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The next day, Evan decided to take Marina up to his work. Izen protested that it was her turn but he had to explain that Oli needed to meet her and there was no way he was going to come back home for her, especially if he was walking. Driving was much more tolerable, but this wasn't worth it. In the end, she understood why and gave up.

As soon as the two got to his work, Evan introduced Marina to Oli. The two got along amazingly from the look of things. It also turned out that Persian happened to be Oli's favorite Pokémon so her coming in put him in a much better mood than he was before. Oli had ended up asking her to come back just so he could talk with her. To Evan and Marina, it seemed just a tiny bit creepy but after a while, Oli left.

Throughout the day, Marina helped Evan with his job much more than he expected her to. Surprisingly enough to Evan, his work had a lot more customers come in than usual. Not even Oli knew why, but that didn't matter because all business was good business to him. That meant Evan was left with the restocking and his normal stuff. Normally that would have been extremely annoying to do on his own, but Marina was more than happy, even excited, to work with Evan.

Marina used the day to really talk to Evan. She found out how he was actually really missing friends in his life and how much Izen and Zanna made up for the lack of them. Zanna was the friend who was gentle and gave him comfort. Izen was the one who made everything interesting and brought spice to his life. They were his yin and yang.

For the first time in who knew how long, Evan enjoyed his job. He always told Oli he didn't mind working alone but, deep down, he must have hated it because when someone else was there with him, he had fun. And just like the prior day, Evan's shift ended before he knew it. This day wasn't necessarily stressful to him but it was a major change from what he was used to, and his body definitely felt it by how tired he was, and the same could be said about Marina.

And for the second night in a row, Evan slept wonderfully. There wasn't much more he could have wanted that he didn't already have. He had two girls who were more than happy to be his little teddy bears as he slept with another girl watching over him. He joked mentally about how it was like he was building a harem, but Marina didn't seem too interested in that. She seemed much more into building an actual bond with him that didn't rely on sex. Of course, Zanna's bond with him didn't rely on that, but it was definitely a part of it. But that was just it.

It was only a part of what they had together.

"Ugh, this is so boring!" Izen groaned out of boredom. "Why did I let you talk me into coming to work with you?"

"Now hold on a second. If I remember correctly, you wanted to come with me and even got mad you couldn't yesterday!" Evan told her. He rolled his eyes as he scrolled through his phone. Today was much more laid back than yesterday and he kind of regret not bringing her the day before. They were only here for half an hour and he was already losing his mind with her there.

"Can't we like… do something that isn't boring?" Izen asked him. "Like… I don't know, play a game? Go stand outside and enjoy the nice air? Fuck?"

"No," he told her quickly. "Well, no to that last one, mostly. Incase you forgot, this is my job and me doing that, especially somewhere people come a lot, could get me fired. Not to mention-"

"I know, I know, it's illegal," she said, cutting him off. She jumped up on the counter next to him and laid down with a yawn, "Anything is better than this. How long is your shift?" she asked him.

"Not over for a while. Do us both a favor and go to sleep. It'll save you the boredom and me the headache," he said with a grin.

"Mmhm, we'll see soon. Just wait." she told him before curling up into a tiny ball and drifting back off into the realm of sleep.

Evan expected Izen to sleep off the rest of the day. However, he wasn't that lucky. Around midday, people began pouring in. Because people continued coming, that meant Izen couldn't sleep off her boredom, which in turn meant Evan's headache never ended. But even through his nagging headache that was Izen, he couldn't help but think about all these sudden trainers coming in.

It confused Evan. Why did so many people begin to suddenly show up when they hardly ever had business before? Was there some tournament happening he didn't know about in town? Verdanturf did have the contest halls, so maybe that had something to do with it. It was the only logical thing that came to mind. Nothing else made sense.

"Maybe they're going to the convention early. I mean, didn't Ray and Lea come through Rusturf Tunnel?" Izen asked Evan telepathically. He smiled to another customer as they left before he turned to the next.

"Find everything alright?" he asked the customer. "I doubt it. I don't think that they're the reason so many people are showing up…"

"I did, yes!" the lady behind the counter smiled happily.

