Digimon Tamers: Renamon's Amnesia

BY : LiquidPhazon
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Leaping from tree branch to tree branch, Renamon made her way through Shinjuku Park, smiling as she followed her sense of smell in search of Guilmon, picking up on the scent of the red dino Digimon, the Digimon she longed to mate with, leading her to an old shed.

"Guilmon?" Renamon called, looking around the shed, but found no sign of the Hazard Digimon, causing the sexually active vixen to turn around, about to take her leave, but stopped when she sensed she was not alone, causing her to look up and saw two figures in the treetops.

"Renamon." The taller of the two said, jumping down and landing before Renamon, surprising her to see it was a Digimon that looked almost exactly like her, only her fur was a light shade of black compared to her bright yellow.

"I'm glad we finally found you." The black furred Renamon said with a smile, before she glared at the form that remained on the branch and commented. "I believe somebody owes you an apology."

From the words of the vixen Digimon, the second figure jumped down, allowing Renamon to see it too was a Digimon, which had purple coloured skin, a red bandana tied around his neck and a dangerous looking smiley face on his stomach.

"Go on, Impmon. Apologize." The second Renamon ordered, before saying with a little hostility in her voice. "Or do you want me to make you even more sorry?"

From her words, the Digimon known as Impmon swallowed his pride, remembering how after BlackRenamon learnt that he was not only cheating on her sister, but also attacked her for his misdeeds, the dark furred vixen attacked him with a relentless fury, certain that her rage would continue to frighten him and not completely subside until he and Renamon managed to repair their friendship, or what was left of it.

"Renamon, I'm... I'm sorry for all I did. I'm sorry I was such a jerk towards you, and sorry for hitting you." Impmon apologized, which made BlackRenamon smile, hearing Impmon's honesty behind his nervousness.

However, while Renamon smiled, both thinking she accepted Impmon's apology, both were fairly confused when Renamon asked in reply. "Renamon happy that Impmon and dark looking me are so nice to her, but who are you exactly?"

"Renamon, you don't remember me?" The black furred version of Renamon asked, sounding quite concerned. "I'm your sister, BlackRenamon."

"And I'm Impmon, your boyfriend. I mean I was your boyfriend before we broke up." Impmon added, his words, made Renamon shake her head and say. "Impmon not boyfriend to Renamon. Guilmon is kind of like boyfriend to Renamon."

Confused and still concerned for how Renamon was acting, BlackRenamon then asked. "Renamon, are you feeling alright? Why are you talking like that?"

"You sound like Pineapple head before he learnt to smarten up." Impmon commented.

"Rikamon says Renamon took a nasty hit to the head and made her lose how Renamon really thinks." Renamon replied, her words caused BlackRenamon to glare at Impmon, causing Impmon to try to divert BlackRenamon's anger away from him as he then asked. "So what are you doing here?"

"And where and why do you have those?" Impmon continued to ask, looking at the armful of sex toys Renamon was carrying with her.

"Rikamon and her mate showed Renamon a video on how to make Renamon feel good. But seeing Takato doing things that made Rikamon happy, Renamon wants to do them with Guilmon so she can express her love." Renamon replied, feeling a little excited at the thought of being intimate with Guilmon.

Though BlackRenamon was still concerned for the mental wellbeing of her sister, seeing Renamon's innocence and her desire, smiling at the yellow furred vixen, BlackRenamon told her. "Then allow your sister and Impmon to help you."

"Hold on. What are you up to, BlackRenamon?" Impmon asked.

"If my 'little' sister wants to 'fun' with Guilmon, then that's what she'll get." BlackRenamon said in reply, before whispering. "Besides, I think a little action would be good for her. It beats her usual disciplined and stuck up personality."

"But you aren't really planning to make Renamon mate with Guilmon? He might reject" Impmon whispered, which just made BlackRenamon smirk.

"He might not have a say in this decision." BlackRenamon whispered back, before instructing. "Now then, here is what we are going to do..."


"Renamon! Renamon! Where are you?" Guilmon called as he made his way through the park, worried for Renamon and what she could get herself into.

As Guilmon followed Renamon's scent, feeling a little hazy, picking up a lustful aroma in the midst of his search, it lead him back to his old shed, where he took a moment to compose himself, shaking his head as he thought aloud. "I am not liking this. What if she comes out and gets me?"

