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It was a typical day so far. Customers came in, paid for their fuel or sodas or whatever they wanted, then left. It had been a slow day for Evan; not that he were complaining. No, he actually enjoyed the slowness the day had brought him. It just meant less to do. He found himself idly playing random games on his phone or browsing various web forums he was a part of just to pass time.

With nothing interested being posted on said websites, and with the games he did have on his phone already beaten multiple times, Evan groaned in pure boredom and put his phone away and decided he should at least organize some of the stuff on the counter to make it look slightly more visually appealing. As he did, a guy walked in with a Leafeon trailing in right behind him.

"Hi there," Evan said, greeting the two. They both looked up at him and nodded.

"Hello," the man responded. "Where are the bathrooms?" he then asked. Evan pointed towards the back of the gas station, past all the beverages coolers as he answered,

"Back there."

"Thanks. Lea, grab us some drinks and some snacks. We've got a bit of a drive left to go," the man said.

"Okay," the Leafeon answered. The two split apart as the man went towards the bathroom, the Leafeon doing as asked. Evan watched as the Pokemon walked between the isles slowly, eyeing each and every shelf to find whatever it wanted. Stopping in front of a section that was nothing but bags of chips, the Leafeon named Lea realized it had no way of grabbing any due to the lack of hands. It turned to Evan, "Hey, could you help me?" it asked in a feminine voice. "I can't really carry anything."

"Of course, ma'am," Evan smiled to her, finally happy to have a way to kill his boredom, even if only momentarily. "What would ya like?" he asked. Lea pointed out a few bags then went over to the beverages and Evan help get what she wanted. Returning to the counter, Evan sat it all down just as the man returned. The Leafeon jumped up on the counter, sitting down next to the guy he was helping.

"Hey, thanks for helping her. Didn't really think that through," the man chuckled nervously. Evan waved him off,

"Don't sweat it. It's what I'm paid for," Evan smiled to him. The man nodded,

"Makes sense." Evan took the various snacks and drinks and scanned them all one by one. He periodically looked up and eyed the man, observing his features. It became custom for Evan to look at and make sure he memorized the customers and what they looked like. It wasn't like he wanted to, but with how gas stations and similar places are common stores are prone to robbing, it was better to be safe than sorry if anything happened.

The man in question looked quite young, no older than 20. His hair was a dark brown and seemed to be covering only one of his bright, green eyes. The color of his eyes matched his Leafeon's green tail. He wore a pair of dark colored sweats with a loose fitting t-shirt. His hands were covered with a pair of black gloves, minus his fingers which stuck out through tiny, manmade holes.

"On a trip?" Evan asked, making idle chitchat as he scanned the guys' and Leafeons' items. The man nodded,

"Heading to Mauville City for a convention." he answered.

"Ah, I see. Not surprising Mauville is going to be holding trainer conventions, what with the recent overhaul the city received." Evan chuckled.

"Heh.. yeah.." the man chuckled, almost sounding nervous. Evan looked up from the scanner ever so slightly,

"Everything alright?" Evan asked.

"Oh, uh.. yeah. It's not actually a trainer convention." he explained.

"It isn't?" Evan asked. "Total is $22.67, by the way." The guy reached into his back pocket and pulled his wallet out. He then pulled out a couple bills and handed them to Evan. Evan opened the register and placed the money in, where he then handed him his change.

"Nope," the man answered, taking his money and putting it back in his wallet. "Here, uhh.." he trailed off, looking around. It looked as if he was looking to see if anybody was looking before he leaned in closely, "do you have any paper or something I can write on? As well as a pen or something?" he asked.

"Uhh.. sure.." Evan said, reaching under the counter. He felt around on one of the shelves before he pulled out a notebook and handed it to the man. He then grabbed one of the pens from beside the register and gave it to him. "What for?"

The man took them both and began writing on it, Lea speaking up for him, "It's a big movie gathering." she answered. "We're meeting with some friends and going to shoot a movie together. They personally asked us to join in so, we figured, why not?" she smiled. Evan nodded,

"Oh, that's cool! What movie is this for?"

"You'll have to see when it comes out," the man answered this time. He folded the paper several times and then wrote a few more words on the paper, before handing them both to him. The first thing Evan noticed was how subtle he was being, especially with how he looked like he was trying to hide the paper from view.

"Alright then.." Evan said. He looked at the Leafeon who smiled brightly before turning towards her master,

"We should get going. We've held up this man up long enough, I'm sure he wants to get back to this busy job," She joked. Evan grinned,

"Yeah, I really should get back to helping all these people," he laughed, waving his arms towards the emptiness that was the store. The two chuckled,

"You sure look busy. We really should be on our way, though," the man said. He extended his hand, "The name's Raymond, by the way. You can call me Ray, though," Evan smiled and shook his hand,

"Evan. Nice to meet you," he said.

"And I'm sure you already heard, but my name's Lea," The Leafeon said. She smiled and gently rested her paw on Evan's hand.

