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(Next Day)

The school was over, but after returning home and went to my room I noticed something... my pokemon egg was shaking, and glowing. I'm sure that my egg will hatch very soon, so I decide to not going to the dungeon and stay see my egg until my pokemon hatch out their egg since pokemon that hatch out their egg will imprint anyone who first seem.


The shaking speed up a little bit, but I still spend almost two hours watching the egg, while I was waiting I level up my engineer class by building and creating some gears.

As I'm killing time I notice a crack appear on the egg, causing me to jump up and rush back to it, as I watch more and more crack appear, before the egg bursts into a bright light.

After the light fade away, I was surprised that my egg turn into a shiny Ralts. A freakishly shiny I was happy.

Ralts (Shiny)

Gender: Female

Type: Psychic/Fairy

Ability: Static


Nature: Modest

Moves: Growl, Disarming Voice, Shadow Ball

Ralts look at me and give me a cute smile as I lift up with my hands. She is adorable and beautiful. I guess I should name her, she have beautiful shade of blue. How about Dawn? Sure, that'll work.


Kenneth: You're name is Dawn girl, that's fine isn't it?

I ask lifting her up to eye level.

+40 Affection with Dawn

+50 Obedience with Dawn


I guess she likes it. What do pokemon even eat fruit or any food that not from their world? Heading downstairs I place Dawn on the side as she immediately starts moving, happily walking along the side following me as I walk to the fruit bowl and cut up an apple, passing the small slice to her, she takes a bite after a moment of pause she smile as she happily eating them up.


+20 Affection with Dawn 

I wonder I can make her level up and evolve by using instant dungeon.

Kenneth: Hey, Isis can I make my pokemon level up and evolve in the dungeon.

Yes, you can!


Quest Added

[Pokemon Trainer]

Objective : Make Dawn evolve into a Gardevoir and level her up to level 50

Reward : Key Stone, Mega Ring, Gardevoirite, and Some TM 

Kenneth: Neat! Dawn, come on, we are going to get you stronger.

Dawn lets out a cute cry and jumps on to my shoulder. I give her a smile before getting out my sword, ready for combat.

Kenneth: ID Create: Zombie!

Feeling my body warp like it always does when I use ID Create, my surroundings change from my kitchen to the zombie dungeon.

I hear a number of zombies appear around us, ready to attack. They are just small fry, but today I will not be killing anything.

Kenneth: Dawn this is your fight. Do your thing.

Dawn cry in approval and jumps off my shoulder. The zombies still have not done anything yet, and Dawn takes this chance to attack them. She makes a ball of shadow and shoots it at the group of zombies closest to her, completely destroying them.

The other Zombie s roar in anger at the loss of their fallen brethren and charge at Dawn with their clubs and swords in hand. Not even flinching, Dawn jumps back and creates another fireball and holds it in her firing position, waiting for the right moment to shoot it. Once the Zombie s all bunch up together, she releases her shaowball, attacking them all at once, killing them instantly.

I smile as I watch her continuously kill the Zombies. Dawn is an amazing pokemon who will do nothing but help me reach my goals. I need to get her strong as soon as possible. Once Dawn gets to a decent amount of strength, I will start training Mittelt, but that is a secondary priority.

Around 30 minutes pass with Dawn and I walking around, killing Zombie s. Dawn has leveled up quite a bit, but it is still not enough to help me out just yet. I am going to let her keep killing these trash Zombie s, they barely even give me any XP anymore, It would be much more beneficial to let Dawn do everything.

I start to head home before I feel a tugging on my shoulder. I turn around to see a back haired girl who is blushing slightly.

?: Umm, are you, Kenneth Russell, by any chance.

So it's finally starting, huh.

Kenneth: Yes that's me, is there something you need?

Raynare: Um, well, my name is Yumma Amano, and I have been watching you for a while and you seemed kind of cool, so... would you go out with me!

I smirk darkly at her for a second before it goes away before she sees,

Kenneth: Sure, I am single at the moment so I don't see any problems with going out with you.

I say it while smiling as I observe her stats.


LVL - 25

HP - 10000

MP - 10500

She is so much weaker than I thought she would be... I can beat with a single strong fire spell. This was kind of a disappointment.

She looks up at me and smiles brightly and claps her hands together.

