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Chapter Rating: Woo! We are now officially worthy of being rated NC-17!=D

When last we left Kyou, he was resting from a mind blowing orgasm when a mysterious rumbling sound was heard. Let's continue, shall we?


'Please, please, please, please, please, please don't let them notice!' Kyou silently prayed as he struggled to summon enough strength to put an end to the sound. Then Shigure leaned forward and placed an ear against his chest from where the reverbrations were most strongly heard. 'Damn.'

"Kyou-chan, are you purring?" The dog asked, his voice both amused and astonished.

"Shut up." Kyou growled, and tried to hide his face in Hatori's neck.

"Aw, I wasn't trying to tease." Shigure came up and nuzzled the teens cheek affectionatley. "I never knew you could purr."

"Hmph." Kyou grunted and tried to ignore the dog, but the attention being given to his now overly sensitive skin made shivers run down his spine,and it didn't help matters at all when Ayame joined in and started kissing his neck. Ever so slowly, he relaxed again and sagged limply against Hatori.

The snake grinned, winked at his companions, then wrapped his arms around the red heads shoulders and began to kiss him passionately. When the teen began to respond, he pulled gently until he was lying flat on his back with Kyou hovering over him. There was some more shifting until Shigure was kneeling directly behind Kyou with Hatori pressed close behind him.

The dragon reached underneath the pillows and fished around for a minute before pulling out a small tube. After unscrewing the cap and squeezing out a large dollop of clear gel into the palm of his hand, he handed it to the dog and immeadiatley began to kiss and nibble at the base of his neck. Shigure moaned silently in pleasure, then concentrated on applying a generous amount of lube on his own hand and placing the tube into Ayame's hand; a silent signal that it was time to begin. The snake discreetly accepted the lubricant and broke the kiss with Kyou, allowing Shigure to take over.

The cat whimpered at the loss of contact until he felt a chest pressing down against his back, and a set of teeth gently nibbling at the shell of his ear. He groaned lustily and panted as a hand lightly teased at his left nipple. His body trembled hard when Shigure cupped his chin and made him stare into his deep brown eyes and started whispering against his swollen lips, not just from his scorching hot breath but from the words as well.

"Kyou, I'm going to start preparing you now. I hope you don't mind but we decided on the order while you were asleep; you're going to take Aya, I'm taking you, and Hari's taking me. You don't have to worry or think about anything, just relax and let your instincts guide you. I'm not going to lie to you, there is going to be some pain, but I swear it won't last long and we're going to do everything we can to keep it at minimum."

Kyou was amazed that the dog was still capable of speech when he himself couldn't do more than moan incoherantly. For a moment he wondered if any of this was real, if he was asleep and it was all a wet dream. Any minute now he could wake up to a cold empty room and sticky sheets, and find everything was the same as it had always been: Shigure an aloof pervert, Hatori cold and distant, and Ayame loud and obnoxious.

Seeing a flicker of doubt flash through the firey scarlet eyes before him, Shigure acted quickly and leaned forward to claim Kyou's lips in another kiss, trying to pour as much love and reassurance into it as he possibly could. Meanwhile Ayame was quickly preparing himself, stretching and slickening his entrance. After doing a thorough job, he squeezed out some more lube into his left hand and discarded the tube before grabbing hold of Kyou's once again erect cock and slowly pumping it, illicting a loud startled gasp from the red head.

Shigure broke the kiss and returned to sucking and nibbling on the tanned sweaty neck, allowing the snake to reclaim the teens swollen lips. Hatori had already slid one finger into the dog-cursed and was now working in the second. More than ready to move things forward, Shigure pressed down on Kyou's hips and encouraged him to move into position between Ayame's spread legs. Ayame, in turn, wrapped them around Kyou's torso without letting go of the teens member, and with practiced ease he postioned the head at his entrance.

"Just thrust forward." he whispered against Kyou's lips.

Kyou needed no further urging and with a loud yelp he buried himself deeply into the willing body beneath him. As he did this, Shigure used this moment of distraction to press his slick index finger into the virgin entrance. Kyou was trembling and had buried his face in Ayame's chest while he tried to adjust to so many new sensations. Ayame gently stroked his ginger hair to calm him down while Shigure moved his finger in and out, waiting for him to relax enough to add the second. When he did, Kyou grunted and thrust deeper into Ayame.

"Easy kitten, you're doing wonderfully." Ayame cooed while Shigure began to scissor his fingers. "It's not all that bad, is it? Go ahead and start moving in and out, it'll help take your mind off the sting."

Panting heavily, Kyou did so and began a slow shaky rhythm. Then suddenly without warning there was an intense explosion of pleasure from deep inside him like he'd never experienced before, and with a shocked gasp he came.

'Son of a,' he cursed mentally, surprised and ashamed he'd come so fast after already climaxing.

