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Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Anon: Proof that I've been reading WAY too much yaoi fanfiction, specifically Fruits Basket yaoi fanfiction. Anyway, this story contains my very first lemon!^^ I think I did a pretty good job, but what do I know?

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Summary: Kyou's in heat, so the Mabudachi Trio helps out.
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters in Fruits Basket. I'm just borrowing them for some yummy yaoi fun!;D

Translations for those who don't have a Japanese to English dictionary like I do.
Nekkyo: Heat, literally 'ardor'
Ohayo: Good Morning
Arigato: Thank you.
Kuso: Damn
Itai: expression of pain


'Damn, why is it so hot in here?' was the first thing that came into Kyou's mind when he awoke that morning. Even though it was early winter and despite having kicked off the covers during the night he felt uncomfortably warm, accompanied by a strange tingling ache throughout his entire body, similar to when a limb had fallen asleep.

"Great, must be the flu or something." he grumbled as he pushed himself out of bed and went to take a cold shower. Once that was done he went into the kitchen, irratated that though the near freezing water had considerably helped lessen the heat, it hadn't gotten rid of it and the weird ache was still there.

"Ohayo, Kyou-kun!" Tohru greeted him happily as she handed him breakfast.

"Ohayo, Tohru." he replied quietly, slumping down at the table before accepting the plate. "Arigato."

"Are you alright? I don't think I've ever seen you look so tired except when it's raining, but today's supposed to be sunny." she asked, eyes full of concern.

"I'm fine." he assured her. Then, without warning, he felt an intense urge to empty his bladder.

'The hell?! I just went right before my shower!' he thought as he got up and rushed to the bathroom.
Tohru tenativilly knocked on the door.

"Kyou-kun, are you sick? Maybe you should stay home today." she called.

"I told you, I'm fine!" Kyou yelled as he washed his hands.

After rinsing off the soap he turned off just the hot tap, waited a minute, then splashed the cold water onto his face. The burning sensation beneath his skin had come back full force and the body pain had just gotten worse. Still, he wasn't about to admit it, it would only worry Tohru. He opened the door, but before he had a chance to step out of the bathroom, the brunette placed her hand to his forehead.

"Kyou, you're burning up!" she gasped. Kyou did as well, but for a different reason. Upon contact the pain had fled from his body and taken most of the heat with it.

"I'll go ask Shigure-san to call Hatori-san, you go back to bed and I'll bring you some soup." she said, removing her hand to do so.

The second she did though, Kyou clenched his eyes shut in pain and bit down hard on his tongue. Not only had the ache and heat returned, it felt like they'd doubled in intensity.

"Kyou!" Tohru yelped when she noticed him grimace. "Tell me where it hurts."

"It's nothing, don't worry about it. Look, if you start fussing over me you'll be late, so just go on ahead with the rat." Kyou told her through clenched teeth.

"What on earth is the cause of so much noise so early in the day?" Shigure asked as he walked up to them. "I hope you aren't ravishing my precious flower, Kyou."

"Shigure-san, I think Kyou-kun is sick!" Tohru turned to the dog, too concerned for her friends well being to blush at the comment. "He has a fever and I can tell he's in a lot of pain."

"I keep telling you, I'm fine!" Kyou snapped. Shigure frowned and stepped towards him, touching the back of his hand to the boys cheek. The cat resisted the urge to sigh in relief as once again both pain and heat melted away.

"Hmm, you're right, he is feverish." Shigure said, noting how the teenager had visibly relaxed at his touch.

"Honda-san, we're going to be late." Yuki said as he came up. "And what are you yelling about this time, baka neko?" he sneered at Kyou.

"Shut up, kuso nezu-ARG!" Kyou collapsed to his knees in agony after Shigure had dropped his hand. Sweat appeared on his forehead and he couldn't stop trembling. Everytime the pain left it was doubled when it came back. And matters were not helped in the least bit when he felt the need to pee again. Swearing under his breath and ignoring Tohru he quickly rose up and went back into the bathroom, shutting and locking the door.
"You two better get going, I'll look after Kyou so don't worry." Shigure pushed the two away, trying not to show his concern over the cats condition. After successfully getting them out the door, he went into the kitchen to retrieve a glass which he filled with water before heading back to the bathroom door.

"Itai..." Kyou quietly hissed through clenched teeth while rinsing his hands of soap. He paused while drying them off and pressed his forehead against the cool mirror, panting slightly as he tried to get the pain under control.

'What the hell's wrong with me?' he thought. 'I don't remember ever being in so much pain, espeacially for no reason.' Taking a deep breath through his nose then blowing through his mouth, he straightened up and went to open the door. Once again, however, he found his path blocked, this time by Shigure.

"Drink this and come with me." the dog said, handing him the glass before taking the boys free hand in his own.

This time Kyou couldn't prevent a small sound of relief from escaping his throat. Growing weary from the on and off pain he took small sips of the cool liquid and allowed Shigure to lead him in the direction of the phone. Once there, the older man bade him to sit down as he grabbed the phone from it's cradle, still holding on tightly to Kyou's hand.