"A pretty name for a pretty Leafeon," he complimented. Lea smiled brightly,

"Aww, you're sweet. Maybe one day we'll meet up again and the three of us could play!" she said hopefully. The two guys laughed,

"Maybe if we're back in town, we'll stop by and say hello. You know, as long as you're not this busy.." Ray grinned. Evan chuckled lightly,

"Don't think I will be too busy. The most we honestly see are trainers passing by during the day. Other than that, not many stop by," He sighed. "Not that I'm complaining. It's pretty much free money,"

"Sure seems like it. I wouldn't have minded having a job like this," Ray said.

"But you wouldn't trade it for what we have now, would you?" Lea asked, grinning slightly. He rested a hand on her,

"Definitely not. This is why more fun," Ray sighed. "Anyways, we must get going. Was nice meeting you, Evan. I'll probably see you on the way back from Mauville in a few days. Take it easy,"

"Have fun at your convention.. or.. Whatever it is," Evan laughed.

"Oh believe me, we will! We'll try and get some pictures for you if we see you again," Lea smiled brightly, "Right, Ray?" Raymond blushed slightly, which confused Evan,

"Uhh.. yeah. Sure, we will. Maybe.."

With one last wave, the two left, leaving Evan alone. He sighed, already growing bored. He then remembered the note he had set to the side. He grabbed it and read the words on the front.

Do not read here. Read at home.

The words he read both worried and confused him. Why couldn't he read it here? Was there some kind of secret hidden on this very piece of paper? Those few thoughts became not as important as he began to worry about this person and his Pokemon. They were hiding something and it confused him as to why.. Unless they were doing something illegal..

"Like murdering people!"

Evan laughed at his own stupidity. He shoved the note in his pocket as he decided he would have to worry about it when he got home, just as it said to. For now, he noticed another car had pulled up. Out stepped a lady who walked around to the other side of her car, where she then went and started to fill her car of fuel.

Evan sighed once more before clearing his throat. He walked over to the window and pressed a button on a little machine with a microphone protruding from it, "Hi there. I'll see you inside," he said, before returning to his normal spot.

The rest of Evan's day was more busy. After Lea and Ray had left, more people and Pokemon began showing up. Not a whole, whole lot, but a few did. From what he could tell, they all were on trips due to how they'd all buy more food and drinks than one would need if they were just going back home. None of them really talked much of where they were headed, not that it wasn't Evans business, but that didn't mean he wasn't curious.

The more he saw people, the more he found himself wanting to read the note. Many times, he had to restrain himself from reading it. If the note really did have some kind of secret information on it, then he would have to wait until he got home to finally read it.

Luckily enough for him, that time was now. It was shift change, meaning a co-worker was coming in for night shift while he got to head home. Pulling his phone out once more, he saw a message from a couple of his co-workers, all saying they'll be there momentarily. He kind of envied them because he didn't have the luxury of working with someone. He was a solo worker, not that it entirely bugged him. He just wished he had someone else to kill the time with.

Minutes passed before one of the co-workers finally arrived. He was an elder gentleman with a receding hairline. His hair, which was one a dark brown, was now a bright, bright white from age. He wore the typical employee outfit, only slightly fancier, what with him being the manager. As he opened the door and walked in, he greeted Evan with a smile,

"Evening," he said. Evan nodded,

"Evening, Oli. Am I good to head out?" he asked. Oli nodded,

"You are. Thanks for covering on such short notice. Sucks having to have your day off, but I was busy today. Here," Oli said, pointing towards the coolers in back, "help yourself to a drink. My treat,"

"Sure thing, boss. Much appreciated," Evan smiled brightly. Oli said nothing as he went behind the counter and into the backroom. Evan followed him and grabbed his jacket and slipped it on. Before heading out, he headed over to the drink coolers and pulled out himself an Energy Burst, one of his favorites drinks in the world. It was an energy drink that always perked him up when he felt tired. His personal favorite was the Blazing Tauros flavor.

With the beverage in hand, Evan made sure he had what little few belongings he brought to work before turning back to Oli and speaking to him, "You good or should I wait for the others?" he asked.

"I'll be good. I might be old, but I can handle myself," He answered. Evan chuckled lightly,

"Yep, I suppose so. I'll see ya next week, Oli," Evan said with a wave. Oli waved back and went back to his office to begin his work. As soon as he was out of the building, Evan pulled the tab on the can and opened it then took a large gulp of the drink. The coldness of it stung his throat slightly but the taste more than made up for it. Satisfied to have his thirst quenched, he took a deep breath and began his short walk home.

The walk home was all but eventful; not that Evan had expected anything to happen. Halfway home, he slipped his earbuds in and began blasting music in his ears, not caring about the damage he was causing them. His terrible singing seemed to speed up time for him and, before he knew it, he was back home in his apartment.

Still being somewhat young, and not making that much money, Evan had to move into an apartment. He didn't hate it, but he definitely didn't love it. It almost felt right to him. Being the only one who lived there, he didn't have to worry about anyone else trashing the place and, with him only eating out because of his job, he never had to worry about a mess.

The first thing Evan made sure to do when he got home was to order a pizza. Being the only one who worked the dayshift today, he couldn't leave and get food and, while he didn't like to insult his works food, there was no way he was going to eat there. Plus, if pizza was happening later on, he didn't mind the wait.

