Familiar Of Zero: Saving Grace - Harem night(day)s

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Disclaimer: I neither own Familiar Of Zero, nor its characters. I am not making any profit off this story. I am doing this for entertainment only. The story is fiction, and the characters are not real.

Familiar Of Zero: Saving Grace – Harem nights (Days)

I neither own Familiar Of Zero, nor its characters. I am not making any profit off this story. I am doing this for entertainment only. The story is fiction, and the characters are not real.


AN: Hello readers. Thank you for reading. This is the second lemon scene I have written. This scene is in addition to my fanfiction story on another site. The story has the same name as this one (just minus the Harem nights (Days) part). I hope you enjoy.


The Chapter this is in reference to is chapter 49


This particular chapter takes place at Saito’s Mansion. After moving in, Saito had found a secret room in the basement that had a mirror that was linked to a mirror At Queen Henrietta’s room at the palace. Tabitha was informed that if she wants to be the first with Saito, then she needs to tonight or else Henrietta will be the first with him.


Chapter 1



Saito was settling in for the night and was getting comfortable in his bed. He was only wearing a pair of shorts.

“I wonder if Tabitha is really going to take her opportunity. I told her about it and then she just shoved me out of her room.”

He hears a knock on his door.

“Come in.”

The door opens and it reveals Tabitha. She is wearing a light green robe and is holding it closed. She also seems like she is cold.

“Everything okay?”

She nods and continues to walk over to his bed.

When she gets close, she loosens the robe and it reveals that she is only wearing panties underneath.

She blushes and looks slightly away in embarrassment as he stares at her.

She smiles at him as he looks back up at her face.

“Please be gentle.”

She takes off her glasses and sets them on a nightstand that is next to the bed.

He lifts up the covers and guides her into them with him.

She lies on her back next to him. Her face pointed away from him and there is a blush on her usually pale cheeks.

He looks at her for a moment while lying on his side.

He places a hand on her face and gently turns it toward him. Their faces are within a couple inches of each other’s.

“I love you so much, Tabitha.” He tells her.

“I love you as well.”

“I won’t lie. I’ve thought about this moment many times before now. But, I don’t want you feeling pressured into this if you’re not ready.”

‘He doesn’t understand women very well. I won’t lose to anyone, but I am not just doing this to be before the others. I want this too.’ She muses to herself.

“I want to do this.” She says to him seriously.

Leaning in a little closer he starts kissing her and then he proceeds to pull her body a little closer to him.

His warmth is welcoming to her chilled body.

He shifts his kisses to her chin and then down her neck.

She starts running her hands through his hair and lets out heavy breaths.

‘He’s kissed my neck before, but why does it seem so much more intense than those times. It’s like all of the senses of my body became over-sensitized.’

He shifts the opening of the robe wider, revealing her breasts and her stomach.

He takes a good look at her and admires her body for a moment.

“I’m sorry I don’t have large breasts for you.”

While looking at her face, he shakes his head.

“I love you whether you have large breasts or not. You are still very beautiful.”

Then he places a hand back on her stomach. It shudders momentarily from his touch, but then it welcomes him again.

She closes her eyes as she takes in the pleasure of him running his hand all around her sides and her stomach.

Her back slightly arches as he slides his hands up, between her breasts and to her neck.

A slight moan from her entices him even more and he starts massaging one of her breasts. He begins along the outside, and then slowly makes his way towards the center.

She raises one of her arms above her head while he does this and she also turns her head away to hide it in her arm from all of the pleasure she is feeling. Her other arm is still at her side.

He tugs on her nipple lightly a couple of times and her back arches a little more.

Then she lets out a louder gasp when he leans over and begins licking her hard nipple. She runs her hand in his hair again.

With an unsure hand, she reaches for the bulge in his shorts with her other hand and starts rubbing it.

‘Even though we have spent so much time together in bed, I’ve never done this before. I’ve read that men like this.’ She thinks to herself.

He lets out a moan in pleasure as well, to show her he likes what she is doing. It also gets harder and longer.

A small conquering smile makes its way across her face.

She reaches inside of his shorts and pulls him out. A mild amount of surprise hits her as she feels how warm it is in her hands.

‘I never imagined that it would be so warm to the touch.’

Then she starts stroking it and is also pleased by his reaction.

He pulls off his shorts so that they aren’t in the way anymore and he can really feel the pleasure from what she is doing.

