Digimon Tamers: Renamon's Amnesia

BY : LiquidPhazon
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As another day came to Shinjuku, the sun shone through the bars of Guilmon's shed, upon the sleeping forms of Guilmon and Renamon, causing the vixen to stir a little, before waking up.

Confused at first at felt a cool metal binding her arms, as well as something probing in her buttocks, the memories of mating with Guilmon came to Renamon's mind, where she then remembered Guilmon using handcuffs and a dildo on her to keep their sex fresh and exciting, which caused Renamon to smile, before she opened her eyes and looked upon the Hazard Digimon, to which Renamon continued to smile at seeing the content expression on Guilmon's face, as well as for the pleasure she shared with him.

Looking at herself, Renamon saw her paws still in cuffs, before looking around and seeing the dildo they had used the previous night still inside of her, arousing her a little.

'Guess it's time I woke Guilmon up.' Renamon thought, thinking about Rika and how worried her Tamer probably was, deciding it was best to head on home.

However, looking at Guilmon's body, Renamon felt her arousal increase, before a sly smile appeared on the foxy Digimon's face as an idea came to her mind, to which Renamon then slowly moved herself down and began to rub her cuffed paws between Guilmon's legs, earning a few low moans from the Hazard Digimon, as well as a lustful smile from Renamon when Guilmon's cock slid from its sheath, which she then took hold of, moved her paws over the member and took it in her mouth, increasing the sound of Guilmon's moans as she began to give him a blowjob.

Moving her head up and down Guilmon's length, Renamon continued to smile, not only enjoying the pleasure she was sure Guilmon was receiving, but also from the pleasure she was getting herself, encouraging her to take all of Guilmon's member in her mouth and continued to suck him off.

As Renamon continued her actions, Guilmon continued to let out groans through his sleep, before he too awoke, confusion filling him as to what was making him feel so good, before he looked down, blushing to see the yellow furred vixen, her head in between his legs and his member in her mouth.

"Good morning, Guilmon." Renamon said, removing the cock from her mouth and smiled at Guilmon.

"How did you sleep?" Renamon then asked, breaking Guilmon from his stupor as he smiled back at Renamon, moved down and kissed her forehead.

"I slept wonderfully." Guilmon replied, smiling slyly as he added. "And I am really liking how my morning is starting off."

"Then just relax, because it's going to get even better." Renamon told Guilmon, positioning herself so she was on Guilmon's chest, her paws were resting firmly on his chest, while her pussy was brushing against the tip of Guilmon's member.

Keeping her paws on Guilmon's chest, Renamon then lowered her body, moaning as she felt Guilmon's cock push inside of her pussy, while Guilmon groaned at the pleasurable sensation of Renamon's folds clamping around his member.

"Oh, Guilmon..." Renamon moaned, slowly building up a rhythm as she rode the red dino Digimon.

"Feels so good... so deep... Renamon loves it..." The foxy Digimon then let out, already losing herself to the pleasure as she continued to mount Guilmon.

"Renamon, I... I love..." Guilmon began to say, placing his claws on her legs as he guided Renamon up and down his member, only to then stop, which confused Renamon as to why.

Looking at Guilmon, Renamon was about to ask, when she sensed they were not alone, causing Renamon to turn her head and look outside the shed, just as Takato and Rika came rushing over with looks of concern.

"Renamon, stop!" Rika called as she and Takato barged in the shed.

"That tape was not what we wanted to show you. We had completely forgotten about our extra Birthday footage." Rika then said, her voice and expression filled with concern, which made Renamon smile, realizing that the Tamers still thought she was still in her state of amnesia.

"It's alright, Rika. I am well aware of my actions." Renamon assured, not caring that she was naked and mounting Guilmon in front of her Tamer.

Surprised at Renamon's reply, Rika questioned. "Renamon, you didn't call me Rikamon. And you sound like you're back to normal. How did that happen?"

"After the first time, Guilmon and I mated, some of his Virus Data entered my body, infecting me, but in a good way." Renamon replied, smiling as she rubbed the Digital hazard mark on her stomach and explained. "With the Virus Data, I saw myself through Guilmon's memories, which helped me remember who I really am."