"Mommy! I wanna pet it!" a voice called out. Evan couldn't see but there was a small child standing next to the lady, hidden by how tall the counter was.

"Honey, sh, I don't think-"

"She won't mind," Evan said, smiling to the lady. "She's super friendly and loves being pet."

"Evan I swear to Arceus-"

"Really? Oh, well, okay…" the lady said. She bent down and picked up the small child and held her up just high enough to see Izen.

"She's so pretty!" she said, immediately reaching out and petting Izen on the head. The kid had to be no older than five years old and it made Evan happy how much she seemed to be happy. Well, that and how Izen seemed to hate it. "And she's super soft!"

"Yeah, she's very soft. I love it. She's also really sweet and wouldn't hurt a fly," he said truthfully.

"Nah, too late. You dug your own grave. Just wait till they leave." she told Evan, enduring the petting. Much to Izen's happiness, the lady sat the kid back on the ground and continued with what she was doing.

"Was worth a shot…"

After paying, the lady and her little girl said bye to Izen once more, followed by one more pet from the girl, and left. The second the door shut behind the others, Izen stood up and turned to Evan with a tiny glare, "I bet you think you're so funny, don't you?"

Evan shrugged and smirked at her, "Nope. But remember back at the forest? Your little berry trick and then taking my shoes? Yeah, I sure do."

"Yeah, you're dead," she said before jumping off the counter. She gracefully landed on the ground and climbed beneath the counter and sat there at his feet.

"What're you doing?"

"Nothing. I'm sitting. You've got more customers coming," she told him. Like she said, another pair of customers walked in. The two nodded to him and Evan nodded back as they went on their own little search for who knew what. Moments later, another customer walked in, this one no older than eighteen. By his side was a Sylveon.

Evan watched as the two groups did their looking. As they did, Evan was abruptly brought from his stare as he felt himself moved forward, but only until his belly rested against the counter. "What're you-" Once again, Evan was cut short as his question was very quickly answered. He felt his pants loosen as they became undone.

"I told you you're dead," she said simply. Evan tried to protest but he found it impossible as her Psychic took over and did what she wanted.

"Izen, I'm serious, stop. This isn't cool," he told her.

"Neither was putting me through that, so now you suffer like I did. Don't worry, you're in good paws," she told him with a faint giggle at the end. Without saying anything else, Izen leaned in and gave his limp member a tiny lick, making him shudder ever-so-slightly in place.

"I-Izen, please. I can't risk this…" Evan begged her. Using her Psychic, Izen gently tugged away at him, watching as he very quickly grew to his full length. He tried his best to ignore her and what she was trying to do but Arceus was that impossible.

"Should have thought about that before hand. Let's see how you handle it," she giggled once more. Dropping her Psychic hold, Izen quickly began licking away at his member. She wanted him to suffer and she knew that just being small in her actions was the best way to do it. Truthfully, she wanted to just take him all in one go, but that would have been too easy. Like everything else with her, this was a game for them both.

Evan tried his best to ignore her, but she made it progressively more difficult. Not long after she started, the first two that walked in came up to the counter and sat a couple drinks on the counter, "Pump twelve, please," one lady said. She sat her purse on the counter and pulled her wallet out.

Taking a deep breath, Evan scanned their drinks and told them their total. She didn't pay much attention to Evan, which he was thankful for. Evan expected what Izen was doing to be some kind of cruel, sick joke but when she didn't stop, he knew it was serious. She wasn't going to stop.

"Pump twelve? Guess that's how many times I get to do this before we move on, huh?" Izen said telepathically. He was confused what she meant before he felt that same psychic energy grip him down lower. "One… two…" she began counting. Each time she jerked him, her number went higher.

"Arceus…" Evan said quietly, desperate to ignore how good it felt. "Pump twelve? Gotcha…" he said to her. The lady passed him two twenties before she spoke up once more.

"For the drinks and the rest on the gas,"

"Got it…" he said. He worked the register and put the money in before he looked up once more, "Would you like a receipt?"

"No thanks."

"Okay, you're set," he told her.