Raynare: That's great, do you want to go on a date tomorrow then?

She is going kind of fast... whatever.

Kenneth: I would like that, getting to know my new girlfriend is not something I can pass up on after all.

I will be able to get Raynare, I might even get her friends if I am lucky.

Raynare: Okay then, let's meet up at nine in the morning tomorrow if that is okay with you.

Kenneth: That is fine by me, I'm looking forward to getting to know you Yuuma.

She smiles at me, but looking at it closely, it obviously looked strained. We chat for a bit before we head our separate ways. I don't know what I am going to do with her yet, but I will decide once the time comes.

-Next Day-

I wear some nice clothes to get ready for my date with 'Yuuma'. I head out of the room and go to the place where Raynare and I decided to meet.

I look up and see her, dressed in a white one-piece, waving at me while smiling.

Raynare: Kenneth! Over here!

I head over to her and we go to our first location. The date was not too bad in my opinion. At least on my part, 'Yuuma' was being overly clingy the entire time, and it got annoying after some time because I knew she didn't mean it.

We go to different places. shopping, the mall, cafe, even an arcade. It was like she was stalling time. Which she probably was doing honestly.

We arrive at the last location of our date and Raynare stops me in my tracks.

Raynare: Ummm, Kenneth, as a way to accommodate our first date, can you do a favor for me.

Kenneth: Sure what is it?

Is she actually going to say it? don't tell me she is going to say it.

Raynare:Would you die for me?

She says while smiling sadistically. She actually said it!

Well, no reason to act like an idiot here.

Kenneth: Sorry, no can do.

She seems taken back by my response, but her scowl returns a second later.

Raynare: You don't have a choice!

She yells, transforming into her fallen form. Feathers fly everywhere before 'Yuuma' is replaced by Raynare wearing an S&M costume, who is wearing a sadistic smile.

Raynare: Sorry, but don't blame this on me. Blame it on yourself for practicing magic and bringing so much attention to yourself.

She brings up her hand and I watch a light spear materialize in it. She throws it at me with the intent to kill, but I create a wall of fire in time to block her attack.

Raynare: W-what, how did you-

I didn't let her finish, making an fireball and sending it at her. The fireball hit her so hard that she was knock unconscious.

Wow, that was underwhelming. Just as I was about kidnap her by using my inventory, I heard an angry voice from behind me.

?: Shit! Raynare didn't follow the plan. She wasn't supposed to attack without us!

I look back to see who said that and see three fallen angels with frustrated expressions on their faces. But there is another expression that is more evident than that... fear.

Dohnaseek The Fallen

The Forgettable Fallen

HP – 8400

SP – 8400

MP – 8400

Race – Fallen Angel

LVL – 16

STR – 45

END – 42

DEX – 52

INT – 42

WIS – 37

CHA – 28

LCK – 20

Thoughts about you – Disdain, Hatred


Kalawarner The Fallen

The Fallen with a lot of... Plot

HP – 10400

SP – 10400

MP – 10000

Race – Fallen Angel

LVL – 15

STR – 38

END – 42

DEX – 36

INT – 50

WIS – 47

CHA – 54

LCK – 38

Thoughts about you – Fear, Pity


Mittelt The Fallen

The Gothic Loli Fallen

HP – 5600

SP – 5600

MP – 7600

Race – Fallen Angel

LVL – 15

STR – 38

END – 28

DEX – 64

INT – 38

WIS – 34

CHA – 42

LCK – 18

Thoughts about you – Fear, Amusement

If they are scared of me, why didn't they run away? Dumb move if you ask me, did they think if they ganged up on me they could beat me?

The male in the group, Dohnaseek yells at me in anger.

Dohnaseek: You bastard, I will destroy you!

He makes a light spear and sends it to me... was he expecting a different result? I didn't even make a wall to block it, and just dodged the spear. It was slower than Raynare's, but it packed more power. I attacked him with a Fireball as I did with Raynare and the same result showed.

I cast an aura of fear on the other two, and they freeze in their tracks. The blonde one is openly crying and the blue-haired one is trying to do something despite her fear. It looks like she succeeded because she runs up to me with shaky legs and charges at me with a yell. Yep, I kind of expected them to do that.

