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(Next Day)

Nearing the school I take in the familiar sight of Sona standing at the front gate.

Kenneth: Morning Sona.

Sona: Morning Kenneth, I hope that your first day was good

Calling me by my first name, Sona you dog.

Kenneth: It's was fine and I make a friend too.

Sona: I see, okay then carry on.

I get to class and take a seat. Halfway into class Aika Kiryuu turned around and looked at my crotch, her gaze has yet to move and she's drooling. Ok I think that's enough, I snap my fingers to get her attention.

Kenneth: My eyes are up here you know

I say with a drawl.

Aika: You weren't this good looking the other day but you were definitely packing that monster in your pants, actually I think it grew a few inches

Right she can accurately measure a guys dick size with nothing but a glance.

Kenneth: What can I say I got my beauty rest, as for the later comment we can meet after school if you want an unrestrained look.

10 Affection with Akia Kiryuu

She gains a dopey grin on her as thoughts of what we'll be doing no doubt runs through her head. Barring that small occurrence class passed as normal but sadly school is very boring when you have high intelligence than everybody.

After few hour, school was over, now I can pick up Aika and get laid. I see her waiting at the gate for me with a lecherous grin on my face. In one swift motion, I spanked her ass.


Akia jumped, feeling my hand smack into her shapely behind. She spun around seeing me while rubbing her ass.

10 Affection with Akia Kiryuu

Akia: My my my... you are a little bold for slapping my butt.

Kenneth: Hahaha, sorry I can't resists you have nice ass.

Akia: Oh thank!

Kenneth: Your welcome! Anyway, you are ready to go?

Aika: Lead the way sexy

She flirts to no end. I'm actually surprised that she is actually this kinky but if it was issei in the same situation with a hot chick then he would do the same so I guess it makes sense. 

We make our way to my house and enter.

Kenneth: I'm home!

Luna: Welcome back he-YOU BROUGHT A GIRL HOME?! I know I asked to meet her but don't you think this is a bit soon?

Kenneth: Let me introduce you two, Aika this is my aunt Luna and auntie this is my new friend Aika.

Akia: Hello Ms. Luna

Luna: Hello you too, Akia.

Kenneth: I bring her here for a study date, so me and Aika are going to study in my room

Luna: Okay, you two have fun!

As soon as we enter my room she shoves me on my bed not caring for the cracked door and removes her panties as I take my dick out.

She mounts me and grinds on me to moisten her passage before taking me in to the hilt. She sure works fast, I meet her slams with my own thrusts making her cover her mouth in an attempt at staying quiet which proves futile seeing how my aunt is watching from the crack of the door and furiously attacking her woman hood.

Aika reaches her climax first judging by the tightening of her walls and I follow shortly after. I spin us so now I am on top while she is on bottom I put her on her stomach and plow her with all my might provoking the bed to shake. The clap of flesh rings loudly in my ears with Aika's moans being a close second, I start to roughly grope her breast and kiss her in a fight for dominance. Things get so heated Aika scratches at my back making me thrust a little harder causing her to orgasm again which brings me to the edge and I finish inside her a second time. Still hard I voice my thoughts out loud.

Kenneth: How do you feel about anal?

Aika: Just shut up and fuck me

Without a moment's delay I remove my penis from her leaking pussy and drive it into her puckered asshole making her let loose an almost beastial moan, then I flip her. Pulling her waist up and pushing her head down so she is face down ass up I grab a handful of hair and fuck her with reckless abandon but careful not to overdue it with my supernatural strength. Slightly worn out from last night I cum right before her triggering her orgasm.

40 Attraction with Aika Kiryuu for fucking her senseless

After a few more times we tidy up and I walk her to the door but not before getting her number and a promise to do this again. Now to go check on my aunt. Approaching the door I hear moans coming from the inside of the room.

I open the door greeted by the sight of my aunt bent over fingering herself and playing with her nipple. Kenneth: Well...if you was this horny all along all you had to do was ask me for assistance and I would've gladly relieved you

(Next Day)

School was uneventful as usual, so I went home.

After I reached my home, I simply enter and shut the door behind me. I take out my shoes, noticing the lack of my aunt in the house. As I spot a little note on the kitchen counter, I take it and read it.

Hello nephew! How was school today? I'm sorry for suddenly disappearing on you like that when we just got here, but your grandma's health is getting worse and I needed to go back to Tokyo to see her. I couldn't take you with me because of school but I deposited you more than enough money to your credit card for a ride. If you want to visit on the weekend, then your grandma will be delighted!