Slipping his shoes off and setting them by the door, Evan walked through the living room and into his bedroom. He flipped the light on and looked around at how empty it was, decoration wise. Being an apartment, he couldn't paint the walls like he'd wanted to, nor could he hang posters unless he wanted to pay for any repairs from using thumbtack to hold them in. He could have used tape, but that would have pulled the aged-paint off the wall, so either way, it was a lose-lose situation.

All that sat in his room was a bed, his nightstand, and his computer. Never being one to watch television, Evan never felt the need to buy a full television set. If he wanted to watch anything, he could on his computer. But that was rare, as he always preferred using his computer for his gaming, among other more personal things.

Evan walked to his dresser and pulled out a pair of his favorite sweats and quickly changed. It felt nice to finally be comfortable in his preferred clothing and not in his stupid khakis like he had to wear. He knew he didn't really have a choice, what with the dress code, but if he had the choice, he'd wear shorts all day, every day. They were much more comfy and easy to wear.

Slipping his shirt off, Evan was now as comfortable as he could be in his sweats and tank top. As much as he wanted to just lie down and fall asleep, his stomach wouldn't let him. Sighing to himself, Evan got off his bed and walked over to his computer and turned it on. It took a few moments but it finally go to where he could use it.

He opened his browser and went to order his dinner. He was a simple man, and a cheese pizza was more than enough for him, especially if he was to eat it all himself. The screen asked for his number and, after entering it, a box popped up saying that he would receive a confirmation message via text within the next few minutes. Evan smiled, looking forward to getting his well earned pizza.

Getting up from his seat, Evan went to his work clothes and fished around in the pockets. Grabbing his phone, he felt another object in them. He was confused at first. It almost felt like.. paper? Why would he keep paper in his pockets?

Then he remembered what it was. It was that note that that Raymond guy had given him. With nothing better to do, Evan shrugged and took the paper, along with his phone and wallet, and sat back at his little desk. Setting his phone and wallet down, he looked at the small words on it once more.

Do not read here. Read at home. It still read. Here he was, finally at home, and finally able to read it. But.. the words still slightly worried him. Not really for what they said, but what they could be about. He didn't know if the note could have been some kind of threat, or some kind of joke the guy knew to just mess with him.

Unfolding the paper, he found a couple paragraphs were hastily written.

Need to keep this short. Don't want to risk anything. Meeting isn't for a movie get together.. per se. Mauville is one of the few cities here in Hoenn allowing Pokephilia. We're-

Evan recoiled slightly from seeing that word. Pokephilia was when a man or woman bond with a Pokemon more than they should, both emotionally and physically. Many view Pokemon to be nothing more than tools or friends and, to have one as a boyfriend or girlfriend, is wrong. However, it was becoming a widely accepted thing in recent years. Many regions have left the decision of legality up to the towns decisions, saying that such things should be decided on location.. or something like that.

Evan personally didn't really care about the act, in a sense. Being born and raised in Verdanturf Town, a town where Pokephilia is illegal, Evan saw it as a thing he shouldn't really get involved in. And, even if he was curious about it, he couldn't have a way to try it due to having no Pokemon of his own. And, with Verdanturf being such a small, although growing due to the clean air, town, word gets around quickly of what everyone does. So he always felt it was best to just let everyone do their thing and not get involved in any decisions.

-heading there to meet with many who're like us for a weekend of 'fun', if you get the meeting. You seem alright from our brief talk but with it illegal here, we can't risk you getting in trouble if you're not into this.

And yes, me and Lea are together. Have been since we met. Not important. You didn't seem to catch our little hints and how flirty Lea seemed to be with you right before we left, so assuming you aren't like us. That's fine.

If not, try going to-

He was cut off again, this time by his phone. Grumbling to himself, he read it was the pizza place confirming his order. Rolling his eyes after confirming it, he sat his phone back down and got back to the letter,

-the website below. Look for LeaAndRay4Life, that's us.

"Jeez.. could have picked a more cringe name.." Evan mumbled.

The website is a place for people like me and Lea who want to meet others and make friends. You can even experiment with the website and have a lady for a night if you'd like. Does cost though.

Anyways, rambling. Sorry. But go there and make an account if you're curious about the whole thing. We're all welcoming and Lea and I will help you around if you do decide to register. If not, we'll still stop by with pictures of more clean stuff for you, like we said.


Evan looked at the website Ray had written down. It was a simple, three letter URL. Surely it wouldn't lead to a website dedicated to Pokephilia, would it? But what if it did? Would he get in trouble with the law enforcement if he had Pokephilia in an illegal area? No.. that just sounded silly.

Turning his chair as he took another sip of his Energy Burst, Evan once again opened up his browser and typed in the URL. His finger held just above the enter key, almost as if it didn't want to press it.. like he was scared it actually would take him there. No, he wasn't scared. He was skeptical. There's no way..

Pushing enter, a page began to load, much to his disbelief. The page was a dark black with a pretty banner of Ice and Dark type Pokemon, all smiling in the same direction of the camera, sitting at the very top. In bright white letters read "ATP - The Regional Home of Everyone Attracted to Pokemon". Evan tilted his head to the side, not believing what he was reading. The site actually worked. In the middle of the page was a video loader, but nothing played. Instead, in a small font it said, "This video is age restricted. Please log-in to your ATP Account and verify your settings to view."

