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Note to Dragon Lady: According to my Japanese-English Dictionary, Nekkyo can mean enthusiasm, excitement or ardor. Just depends on how you use it I guess.

Chapter Rating: Finally hit the NC-17 mark. Barely.

Anon: Chapter three. I'm so sorry this took so long! I was originally going to put the lemon in here but I had such a hard time figuring out how I wanted this chapter written that by the time I got to here it was already July! Now that we're finally entering NC-17 territory, there are new warnings in the summary besides WIP, so make sure you've checked them. If I start feeling kinky for the next chapter there might be more. ;) But I'm getting ahead of myself, not to mention stalling, so let us begin.

When Kyou awoke, he felt groggy, warm, and something else that he couldn't quite name. Whatever it was, it was certainly pleasant. Content, almost, but there was a nagging restlessness mixed in that was gradually increasing in an effort to wake him up. Reluctantly he forced one eye to squint open while keeping half his face cuddled into his pillow, and noted that the room was still dark.

He re-closed his eye and was about to try going back to sleep when something that should have been quite obvious finally grabbed the attention of his sleep-muddled mind: he wasn't alone.

Instantly Kyou's eyes shot wide open and he sat straight up. His 'pillow' turned out to be Ayame's chest, and when he'd still been lying down he'd had Hatori behind him and Shigure in front of him; the two still had their arms around his waist even. All three were fast asleep, and with the moonlight streaming through the window and playing across their faces Kyou almost forgot to breathe at the beautiful sight it made.

(AN: I tried so hard to work in what they're wearing but nothing worked so if there are any really picky people in the audience read this; Ayame's wearing pajammas with an unbuttoned top, Shigure's wearing bottoms, and Hari's wearing pajammas with a pull on top. I have no idea if they've ever shown what they really wear to bed, these were the best I could come up with since obviously they can't be naked yet. I'm already wasting precious time with this overly descriptive AN so work out any further details on your own. Folks who just want to get to the smut, read on and forgive the interruption.)

However he quickly caught himself acting sappy and shook his head furiously in an attempt to snap out of it. That done, he avoided looking at the trio and instead looked around to gauge his surroundings. He distinguished that they were in the largest room of the lake house. The teens gaze wandered over to the near left corner and saw several full bags piled there. Curiousity peaked, he was about to go investigate when he remembered the reason he was there with his older cousins in the first place.

'Hell if I'm going to go through THAT again.' he thought with a shudder, remembering the horrible prickling pain and heat that had just kept growing worse and worse. He looked down at himself and with a jolt and a blush realised he was only wearing his pajama pants and boxers, meaning someone had changed him as he slept.

'Shit! I guess this whole heat thing affects the brain too.' Rubbing his face with one hand he decided he might as well try going back to sleep and layed back down. After a brief bit of hesitation he rested his head back on Ayame's chest, but his eyes remained open. He was wide awake now, but he didn't want to wake the three men surrounding him.

Kyou sighed and tried to carefully shift into a more comfortable position, but as he did the movement caused his boxers to brush against his penis and in seconds he was hard. He gasped and clenched the blanket in his fist, eyes wide. Never in his entire life had he been so easily aroused. In fact he'd always been so focused on training to defeat the kuso nezumi he'd never payed too much attention to sex. He'd jacked off a few times, sure, but probably way less the average teenage boy.

He froze, unsure of what to do. His erection throbbed and pressed persistently against the two layers of fabric containing it, demanding immeadiate attention. Kyou clenched his eyes shut, bit his bottom lip and tightend his grip on the blanket as he used every last ounce of his will power to stay silent and not touch himself.

Then Shigure moved slightly, snuggled closer to Ayame and tightened his arm, pulling Kyou closer. His cock bumped against the snake's leg and the teen couldn't stop a loud whimper of pleasure escaping his lips. Kyou clamped a hand over his mouth and took several hard panting breaths through his nose as the electric shocks slowly left his quaking body.

There was movement from behind him, then he felt Hatori's arm move up to his chest as the dragon pressed closer. Kyou whimpered again, quietly, as Hatori's arm caressed one of his nipples. The older man kissed the teens temple lovingly as he reached up and removed the cats hand, then moved his mouth to his ear.

"Awake already?" he whispered. Kyou nodded, biting his lip again when Hatori's hot breath tickled his flesh and he started to tremble even harder. The dragon tightened his hold and hugged him closer in an effort to soothe him.

"Easy, Kyou, easy. Take a deep breath and relax." he said. Kyou did as suggested and absent-mindedly pressed back against Hatori. Slowly the shaking began to ebb, but it didn't completely dispell. "Good."

"Good morning. At least I think this counts as morning, I don't have a watch handy." Ayame murmured as he brought his head up, golden eyes half-open. Shigure, also beginning to awaken, rolled over long enough to check the alarm clock before returning to his position.

"It's a few minutes after twelve thirty, so unless we all slept in extremly late and there's a solar eclipse occuring I'd say it counts." he replied, resting his head on Ayames shoulder and smiling at Kyou. "You really are impatient, koneko-chan."

