Familiar Of Zero: Saving Grace - Harem night(day)s

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Disclaimer: I neither own Familiar Of Zero, nor its characters. I am not making any profit off this story. I am doing this for entertainment only. The story is fiction, and the characters are not real.

Familiar Of Zero: Saving Grace – Harem nights (Days)

I neither own Familiar Of Zero, nor its characters. I am not making any profit off this story. I am doing this for entertainment only. The story is fiction, and the characters are not real.


AN: Hello readers. Thank you for reading. This is the second lemon scene I have written. This scene is in addition to my fanfiction story on another site. The story has the same name as this one (just minus the Harem nights (Days) part). I hope you enjoy.


The Chapter this is in reference to is chapter 50


This particular chapter takes place the morning after the last chapter. Siesta couldn’t wait to take her opportunity with Saito.


Chapter 3



*Knock, knock, knock”


“It’s Siesta.”

“Come in.”

Siesta opens the door and peeks inside to see if anyone else is inside.

A big grin makes its way to her facial expressions when she sees no one else is in the room with him.

She gets inside, closes the door, and locks it.


She stands by the door and looks at Saito.

He stares at her with a puzzled look as he sits up in the bed.

“I suppose you were wondering why I was so happy yesterday.”

He gives a nod.

“I WAS wondering.”

She takes out the dagger from the back bow of her outfit and tosses it to the floor.

“When all of us girls first got together with you . . . “

She unravels the whip/band around her waist and lets it drop to the floor around her. She steps over it and continues to slowly walk toward Saito.

“It was agreed that the mistresses could not bed with you until Henrietta and Tabitha did.”

He gulps.

“That was the agreement that all of you came up with.” He states in acknowledgement.

She takes off her apron and it makes a loud thump when it hits the ground.

“Well, Tabitha took her opportunity the other day.”

She begins undoing her maid outfit.

She slips out of the outfit and Saito could swear he heard something that sounded like a chain. She stands in front of him in just some simple underwear and the garters around her thighs that held her hand muskets and her shurikens.

She puts her hands on her hips while looking at him.

“And Henrietta took hers last night.” He says to her.

She takes off the holsters and places them on the floor.

“So now I finally get to have my chance with you. I have wanted to do this with you for a very long time Saito. I’ve wanted to do this ever since you rescued me from that count.”

“Wow. That long?”

She nods.

‘I wonder what it’s going to be like this time.’ Serena and Zephira both say to him.


She slowly walks up to the foot of the bed like a tiger approaching its prey.

Then she lifts up the covers and enters in through the foot of the bed.

His pants and underwear are practically ripped off of him.

“What are you doing, Siesta?”

“I am doing my duty as your maid and making sure that you are properly taken care of.” She says from under the covers.

She places herself between his legs.

“What . . . .“ He starts to say, but then he stops.

He stops because the dark-haired girl under the covers places his appendage in her mouth.

She starts sucking on him and her head bobs lightly up and down.

He moves the covers down so that he can see her. She doesn’t stop when she becomes uncovered as she lets him watch her do this.

One of her hands runs up his thigh and up to his stomach. As it comes back down, it wraps around the base of his shaft.

Every so often, she stops and licks him up and down like a popsicle before going back to what she was doing.

His hands run through her hair as he feels her head go up and down.

“Is master happy?” She asks and then continues.

Giving into the pleasure, he doesn’t even bother disputing the fact that she referred to him as master.

“Very much.”

She also gets verification as she feels him twitch in her mouth.

He is completely hard at this point.

She stops and gives him a wink and a sultry smile.

She gets off the bed and pulls him closer so that he is sitting at the edge of the bed.

Standing in front of him with a blush on her face, she unclasps her bra and takes it off. She shoves his face between her breasts and she gives a light giggle.

Slowly, she slinks down to a kneeling position in front of him.

After licking his shaft and making him really wet, she wraps her breasts around his shaft. They easily surround it from their large size.

She moves up and down so that he slides in and out from between her breasts. The warmth and softness of them is a welcoming feeling.

He leans back onto his elbows and she increases her pace.

After a little bit longer of this, she switches and puts him back in her warm mouth. She nearly succeeds in fully engulfing him a few times and he rewards her with moans of pleasure.

“If you keep this up, then I am going to explode in your mouth.”

“Your maid is ready for her reward, and I will make sure not a single drop escapes.” She says while pumping him with her hand.

She continues.

She feels him starting to fully stiffen and swell up in her mouth and she preps for the load that is about to come.

He runs a hand in her hair and lets out a grunt, releasing himself into her. She slides a hand up and down his shaft while the tip stays in her mouth. She keeps his orgasm going as long as she can as he twitches from the release.

As promised, she makes sure to swallow it all down and not a single drop escapes her mouth.

She climbs onto the bed and kisses his chest and she looks at the satisfied smile on his face.

“I take it that I made my master very happy.”

