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After Michael and Marina had left, leaving Evan and the two Eeveelutions to themselves, Evan didn't really.. know what to do. Well, that's not entirely true. He knew that there were a lot of things he himself needed to do, but to drag along the two Eeveelutions without much say didn't really seem fair. While it was just shopping for common things like food, he did feel he needed to find stuff for them to do, and even look for a new bed for the inevitable future.

Speaking of bedding, Evan found out that the two would be sleeping with him. At first, he insisted they take his bed until he does get the funds to upgrade while he'd take the couch, but they, especially Zanna, wouldn't allow that. Izen didn't really care where she slept, but Zanna had her mind set on the fact that this was supposed to be a time for him and her, so where he slept, she did.

Obviously, Evan understood that completely. He even agreed to it. But there was absolutely no way Evan would deny Izen the luxury of the bed. After what seemed like an eternity of ideas, they all just agreed on sharing the bed together.. even if it wasn't really a choice Evan agreed to. It was moreso Izen saying, "If you don't quit your worrying and drop the subject, I'll give you other things to worry about."

So, with that threat looming around in his head, he decided she was right and just dropped it. With no prior knowledge of the Eeveelutions lives, aside from their current owner and the one before that, he didn't know if the two shared beds or not. It wouldn't be too surprising if they did though. A lot of twins do. Or, that's what Evan tells himself. He didn't know any twins besides these two. However, with the situation of bedding out of the way, that left one question.

What in the hell was there to do?

Evan quickly learned of Izen's more.. straightforward side. Izen knew full well that Evan is new to whole Pokephilia shtick, but that didn't stop her from giving her opinion on what her 'fun' would be. What shocked Evan is that Zanna didn't really even say no to what she was saying. While he was to keep an open mind about it, and experiment around with Zanna, and now he assumed Izen would be jumping in, the bluntness of the Espeon was quite unsettling.

Much to Evan's surprise, when Izen saw he was genuinely uncomfortable, she stopped with the assault of ideas. Even Zanna was shocked when she backed off a little. Maybe it was because she knew she was sort of overstepping her boundaries which could have led to the trio of Pokemon losing a new place to live. Even with all that said though, Evan was kind of.. not necessarily excited, but, he was.. looking forward to what would be going on.

What would his life be if he came to enjoy this?

Would he want to try it with more Pokemon?

Would he go to one of these Pokephilia conventions?

Would he tell his parents?

"Ha, like they'd care," Evan said aloud. Zanna's ears perked up,

"Who would care about what?" she asked. Evan looked down at her as they all traversed the mid-day sidewalk. Many people and Pokemon passed by as most had Saturday's off. It wasn't really even adults who were out. It was a lot of the younger kids who had the weekend off school.

"Are all our minds linked right now, Izen?" Evan asked. Izen simply nodded, "Thanks. And I was thinking on all these hypothetical what-if scenarios, is all."

"Like what?" she asked again. Evan shrugged,

"If I'm going to be blunt about it, my life in the near future. I was thinking, you know, what if this whole thing about me and Pokemon is actually something I enjoy. I mean, Zanna you're very sweet and cute, and I can promise you that I wouldn't be saying that if I didn't meet Raymond. So, I'm thinking, what if this whole time this was always a part of me or something and all I needed was a little push in the right direction?

"Then I'm also thinking, what if I do like this and, hypothetically, we become a thing. I mean us, Zanna. Again, hypothetically, what if I wanted to explore more and try new partners but we were a thing? Would-"

"That wouldn't bug me at all," she answered without even looking at him, "I've never been in a relationship, a serious one, but I know what it takes to have a good one. It's all about trust. Izen and I have had a lot of partners, and that's me being honest. She's had way more than me. I personally say, if you want to try it more and find more partners but you're devoted to just me, heart and soul, then go for it. It's more fun for me and you." she said, half smiling and half grinning.

"Why are you two always saying 'if we become a couple' and all that junk? You just met and are acting like you're engaged. Zanna, you obviously like him for one reason or another. Just come out and say it. You too, Evan." Izen said with a groan, "It's getting painful to watch."

