny smile, the goddess wordlessly sheathed him, taking his entire length inside her moist vagina. Allowing him a moment to adjust to this sensation, Peorth slowly arched her back and then readjusted herself in a seated position right above his hips before she began to move. Rising up and down, she used all of her skill to maximize his pleasure and ensure that this was the best first time experience Keiichi would’ve hoped for, and judging by his excited moans, she was doing a great job.


Peorth knew when to apply more force and then slack off, allowing Keiichi to revel at the ecstasy that the union with a goddess was. This was no mere intercourse the student might’ve with one of his species, but an experience that transcended the physical aspect of the act itself and elevated to an eye opening experience that Keiichi wasn’t even sure how to describe. Aside from the sheer physical pleasure, he also felt the same soul nourishing feeling one would normally get from vastly different activities, like listening to music or gazing at the most beautiful exhibits at an art gallery, perhaps even the joy he felt while racing with a bike.


Such was the pleasure he experienced that before he even realized, his hips thrust up to meet the goddess’s own movements and his hands assisted her ministrations as well. There was no more hesitation behind his actions and neither did he worry about Urd’s presence in the room. In Keiichi’s mind the only thing that really mattered was to please his goddess as much as possible and repay her for accepting to grant his selfish wish and even taking such a regular person as her lover. Or at least that’s what he hoped, although actions spoke louder than words and in Keiichi’s opinion whether she called herself as his girlfriend was an insignificant detail. What really mattered in this case what how she felt about him and this was proof positive that she found him worthy to be her mate.


For her part, Peorth had to admit that he was a rather pleasant surprise. Contrary to what mortals thought about sex, for a goddess to feel this amount of pleasure she required much more than a just handsome, experienced and well hung partner. Instead, the feelings one put behind his acts were as important as the acts themselves, meaning that a caring partner like Keiichi felt a lot better to her than the most skilled yet self absorbed mortal she could’ve in his place. Those could be best compared to a sex toy, and while it was possible to offer enough pleasure to count as viable substitutes, it was partners like Keiichi that made this worthwhile.


And for that very reason, Peorth wanted to reward her kind Keiichi by offering him a bit of an extra, especially before Urd had the chance to do it as a means to outperform her. “How was the warmup Keiichi? Are you ready for the main course, now?”


“Wait? This was… warmup?” asked the confused mortal as he had no idea what counted as the main course in Peorth’s books.


“Yes and no. I’m having a lot of fun, but some variety is always welcome,” said the brunette goddess getting off of him, before she turned her back at the still confused mortal and bent over the wooden tub. “Let’s try doing it like this, Keiichi. I want you to have a more active role in our lovemaking session.”


“Oh, I see! That’s fine with me, Peorth!” Approaching her with a smile, the college student stopped right behind the goddess’ spread legs and reached for her hips. However as he was about to penetrate her, he felt her hand move and cover her exposed vagina much to his confusion. “Huh? What’s wrong?”


“Don’t worry, Keiichi, I haven’t changed my mind. It’s just that… I want you…” Moving her hand from underneath her, all the way around her backside, Peorth pointed at her puckering anus, “... there!”


‘She wants… anal?!’ It took Keiichi a moment to make sure that he wasn’t seeing things or misinterpreted the situation and result in a scene most… embarrassing for him, but his apparent hesitation to act only caught Urd’s attention.


Creeping towards the frozen mortal much like a cat stalking a mouse, the half goddess grinned as she leaned towards his ear and whispered to him. “She really loves getting it up the ass, Keiichi…”


Wah! Urd! Don’t scare me like that!”


“Must you phrase it in such a crude manner?” added Peorth as she looked over her shoulder.


“Well, excuse me princess!... But you’re the one sticking your ass towards us in such a glorious fashion! And what an ass too!” said Urd, giving her fellow goddess a playful pat on her pert bottom, much to Peorth’s annoyance. “If you don’t want her, I can definitely help with a strap on…”


Sensing that those two were about to start another argument, Keiichi decided to move in and stop them before things got dangerous. Grabbing the brunette’s hips he pushed hard against her, eliciting a startled cry of shock as Peorth wasn’t expecting such a bold move from him. Yet, she immediately relaxed and Keiichi managed to push nearly half of his length into her anus before he turned to Urd and offered her the most cocky look he could muster. “Nope! My booty!”


Both goddesses started sniggering and eventually burst into laughter, with Peorth moving a bit backwards, Urging Keiichi to start thrusting into her.


“Boy, you’re indeed a surprise!” said Urd, as soon as she recovered from her laughing fit, giving the blushing mortal a playful slap on his back. “That sounded so corny, but with a little practice you can get way better.”


“Never mind that, Urd! He’s good as far as I’m concerned!” added Peorth while rocking back and forth, her bottom colliding with his hips at an ever increasing pace as the mortal became adjusted to the goddess’ tight anus.