Kyou opened his eyes to glare at him, but before he could respond Ayame shifted slightly and instead Kyou groaned loadly and began trembling again from the friction.

"No wonder Kyoukichi-kun's up so early." Ayame cooed when he felt the hard lump rub against his leg. "That can't be very comfortable."

"In that case we should help him out." Shigure sat up and winked at the snake. Ayame grinned back as he too sat up and scooted over a bit, pushing the comforter off to the foot of the bed. Hatori caught the exchange and began moving.

"Sit up and lean against me." he whispered to Kyou. After a moment Hatori was leaning against the headboard with Kyou spooned against him. Shigure moved so that he was at Kyou's left side and Ayame settled between the red heads legs. He leaned forward and gently kissed the teens lips.

With a small moan Kyou closed his eyes and returned the gesture. When the silver haired mans tongue lightly slid across his bottom lip though, he was momentarily confused until Shigure very quietly suggested he open his mouth. With another blush he did so and almost started purring when the slippery muscle entered his mouth and began teasing at his own. Shyly, Kyou began to prod back, and soon the two were engaged in a small silent war for dominance. All too soon though, need for oxygen forced the two to part.

Ayame smiled and placed a quick peck on the cats nose then moved down to his neck. Small, light kisses at first, creating a trail as he worked his way to the Adams apple. Once there he latched on to the spot directly below the lump and began to suck hard. The result was better than he could ever have imagined; Kyou practically shrieked in pleasure and arched up in attempt to press against the snakes body. Hatori and Shigure each placed a hand on his hips and brought him back down to the mattress as Ayame continued to suck.

'All that just from having his neck sucked on? Guess Ha-san wasn't kidding about virgins being more sensitive to it. Although come to think of it Kyou's neck was already pretty sensitive before the heat.' Shigure thought, remembering how he'd calmed the boy down the day before. Kyou was panting and mewling as he squirmed between the dragon and snake, his head bent back and against Hatori's shoulder. No longer content to simply sit back and watch, Shigure leaned forward and took the tip of Kyou's ear into his mouth and gently nibbled on it. Hatori did the same to his other ear at the same time.

Eyes wide open but only seeing flashing lights, Kyou panted hard for breath as he tried to hold onto whatever precious little control he had left. So much was happening all at once, it was just too much. He shivered and closed his eyes again as Ayame relinquished his neck and began another trail of feather light kisses downwards. Breathing deeply in through his nose and out his mouth, Kyou concentrated on reclaiming his lost breath while savoring each loving gesture being bestowed upon him.

When Ayame reached the dusky nipples he decided to tease their kitten this time and very lightly lapped at the left fleshy disk, flicking it with his tongue until it hardened, then switched to perform the same treatment on the other. Only after Kyou let out what had to be the most heartbreakingly arousing whimper yet did the snake relent and return to the left nipple to begin sucking and softly biting the small nub.

'Fuck! I don't know how much more of this I can take!' Kyou thought helplessly when Ayame switched again, this time bringing his index finger and thumb into play by carefully tweaking the wet plump pebble. Slowly, the snake brought his free hand up to the waistband of the boys pants and gently tugged. The action startled Kyou out of his daze, but he managed to avoid freaking out.

'Stupid, use your head! You can't do THAT with your clothes ON! And why the hell are you just sitting there letting them do all the work? Do something!' he mentally scolded himself. Disentangling one hand from the sheets he brought it up to shakily pull at the snakes open shirt. He felt Ayame's lips move against his skin before the older man released his nipple and came back up. Kyou had just enough time to notice the smile before his own lips were claimed in another kiss.

As Ayame was busily ridding himself of the top while kissing Kyou, Hatori and Shigure made quick work of finishing divesting the teen of his clothes, then their own. Once this was done, Shigure rested his head on Ayame's shoulder as he indulged in a moment of voyerism. Hatori, meanwhile, wrapped his arms firmly around Kyous stomach and had leaned his head back to take a few breaths.

Shigure inhaled deeply and lightly skated the pads of his fingers across the tan skin of Kyous well toned bicep. The boy was well into his heat now, and the scent alone was enough to arouse him without knowing of the various pheromones involved. An intoxicating blend of spice and salt with a faint underlying sweetness he never thought he'd associate with his hot tempered younger cousin.

Lightly, but still hard enough to show severity, he nipped at Aya's earlobe to indicate that he wanted his turn. Ayame reluctantly let go and as soon as Shigure claimed Kyous lips, he placed his tongue directly below the teens ear and created a long wet trail as he sank back down and continued this time until he reached his destination.

For a moment, Ayame just stared hungrily at the hard, thick, leaking cock that stood out proudly before him, the sensitive head peeking half out past the foreskin as clear fluid dribbled from the tiny slit. Wanting to explore for a moment, Ayame lightly touched the ginger hair that surrounded the base of his manhood and was instantly enraptured with it's softness. Slowly he brought his fingers down to the fuzzy sack and felt the weight they created in his palm before carefully rolling the testicles held within, grinning mischeviously when Kyou screamed his pleasure for the world to hear.