I summons my fire soldiers and hellhound to stop their resistance, Kalawarner tries to fight them, but she was knock down so easily, my legion can beat them easily. Still I shouldn't get cocky, this world is full of scarily OP people, just because this is an easy fight doesn't change the fact that I'm still not strong enough, this is practically a tutorial fight.

Mittelt is next to fall, the my hellhound tearing at her legs, with her injuries she can't stand until she's been healed, and they don't have a healer, she's dragged out next being held in place by two soldier. Suddenly Raynare has woke up seeing her friends being pinned by fire humanoid figures and flaming dogs.

Kenneth: Seriously? You tried to kill me when you're all this pathetically weak?

I ask mockingly, honestly I'm kinda bitter about them trying to kill me, even if it was a pointless attempt.

Raynare: Killing us will have consequences, you don't want to make an enemy of the Grigori.

She isn't completely wrong, I don't know if they are working for Kokabiel knowingly or if they are loyal to Azazel, in which case they are probably being deceived by Kokabiel.

Kenneth: And I should care, why? You four are weak and irrelevant, I doubt anyone will miss you, but don't worry, when I become a necromancer, you'll live again as my undead servent.

I say walking Mittelt with my board sword to knock her out with the non-sharp of my sword.

Mittelt: Wait! Please, you don't have to kill me! I can be more useful to you alive, I can serve you better like this!

Mittelt begs, so cute don't worry I willn't kill you guy except for the male fallen.

Kenneth: Hmm let me think about it!

Suddenly I sense a group nearby I turn around and watch as Rias walking through with her Peerage following behind, all staring in shock at the horde of fire creatures starting back. Great, this is just fucking great.


If I had to guess, that when Raynare was knock unconscious her barrier went down making Rias sense a lot magic and Fallen angels in the area and bringing her peerage along for the ride. My plans is ruined and now I'm expose to the supernatural.

Kenneth: 'Damn it whatever, I can work with this.' Hey Kiba, when you said we would be seeing more of each other I wasn't expecting it to happen so soon, stalking is a crime you know? I'm flattered, really I am, but you aren't my type.

I say coming out from behind my fire soldier, I highly doubt this will end in a fight, though the look of fear on the Fallens faces is pretty good, getting caught by one of the King's can't be good for them. Kiba's look of shock is also amusing, I can see Akeno giggling at him as he stammers something out.

Rias: What happened here? What are those things?! What's going on?!

She asks, she really doesn't deal with surprises very well.


Kenneth: Hello Miss Gremory, in order. These Fallen tried to kill me due to my Sacred Gear, Those Things are my flaming servants, and not much is going on at the moment, it's more or less over already.

I say deadpan.

Rias: I.. what? How did you...

She trails off, she's actually extremely cute when she is confused, her pouty face frowning.

Kenneth: Magic, obviously. Humans might not have the inborn advantages of devils but we can still hold our own. Since this is your territory I'll let you and the Sitri Heiress take care of the Fallen causing trouble in your town.

I say calmly getting my legion to back off from the fallen, but to stay on guard in case they try to run or fight.

Rias: Wait... you know about Devils?

She asks, it's pretty funny keeping her off guard like this to be honest.

Kenneth: Yes, though it is a recent discovery.

Rias: I- Wait, no that doesn't matter yet, you're right this is my territory and these fallen certainly shouldn't be hunting in it. We will be coming back to this after I eliminate these four.

She says calling her powers of destruction.

Kenneth: You're killing them? That seems... unwise.

I say concerned, even if she does then it's not my fault so Azazel or any Fallen angels won't come for me, but I won't to get three female fallen angels for myself

Rias: Why would that be? They're trespassing, and hunting in my territory. It's within my right to end them.

She says confusedly, is this girl stupid? Doesn't she see that it's going to worsen the already bad relations between races?

Kenneth: Sure, it's within your right. But it'd be smarter to hand them off to Serafall Leviathan so she can trade them back to Azazel, she's in charge of foreign affairs after all, and her sister is the other King of this city. No point starting a war over something this small.

I say still unconcerned, I've given her the options, what she does after is irrelevant. If she does kill them I'll take the corpses, if there are any left, for later. Then when I have more power I'll bring them back as slaves. I'm not going to use my stone to revive them.