“Can you please both give it a break? This is getting really embarrassing!” cried Keiichi, yet despite that, his hips never stopped moving. He didn’t even slow down as he took Peorth from behind with as much force as he could muster, causing her posterior to jiggle in the most appetizing manner.


“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, silly boy! You’re quite impressive for a beginner, and I’m not even joking,” said Urd, pushing his torso slightly forward. “Here, put more of your weight into it, so that you won’t have to strain your muscles as much. Also, at this angle it’s easier for you to hold her upper torso instead of her hips, so, try using her breasts for extra leverage.”


Following Urd’s instructions, Keiichi’s thrusts became even more forceful, eliciting louder moans from the rose goddess. She was astonished by how much strength her otherwise timid lover put behind each thrust, sending his balls into a harsh and loud collision with her labia while his calloused hands squeezed her sensitive breasts. For a moment, this almost felt as if it was the performance of a much more seasoned lover, yet it still carried the same tenderness from before, despite the sheen intensity of their coupling.


And before long, Peorth’s voice hit a rich crescendo signaling her own orgasm that pushed the already excited Keiichi over the edge as well. As the rose goddess clenched around his throbbing member, the mortal’s back arched and with one final groan he unleashed his thick seed in a series of powerful spurts.


Only after he pulled out of her did he finally come to realize what he had done, especially as he watched her turn around and face him, waiting for an angry reprimand or even a resounding slap at how harsh he was with her. Instead, Peorth pulled him in a long, passionate open mouth kiss, teasing his tongue with hers.


“You’re not.. mad?” asked the dark haired student with a gasp as their lips parted and he could finally get some air into his lungs.


“For giving me the best anal I had in years? No way! I loved every bit of it, Keiichi!” giggled Peorth, only to have Urd interrupt her.


“See? Told you that the flower girl loves it up her ass!”


“Oh, you!...” Narrowing her eyes at the offending half goddess, Peorth grabbed Keiichi’s member and began to stroke him, despite the poor mortal’s objections that he was still too sensitive after his orgasm. “You know what? Go teach this shameless hussy a lesson, Keiichi! You’ve got my permission to fuck her silly!”


“What? B-But!... Peorth! My muscles are…” tried to protest the exhausted student, only to have a finger across his lips, silencing him.


“Hush, dear Keiichi! Lessons aside, leaving Urd with blue beans is… ill advised. Trust me on that, so… go get her tiger!”


“That’s right! For once, I’ll have to wholeheartedly agree with her, lover boy,” purred Urd at the nervous student. “Are you ready for round three? Hey… why are you patting me down there?”


“Hm?” Looking up as he felt the now smooth surface of her pube was, Keiichi tried to offer an explanation before she thought he was some weirdo. “Sorry, I wanted to make sure that all the glue was gone… Save for acetone, my only other option is hot water, but…”


“It’s gone, and while I do have my kinks, pouring scalding water on my privates isn’t one of them. Now, stop this nonsense and show me what you’re made of Keiichi!” With a grin, Urd hovered right above the tub’s edge and spread her legs in mid air, lowering herself until her hands grabbed the wooden surface of the tub and then she raised her hips towards Keiichi.


“Showoff…” muttered Peorth, crossing her arms at the half goddess who was effectively lying on thin air, while an intrigued Keiichi approached the voluptuous goddess.


Running his hands along her thighs, Keiichi stepped forward and stood right between her legs and no although his tired muscles begged him to stop, the adrenaline kept him going. Reaching around her hips he immediately began to fondle her pert bottom, causing her lips to part in a soundless moan of pleasure. And as she wrapped her legs around his hips, Keiichi thrust forward without any trace of hesitation, pushing his penis deep into her waiting vagina until his hips collided with her bottom and began his relentless assault.


Given how wet she already was, he could pick up the pace without any delays, driving it both hard and deep. But above all, he wished to show her what he could do, even if that meant that he was going to have a tender back tomorrow.


‘Heck… at this rate, most of my muscles will hurt like crazy tomorrow, but… Boy, she’s tight like a vice!’


Given her playful personality he had expected her to be more loose than this, but he was in for a surprise when she proved to be even tighter than the rose goddess. And her moans were far too excited for someone who acted so tough earlier, allowing Keiichi to reach to the inevitable conclusion that part of her act was for show. Yet, there was no sign that she didn’t enjoy this forceful way of mating. Actually, it was far from it, with her legs urging him to move even harder than this, and… he somehow obliged.