If you don't want to, then that's okay, we both understand. The money you have could last you four whole months with all the essentials. But if you need any more, I'm just one phone call away. I'll be back in two months!

With lots of love,

Aunt Luna


Kenneth: Good.

I grin as I went to my room I decide to use my Gacha Token to test my higher luck.

I pull out three of my tokens from my inventory as I saving my rest of my token for later and tap the first one.

Gacha Token

Allows one pull of the Gacha, granting you a random skill/item/companion

I wonder which skill, item, or companion I will get. Time to start as I uses the first one.

Skill Added:

[Plunder] - Passive

Steal a bit of the stats of your fallen enemies.

I grin widely, eyes shining in amazement. So cool... oh, that's a good one. But only a bit of stats? Can I upgrade this skill? 

Skill Quest Added

[Plunder Upgrade Quest]

Steal 250 worth of stats [0/250]

Choose your reward: [Unique skills] [Racial skills] [Stronger stats] [Slight Health Absorb] [Slight Mana Absorb] [Slight Stamina Absorb]


My jaw almost dropped at that. Unique skills? Racial skills?

Wait, does that mean I could somehow steal... Let's say, the Super Saiyan transformation  or Devil Trigger with the Racial upgrade?

You can.

This changes everything then, but first my other gacha.

Kenneth: I can't wait to try it out!


Item Added:

Corrupted Resurrection Stone

This stone will causes the target corpses to come back to life, enthralling the resurrected target to the user will.

Target will have max obedience.

Sweet, If I kill someone and then use the stone on them I will have obedience slave to obey my every commands.



[True Excalibur](Epic)

A holy sword from Terraria, this sword can fire ethereal projections of itself allowing it far more ranged options then normal swords, crafted from hallowed bars and a broken hero sword. 

Damage: 660+STRx4 Holy Damage

Mods: (4) Slots Left

Enchantments: N/A

Weapon Mastery: Unaccustomed

+2 LCK

Kenneth: Anyway, time for my last token.

I said as I tapped the last token.

You have gained an item!

[Companion Gem Ikaros]

A companion Gem that summons Ikaros from the Heaven's Property series.

Yes! I lucked out big, She is one of my favorite waifu. I now have a competent minion and she's sexy so that's a plus, why don't I meet her now.

Item - [Companion Gem Ikaros] has been removed from inventory

So how does this work?

I throw the orb to the ground where it shatters as a white flash of light blind me for a moment. It eventually dies down and I see my new companion.

Ikaros has a voluptuous build with long, rosy-pink hair styled in pigtails secured with dark-pink ribbons. Her hair has an "ahoge". She has emerald-colored eyes, she wears a choker around her neck with a broken chain. While she is not in combat, Ikaros usually wears a white mini dress with a deep v-neck, to the point where it exposes her bellybutton. She stands at 162 cm (5'4") and her wings are the Variable type wings.

Irakos: Begin imprinting.

The chain from her choker is wrapping around my right hand before disappearing. Then she kneels down to me.

Ikaros: My name is Ikaros, pet class, Alpha.   My purpose is to fulfill your desire. I'm your servant and you are my master.


Uranus Queen

LVL - 100

Affection- 0

Obedience - 100

I feel like small fish in a vast ocean filled with big powerful fish, but she is my servant and also she is very obedient that is a plus.

Kenneth: I'm Kenneth Russell.

Ikaros: Kenneth register. It is nice to meet you master.

Kenneth: Likewise.

Party tab has been unlocked!

Here in the party tab you can form a party and invite friends giving you the ability to monitor their progress and increase the speed at which they level up

Companion tab has been unlocked!

Here you can view how many companions you currently have

Ikaros LVL 100

I think it's time to grinds, since I had a powerful companion with me now.

Kenneth: Hey, Ikaros!

Ikaros: Yes, Master!

Kenneth: We are going to a special place for me to train, also you going to help me!

Ikaros: Yes, master let go!

Kenneth: Okay, here we go!

[ID Create: Goblins]!

The entire room flashed in red, and suddenly the room shifted. Ikaros was surprised at first, but the change was over before it even began, and now we was no longer standing in the middle of my room but standing in the middle of a forest.

After a short walk through the forest, we spotted an half dozen wicked Goblins with their unmistakably short while holding spears and wooden clubs.

Goblin (X6)

Level 25

HP – 2000

Well then. I drew my broadsword, while an almost fiendish grin parted my face.

Kenneth: Let the grinding... begin!

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