They kiss each other again, even deeper than before as their hormones and emotions increase the passion of the moment.

After placing his hand on her stomach again, he slowly begins to slide it downward.

She feels his hand going downward and contemplates what he might do.

Her legs stay closed for a moment, but then she slowly opens them up for him, inviting his touch.

At first, he just eases his hand over her panties and he feels how wet they are. Some of the worries about her not wanting to do this float away because of this. He also rubs her inner thighs. He presses his hand firmly against her crotch and she lets out a louder moan and her back arches uncontrollably.

He slides his hand back up a little bit and puts just the tips of his fingers inside of the top of her panties and rubs her pelvis, just above her opening.

He looks to her for confirmation and she nods to him with fully flushed cheeks.

He cups her vagina and slides his hand up and down it, with his middle finger sliding along her opening. His finger gets wet from how aroused she is and he smoothly slides it slightly inside.

Her body takes over and instinctively starts gyrating and grinding with the motion of his hand.

A small squeak escapes her mouth as his finger enters a little deeper.

Based upon things she has read and the feeling welling up inside of her body, she realizes that she must be coming close to what they call an orgasm.

“Saito, I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Please make love to me. I want my first orgasm to be with you inside of me.” She says to him through heavy breaths.

“Are you sure?”

She nods vigorously.

He pulls his hand out and then puts his thumbs inside the sides of her panties. He slowly pulls them down her body. She shifts slightly so that he can get them off of her easily. He gently kisses her legs all the way down as he pulls the panties off. She slips her arms out of the arms of the robe.

After he pulls them off, she spreads her legs for him and he climbs over top of her.

Just as he positions himself over her, she places a hand on his chest.


“Huh?” He responds back.

She reaches down and pulls a wand out of the robe she was wearing.

“What is that for?”

She points it at her crotch and starts casting a spell.

His runes glow and slightly light up the room.

When she finishes the spell, she looks at him.

“Won’t get pregnant now.”

“Where on earth did you learn that?”

“It is something that Henrietta shared with me one day.”

“Well, isn’t that convenient. I am surprised you didn’t do that before coming in.”

“That was on purpose. I wanted you to see.”

He pauses while he thinks about what she said. Then his eyes go wide for a moment as he realizes why.

“You wanted me to see that because of the others.”

She nods in agreement.

“Tiffa, and I guess Eleonore at this point too, could learn the spell, but Siesta and Agnes couldn’t.” He points out.

She nods again to him.

‘Plus, I am sure that we aren’t ready to have a bunch of little ones running around just yet.’ He muses to himself.

“You’re sly.” He says to her and he leans in towards her.

She blushes and smirks at him just before they kiss.

He, very slowly, slides inside of her. As he gets further and further in, she winces and stops kissing him to shove her face into his shoulder.

He pauses while he lets her adjust.

After a short moment, she breaths and speaks to him.

“Go ahead.” She says softly to him.

He finishes going inside of her.

The heat emanating from down there sends charges of pleasure throughout her whole body.

He starts moving in and out of her just a little bit at first. As her body seems to get more and more comfortable with the motions, his strides get longer and quicker.

They both let out moans of pleasure.

Her legs wrap around his as their bodies press against each other.

One of her hands wraps around the back of his neck, and the other to his back.

They breath heavily into each other’s ears as their love for one another comes through.

They say each other’s names breathily, one after the other.

A deep feeling wells up inside of each of them as they both come closer and closer to a climax.

The pace hastens.

She grips him tightly and lets out a squeal as her orgasm occurs. Her knees raise up slightly around him from the intenseness.

This causes him to swell up inside of her and have his orgasm as well.

They stay intertwined with each other as their orgasms slowly fade and their bodies slowly stop twitching from the after affects.

He lifts his head up and they look into each other’s eyes lovingly. A happy glow also seems to be in their eyes as well.

They kiss each for what seems like eternity.

After he breaks away, he pulls out of her and rests his body next to hers.

He gets a big grin on his face.

“That was wonderful. I love you, Tabitha.”

She leans over and places a hand on his chest. She smiles at him.

“I love you too, Saito. I am glad that I got to be your first.”

They kiss each other again.

She could feel his semen making its way back out of her.

“I am going to need to clean up.” She says to him.

“Just make sure that you come back here afterward so that we can cuddle.”

She nods with a smile on her face.

“I’d like that too.”


A/N: Thank you for reading.

More scenes will come as I progress through the story. Scenes will come up with other characters as well.

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