"It also allowed me to feel Guilmon's emotions toward me. And it turns out that we have loved each other for a while now." Renamon went on to say, showing her love for the red dino Digimon as she moved down and claimed his lips in a deep and loving kiss, one Guilmon gladly returned.

"And all it took was a blow to the head and watching our sex tape." Takato commented, joking around through the situation, but he was actually happy to see Renamon was not only back to her old self and also happy to see that Renamon and Guilmon had found love in each other.

"Speaking of..." Renamon began to say, parting lips from Guilmon and looking at Takato and Rika with a slyness as she then asked. "Would you care to join us?"

"What?" Rika questioned, the expressions of her and Takato a complete shock at Renamon's words.

"Rika, I know you love Takato just as much as I love Guilmon, there is no need to hide that love." Renamon said in a caring tone.

"Plus, I have seen how wild you two can get." The foxy Digimon then commented, which made Takato and Rika blush.

"Don't be shy, Takato. You and Rika love each other, that should be more than enough reason." Guilmon said, agreeing with Renamon as he began to gently guide her off of him.

"Plus, there's the added factor of being in public, the chance of being caught mating with your lover." Renamon added as Guilmon then stood up and fetched the keys for the handcuffs, unlocking Renamon's wrists, where she stood beside her lover, both Digimon comfortable enough to be naked around the Tamers.

"Guilmon, I..." Takato began to say, his tone full of reluctance, before he was silenced when Rika suddenly discarded her top, revealing the light blue bra she was wearing underneath, making the brunette blush deeply.

"Rika, what are you doing...?" Takato then questioned, only for Rika to answer as she wrapped her arms around the brunette and kissed him deeply, which made Takato blush further.

But as Rika continued to kiss him, feeling the love and longing from Rika's kiss, Takato couldn't help himself, wrapping his arms and holding Rika close to him as he kissed her back.

"Looks like they made up their mind." Guilmon commented, making Renamon nod and smile.

"Should we help them get in the mood?" The vixen asked in an enticing tone, looking at her lover with a sly smile, which made Guilmon smile back, before both Digimon joined the Tamers, with Guilmon getting behind Rika, while Renamon got behind Takato, where both began to relieve the pair of their clothing, stripping the Tamers until both were standing naked.

"Looks like someone's eager." Renamon then commented, looking over Takato's body and noticing his member had gotten quite hard, before looking at Rika and seeing her Tamer's pussy was starting to get wet from excitement.

And Renamon continued to smile as an idea came to her, one she believed would put both boys in the mood, to which the foxy Digimon placed her paws on Takato's shoulders, moving him aside from Rika, before wrapping her arms and her left leg around Rika, holding the red haired Tamer close to her body as she began to make out with her.

As Renamon remained locked lips with Rika, adding to Rika's pleasure as her tail moved in between Rika's legs and slid along her pussy, causing the Nonaka to moan in Renamon's mouth and kiss her back, Takato and Guilmon watched on in surprise to see the pair pleasuring each other, to which Guilmon, due to his more animalistic side, couldn't control himself, where he then grabbed Renamon, breaking her from Rika's embrace and lay the foxy Digimon on her back, where he then got on top of her, staring at Renamon with longing and lustful eyes.

Smiling at Guilmon, Renamon asked in a curious and excited voice. "What do you plan to do with me?"

"I have a few ideas." Guilmon replied, smiling back at Renamon, before starting off as he moved his head down and pulled Renamon into a passionate and lustful kiss, which the foxy Digimon returned with equal passion.

As Guilmon and Renamon continued to kiss, Renamon allowing Guilmon's tongue into her waiting mouth, the Hazard Digimon made sure to give as much pleasure to Renamon as he could, moving his hands down her body, to her chest, which he began to gently rub, causing Renamon to moan into the kiss at the wonderful feeling of Guilmon's claws rubbing and massaging her breasts.

And after several minutes of kissing, Guilmon broke from Renamon's lips, causing the two to pant as they gasped for air, while they looked at one another with love and desire.

"Guilmon, take me... I want... No, I need you!" Renamon moaned, her body heating up, desiring to have her mate inside of her once again.