"Seven… eight…" Izen said slowly. It was like time slowed down the closer she got to finishing. Evan wondered what she meant by moving on, but Evan knew it wouldn't have been good. At least not for where they were. Since it was Izen, literally anything was possible. "Nine…"

"Thanks," the two nodded to Evan. He said nothing back and gave a tiny nod. He found it hard to control himself and he knew for a fact Izen was making it hard for him. Just as the two left, the kid and his Sylveon walked up next.

"Hi," the kid said, setting a bag of chips on the counter. He looked like an actual trainer with a backpack on and six Poké Balls on his belt. The Sylveon jumped up and rested its front paws on the counter, watching curiously.

Evan closed his eyes momentarily and took a deep breath before putting on a smile, "Find everything okay?"

"Yep. But hey, sorry, I'm not from around. Grace and I came from Kalos and we got dropped off just north of Rustboro. We're looking for the contest hall and was hoping you could tell us where to go?" the kid asked him.

"Ten… Eleven…"

"O-oh, sure…" Evan answered. The kid smiled happily and reached into his bag before he pulled out a map and unfolded it. Evan's heart sank, knowing Izen was about to take full advantage of this.

"So when I came here, it said the contest hall was here in Verdanturf… but… I have no clue where I am specifically or where I'm supposed to be going…" the kid told him.

"Twelve… Now we both have fun!... though you more than me…" she said. Izen dropped her psychic hold on him once more. Evan sighed, thinking it was over, but he was horribly wrong. Izen turned around as best she could and gripped his member with her tail. "I love how you love my tail so much… why is that?" she asked him, grinning to herself.

Evan ignored her question and pointed on the tiny map, "W-we're right here," he told him. He then pointed across town on the map, "And the hall is here. I-I don't think the contest's are being held today. I think n-next is in two days…" Evan couldn't help but shudder as she continued jerking him with her tail. He was pleasantly surprised when he felt her tail coil around the base of his shaft and hold him in place as she backed up into him slightly, where only the head of Evan's member entered inside her.

"Mmm… That's what I've been waiting for…" Izen said with a sigh. Evan closed his eyes once more and sighed quietly, desperately trying to keep himself quiet.

"You okay man? You seem kind of… weird." he asked. Evan looked up at him and put on a fake smile before nodding.

"Y-yeah, just tired." he lied.

"Uh huh…" the kid said, looking to his Sylveon. "Anyways… how far is it from here?" he asked him, grabbing the map and looking it over.

"I'd say about twenty minutes or so. V-Verdanturf is a small town. You can't m-miss it…" he answered. Evan growled lightly as Izen continued her jerking, desperate to break Evan down.

"Izen I swear to Arceus…"

"What?" she asked innocently. "Quit fighting it. You know you like it. I know I like how we're sitting together."

"Okay, thank you," the kid said, folding his map and putting it back in his bag. He looked down at his Sylveon as it continued sniffing the air before it looked to Evan with its head cocked sideways.

"Do you have a Pokémon?" it asked him in a feminine voice.

"Y-yeah, three. Why?"

"Are any in heat? Because the smell of one is extremely powerful…" it told him. "Like… as if I'm there first hand."

"O-oh, uh…" he stammered. Izen snickered quietly before she pulled herself free from him. Like the Sylveon, Izen jumped up and placed her front paws on the counter and smiled at the two.

"My sister and I," Izen answered. Even with herself not hidden, her tail continued pumping away. "We just entered together."

"Oh, I see. Well I hope it all goes well. Not a good idea coming out in public while in heat. Lot of males would love to claim an Espeon…" it said to Izen. Evan sighed inwardly, wishing this torment would end.

"We're not worried. We have a mate at home who takes care of us. I can control myself a lot better than my sister can so she's at home resting," Izen lied to her.

"You're so fucking full of shit," Evan told her. She said nothing in response, picking up her speed at which she jerked him. "S-so, uh… anything else I can help with?"

"Hey, question," the Sylveon spoke up. She turned to Izen and continued, "Before Kam became a trainer, he had a job like this. It was a pretty boring one."

"Please go away…" Evan thought to himself. The second he had the clear, he was going to give Izen what she wanted, no matter if he got in trouble. It was driving him mad what she was doing, and that was more than what she wanted.