"I don't think I really need to say that. I think Zanna can tell I do, and I'm still somewhat coming to terms with this all," Evan said, quickly bending down and scooping up the Umbreon. As his arms wrapped her, she squeaked from the sudden inability to walk but soon calmed down, enjoying being held by him. She climbed from his grip and over his shoulders then rested her front paws on them, with her back paws on his back. The two smiled at each other, "Comfy?"

"Very!" she exclaimed. "And I don't think I need to, either. It feels like I've known Evan my whole life. Like, when we first talked, he was so gentle.. as if he knew of my shyness. He doesn't act like some creep or sex addict, much like a lot of the people we've met, Izen."

"There are a lot of weirdos, that's for sure.." Izen trailed off.

For the next couple minutes, the group walked in silence. Well, more like Evan and Izen did, what with Zanna riding on Evan's back, not that he cared though. He was the one who put her there, afterall. When they were all at the cafeteria, Evan had said he needed to do a little shopping, which was what they were going to do.

It didn't take them long to arrive at the local mart. As he stepped in, he grabbed a cart, unsure how much room he'd need, and took off into the store. He turned to the two, "So, what kind of food do you girls like? I can live off pizza, so I'm good."

"If you don't marry this guy, I'm going to personally kill you." Izen said, eyeing her sister threateningly.

"I just might.." she giggled. Zanna leaned into him, "I can eat literally anything, but Michael introduced me to pizza and it was a favorite. I also really love berries."

"Berries and pizza. Got it. Izen?" Michael asked.

"Does dick count?"

"Is this what she's always like?" Evan asked. He hoped not.

"She's like the girl a lot of guys are warned not to have sex with. Once you do, you'll either be begged for more sex, she'll offer sex in return for stuff, or just talk about it all the time. Sadly, she's all three." Zanna sighed, shaking her head.

"You two are so opposite that it hurts me," he said, also sighing, "No, dick does not count.."

"Oh, sorry, that's a dessert. Silly me!" she giggled.

"I'm in for a long weekend, aren't I?"

"You get to the point where you ignore it or just give it to her so she'll shut up for the next half hour. Although.. with Izen.."

"It's hard for guys to resist me. I make it a game because I know all their deepest kinks. It takes me no time to figure them out," she giggled again.

"I doubt it's that hard to," Evan shrugged, walking down one of the aisles. Him and Zanna pointed out berries the two enjoyed, making sure to get enough to share without a possible fight for the last. However, Evan knew he wouldn't do that, especially for a guest he had some interest in. Maybe if it was Izen, but not Zanna.

Evan had learned that the sweeter berries like Pecha's were Zanna's favorites. She had said that anything that had a sweet taste was one of her favorites. As the two picked out berries, Izen jumped into the carts seat that was meant for little children and sat in it. When Evan turned around, he was met with a grinning Espeon. That worried him deeply, but he tried to ignore it. As he sat the berries down, he saw her grin had only widened, which worried him even more.

"Do you want to bet me on that?" Izen asked. He turned and gazed at Zanna when she audibly gulped,

"Evan, don't do it. This is for your own good. Do not take this bet."

"Why not? She doesn't scare me.. too much," he chuckled, "And besides, I'm still unsure of this whole thing. Even if she uses my own kinks or.. whatever.. against me, it's not hard to say no."

"I ask again. Do you want to bet me on this?"

"Depends. What's the bet and everything?"

"No rules, I have the right to use any measures I need. Obviously, excluding major stuff like here in public. At your place, I have free reign to use any measures. Sound good?"

"When I'm using the bathroom, that's off limits. Otherwise, yeah, sure." he shrugged, already losing interest. The group turned down an aisle and began picking out snacks to enjoy for the weekend. In the back of Evan's mind, he wanted to take the two on a little picnic trip into the forest at night to watch the stars like he did. Doing so would require some snacks, which led them here.

"Fine, sure. When you're using the potty like a big boy, then I can't do anything," she grinned, Evan rolling his eyes at her word choice. She stayed silent as if lost deep in thought then spoke up, "The bet is, by the end of the weekend, you will want to have one on one time with me, without me engaging it. You will come to me and want more. You'll beg for a release."