"Anything for you, my beautiful Renamon." Guilmon said in reply, feeling his dominance taking over from Renamon sounding so submissive, causing him to lower his body, making Renamon moan as she felt the lower sections of their bodies rub, before he made Renamon moan and gasp a little as his lips gently began to move around her neck.

Guilmon then silenced her for a moment as he captured her lips with his for another passionate kiss, before he began to kiss down her body, reaching her chest, which aroused Guilmon upon seeing that from the stimulation, Renamon's nipples had emerged from her fur, showing just how aroused she really was.

He then began to gently lick her right nipple, causing Renamon to all but scream in pleasure, while his right hand gently massaged the left, before continuing down as he kissed her stomach.

He then noticed Renamon spreading her legs, causing Guilmon to smirk as he saw how wet pussy had gotten.

And without saying another word, the foxy Digimon arched her back when she felt Guilmon move his body down, where his manhood slid inside of her waiting vagina.

"Oh, Guilmon!" Renamon cried out at the sensation, her already high arousal increasing, especially when Guilmon began to move his cock in and out of her.

"Oh, Guilmon... Ah... it's so amazing... Ah... it feels so good to have you inside me again...!" Renamon moaned out from the pleasurable sensation of Guilmon's cock inside of her, causing Guilmon to nod and groan in agreement as the red dino Digimon continued pushing and pulling his dick out of Renamon's womanhood.

As Guilmon's cock continued to enter and exit Renamon, the vixen continued to moan out erotically, wrapping her legs around Guilmon's waist as she moaned loudly. "Oh, yes, Guilmon... that's it... Ah... Don't stop... please don't stop...!"

"I wouldn't dream of it... I would never deny you pleasure, my love..." Guilmon groaned in reply, continuing to not only let his cock slide in and out of Renamon's wet folds, but he added to her pleasure by moving back down, rubbing her left breast, while licking and biting her right nipple.

For over an hour, Guilmon and Renamon continued to mate, with the vixen feeling nothing but pleasure from the things Guilmon was doing made her, but after several more thrusts, both began to move around frantically, causing Guilmon to groan out in warning. "Renamon... I can't hold on much longer...I'm going to cum soon...!"

"Same here, Guilmon...! Guilmon, I... I'm cumming too...!" Renamon moaned in reply, unable to take anymore as she then cried out in pure ecstasy and had her orgasm, releasing her love juices all over Guilmon's manhood, which caused him to reach his peak and he yelled out in pleasure as he released his warm seed into Renamon' waiting womb.

Meanwhile, during the time Guilmon and Renamon had indulged in their pleasure, Takato and Rika gave into their desires as they too began to pleasure one another.

Like Guilmon, Takato had shown some dominance as he lay Rika on her back, before he began to kiss her neck, causing Rika to sigh and moan, before he began to kiss down to her breasts, taking the left in his mouth as he began to kiss and suck on it, while his left hand moved up and massaged her right, causing Rika to hold Takato close to her and moan in pure pleasure.

"Takato, you are so good at this..." Rika moaned, loving the pleasure she was feeling from her boyfriend, where Rika then moved her hands to the back of Takato' head, running her fingers through his hair.

Glad to know his girlfriend was enjoying the pleasure he was giving her, and after kissing her breast for a bit longer, Takato continued as he kissed down Rika's body, kissing around her stomach and belly button, before reaching the Nonaka's pussy, where the brunette gently spread Rika's legs, showing him all her pussy, where the leader of the Digimon Tamers then leaned in and gave it a small lick, causing Rika to moan at the sensation and desired for more.

From Rika's moaning, Takato moved his tongue deeper into Rika's folds, tasting her sexual fluids, while Rika moaned louder and louder at the feel of her lover's tongue moving inside of her.

"Takato, oh, Takato... that's it...!" Rika let out, continuing to enjoy the pleasure that the brunette was giving her, but after thirty more minutes, it wasn't long before Rika's sounds of pleasure intensified, telling she was close to her limit.

But wanting nothing more than to make his love happy, Takato just continued to lick Rika's pussy, until the red haired Tamer screamed in pleasure and arched her back as her orgasm hit her, releasing her sexual fluids, which Takato was more than happy to swallow, loving her taste.

Removing his face from Rika's crotch, Takato looked upon Rika's naked form.

