Digimon Tamers: Renamon's Amnesia

BY : LiquidPhazon
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With both the D-Reaper and Locomon incident long since forgotten, an eighteen-year old Rika was sitting by the water fountain, feeling the breeze in her now long hair as she remembered the years they had as Digimon Tamers.

"I cannot believe it's been four years since we defeated the D-Reaper." Rika said to herself, before going on as she thought aloud. "Ryo has moved away, Henry is going into programming just like his father, and as much as I hate to admit it, I'm actually starting to miss Kazu and Kenta."

"And then there is my life. My mum not letting up on convincing me to become a model again. Sheesh, mothers." Rika sighed, before she smiled. "At least I have Takato, my Gogglehead, in my life. I never expected to fall in love with him, but here we are, in love and dating. We're even attending the same high school too, our final year before we head off to college. I just hope Renamon's love life is alright. I know she is having some troubles with Impmon, and as much as I distrust him, I just want Renamon to be happy."

"You are such a jerk!" A voice then yelled from the distance, a voice which Rika know all too well, causing the Nonaka to ask herself as she followed the yelling. "That's Renamon's voice. What did Impmon do now?"

After making her way through the park, Rika just came into the clearing to see Renamon and Impmon, both at each other's throats, but not like the ways she was with Takato, for both Digimon were arguing.

"After all I did for you, came back to rescue you, help you, this is how you repay me... by sleeping with my sister?" Renamon snapped angrily.

"Hey come on toots. There's nothing to say that I cannot have two girlfriends." Impmon said, trying to defend himself.

"Well I prefer to be a single girlfriend. I've had it with you!" Renamon then shouted, slapping Impmon across the face, which knocked him down.

"We're through!" Renamon stated, turning and taking her leave.

"What do you mean by that?!" Impmon snarled, getting into a sitting position as he rubbed his cheek.

"I am dumping you! Consider us no longer boyfriend and girlfriend!" Renamon snapped as she began to walk away.

"Nobody dumps me!" Impmon yelled furiously, his anger getting the better of him as he then picked up a brick off the floor.

"You lousy whore!" Impmon yelled and, without thinking, he threw the brick at Renamon.

"Renamon, watch out!" Rika cried out alerting Renamon to Rika's presence and was about to react, only to fall to the ground as the brick hit the back of her head, where she lay, unconscious.

"Oh crap, now what did I do?" Impmon questioned in panic, realising his anger had made him overreact, before not wanting to stay around and ran away, making Rika yell out. "Impmon, you'll pay for this!"

"I'll deal with you later." Rika snarled before turning back to her partner, facing Renamon as she asked. "Renamon, are you alright?"

All Renamon could do was moan in reply, her eyes swirled with spirals as a bump appeared on her head where Impmon had hit her, concerning Rika, who picked Renamon up, hoisting her on her back as she said. "I better take you back home so I can properly treat you."

-At the Nonaka Residence-

After arriving back home, Rika set Renamon in her room, laying the vixen on her bed, while staying by her side, waiting for Renamon to awaken.

"Any changes on Renamon?" Rika's grandmother, Seiko Nonaka, then asked as Rika applied a damp cloth on Renamon's head as she said. "The bump is gone, but she is still unconscious. I hope she'll be alright."

"Just give it some time and she'll be back up soon." Seiko replied with a caring smile, before saying. "And don't forget, you have college today."

"I won't forget. Thank you grandma." Rika said in reply, turning her attention back on Renamon, while her grandmother took her leave.

After several more minutes, removing the cloth and bandaging up Renamon's head just in case, a moan escaped the vixen's lips as Renamon began to wake up, filling Rika with relief, where she smiled and said. "Oh, Renamon. Thank goodness you're ok."

But then, for some strange reason, Renamon looked at Rika with a curious and puzzled expression, sniffed Rika, before she smiles and nuzzled her cheek against her Tamer's.

"Renamon, what are you doing?" Rika asked, blushing at the strange behaviour Renamon was showing.

"Nya?" Renamon asked in confusion.

"How are you feeling? Impmon hit you on the head, and I was worried I lost you. But what's with you sniffing and nuzzling me? You know who I am, right?" Rika questioned.

Thinking for a moment, Renamon then pointed at herself and asked. "I'm Renamon?"

"Yes. And I am Rika." Rika said with a nod, making Renamon tilt her head in a seemingly confused, yet innocent way as she asked. "Ri... kamon?"

From the name Renamon had given her, Rika was almost dumbfounded.

"Not Rikamon. Just Rika." Rika correted, only for Renamon to smile and say with more enthusiasm. "You Rikamon. Me Renamon."