"Bit descriptive, don't you think?" Evan asked with a raised brow.

"It's because guys do that.." Zanna sighed.

"Something to know, Evan, is I am not submissive. I am a dominatrix. I like to be in control, unlike Zanna who can be either. Depending on my mood, I make guys beg for an orgasm. If they don't, I will walk away. I may seem like a bitch doing so, but, I know what I am doing, and that is a promise." Izen explained.

"Whatever you say, Izen." Evan said, still losing interest. He'd never been one for sex and, the fact a girl was going to be attempting to use any of his kinks to get him to ask her for sex, was just bizarre. This 'bet' was already in his favor.

"Don't feel so cocky, Evan. I can promise you that you'll not win this. And when you don't, you have to go to one of the Pokephilia convention things, with me and Zanna, and we get to pick out your partners for the day. Whatever we tell you to do, you do with no arguments. There is a lot to do at them, keep that in mind."

"And what happens when I do win?" he asked, absentmindedly continuing the conversation at this point.

"What do you want?" she asked, "The conventions that Raymond hosts usually last a week. That in mind, I am so confident in myself that I will double your winnings by two. So, whatever you have me do, I'll do for two weeks."

"Fine, whatever. When I win, you have to do everything Zanna or I say for two weeks, and I mean anything. Clean, tell us a bedtime story, tuck us in, anything," Evan said. She nodded without hesitation,

"Whatever. Your chance of winning doesn't worry me. I have my ways to win. I hope you're in for a very rough weekend." Izen said, holding her paw out. Evan grabbed it and shook,

"When does the bet start?"

"The second we get to your place."

"Oh, Evan.. I hope you know what you've just gotten yourself into.." Zanna sighed.

"I'm not worried at all. Without completely roasting myself, girls haven't come onto me, honestly. I've grown to ignore the perverted jokes and everything, and she'll be no different." he said blankly.

"Don't worry, Zanna. When he caves and comes to me, I'll still include you. Don't worry, sister," Izen smiled.

"You two have your fun, I'm just thinking on that convention and you. The only thing I'd tell him to do is to just have fun. You? Even Arceus would wonder what you're conjuring up in that mind of yours.." Zanna trailed off. She continued leaning into Evan as he walked, the coolness of his skin soothing her. For some odd reason, it was eerily hot in the store, and she didn't know why. But Evan's bare skin made it better for her.

"Do you have no confidence in me?" Evan asked Zanna, feigning to be hurt.

"It's not that I don't, but you don't know what my sister is capable of. I do.. I made the same bet.."

"And what was it like when you did give in?" Izen asked with a grin. Zanna turned away from the two, a massive blush showing through her fur,

"I uh.. I don't wanna talk about it.."

"Point is, Evan," Izen said, "I truly hope you're comfortable by the time a convention happens. Next one, after the one in Mauville, is in Slateport. After that, I have no clue. And I say that I hope you're comfortable with Pokephilia because you'll be exploring alright." she giggled.

"I don't know how you expect me to get down there. I don't drive," Evan said, now walking towards the back of the store. Somehow, the conversation of the bet had sped up his shopping. He assumed it was probably because he didn't spend time just eyeing everything, deciding if he really wanted something or not.

"Then you better ask Raymond about a way to get you down there. Speaking of Raymond, when are you talking to him again? I want to meet him,"

Evan didn't answer her right away. He was now looking at a new television to buy. Since he had no reason to have one back at his apartment, he never bought one. However, now that new people would be living with him, and they'd probably get bored since Evan has a boring life, he figured he would get one now. If anything, this would give him a chance to see a few new movies that were released within the last few years.

"I don't know. Maybe tonight? I haven't checked my messages today, and I don't know if I will. I did just hook-up with a nice Umbreon, after all. I'd like to spend time with her before I worry about that," he smiled, gently petting the Umbreon on his shoulders. She nuzzled into him happily, her way of showing appreciation for the compliments. Izen faked gagging, romance obviously not her forte.