Multiple tabs were across the top, just above the banner. Donate, Home, Forums and Hook-Up were what they read. Forums and Hook-Up were the ones that stuck out the most to him. Not wanting to dive headfirst into a Hook-Up, both figurative and literally, Evan clicked the Forums button. The page loaded for a moment before he was met with a new page with a much smaller banner, but it read the same text.

"There's.. no way that this is a site completely dedicated to human and Pokemon relationships. Surely this would have been taken down a long time ago.. Right?" Evan mumbled to himself. He scrolled to the bottom of the page and saw when the website was made, which only confirmed his thoughts.

The website had been created eight years prior to the semi-legality of Pokemon. But.. why was it never taken down? The only logical answer he had was that it had to be hosted from a region where this sort of thing was legal. Nothing else seemed to make sense.

Being an avid forums user, Evan quickly realized that all the sections were blocked off for those who had no account. Although he could see the areas themselves, the posts themselves were hidden. "Fine," he grumbled, "I'll register. Hope I don't regret it,"

Clicking the register button, Evan quickly filled out all the information needed; name, age so certain sections could be hidden if he was too young, a section for a biography if he so decided, a referrer, and then a username. After filling it all out, a textbox appeared on the screen.

"Thanks for registering to ATP, AIRBORN3. An activation link has been sent to your e-mail. If it doesn't arrive instantly, try checking-"

Evan zoned out, already knowing what it would say. He quickly went to his e-mail and clicked the link it gave, giving him access to the website. After signing back in, the first thing he noticed was a new section had appeared on the website. At the very top of the forums, where website news used to be, was now a V.I.P. section. He clicked it and was met with a message.

"Sorry, you must be a V.I.P. to view this section of this forums. If you'd wish to become a V.I.P., click here and you'll be taken to our Donation page. To see a full list of V.I.P. benefits, click here."

Evan was about to click the benefits list before yet another message appeared. This time, it appeared to be from another member. The name simply read 'Owner-Bot'. He clicked the message and he was redirected to his messages.

Hey! Firstly, I'd like to welcome you to my website! My dream has been to bring people like us, or those who're curious about the bonds a Pokemon and Human can truly have, together and I've finally achieved it.

Being new here, I'd suggest to make an introduction and say hi. We're all very friendly and won't bite.. Unless you're into that kind of thing. Post around, share stories of you and your lover, and have lots of fun.

If you enjoy the website and want the full experience, with full access to the V.I.P. sections, click here and you'll have those instantly.

Again, welcome!


"Huh.. at least I've got a welcome. Let's do some browsing-.. No. First.." Evan went back to the main forums page and looked for the search bar. Once found, he typed in the username LeaAndRay4Life. A dropdown box appeared with his profile showing he was currently online. He clicked it and went to his profile. His profile picture was, of course, him and Lea, although in a much more intimate pose.

Ray was on his back with Lea atop him, the two locked together in a deep kiss. Evan expected himself to be weirded out but.. he wasn't. He almost found it cute. But he was there for a reason. He clicked a button on his profile that sent him to a place to send Ray a message.

Hey.. uhh, it's Evan. You know, the guy from the gas station earlier? Helped you and Lea? I followed your note and I uh.. I didn't expect this. It's uhh.. Quite different. No, I'm not like you and her, but I'm not against it either. I'm sure you and her are a cute couple and everything.

Just thought I'd let you know I made an account and am going to browse and just.. explore, I guess.

Clicking send, the message was now off the screen. Once again going back to the main forum, Evan went exploring the website. Multiple areas broke off into new parts, all about something different. Website News, ATP Meetups, Introductions, Stories.. These were only a few of the things he read. There were a lot more, but he was more curious on what these held.. Mostly the introductions to see if others were as skeptical as he was.

Hey all! New here!


This can't be real..

Ayeeeeee, wassup?!

That last one made him cringe. But he found one that seemed to speak how he felt. Clicking the third thread, he was taken to another users post.

"Hey all. The name's Tim and this site doesn't seem real. A place completely dedicated to people who love Pokemon just as I do? It seems too good to be true. And sadly, sometimes it is. Won't say this is, but still.

In a loving relationship with my Luxio. His name's Pyro. He's been with me for as long as I can remember.

Was told of the site by a friend of mine. Didn't believe him, so I had to check it out for myself. If it's true, then you'll probably see me and Pyro at a meetup one day."

Below his message was a picture of a guy who looked to be in his very late teens. Sitting next to him was a rather grumpy looking Luxio, but it leaned on him ever so slightly. The boy was smiling brightly as he took the picture. Many people had responded to the post, welcoming him aboard and that it wasn't fake.

Clicking back, Evan read more of the threads. Each one was about how someone just heard about the website from a friend or had just stumbled upon it. Getting the point, Evan decided he'd check on other parts of the website. Just as he was about to, a notification popped up and said he had a new message from Ray. Clicking it, he read it outloud,

Hey dude. Glad to hear you didn't take it in a bad way. Never know who is, or isn't, that way these days. If you were, I figured I'd link ya here to meet more people. That's what someone did for me and I've loved every minute of it. And if you weren't, then maybe you could explore it a bit and meet some friends. You looked like you could use some company there, anyways, lol.

