Familiar Of Zero: Saving Grace - Harem night(day)s

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Disclaimer: I neither own Familiar Of Zero, nor its characters. I am not making any profit off this story. I am doing this for entertainment only. The story is fiction, and the characters are not real.

Familiar Of Zero: Saving Grace – Harem nights (Days)

I neither own Familiar Of Zero, nor its characters. I am not making any profit off this story. I am doing this for entertainment only. The story is fiction, and the characters are not real.


AN: Hello readers. Thank you again for reading.

The Chapter this is in reference to is chapter 64


This particular chapter takes place in chapter 64 of the main story. Eleonore and Tiffania were each heading to Saito’s room for some alone time. After realizing thay they were both going for the same thing, Eleonore suggests to share.


Chapter 8

The Valliere And The Elf


Saito was relaxing in his bed at his mansion after returning back from Albion.

Tiffania and Eleonore both found themselves walking down the hallway towards their lover’s room.

Eleonore was wearing a purple nightgown with pink trim. The sleeves rode off the shoulders. So, the sleepwear is only being held up by two simple straps

Tiffania was still in her usual green and white outfit.

They both stop and look at each other.

“Were you, by chance, coming down here for the same thing that I was coming down here for?

Tiffania blushes in embarrassment and turns red all the way up to the tips of her elven ears.

She looks down while touching her index fingers together.

“Maybe.” Tiffania whines out.

Eleonore crosses her arms while looking at the other blond-haired woman.

She shifts her glasses slightly.

“I’ll make you a deal.”

“A deal?” Questions Tiffania.

Eleonore nods.

“I am willing do this with you because I remember how accepting you were towards me to begin with.”

Tiffania cants her head to the side while she still tries to figure out what Eleonore is trying to say.

Eleonore blushes.

“I am sure you want to be with him just as much as I do right now. So, I propose that we both sleep with him tonight.”

The half-elf starts pointing her index fingers together again.

“Um . . . um . . . um.” She says sheepishly and undecidedly.

The blond Valliere links her arm with Tiffania’s and starts to walk with her towards Saito’s room.

“I am sure it might be bound to happen eventually anyways. So let’s see if we can make this work. Besides, I have read that it is every man’s dream to be with two women at the same time.”

“Really?” Innocently asks Tiffania.

Eleonore nods her head as she knocks on the door to Saito’s room.

After a moment, he opens the door.

Eleonore greets him with a smile.

“Good evening, Saito.” She says to him.

Tiffania sheepishly waves to him.

In wait, Eleonore stares at him.

“Um. Would you like to come in?” He asks as he motions with his hand.

“We certainly would.” The blond Valliere says to him.

After shutting the door, he goes and sits down on the edge of his bed.

Eleonore begins stripping by shifting the two straps and slowly slipping off her nightgown. This leaves in her in only a pair of matching purple panties.

The elven half of the trio sheepishly stands there.

“Oh, come on, Tiffania. It’s not like we haven’t seen you naked before or that he hasn’t been with you.”

“I know. It’s just that this is different.” Practically whines the half-elf.

“This is new for me as well, but you’re not going to get anywhere if you’re not naked.” Replies Eleonore.

After she reaches inside of her nightgown, Eleonore pulls out a piece of black cloth.

Saito raised a finger in question and he was about to ask, but then he remembered where Eleonore gets her information from and decides not to ask.

“Maybe this will help.”

“What is it?” Asks Tiffania.

She goes behind Tiffania and wraps the cloth around the elf’s eyes. Then she motions for Saito to come over.

When he does, she whispers to him.

“Help make her feel comfortable.”

He nods and he starts giving her a reassuring kisses. He also sends her comforting feelings through their bond, and she seems to calm a little bit.

Eleonore presses herself against Tiffania’s back. Tiffania blushes from the contact of Eleonore’s bare breasts against her back. Eleonore continues on by sliding her hand inside her outfit and cupping her breasts.

A little moan escapes Tiffania’s mouth.

‘Damn! I still can’t get over how huge her breasts are compared to mine. They feel nice though.’ The bespectacled beauty thinks to herself.

She continues by pulling Tiffania’s breast out from the outfit and freeing it. She supports Tiffania’s breast up for Saito.

After a moment of gawking at Eleonore holding Tiffania’s breast, he licks around her exposed nipple.

Eleonore watches this for a moment as she peers over Tiffania’s shoulder.

‘I wish he was doing that to me right now, but this is kind of interesting and a great learning experience.’

Tiffania wraps her hands around his head as he starts sucking on her breast.