"Hey Izen, how good are your Psychic powers?" Evan asked curiously.

"Good enough I could mess around with you in public and nobody would know. Why?" she answered without the slightest change in expression.

"A simple 'They're good, Evan. Why?' would have been phenomenal there. And because-"

"Let me guess. You want me to use my powers to lift a television for you and carry it around. Let me guess! Because it's heavy, right?" Izen grinned. Evan rolled his eyes in response, "Knew it. I'll do it, but on a condition."

"Oh great. Bribes. Here we go.." Evan sighed, "What is your condition, Queen Izen?"

"I want a chocolate bar."

Evan turned to Zanna, "Is she serious?"

"Yep," Zanna nodded, "And, for future reference, if you care I mean, she'll do anything for a piece of chocolate.."

"With that noted," he said, chuckling at Zanna, "I like your straightforward attitude about that, Izen. Sure, but you have to help carry the stuff all the way to my apartment and help me with setting it up. Meaning doing the heavy lifting. Deal?"

"Fine by me. Which one?" she asked. Evan pointed out a pretty decently sized television he decided on. Soon after, Izen's eyes began to glow a bright purple, the box with the TV in it also glowing soon after. It then began to levitate off the shelf, "Just know I don't have unlimited energy. I should be fine until we get back to your place, as long as we don't take too long."

"Dang.. I was hoping you wouldn't be able to talk as you used your Psychic powers.."

"It'll take a lot more than just a television to shut her up," Zanna giggled.

Much to Evan's enjoyment, the rest of the shopping went without a problem. Izen gradually began to quiet down a tiny bit, obviously beginning to grow tired from the constant strain on her mind from the power. Although he wanted to go slow just so he could enjoy his time without any jokes, Evan's arms were growing tired from the weight of the bags.

Izen had offered to help carry those as well but he declined, not wanting to use her like a slave. In his mind, carrying the heavy stuff was more than enough for her to do. Zanna wanted to help, but sadly for her, there wasn't anything she could do. Even if there was anything she could have carried, he wouldn't have let her. It felt wrong of him to make her do it.

Evan didn't even know why he cared so much about her already. She was nice and cute, sure, but why did he like her so much? Was it because he was lonely before this? That had to be it. Evan lived alone and didn't have much of a social life, excluding the people he met from his job, so he figured he clung to her so quickly was because she was, quite honestly, the first person, or Pokemon, to show any interest in him.

He even cared about Izen, truth be told. Though he would appreciate if she backed off just a tiny bit with her sexual jokes and everything, at least until he was more comfortable with the whole situation, he was growing attached to her. He liked how straightforward and outspoken she was. She didn't hide what she wanted and made her opinions known, no matter what they were. Often times, it always ended in a laugh, which made it better in the end.

It wasn't too, too long before Evan and the group had arrived to his apartment. Deep down, Evan felt kind of silly not having an actual house to show them. He threw the thought to the side, "Lucky for me, I live on the ground floor. Unlucky for me, I live on the ground floor and the people above us can be noisy from time to time. I hope to leave soon enough."

Izen let out a great yawn as she spoke, "If you wanted, I could talk to Michael and see about an actual house. He's got a lot more money than I think you understand. A small house to him is like pocket change. Plus, I think he'd do it without question if it's for us all to have a better life."

Evan sat the bags down in front of his door as Izen and Zanna stepped forward. He reached into his pocket and pulled the key to the apartment out, soon sticking it into the lock and unlocking it. With the door open, he led them in then shut the door behind him. Like her, he let out a yawn as he responded, "No. I wouldn't ever even consider asking someone that. Give it time and I'll see what I can do, and we can see what happens. I like you two so, being honest, I imagine us all living together."

"Yay, someone who's not a prick," Izen said, another yawn escaping, "Where can I put this? I'm so tired now," she said. Evan walked into the small kitchen and put the bags down. Returning to the living room, he looked around and shrugged,

"Just against a wall. I'll deal with it later. Sleepy?" he grinned. She nodded,

"A bit, yeah. Just give me a few minutes and I'll be good."

