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After a few hour, me and Ikaros have slained over hundreds of goblins in the forest. Ikaros have not barely closer to level up since she is already a high level, but I has level up a lot reaching level 50 and I have also completed my plunder quest too.

+55 STR

+70 END

+35 DEX

+15 INT

+15 WIS

+30 CHA

+30 LUK

Skill Quest (Completed)

[Plunder Upgrade Quest]

Steal 250 worth of stats [250/250]

Choose your reward: [Unique skills] [Racial skills] [Stronger stats] [Slight Health Absorb] [Slight Mana Absorb] [Slight Stamina Absorb]

It take longer than I though, but the quest is done. The goblins have barely had any mental stats as they only think with their dicks trying to rape Ikaros, but the physical ones will be a big help for me to survive longer now. I have chosen unique skill so I can steal sacred gears and unique skill from other.

[Plunder+] (Passive)

Steal a bit of the stats of your fallen enemies and whatever unique skill they have.

Skill Quest Add:

[Plunder+ Upgrade Quest]

Steal 10 unique skills (0/10)

Choose your reweard: [Racial skills] [Stronger stats] [Slight Health Absorb] [Slight Mana Absorb] [Slight Stamina Absorb]

I'm choose stronger stats as the next upgrade. I checked on my new status, skills, and perks.

Kenneth Russell

LVL - 50

Class - Pyromancer - LVL 50/100

Race - Human

Alignment - Neutral Evil

HP - 3400 [680 per min]

MP - 10300 [6180 per min]

STR - 135

END - 170

DEX - 105

INT - 515

WIS - 515

CHA - 50 x 5 = (250)

LCK - 90

MP Regen - WIS x 12

MP - INT x 20

HP - END x 20

HP Regen - END x 4

Perks add:

[Monstrous Strenght] - STR 100

All melee damage is multiply by 5

[Quick Feet] - DEX 100

Dodge chance increased by 50%

[Magic King] - INT 500

50% Extra MP

All spells now cost 40% less

Less intelligent magical beings will feel the desire to submit to you

[Renaissance Man] - WIS 500

Classes and Professions level twice as fast

Party members gain a major EXP bonus

[Fire Resistance (Adept)]

Your resistance to flames is strong that you now resist 60% of fire damage dealt to you.

Skill Added:

[Fire Clone]

You focus your control over flame and fire to create clones made of white-hot cinder and flame to fight alongside you. With these clones having 1/4th of your HP and MP. These clones once destroyed will explode into white-hot cinder and fire and deal (INT*5) Fire damage to enemies within a 15-foot radius

MP Cost: 1400 per clone

[Burning Hands]

You spread your hands outwards and a thin sheet of flame erupts from your fingers. Deals 240+ (INT *2) fire damage per second.

MP Cost: 270 MP per sec

[Thermal Vision] (Passive)

Your control over heat and flame has grown to the point where you can track your enemies by their heat signatures. You can now see creatures that emit heat in a 40-foot radius.


Cast the staple of all wizard spells and the most infamously known of all; the Fireball. With this, your enemies will be heavily scorched as you send a fireball to turn them to ash. This attack deals 750 + (INT* 4) Fire damage to all targets within a 20-foot sphere.

MP Cost: 850 MP


You can launch out a continuous stream of flames to burn an enemy. Deals 570+ INT*3 Fire damage per second.

MP Cost: 650 per sec

You have reached level 50! You can now choose a secondary class.

[Figher] [Ranger] [Support] [Mage] [Rogue] [Production]

Production? That wasn't there last time.

Let's see...

Select a specialization

[Alchemist] [Blacksmith] [Runesmith] [Scribe] [Wardcrafter] [Artificer] [Engineer]

My eyes instantly went to the [Engineer] specialization. That means... I can created robots, gears, and giant mechs?


Wait wait wait... Does that mean machines from other worlds can be created... by me?

As long as you have the blueprints and you're at a high enough level, then yes.

With this is I can make my own faction. Through what humans always thrived in, Technology! Imagine, nanomachines? An army of giant mechs?