However, too focused on Renamon, her intoxicating scent filling his senses lowered his other senses, catching him off guard as a figure emerged from the shadows behind him, where the Hazard Digimon then felt something collide with his head, the impact too great for him to withstand and was knocked out, revealing Beelzemon, who was holding one of his shotguns like a club.

"Sorry about this, Pineapple head, but these are BlackRenamon's orders" Beelzemon said, not wanting his girlfriend to stay mad at him, before picking Guilmon's unconscious form and getting him ready for Renamon.

-With said vixen-

Not too far from Guilmon's shed, BlackRenamon had lead her sister to the pond, where she managed to get Renamon in the water, joining her as she gave Renamon a good wash as she bathed her.

"How are you feeling?" BlackRenamon asked, continuing to rub Renamon's back, while curious as to what thoughts were going through her sister's mind.

"Renamon feels very excited. Renamon cannot wait to play naked with Guilmon." Renamon replied, her words made BlackRenamon smile at the innocence and desire in them.

But as BlackRenamon continued her actions, lifting up Renamon's tail and running her paws through it, there was another thing on her mind.

"Renamon? Why do you have such an sudden interest for Guilmon?" The black furred vixen then asked, before saying. "Don't get me wrong, Guilmon is a great guy, but why do you have the hots for him?"

"Guilmon handsome. Guilmon strong. When Renamon is with Guilmon or thinks about him, Renamon feels all tingly inside." Renamon replied with a smile, looking down at her chest, butt and crotch and added as she pointed at her privates. "Renamon gets really tingly around these spots."

From her sister's reply, BlackRenamon smiled.

"That's love alright." BlackRenamon said, before confessing. "I feel like that when I am with Impmon."

"Sometimes I have this little dream where he is Beelzemon. I am lying on his motorcycle and watching as he takes off his biker jacket, before he gets on top of me and..."

BlackRenamon then stopped speaking, blushing at letting her fantasies get the better of her and apologized.

"Sorry about that." She said, embarrassed that she was sharing a sexual fantasy with her sister, only for Renamon to smile and say. "It's ok. Big sister just loves Impmon like Renamon loves Guilmon."

"But maybe big sister should be nicer to Impmon." The foxy Digimon then suggested, remembering how Impmon seemed a little nervous around BlackRenamon, before saying. "Renamon forgives Impmon for hurting her, so big sister should as well."

"Perhaps I have been a little hard on him..." BlackRenamon confessed, continuing to clean Renamon, her paws moving around Renamon's waist and began to clean her stomach, while BlackRenamon thought about the good times she had with Impmon, remembering that while he was cheating on Renamon, Impmon treated BlackRenamon with nothing but love and respect, promising to break up with her sister and do whatever it took to show he wanted to be with her.

"I will try to. Thanks, sis. Now let's get you prepared for your playtime with Guilmon." She then said as she reached for Renamon's boobs and squeezed them, which made Renamon moan a little at the feel.

"Will Guilmon make Renamon feel like this?" Renamon moaned curiously.

"I know he will make you feel even better." BlackRenamon replied with a grin as she continued to rub and squeeze them more, making sure Renamon was as aroused as possible for her time with Guilmon, as well as too caught up in her need for pleasure to ask any questions when she would be reunited with the Hazard Digimon.

"Psst." BlackRenamon heard Impmon let out, making the dark foxy Digimon look over by the bushes and saw her mate give her a thumbs up, which made BlackRenamon smile.

"Looks like Guilmon is ready for you. Go to him now." BlackRenamon smiled, giving Renamon a spank on the bottom, causing Renamon to yelp a little as she climbed out of the pond, before the foxy Digimon darted for Guilmon's shed.

-Meanwhile: Upcoming Lemon-

Just inside of the shed, Guilmon groaned as he came too, about to sit up, only to find his movements restricted, causing him to open his eyes, finding his arms were handcuffed to the bars of the shed door, while a cloth had been tied around his mouth, keeping him from speaking.

'I'll get Impmon for this.' Guilmon thought crossly, struggling against the handcuffs, knowing Renamon could get him at anytime now.

And after the pleasant scent that belonged to the vixen then returned to him, Guilmon turned his head and could only watch on as Renamon entered the shed, smiling at him with longing eyes.

And though Renamon was a little confused to see Guilmon in his current position, she remembered what her big sister had told her. 'Now Guilmon is just as eager to play naked with you, a little too eager, so we had to restrain him so he doesn't get too excited and hurt himself, or you. Just do whatever you saw Rikamon do with her mate and you will be fine. And if Guilmon starts to get loud, that is his way of saying how much he likes it or that he wants you to go further.'