"Yeah, this is pretty boring. It's my first time here, actually," Izen told her. She looked up at Evan and smiled, "But he has been able to keep it fun."

"Really? How?"

"Oh, well I slept most of the morning. When others began showing up, we played little mind games with each other but i think I won, right?" she asked him with a smirk. He closed his eyes and nodded with a sigh.

"Yeah… y-you win… again…" he told her.

"Fucking right I win again. I always do! Wanna know what else I can do?"

"Izen please stop, they know something is-"

"I don't get how you can sleep on this floor. It's so hard and not comfy…" it told her. "Like they wouldn't even let Kam bring in a blanket for me to lay on."

"Oh it's not that hard! Come here, I'll show you what I did," she said with a smile.

"Izen what the fuck are you-"

"I mean he doesn't work anymore but okay!" it smiled happily. The Sylveon jumped down from the counter and padded behind the counter.

"It's not much but it works for me," she smiled. Izen looked down at the ground, acting like she was showing the Sylveon whatever it was. Throughout it all, she never stopped her jerking and it scared Evan immensely. He was about to get caught and she literally didn't stop it. The Sylveon looked up at Evan and smirked at him. And it hit him.

That smirk. The way it acted. It knew.

"Izen you little-"

"I don't mean to pry but… can I try? It looks nice!"

"Not at all!" she said. Izen unwrapped her tail from him and backed away slowly before placing her front paws back on the counter. "So how long have you been a contest participant?" she asked the kid.

"Oh, well I started a couple years ago and-" Evan zoned out as the Sylveon sat in front of his legs and eyed what she wanted. There was no way this was actually happening to him. The Sylveon wrapped its feelers around the base of his member before she leaned in and gently licked at the tip.

It slowly used its feelers to pump away before quickly engulfing the length of him in one go. The way her soft, skin-like feelers tugged at him in a way Izen's tail alone wasn't able to. It was such a pleasant change from what he'd quickly grown used to. Then the way her warm maw happily accepted his pleasant taste only pushed her on for more.

"So you and Grace came here to try out this one?" Izen asked, trying to draw out the fun. There was nothing more in the world that she loved more than torturing Evan like she was. She loved the control she had. It was all too perfect for her. She couldn't decide what she loved more: the control, the torturing of Evan, or Evan getting her off.

But Evan was conflicted. This was wrong in so many different ways. He had no clue who this dude or his Sylveon were, yet he let it give him oral. In fact, it wanted to. Why? There's no way this is normal, Izen had to have set this up some other time. That was the only logical thing he could think of.

"Yep! We heard the one here in Verdanturf was the easiest so-"'

Again, Evan tuned the kid out. Evan was progressively losing control of himself. He found it hard to stand still as Grace's head bobbed up and down, coating his entire length in her own saliva. It was like she'd done this before because by no means was she a rookie.

"I-Izen, p-please… T-this isn't c-cool…" he began panting. "P-please tell h-her to stop… I c-can't do this h-here…"

"If you want, I can show you where to head?" Izen offered him. He smiled appreciatively and nodded.

"Would you? That'd mean a lot to me!" Izen nodded to him and jumped down from the counter before nodding to the Sylveon. "I'll be right back to pay." he told Evan. He waved him off and the two exited the building, leaving Evan and Grace.

The second the door closed, Grace pulled her head free and giggled, "So you're the new kid Izen mentioned, huh?" she asked. She never ceased her stroking, just barely keeping Evan on the edge of his release.

"So she fucking did this, huh?" he panted lightly. Again, the Sylveon giggled.

"Yeah… A lot of us Eeveelutions keep in touch with one-another and she knew you'd have fun. So she messaged us and since we were in town, we thought we'd drop by and… say hello. So hi!" she exclaimed happily.

"Arceus, at my work though?" he asked her.

"Don't worry… you're fine. You're going to go with Ray and Lea, right?"

"Tomorrow…" he told her. "Okay I don't mean to sound rude, but Izen does this shit all the time and I'm kind of tired of just being held off. I don't want to worry about others coming in, so can we either finish this or could you maybe stop?"

"Oh no I'm not stopping. But promise me we'll see each other at the convention and I'll make it quick," she told him. He sighed and, wanting to have his release, nodded to her.