Class Gained

[Engineer] - LV1/50

Gain 4 INT, 4 WIS, and 2 LUK every level

You've selected the engineer class. With this you'll be working with machinery to do all sorts of things so long as you have the needed materials. From building security drones to gunnery turrets to transport vehicles to help you get from point A to point B.

Skills gained

[Summon Machines]

Allows you to summon machines

[Create Machine](Passive)

Creates a machine to serve and to aid you, if you have the required materials.

Requires Blueprints

[Create Gadget](Passive)

You can create gadgets to use to help aid you, so long as you have the materials to build them

[Create Weapons] (Passive)

You can create any tech-based weapon so long as you have the materials required to make it.

Requires Blueprints.

Kenneth: It's always great to become powerful you agree with me. Thank you for helping me, Ikaros.

Ikaros: You're welcome, master.

I give her a headpat as she smile a little bit.

10 Affection with Ikaros

Kenneth: Anyway that enough for the day it is time to go back home.

I use ID escape to return back home as we reappear my room.

I grope her ass as she moan.

Kenneth: Cute moan.

Ikaros: Master I don't know what too do next.

Soren: I got this.

I turn her over next pull upper clothes down exposing Ikaros breasts then begin licking Angeloid nippes.

Ikaros: Ah ha mmm!

I lick around it while groping her breasts.

Kenneth: 'I can't believe I'm doing this with Ikaros'

Ikaros: M-master this feels usual my body becoming more hot.

I suck her nipples while still licking them and having my left hand caressing Ikaros right thigh.

Ikaros: Some reason it feel good.~

Kenneth: 'Ikaros may have the same expression even I know that She's turn on.'

Ikaros: Master my bottom started becoming wet.~

I touch her pussy with left hand that is still cover up except it's wet...wekl it is her first time which made her feel something thats new to her.

Kenneth: Ikaros dematerialize your bottom part that covering it.

Ikaros: U-understood.

As she did. I went down lifting Ikaros skirt revealing her wet pussy.

Kenneth: 'She so wet'

I began licking it.

Ikaros: Ah hah ahn.~

There's part of me feels gulity because how Ikaros innocent but that went away with Gamer Mind, I've grope her breasts as well.

Ikaros: Master Hnnn Hhmmmm.

Kenneth: Mmm pwah hmm.

Ikaros: Moan oh uhh.

Few minutes later she came and I swallow it. I look at her.

Kenneth: Okay Ikaros get ready.

I unzip my pants revealing my huge cock to her.

Ikaros: It's so big!

I insert it slowly then last little bit all the way.

Ikaros: Ah!~

I kiss Ikaros and started fucking her.

K/I: Mmmmmmmm!~

Ikaros: Nyaaa aaahhh hyaaa!~

Kenneth: Ikaros!~

Ikaros: Ooh ughh aghh!

I explore her mouth with my tongue.

Ikaros: Mwah mph haaa!

Kenneth:* Moan!*

Ikaros: Master Master *Moan!*

I went faster and she was loosing it feeling this good that Ikaros never felt before.

Ikaros: Yes yes Aaaahhhhhhhh!~

Kenneth: Ikaros your becoming more wet!~ 

I hold her hands while still fucking Ikaros as she have her tongue sticking out.

Ikaros: *Moooaaannn* Hhhhnnnnn Nyaaaaa!!!~ 

Kenneth: You're getting tighter in there!~

Ikaros: Haaaaaah Aaahhhhhhh uuuuuuuhhhhhnnnn!!

I'm pounding her hard and she feeling nothing but pleasure for next couple of minutes as I was reaching my climax

Kenneth: Ikaros I'm about to-

I came into her pussy fulling her with my cum.

Ikaros: Aaah a-ah!~

I pull out as my cum ooze out of her pussy.

Ikaros: It feels so warm!

40 Affection with Ikaros

[Angeloid's True Master]

Incense Aff/Rep to all Angeloid/Angel like Robots

Ikaros: Master.....can we do it one more time?