"He certainly likes to tease, doesn't he?" Shigure whispered against the bruised, swollen pillows that were now Kyous lips. "You're so new to us, koneko-chan, so you'll have to deal with a considerable amount of experimentation for the next few days. That way we can find out everything that elicts a noise from you, from the loudest screams to the most delicate whimpers. Of course, you're entitled to do any exploration you feel neccesary as well, in fact you'll find us undeniably encouraging." he finished his statement with a quick lick before diving back in for a second round.

'Exploration, huh?' Kyou thought as Shigure started kissing him. Without even thinking he placed his hand on the dogs chest and hesitantly rubbed at the hardened nub beneath his palm, smiling when Shigure growled heatedly into the kiss. Feeling bolder he only just barely touched the tips of his fingers to the sweating flesh and brought his hand down slowly until he reached his groin.

Carefully, he wrapped his fingers around the throbbing erection, noting how much longer and thicker it was than his own, how it curved upwards to his taut stomach rather than standing out straight, how circumcision had made the head round and bulbous. Shigure grunted and struggled to maintain his composure as the teen attempted to mimic Ayame.

"Well you did say he could explore Shigure." Hatori informed him with all seriousness as he watched, though the amusement in his good eye was all too obvious to the dog. Ending the kiss for a moment to allow for air, Shigure leered at the doctor.

"Feeling left out, Ha-san? Well we can't ha-ah! Kyou!" Shigure broke off mid sentence when Kyou latched onto his neck and began a vicious assault of sucking, licking and nibbling.

"He's certainly a fast learner, isn't he?" Ayame giggled as he watched, carefully stroking Kyou's cock. Still feeling the need for retaliation, Shigure reached over and began to lightly carress the dragons manhood.

"Ahh! A-Ayame, I think we need to start moving on." Hatori gasped out uncharacteristically. Grinning, Ayame put his hands on Kyous hips as precaution and took the sensitive tip of the teens cock into his mouth.

'Oh fuck, now I know I'm not gonna last!' Kyou released Shigure's skin and bit down hard on his bottom lip, trying to distract himself from the immense pleasure he was experiencing. Then a hand cupped his chin and applied preasure to make him look up. Kyou complied and his crimson eyes met Shigure's brown ones.

"Ah ah ah, none of that." the dog chided softly, then placed his mouth over Kyous and sucked lightly trying to rescue the abused flesh. After Kyou let go Shigure licked it gently to soothe the welts before stopping. "The point of heat is to let go and give in. Just relax and let whatever's going to happen, happen. Alright?"

Kyou sighed as Shigure resumed kissing him while Ayame began taking more of him into his mouth. Once he had the entire length consumed, over half of it down his throat, he started a slow, easy bobbing motion while skillfully using his tongue to create maximum pleasure. Alternating between zig-zagging up and down the large vein, swirling around the head and delicatly probing beneath the foreskin, Ayame stroked the insides of Kyou's thighs.

Between Shigure kissing him, Ayame going down on him, and Hatori sucking the pulse point of his neck, it took only minutes for Kyou to be overwhelmed by the sensations and with a loud muffled shout he came. Ayame swallowed the majority of it, but let a small amount remain in his mouth when he released the still mostly hard cock. Stroking it to prolong the effects of the orgasm, Ayame slowly came up and kissed Hatori, sharing with him some of the teens salty essence.

"There now, you see?" Shigure whispered against Kyous lips as the boy lay limp and panting. "Isn't it much easier to follow your true instincts?"

Kyou moaned softly and closed his eyes as he allowed his head to fall back. Shyly, he nuzzled at Hatoris neck and the dragon pressed his lips against his sweat laden temple while watching as Shigure partook his sample of their young lovers seed via Ayame's mouth.

"Just rest now, Kyou. The night's just getting started." he said quietly.

A deep rumbling noise was soon heard, and Kyous eyes opened in horror.

'Fuck, not now!' he thought, embarrased. It wasn't a very common occurance because he was rarely in a good enough mood for it to happen, in fact the last time it had happened was when he had the flu when he was eight and Kazuma-sensei had taken care of him, though if it was brought up the cat blamed it on the medicine.

'Please don't let them notice, please don't let them notice, please don't let them notice!' he mentally chanted while trying his hardest to make it stop. 'Shit, too tired.'
Anon: Mini cliff hanger! 0_0 I didn't mean to do the cliche thing and end after the blow job, but that's how it turned out. Gomen nasai!

Ack, I had so much trouble trying to think of how I wanted to start this off its not even remotely funny! Darn plot. As always, let me know, politley if possible, if I screw something up and make someone too much this or so and so not enought that, okay? I just realised that I have a problem with being WAAAAYYYYY too descriptive. Also, truth be told I haven't seen nearly as much of Fruits Basket as I should so again I'm sorry if I got their sleep wear wrong! Dang, I'm apologising a lot, that's not a good sign!T-T

Next chapter, lemon! Promise!

Oh, and I apologise about any and all misspelled words, I don't have spell check.

kuso nezumi - damn rat

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