Urd was in a genuine state of shock. If anyone told her that this slip of a man could make her scream as loudly as she currently did, she would’ve called them crazy. Yet for someone who had barely managed to recover from his second orgasm in a row, Keiichi was threatening to outperform most of her previous lovers. And that included both gods and Earth Spirits, immortals that should’ve much better stamina and drive than any mortal man, especially one as skinny as Keiichi. Sure, he had some muscles in that body of his and years of working on bikes as well as following his senpai’s drills kept him in top shape, but it still didn’t fully explain just how he had managed to pull this off. Her pheromones should only affect his libido, not his stamina and even his performance was phenomenal. His learning curve was so steep that it nearly made her wish to check his file for any signs of him lying about this being his first time. Keiichi literally want from a complete novice to the level of an advanced partner in a couple of minutes, and while he still lacked the knowledge and experience of one, he was exceptional at following instructions and then improvise.


As a matter of fact, he was applying the same trick of using his own weight that Urd told him a few moments ago to this different position, making the necessary adjustments to drive the half goddess to and even higher level of pleasure. Urd no longer cared whether she would appear too enthusiastic in front of him or Peorth and while hovering, she thrust her arms in his direction without any further instructions as to what she wanted, yet Keiichi caught up in mere seconds and got hold of her wrists.


Using them as extra leverage and exploiting the fact that there was no friction as she floated, Keiichi’s thrusts sent the goddess in a wild rocking motion. He was nearly pulling all the way out of her soaking vagina and then ram it back in with so much speed and force that even her heavy breasts were bouncing back and forth as if they were almost weightless. All while an aroused and utterly awestruck Peorth watched this performance with her jaw hanging wide open and her fingers furiously pumping into her own vagina.


Meanwhile Urd’s mind was still struggling to explain just what was going on here, as the pleasure she was receiving had already exceeded not only her wildest expectations, but ranked him amongst her top five partners she ever had up to this day. And with a rapturous scream of exctasy she hit an orgasm the very moment Keiichi experienced his third one.


Squirting hard against his crotch while he deposited his seed deep into her womb, Urd felt every one of his spurts and then her eyes wide wide when she felt that he just kept going. It was his third climax and yet he offered her more than any mortal man could offer throughout a single night. Feeling the sticky fluid leak out of her, Urd reached to take some with her fingers, while Keiichi’s legs simply gave away.


Stumbling back, he landed hard on the inflatable mattress Peorth had previously summoned and gasped for air. All of his muscles hurt like crazy, yet he somehow managed to smile between his efforts to fill his aching lungs and perhaps try to explain just what happened. He had suddenly gone berserk on Urd and while Peorth was merely joking about it, he did actually fuck her silly, no matter how impossible that sounded for him to pull off.


However none of them had any idea what to say, remaining where they stood, save for Urd who was floating, until both goddesses realized that they were watched. Turning sharply to the sink they found the utterly quiet Norn of the present looking back at them in shock as she had once again managed to walk into, or rather… teleport into the room just in time to witness one of her sisters reach a loud climax. And as brazen as Urd was, she did instantly cover her leaking lady parts from the shell shocked newcomer, almost blushing in the process.


Belldandy?! How much did you see?!


“B-Back f-from when you… climaxed?” managed Belldandy with some effort, while she tried her best not to look at the one responsible for her sister’s said orgasm.


“Never mind that, why are you here?” Stepping in after she had summoned her typical bikini robes, Peorth wasn’t thrilled to have one of Heaven’s most famous wish granters here, especially not of she was to offer Keiichi another wish. Although extremely unlikely, it wasn’t entirely against the rules to have multiple contracts with the same mortal as long as they were granted from a different wish granter.


“I just… wanted to talk to Urd about something that happened with… It’s just private matters, I assure you.”


“Oh, my apologies, I was too rude. In that case, I’ll go and prepare some green tea for both of you.” Letting out a sigh of relief, Peorth was happy that this wasn’t a business visit and as such, her contract was safe. Turning to dark haired student she motioned him to follow her outside. “Come on, Keiichi!”


“I want to, but… I cannot get up,” said the exhausted mortal, pointing to his shaking legs, but unfortunately from Belldandy’s angle it almost looked as if he pointed to his crotch.


Wait?! Me too?! B-But… we just met and you’ve got Peorth and sister… and…


“He meant it literally, Bell! Seriously, you sometimes take things too…” started Urd until she glanced at Keiichi and froze.


‘She’s her sister? Wow, they look nothing alike, although, she’s kinda pretty too.’ However, the mortal’s thoughts came to a halt when he noticed Urd’s gaze and following it, he froze as well. “No! Wait! It’s not like that!...”


Eeek! Don’t point that at me! Sister, help!” squeaked Belldandy as she dove behind her elder sister, her legs tightly pressed together and both hands protecting her bottom.


“You had both the flower girl and me... and you still want more?” shot Urd back at him as she stood between the panicking mortal and the equally distressed goddess of the present, while Peorth simply wolf whistled at the sight of his penis.


No! I said it’s not like that!


Morisato Keiichi was once again ready for action.

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