Her other breast gets pulled out by Eleonore and she also begins fondling it.

He reaches around Tiffani and slips his thumbs into Eleonore’s panties. She rewards him with a smile and lets out a little moan in expectance. The moan resounds in Tiffania’s.

‘I can’t believe how much that just turned me on, knowing that the he is able to make both of us happy at the same time.’ The elf thinks to herself.

After sliding the panties partway down, she graciously helps to finish getting them completely off.

Then, he reaches up and inside of Tiffania’s outfit to take off her beautifully white panties as well.

Tiffania could his eyes leering at her crotch.

He kneels down and slightly spreads her legs apart. His face gets close to her and she could feel his warm breath against her wet crotch.

“Saito what are you . . . “

Her sentence gets cut off as he buries his face into her womanhood. She gasps at the sudden rush of pleasure, and would have nearly keeled over if it wasn’t for the fact that Eleonore had a decent grip on her.

Without anything else to grab a hold of, Tiffania runs her hands through his hair.

Deciding that Tiffania shouldn’t be the only one truly enjoying herself, he reaches through Tiffania’s legs and up Eleonore’s. She shutters at his touch and ascent toward her own womanhood. His hand makes it to her crotch and finds that it is exceedingly wet.

‘Since she is so wet already. . . ‘ He muses.

As he thinks that, he slides his two middle fingers inside of her vagina and begins using his thumb to play with her clit. She moans into Tiffania’s ear again.

Without him being in front of her, Eleonore found herself in the same predicament that her fellow elf was in. She tightly embraces Tiffania from behind with one arm, and the other more vigorously fondles the elf’s breasts. She also quickly begins grinding against his hand, which means that her pelvic motions also make Tiffania’s pelvis to move in unison.

They all feed off of each other’s sounds of pleasure.

He could feel their bodies preparing for an orgasm, so he hastens his pace with his tongue and his fingers.

“If you keep doing that, I’m going to . . .” Tiffania begins.

“Come!” Eleonore squeals out as they both unleash their passions.

After a few moments for them to recover, Saito pulls away. His face and hand are completely soaked. He makes an attempt to wipe himself up.

The two women were still huffing and puffing, but they both had a look of blissful content on their faces.

Eleonore shifts her glasses back into place and gives his a lustful smile.

“That was quite surprising but exceedingly enjoyable. But, now it is your turn to have some enjoyment.”

As she says that, she leads him gently to the edge of the bed and sits him down. With his legs over the edge, she also leans him back with a gentle smile on her face.

Tiffania takes off the blindfold and begins to undress and get completely naked.

Then she goes back over to her nightgown and pulls out a familiar bottle. While walking over to Tiffania, she opens it and ours a little bit into her hand. She kneels down in between his legs and slowly takes him into her mouth. He instantly becomes real hard as he enjoys her taking him into her hot and wet mouth.

She lets out a very small moan from knowing how much pleasure this is giving him, which also sends soft vibrations along his shaft. She takes a few inches of him in and sucks really hard for a brief moment before sliding mostly off of him. Just his head is left in her mouth.

It is now that she starts spreading the oil that was in her hand up and down his shaft. While doing that, she motions Tiffania over with her other free hand.

Tiffania walks over and kneels next to the other blond partner in crime.

Eleonore pulls away from his tip with a slurpy pop. She whispers into the elf’s ear and spreads the leftover oil on her hand between Tiffania’s breasts.

“Really?” She asks Eleonore.

The book savvy woman nods her head.

“He’ll love it, especially with those breasts of yours.”

“A-all right.”

Eleonore rises up and gets onto the bed while Tiffania slides his shaft between her breasts. She starts sliding up and down on his shaft and Eleonore trails kisses up and down his chest.

The oil lets him slide between her breasts without any unwanted friction and makes the experience between her luscious pillows quite pleasurable.

After a few moments of this, Tiffania could feel him moving his pelvis up and down along with her.

He pulls Eleonore’s face to his and he begins to madly make out with her, tongue and all. Even though it caught her a little off guard, Eleonore quickly begins to moan in his mouth with pleasure from his passion.

Within another moment, he makes a thrust up and shoots out his load with a grunt. It shoots out almost up to Tiffania’s neck and then it all slides back down into a puddle between her breasts. At first, she looks at it in amazement, but then she realizes something.

“Now what do I do?” She asks.