Rias: I-, you really do know a lot about the three factions don't you? Still you have a point, very well. Kiba, Koneko grab the Fallen, I doubt they'll be putting up a fight in this state, Akeno go on ahead and contact Sona, have her meet us at the old schoolhouse. Kenneth, you're coming along as well.

She orders quickly, I can see Akeno hesitate glaring at the Fallen before she complies heading off back out, Koneko simply throws Mittelt over her shoulder keeping her over hand on Kalawarner, it's pretty hilarious considering Koneko's size. Kiba makes a sword and makes Dohnaseek and Raynare stay in front of him, Raynare seems in shock about the whole situation they are in after waking up, and Dohnaseek is too badly injured to put up a fight as he clutches his shoulder. I have to go with them? Fine, goodbye anonymity, I enjoyed our time together.

Kenneth: Very well, I'll follow along for now.

I say dismissing my undead, I can see Rias, Kiba and Koneko visibly relax as they vanish back to wherever they are when I don't have them summoned, the walk back is surreal, since we aren't even trying to hide but Rias just mindfucks anyone who spots us casually. It's pretty late anyway, and this city is quiet at night. She asks questions about my Sacred Gear while we walk, saying she's never heard of a Sacred Gear that can bring forth fire creatures, but I get her to wait until we are at the schoolhouse since I don't feel like repeating myself to Sona afterwards, her nervousness is quite funny, she's probably worried that Sona will grab me before she can, she doesn't have to worry about that, I have no intention of joining either if I can avoid it, I just don't want to serve anyone, especially not someone so weak.

Before long we are at the schoolhouse, I sit down in the chair offered as Akeno pours me some tea, while I sip on the surprisingly good tea I watch as Sona and Rias quietly argue in a corner too far away to hear what they are saying, but I can see them both glance at me on occasion so I'd guess it's about me, the Fallen are in a corner being watched by Sona's whole peerage, I don't think they are going to try anything anytime soon. I don't mind the waiting as long as I get more tea, it's the first thing that didn't taste dull since I started this life, I need to find out why, I miss food tasting nice. Is it magic? It isn't doing anything to me so I doubt it. '[Observe]'

Tea – Epic Quality

Maybe Akeno is just really good at making tea? Maybe I should try and learn some cooking related skills so I can enjoy food again...

I'll take up baking, that's what I'll do. Bake the best cookies ever, god I miss cookies.

While I am thinking the last guest arrives, dressed in her ridiculous pink magical girl outfit, I can certainly enjoy the view her pink miniskirt gives me as she takes a dramatic pose spinning her pink staff around.

Serafall: The Magical Girl Levi-tan has arrived! I came rushing here when I got your message So-tan! Don't worry, I'll deal with all the big bad Fallen!

She shouts dramatically, as funny as she is, her sisters reactions are funnier, turning bright red at 'Levi-tans' overdramatic speech and pose, as she goes to reprimand her sister Serafall jumps onto her hugging her tightly as she ignores the rest of us, the Fallen look equally confused and terrified at the Satan. Serafall could kill everyone in this room with ease, so I understand the feeling.

Serafall Leviathan

The Magical Girl Levi-tan

HP – 63840

MP – 143640

Race – Devil 

LVL – 98

STR – 157

END – 168

DEX – 187

INT – 342

WIS – 364

CHA – 284

LCK – 254 

Affection – 0

After Sona pulls herself free she explains the situation, I get asked to fill in some details, yes they attacked me, yes I beat them, and yes I have a sacred gear. Serafall is mostly dismissive of my presence as she focuses on Sona, but that works for me. The sight of her scolding the Fallen like disobedient children is pretty great as they literally cower in fear, but she drags them through a portal off to who knows where, either way they aren't my problem any more. And I don't have to worry about Fucking Azazel hunting me down, so despite me not getting to crush those fucking Fallen I can at least say tonight was a win for me. This is going to be a repeating problem isn't it? Everyone is part of a faction which makes fighting anyone dangerous even if they themselves are not, since everyone is going to have a bigger, stronger ally I need to worry about.

After Serafall leaves her sister and Rias both sit opposite me, time for the interrogation to begin I suppose.

Sona: First of all, I am thankful you allowed us to deal with this despite the Fallens attempt on your life.

She begins professionally, showing none of the embarrassment from before.