Of course this was a lie, but in her current mindset, Renamon would believe anything she was told.

"Guilmon! Playtime with Renamon now!" Renamon cheered as she dropped the sex toys she borrowed from Rika, approached Guilmon and hugged him, her breasts unintentionally rubbing against Guilmon's chest in the process.

'Renamon! Please don't do this.' Guilmon tried to say, but it only came out as muffled groans, causing Renamon to start off in their mating as she remembered what Takato and Rika had done in the video, causing her to start off by kissing around Guilmon's neck and chest, which caused Guilmon to shift around and groan louder, only encouraging Renamon's mislead guide as she began to kiss her way down Guilmon's body, getting aroused herself as she moved lower and lower.

However, Renamon stopped, moved back from Guilmon and looked on with confusion, finding that there was nothing between his legs.

"Renamon confused. Where's Guilmon's private area?" She asked, looking between Guilmon's legs with a puzzled expression, before placing her right paw down and started to rub, seeing if she could feel Guilmon's manhood.

And while Guilmon did his best to remain in control, Renamon's touch was too much for him to handle, causing his manhood to emerge from its sheath, making Renamon smile at seeing the Hazard Digimon's cock.

"Renamon found it!" Renamon said with a smile, feeling her private areas tingle again.

"Guilmon so big!" She then commented, speaking her mind and wanting to keep Guilmon in the mood.

Again, Guilmon tried to tell Renamon to stop, but continuing to believe what BlackRenamon had said, Renamon just smiled as she said with excitement and desire. "Renamon starts by licking and rubbing. Renamon promises to make Guilmon feel really good."

Moving herself into a similar position to what she remembered Rika getting into, Renamon then grabbed his cock and put it between her boobs, before moving her body up and down, causing Guilmon's member to move up and down as it remained in between Renamon's breasts.

As Renamon continued, Guilmon continued to groan behind the cloth over his mouth, part of him trying to tell Renamon to stop, while there was a part of him that wanted more, Guilmon knowing it was his more primal side and knew from Renamon's actions and her pheromones, he would remain in his erect state, making Renamon think Guilmon just wanted more.

"Hope Guilmon loves Renamon's boobs." Renamon said as she heard Guilmon's moans, the sexually excited vixen thought the groans were Guilmon saying he just wanted more, causing Renamon to smile and keep up her actions.

Continuing to move her breasts up and down, Renamon stopped for a moment when she picked up on the scent of Guilmon's sex, making her lick her lips at seeing a similar white liquid coming out of the tip of Guilmon's manhood.

"Renamon saw Rikamon do this with her mate." Renamon said with a smile.

"Renamon just hopes she makes Guilmon feel just as tingly." The foxy Digimon then said, moving her mouth over Guilmon's cock and began to suck on it, licking away the white fluid, while keeping focus as she continued to rub her boobs up and down all nine-inches of Guilmon.

Guilmon groaned as Renamon continueds her activities, going faster and rubbing her boobs harder and faster on his cock, which caused him to let out a series of unintentional groans, Renamon hearing the desire in them and continued, feeling a combination of happiness and arousal, causing her to lift her tail and let it start swaying around, showing her excitement.

And trying his best to resist, Guilmon felt he was close to his orgasm, to which the Hazard Digimon then groaned against the cloth that bound his mouth, arching his head and back as he had his climax, which surprised Renamon at first at the sudden feel of a warm liquidly substance enter her mouth.

But taking her mouth off of Guilmon's penis, looking to see the tip was dripping with the same fluids now around her lips, Renamon smiled, now knowing she has the white liquid in her mouth, which she swallow and smiled at Guilmon, pleased with herself to know Guilmon had what Takato called cumming.

"Wow. Taste amazing. No wonder Rikamon loves it when her mate does it." Renamon said, smiling at Guilmon, who looked a little dazed after his climax, the pleasure he felt and Renamon's pheromones continuing to affect him and his judgement of the situation.

But after seeing Guilmon's cock still erect, Renamon smiled.

"Guess it's time for the main part of our naked fun." Renamon said as she climbed over Guilmon and moved into position, resting her paws on Guilmon's hips, while she felt the tip of Guilmon's cock rubbing against her vagina.

'I... I am not sure if I wanting to resist this or love this...' Guilmon thought, torn between what he believed to be right and his ever increasing longing for the foxy Digimon.