"I mean if you find me, I guess. I can't promise to-"

"Good enough for me," she giggled once more. "Now shut up, 'kay?" she told him before engulfing him once more. Evan let out a low groan and leaned over the counter, enjoying the blowjob this Sylveon was skillfully giving. He could tell he wasn't long from the orgasm that approached.

The mixture of her warm maw and her soft feelers brought an entire new pleasure to Evan. Izen already had him close, and the way Grace worked him over only made it better. She pulled herself free one final time with an audible pop and grinned up at him, "Come on… gimmie it, big boy…" she begged him. He pulled himself up from the counter and looked down at her.

Grace held her mouth open before she gave him a quick wink. Izen put on shows for him from time to time, sure, but she never tried to actually be like this. To him, Grace was acting slutty, and he loved it. It was like the two were the same but entirely different. Izen had tons of sex and never let up, while Grace made herself look slutty, and the way she waited for him made that idea seem much more realistic to him.

Evan felt his legs tense up as his orgasm came closer. With Izen no longer holding him in place, Evan began to involuntarily thrust forward as his orgasm hit. With an audible groan, Evan's seed shot out in a power that Grace was not ready for. It took her a moment to readjust herself but, once she did, she happily accepted every bit that slid down her throat.

"Mmmm…" she cooed happily. Through the powerful orgasm, Grace never ceased her jerks. It was almost too much for Evan, but he toughed through it. The sheer intensity of it was amazing, quickly amounting to the time Evan shared with Izen in the tub.

"A-Arceus…" Evan panted. His eyes opened and closed rapidly as he tried to regain himself. He was happy when Grace began to slow down with her pumps and, not long after, finally let him free. "That's… not your first time, is it?" he asked her.

"Nope. Not the last either," she said with a smile. "Did you enjoy it?"

"Oh shut up," he said with a smirk. She giggled at him and stood up as the other two walked back into the store. "Uhh… Grace…" he said quietly, looking down at her. He was embarrassed to tell her that she actually had a decent bit of his seed on her face. "You uh… You got some…"

"Oh, oops," she giggled. She used her feelers to quickly wipe up what she could before giving him one more wink, "Remember what you said, 'kay? You owe me…" she told him quietly.

"...Yeah we can't wait to participate!" Kam said excitedly.

"Well if we weren't leaving, we'd have loved to see you guys!" Izen told him. She came back around the counter and smirked at Grace who then winked at her.

"Oh well. We'll be on television of course. They broadcast them live and then replay them twice more over the weekend," he told her.

"Oh, I'm sure we'll see it then," Izen said.

"Grace and I will win, won't we?" Kam asked her as she returned to her side.

"Definitely. Nobody can compete with me. I'm the best at what I do and nobody cansay otherwise," Grace said with confidence.

"I dunno. I think if I tried I'd do just as well…" Izen smirked.

"We'll have to see sometime, huh?" Grace told her, where the two looked up at Evan.

"Oh Arceus…" he mumbled quietly. "Please no…"

"It was nice meeting you, Evan!" Grace told him.

"Yeah, you too Grace. Didn't think I'd meet a friend of Izen's out in public," he chuckled.

"I have friends all over. Be careful what you say from now on, yeah?" Izen told him. He rolled his eyes and nodded to her.

"Well, it was definitely nice to meet you both but we really need to get going. I need to register for the contest and everything," Kam said. He picked up the chips and drinks and waved to the two, "Thanks again for the directions!"

"Anytime. Good luck!" he yelled out as the two left. When they did, Evan looked down and glared at Izen, "I don't know whether I should be pissed off or not for that… That was so uncool…"

"Oh be quiet. It was fun, and you know it. Plus you made a friend! So hush up and enjoy your gift," Izen huffed. "I don't give gifts for no reason often…"

"Either way, please, not here next time, okay?" he asked her. He quickly looked around and buttoned his pants before picking her up off the ground and gave her a quick hug, "I don't want to risk that. Even if they're your friends…"

"Aww but it's so fun being in control like that…" Izen whined playfully.