"Alright. Want to help me, Zanna?" he asked. Instantly, her head perked up as she nodded,

"I'd love to," she said ecstatically, racing to him, "What are we going to do?"

"While she rests, I want to start putting stuff away. If you could, just bring me stuff in the bags and I'll do the rest. After that, we need to go back out for a couple minutes." he said.

"What for?" the two asked simultaneously.

"A television is no good with nothing to watch, and my computer has no movies on it. Figured we could hit the movie store and pick a few up, if you want." he answered. The two said nothing but simply nodded, thinking that sounded fine.

For the next few minutes, Zanna helped Evan with putting away the groceries. Without even knowing, she had a bright smile as she helped, Evan noticing it right away. Most shy people weren't this outgoing, the ones he knew at least, so why was she so eager to be with him or help? The way that she was portrayed by Michael was that she'd be hiding away with her sister, not wanting to be with him. Yet, here she was, eager to help him just to spend time with him.

"Hey, Evan?" Izen called out to him telepathically.


"Please don't hurt my sister," she said, "I know you don't see the shyness, but I have, and it kills me. For one reason or another, you bring out the side that we hardly get to see, and it's awesome. I know you care about her, and she does about you, but if you don't think you'll last, please be honest with her. Stay friends with her. Please."

Evan was taken aback by her genuine seriousness. He expected some kind of smart remark or bad joke but he got neither, "Didn't think I'd hear something not sarcastic come from you,"

"I tend to be more serious when I'm tired," she said with another yawn. Zanna brought Evan another small bag of groceries. Reaching in, he grabbed Izen's promised chocolate bar and was about to toss her it before she spoke again, "Not right now. I'll eat it when we're back."

"Alright. And I won't. I don't understand completely why I'm already growing attached to her, but I'm not complaining. She's a very sweet girl,"

"Yeah, she is. She just.. it's her shyness. She's always been this way. But, like I said during breakfast, when you give her time to warm up to you, she'll be your best friend. For some, it takes days or weeks. Some it takes months, even. But you? It took all of forty-five seconds. I don't know why, but I'm not complaining. I'm just glad she's showing her good side. I do, however, feel you'll see that other side, at some point. If anything, just make sure she's safe. That's all I can ask."

"Don't worry. Nothing will happen to her, not while I'm around." he said, a smile growing on his face. He looked down at the Umbreon who waited patiently as he put more of the food away. He was happy he was developing a small family of his own. Even if they weren't actually family, they were growing to be his close friends, and one something more than that.

"Good. So, about those movies?"

"That's the last of the groceries," Evan said, walking into the living room with Izen. She had her eyes closed as she laid resting on the couch. Evan sighed, "You wanna stay here or want to come?" he asked Izen. She looked up at him,

"Yeah, I'll come," she said, standing up. She stretched for a moment and jumped from the couch, standing next to him. He looked back at Zanna who was now coming to join them,

"Ready?" he smiled. She nodded and looked at her sister,

"You okay?" she asked.

"Just tired. I'll be fine." she said. Evan groaned,

"Oh, hush," he said, bending down and picking her up. He then sat her on his shoulders, just like he did with Zanna earlier, "Better?"

"I can walk, thank you very much," Izen huffed. Evan and Zanna laughed at her as they left the apartment,

"Just shut up for once and enjoy the free ride." Evan smiled.

"I hope you keep him, Zanna."

"Don't be going and getting ideas. He's mine."

The local movie store was quite a distance away, especially if they were getting there on foot. The walk itself was excruciatingly boring for Evan, but the company of Izen and Zanna made it a tiny bit better. If he was by himself, there would have been no way he'd be going where he was. He could deal with the boredom. But having bored guests didn't sit well with him, especially at what Izen had planned on for their bet.

After around ten minutes of walking, Izen decided she had enough sitting around and let Zanna take her place. Even though she thoroughly enjoyed giving Evan a hard time, she was glad he let her do that. It gave her time to rest, which she really needed. That little act of kindness was enough to set her on a path for a good day.