But as Renamon began to lower herself, Guilmon groaned, letting his desires get hold as Renamon began to ride on his cock.

"Guilmon...!" Renamon moaned, feeling a great pleasure at having Guilmon's member inside of her.

"Oh, Guilmon... Renamon loves this... Renamon loves mating with Guilmon... Renamon wants to mate with Guilmon forever...!" Renamon called in joy, moving her paws from Guilmon's hips and around his neck, pushing her body closer to Guilmon's and causing his member to go even deeper inside of her, her actions caused her breasts to rub against Guilmon's face, but sure he liked it, Renamon kept it up.

"Aahh... Renamon loves Guilmon... Renamon loves Guilmon forever...!" Renamon moaned happily as she continued to ride Guilmon's cock, her comment silencing Guilmon for a moment as his eyes widened and left him in thought.

'She… loves me? Is this because she is like this or does she really mean it?' Guilmon questioned himself, breaking from his confused feelings when Renamon stopped moving herself up and down his member, moved her head forwards and kissed Guilmon's lips, the Hazard Digimon feeling a great warmth in the kiss, silencing him completely as he closed his eyes and allowed Renamon to continue her actions, momentarily forgetting he was bound to the bars of his shed.

Breaking from the kiss, Renamon moaned louder as she felt Guilmon's cock go deep in her pussy, her body and her mind feeling nothing but pleasure as she continued to move up and down his cock, making Renamon let out a howl like a wolf as her boobs and butt cheeks bounced at each ride.

And after another hour of pleasure, Guilmon moaned loudly, his head and body shaking around, telling Renamon Guilmon was about to cum, causing the foxy Digimon to increase her pace, wanting nothing more than to feel the pleasure of Guilmon's release.

'Renamon!' Guilmon groaned loudly against the cloth as he then had his climax, releasing a tremendous amount of his seed inside of Renamon, causing Renamon to hold Guilmon close to her as she cried out his name and had her orgasm, releasing her sexual fluids and leaving her panting against Guilmon's chest with a satisfied smile on her face.

But with their mating over and Guilmon's cum entering her womb, a Digital Hazard mark, exactly like Guilmon's, appeared on Renamon's belly, a sign to show Renamon was now Guilmon's mate, now belonging to him.

But at the same time, something was happening inside of Renamon's head.

Because of the Digital Hazard's powers now inside of her, Renamon perceived many of Guilmon's thoughts, feelings and memories, many circled around her, helping Renamon remember exactly who she really was.

She remembered everything, right up to the moment when Impmon hit her with a brick, causing her to rise from her blissful state and look around in confusion, wondering what she had been up to.

"Huh? Wait... what am I doing here?" Renamon questioned, retracing her steps.

"Impmon... after I dumped him, he got mad and hit me with something, then..." Renamon continued, before stopping and blushing at the sight before her, seeing she was covered with cum, while she lay in Guilmon's lap, the red dino Digimon cuffed up and rendered unable to speak.

"Oh my! Guilmon!" Renamon gasped as she removed the cloth from his mouth, allowing him to breath through his mouth, over his nose.

"I am so sorry. I have no idea why I..." She then began to apologize, greatly confused as to what and why she was in Guilmon's shed, as well as what she was doing with Guilmon.

But she was interrupted when Guilmon suddenly kissed her on the lips, surprising Renamon at first, before a familiar warmth filled her, making Renamon relax and kiss Guilmon back.

"That's alright, Renamon. I love you, too" Guilmon said after parting from the kiss, making Renamon smile back, though still a little confused, but decided to help uncuff him before she would ask her questions.

After uncuffing Guilmon's arms, the red dino Digimon told Renamon everything that had occured after Impmon losing his temper, which left Renamon a little embarrassed, while part of her remembered how it was to be like Guilmon and had to admit it was a little fun.

"So I began acting like you when you were younger? How embarrassing" Renamon said with a smile and blush, her words made Guilmon say. "I'm just glad to have you back."

"Remind me to pay Impmon back double for this." Guilmon then added, which made Renamon nod in reply.

"I'll have a serious talk with Impmon and BlackRenamon afterwards, but for now..." Renamon began to say, only to then smile with a seductiveness as she turned around.

"Would you mind if we continue mating?" The foxy Digimon then asked, Renamon showing off a submissive side to her as she lifted her tail, showing off her pussy and buttocks to Guilmon.

"This time, I want you dominating me." She purred.