Anyways, glad to see you did. You should post an intro and say hi. Even if you're not that way, and I'm assuming you've tried it, you'll still be welcomed. If you haven't, I suggest mentioning it and I'm sure someone will point you to where you should head if you did want to explore more into Pokephilia.

Oh, and Lea says hi!

Evan thought for a moment. Although the concept of Pokemon and humans being together wasn't something sought out and looked for, the act itself didn't bug him. He figured he'd at least give the website a chance and try and meet some people.

Fair enough, lol. No harm, no foul, right? And I don't know. I'll post a hello thread and everything, but it seems sketchy to "Hook-Up" right after I join, you know? Then again, I haven't read anything there. Figure I'll do that later and see what it's about.

Hiya, Lea.

Sending the new message, Evan decided to explore more of the website. He'd post his hellos later on. Scrolling through the website, he figured he'd try out the stories next. There were multiple pinned topics, most about what, and what not, to post there, but there was one that stuck out to the others.

The time I came out to him - A story for those who say it won't happen.

He was curious on what was in the post. Clicking it, he briefly scrolled through the page and saw it was decently-sized. Just as he was about to begin reading, he heard a knock on his door, followed by the door. Instantly, his mood changed. "Pizza!" Evan exclaimed, jumping from his chair. Grabbing his wallet, Evan ran to the door and greeted the man, where the two exchanged what the other wanted, and needed. Closing the door behind him, not caring about the change and deciding to give it to the driver as a tip, Evan sat the box on the table and fetched a plate. Grabbing a couple slices, Evan ran back to his room and sat back at his desk. "Now.. where were we.." He mumbled as he began eating his dinner.

Hey guys. I'm not the best with talking or sharing stories, but this one, I feel I should share. This is mostly to those who believe that they're not good enough for the one they love or that they'll deny you for being another species or for how you first meet or how they present themselves.

Before I begin, I am a Zoroark. I have gotten my lovers permission to use this account, as I do not have one, to share this story. Hopefully others will take the time to read the whole thing.

We met about two years ago. I was a Zorua at the time. I remember so vividly that I was sitting in the forest, enjoying the quietness that was night. I sat in my little den, which consisted of a rotting, dead tree trunk savouring the tastes of the berries that dwelled within the forest.

So quiet. So peaceful.. Until I heard him. Footsteps got louder and louder as he made his way to my home. I watched him, he didn't seem to notice me. Eventually, he stopped in front of my home and turned around, but when I thought he was leaving, he was actually going to sit.

Before I could get out, he sat down and the trunk caved in on itself. The guy fell in and destroyed my home, along with injuring me. As quickly as the weight was there, though, it was gone. I struggled beneath the broken wood, trying to free myself. He must have noticed as I soon felt the wood being lifted from me.

It didn't take long for him to find me. He was an idiot. He tried to pick me up. As soon as he did, I bit him.. hard.. hard enough to draw blood. He recoiled in fear from the sudden attack.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you!" he yelled. I didn't care though.

"Sorry won't bring my home back, asshole. I may be a little Zorua, but I'll destroy you for taking away what little I had left!" I growled. I was so mad. I tried my best to attack him. But I was hurt from the tree crushing me so I couldn't move as fast as I wanted to.

One moment, I'm charging him. Next thing I know, I'm being absorbed by this red.. beam. I felt like I was being restrained. I hated it so much. I fought so hard to shake the feeling but I couldn't. Eventually, I just gave up.

Next thing I know, I'm back in the forest. Only.. he's holding a PokeBall in front of my face. "You.. caught me.." I said in disbelief.

"I did. Now, listen to me," he instructed. I didn't want to but.. something compelled me to. I felt like I had to. He explained he didn't mean to and that he would give me a new home. I had no choice to agree.

I hated this man with all my heart. As we travelled, he learned more of how I felt for him. Over time, I began to disobey him even though he treated me perfectly. And yes, he had badges that drives Pokemon to listen to him. But.. I still didn't. Nobody knew why.

Lots of time past. And, even though I treated him so harshly, he still cared about me. I don't know why. But, one day, I got mad at him. It was during one of his gym battles. He said he was counting on me. He had all the faith in me. I was his last hope. What did I do?


I disobeyed. I MADE him lose his battle. I threw the match. Bitch move, I know. But he destroyed my home. And this is what I wanted as revenge. He was so mad. I finally had him snap. I was so happy. I had my moment.

But it didn't last long. He told me he was done with me. He put up with my terrible behavior and gave me a new home. I asked why he did, and it was his way of saying he was sorry. He knew he made a mistake and tried his hardest to correct it. But he got tired of how I treated him.

Later that night, he released me. At first, I was overjoyed. I was finally released. But.. I wasn't happy. That night, I didn't eat. I couldn't find food. I tried hard to find it but I just couldn't. Then I started to think about him. He was really nice in how he treated me.