I smirk after hearing that.

Kenneth: Sure after I going to bed.

Ikaros nodded. I bend Ikaros over as she stick her ass up.

Kenneth: 'Wow, she has a nice big ass.'

I put her second hole.

Ikaros: N-ngh so b-big!

I begin thrusting my huge cock into ass.

Ikaros: Hah ah ah!~

Kenneth: Ikaros your ass feels good!~

Ikaros: I'm glad you like it!~

I nibble her ear with my lips.

Ikaros: Huhhh oh mmm!

Kenneth: Fuck yeah!

Ikaros: Oh master!~

I slaps her ass as she yelp.

Ikaros: Please master do whatever you want to me!~

Soren: Alright!~  

Ikaros: Yes *moan* hyaa!~

I thrust even faster than before.

Ikaros: Ooooooh mmmmmm yyyeeesssssss!~

Kenneth: *Moans*

Ikaros: Nyaaaaa haaaa Hhhhnnnn!~

I made out with her but man this feels amazing doing it with her it's like every fanboys dream!

Ikaros: Mhhhh Uuuuggghhh Aaaahhhhhhhhnn!

Kenneth: Do you like that?!~

Ikaros: Yes master I dooo! Haaaaaah Aahhhh *Moooooannn*!

Couple of minutes later I came into her then I pull out my cock and kiss Ikaros.

Kenneth: That was amazing!

Ikaros: Yes, master It was.

Suddenly she give a beautiful smile which surpries me.

Kenneth: You smile! Do it again.

Ikaros giving a fucking plain face!

Ikaros: Smiling.

Kenneth: .......nevemind. -_-

After that I went to bed and sleep to get ready for school tomorrow.

(Next Day)

After school, I decide to get rid of Issei and take his sacred gear before before canon started. 

Quest Added

[This story ends in the prequel]

Objective – Kill Issei Hyoudou and Take his Sacred Gear

Hidden Objective- ?

Reward – Boosted Gear, 2 Gacha Tokens

Hidden Reward - ?, ?

Later at night, I have track down and stakeout Issei where he lived and where he'd normally go as the man was surprisingly routine about the city. Which made things all the more easy to do.

Kenneth: Well, time to take care of things.

I wear a special mask that I created with my Engineer class, it can hide face and disguise my voice so no one can recognize me. A few moment later, I saw Issei walking home and began walking towards.

Issei: anyone there?

He questioned in the darkness of the night before I cast Firebolt struck him in the stomach, but he was still alive.

Kenneth: Really? That didn't just drop you like a fly...then again he is surprisingly durable.

I sighed at the fact that it didn't drop Issei like a fly.

Issei: Please..whatever you want, take it! J-Just let me go.

He pleaded as I stalked towards him

Kenneth: You are really, really not that impressive I'm doing you a favor by getting rid of your sorry ass. 

Issei: Look whatever I did, I'm sorry. Just please...let me go..I-I have a family.

He begged in not wanting to die

Kenneth: Just shut and die already.

I cast Burning Hands on him as I wrap my burning hand on his thorat.

With it only taking a few moments before Issei's screams and cries for help were ended as he was soon reduced to a charred and burnt corpse that lay dead on the ground.

Plunder: [Boosted Gear]

Skill Added

[Boosted Gear] LV1 (Active/Passive)

Doubles the wielder's power, can be used every 10 seconds

Stored power can be added to spells, or given to others

New forms will be obtained at level 50 and 100, respectively.

100 Mp per Boost

This was worth it, but I have a burnt corpse in front of me, how I suppose to do with it now.

Kenneth: 'Hey Isis can I store corpse in my inventory?'

Yes, as long as things have no will to resist it will enter the inventory and time will stop with in the inventory as well.

Kenneth: Is that means that I can unconscious or sleeping living being in the inventory.


Kenneth: Sweet, good to know.

I stored Issei's burnt corpse inside of my inventory so nobody can't find me or the devil try to revive him.