"You got it, my kinky vixen." Guilmon said in reply, feeling his manhood harden at Renamon's submissive acting, before he got behind the vixen, gave her butt a gentle stroke, before he spanked it, hard.

From the sudden feel of Guilmon's paw slap her buttocks, Renamon moaned in lust, which continued as Guilmon continued to slap her ass.

But from the scent of her arousal, Guilmon could tell Renamon wanted more, making him look over at the box of sex toy, giving him an idea as he grabbed the handcuffs and used them to cuff her hands and ankles, making the vixen moan with desire at how Guilmon was dominating her.

"So Renamon, you mind that us having sex was all it took to restore your memories?" Guilmon asked, impressed, while Renamon grinned as she put her hand underneath and rubbed her belly, feeling the Digital Hazard mark as part of her now.

"Your cum helped recover my memory when I became one with the Hazard's power, but my feelings to you are real. I love you so much. Please punish me some more!" Renamon replied with a longing moan.

"I Love you, too, and we can do this forever if you want." Guilmon said with a smile, just before he spanked his vixen again, which made Renamon smile and say. "Just as I wanted. Now I am your mate, sex toy and your love, now and forever."

Guilmon smiled at Renamon's words and the love within them, before he ceased his spankings, helped Renamon on fours and watched as she wiggled her butt enticingly.

Getting the idea, Guilmon took out the red vibrating dildo, inserting it into Renamon's ass, making her moan, before her moans just got louder as she felt his cock enter her vagina.

"Oh, Guilmon...!" Renamon cried out in pure pleasure and joy as the dildo continued to penetrate her tailhole, while Guilmon thrust in her vagina at a hard and vigorous pace, making sure not to hurt Renamon, but also making sure to give her all the pleasure he could.

"You are one sexy fox..." Guilmon then commented said as he kept up his actions, his cock pushing deeply inside of Renamon's womb, making her moan in joy.

"Well, I am your sexy fox!" Renamon then replied with a smile, wishing her time with her love didn't have to end.

Guilmon felt the same as he continued to yiff Renamon, better than last time, which caused him to groan at Renamon's tight pussy and Renamon to moan in lust at the pleasures of having her ass and pussy filled, as well as her butt again being slapped swiftly by Guilmon's strong and firm hand.

"Guilmon you're amazing!" Renamon cried out, her lust taking her as she moaned. "I want your babies...! Guilmon, I want you... I want you so badly...!"

From the foxy Digimon's moaning, Guilmon smiled and kissed her right buttock, making Renamon moan at knowing just how much her mate loved her, continuing to moan as she felt him go faster and deeper.

"Guilmon... Oh, yes, Guilmon... keep at it...!" Renamon moaned loudly as she felt him go faster and deeper, both Digimon filled with a combination of love and desire, causing both to continue their mating for another three hours.

However, feeling he was close to his peak, Guilmon groaned in warning. "Renamon, I'm... I;m gonna cum...!"

His warning just made Renamon moan, desiring Guilmon more and more.

"Yes, cum in me...!" She moaned in reply, while her pussy instinctively clamped harder around his cock, wanting Guilmon to have his release soon.

And after several more thrusts, as well as Guilmon sliding the dildo in and out of Renamon's ass, both Digimon let out pure cries of pleasure as they had their orgasms, Guilmon releasing more of his seed into Renamon's vagina, while the foxy Digimon released her sexual fluids, covering Guilmon's member, as well as her thighs and the ground beneath her, not that she cared after having another wonderful night of sex.

-End Lemon-

With their orgasms over, their bodies exhausted from pleasure, Guilmon lay on his back, smiling as the handcuffed form of Renamon rested on his chest.

"Thank you..." Renamon said as she smiled at Guilmon with nothing but love and happiness, before she kissed his cheek and added. "For everything."

"No worries.." Guilmon replied, smiling back at Renamon, his right arm rubbing her back, while deciding to leave the handcuffs on and the dildo in her ass until morning, sensing she was happy with them on and inside of her.

"Guess we have to tell Rika and Takato about what happened tomorrow." Guilmon then said with a smiled as Renamon put her face on his chest and replied contently. "I would imagine them being shocked at what happened, as well as what they needed to do to restore my memory, but I love you so much, I never want to part from you again."

"I feel the same about you." Guilmon said, smiling as he and Renamon both shared a final, loving kiss, before going to sleep.

However, as Guilmon closed his eyes, Renamon relaxing on his chest, she looked over at the sex toys she had borrowed from Rika, smiling with lust at what she and Guilmon could do with them.

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