"Before I call Ha-san, I want you to tell me exactly what's wrong with you." Shigure said sternly. "Does anything hurt espeacially or is it all over?"

"All over." Kyou replied quietly, looking out the window.

"Is it a dull aching feeling or a sharp pain, and is it accompanied by anything else?"

"It was a dull ache but it kept on getting worse, and I felt really hot, but, I feel fine now."

Kyou heard Shigure mutter something under his breath before putting the phone back so he could take hold of the boys chin instead, forcing him to look directly at the dog.

"Does it stop hurting when someone's touching you, then come back even worse when the contact is broken?"

'Why the hell is he acting so serious about this?' the cat-cursed thought. 'He usually reserves this kind of attention for when Tohru gets hurt.'

"Yeah." he said carefully. Shigure's eyes widened and he immeadiatly picked the phone back up and hastily dialed a number.

"Damn it, dog, what the hell is going on?!" Kyou yelled as he stood up.

"Hush Kyou-kun." Shigure reprimended as he held the phone to his ear. "Ha-san, it's Gure-san. I wish I could say this was a social call, but alas I fear it is not. I need you to come take a look at Kyou-kun." Pause. "Well he's acting like he's going into heat, but,"

Unfortunatly, Kyou had been drinking when the older man said this and had begun coughing violently when he heard this. Shigure calmly put the phone on his shoulder and tilted his head to hold it in place while he patted the teens back and still continued his conversation unpertrubed.

"even as the cat he shouldn't be experiencing this until he's eighteen, am I not correct?"

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU YOU MEAN I'M ACTING LIKE I'M GOING INTO HEAT?!" Kyou screamed when he caught his breath, stress vein throbbing violently.

"Kyou-kun, would you please be quiet? I can hardly hear what Ha-san is saying." Shigure informed him, further fueling the boys anger. "Hmm? Oh nothing, Kyou-kun's just throwing a tantrum, raging hormones and all."

"I AM NOT THROWING A TANTRUM! AND LET GO OF MY DAMN HAND!" Kyou tried to pull his hand free of the older mans grip but to his surprise it didn't slip free as he'd planned.

"Ha-san, was I anything like this when I went into heat for the first time?" Shigure asked boredly as he watched Kyou's attempts. Pause. "Well that's true, I suppose." Pause. "Oh, does that really affect it?"


"Well I agree, at least for the sake of my poor eardrums, but do you have any suggestions?" Pause. "Uh, I don't think koneko-chan would appreciate such treatment so early on-" Pause.


"Ah, I see. I guess it's worth a try, then."

Once again holding the phone on his shoulder, Shigure waited until Kyou stopped to rest then tugged his hand so that the teen stumbled forward. With the skill of a dancer, the dog-cursed turned him around so that the cats back was pressed against his chest, and without releasing their hands he wrapped his arm around him. With his free hand he stroked and smoothed the red hair.(1)

Kyou froze at the gentle, caring attention he was recieveing. He wanted to break away and beat the dumb dog to a bloody pulp, but, it just felt too nice. Closing his eyes with a slight groan while inwardly yelling at himself for being so weak, he gradually began to relax. He felt Shigure bring both of their hands to his neck and very carefully, after making sure that the back of his hand was touching skin, let go. Kyou dropped his hand and sighed as the older mans fingers rested on his shoulder, stroking the sensitive flesh with his thumb.

"As soon as I'm done talking to Hatori I'll explain everything and answer as many of your questions as I can." Shigure murmured quietly into his ear. Kyou felt a slight blush rise to his cheeks when the hot breath brushed against his ear sensually, then mentally smacked himself for doing so. "Until then, be a good little kitty and behave yourself, alright?"

Kyou swallowed hard and nodded.

"Good. Ha-san, you genius you!" Shigure suddenly crowed into the phone, causing Kyou to almost face-fault. "It worked perfectly! So you'll be over soon then? Good! Bye-bye!" He cheerfully placed the phone back into the receiver and smiled at the glaring cat.

"Well, Hatori will be here in a short while, so until then you and I are going to have a little chat." With that, Shigure began to lead Kyou towards his study.

'Crap, I don't like the sound of that.' Kyou thought nervously, and he would have bolted immeadiatly if the hand hadn't traveled to the back of his neck and begun gently massaging the tensed muscles. Cursing himself once more for being weak, he allowed himself to be guided into the room.

(1)= I do this to my cat when he's being hyper for no reason, he calms down until you set him back down.._.'
Anon:I know, I know, the idea of having the cursed Sohma's go into heat isn't really original, but my version of it is kind of new and different, right? At least a little bit? Anyway, please tell me how I did, let me know if I did anything wrong so I can fix it. I tried to make it read more or less like a real episode.

Anime actions, just in case there's anyone who doesn't alread know:
Stress veins: refer to the x things that appear either on or above an anime characters head, indicating stress like anger or annoyance
Face-fault: refers to when an anime character falls over due to something stupid being said

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