"Izen I'm serious. I like you and Zanna a lot, more than you can understand. If I can't provide for you, then…" he trailed off, giving her one more hug. "Promise me you won't do that again. Do it at home all you want, that's fine. But not here. Promise me."

Izen smiled as she leaned into Evan's hug and nodded quickly, "Okay… for you. I promise I won't. And Evan?" she pulled away and looked up at him. He looked back at her confusedly as she leaned in quickly and licked his cheek, "Thanks for being such a good sport about it."

The rest of Evan's work day went by with relative ease. Before he knew it, it was time for them to head home. Ever since Grace and Kam left, Izen was a lot more relaxed and mellow. It surprised Evan that Izen actually was so calm and not… flirtatious like she usually was. Maybe Izen was actually serious she wouldn't be like that at his job anymore, and for that he was thankful.

When Evan got home, he immediately had to start packing for the next week. He had no clue what to bring, how much to bring, or what to expect. To him, it was much easier to be over prepared than under, but how much was too much? At first, Izen insisted she bring her toys with them but they agreed that those were probably sold or out for anyone who needed, or wanted, them. Of course, that brought up the whole thing of being sterile but Evan was sure that they were always cleaned after.

After almost an hour of frustrated packing, Evan had enough. He sent Ray a message, asking him to get in contact with him as soon as he could. He remembered Ray mentioning he had to pick up other people, but how many exactly? And how far were they? If he was picking them up, then that most definitely meant driving, and who knew if Ray was the only one driving. Evan sure didn't want to be the reason of a crash from having to talk to him.

But as if like magic, Evan's phone rang. He fished the device from his pocket and eyed the number. It wasn't one he recognized, thinking it was just some spam number out to get his credit information or sell him some kind of condo out in the middle of fuck-all nowhere. "Hello?"

"Evan? It's Ray, what's up?" Ray said on the other end.

"Ray? How the fuck-"

"Easily," Ray interrupted, "When you signed up, you used your phone number, remember? It's on your profile."

"...Oh…" Evan said, feeling kind of dumb. "I hope I'm not bugging you or anything by having you call. I'm sure you're busy picking everyone up like you said,"

"Nah. We had a shift change. Someone else is driving so I've got time to relax…"

"Get off the phone, big boy," a voice called out. "Or do I need to make them hear me suck your cock?"

"Millie, come on. Two minutes…" Ray said with a sigh. Evan couldn't help but smirk at the sound of Millie being so… direct. This Zangoose was definitely going to be someone Evan needed to be weary of.

"I take it that's the Millie you told me about?" Evan asked him.

"Yeah, that's her. I don't know what is… Millie, come on!" Ray couldn't help but stifle a laugh, "Arceus, she's going insane right now and I have no clue why. I don't mean to rush you or anything but she's driving me mad and I'm trying to relax. She's definitely not making it easy. Quicker I let her do whatever, the sooner I can relax."

"Sorry, yeah, uhh…" Evan thought for a moment, "I'm trying to pack for tomorrow. But I have no clue how much or anything. Can you give me some advice?"

"All I can really recommend is to dress comfortably. Clothes that are easier to get on and off are a lot better if you plan on hanging out downstairs most of the time. Oh! Bring some trunks for swimming. Big beach party happening on Monday. You know, big ol' concert and everything. I'm sure the girls would love to see the sunset as well,"

"Oh, I'll definitely take them for that," Evan said, smiling down at the girls. "What time will you be here? Roughly?"

"If you don't mind, we'd like to meet at your work. We need to…"

"Now I'm gonna suck you dry," Evan heard Millie say to Ray. The way she said it so loud definitely caught Evan off guard.

"Millie! Okay! I'm coming!" he yelled at the Zangoose. "I'm sorry Evan, I need to cut this short. Around four in the afternoon we'll be there. Everyone will control themselves when we get there, don't worry. Gotta go. Cya then!" Before Evan could even respond, the line ended with Ray yelling something inaudible at Millie. Evan sighed and pocketed his phone once more.

"Well… that accomplished nothing much…" Evan said.

"Was that the Millie Ray and Lea told you about?" Zanna asked Evan curiously. "I could hear Ray screaming her name from over here,"

"Yeah and she doesn't sound very… good. Like… worse than Izen and that's saying something," he said with another sigh. He shrugged her off and smiled down once more at the two, "So, you two ever seen the beach?"