A lot of time passed. Well, what felt like a lot of time. Maybe a week. Anyways, I realized I started to miss him. I had someone I could talk to and someone who wanted me happy. But I made a mistake and threw it out. I felt terrible for it. All he wanted was for me to be happy. Instead, I made him upset and destroyed part of his dream.

I sought him out. I asked people I didn't even know, which was hard being very shy, if they knew him. Another week passed where I couldn't find him. I started to give up until I saw him battling. He was losing, pretty badly if I might add, and he had nobody else strong enough to take on this girls Lucario.. until I jumped in.

I defended him like no tomorrow. I might have had a major disadvantage, but I don't think I ever made anything hurt as bad I did that Lucario. When it was over, I expected him to be happy I won for him. But.. he wasn't. He was mad!

He told me I can't battle for him and he's not my trainer anymore. He wanted nothing to do with me. I was shocked. I was hurt. I realized I really did hurt the one person who showed me kindness. I begged for forgiveness. I wanted to prove I'm sorry in any way I could. I broke down and begged like a Lilipup begging for one more Poke Puff. He didn't want to. But.. his team convinced him to.

So he did. Time passed and I did nothing but my best. I still have an attitude from time to time, but he's come to know it's who I am. From the time he lost that gym, he didn't go back. But, when he had me back, he did. He said I'm the main fighter. And I destroyed the enemies for him.

When I won, he was shocked. I listened with no hesitation. When we got to privacy, we talked. He said he was confused why I came back if I hated him like I said I did so often. And I said I missed him. He was so nice to me and I just.. I couldn't live knowing I did that to someone. I wanted to make it right.

As we talked, I felt like maybe it wasn't because I felt bad. He started complimenting me, saying I looked beautiful when I battled. He'd never seen anything so graceful. I felt an ache in my chest, and I didn't want to believe it, but I loved him. I didn't hate him.

I loved him with every ounce of my body.

Something came over me and I just.. I told him. Strangely enough, he said he loved me too! Well, not right away. He said he used to. He said he wasn't quite sure why himself but he just felt connected to me. When I wasn't a total bitch to him, he loved every second he was with me. When I was a bitch, he loved being around. But I guess I pushed him to his limit.

TL;DR guys, I was a bitch to him. He released me. I fought for him, and proved I was sorry. I admitted I loved him even though I didn't quite want to accept it. The moral of this is that, if you feel it, don't fight it. Part of me doesn't want to love this man because of the past, but I do. I don't feel he should love me, but he says he accepts me for who I am.

For those who may have feelings for someone who's a Pokemon, or if you're a Pokemon wanting a human, but are scared because they're not your species, remember this. You will get nowhere if you don't try. There is a yes, and there is a no. Do not sit and just think what-if's all day and night. Make it happen. The more you imagine, the more a possible denial can hurt you.

You may be different species, but you've got the same hearts. Pursue your love. Don't let stupid boundaries and social standards stop you because, I promise, once you come to accept it, your life will only get better.

Much to Evan's dismay, he read the entire story before him. As he ate, he scanned it, taking in the words. It seemed like it was a made up story, but he knew things like that happen. And, just assuming it was true, Evan clicked the 'Like!' button below the post, where his name was added by the long list of others who did. Even if fake, it was somewhat cute, and he understood the meaning of it.. sort of.

Below the giant post was a picture a man in his mid-twenties. Wrapped in his arms was, what Evan assumed to be, the very Zoroark telling the story. She had her hands resting on his as she kissed his cheek lightly. If the story wasn't cute, the picture was.

Evan was curious on other stories. Clicking the back button, he went and read many other of the posts people made. Some were more innocent, mostly about adventures people went on, while others were a bit more graphic and told stories about who they've slept with, along with how many times.

Having enough of reading, Evan went and explored more of the forum. He decided he would look at some of the pictures, not expecting much more than some cute people and their Pokemon.

He looked through the titles of each post. As he read them, he began to realize most of the titles were simply followed by names and then what species of Pokemon would be in the picture. Taking a bite of his pizza, Evan clicked the first one. It was titled 'Jess and I - Raichu and Human'.

As he clicked the link which brought him to yet another page, a rather large picture began to load. Just as he clicked it away, the picture showed itself and it took all of his willpower not to spit his food all over his desk and monitor.

At first glance, you would think the picture was just a Raichu and the guy laying together innocently. But it wasn't. No.. The picture showed the man wrapping his arms around the Raichu, the two laying on their sides as he rammed her from behind.

The look on their faces was nothing but pure desire, their primal desires taking over their senses. The Raichu had its leg held up high, Evan guessing to give him room to plunge deeper. He tongue lolled out from her mouth lazily while her eyes rolled back slightly.

The man had his eyes shut tightly, probably from the sensation of being so deep in her. Evan couldn't help but look more at the real action which showed the Raichu and man were enjoying it, evident by the small pool of fluids building up by the Raichu's lower half.

Evan didn't want to look anymore. Looking for a quick way away from the picture, Evan remembered he had a message from Ray. Clicking the notification, he read the new message.

Saw you liked that post about the Zoroark. Cute story, wasn't it, lol. I like to go back and read it from time to time myself, you know, just for something cute.