After releasing herself from his lips, Eleonore gives her lover a gentle smile and another peck on the lips. Then she moves over to Tiffania and she slurps up the semen into her mouth. She quickly rises up and kisses her partner in crime for the night. Tiffania’s eyes go wide in surprise, but she accepts Eleonore. Eleonore gently leans Tiffania’s head back lightly and she shares the semen with her. The half-elf ends up swallowing some of it down.

Eleonore pulls away and gives a satisfied look at Tiffania.

“It wasn’t as bitter as I heard it would be, and it was really warm.” She admits to her friend.

The blond Valliere pats the bed, motioning for Tiffania to get on. She graciously gets on and lies down in the center of the bed with Eleonore’s guidance. Her arms also get slid above her head by Eleonore as well, accentuating her huge breasts and making them even more enticing for Saito.

Ensuring protection, Saito casts the spell on Tiffania’s womanhood. Eleonore takes this time to cast the spell on herself as well.

Saito slides Tiffania’s leg open and positions himself between them while leaning over her. He slides into her. With quickly increasing speed, he begins thrusting in and out of her. At the same time, latches onto her right breast with his mouth.

Eleonore gets a similar idea while kneeled next to Tiffania’s head. So, she leans over and takes her other breast into her mouth.

“Oh, my goodness. That is completely not fair.” She says to the two people teaming up on her as waves of pleasure flow from her breasts to her brain.

Her brain begins to lose all train of thought from being pleasured by the both of them. Her back arches in carnal desire for even more sexual attention. While bracing her feet, she involuntarily moves her hips as she feels pressure building up inside of her. Her hands also tightly grasp the sheets above her head.

Utterances of pleasure escape Tiffania’s mouth.

After feeling her body moving faster and hearing her vocally expressing how much pleasure she is feeling, Saito quickly regains himself and feels his body getting ready for an orgasm as well.

“I don’t know how much more of this I can take.” Admits Tiffania.

No sooner than she says that, her body involuntarily convulses as she has an explosive orgasm. The convulsing sends him into his orgasm. The experience gets lengthened from her body shaking so much.

Eleonore breaks away and watches the two in their moment of ecstasy and yearns for it herself.

When her orgasm finally passes over, Tiffania’s entire body goes limp in the bed as she still pants very heavily.

Saito plops himself on his back right next to her.

Without giving him any time to rest, Eleonore practically jumps on top on him and slides him into her. He could feel how wet and warm she was inside.

“Oh, no. I’m not letting off the hook that easy. I am sure that you are tired, but I haven’t had my turn yet.” She explains to him.

“I can’t go around leaving any of you unsatisfied, now can I?”

She gives him a very happy smile and she begins grinding against him.

He grabs her hips and helps her grind against him even harder. Their sexes press against each other tightly. A moan escapes out of her mouth with each thrust he makes.

She leans over and places her hands on either side of his head.

Slowly, he slides his left hand up the side of her body. She closes her eyes while he does this as she enjoys him feeling her body.

Her nipple gets slid between his fingers as he cups her breast. Each squeeze of her breast as he fondles it also gives her nipple a squeeze.

The glasses she had on almost fall off as she hastens her pace. So, he takes them off of her and sets them off to the side.

He slides his right hand and traces his fingers gently down her spine. The sensation nearly sends tingles through her. He keeps going down into the small of her back. Then he goes even further, tracing along the crack of her ass.

Tiffania finally manages to come back to her senses and looks over at the two of them having sex next to her in bed. She watches with a deep blush on her face. She also watches in awe as she sees the normally composed Eleonore in such an intense state.

This is especially so after she sees her lover stick the tip of his middle finger inside of Eleonore’s other hole.

His eyes glow dark blue for a slit second as he makes his finger a little more moist and lubricated.

Eleonore nearly growls in pleasure.

She is nearly on the brink of her orgasm, with him not too far behind.

He props himself partially, and his finger slides even further into her.

“Oh, shit!” She yells out to her lover.

The sensation she felt from his finger going deeper and what she was already feeling from him being inside of her other hole, tips her over the edge. Her breasts press against his chest and she wraps her arms around him as she orgasms.

His orgasm hits him as well.

Eleonore lets out a hefty sigh and she feels him twitch inside of her and fill her insides with his warm semen.

When it’s over, she kisses him deeply for a few seconds sits completely up while still straddling him.

They look over at the third member of their trio, whom has a pleading look in her eyes.

“Is something the matter Tiffa?” He asks.

“Could you try that with me the next time we have sex? Eleonore’s reaction makes me think it felt really good.”

Eleonore smiles at her.

“You have no idea.”


A/N: Thank you for reading.

More scenes will come as I progress through the story. Scenes will come up with other characters as well.

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