"No but I'd love to!" Zanna said excitedly.

"Same. Michael took Mom once as a date but we never went," she said with a sad sigh. "We asked him many times and promises happened but we never actually went."

"Well we are Monday. There's some big concert happening apparently and it's on the beach. Figured you three would want to go," he told the two.

"That sounds exciting. I think it'd be super fun. What kind of music?" Izen asked him curiously.

"I have no clue. Ray sounded like he was in a bit of a pickle because of Millie and needed to go, so I couldn't get much from him. Oh well," he said with a shrug. He continued packing his bags and looked at his nightstand. Three Poké Balls sat lined up next to one another. He then looked up at the two Eeveelutions, "Hey can you finish folding for me?" he asked them. "I need to talk to Marina for a moment."

Before they could respond, Evan left the room, leaving the two sisters confused at his sudden need to leave. Like he expected, Evan found Marina lazily lying on the couch, her head resting on her paws. She looked towards Evan out of the corner of her eye and raised her head to greet him, "Hi, Evan,"

"Hey Marina. Got a sec?"

"Sure, come sit," she said to him. Nodding to her, he walked over to the couch and took a seat next to her. She resituated herself and laid her head in his lap, where Evan began to pet her absentmindedly.

"So I need to ask you about this thing that's happening. I was talking to guy who's coming to get us and he said the ride is like… apparently super sex-filled. You said you wouldn't participate during the whole event… Would you prefer to be in your Poké Ball until we get there so you're not around it? I don't want you being uncomfortable or anything," he asked her. The last thing Evan needed was to make his new family member feel weird for what he enjoyed. For all he knew, Marina not even like the whole idea. Izen hinted at her doing it, but did she actually?

"No," she answered quickly. "I know Zanna won't want to participate with anybody but you or Izen so she's going to need someone like her to be with. At least, she won't let anyone do anything to her like she lets you, but she might join in for some fun with you. And again, nobody wants to see a pissed off mom, so I need to make it clear if, and when, someone makes that mistake."

"Are you sure? You know I'll be-"

"I'm sure," she said, cutting him off with a smile. "I don't care what people do as long as it's consensual Evan. Sex doesn't bug me. I have been around the block, after all," she said as she looked up to him, where a suggestive wink followed after. He couldn't help but smirk as he nodded in response.

"You don't strike me as the type to go around, that's for sure,"

"Because I don't. If someone peaks my interest, I'll see if they're up for it, but I'm not like Izen. I like romance, not random sex," she explained. "Oh! And by the way, we're gonna have a talk when we're there one of these days."

"Oh, okay. What about?" he asked her curiously.

"A few things. Nothing bad, I promise," she told him with her happy smile never leaving. "What time are we leaving?"

"We'll leave home at about three. They told me they wanted to meet up at my work. I was about to ask why but he got… uh… busy with one of the Pokémon there. I assume it's to get snacks and gas and all that," he said with a shrug. "It's gonna be a long drive. You sure you don't want me to leave you with a friend?"

"I'm sure. I wanna see you all have the times of your lives. That's what mom's do!" she exclaimed.

"Fair enough. Don't say I didn't offer." he said, giving her head another pet. Her fur was so soft, so slick. "Hey Marina? Weird question, but can I brush you? I mean, when we're done packing. Not that you need it or anything, I mean, but like-"

"Of course you can, Evan. I'd love it if you did. That's how us Persian bond with our owners: through grooming. So yeah, I'd be happy if you did," she said with a smile. "No need for it to be weird. In fact, I'm sure Izen and Zanna would be happy if you did that with them, too."

Evan sighed a sigh of relief that he didn't sound too weird with his question. He thought it would have been kind of weird at first but, the more he thought about it, the less weird it was. He outright forced Izen and Zanna to shower, so brushing was nothing. "Okay I'm glad that didn't sound weird or… whatever. I'm… not the best with words…"

"You're fine. Come on," she said, pushing herself up and jumping onto the floor, "Let's go finish. It's been a few days since I was brushed and now I'm looking forward to it."

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