Yeah. I get why you would say you wouldn't want to right away. And that's fine. But I should give some fair warning, the more you browse around, the more you'll see that is a bit more NSFW, lol. This is a bit of an adult site so don't be surprised if you see some stuff. If you do, don't let it be what decides if you like it or not.

If I may personally say, you should hook up sooner than later, if you do want to try it. Again, not saying you have to, but having it happen is a whole lot different than seeing it. The more you wait and the more you see, the more likely you'll be to not even try it. And if you do do it and you don't like it, well, then you know.

Evan read the message. Without even thinking of what to reply, Evan began typing his response.

Well, you know, a little warning in your first message would have been nice in the message before this. Now I can't stop thinking about a guy balls deep in his Raichu. Is that what most of those pictures are? People and their Pokemon having sex? I need to know so I can just avoid that area.

I don't know. I don't want to say I'm repulsed by it, but I don't want to say I'm dying to try it. And anyways, even if I was, I don't know where I'd get started or with who, for that matter. I'm not one who usually goes around looking for random sex but, if I was, I'd at least want to know her a little before hand.

Even sent his message and went back to browsing the Forums. He decided to read some more of the stories people posted. Many were of how the couples met but some of them were just stories about how they admire someone from afar. To Evan, most of them were cute, although the admiring ones were slightly creepy.

For example, one was about a guy who had a thing for a Lopunny that lived in the wild. He knew each and every area it walked, each and every Pokemon it talked to in its native tongue, and he, apparently, even knew its specific heat cycle. He went into a bit more detail than what was needed on how he just wanted to talk to it but he preferred watching her. That was the more extreme of what he read.

Many stories later, Evan finally got a response from Raymond. Opening the tab, once again, he was met with a link to another website.

Sorry the reply took so long. Lea and I finally got some free time and decided we could relax for a bit before we're needed again.

Anyways, the link above is to a cam website. Join that and we can talk easier for a bit. Me and Lea will already be there waiting for ya. The rest of the reply will come when you join up.

Evan shrugged and clicked the link. It brought him to an entirely new website, a textbox appearing on the screen. It asked for a username. Typing in the same name as on the other website, Evan was then prompted with a new textbox, this one asking for permission to use his webcam.

Many more boxes appeared, asking for all kinds of settings. Soon, the light on his camera turned on, signalling he was now live. Moments later, a picture of Raymond and Lea appeared on his screen, his appearing just after theirs. A faint 'Ding!' noise was heard, which caught all threes attention.

"Oh, you joined quick," Ray said, sitting up in his bed.

"Hi Evan!" Lea jumped up, smiling as she did. He waved to her,

"Hi to you again," he responded.

"How was the rest of your work?" she asked. "I wonder if it was as busy as when we were there,"

"Actually, it picked up pace," Evan answered. "Many more people and Pokemon came by on a trip, and I'm assuming it's to your convention or gathering.. or whatever you want to call it."

"Heh, guess that's good." she smiled.

"Not gonna beat around the bush here," Ray cut in. Lea looked up to him and nodded. She laid down next to him and rested her head on his thigh, looking into the camera at Evan. "About your message. Yeah, I guess I could have given you warning but, imagine I did. 'Oh, hey, Evan, just so you know, the website has lots of porn of humans and Pokemon not hidden. Watch out!' If I said that, wouldn't you have been more pushed to not explore the place?" he asked.

"Eh, maybe, I don't know. I might have," Evan answered.

"Point being, it'd drive more people away who're not into this kind of thing normally. If you explore and find it yourself, you're more prone to accepting it." Ray explained. "And as for if that's the only thing there? No, it's not. A lot of it is, but not all of it. Some of it is cute stuff. Just remember this is an adult site."

"I see. That makes sense. Guess I'll just have to hope for the best," Evan sighed.

"Now, more to the point, and I mean you hooking up. Like I told you, I won't say to do it, but I definitely won't say don't do it. Trust me when I say that I was like you. I'm under the assumption you're against it?" he asked. Evan nodded, "Good. So that's one thing that makes you different. If you do want to try it, I can promise you that there's ladies, or men if you're into them, who also want to have fun and get to know you before you really do it. Here," Ray paused as he began typing on his computer.

In the chatbox, a link appeared. It linked back to the website Evan was just exploring, "Go there, it's where you can meet up with whoever." Evan clicked the link and it took him there in a new tab. A page appeared asking for all kinds of information. "I'm not trying to get you to fill it out or anything, but I want you to look at the bottom," he said. Evan scrolled down as Ray continued talking, "You can see that you're able to fill out what you're specifically wanting. If it's a one-night stand, a relationship, or just friends with benefits, essentially."

"Okay, let's just say I did want to do this. I definitely don't want mindless sex right away, that's pretty evident," Evan said, "but I don't want a relationship, especially if it's right away. What would I put?" he asked.

"I'd probably go for a friend with benefits. You sound like you want a friend who could be slow about it, right?" Lea asked. Evans gaze went to her,

"I guess. I just don't want to jump into it, you know, get to know her and, if it leads to that, then fine."

