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“So…what’ve we got this time?” asked a certain purple eyed shinigami. Chief Konoe pulled out a manila folder and tossed it onto the desk. “Take a look.”

Tsuzuki picked the folder up hesitantly then opened it up. He looked at it for a moment, staring at the horrid pictures found on top of the document papers, then removed them and began to read aloud. “Akito Minamo, age 22, found dead in an abandoned alleyway. Minaki Setsuka, age 20, found dead inside a restaurant dumpster. Rika Hironami, age 24, found dead in a wooded area twenty feet from a playground….Well, from the looks of it, these deaths don’t seem to have anything in common. So why are they in the same case?”

Konoe shook his head and sighed. “Tsuzuki…always jumping to conclusions. Continue reading. I believe there’s more.”

Tsuzuki looked down. Indeed, there was more. “Autopsy’s show that all three victims were in good health but further investigation of the bodies showed two significant puncture wounds on the victims necks…” Tsuzuki’s hands trembled as his brain analyzed the information. He continued to read in an eerily hushed voice. “…and all three victims were drained of their…blood.”

Tsuzuki slumped into the chair directly across from Konoe. His breathing was becoming slightly uneven.

“I have a feeling that you already know who commited these murders.”

Tsuzuki stared at his hands, clenching them into tight fists, as he spoke the evil name. “…Muraki…..Damn him…..” the brown haired shinigami breathed angrily through his clenched teeth.

“I know we thought he was dead…..but these murders prove that he is still alive….I need you and Hisoka to find him and kill him. You must understand that you and your partner are the only ones with the power to stop him. You are our only hope.”

Tsuzuki sighed deeply as he stood up. Chocolate brown hair fell into hi eyes as he bowed. “I understand…Hisoka and I will start this case right away.” As he turned to leave, Konoe stood up.



“Muraki is a dangerous man. You know that better than I do….but please, take Hisoka with you. Don’t think you can do this on your own. He may be just a kid but he’s been through a lot. You’ll need him.”

Tsuzuki opened the door, and just before walking out, he muttered, “I know. Don’t worry.”

Konoe sighed and whispered a small prayer. “Be careful, Tsuzuki….please.”

/Grrr….What’s taking him so long?/ The green eyed Shinigami thought to himself as he sat in his comfy chair taking tiny sips of his tea. /It should only take, at the most, 20 minutes to go over an assignment…/ Hisoka impatiently tapped his fingers on the arm rest of his chair. Soon after his tea was gone, he heard footsteps outside of the door.

A ‘click’ was heard from the door as the brown haired man walked into the small room. He wasn’t his normal annoying self, but rather, he was almost like a completely different person. He didn’t greet Hisoka with his bouncy “Hey Hisoka! How’s it goin?”, but instead said “Hi.” in an unusual gloomy matter.

Hisoka knew something wasn’t right, but his anger at being made to wait by himself for an hour and ten minutes was stronger then his curiosity. “Where the hell have you been?! It took you seventy minutes to walk down two hallways?!” Hisoka waited for his answer but nothing came. The blonde teenager walked up to Tsuzuki and placed a hand on his shoulder. A wave of anger, frustration, sadness, and fear ran through him and he jumped back at the surging emotions. He looked right into Tsuzuki’s eyes. Something was extremely wrong. Tsuzuki’s fear shot through the roof at the sight of Hisoka jumping back and the boy fell to the floor, almost collapsing at the surge of emotion emanating from the purple eyed man.

Tsuzuki’s first instinct was to help the boy up.

“NO! ...don’t touch me…step away…please…” Hisoka’s breathing was slightly airy as he tried to gain control over the pain surging through his body.

Tsuzuki backed up against the wall. “I…forgot…I didn’t mean to…”

Hisoka looked up after he got his breathing under control. “Tsuzuki…what’s wrong?”

The older man slid down the wall until his knees were up against his chest, hugging them to himself like a child would. He took a deep breath and started to speak. “It’s…the new case.” he said quietly. Hisoka noticed that he was looking at the floor as he spoke. “There’ve been more murders…the victims were healthy before their death but their bodies were found to be…bloodless.”

Hisoka’s eyes widened at the last word, for he knew exactly who had the power to do something this hideous. “B-but…he’s dead! We killed him! …he’s supposed to be dead…”

“I know…I was shocked too but we don’t have time to worry about it now. There could be…others.” Tsuzuki looked up into frightened emerald orbs. “I understand if you’re scared…there is no excuse for what he did to you and I promise…I will make him pay for that. Chief Konoe understands too. That’s why he said that…I’m to do this assignment alone.”

Hisoka shot up and ran to Tsuzuki, grabbing him by his shoulders. “Don’t do it! You can’t beat him alone! Muraki is a madman! That bastard raped me then cursed me for three years till I died! Think of what he could do to you! …I don’t know what I’d do if…you were hurt…please, please don’t go…” Tsuzuki watched as fresh tears pooled inside the emerald eyes of the boy. A single tear slid down Hisoka’s cheek. Tsuzuki silently fought the urge to wipe the glistening tear away. He didn’t want to see the boy cry. It would make things harder.

He slowly stood up and turned toward the door. “I’m sorry Hisoka… but I have to do this. For you, for me, and for every innocent person that evil man has killed. I’ll be ok. Don’t worry about me.”

“No, please…” Hisoka pleaded, but Tsuzuki was already out the door. The small emerald eyed boy was left to cry in a crumpled mass upon the floor, lost in a world of confused emotions, fears, and doubts.

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