From the way Renamon was acting, Rika was greatly confused.

"Man that blow to the head must have done something to you..." The red haired tamer guessed, just before pointing out. "You're acting like... no... it couldn't be... Could it...?"

"Rika, your boyfriend is outside and waiting for you" Her mother, Rumiko, then called out, teasing Rika a little, but was glad her daughter had wound up with the Matsuki, for she believed Takato to bring out the best in her daughter, to which Rika realised she was gonna be late for her first day as a top senior at high school.

"Coming!" Rika called as she dashed out of the room, with Renamon smiling as she goes on fours and followed the Nonaka, still unsure who Rikamon was exactly, let alone who she was herself, but believed the redhead could give her answers.

And if not, they could just relax and spend the day playing.

While Renamon followed Rika, she arrived outside, where she was greeted by Takato, who smiled at his girlfriend and gave her a small kiss on the lips.

But breaking from her lips, he could tell something was upsetting her.

And as both her boyfriend and her friend, Takato wanted to know what it was, to see if he could assist in whatever problems Rika was in.

"Rika is everything ok?" Takato then asked.

"Not everything. A lot has happened." Rika replied, about to explain Renamon and her behaviour, which was show when Renamon appeared and stood by Rika's side as she looked curiously at Takato.

"Oh hey, Renamon." Takato said with a smile, a little puzzled as to why she was sitting on all four, but remained nice and asked. "How are you?"

In response, Renamon then sniffed Takato, confusing him greater, before Renamon said. "You friend of Rikamon?"

Sniffing again, Renamon, while telling from his scent that Takato was their friend, she could smell Takato's scent on Rika and Rika's on Takato, causing her to say happily. "Rikamon's scent on you. You very good friends."

"Rikamon?" Takato asked in confusion, embarrassing Rika, who took a more commanding approach and said. "Renamon, go back inside."

"But Renamon hungry." Renamon whined, remaining in place as she stayed on all fours, staring at the pair, who stared back at her.

Confused, Takato asked. "What's wrong with Renamon?"

"She's acting a lot like Guilmon when he was younger." The brunette then commented which Rika knew he was right.

"After Renamon dumped Impmon, he didn't take it too well and hit her on the her head with a brick. And when she woke up, she began to act like this." Rika explained, part of her feeling solemn for seeing Renamon in such a condition, while part of her was puzzled, unsure how to take care of a Digimon with such a personality.

"It'll be alright, Rika." Takato promised as he placed his right hand on her shoulder to comfort her, where the brunette then said. "I know how to handle Guilmon, so if you like, I could take her back with me?"

From his offer, Rika smiled and said. "Thank you, Takato."

"No problem. But for now, we should meet up with Jeri and head for high school." Takato replied, before reassuring Rika. "And don't worry, I know something to keep Renamon out of trouble."

"Renamon?" Takato asked, staring at the foxy Digimon, who looked back at him curiously. "Do you want to play?"

Hearing Takato's question, Renamon's face lit up as she said with joy. "Yes. Renamon wants to play."

"Here's a box for you to play with." Takato said as he took out a box from beside of the garbage bins next to the door, placing it over Renamon, covering all but her arms, legs and tail, which swayed around from the simple form of entertainment, just before Rika opened the handle holes in the box to see Renamon's eyes.

"You ok, Renamon?" Rika asked.

"Hehehe. This is fun." Renamon spoke from within the box, which made Rika sigh, while Takato smiled.

"Alright that should keep Renamon occupied until we get back." The brunette informed, which made Rika wonder if a simple cardboard box could keep Renamon entertained for several hours.

But remembering Takato had dealt with Guilmon in a similar fashion, the Nonaka nodded, placing her trust in Takato's handling methods.

"Now you wait here, Renamon and behave like a good girl. Stay in your box until we return." Rika said with an authoritative tone as she and Takato were about to leave, only to stop when Renamon whined. "But Renamon wants to play with you. And Renamon still hungry."

"Just wait and we'll treat you when we come back." Rika replied, before she and Takato headed off, leaving Renamon alone.

Though she had enjoyed the box for a few minutes, roughly fifteen after Takato and Rikamon had left, the foxy Digimon then took the box off and sat in it, feeling lonely and hungry as she rubbed her stomach.

But feeling around her stomach, her hand moved up, out of curiosity as she felt something was under her mane, which the vixen then lift up and saw her EE-sized boobs came out.

"Wow. Renamon's chest is so big." Renamon said as she groped her boobs and squeezed them for a bit, causing her to comment. "It makes Renamon all tingly when she touches here."