And although she was still panting, she still had a lustful look on her face, wanting more, causing Takato to smirk as he stood up, allowing Rika to get a good view of her beloved's member.

"Like what you see?" Takato asked with a slyness in his voice, which made Rika smile back, before she then leapt and forced the brunette to the ground.

"What do you think?" Rika asked back in a sultry voice as she sat upon Takato's body, grabbed hold of his member with her left hand and began to rub it a little, teasing the brunette a little.

But from the pleasure he had given her, as well as all the love he had shown her in the past few years they were a couple, Rika decided to stop playing around with Takato's dick and get to the good part.

"Rika…" Takato said with a groan, loving what Rika was doing as he looked at his lover, where he saw Rika's mouth wrapped around his cock as she began to lick and suck on it, bobbing her head up and down.

Rika herself was lost in her pleasure as she sucked on Takato's cock, getting more aroused as she heard him groan and moan from her ministrations.

"Rika... Rika, you are amazing..." Takato groaned as Rika continued to suck him off.

"I love... I love you so much..." The brunette then said, his words made Rika smile around his cock, while warmth filled her heart at hearing Takato's words, hearing the love, care and sincerity within them, and knowing she felt the same way towards him.

After an hour of pleasure, Rika removed her mouth from his cock, smiling with lust to see it was still hard, giving it a lick, before she got off of Takato, turned and crawled away from him, allowing the brunette to see Rika on all fours, wiggling her ass enticingly.

"What are you waiting for, Gogglehead? Take me, make love to me and make me yours'." Rika said with seductive tone, to which Takato nodded and complied with Rika's desires, getting behind the red haired Tamer, where he then grabbed her by the hips and inserted his cock in her pussy, causing Rika to moan in pleasure.

"Takato! It's so... so good..." Rika moaned loudly, enjoying the feeling of her lover inside of her again, before Takato pushed all the way into her and then nodded in reply, groaning at how tight and hot Rika's pussy felt as it wrapped around his cock.

"Rika, you are so tight... feels amazing... I am lucky to have you in my life...!" Takato groaned as he continued his actions, her moaning encouraging him as he picked up the pace a bit and got into a good rhythm as he continued to make love to her.

"No... I am the lucky one for having you..." Rika moaned in reply, looking behind her and smiling at Takato, gazing at him with loving eyes as she then let her feelings out. "Takato, you are amazing... I... I love you so much... I just never want this feeling to end...!"

"And it never has to end... We can be together... forever..." Takato replied as he continued to make love to Rika, who continued to moan in joy, thinking of all the pleasure she could have with her lover, as well as with their Digimon partners.

But like Guilmon and Renamon, after another half hour of love making, Rika's moans increased, feeling she was close to her limit.

"Takato, I'm so close...so close...!" Rika moaned in warning, causing Takato to nod and groan in reply. "Me too... I... I can't hold it...!"

Looking at one another, Takato could see what Rika desired, before the brunette smiled and nodded, groaning in pure pleasure as he had his orgasm, releasing his seed into Rika's waiting womb, which triggered Rika's climax, making the red haired Tamer cry out in pleasure as she came all over his cock, leaving the Tamers lying in Guilmon's shed, their chests heaving, remaining in place as they tried to catch their breaths, while satisfied smiles appeared on their faces.

With their climaxes over, Takato and Guilmon each lay on their backs, bringing Rika and Renamon up and allowing their respective lovers to rest on their chests.

Looking at Renamon, Guilmon asked as he cupped her cheek. "How did that feel?"

"Wonderful. Thank you for another amazing experience. I love you, Guilmon." Renamon replied in a content and warm tone.

"And I love you, Renamon." Guilmon happily replied, before he and the foxy Digimon shared another passionate kiss.

"And how about you, Takato? What do you think?" Rika followed up, her hand running up and down his chest as she smiled at him, which made the brunette smile back.

"Do you need to ask? You were perfect." Takato replied, claiming Rika's lips in another loving kiss, causing her to respond as she wrapped her arms around Takato and kissed him back.

But knowing the stamina that Takato and Guilmon had, Rika and Renamon both moaned as they felt the boy's members rub against their entrances, all knowing that their actions were leading to more love and more pleasure.

The End.

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