"Then I'd definitely do what she said," Ray yawned, "Who knows what else could happen from having a friend," He smiled. "Anything is possible. And besides, if you do go-" Ray was cut off as a quiet voice was heard on Rays side of the chat. Evan was barely able to make out the words it said from how quiet it was,

"We're ready for you again," it said. Ray looked over the computer in his lap and nodded,

"We'll be there in a few moments," he then turned his attention back to Evan, "We've gotta go. Just think about it. Don't force yourself into something just because we say we like it. But don't completely push it aside. We'll see you later."

"Bye Evan!" Lea smiled again.

"Alright, I'll talk to you guys later," Evan closed out of the website. He was now left with the webpage of empty spaces for his information. Evan sat back in his seat, lost deep in thought. He knew Ray and Lea were right about them not really pushing him to do this, as he could tell they were just showing him, but he didn't know what was keeping him from closing the page. Was he actually curious the whole thing of being with a Pokemon?

Thinking on it, Evan found he was actually pretty lonely. Not to say he didn't have friends or anything, because he did, but he just wished he had.. something more. He wanted someone he could confide his deepest thoughts to, someone he could stay up with for hours and just talk.. someone who wasn't a complete imbecile in his eyes.

"I guess.. I've seen it so.. might as well try it.." he spoke outloud to himself. Sitting up in his chair, Evan scrolled to the top of the page and looked over the empty spaces. Clicking in the first, he began filling out information.

Name: Evan Bourne

After he typed his name, he paused. "Do I really want to do this? Am I really ready to try this?.. Especially here in Verdanturf..? If I got caught doing this I could get in trouble.. and whoever I'm with could also.." Evan sighed. Many different scenarios ran through his head in a matter of seconds. Most ended in him getting in trouble, but one ended with him making a new friend who was just as happy to see him as he was to see her. "Well.. what's life without risks.." he sighed once more, going back to his screen.

Age: 22

Location: Verdanturf Town, Hoenn

He continued filling out the random information it required like his birthday, his address, and other small, random things. He soon found a section where he had to list a couple characteristics or things he'd like in a partner. He was stumped. He didn't know what to put. He thought, and thought, and thought but he didn't really have any idea on exactly what he was looking for.

"Umm.." he mumbled quietly. Evan typed in the usual stuff he liked in his friends such as someone trustworthy, funny, easy to talk to, understanding, and someone who would be willing to take things slow with him. He had no idea what else to put and figured that was good enough for him.

Sexuality: Straight

Pokemon Preference:

That next question left him stumped. He had no real clue what to do here. Being one who never really wanted to involve him into this kind of thing, until recently it appeared, he never took note of ones he liked. "So.. do I just.. leave it blank?" he mumbled. He went back to the question and put the best thing he could think of and continued on,

Pokemon Preference: Any?

Best way to contact for hook-ups:

This time, it was a drop down box. He looked through the options which were email, phone call, texting, and a couple other random things and figured a text message would be the easiest for him. As he clicked the option, a new text box appeared. This time, it asked for his phone number. He felt skeptical of openly giving his phone number out but he was well past the point of no return, so after he entered it, he scrolled down to the bottom of the page.

What are you looking for:

Again, another drop down box was there. It listed three options which were relationships, hook-ups, and friends with benefits. Following Lea's advice and choosing the last, Evan was now met with a sentence.

Please choose a photo of yourself for others to see you!

"Oh you've got to be kidding.." Evan groaned, "I'm so unphotogenic it hurts. Great, let's just.." he sighed as he began looking through his computer for a picture of himself. Evan hated having his picture taken so the odds of finding a decent one of himself were slim to none. It felt like it had been 20 minutes of searching before he found a somewhat presentable picture. It was one of him when he was out camping with his friends. He looked messy but it was a lot better than any of the others he had.

With the picture chosen, Evan quickly looked over the information he provided. Satisfied with it all being correct, he hovered his cursor over the submit button. He took a deep breath, unsure if he truly wanted to go forward with it. The concept of him possibly having sex with a Pokemon wasn't what was bugging him, but the possibility of others finding out and his social life being ruined was what was getting to him.

"I don't.. fuck it.." he groaned, quickly pressing the mouse. He watched as the page reloaded, pushing him to the point where it was now official. A little message appeared in small writing in front of him,

Thank you for taking the time to show interest in meeting others! A message has been dispatched to your requested type of communication, detailing anybody interested in meeting with you, as well as a confirmation that you've requested this. If you do not receive it right away, contact a site administrator and help will be given. We hope you enjoy your time and find happiness in those you meet!

Just as he finished reading the message, he heard his phone vibrate rapidly against the desk. Grabbing it, he saw it was a message from a random phone number that was listed as private. He figured it was probably to remain hidden so nobody could trace back somebody who hosted a website like this. Maybe some kind of safety thing.

Hello! This is a confirmation message of you using our service. Make sure to register on our forums and, if you did not sign up for this, text back STOP and you will be removed from all messages from us. Here's the link to-

He put his phone to the side and sat back in his chair. All kinds of thoughts continued flowing through his mind. He didn't know what to think of the situation. Should he be happy he did this? Should be scared? What if this was a scam and he would get killed?

He laughed at the last idea. One thing he did feel, however, was that he was looking forward to what awaited him in the near future.

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