It wasn't for another fifteen quiet minutes until they arrived at their destination. In front of the group stood an everyday movie store, except this one was a tiny bit rundown. Evan could remember going here when he was younger with his mom and dad, begging them to let him get a new video game for a week.

Stepping inside, Evan was met with the smell of old cardboard movie cases and slightly rusted movie racks. It was an astonishment that this place was still standing in all honesty, what with the lack of care the place had received. If Evan worked here, like he wanted to back in the day for the discount on rentals the employees received, he would have made sure this place was in tip-top shape.

However, with the raise of the internet and online piracy, places such as this were slowly being run into the ground. It was hard for them to get business since, if given enough time, you could get any movie you wanted online for free. It also didn't help that the movies these stores stocked were, for the most part, not new movies at all. All this led to these businesses slowly diminishing into nothing, save for a select few that, somehow, managed to keep going.

Behind the registers were two people: a man and a Gardevoir. The man had bright orange, curly hair and glasses resting on his face. The two wore matching blue vests, signifying that they both worked here. Evan couldn't help but wonder if these two were the only ones who did. It wouldn't have surprised him, "Hi, can we help you find anything?" the Gardevoir asked.

"We're just looking for now, thanks." Evan said. The two nodded and went back to their conversation soon after. Evan looked at Izen and Zanna, "You two go ahead and find some movies if you want. I'm going to see what I can find," he said. The two nodded, Zanna jumping off his shoulder, and scurrying off to see what they too could find.

Evan watched as they took off to the mystery and romance sections, in the complete opposite direction of where Evan was headed. If he had to guess, and he was almost sure of it, Izen wanted the mystery to see new ways to screw with people, and Zanna wanted romance for her and Evan to watch together when they were alone. The thought made him smile.

Evan browsed all the movies available, hoping to find something of interest. All of the movies were ones he had seen hundreds of times already and didn't peak his interest. Much to his surprise, there was a rack of 'New Releases', which weren't all that new. They were movies released within the last year, "A new release usually means the last month or so, but whatever.." Evan grumbled to himself.

Only a few of the movies caught his attention. One was about a girl who lost a teddy bear which eventually became a Banette. The now-Banette came back to haunt the girl because it thought she abandoned it but was wrong. The movie was one of those cliche movies most people groan about being terrible but secretly enjoyed.

Another was about a group who try and rob a bank but get thwarted by some guy who had the powers of a Pokemon. He'd seen many movies try and attempt this kind of movie but all were either really bad or were demonized by anti-pokephiliacs who swore the movie promoted human on Pokemon relationships, mostly because a guy had powers.

Out of all the movies he found, only those two interested him just enough to want to watch. With no other movies, Evan set out to find the two. It wasn't that hard as the store was very small and compact, which led to Evan finding them in just a few moments. The two were in the mystery section, Izen looking at what was around.

"Find anything good?" he asked. The two looked up at him,

"I found a couple I haven't seen yet. Surprises me since I watch movies all the time." Zanna answered.

"All of these are pretty dumb and cliche." Izen then said.

"Genuine question, Izen," Evan said to her. Her head tilted, "Do you like mystery to learn new ways to mess with people?"

"That, and I like to test out how smart I am.. which isn't a good way since these movies are pretty obvious in what's going on," she sighed, "Cliche bugs me. Did you find anything?"

"Only two. Cliche doesn't really bug me, and I love corny movies. That's what these two looked like, to be honest."

"You want to know what's really cliche?" she asked. Evan looked at her curiously,


"Watch this," she said. Izen walked out from the aisle and walked up to the counter where the two were. This time, the man spoke up,

"Hiya, I'm Morty. How can I help ya, little one?" he asked with a fake smile.

"First one, Morty, I'm probably older than your Gardevoir friend. So don't call me little. Second, ATP." she said. Instantly, the Gardevoir eyed the Espeon and then the man with curly hair. Morty looked up at Evan and Zanna, a stone cold expression on his face,

"They with you?" he asked. Izen simply nodded. The Gardevoir spoke up,

"I'll handle them. You watch front," she said, the man nodding in response. The Gardevoir walked from behind the counter and motioned her to follow. Evan looked at Zanna confusedly,

"What is she doing?" Before Zanna could answer, the Gardevoir spoke out to him,

"Follow me, please,"

Turning back to her, Evan nodded and began following, Izen trailing right now to him, "Talk about cliche.."