“You certainly did.” He says between heavy breaths.

Her breasts dangle over him as she leans toward him.

While taking one of her breasts into her mouth, he also reaches for her crotch and runs a finger along her opening. His finger instantly becomes wet.

“My, oh my. My maid is very wet.”

“It gives me great pleasure to make you so happy.”

He rolls her over onto her back.

“Oh, my! What are you up to, master?”

He kneels at the side of her.

“I am going to take full advantage of my maid.”

He leans over and starts kissing her chest and then he slowly makes his way down her body.

She turns away in embarrassment when he raises her knees up and spreads her legs open, exposing her vagina to himself.

“But master, I should be the one . . . .”

She gets cut off when he quickly begins licking her opening.

“Okay. . .“ She says softly in defeat as the warmth of his mouth makes all of the hormones in her body go crazy.

While attentively licking her, he takes a hand and fondles one of her wonderful breasts that he has groped many times before while lying next to her in bed.

“Oh, master! I don’t deserve such good treatment.”

“It is what I want.”

“Then your servant will comply.”

He takes his hand off of her breast and slips it around her thigh, giving it a good grip.

A hand runs through his hair as he puts his tongue even deeper into her.

“Mmmmmmm.” She mutters out.

He takes the two middle fingers of his other hand and slowly inserts them into her.

Another moan of pleasure comes out of her mouth.

Her pelvis starts moving with the motion of his fingers as he gently rubs the inside of her.

She grinds against his face and fingers when he finds her clit with his tongue and continually licks it.

He gets hard again while he hears her continually calling his name in pleasure.

Her legs start tightening up.

A loud moan explodes from her along with an orgasm.

Her body involuntarily convulses from the effects of the orgasm.

When they simmer down, he pulls his fingers out and he looks up at her. Her face is heavily flushed.

“That was wonderful, master. Your maid couldn’t be happier.”

“I hope you still have more energy left in you, I am not finished yet. You have been very naughty this morning and I haven’t punished you properly yet.” He says playfully to her.

“Oh, yes, master. I have been very naughty and I await your punishment.”

“I order you to get on your hands and knees with your backside facing me.”

“As you wish.” She says properly to him to keep the role playing going.

She does as he asks and gets into a doggy style position with her butt facing him.

He casts the spell that he learned from Tabitha on her.

“What is that, master. I feel a little tingly.”

“That’s too make sure you don’t get pregnant from our little fiasco.”

“So now, we’ve got free reign.” She says mischieviously.

Feeling a little adventurous, He gives her butt a couple playful, but not hurtful smacks.

Siesta lets out a couple yelps out of surprise.

‘That felt oddly good.’ She thinks to herself.

“Ooooooo, master. Please punish me more.”

He gives her butt a couple more smacks and then he positions himself behind her.

She bends completely over and rests her head on the bed, clenching the sheets as he enters into her. He slides easily into her warm and very wet vagina.

While slowly starting to thrust in and out of her, he runs his hands up and down her body. He gives her butt cheeks a good squeeze every time he passes over them with his hands. The elicits more moans of pleasure from her again.

He gives her butt another smack, which sends intense jolts of pleasure to her vagina.

“Mmmmmmmmm. Thank you master.”

After rubbing the spot he smacked, he makes sure to smack and rub her other side.

 She feels another orgasm starting to well up inside of her again.

‘He’s barely been inside of me, but this feels so good I can’t help but have another one.’ She muses.

“I feel another one coming.” She informs him.

He grabs her hips and pulls her harder into his thrusts as he increases his speed.

After a handful of seconds of this, her body tenses up again and she releases another orgasm.

The muscles in her legs lose their strength and she collapses onto the bed.

“I’m sorry, master. I can’t keep myself up any longer.”

“Well that just won’t do.”

She rolls over and spreads herself open for him.

“Will this be good enough?”

He doesn’t even hesitate to lower himself into her and start thrusting again.

She wraps her arms around him with one hand around his back and the hand of her other arm runs through his hair

Her breasts move in time with his thrusts.

They fiercely kiss each other.

It doesn’t take long for either them to feel another orgasm coming on.

They grasp each other tightly as it hits both of them.

As it passes over, they look at each other with sweaty and flustered faces. They both smile at each other lovingly.

“I am so happy to have done this with you. I love you so much.”

“I love you very much, too.” He says to her as he runs a hand along the side of her face.

“If I had the strength, I would go another round with you, Saito.”

“I don’t think that either of us could take another round right now, even if we wanted to.”

He settles himself next to her and they intertwine their legs and kiss each other for a while longer before leaving and getting breakfast together.

‘I wonder how that spanking thing would be for me?’ Serena wonders and communicates to him.


A/N: Thank you for reading.

.I remembered an episode where she kept talking about a roleplay scene with him, so I ran with the idea and had a little fun with it.

More scenes will come as I progress through the story. Scenes will come up with other characters as well.

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