I approached the house of Issei's parents as I saw that luckily enough the lights were out, so taking out cans of gasoline from the inventory he proceeded to splash them onto the house. With 4 cans of it were doused onto the house he put them back into his inventory, with him then taking a brick out and smashing the window open before throwing 3 more cans of it into the house where the flammable liquid spread itself out onto the wooden floor.

I cast Ash Cloud into the house twice over to fill it with superheated ash that would soon burst into flame as I backed up a good short distance and cast Firebolt into the house, the result was the house erupting into a towering inferno. With it taking mere moments for it to catch ablaze and burn everything in sight, as I reached into the pocket of my pants and casually ate a chocolate bar as the Issei's perished within the flames. Make it like Issei have burn his house and kill his parents.

Quest Completed

[This story ends in the prequel]

Objective – Kill Issei Hyoudou and Take his Sacred Gear

Hidden Objective- Kill all Hyoudou family.

Reward – Boosted Gear, 2 Gacha Tokens

Hidden Reward- 3 Gacha Tokens, +10 to all Stats

Kenneth: Score!

I was happy that I have a lot of stuff from this quest as I headed home for school tomorrow.

(Next Day)

News about Issei's house catch on fire, death of Issei's parents and Issei gone missing spread around the town and school. Everybody in the school even the teachers have mix reaction about it. Some believe that Issei started a fire in his house and killing parents and now he is on the run for murdered. Other believe that Issei was kidnap by someone and they started that the fire to kill his parents.

Issei's friends are sad that their friend being a murder, was kidnap by someone or died, but despite that their friend is gone, they still pervert things hours afterward that I was not surprise about that.

After school was over, I went back home meeting Ikaros who become my maid in my house.

I went to my bedroom and check my new stats.

Kenneth Russell

LVL - 61

Class - Pyromancer - LVL 51/100

2nd Class - Engineer- LVL 10/50

Race - Human

Alignment - Neutral Evil

HP - 3600 [720 per min]

MP - 12100 [7260 per min]

STR - 145

END - 180

DEX - 115

INT - 605

WIS - 605

CHA - 60 x 5 = (300)

LCK - 140

MP Regen - WIS x 12

MP - INT x 20

HP - END x 20

HP Regen - END x 4

I decided to uses gacha since I have more tokens from my last night as usually I pull out three of my gacha tokens from my inventory as I saving my rest of my token for later and tap all three of them at one.

[Pokemon Egg]

Can be hatched into a random pokemon

[Aura of Fear]

100 MP

All Opponents of a lower level than you will cover in fear before your presence.

The higher the level compared to you, the easier it will be to resist.

[The Fate Gacha Ticket] 

This ticket you are entitled to spin the WHEEL OF SERVERTS. Once spun you will be able to get a chance to get one of the many fabulous servents on the wheel.

This Aura of fear skill will be rather useful in my opinion. It will make it infinitely easier to have people submit to me, and with my insane MP, I could use it on a person up to few levels above me.

The Egg however is interesting, I want a pokemon, and a strong pokemon that battle by my side sounds amazing. I pull out the egg out of my inventory, pokemon egg is white with green spots on it, the egg in a glass case with a pokeball on top it. I wonder what kind of pokemon I will get? I decide to make incubator for my egg

After few minutes, I building the incubator and put my pokemon egg inside of it to make my egg warm and safe until it hatch, then I place the incubator on my desk in my room.  I've ordered Ikaros to keep an eye on it if I have to go anywhere.

Then, I pull out the ticket out of my inventory, the ticket is golden that label fate grand order on it, so I observe it to found out more information.

[The Fate Gacha Ticket] 

This ticket you are entitled to spin the WHEEL OF SERVERTS. Once spun you will be able to get a chance to get one of the many mighty servents on the wheel.

Summoning from Artoria to Gilgamesh, 1 stars to 5 stars will be joining you by your side.

User will gained a command seals if user haven't one yet.

What?! I can have chance to summons a powerful servant to fight for me and I have a commands seals. This is the best day ever, I can't wait but first the big question is?