"What did you do?" he asked.

"Like I said, cliche. Small, run down place has no funds to keep itself up. Company ends up filing for bankruptcy but gets bought by a pokephilia chain. Said company then ends up surviving on Pokephilia sales since it's a growing thing in Hoenn. This is one of those businesses where, if you tell them a secret phrase, get access to a wider selection of adult material." Izen explained.

"You're kidding.." Evan said.

"Nope!" Izen smiled. The Gardevoir led them all to a door in the back of the store. Reaching into her vest, she pulled out a set of keys and unlocked the door. Making sure nobody was looking, as if there was anybody around who shouldn't see anyways, she quickly ushered them in. The room was dark and unlit, and it made Evan uneasy as he didn't know what he'd see once it was bright.

"And you know this.. how?" he asked.

"When you get bored, you do research on random things. I found out on some random article on the computer that saying that would get you some top brand Pokephilia choices at this place. Decided to try and it actually worked."

"My sister is full of surprises. This is how we all stayed somewhat entertained when Michael wasn't around," Zanna explained. Evan nodded as he heard a flip get switched, the room soon becoming lit up. For the most part, the room was an average looking one, just with movie racks all over the walls. On them were more.. adult.. and illegal things.

"Is there anything specific you're wanting?" The Gardevoir asked.

"I think we'll look around. Guy's new to it all, hasn't done anything yet. I'll let you know. Thanks, hun," Izen answered with a small grin.

"Alright. Let me know if you need anything," she said, walking to the corner of the room. She then took a seat in a chair that was there, now silently observing them.

"So, Evan!" Izen exclaimed.


"This is where we start."

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"We're going to help and ease you into this," Zanna answered, "Give us something to work with. What kind of movies are you into?"

"You're kidding.. I literally just started thinking about this yesterday. I have no clue?" he answered truthfully. He'd never thought of a Pokemon the way he was now with Zanna, yet here these two are trying to get him to watch a bunch of pornos about Pokemon.

"What kind of Pokemon are your favorites, then?" Izen asked.

"I don't know.. I never had a favorite..?"

"Oh boy, this will be a struggle. Miss," Izen called out to the Gardevoir,


"We need you for this."

"Alright," she said, standing up and walking over to them, "My name is Jess, by the way," she said.

"Izen, Zanna, and Evan," Izen informed her. Jess nodded,

"So, what can I do for you?"

"He's helpless. He's so innocent and is probably embarrassed about this. We've got no information to go on so I'm hoping you can help us pick some stuff out for him." she explained. Jess nodded and turned to Evan and eyed him up and down,

"Let's see.. If I had to guess, I'd say he's more.. passionate. He looks like a gentle guy, so I wouldn't say anything like a gangbang would be his style. Are you both..?" she trailed off.

"Yes, eventually. My sister's basically his girlfriend, though." Izen said. She nodded,

"Got it. Come with me, miss," she said. Izen nodded and followed her to a section of the wall. She began pointing out DVDs for her, Izen nodding in agreement. Evan groaned,

"This is so embarrassing."

"What is?"

"The fact I just had a Pokemon I don't know even know just look at me and, I'm guessing, assume I'm having sex with you both. Then she's just guessing what I'm like when it comes to sex makes this even weirder. If it was just you two, it wouldn't be as awkward, I guess, but.. this scenario just weirds me out.."

"Oh.. I see.." she said. Evan bent down and picked her up and placed her on his shoulders. She leaned her head onto his cheek, "If it bugs you, we could just not-"

"No, it's not that it bugs me. If you're going to be staying with me, this is something I'll have to get used to.. especially if it'll keep Izen off my back for a while." Evan said.

"I guess I should say sorry, honestly." Zanna sighed.

"What for? You haven't done anything wrong." Evan asked.