"I found kitty's sweet spot!" Shigure sang and gave the small hidden lump another good prod. Kyou shrieked as another wave of red hot bliss charged through him again, preventing his erection from flagging at all. While the cat tried to recover from the unexpected sensations and tried to figure out what was going on, the dog took advantage of this distraction to add the third finger.

This time Kyou just froze up completly, not even allowing himself to breathe as the newest sting jogged his mind back into lucidness, informing him exactly of what was transpiring. All of a sudden the knowledge that he was in the proccess of losing his virginity to his three male cousins became too clear and too real. Knowing that he didn't have the luxury of saying 'stop' if it hurt too much, knowing things were never going to be the same after this.

"Kyou? Are you alri-AH!" Shigure started to ask, then yelped when Hatori, who'd been preparing him throughout this, suddenly thrust into him. "Hari..." he growled in mock menace, turning his head to glare at the dragon.

"I thought you liked surprises?" Hatori leaned down and nipped at Shigure's lower lip before capturing both. Ayame, meanwhile, focused on soothing their virgin lover by passionately kissing him and squeezing his inner muscles around the teens organ.

"Ready?" Shigure asked when Hatori released him, positioning himself at the prepared entrance. Kyou gave a sharp nod and braced himself. When he felt the tip of Shigure's cock brush against his hole he instinctivly tensed.

"Just relax; it's harder if you tense up." Shigure advised and put two fingers back in, gently stretching until the muscles relaxed again, then quickly put the head of his penis inside before they could tighten again.

Kyou hissed and gripped the sheets as the older man slowly eased the rest of his manhood in. Several hands were stroking his hair and sides; he couldn't be bothered to try distinguishing who was who.

"Alright?" Shigure said quietly in his ear once he was all the way in. So tight! Shigure's head was spinning, and it was taking all of his control plus the reminding grip Hatori had on his waist not to just start fucking him like some possesed wild animal.

Kyou said nothing, he just rested his head on Ayame's chest and clutched the sheets so hard his knuckles turned white, panting softly. Pain was nothing new to him, not with all the beatings he took from Yuki and Kagura, and the transformation to his other form, but this was something completly different. After a moment to get over the initial shock, he managed to take a deep breath and slowly relaxed his muscles. Then Ayame gently brought him back up and coaxed him into another kiss. Soon the pain was all but gone, leaving an odd but surprisingly pleasant full feeling. Kyou wriggled, and moaned softly at the double sensations the motion caused.

Taking his movement as a sign the teen was ready to continue, Shigure slowly eased out until only the head remained inside then just as slowly pushed back in, simultaneously moving himself on Hatori's manhood. Ayame, for the moment at least, was content to lay back and watch while stroking Kyou's hair, letting him pant against his neck as the teen struggled to regain some degree of control. After a moment, when he felt he had a good enough sense of the motions, Kyou waited until Shigure was pulling out then hesitantly did the same from Ayame. This action was quickly rewarded by both the dog and snake with encouraging kisses to his neck.

There was some awkwardness in the beginning, but soon the four managed to establish a steady rythm. Moonlight glistened on their sweating bodies as they moved, oblivious to all else. The sounds of their lovemaking filled the room; every sigh, moan and whimper a symphony of pleasure. Nothing lasts forever though, and all too soon Kyou reached his final, most poweful climax yet with a roar, setting off a chain reaction that allowed his lovers to find their own release as well. The four collapsed, trying to find their breath as they relished in the sweet afterglow.

Hatori was the first to regain his composure; sliding carefully out of Shigure he managed to reach over to grab the canister of moist towlettes he'd tucked away before bed and set to work cleaning Shigure. Ayame recovered next, and wriggled out from under the passed out cat and dog. He smiled as he took the offered towellettes and helped wipe up the mess, opting to throw the used ones on the floor to be cleaned up later. Once finished, he stretched and snuggled up against Kyou.

"Mmmm, well this is definetly off to a wonderful start." he grinned at Hatori, who was settling in behind Shigure.

"Mm hmm." the dragon grunted in reply. Knowing from experiance he wouldn't get anymore out of him, Ayame joined his lovers in sleep.
Anon: ARGH! That was so freaking hard! Why did I have to do a four way as my first lemon? Well, I did my best. Readers, I apologise again for the severe lateness of this chapter: I shouldn't have posted this story until I'd written the whole thing on paper. I guess I was just so proud of the first two chapters I couldn't resist. '-_- Well, at least you know I'm still alive. XD As always, please review, and don't bother flaming. With any luck the next chapter will be a little faster than this one, but don't get your hopes up. Also, those concerned about Tohru and Yuki being left alone, don't worry; I'll definetly explain that next time. If you really really can't wait that long, I'll say that Shigure left a note saying that Kyou caught the chicken pox and went to the lake house to keep Yuki and Tohru from catching it.

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