Sona: But that doesn't change the fact that I am not happy with the fact that such a powerful magician was living in my territory without at least introducing yourself if you knew about us and our ownership of Kuoh.

Kenneth: I've only become a magic user lately, I wasn't aware that I was required to introduce myself, besides I lived here recently before I became a magic user. 

I say calmly sipping my tea.

Sona: And yet you seem to know much about the three factions. How did you learn about us if you are as new as you say?

She asks sceptically.

Kenneth: Well, I'm Pyromancer, I just summoned a flaming spirits and asked them for information, it's a highly successful method of information gathering.

I say, it's a good way of explaining my outsider knowledge.

Sona: ...I see, I haven't heard of any sacred gear that can do that but I suppose it could be a lost or newly discovered one... and this lets you summon the fire spirits to fight for you?

She asks while thinking.

Kenneth: No, I can't use my Sacred Gear yet. Very pointless to use the Boosted Gear on someone weaker than you, I just use my own branch of magic.

I say stopping to thank Akeno as she fills my tea back up.

Sona: The Boosted Gear? You're Sacred Gear the Boosted Gear, one of the Longinus Class Sacred Gear.

She says surprised. Rias's stare gains a covetous look to it know that she knows I have a Longinus-Class Sacred Gear, she's going to be annoying I can already tell.

Sona: I see, very well. I will allow you to continue to operate in our territory as long as you do not start any fights with any of our Peerage's or any other supernatural beings in Kuoh.

She says, it sounds nice but I know full well it's only happening because she expects me to join Rias, so I'd be a devil anyway. As she gets up to leave she makes eye contact with Rias for a moment, causing Rias to nod slightly as she turns her attention towards me.


Rias: As Sona said, we are thankful that you allowed us to handle this instead of yourself. 

She starts giving me a smile.


Kenneth: It's no problem, I don't want to deal with the consequences of killing Azazel's underlings anyway.

I say calmly, waiting fort the sales pitch I know is coming my way.

Rias: In which case we are happy to help, being a lone mage without a faction must be hard, unfortunately I doubt this will be the last time you are attacked, Boosted Gear is a well known Sacred Gear, and a powerful one so you are almost certainly going to be hounded by people either wanting to recruit or eliminate you.

She warns, oh yeah here it comes...


Kenneth: Is that so? I'll have to train more then, I am not strong enough yet to deal with that.

I say knowing what is coming next.


Rias: Or you could join a side, it's really your best bet. With a faction backing you most will leave you alone.

She says kindly, come on just hurry up and get to your point.

Kenneth: I suppose you already have a suggestion about that? I'd prefer it if you simply got to the point.

I say deadpan, staring at her.

Rias: I- yes, I do have a suggestion. I want you to join my Peerage, do you already know about the Peerage System?

she asks blushing slightly at being called out.

Kenneth: I do, High Class Devils like yourself can reincarnate humans as your servants. I'll pass, I do not serve.

I say coldly, she is Level 37, why should I serve someone weaker than me?

Rias: I can promise you I don't treat my Peerage like that, while it's true some devils treat their peerage harshly the Gremory Clan pride themselves on being close to their peerage, I treat mine like family so you don't need to worry about anything like that. And I promise to help you with your own ambitions.

she says quickly, with a hint of desperation.

Kenneth: I know of the Gremory Reputation, but I have no desire to join anyone, I'll take my chances alone, or as alone as a Necromancer with a horde can be I suppose.

 I say shutting her down. I have a feeling I'm going to get dragged into her Peerage eventually, or at least dragged into the main story somehow, main characters often are, but I see no reason to do so willingly.

Rias: I- I see. That's unfortunate, but I don't think I can give up so easily. I'll let it go for now but I will find a way to convince you Kenneth. 

She says sadly, Devils really are a confident race.

Kenneth: We will see, will that be all?

I ask calmly, even if she doesn't give up that's fine, if anything it will benefit me since she will get more desperate as time passes so maybe eventually she'll be so desperate she'll make a offer that's actually worth joining her, besides she doesn't seem that smart so I could probably work around her even if I did have to 'serve her'.

Sona: Yes, that will be all. Goodnight Kuro.

she says pouting somewhat, I notice a slight glare on her Peerage's faces for turning her down, but whatever. Saying my goodbyes I get up and walk out, heading home. 

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