And as much as Renamon was starting to have fun, playing with her body, she then picked up on the pleasant scent of Digimon, making her smile as she decided to follow it.

"Goodie, goodie. Renamon have playtime after all." She said as she left the Nonaka residence and followed the scent, leading her back to Shinjuku park.

-At the park-

While Guilmon and the other Digimon had changed over the years, both physically and mentally, there was still part of them that just wanted to relax and enjoy their days as they had done when they were younger, to which Guilmon, Terriermon and Calumon were in the park and playing.

"Alright, guys. It's time for a quick game of hide and seek. Calumon, you count to one hundred, while we will hide." Terriermon said.

"Ok!" Calumon replied happily as he covered his eyes and began counting up to one hundred, occasionally missing a number or forgetting what numbers came afterwards, while Guilmon and Terriermon smiled and headed off to find a good spot to hide.

Guilmon found a perfect bush hidden in the trees and took his place behind them, unaware that a certain yellow furred vixen saw him and smiled.

"Ready or not, here I come!" Calumon's voice reached Guilmon's ears, making Guilmon smirk, thinking it would take Calumon ages before he was found.

However, Guilmon then fell on his stomach as something pounced on him, where he felt not only something on his back, but also felt a strange, but pleasant weight on his head.

"What is this?" Guilmon asked as he felt around his head, unsure what it was exactly and continued to move his hands around a little bit more, feeling whatever was on his head wasn't just softness and squishy, but had two pointy bits as well.

"I'm not wearing a hat." Guilmon said, giving the unknown objects a squeeze, which earned a moan and made Guilmon freeze up as he began to say. "Moaning? Wait a minute. These are..."

"Hahaha. Digimon like Renamon's chest?" The voice above him happily asked as Guilmon looked shocked, not only as he realised he was touching a woman's breasts, but also was stunned to see Renamon's face then appear in front of his, only she was staring at him upside down.

Though liking the way she was being touched, curious, Renamon asked. "Hello there. What you Digimon playing?"

"Found you, Terriermon!" Calumon then called as he found Terriermon, on top of him, for Terriermon had taken to hiding behind Calumon, making sure to follow the Catalyst Digimon's every move so he wouldn't be spotted, only for Terriermon to trip on his ears, where he fell on Calumon, revealing his location.

"Next time I better use more stealth or find a way to keep my ears in place." Terriermon moaned, a little upset he had lost, before both heard a scream, stopped their game and headed to the source with Calumon saying. "That was Guilmon's voice. He's in trouble!"

Rushing to where they heard Guilmon, Terriermon and Calumon were surprised and confused when they saw Guilmon, on his stomach, while Renamon was on top of him.

"Don't scare me like that, Renamon!" Guilmon said, managing to get Renamon off of him, before he asked. "And what do you think you're doing?"

Renamon just giggled at Guilmon's antic as she then asked in reply. "Game fun! Can Renamon play too?"

Confusion swept on Guilmon, Terriermon and Calumon's face as they looked at each other and then at Renamon.

"Err... is Renamon ok?" Terriermon asked, facing Guilmon as he said. "No offence, but she's acting like you."

Guilmon realised Terriermon was right and groaned. "Boy, how embarrassing."

Renamon, meanwhile, just continued to smile, jumping around in excitement, boobs bouncing up and down, as she then asked. "Can Renamon play? Can Renamon play?"

'Something is not right with her.' Guilmon thought as he stared at the vixen who he saw as a once prideful warrior, before he broke from his thoughts when Renamon began to sniff Guilmon's body, which made Guilmon blush, namely around his chest, and made Guilmon ask. "What are you doing?"

"You smell familiar. You friend of Renamon?" She asked, backing away as she stopped taking in Guilmon's scent and suggested happily. "If not, we can become friends."

"Renamon likes you. Renamon likes you a lot." The vixen then added as her body felt funny, with her nipples hardening, while her pussy came into view, under her bouncy butt from being so close to the red dino Digimon.

Curious, Renamon then asked. "So what's Digimon's name?"

"Err... Guilmon" Guilmon said, making Renamon smile at learning the name of her new friend.

"Renamon likes Guilmon. Guilmon very handsome." Renamon commented, surprising both Guilmon and Terriermon, both from her words, as well as when Renamon moved her head down and nuzzled it against Guilmon's chest.

And while confused as well, noticing Renamon's nipples and her pussy, Calumon had to ask. "Why does Renamon's body get all hot and funny when she is with Guilmon?"

"I don't know. I better go find Rika and Takato." Terriermon said in reply as he took off, leaving Guilmon with Renamon, who continued to show affection and playfulness around the Hazard Digimon, who knew it would be a complicated day.

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