"Izen and I are kind of.. just rushing this, I guess. I mean, I know Izen would have eventually, but I wasn't very understanding. I'm supposed to be the one who is,"

"You're fine, Zanna," Evan said, resting a hand on her, "This is just one less obstacle to overcome, I suppose."

"Yeah, but-"

"No buts," Evan said, "Pretty girls aren't allowed to be sad." he laughed. Zanna giggled and nuzzled into him,

"I'm glad you're a nice person," she sighed happily. Izen and Jess walked up, four new movies in the Gardevoir's possession,

"I think we're good here," she said, "With nothing to go on, we had to make some guesses. When you come back to return these, let me know if I was right." she said, handing them to Evan, who nodded in response.

"I did a little probing to help," Izen said, "Like she said, not much was in there in the ways of what Pokemon you like. So we just went with some common first-timer-Pokephiliac Pokemon choice with a few of your interests," she giggled, "We also chose ones that didn't feature any humans, solely Pokemon. Next time, if you want to at least, we can add some gym leaders into the mix, if you want."

"We'll see how this goes first," he said in response. Grabbing the movies from Jess, he turned the first one over and looked at the pictures it showed. On it were two Pokemon, two Eeveelutions to be exact. They weren't an Umbreon or an Espeon, that was for sure. Instead, they were a Flareon and a Glaceon. They were both lying in very provocative positions, showing themselves off to the camera. In big lettering across the top was the title, which read 'Cooling the Burn'. Evan groaned, "Do all of these have real bad names?"

"Yep. You're in it for the porn, not for the names." Izen said.

"True, I guess. But serious question, Jess."

"Yes?" she asked.

"Isn't it illegal to rent these out? How are you supposed to?" he asked her, worried about getting in trouble.

"When you first check out, we put them in discreet cases that don't even resemble what they really are. The CDs themselves don't even indicate it. They all look like movies that're here that you'd watch with your family, so the only way anybody would know is if they stole the movie and watched themselves." she explained, "We also have a system that hides these sorts of purchases off your bill so only you see them at the time of purchase. Nobody else will know. At least, that's how it is here. In places where it's legal, like Mauville, I have no clue if it's on a bill or not," she shrugged.

"I see.. so do I just go up front?" he asked. She shook her head,

"No. Since these are something you don't want others to see, we do it back here. Is there anything else up front you wanted or anything?"

"You two get your non-pervert movies?" Evan joked. The two nodded,

"Yep. I'm good." Zanna answered first.

"Same. Nothing there was good. I was only interested in the stuff back here," she giggled, "I also picked one of my favorites. I think you'll like it, Evan," she grinned.

"Yeah, we'll see," he said, following Jess to one of the counters. Like she said, she rung up his movies and began putting them into cases that were of completely different movies. Once done, she looked at Evan, "Safe to assume you've never rented a movie like this before?" she asked. He nodded,

"Never crossed my mind." he answered flatly.

"Alright. Since it's your first time, these are on the house. We don't charge first-timers a single penny. Just return them when you return all the others. Next time, if there's a next time, we'll charge. Just thought I'd inform you incase you think you weren't charged, because you weren't." Jess explained.

"Oh, that's nice of you guys. Thanks," he smiled. She smiled back and nodded,

"The perks of being bought out is we can do this."

"I bet so," he chuckled. Jess grabbed the bag of movies and handed them to Evan,

"Well, that's everything. They're due back next Saturday. The actual date is on the receipt. Enjoy, and have fun, noobie," she giggled. Evan eyed her and nodded,

"I'll try. Thanks, and nice meeting you."

She waved bye as Evan and his group left the back room and entered the main store. Morty was still behind the counter, fiddling around with the register. Seeing Evan walk out and towards the front, he nodded, "Have a nice day and enjoy your movies," he said, a smirk on his face. Evan nodded without saying anything. Once outside, he took a deep sigh,

"Next time, Izen, give me a little warning."

"Sorry. I guess I could have. Oh well," she shrugged, "I may have also picked a few to aid in the bet.."

Oh Arceus dammit.. the bet.

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