Kenneth: Hey Isis! I can I have more one servant after having one?

Yes, as long as you have the skill to summons more servants you can have as many as you wish, but you must more ticket or cards to summon them.

Cool, let get going then.

 I tap the ticket and watch as a roulette wheel appears. A giant label rests above it that says "WHEEL OF SERVANTS".

It starts spinning at a rapid pace while a small stop button appears in front of me. Wasting no time, I press the stop button, causing the wheel to begin slowing down. It eventually came to a halt, though I couldn't see the name as a white flash of light blind me for a moment. It eventually dies down and I see who it is I summoned.

It was an extremelya beautiful girl with light reddish-pink hair and mischievous amber eyes. Her hair was tied into long pigtails using a large blue ribbon. She wore a dark blue and black kimono that left her shoulders completely exposed and gave me an ample view of her sizable bust.

Her figure was slim and attractive, further emphasized by the elegant black and gold obi tied around her waist. And though the outfit left her shoulders exposed, the arms of her kimono remained, in imitation of arm-warmers.

The kimono itself cut off at her upper thigh, giving him a good look at the milky skin of her legs before it gave way to dark purple stockings and weaings pair of elegant black geta sandals.

However, her most exotic features were by far the canine-esque ears jutting from the top of her head. That, as well as the long, bushy tail that was currently swaying behind her in amusement. I uses observe on her.


Race: Living Servant

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Level: 100

HP: 25000

MP: 150000

STR: 500

END: 500

DEX: 800

INT: 2000

WIS: 1500

CHA: 1000

LUK: 500

Affection: 100/100

Thoughts about you: Interest, Excitement

Suddenly, I had gained two new skill for summoning my servant.

[Fate Grand Order Summoning System] (Passive) LVL MAX

Allows the user to gain access to the Fate Grand Order store

All Servant have to be bought with saint quartz

Saint Quartz can be earned through completing battle with your Servant


[Command Seal] (Active) LVL MAX

Forces Servants from the Fate GO System to obey any command given

Regenerate one per day up to a maximum of three

Neat, now I choose which servants when I have enough Saint Quartz to summons them.

Then, the command seal take formed in my right hand taking a form of a flame since I am a pyromancer that make sense. 

Tamamo: Caster Servant. My name is Tamamo no Mae.

Kenneth:It's a pleasure to meet you, my name is Kenneth Russell.

She took a better look at her master realized that how handsome and cute is.

Tamamo: Heavens me, a cute master~!

I took off my pants, exposing my cock. Tamamo then wentmon sucking my dick slowly, making me unable to hold back. Then, I held Tamamo's head and pushed it all the way so that my cock reaches her throat, and dumps my thick load inside.

Upon releashing her mouth from my dicik, she coughed and nearly chocked from the thick semen being shot into her throat.

Tamamo: *cough cough* Master, you're so mean!

Kenneth: Sorry! Can't help it your mouth felt so good.

Tamamo: Tamamo wants it gentle and then you went so hard... I'm really going to get back at you for that!☆

Tamamo pusked me back down on my bed and rides on my dick like a cowgirl riding a horse. It's really rough that caused Tamamo's fox ears to twitch rapidly. I gritted my teeth so hard due to the overwhelming sensation of being reverse raped.

The foxy caster grabbed my arms and made me grope her amole breasts, letting out a lewd, cute moan from her. I massaged her breasts a bit hard, causing Tamamo to moans even more.

Tamamo went on and on for hours until she and I came together. Tamamo's bright gold eyes turnedndull from the pleasure and fell to the bed facefirst.

Tamamo: Ah... hah..

Kenneth: Holy shit that was rough...

Tamamo: Master... that was really amazong. Heavens me, I'm passing out..

Kenneth: You've bitten more than you can chew, Tamamo.

Tamamo: At least I've made love with you, master. Good night and have a sweet Tamamo dream.

Kenneth: Sweet dreams to you too, Tamamo.

And we slept together, in the nude. Even in sleep, Tamamo's ears just won't stop twitching...

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